Deloitte's Cyber Risk Capabilities Cyber Strategy, Secure, Vigilant .

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Deloitte’s Cyber Risk capabilitiesCyber Strategy, Secure, Vigilant, and Resilient

ContentsHomeForewordForeword by Deloitte Cyber Risk Global Leaders 03Application Protection20Deloitte’s global network ofCyber Intelligence Centers (CICs)Identity and Access Management2204Information Privacy and Protection24SecureDeloitte’s Cyber Risk awards and recognitions05Deloitte’s Cyber Risk portfolio06Vigilant28VigilantAdvanced Threat Readiness and Preparation29Cyber Strategy07Cyber Risk Analytics31Cyber Strategy, Transformation, and Assessments08Security Operations Center (SOC)33Cyber Strategy Framework (CSF)10Threat Intelligence and Analysis35Cyber Risk Management and Compliance11Cyber Training, Education, and Awareness13Resilient37Cyber Incident Response38Cyber Wargaming40Contacts42Secure15Infrastructure Protection16Vulnerability Management18Cyber StrategyResilientContactsNext2

ForewordHomeForewordForewordDeloitte global network of CyberIntelligence Centers (CICs)In an era of rapid digital transformation and theproliferation of ever increasing amounts of data, cyberrisk is rising up the priority scale at organizations of allsizes and in all industries.Deloitte’s experience demonstratesthat clients implementing cyber riskmodels that anticipate threats not onlydeal more effectively with them. Theyalso achieve better business results,reflected in growth in their bottomlines.Our practitioners provide capabilitiesacross the four main domains of cyberrisk —Cyber Strategy, Secure, Vigilant,and Resilient.Deloitte’s alliances with vendorsglobally provide access to a range ofcyber risk technologies.This enables us to collectively delivera large number of projects everyyear in advisory, implementation,and managed services tailored to theprecise, individual needs of each client.Deloitte’s Cyber Risk practice providesthe same exceptional quality of servicein all 14 capability areas showcased inthis document.Deloitte Cyber awards and recognitionsDeloitte Cyber Risk portfolioEnd-to-end cybersecurityCyber StrategyNick GallettoGlobal and Americas CyberRisk LeaderChris VerdonckEMEA Cyber Risk LeaderSecureVigilantResilientJames Nunn-PriceAsia Pacific Cyber Risk LeaderContactsNext3

Deloitte’s global network ofCyber Intelligence Centers (CICs)HomecenterOur solutions are supported byDeloitte’s network of CICsForewordForewordDeloitte global network of CyberIntelligence Centers (CICs)Deloitte Cyber awards and recognitionsDeloitte Cyber Risk portfolioEnd-to-end cybersecurityCyber StrategyOffers solutions that help its clients protect business assets and mature their security posture,while proactively detecting, responding and recovering from security events. These services aredelivered through a global network of CICs, which operate around the clock, 365 days a yearto provide fully customizable, industry aligned managed security solutions including advancedsecurity event monitoring, threat analytics, cyber threat management, and incident response forbusinesses to meet the increasing market demand in cybersecurity services.SecureVigilantResilientContactsNext4

