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UFO ALIENS:the deadly secretJonathan Gray

2About the authorJonathan Gray has travelled the world to gather dataon ancient mysteries. A serious student of theparanormal and pre-history, he has investigatednumerous archaeological sites, andhas also penetrated some largely un-explored areas,including parts of the Amazon headwaters.Between lecturing worldwide, the author has hostednewspaper columns and contributed to various magazines.Illustration CreditsIf I failed to credit any illustrations reproduced inthis book, I offer my apologies. Any sources omittedwill be appropriately acknowledged in all futureeditions of this book.Cover design: Jim PinkoskiOther books by Jonathan Gray

3Dead Men’s SecretsSting of the ScorpionThe Ark ConspiracyCurse of the Hatana Gods64 Secrets Ahead of UsBizarre Origin of Egypt’s Ancient GodsThe Lost World of GiantsDiscoveries: Questions AnsweredSinai’s Exciting SecretsArk of the CovenantThe Killing of Paradise PlanetSurprise WitnessThe Corpse Came BackThe Discovery That’s Toppling EvolutionStolen Identity: Jesus Christ – History or Hoax?The Da Vinci Code HoaxUpdate International Volume 1Update International Volume 2Update International Volume 3Update International Volume 4Update International Volume 5How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb?E-books fromhttp://www.beforeus.com/shopcart ebooks.html :In Search of Lost CitiesInto the UnknownIn a Coffin in EgyptWhat Happened to the Tower of Babel?The Magic of the Golden Proportion4 Major DiscoveriesThe Big Dating BlunderCurse of the Pharaohs

4First published 2006Second printing 2007Copyright Jonathan Gray 2007All rights reservedLimited portions of this work may be copiedfor study or review purposes without writtenpermission, provided that the source is dulycredited.

5CO N T E N T SChapterPagePROLOGUE . . 91 Are “space beings” visiting us? –“THE ALIEN RAPED ME” .152 Drawings and artefacts ALIEN RELICS?.203 Abductions and other outrages –HOSTILE INTRUDERS . 284 The Roswell incident –CRASHED UFO, ALIEN BODIES? . .375 ET crop circles? –MYSTERY RINGS . . .526 From another dimension? –WHO ARE THE ALIENS?.567 ETs and DNA –DID ALIENS CREATE US?.658 Archaeology’s verdict –THE BOOK ALIENS HATE . . .859 Prophecies THE CITY THAT VANISHED INTO THE SEA .105

610 Prophecies –UNCANNY PROPHECIES OF EGYPT . . .11811 Prophecies –SEVEN FATEFUL WORDS . . 12812 Prophecies –BABYLON’S LAST NIGHT 13613 Prophecies –FAILED ALIEN PROPHECIES . 15314 Accuracy of transmission THE FORGETFUL PROFESSOR . .16015 Secret code YOU CAN’T WRITE THIS BOOK! .17216 One versus the other ALIENS AND THE INTELLIGENCE REPORT 18617 Life in deep space? ARE OTHER WORLDS INHABITED?.19518 The original “star wars” REBELLION IN OUTER SPACE .19919 The sinister Legion of Lucifer PLANET HIJACKED .21020 The Big Picture –MOVES AND COUNTER MOVES .22121 ETs and the occult ALIENS AND SÉANCE SPIRITS . .22722 ETs and the occult –DEAD LOVER RETURNED? 239

723 ETs and the occult –CLINCHING CLUES .24324 Pre-Flood world under threat NO WAY OUT .25925 The Deluge THE DAY OF THE DEAD .26326 Enki and the Sumeria cover-up –THE LUCIFER LIE . . .27227 Dating the Flood TEN SURPRISE WITNESSES . .29028 Independent family trees –NOAH WHO? . . .30529 The language break-up incident –THE BATTLE OF DRIPPING GARMENTS .31430 Dating shocks –HISTORY ARTIFICIALLY LENGTHENED . . .32431 Dating shocks –SCHOLARS IN CONFUSION . 33132 Origin of the races –SO MANY RACES – HOW LONG?.34233 Genesis: who wrote it and when? –THE GENESIS MYTH?.34934 Genesis: compared to others CRITICS CONFOUNDED . . .35835 Genesis: the table of nations –“INSTANT” SNAP-SHOT IN TIME . 368

