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Control of sterilization & cleaningprocess

CHEMICAL INDICATORS AND INDICATOR TAPEMulti Vairable IndicatorSingle and double stripsTYPE 4Tuttnauer Type 4 internal control strips are multi-variable indicatorsthat rapidly show if critical parameters of the sterilization processhave been reached, ensuring appropriate penetration of thesterilizing agent inside the packages. These chemical indicatorsoffer a distinct color change when exposed to the stated valuesof the critical process or IndicatorWTL198-0068Unique point integrator - TYPE 5Unique point indicator was developed for verification of Steamsterilization cycles between 121 C and 135 C. These productsensure an adequate control of the effectiveness of sterilizationprocesses (temperature, time, steam quality).SteamWTL198-0068Self-Adhesive TapesTYPE 1Tuttnauer ׳ s self-adhesive tapes have beendesigned to wrap and seal sterilizationpackages as well as to distinguish betweenitems that have been exposed to sterilizationprocesses from those that have ted Exposure

Biological Indicators & Real Time Automatic ReaderBiologial Indicators (convential & super rapid) Dual incubatorsTuttnauer offers advanced chemical and biological indicators for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization monitoring. Our core indicatorsproduct lines are supporting your infection control excellence practice, both in Healthcare and Industry.ApplicationsHealthcareIndustryHospital, Clinics, Dental ClinicsFood, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Others.BIOLOGICAL INDICATORS &REAL TIME AUTOMATIC READERCONVENTIONALBIOLOGICAL INDICATORBiological indicators are the only internationallyaccepted devices that provide a direct measureof a sterilization cycle lethality.By using Tuttnauer's Dual Incubator, ConventionalSCBIs produce visible results within 24 h (Steam,VH2O2) or 48 h (Ethylene Oxide, Formaldehydeand Dry oming soon

BIOLOGICAL INDICATORS &REAL TIME AUTOMATIC READERThe Fastest BiologicalIndicator On The MarketSuper RapidTuttnauer Super Rapid Biological Indicators for Steamlateralization support the need for a faster sterileinstruments turnaround in healthcare facilities. Ourinnovative technology allows you to get reliable resultsin record time and speed up your work-flow.VH2O2WTL198-0067SteamWTL198-0058

Auto ReaderAuto reader for Rapid, Super Rapid and UltraRapid Biological IndicatorsEasy to useAllows quick, accurate and reliable detection of positive andnegative BIs, providing results in a short time with no need forany kind of routine maintenance.Automatic readoutMiniBio Auto-reader detects when a BI is placed in an incubationposition and automatically starts a readout.Optimization of incubation timesMiniBio allows simultaneous incubation of biological indicatorswith different incu-bation times. 3 positions, 3 incubation times.Tuttnauer's reading and traceability software systemUSB connection for PC record keeping through Tuttnauer's readingand traceability software.Recording ResultsRecord each sterilization result in a record log, using a thermalprinter, the printer out presents the final result of each activereadout position.WTL198-0057

CLEANING INDICATORS FORWASHERS & ENDOSCOPE REPROCESSORSWe understand the importance of controlled and successfulwashing process on the subsequent disinfection and/orsterilization process.SplatSplat indicators consist of a synthetic support, which is stable atdisinfection temperatures. Splat indicators' formulation allowsdetection of all factors that affect the cleaning/washing processoutcome. Splat indicators can be used for routine monitoring ofcleaning/washing processes in automatic machines with differentwashing and thermodisinfection configurations.HolderWhen a cleaning indicator is placed within the holder, half ofthe test soil is covered, thus simulating the joint of a surgicalinstrument, with water stream hitting it indirectly. The other halfof the test soil is covered by a mesh, thus posing a difficultyfor water stream to reach it, imitating shadowed or indicator holder cat. number: WTL198-0065Challenge level - highWTL198-0061Challenge level - very highWTL198-0062WTL198-0065Thermal disinfection IndicatorsTuttnauer's Indicators have been designed to react in moistheat disinfection processes in washer-disinfectors, providing anaccurate, convenient method of routine control, and assuringdisinfection efficiency.WTL198-0063

