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SEO on BoldHow SEO is managed on our Headless CMS 2019 Quintype Inc Confidential

SEO on Bold CMSSEO is fast-paced and dynamic area of digital marketing.More than 55% of traffic to an average website comes fromsearch engines.Bold CMS handles SEO by ensuring that each content piecehas all the meta information that search engine crawlers lookfor.

SEO on Stories

Meta Tags Meta Title tags and Meta DescriptionTags are displayed on search engineresults pages (SERPs) as the clickableheadline for a given result, and areimportant for usability, SEO

Header Tags Header tags lets you designate titlesections within your content. The H1 tag isreserved to the story title and other tagscan be used within the content.

Customizable URL Slug URLs help visitors and search enginesbetter understand the content of thewebpage. Bold CMS helps you create aURL structure relevant to your SEOstrategy. Examples me/story-slug

Story and Category Slug Story and category slugs are fullycustomizable on our platform. Authors canchoose to customize their story slugs orthe system automatically generates aunique slug based on the story title.

Canonical URLs Canonical tags are helpful in tellingsearch engines about the URL thatshould appear in search results.

SEO Score Checker SEO score checker helps writers check their content foron-page SEO parameters before publishing the story. The SEO score currently checks the followingparameters of your content. Title Meta Description Content Images

Image Optimization Images are the biggest culprits for slowweb pages. Bold CMS auto-magicallydelivers optimized images based on thevisitors screen size. All you need to do isupload the best quality that you have. Alt tags, image captions options areavailable for every image uploaded toBold.

Schema Markups Structured data helps search enginesidentify the content for better crawlingand to deliver a rich experience to theusers. Bold CMS populates schema tagsbased on your content automatically.

AMP Pages and AMPStories AMP Pages are supported by Google todeliver blazing fast content experiencesto its users. Bold automatically createsAMP versions of your stories. AMP Stories are a new visual contentformat built for a mobile-first world.

Plagiarism Checker Duplicate content can be a bane for your SEO rankings.Bold CMS integrates* with Copyscape to help authorscheck their content for copies on the web.* A Copyscape API key is required for this feature to work

SEO on Website

Meta Tags You can manage your meta titles, descriptions of your homepage, sections andtags on the Bold CMS.

XML Sitemaps XML Sitemaps are generated and updated eachtime a new story is published on the Bold CMS. Sitemaps are created in XML format and areavailable in the path.

Redirect Manager Redirections can be used to enhancethe user experience of users. Publisherscan choose to create unlimitedredirections on the Bold CMS.

HTTPS/SSL Our CMS and front-end applications have SSLcertificates installed out of the box.Having https:// enabled keeps the connectionbetween the web server and browser secure.

Load Speeds Our development team strives to buildperformant websites and we haveachieved sub 2 second FCP times.

Mobile First Architecture As Google Bots are moving to a mobile-firstindexing world, Bold CMS is constantly improvedto ensure it remains compliant to Google’smobile indexing guidelines.

Social Media Distribution Social Media distribution ensures thatyour content receives the relevant socialsignals.

Server Side Rendering Server Side Rendering ensures that the bots cancrawl, render and ultimately index the contentwithout any errors.

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SEO is fast-paced and dynamic area of digital marketing. More than 55% of traffic to an average website comes from search engines. . SEO Score Checker SEO score checker helps writers check their content for on-page SEO parameters before publishing the story.

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Introduction Bold Statement #1: Unification of Bricks-and-Mortar and Online Retail Bold Statement #2: Unprecedented Intimacy with the Consumer Bold Statement #3: Conversion of Shopping Centers Into Communities Bold Statement #4: Mall Environments that Engage Millennials Bold Statement #5: Incorporating Distribution Into Shopping Centers Bold Statement #6: Accelerated Developer–Retailer .

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