Deloitte’s Cyber Risk awards and recognitionsHomeForewordForewordDeloitte ranked #1globally in securityconsulting by Gartner(fifth consecutive year)Deloitte named aglobal leader incybersecurity consultingby ALM IntelligenceDeloitte named a globalleader in securityoperations consulting byALM Intelligence (2016)Gartner, a technology researchcompany, has once again rankedDeloitte #1 globally in SecurityConsulting, based on revenue, inits market share analysis entitledMarket Share: Security ConsultingServices, Worldwide, 2016. This isthe fifth consecutive year thatDeloitte has been ranked #1.ALM Intelligence named Deloittea leader in CybersecurityConsulting in its report entitledCybersecurity Consulting 2015.The report notes: “The firm’snotable depth across the breadthof the cybersecurity consultingportfolio coupled with its abilityto effectively communicate andwork with the span of a clientorganization (boardroom downto IT operations) solidifies itsposition in the vanguard.”ALM Intelligence (a research firm,formerly known as Kennedy)notes, “The firm’s emphasis onaligning SOC initiatives to whatmatters to the business—including legal and regulatoryrequirements and education onthreat actors —makes Deloitte anelite firm among its peers when itcomes to building a case forinvestment that resonates withbusiness-side stakeholders.”Source: Gartner, Market ShareAnalysis: Security ConsultingServices, Worldwide, 2016.Elizabeth Kim. 27 June 2017.Source: ALM Intelligence,Cybersecurity Consulting 2015; 2015ALM Media Properties, LLC.Reproduced under license.Source: ALM Intelligence; SecurityOperations Center Consulting 2015;ALM Intelligence estimates 2016ALM Media Properties, LLC.Reproduced under license.Deloitte qualifiedprofessionalsOur consultant of all grades holdkey professional and industrycertifications, such as CISSP,CISM, ISO27001, COBIT, ITIL,CDPP, CEH, and many others.We have won many awards,including the Global CyberLympicsfor five years in a row.Deloitte global network of CyberIntelligence Centers (CICs)Deloitte Cyber awards and recognitionsDeloitte Cyber Risk portfolioEnd-to-end cybersecurityCyber StrategySecureVigilantResilientContactsNext5

Deloitte’s Cyber Risk portfolioHomeEnd-to-end cyber risk servicesForewordForewordDeloitte global network of CyberIntelligence Centers (CICs)More than 10,000 cyber risk professionals globallyDeloitte Cyber awards and recognitionsResilientWe help executives developa cyber risk program in linewith the strategic objectivesand risk appetite of theorganization.We focus on establishingeffective controls around theorganization’s most sensitiveassets and balancing theneed to reduce risk, whileenabling productivity,business growth, and costoptimization objectives.We integrate threat data,IT data, and business datato equip security teams withcontext-rich intelligenceto proactively detect andmanage cyberthreats andrespond more effectively tocyber incidents.We combine proven proactiveand reactive incidentmanagement processesand technologies to rapidlyadapt and respond to cyberdisruptions whether frominternal or external forces.Infrastructure ProtectionAdvanced ThreatReadiness andPreparationCyber Strategy,Transformation, andAssessmentsCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessApplication ProtectionCyber Risk AnalyticsIdentity and AccessManagementSecurity Operations CenterInformation Privacyand ProtectionThreat Intelligenceand AnalysisSecureCyber Incident ResponseCyber WargamingVigilantResilientContactsManageCyber Risk Managementand ComplianceVulnerability ManagementCyber StrategyDelivery modelsVigilantImplementSecureAdviseCyber StrategyDeloitte Cyber Risk portfolioEnd-to-end cyber risk servicesNext6

Cyber StrategyWe help executives develop a cyber risk program in line with thestrategic objectives and risk appetite of the organization.HomeForewordCyber StrategyCyber Strategy,Transformation, andAssessmentCyber Risk Managementand ComplianceCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessSecureVigilantResilientContactsNext7

Cyber Strategy, Transformation,and AssessmentChallengesOrganizations increasingly depend oncomplex technology ecosystems for severalkey purposes: to interact in new ways withcustomers and third-parties; to use data toimprove decision-making; and to increasereach and profitability.As cyberattacks become more frequent andsevere, board members and executives areseeing that technology-based initiatives opendoors to cyber risks.How we can helpOur services help organizations establishtheir strategic direction and structures, anddevelop effective cyber risk reporting. Theysupport the creation of executive-led cyberrisk programs. They take account of the client’srisk appetite, helping organizations identifyand understand their key business risks andcyberthreat exposures.Key solutionsCyber Strategy,Roadmap, and ArchitectureAdvise ImplementDefines cyber strategies, actionable cyberroadmaps, and reference architectures in linewith the findings of a maturity assessment.Recommendations are based on a definedtarget state that is determined by theorganization’s threat exposure.Cyber Target Operating ModelAdvise ImplementConstructs an appropriate target state forcyber risk roles, responsibilities, relatedprocesses, and governance functions.These take into account the organization’sexisting structure, team capabilities, resourceavailability, and third-party ecosystem.Cyber TransformationAdvise Implement ManageMobilizes, manages, and delivers a structuredand prioritized program of work to helpHomeHomeForewordForewordCyber Strategyorganizations transform to improved cybergovernance, security, vigilance, and resilience.Cyber Maturity AssessmentsAdvise Implement ManageEnables organizations to identify andunderstand their key business risks andcyberthreat exposures. This supportsmeasurement of their cyber maturity,either using industry-standard frameworksor Deloitte’s proprietary Cyber StrategyFramework.CyberStrategyCyber Strategy,Transformation, andAssessmentCyber Risk Managementand ComplianceCyber SecurityCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessCyber VigilanceSecureVigilantCyber ResilienceCyber Risk QuantificationAdvise ImplementResilientProvides the information needed to makesecurity investment decisions. Deloitte usesunique methods to quantify both the client’srisk and the expected risk mitigation offered byDeloitte security investments.ContactsNext8

