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D EC I SI O N A N A LY TI CS & I N FO R MATI O N M ANAGEM ENTSTUDENT GRADES INPOWER BILooking to drive instructional decisions based on your school’s grades data? Want to become a proat using your Power BI dashhboards? Then you have come to the right place!This guide aims to walk Shelby County school administrative teams through the grades data availablein Power BI and even gives some tips and tricks on how to be a Power BI power user.Logging into Power BI is as easy as logging into your SCS email account. Just look for the waffle inyour Office 365 account and select Power BI from your Apps Menu and start exploring the data youhave available. If you need more help getting to Power BI, click this link for an extensive walkthrough.If you have more question or need support, contact our helpdesk at Our teams pridesitself on responsiveness and customer service!WWW.S C S K 1 2 .OR G/ DA IM / STE PS H E E T S

Pathways to Grades in Power BILOOK ING FO R G RA D ES BY ST UDEN T?School administrative teams haveaccess to the Student Profile.CLICK STUDENTPROFILELOG INTO POWER BI &SELECT APPSCLICKACADEMICSCLICK GRADEDISTRIBUTIONCLICK TEACHERPROFILELO OK ING FO R G RA D ES BY TEACHER?Principals & Assistant Principalshave access to the Teacher Profile.

Student Profile: Grade DetailsOn this p a ge, you can : compare failin g grades by perio d an d ye ar , se e th edistr ib utio n of grades by grade level, an d int e ract w it h grad e s by co urse . 1TIP:A-F - Cou rs est h at u s e t h et radit ion all ett er grades c al e.2ESNU Exc el l ent ,Sat isfac tory,N eedsI m p rovem ent ,Un s at isfac tory41SELECTGRADEDETAILSelect this page fromthe Academics menu.432CHOOSECHART TYPEToggle between Gradebreakdown and Failinggrades by Period43GRADESCALESelect the gradescale: A-F, ESNU,and MX (KK skills).4MX Kin dergart ens kil l s are eit h erm ast ered (M)or n ot yetm ast ered ( X )INTERACTIVECHARTSelect an option on thischart to filter the GradeBreakdown chart above.NOT E : ALL V IS UALS I N TH I S G U I D E U S E SA M P L E DATA A N D A R E N OT I N D I CATI VE OF CURRENT STAT E.

Student Profile: Data TablesOn this p a g e, you can : see st ude nt-level grades dat a, f i lte r by grad e ( AF ), ter m , an d course, an d toggle betwee n ot h er q ui ck r e p o r ts.4341 TIP:Expo rti ngthe ta bl e by s el ec t in gt h e t abl e an dc l ic kin g t h eel l ip s es t h atap p ear youc an exp ort t h edat a into as p reads h eet .Chec k o u t thePower BI Ti psa nd Tri c kspa ge fo r m o red eta i l s.21SELECT DATATABLESelect this page fromthe Student Gradesmenu.2CHOOSETABLE TYPEThese buttons togglebetween various filtergrades reports.43SELECTFILTERSSelect the grade(s),term(s), and course(s)for the table.4DATA TABLEExplore the data table tosee the student list bygrade and course.N OT E : ALL V IS UA L S I N TH I S G U I D E U S E SA M P L E DATA A N D A R E N OT I N DI CAT I VE OF CURRENT STAT E.

Teacher Profile: Grade DetailsOn this p a g e, you can : see dist ribut ion of grade s by te ach e r an d se eexp lo r e p os s ible re lat ion sh ips betwee n t e ach e r grad i n g p atte r n s an dteach e r abse nt e e ism an d observat ion sco r e s. Access - On lyP rin c ip al san d As s ist antP rin c ip al sc an ac c es st h e Teac h erP rofil e as ith as t eac h erobervat ions cores an dabs en c esdat a.12431SELECTSUBJECT, GRADEOR TEACHERSelect the coursesubject, grade level, orteacher button to changethe chart.TIP:2TEACHERABSENTEEISMFILTERUse this slider to filterthe page by the numberof absences by teacher.43AVERAGEOBSERVATIONSCORE FILTERUse this slider to seegrades distributionsby observation scoreaverages.NOT E : ALL V IS UALS I N TH I S G U I D E U S E SA M P L E DATA A N D A R E N OT I N D I CAT I VE OF CURRENT STAT E.

Using your dashboards to drive actionsTA L K IN G A B OU T TH E DATAUse your dashboards in data team meetings in real time! No need to create your ownspreadsheets (unless you like that kind of thing). Check out some of the sample discussionquestions below that can drive your grades data investigations with your team. What courses and grade levels are we seeing the highest failure rates in?Do our classroom observations reflect what we see in the grades data? Ourassessments?What special populations in our student body needs additional support (usethe filter panel in Power BI to really dig into different student groups)?What best practices are we seeing in classroom that we can replicate?What SMART goals should we make for grades improvement? Who will takethe lead on monitoring the Power BI data and reporting out regularly to theteam? S H A R IN G WITH YOU R TE AC H E R SHaving data-driven discussions with teachers is a powerful tool in your leadership toolbox.Pulling up the Power BI dashboards with your teachers can shine a light on the hard work theyhave been doing as well as find areas for collaborative support. Ask questions and remember thatgrades are really only one piece of the puzzle in student achievement. Since your teachers relyon you to share the data with them, make it a part of your routine to set goals and drive successesthrough data discussions! Below are some examples of grades discussions you can have withyour teachers. What TN Standards are you seeing students in your classroom struggling withthe most? Do you see this reflected in your grades data? Interim assessments?How are you differentiating support for students that are struggling? How areyou using data to monitor strategy effectiveness?What support do you need from the leadership team or your fellow teachers?

Power BI Tips & TricksK NOW YOUR F ILTERSAll your dashboards have afilter pane with options tochange the school year, gradelevel, student demographics,and other data-specificselections. Open the filterpane on the right side of thepage and start exploring youroptions!Not sure if you have filters selected on a page? Does yourdata look a little off? The Reset to Default option will clearout any filters you might have selected. Find it in the topbanner of any dashboard. The option is grayed out if nofilters are selected.E XPORTI N G DATA12R ES E T TO D E FAULTNeed to export a table toa spreadsheet? Click thevisual or table that youwant to export and on theright side a small menu willappear. Select the ellipseson the right and then selectExport data. Keep thedefault settings and selectExport.INTERACT IV E C HA RT S & TA B L ESMost of the charts and tables in Power BI are interactivewith the rest of the visuals on the page. If you click a chart,the table on the page will filter to just that data and viceversa. This is particularly helpful if you are interested inlooking for possible relationships between variables or ifyou want to quickly filter a table.FI ND A BUG, N EED S OME H E L P, OR WA N T TO M A K E A R EQ U EST? E M A I L U S AT DA I M@ S C S K1 2 .O R G .

in Power BI and even gives some tips and tricks on how to be a Power BI power user. Logging into Power BI is as easy as logging into your SCS email account. Just look for the waffle in your Office 365 account and select Power BI from your Apps Menu and start exploring the data you have available. If you need more help getting to Power BI, click .

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