836 Incredible safety in a name –HALTING A UFO ABDUCTION . .37937 The Jesus feud ETs AND SPIRITISM TODAY .38738 Mind programming –ABSOLUTE POWER . .40239 A showdown looming CAN YOU SURVIVE IT?. . . .41140 The power is with you INVINCIBLE MESSENGERS .417EPILOGUE . 426APPENDIX . 427INDEX . .445

9PROLOGUE“He forced me!” cried Angie.“I’ll get that alien b !!! He’s invaded our marriage!”roared Roland Brown.The enraged engineer set his mind to track and avengehimself on the intrusive alien. Had it physically happened? Atfirst he wasn’t sure. Real or not, what mattered was that Angiehad genital bruises. She believed the event had happened. NowRoland did too. And now he was madly obsessed.Those cattle mutilations on August 17 and the sexualabuse of his wife – were they linked?His tortured mind was boiling with questions. RolandBrown needed answers. He would not rest until he got them.Who were these brutes? Why did they claim Angie belonged tothem? What was their plan? What would happen next? Howcould he – Roland Brown – stop them?According to writers like Erich von Danicken andZecharia Sitchin these aliens had been coming here for a longtime and even brought civilization to Planet Earth.Civilization? No, barbarism, cursed Roland.Today, with millions of claimed UFO sightings encounters with aliens alleged kidnappings investigatorseverywhere were coming right out and calling it an epidemic.So what was going on here? Were governments reallycovering up hard core evidence of “other world” visitors –evidence of a crashed flying saucer and dead alien bodies fromthe “Roswell incident”? And what about crop circles? Or was itall just a hoax?Frankly, now, have you yourself ever wondered aboutthese alleged visitors? Whether they’re from other planets from inside the earth or just plain imagination? Just who orwhat are they these alleged intruders?

10“You will never know the answer unless you read theIntelligence Report,” archaeologist Brad Sheed had toldRoland. “The Intelligence Report?” “Yes, but you must firstsatisfy yourself that the Intelligence Report is reliable. Becauseit’s either the most valid information source on our planetconcerning aliens – or the most fraudulent con job ever foistedon mankind.”Over recent years there had been a feverish campaign todiscredit the Intelligence Report. In fact, there appeared to be anobsessive hatred against it. Why? Could it contain something soexplosive that certain people were desperate for us never toknow? Roland pondered.Whatever, because the stakes are so high in regard to theextraterrestrial phenomenon, we shall subject that “Report” tothe most rigorous scientific tests. You will see The IntelligenceReport and the Sumerian Lost Book of Enki clash head on! Onlyone holds the key to the alien identity. But which?As for the Intelligence Report, its credentials can beestablished or shattered by testing it on these four counts:- its historical truthfulness (or otherwise)- Its key claim: the “ability” to foretell the future- The reliability of its transmission to us- The self-checking code it is claimed to possessIf the Intelligence Report FAILS to pass these tests, thenby all means dump it. But if it DOES survive these integritychecks, then the inside information it holds may have thepotential to blow our entrenched Western Establishment skyhigh. As well as the deadly alien secret.In any case, Roland Brown was determined to know thetruth.So who are these aliens - really? Why do they claim toown not just Roland’s wife, but each of us - you, me and evenour children?And what are they planning?Even more frightening is somebody close to you beingprogrammed for something too horrible to contemplate?

11What is the Legion of Lucifer What is their diabolicalagenda? What mind-shocking revelation did the CE-4 team ofFlorida uncover?Are you ready for this? Is it possible that your life coulddepend on it?




151Are “space beings” visiting us? -“THE ALIEN RAPED ME!”“I’ll get that b .!” exclaimed Roland Brown. “He haswrecked my marriage.”Roland Brown slammed his hand across the sink. Utensilssmashed to the floor. The robust, solidly-built engineer wasshaking with rage and desperation.For five months his wife Angie had suffered painful marksaround her genital area. A tumor had developed. But worse, shewas no longer the woman he had married.Back in August, Angie, a dental nurse at Thornton HighSchool, and normally a happy, bubbling person, had startedcomplaining of nausea. And she seemed to dread coming to bed.In fact, her whole personality had changed.She agreed to visit a psychiatrist, then a hypnotist. Butneither she nor her husband were prepared for the shock Under hypnotherapy Angie described having beenabducted and raped by an alien. Whether the experience wasreal or not, this “rapist” was now controlling her.As time passed, Angie gave herself over completely to heralleged captor. She became strangely obsessed in the occult.Roland felt locked out of her life. And he could take no more.Her emotions were hijacked. His wife was in love with her“abductor”.This intruder now controlled both their lives.He had to get to the heart of this. Or it would drive himinsane.A tough skeptic, Roland Brown began to recall somethingelse quite weird that had happened about the same time.