Cyber Strategy, Transformation,and AssessmentKey differentiators The Deloitte Cyber Strategy frameworkmeasures cyber posture and threatexposure. A leading catalog of good practicestandards for cyber risk, with provensuccess across industry sectors.Deloitte’s own Cyber Strategy Framework(the next page contains details on the framework)HomeHomeForewordForewordCyber StrategyCyberStrategyCyber Strategy,Transformation, andAssessmentCyber Risk Managementand ComplianceCyber SecurityCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessCyber VigilanceSecureVigilantCyber ResilienceResilientContactsNext9

Cyber Strategy Framework (CSF)ForewordThree fundamental drivers thatdrive growth and create cyber risks:Managing cyberrisk to growand protectbusiness valueThe Deloitte CSF is abusiness-driven, threat-basedapproach to conductingcyber assessments basedon an organization’s specificbusiness, threats, andcapabilities. CSF incorporatesa proven methodology toassess an organization’s cyberresilience; content packswhich enable us to conductassessments against specificstandards; and an intuitiveonline platform incorporatinga range of dashboards thatcan be customized for anexecutive, managerial, andoperational audience.CEO:“I read about phishingin the news. Are weexposed?”HomeHomeForewordInnovationInformation sharingCIO:“Where and how much doI need to invest to optimizemy cyber capabilities?”Trusting peopleBoard:“What is our level ofresilience against thesecyberattacks?”What ismy riskappetite?Threat landscapeWhat is mybusinessstrategy?What aremy crownjewels?What are theyinterested in?CyberStrategyCyber Strategy,Transformation, andAssessmentCyber Risk Managementand ComplianceCyber SecurityOrganizations need a holistic, business-driven, and threat-based approach to manage cyber risks.While securing assets is important, being vigilant, and resilient in the face of cyberattacks is imperative.Business risksCyber StrategyCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessCyber capabilitiesWhat tacticsmight theyuse?Who are myadversaries?GovernanceIdentify toprisks, aligninvestments,develop anexecutive-ledcyber riskprogramSecureTake a measured, risk-prioritizedapproach to defend againstknown and emerging threatsVigilantDevelop situational awarenessand threat intelligence toidentify harmful behaviorResilientHave the ability to recoverfrom and minimize the impactof cyber incidentsCyber VigilanceSecureA strong cyberrisk programhelps drivegrowth,protects value,and helpsexecutives tobe on top ofcyberthreatsVigilantCyber ResilienceResilientContactsUnderstandthe businesscontext andobjectivesUnderstandmy threatlandscapeUnderstandcurrent maturity level of cybercapabilitiesFocus onthe rightprioritiesDefine targetDevelopmaturity level ofcyber strategycyber capabilities androadmaprecommendationsEnhancevalue fromcyber securityinvestmentsCommunicatewith internaland externalstakeholdersNext10

