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Seem 4-LP LEDflush lensregress lensSEEM 4 FAMILY COMPANIONSDIMENSIONAL DATAdrywall ceilingcorners & patternssuspendedwall mountperimeterFEATURESLow profile 3.6" housing depth on flush lens option and 4.5"housing depth on regress lens option.Flush LensIndividual units or continuous runs in 6" increments.9/16" Grid3.60"91.4mm3.60"91.4mm15/16" Grid4.00"101.6mm4.375"111.1mmConnected Solutions: Integrates with wired and wireless buildinglighting control systems.3.60"91.4mm9/16" Slot Tee3.60"91.4mm9/16" TegularFrosted acrylic lens provides uninterrupted illumination, withoutpixels or shadows.LED position and lens material optimized to provide the perfectblend of high performance and visual comfort.3.436"87.27mm3.436"87.27mmCompatible with common pre-engineered grid ceiling systemsrequiring luminaires fitting into a 4" slot.Preferred Light: Lighting for better color rendition and mmPRODUCT OVERVIEW3.436"87.27mm4.00"101.6mmRegress Lens9/16" Grid4.50"114.3mm4.50"114.3mm15/16" GridLumen ' Flush Lens625 Lumens per footDelivered Lumens: 2500lmTotal System Watts: .6mmPhotometric performance is measured in accordance with IESNA LM-79. Visit focalpointlights.comfor complete photometric data. Visit for model specifics.Focal Point LLC 4141 S. Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60632 773.247.9494 focalpointlights.comDecember 2021 AA

fixture:project:ORDERINGDETAILSgrid1 1/ 2"1 1/ 2"1 1/ 2"9/ 16"15/ 16"Slot teeG3StandardG2, T2StandardG1, T1lay-in tile (G)1 11/ 16"1 11/ 16"15/ 16"TallG4, T4tegular tile (T)1 1/ 2"TallG5, T5375LF625LF875LF1000LFColor Temperature2700K, 80 CRI or 90 CRI3000K, 80 CRI or 90 CRI3500K, 80 CRI or 90 CRI4000K, 80 CRI or 90 CRI3500K, Preferred LightLuminaire always rests at level of tile.9/ 16"275LF375 Lumens per foot625 Lumens per foot875 Lumens per foot1000 Lumens per foot(2' LD1 & L11 only. 3' minimum all other drivers.)9/ 16"9/ 16"NodeT6(Flush lens only)SPECIFICATIONSLED SystemProprietary linear LED module incorporates premium LEDs on a robust platform to achieve excellent thermal management. LEDs are placed to promote a uniform appearance.Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K with CRI 80 or CRI 90, 3 SDCM. LED modules arereplaceable from below the ceiling. Drivers are accessable from above the ceiling only.ConstructionOne piece extruded aluminum housing. 20 Ga. steel end caps. Aluminum driver compartment.4' unit weight: 11 lbs., 8' unit weight: 19 lbs.OpticExtruded acrylic lens .078" thick with satin finish, up to 8' continuous.ElectricalEmergency Battery output - 10 watts for 90 minutes. Maximum mounting height: 19.0ft. Emergency Circuit with Connected Solutions (NLT1, ENL1, CLM1, DLM1) shipped standard with leadsto connect UL924 compliant device, by others.LabelsUL and cUL listed. Suitable for Dry or Damp Locations, indoor use only.FinishPolyester powder coat applied over a multi-stage pre–treatment.Reported: L70 61,000 hoursCalculated:L90 61,000 hours27K or 927K30K or 930K35K or 935K40K or 940KP35K1CC Z DLUNV347(LD1 driver only)Control System & Dimming Level0-10V - 10% Dimming0-10V - 1% DimmingLutron Hi-Lume EcoSystem (LDE1) 1% DimmingDALI 1% DimmingAcuity nLight - 1% DimmingLD1L11LH1D11NLT1Enlighted Smart Sensor - 1% DimmingENL1Encelium CLM ConnectedLighting Module - 1% DimmingCLM1(3 minimum length. Grid only.)Wattstopper DLM - 1% Dimming(3 minimum length.)Ceiling ConfigurationStd. 15/16" Lay-in or Std. 15/16" TegularStd. 9/16" Lay-in or Std. 9/16" Tegular9/16" Slot-tee TegularTall 15/16" Lay-in or Tall 15/16" TegularTall 9/16" Lay-in or Tall 9/16" TegularNode 9/16" TegularDLM1G1 or T1G2 or T2G3G4 or T4G5 or T5T6(See Ordering Guide on page 4 forordering details for DC, EC, EM & ECD.)L70 at 447,000 hoursL90 at 110,000 hoursChicago Plenum(Derived from EPA TM-21 calculator. Based on typical conditions, consult factory for additional data.)ReliabilityAt Focal Point, our products are designed to stand the test of time. Each luminaire is engineeredusing superior components, manufactured with the utmost care and rigorously tested. Contact usfor reliability data.WarrantyLED system rated for operation in ambient environments up to 25 C. 5-year limited warranty.4' PERFORMANCE CHARTLumens per FootDeliveredLumensTestedSystem 875LF3500341191000LF400038117Based on 3500K, 80 CRI, 4’ lengths. Lumen multipliers: Regress lens 0.90, Preferred Light 0.65, 90 CRI 0.87.Lumen output may vary /- 5%. Actual wattage may vary /- 5%.10 DAYFLRLFactory OptionsLumen MaintenanceFlush LensVoltage120/277 UNV Volt347 VoltFSM4LP(3 minimum length. Increases height by 0.73 at module location.Compatible with Encelium X Light Management System.)EmergencyShieldingCircuits & Zones1 Circuit, non-emergencyConsult Ordering Guide on page 4 formultiple circuiting and zoning options(3 minimum length. Not available with CP.)Luminaires are pre–wired with factory installed branch circuit wiring and over-molded quick connects. Standard 120-277V constant current driver includes 0-10V analog dimming. Dimming range100% to 10%. Power factor .9.FSM4LPLuminaire SeriesSeem 4-LPShieldingFlush Satin LensRegress LensLumen Output275 Lumens per footOptions in orange qualify for the Quickship program. 1000' total.Refer to Quickship Guide for complete details including EM/EC options.Focal Point LLC reserves the right to change specifications for product improvement without notification.CPDaylight Circuit DCEmergency Circuit ECEmergency Battery Pack† EMEmergency Control Device†(Adds .125" to overall height.)ECD†(4' minimum. 120/277 Volt only.7' minimum length for CLM1, DLM1, ENL1 & NLT1.)6' New York City Flex Whip (120V)6' New York City Flex Whip (277V)6' Flex WhipFNY1FNY2FWFinishMatte White HousingWHLuminaire Length2'2' 6"3'4'5'6'7'7' 6"8'2'2' 6"3'4'5'6'7'7' 6"8'Specify luminaire/row length in 6" increments(8' minimum row length)ft. in.WH

