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STUDENT GUIDEAdd Course to Shopping Cart03/03/2021C Ir Student Information SystemMICHIGAN STATE U IVERSITY

Student Inform ation SystemMICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITYContentsClass Search & Enroll. 2View Shopping Cart. 5Shopping Cart Error Messages. 6Student Guide: Add Course to Shopping Cart03/03/20211

Stu den t Information SystemMICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITYStudent Guide: Add Course to Shopping CartIn the new SIS, students will be able to add courses to a Shopping Cart using the Classes tile on the Studenthome page.c tossesFoll 20 21 and i:orword**Sl'X-(l!n;t rnn IS CPetlCtlro1J.rr,m1 sccenWhen you click the Classes tile, the Manage Classes page opens with a list of menu items on the left. Let’sbegin with Class Search & Enroll.Class Search & Enroll1. Click Class Search & Enroll from the left-side menu.2. Select an Academic Year to search. St.;;Jc 11:;Manage Classes ! mlm lP fntl Semester 2021Up,;!1' de Noti«Terrrs on or crft4ir FoU S mKt r 2021AV Y, MuClo, e,Q.Clo:.:. Scurch & EnroUFoll Sem 1er 2021 ----Spring Sfflles.ter 2022 DropCtasxs.:Swap OoS'SP.S-.,.ASummer Semester 2022Closs & Exam CclendorV. h(ll)?ing Col'\ Plo rne1Student Guide: Add Course to Shopping Cart03/03/20212

Student Information SystemMICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITYThe Class Search page will open where you can search for classes by Subject, Catalog Number orKeyword, or further narrow the results using Search Filters on the left.Fousernes-:er 2021sc-arc'l rcr Clo scs.,,. m. fill CWl t,. ,. !\nd'(.f HllAt kO\jl',\)ltl n. :.,,lll -«1:;·w r9: - o1.v.1r. t: r.m·.rt irc.- k \,t.rll · 'lb.t(t0 (S.Wb fu'l'l (r { .g,MH)) IJ «11.JlW I ll!'!', ,:/ llpi,,: -.(on(i tlOS: ( . · 11.e-:o, tol 1 ,» me !-""Jmb-, «.Y1 4 (llo:a1.::,1 1 i 1 1 t O"IOHt-;ilWIIUO 'I3. Search for class by:a. Subject: Click the drop-down and select a subject from the list (i.e., CD-Civil Engineering).b. Catalog Nbr: Enter catalog number, if known.c. Search (keyword): Enter keywords.d. Search Filters (Optional): Use the filters on the left to narrow the results by:i. Class Status: Show Open Classes Only (Yes or No)ii. Class Status: Include Wait Listed Classes (Yes or No)iii. Days: Click the filter icon to enter preferred days of the weekiv. Times: Click the filter icon to enter any preferred times of the dayv. Instructors: Click the filter icon to select preferred instructor(s)vi. Additional Search Filters: Click to see more advanced search options.4. Click the Search icon.A list of classes will appear in the search results list.5. Click a course in the results list to view details.The Class Information page will open with three tabs across the top, landing on the Details tab.Student Guide: Add Course to Shopping Cart03/03/20213

Student Inform ation SystemMICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Details tab: Displays the course Days & Times, Schedule, Location/Instructor and Final Examschedule, and includes an option to Enroll or Add to Cart. Availability tab: Displays the course enrollment totals and waitlist capacity. Textbook tab: Provides details on textbooks needed for the course.Closs InformationD,,;;to!ls.t,tt: o:r·9 ' (,h) 14\) I , rti.-r «(! S'"latt,JIr«1¼rn;» :i1 "1n'nl li«l! u;-ct1,.1r9 -11 0)t .'Ca4r. 1ll)I(l;,en !i CT.l V.,En:/J ,;11(614 Wiilh T.IU511.3& ::-5,1 ,e o;M11l-t: / 1,w,. , .,J ll1tW.1 U.,,- fWiii:.i W UrdefGm31mtl0.-0:tf\)·· »,.Uf i:,i,:Jw Gr;:,.t lfl l' ',"A' tU ! Final Exam Schedule.,,Ou:n,&1 Ck4s F:cF 1 116. On the Details tab, click Enroll or Add to Cart.Complete the two steps to add the course to your Shopping Cart.7. Complete Step 1 of 2: Review Class Preferencesa. Verify that this is the correct courseb. Enter waitlist preference - Yes or No. You will only see this step for classes that have a wait listoption.c. Click Accept.Step 1 of 2: Revi ew Closs Preferen,;esIPMMIENG 140 Uk Utu·,:(Jr,d scu.-ivCkt.;;,.Cv'"IJ . .,I\ ,: Ck' , 5.,.,100l Ou ,-.,NIA l3Student Guide: Add Course to Shopping Cart03/03/20214