Cyber Risk Managementand ComplianceChallengesUnderstanding the current status of anorganization’s security posture requiresconstant evaluation of evolving risks,security standards, and cyber regulations.Today’s complex and distributed ITlandscape and third-party involvementmeans organizations must take a structuredapproach to understanding the road ahead.How we can helpDeloitte’s diverse experience in managing cyberrisk and compliance can help organizations:define tailored cyber risk managementframeworks; support risk transfer via cyberinsurance; set and implement cyber-controlframeworks; and ensure compliance withcybersecurity regulations.Key differentiators Mature proprietary methodologies andtools, complemented by vendor alliances. Strong experience in integrating cyberrisk into the broader enterprise riskmanagement framework. Deep knowledge and experiencewith security control frameworksand regulations.HomeForewordCyber StrategyCyber Strategy,Transformation, andAssessmentCyber Risk Managementand ComplianceCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessSecureVigilantResilientContactsNext11

Cyber Risk Managementand ComplianceKey solutionsSecurity Control FrameworkAdvise ImplementAdvise ImplementDefines framework and methodologies toassess cyber risks in order for theorganization to understand theirmagnitude and make informed decisionsthat align the organization’s risk appetitewith the risks it faces.Defines tailored security-controlframeworks based on best practices asguiding principles. Develops policies,procedures, and standards.Advise Implement ManageDesigns and implements risk dashboardconstituents, including Key Risk Indicators(KRIs) and dashboards to facilitateeffective monitoring of cyber risk from theboardroom to the network.Cyber InsuranceAdvise ImplementEvaluates coverage of existing insurancepolicies. Determines areas whereresidual cyber risk could be transferredto an insurer.ForewordCyber StrategyCyber Risk ManagementCyber Risk DashboardingHomeThird-Party Risk ManagementAdvise ImplementCyber Strategy,Transformation, andAssessmentCyber Risk Managementand ComplianceCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessSecureCustomizes services at each step of thethird-party cyber risk management lifecycle.Provides end-to-end oversight of thethird-party risk management program.VigilantSecurity and RegulatoryComplianceResilientAdvise ImplementAssists and prepares compliance withnational and/or sectoral cybersecurityregulations.ContactsNext12

Cyber Training, Education,and AwarenessChallengesEven with excellent people and technologyin place, the organization’s own employeesare the weakest link when it comes tocybersecurity. The so-called insider threat isreal. Building secure defenses against outsidethreats is not enough if data is leaked fromwithin an organization.How we can helpDeloitte can help to accelerate behavioralchange. Organizations that adopt the rightbehavior make themselves more secure, vigilant,and resilient when faced with cyberthreats.Deloitte can help organizations developand embed a mature cyber risk culture bydefining, delivering, and managing programs,both online and on-site, to improve technicalskills, foster security awareness, and planother initiatives needed to effect digitaltransformation successfully.HomeForewordKey solutionsCyber StrategyInsider RiskTechnical Cyber TrainingAdvise ImplementAdvise ImplementHelps organizations identify, monitor,and manage the main sources of insiderthreat. We help to establish Potential RiskIndicators (PRIs) and create awareness ofthe main indicators of maturity in managinginsider risk.Delivers both introductory and highlyspecialized technical training in cybersecurity,either on-site or through a purpose-builtonline platform. Our catalog of coursescovers areas such as: Hacking, SecureDevelopment, Forensics, Reversing,Industrial Control System (ICS) security,and Incident Response.Cyber Security AwarenessProgramAdvise Implement ManageUnderstands the current state of acompany’s awareness level, defines astrategy, and develops a recognizableawareness campaign, multimedia contentpackage, and communication tools.Certification ReadinessCyber Strategy,Transformation, andAssessmentCyber Risk Managementand ComplianceCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessSecureVigilantImplementDelivers training to prepare employeesfor qualifications such as CertifiedInformation Systems Auditor (CISA), CertifiedInformation Systems Security Professional(CISSP), and Certified Information SecurityManager (CISM).ResilientContactsNext13