Seem 4-LP LEDFocal Point provides flexibility in meeting the needs of each project by integrating with several building lighting control systems. A variety of sensors,drivers and other components can be specified that allow the luminaires to communicate with wired and wireless networks. All zoning can be digitallyreconfigured through the application software. Daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, integration with HVAC systems, and individual controls enable themonitoring and modulating of light levels and temperature in order to save energy, reduce costs and maximize occupants’ comfort. All Connected Solutions luminaires require a compatible building control system.†nLight provides a two-way wired digitallighting system allowing for on/off anddimming functionality, occupancy sensing,and multi-zone daylight harvesting.Flush LensEnlighted Smart Sensor - 1% Dimming (ENL1)Enlighted Model #SU-5E-IOTAcuity nLight - 1% Dimming (NLT1)Acuity Model #nEPS-60-IORunsEnlighted smart sensor allows for occupancysensing, daylight harvesting, energy usage,temperature and light level control. Communicateswirelessly with the Enlighted network.CAT-5 Cable provided by others.Serial labels will beprovided on outside of luminaires and control unit.Regress LensIndividualsEncelium’s Connected Lighting Module (CLM) isfully compatible with the Encelium X LightManagement System, as well as with 0-10V andDALI based LED drivers to allow for individualluminaire control, including on/off and dimmingfunctionalities, occupancy sensing, and multi-zonedaylight harvesting.A Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system thatprovides two-way wired communication betweennetworked luminaires and control system to allowfor on/off and dimming functionality, occupancysensing and multi-zone daylight harvesting.Wattstopper DLM - 1% Dimming (DLM1)Wattstopper Model #LMFC-011Encelium CLM - 1% Dimming (CLM1)Encelium Model #ZBHA-CLM-DIM-ENCSerial labels will be provided on outside of luminairesand control unit.CAT-5 Cable provided by others. Serial labels will beprovided on outside of luminaires and control unit.RunsIndividualsA two-way digital network that enables on/off anddimming functionality, occupancy sensing, andmulti-zone daylight harvesting working withQuantum , Energi Savr Node , and Energi TriPak using EcoSystem communication protocol.A two-way digital network that enables on/off anddimming functionality, occupancy sensing, andmulti-zone daylight harvesting. Communicateswith Zūm wireless and SpaceBuilder working withZūm hub scheduling or FUSION management.Lutron Hi-Lume EcoSystem - 1% Dimming (LH1)Lutron Model #LDE1DALI - 1% Dimming (D11)0-10V - 1% Dimming (L11)Note: 0-10V is not a digital network but is compatiblewith Creston Zūm system.CONNECTED SOLUTIONS DETAILSModel ratureReportingCommunicationto bledNoWiredeldoLED ECOdrive,eldoLED SOLOdriveSpecifiedDriverDALI0-10VCrestron Zūm Wireless& SpaceBuilderEnabledEnabledNoWiredeldoLED ECOdrive (DALI),Advance by Signify (0-10V)Enlighted SmartSensor egratedYesWirelessAdvance by Signify,Optotronic by eldoLEDLegrand WattstopperDLM (DLM1)LMFC-011**DLMDLMEnabledEnabledNoWiredAdvance by Signify,Optotronic by eldoLEDLDE1**EcoSystemQuantum, Energi SavrNode, Energi TriPakEnabledEnabledNoWiredLutron Hi-LumeZBHA-CLMDIM-ENC*ZigBeeEncelium X LightManagement SystemEnabledEnabledNoWirelessOptotronic by eldoLEDAdvance by SignifyConnected SolutionAcuity nLight(NLT1)Crestron(D11, L11)Lutron EcoSystem(LH1)Encelium CLMConnected LightingModule (CLM1)*Not all compatible networks may be listed. **For performance data and additional control system details please visit the connected solutions manufacturer websites. Primary drivers are listed in bold. To specify a particular driver please consultfactory. †Controls systems supplied by others.