Studen t Inform ation SystemMICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY8. Complete Step 2 of 2: Review and Submita. Review the Class, Session, Meeting Dates, Days and Times.b. Click Submit.Step 2 of 2: Revie'N ond Submit. . . . . " , . Ot · o-; . U - .d Su o,1A Confirmation page will appear with a green checkmark indicating that the class has been added toyour Shopping Cart. ., . 1,C0 '1·1rrr-ct1on.,F \,.,. ·11c1,.,.uIQ. !-'O lJNfoPJ.,t (l"tl «101,0.C¼ t- : 0 - : :I « lO , ( lll G):!' 'C: Clo¼ SC3n:l" & EniwView Shopping Cart1. Click Shopping Cart from the left-side menu.l f. . .# l)'.ll""'",. ,.,::, ·.,,,,,.-1,:i.-.0 . 1 .1 . 1 O.: !. n e,o hI.' YoXC,,"to) : ,1c.,-·:. II : ;,. ; #., . (IOltQGJ ' o,.,u, ,:.,.,., 1. , ,. ;:1 , t IUS., .v.-;i:v.,.J .,,.,.,,.,., 1 ;1,:,-,--., . ,,, ,.,,,u .,c.,&! " " ''The class(es) you have added to our Shopping Cart will be listed with the following available options: Delete: Removes the course from your Shopping Cart. Validate: Confirms that you may add the course to your schedule, when ready.Student Guide: Add Course to Shopping Cart03/03/20215

Student Information SystemMICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY2. Select the Checkbox next to the appropriate course(es).Note: You must select the checkbox even if only one course appears in the list. If more than onecourse appears in the list, you can select one or all courses to validate at once.3. Click the Validate button.A Confirmation page will appear with a green checkmark indicating that the class validation is complete,and the class is okay to add to your class schedule. Alfr,(;,,:11Se :,-. :1:-Fl\' ,.w l.\, C: -OMoCo-l'lf1 mauon :. , EN'.,; MO Vit-- ».re encl SOC:lel!.1Clu., 10,J.,jd 1(1 (;1,,.,. ,:11.,1 , Q. cc,,., s,.,,,J.t. E· :oll."'c.,.,(, .,: ·"" """'(l ¼S .'1111' Co d3 "ShGilO:"gCOrtIf the course does not pass the validation, you will see a red “X” and an explanation (i.e., Permission toenroll in this class is required” or “You are already enrolled in this course). See the Shopping CartError Messages section below for an explanation of error messages.Shopping Cart Error MessagesMessageThis course has been taken previously.Enrollment Requisites are not met.This class requires %1 consent.The Requirement Designation Option was set to'YES' by the enrollment process.There is a time conflict for class number %1 andclass number %2.Permission to enroll in this class is required.Student Guide: Add Course to Shopping CartExplanationStudent has either enrolled in this course, ormay have test, transfer or an equivalentcourse on their record.Pre-requisite or course restriction has notbeen met.Department consent is required for specialpermission classesThis is not an error, it's a message to thestudent that there is a requirementdesignation on this class, an example wouldbe credit for an honors class.The classes listed in this error have a timeconflict.Student is in a career that requires them toget permission to enroll in the class.03/03/20216

Student Inform ation SystemMICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITYDuplicate Add Transaction, transaction notprocessed.There is a hold on your record that is preventingenrollment from processing. Please see StuInfofor hold details.Student Guide: Add Course to Shopping CartStudent is trying to validate two sections ofthe same course, both consideredenrollment sections.Details on holds can be seen by logging intoStuInfo. Holds cleared in StuInfo will bereflected in SIS within the hour.03/03/20217

Shopping Cart . from the left-side menu. The class(es) you have added to our Shopping Cart will be listed with the following available options: Delete: Removes the course from your Shopping Cart. Validate: Confirms that you may add the course to your schedule, when ready. Student Guide: Add Course to Shopping Cart 03/03/2021 5 "

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