Cyber Training, Education,and AwarenessKey differentiators We deliver online and on-site technicaltraining and awareness programs toclients and internal practitioners viaa dedicated Cyber Academy OnlinePlatform. The Academy collaborates withuniversities and educational institutionsto create expertise and professionalperformance in the area of CyberSecurity, with programs such as aMaster’s Degree in Cyber Security amongour online postgraduate offering. We work with leadership and learningpsychologists, human resources, andcyber specialists to build and deliver themost effective learning and awarenesscourses tailored to each audience.HomeForewordDeloitte’s own CyberAcademy Online PlatformCyber StrategyCyber Strategy,Transformation, er Risk Managementand ComplianceCyber Training, Education,and AwarenessSecureVigilantResilientContactsNext14

SecureWe focus on establishing effective controls around theorganization’s most sensitive assets and balancing the needto reduce risk, while enabling productivity, business growth,and cost optimization objectives.HomeForewordCyber y ManagementApplication ProtectionIdentity and AccessManagementInformation PrivacyInformation ProtectionVigilantResilientContactsNext15

Infrastructure ProtectionHomeForewordChallengesHow we can helpCyber StrategyHyper-connectivity is creating a new era forcyber infrastructure. Ever more connecteddevices pose new cybersecurity challenges forpublic and private-sector organizations as thevolume of threats to their infrastructure rises.Deloitte has developed a set of services thatcomprehensively address cybersecuritychallenges in the architecture, deployment,and maintenance of traditional and newinfrastructure and technologies.SecureDevices connected to corporateinfrastructures need to continuouslyacquire, store, and use large amounts of data,a significant proportion of which willbe sensitive. Protecting this data againstcyberattack is of paramount importance.Deloitte’s security professionals,from diverse architecture, engineering,and operational technologybackgrounds, are experts acrossthe evolving infrastructure andproduct landscape.Today’s smart cybersecurity protects databy using secure data platforms, clear datagovernance, and smart access protocols suchas electronic finger printing.The development of new technologies willdrive exciting innovations in Smart Cities,Smart Factories and the Internet of Things(IoT) as communication and automationcontrol become ubiquitous.InfrastructureProtectionVulnerability ManagementApplication ProtectionIdentity and AccessManagementInformation PrivacyInformation ProtectionVigilantResilientContactsNext16

Infrastructure ProtectionHomeForewordKey solutionsIoT Strategy, Roadmap, andArchitectureAdvise Implement ManageReviews industrial and consumer productcodes and delivers secure developmentpractices to enhance clients’ capabilitiesin implementing next-generationconnected products. We help organizationsundertake readiness assessments, aligntheir IoT security vision with their overallmission and vision statements, build IoTroadmaps and adapt traditional governancemodels to new IoT developments.Cloud SecurityAdvise Implement ManageEvaluates client requirements, assessescloud usage, builds the business caseand cloud roadmaps, and assists withcloud vendor evaluation.Key differentiatorsNetwork Strategy andOptimizationAdviseAnalyzes client infrastructure to identifyand remedy the configuration of networkcomponents and help clients design theirnetwork architecture into secure zones.Anti-DDoS AttacksAdvise ManageAnalyzes organizations’ readiness to defendthemselves against Distributed Denialof Service (DDoS) attacks. We providecloud-based anti-DDoS protection forinfrastructures, websites, and DNS servers. We offer secure, end-to-endsolution-transformation capabilities,from vision alignment to the design ofsecure products.Cyber y ManagementApplication ProtectionIdentity and AccessManagementInformation PrivacyInformation ProtectionVigilantResilientContactsNext17

Vulnerability ManagementHomeForewordChallengesHow we can helpCyber StrategyBusinesses rely on a stable and secure ITenvironment as the foundation for driving newdigital innovations, and products.Deloitte offers the expertise of highly skilledsecurity professionals to help organizationsidentify vulnerabilities. Deloitte’s teamworks side by side with organizations toremedy and manage these vulnerabilities.SecureNew security vulnerabilities are published on adaily basis and hackers are constantly lookingfor ways to gain access to systems and data.Identifying, managing, and correctingvulnerabilities in an environment that consistsof multiple applications, systems, and locationsis a significant management challenge.Our services include fully managedvulnerability assessments fromDeloitte’s award-winning ethical hackersand support in designing, implementing,and operating vulnerability managementsystems and processes.Supported by Deloitte’s network of CICs,we offer a range of managed solutionsincluding vulnerability assessments,remediation support, and vulnerabilitymanagement advisory.InfrastructureProtectionVulnerability ManagementApplication ProtectionIdentity and AccessManagementInformation PrivacyInformation ProtectionVigilantResilientContactsNext18