Cleaning Challenge DevicesFor automatic endoscope reprocessorsThe Tuttnauer's Automatic endoscope reprocessors kits havebeen designed to control the flexible endoscope washingprocess efficacy in Automatic Endoscope Reprocessors (AERs),both for internal and external cleaning check. This capsule isdesigned for housing (internal) and holding in place (external) thecleaning indicator strip. This strip has been especially formulatedto monitor all essential parameters in successful endoscopereprocessing. Complete removal of the cleaning indicator inkconfirms an adequate internal and external cleaning efficacy ofthe endoscope considered successfully cleaned.The WTL198-0066 kit possesses three parallel channels (a 1 mminner diameter channel and two 2 mm inner diameter channels),thereby simulating the regular channel configuration of mostflexible endoscopes.WTL198-0066

Your Sterilization & Infection Control PartnersCompany ProfileFor over 90 years, Tuttnauer’s sterilization and infection control products havebeen trusted by hospitals, universities, research institutes, clinics and laboratoriesthroughout the world. Supplying a range of top-quality products to over 140countries, Tuttnauer has earned global recognition as a leader in sterilization andinfection control.Global PartnershipsAt Tuttnauer we feel that business means people dealing with people. We prideourselves on our reputation for having long-lasting relationships with our customersbased on commitment and trust, spanning over decades and distances.Our Flexibility is Your AdvantageBeyond our unmatched range of products, we also manage complete turnkeysolutions, including planning, design and installation of equipment, as well asconsultation and feasibility studies, for projects of all sizes.More from Tuttnauer:Featuring Tuttnauer s range of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization solutionsLarge Capacity Sterilizersfor Medical UseWasher disinfectors forhospitals and laboratories85 and 160 liter pre & postvacuum autoclavesInternational Sales and MarketingE-mail: info@tuttnauer.comwww.tuttnauer.comTuttnauer USA Co.25 Power Drive,Hauppauge, NY 11788Tel: 800 624 5836, 631 737 4850 Fax: 631 737 0720E-mail: info@tuttnauerUSA.comDistributed by:LTR330-0098/INDIC/10.19Tuttnauer Europe b.v.Hoeksteen 11, 4815 PRP.O.B. 7191, 4800 GD BredaThe NetherlandsTel: 31 (0) 765 423 510 Fax: 31 (0) 765 423 540E-mail:

cleaning indicator holder cat. number: WTL198-0065 Thermal disinfection Indicators Tuttnauer's Indicators have been designed to react in moist heat disinfection processes in washer-disinfectors, providing an accurate, convenient method of routine control, and assuring disinfection efficiency. Challenge level - high WTL198-0061

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ISO/TS11135-2:2008 –Sterilization of health care products –Ethylene Oxide Guidance on the application of ISO11135-1 ISO11135:2014 –Sterilization of health care products –Ethylene Oxide Requirements for development, validation and routine control of a sterilization process for medica

Sterilization Validation -A designed protocol for evaluating the effectiveness of a sterilization process Sterility Testing - Required during the sterilization validation process as well as for process control Pathogen - Infectious agents which is a microorganism Efficacy-Ability of a s

sterilization, inspection and maintenance shall be strictly followed. The automated cleaning process should be preferred over the manual method and used whenever possible. The automated cleaning process has a higher reproducibility and reliability. Qualification of cleaning and disinfection

review of the facility’s procedures and protocols for instrument cleaning and sterilization.17 Records of instrument use, of medication use, and of sterilization procedures should be maintained in accordance with facility policy.2–4,16 Such records might aid in the investigation of a

STERILIZATION Explain instrument preparation, sterilization and sterile storage best practices. ENDOSCOPE AND HIGH LEVEL DISINFECTION . Saline, bleach, or other solutions should NEVER be used. POINT OF USE CLEANING Pre-cleaning prevents damage of instrument

aging or steam sterilization, it is believed that samples can be stored for an indefinite time after exposure to steam sterilization without any adverse effects on properties. Table 2 Effects of steam sterilization results on KetaSpire KT-820 Property As-Molded KT-820 at 500 Cycle

Education & Training Objectives After completion of this self-study activity, the learner will be able to: 1. Describe available options for sterilization packaging and containment . “A sterilization wrap (pack, sterilization wrapper, bag or accessories) is a device intended to be used t