Ordering GuideLinear Circuitry, Zones & Factory OptionsHOW TO USE THIS GUIDEFill out the worksheet on the following page to specify your requirements for circuitry, zones, and factory options.Refer to the run chart for standard run configurations, consult factory for custom configurations.Complete the Totals / Ordering Codes at the bottom of the worksheet and add to your ordering logic on the cut sheet.Submit the worksheet along with your order.TOTAL RUN LENGTH:32ftSECTIONLENGTH1EXAMPLEHOUSINGSECTIONJOB NAME:FIXTURE TYPE:FACTORY OPTIONSSHARED ELECTRICAL FEED,NORMAL 8SEPARATE ELECTRICAL DEM1EM1DCTotals / Ordering Codes2C2Z1DC1EMORDERING: FSM4L-FL-625LF-35K- 2C2Z -UNV-LD1-G2- 1DC-1EM -WH-32ftSection 1Section 2Section 3Section 4EM BATTERY1C2C1Z2Z1DCDEFAULTSKEY Zones and Factory Options illuminate entire sections from4' to 8' in length.C Switching CircuitSwitched Hot / Shared NeutralDC Daylight CircuitSwitched Hot / Separate NeutralZ Dimming ZoneDimming Control WiresEC Emergency CircuitSwitched Hot / Separate NeutralDL Daylight ZoneDaylight Dimming Control WiresEM Emergency BatteryUnswitched Hot / Shared Neutral Additional electrical feed required for applications greater thanthree shared circuits and zones.ECD Emergency Control DeviceUnswitched Hot / Separate Neutral Each DC, EC and ECD require an additional electrical feed. One shared or isolated circuit and zone required per housing section. Limit of one EM or ECD per housing section. ECD not available in the same housing section as EC. Longer lead times and additional pricing may apply for customrun configurations.CUSTOM LENGTHS If partial illumination of emergency or daylight section is required,indicate in ordering guide and add "partial illumination" in OrderNotes. Drawing required. Engineering validation required, longer lead times may apply.Focal Point LLC 4141 S. Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60632 773.247.9494 focalpointlights.comApril 2021 E

Ordering Guide WorksheetLinear Circuitry, Zones & Factory OptionsTOTAL RUN LENGTH:HOUSINGSECTIONSECTIONLENGTHJOB NAME:FIXTURE TYPE:FACTORY OPTIONSSHARED ELECTRICAL FEED,NORMAL POWERSEPARATE ELECTRICAL RKSHEET891011121314151617181920Totals / Ordering CodesCombine to create Circuits & Zones ordering codeEMEnter as individual Factory OptionsRUN CHARTRun length(ft)Housing ConfigurationSection LengthsRun length(ft)Housing ConfigurationSection LengthsRun length(ft)Housing ConfigurationSection LengthsRun length(ft)Housing ConfigurationSection Lengths95 4218 8 5338 8 8 5 4458 8 8 8 8 5106 4228 8 6348 8 8 6 4468 8 8 8 8 6117 4238 8 7358 8 8 7 4478 8 8 8 8 7488 8 8 8 8 8128 4248 8 8368 8 8 8 4138 5258 8 5 4378 8 8 8 5148 6268 8 6 4388 8 8 8 6158 7278 8 7 4398 8 8 8 7168 8288 8 8 4408 8 8 8 8178 5 4298 8 8 5418 8 8 8 5 4188 6 4308 8 8 6428 8 8 8 6 4198 7 4318 8 8 7438 8 8 8 7 4208 8 4328 8 8 8448 8 8 8 8 4Focal Point LLC 4141 S. Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60632 773.247.9494 focalpointlights.comStandard run configurations, consult factory for customconfigurations.April 2021 E

Total System Watts: 24W . Lutron Hi-Lume EcoSystem (LDE1) - 1% Dimming LH1 DALI 1% Dimming D11 . 1% Dimming CLM1 (3' minimum length. Increases height by 0.73" at module location. Compatible with Encelium X Light Management System.) WattstopperDLM - 1% Dimming DLM1 (3' minimum length.) Ceiling Configuration Std. 15/16" Lay-in or Std. 15/16 .

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