Vulnerability ManagementHomecenterOur solutions are supported byDeloitte’s network of CICsKey solutionsVulnerability AssessmentsImplement ManageUses known hacking methods andvulnerabilities, tests the security ofapplications and IT systems, andachieves increased levels of security.Deloitte can undertake this work fully onbehalf of organizations or complementorganization’s internal vulnerabilityassessment team.Hacking and Phishingas a ServiceManageProvides regular insight into anorganization’s potential vulnerabilities.Many organizations perform securitytests only once while cyber criminals areconstantly seeking to find and exploitnew vulnerabilities.Key differentiatorsVulnerability RemediationSupport Our professionals include a global poolof award-winning ethical hackers.Implement Manage We utilize proven Deloitte methodsand cutting-edge vulnerabilitymanagement tools.Configures and manages vulnerabilitymanagement solutions providing insightinto the business-relevant vulnerabilitiesthat matter.Vulnerability ManagementCapability DesignAdviseEstablishes vulnerability managementprocesses, governance, capabilities, tools,and expertise for organizations. Deloitte willenable an organization to identify, manage,and remedy issues with the variousstakeholders involved in a timely way. We offer a range of managed solutionsincluding vulnerability assessments,remediation support, and vulnerabilitymanagement advisory.ForewordCyber y ManagementApplication ProtectionIdentity and AccessManagementInformation PrivacyInformation ProtectionVigilantResilientContactsNext19

Application ProtectionHomecenterOur solutions are supported byDeloitte’s network of CICsChallengesApplications form a major part of everyIT landscape. Ensuring they are protectedrequires secure design, implementation,and configuration. Testing of the protectionrequires robust processes, dedicatedresources, and a skilled team.Many organizations find setting up suchprocesses and acquiring and maintaining therequired skills and knowledge to be a majorchallenge.How we can helpDeloitte software security specialists assistorganizations to thoroughly assess theprotection level of applications.With specialized knowledge of a largenumber of specific applications and securedevelopment methods, Deloitte helps securethe design, development, and configuration ofapplications.Key solutionsEnterprise Application SecurityAdvise Implement ManageAssesses the current state of anorganization’s applications and thesecurity controls on the application layersfor enterprise systems.Source Code ReviewManage ImplementAnalyzes application source code totest for common mistakes. The analysiscan be conducted through one-offapplication assessments or as an integralpart of an organization’s softwaredevelopment process.ForewordCyber StrategySecure by Design:Secure SDLCAdvise ImplementAssesses an organization’s softwaredevelopment life cycle (SDLC) to determineif security is properly incorporated. Inaddition, we help organizations embedSecure by Design principles and ty ManagementApplication ProtectionIdentity and AccessManagementInformation PrivacyInformation ProtectionVigilantResilientContactsNext20

Application ProtectionHomeForewordDeloitte ApplicationSecurity PlatformSource code analysis overviewWeaknesses foundAnalysis and validation of sourcesSource code review activitiescentralization15Advanced reporting capacities10Cyber StrategySecure21InfrastructureProtectionReal-time activities progress feedbackVulnerability lifecycle managementVulnerability ManagementActiveManaging5Application ProtectionIdentity and AccessManagementMulti-vendor supportCWE and CVSS aligned GAST taxonomyKey differentiators We leverage static application securitytesting technology which enables theclient to be one step ahead, with 40percent portfolio coverage versus fivepercent portfolio coverage using thetraditional approach. We help organizations raise theirsituational risk awareness and actionableremediation insights, empowering them toregulate application portfolios effectively.0AprMayJunJulTop CWEs detected12,000Information ProtectionVigilantTotal analyzed 0005002,0000Information Privacy13,033Validation of 4May16May18MayNext21