16On August 17, he and some others had been called out toJim Breech’s farm in the valley. He remembered the date,because it was the night after the monthly school board meeting.Four of Breech’s cows lay dead. Precise “laser-precision”cuts were observed in the cattle. They had been totally drainedof blood, yet there was no trace of blood. And certain organshad been surgically removed from their bodies. Their boneswere also clearly cut, with no bone fragments around the cut.The marks found on the animals were not consistent withattacks by predators such as wolves or coyotes. Neither werethere any signs of a struggle, footprints, or tire tracks foundanywhere on the ground around the bodies.Oh yes, there was one other thing. For what it was worth,the local news had reported the sighting of a UFO (UnidentifiedFlying Object) that same night. About the same time thatAngie Brown’s head began to spin. The UFO the cattlemutilations Angie’s abduction and rape was there somelink?But what most enraged Roland was Angie’s assertion thatthis “alien’ – son of a bitch – claimed he had every right tokidnap her because “she belonged to them”.The next morning Roland took two weeks’ break. His firstvisit was to the town library. He returned home with an armfulof books on so-called “space visitors” and “alien abductions”.Roland had always dismissed UFOs and extraterrestrials(ETs) as a crackpot idea. But he was also aware that belief inthe reality of UFOs was growing rapidly at all levels of society,throughout the world.Claimed sightings worldwideNumerous polls (Gallup, Roper, PBS/Nova) were claimingthat up to 20 million Americans had seen a UFO. Andshockingly, more than 4 million even claimed to have beenphysically abducted by “space beings”.

17Sightings of UFOs all over the world were almostcountless. Many famous people – including Jimmy Carter andastronaut Gordon Cooper – claimed to have seen a UFO.Sightings were so numerous that now many organizationswere dedicated especially to the investigation of such reports.UFO photographed over MexicoRoland began to pore through the facts. He was notsurprised to read that impartial investigations concluded 90 to95 percent of sightings to be mistakenly identified, andexplainable as natural phenomena or man-made technologies.Mistaken objects included satellites, meteors, rocketlaunches or vehicles, weather balloons, glowing crystal clouds,lens shaped clouds, lightning, flocks of birds, aircraft,reflections of the sun on various objects, car headlights, streetlights, kites, parachutes and insect swarms.Of course, as expected, some others had proven to beoutright lies or imaginary events.Abduction reportsBut it was the reported abductions that grabbed his

18interest.This he must research carefully. Roland laid down thebook and went and got himself a drink.Abductions reported abductions Pulling a rug aroundhis legs, Roland studied earnestly. A large percentage of thesemight simply be psychological delusions, said the experts. Orhoaxes or shallow attempts to gain attention and fame. But thatdidn’t fit Angie. He knew her too well for that.Roland’s eyes popped wide as he read what followed.According to the research, too many ordinary people withnothing to gain, but more to lose, go to their graves neverswerving from their accounts of such events.Angie. she fitted that profile. The anger again welled upinside him.Yes, the evidence suggested that 5 to 10 percent ofreported experiences might have some substance in fact. Beyondquestion, something mysterious, quite real and very serious wasgoing on.A deep compassion swelled within him, as he read of otherpeople who had experienced either inexplicable sightings oreven terrifying “abductions” – just like Angie – often withdistressing consequences, without ever finding out why.So, what are these UFOs,and where are their occupants from?He had to get answers. These so-called “aliens” who wereappearing and disrupting decent peoples’ lives who werethey? Where were they coming from?What was going on here?Roland wiped the sweat from his brow. He feltenormously agitated. The question was torturing him. Who?Who? Who were these intruders?Because of movies such as “ET”, “Close Encounters”,“Star Trek” and “Star Wars”, some folk he knew believed U

Zecharia Sitchin these aliens had been coming here for a long time and even brought civilization to Planet Earth. Civilization? No, barbarism, cursed Roland. Today, with millions of claimed UFO sightings encounters with aliens alleged kidnappings investigators everywhere were coming right out and calling it an epidemic.

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