Identity and Access ManagementHomeForewordChallengesThe traditional network perimeter has faded.In response, organizations are increasinglyfocusing on user identity assurance andinformation access controls.Identity and Access Management (IAM)provides tools, processes, and methods toenhance the security of online transactionswhile minimizing friction in the user experience.IAM also provides a trusted environment foromni-channel communication between users(customers, business partners, and employees)and IT platforms.How we can helpIdentity and access are two of the keyelements that underpin digital commerce andautomated business processes. Deloitte hasestablished proven methodology to guideclients through the full IAM program lifecycle,from defining a clear vision and strategy forsecure access to information assets, to theactual deployment and operation of IAMplatforms, and integration with IT platforms.Key solutionsCyber StrategyIAM Drivers Identification andSelection of IAM InvestmentAreasIAM Functionality Design andPreparation for ImplementationAdviseFormalizes requirements, designs a fittingsolution landscape by selecting the mostappropriate solution set, and transforms theorganization and its processes to optimizereturns on IAM investments.Defines the objectives for IAM, such asenabling new information exchanges(e.g. low-friction customer registration),more efficient compliance demonstration(e.g. risk-focused access reviews), andenhanced controls (e.g. monitoring of ITadministrator actions).Current State Assessmentsfor IAM ComponentsAdviseAssesses the current maturity ofIAM-related controls and pinpointskey improvement areas.Advise ImplementIAM Platform DeploymentImplementMakes the IAM vision a reality byimplementing IAM solutions to supportyour IAM processes with Deloitte keytechnology partners (SailPoint, OKTA,CyberArk, and lity ManagementApplication ProtectionIdentity and AccessManagementInformation PrivacyInformation ProtectionVigilantResilientReach of IAMPlatform ExtensionManageIntegrates business applications with theIAM platform to increase the reach ofautomated controls.ContactsNext22

Identity and Access ManagementHomeForewordKey differentiatorsIdentity and Access Management components Business and user-centric view ofIAM as part of Deloitte DNA.AccesscontrolUsers Experience of global best practicesand IAM solution architectures. Close solution partner networkwith major IAM capability providers.Cyber rastructureProtectionVulnerability ManagementApplication ProtectionCustomersSCMEmployeesPortalBU1 HRBU1 HRInformation PrivacyInformation ProtectionEnter user IDadmin requestsMaster dataIdentity and AccessManagementIdentitygovernance &administrationApproverUser and retireuser tsContactsResourceownersNext23

Information Priv

Cyber Vigilance Cyber Security Cyber Strategy Foreword Next Three fundamental drivers that drive growth and create cyber risks: Managing cyber risk to grow and protect business value The Deloitte CSF is a business-driven, threat-based approach to conducting cyber assessments based on an organization's specific business, threats, and capabilities.

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XaaS Models: Our Offerings @DeloitteTMT As used in this document, "Deloitte" means Deloitte & Touche LLP, Deloitte Tax LLP, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP. These entities are separate subsidiaries of Deloitte LLP. Deloitte & Touche LLP will be responsible for the services and the other subsidiaries

Deloitte & Touche South Africa is referred to throughout this report as Deloitte South Africa, and Deloitte Pan African Trust is referred to throughout this report as Deloitte Africa. Deloitte Africa holds practice rights to provide professional services using the Deloitte name which it extends to Deloitte entities within its territory,

With our reliance on ICT and the value of this data come risks to its security, integrity and failure. This cyber risk can either have a natural cause or be man-made, where the latter can emerge from human failure, cyber criminality (e.g. extortion, fraud), cyberwar, and . Ten Key Questions on Cyber Risk and Cyber Risk Insurance 9 Table 1 .

risks for cyber incidents and cyber attacks.” Substantial: “a level which aims to minimise known cyber risks, cyber incidents and cyber attacks carried out by actors with limited skills and resources.” High: “level which aims to minimise the risk of state-of-the-art cyber attacks carried out by actors with significant skills and .

the 1st Edition of Botswana Cyber Security Report. This report contains content from a variety of sources and covers highly critical topics in cyber intelligence, cyber security trends, industry risk ranking and Cyber security skills gap. Over the last 6 years, we have consistently strived to demystify the state of Cyber security in Africa.

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