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Enrollment GuideEnrollment Guide1myUNTSign On Page1Enrollment Tile2Class Search and Enroll - Adding Classes3Enrolling from the Shopping Cart7Dropping Classes9Swapping Classes10Update Classes11Reviewing Enrollment Transactions12myUNT Sign On PageThe myUNT Sign On page has been simplified. You will log in using your current EUID andpassword, there is no need to reset your password. However, it is very important you clearyour browser cache the first time you log in after the upgrade is completed Find assistanceclearing your cache in our Clear Browsing Cache document at http://www.unt.edu/myunt orby searching your browser’s instructions for clearing cache.The first time you log into myUNT after the upgrade (estimated completion date9/23/2019) you MUST clear your cache to ensure optimal system performance.P a g e 1 12

Enrollment TileYour enrollment tile is where you can access everything you needto add, drop, swap and update course registration. Specifically,you will find your current class schedule, the class search, VisualSchedule Builder link to search for classes, enroll, your shoppingcart, drop and swap, and Enrollment dates available for you.Finally, you will find the searchable catalog and class scheduleunder this tile. The following guide will walk you through Add,Drop, Swap, and Update.Please be sure to check under the Tasks tile for any holds that you may have thatmay prevent enrollment so that you can address those before attempting to enrollin classes, and also check the Tasks To Do items for any Registration relatedtasks that need to be done prior to enrolling.Mandatory Courses: If you are not TSI complete you may have mandatory courses that youmust enroll in before enrolling in any other classes. You can check this from the Advising tileand View your Mandatory Courses status (You can also view your TSI status from theAdvising Tile). If you are enrolled in a mandatory course you will not be allowed to drop themandatory course but you will be able to swap into another open section.P a g e 2 12

Class Search and Enroll - Adding Classes1To add a class, select Class Search andEnrollMobile Navigation: the left handnavigation menu on a mobile device will berepresented by a blue box with two verticalwhite lines. Click this icon and you will seethe left navigation menu. Or you may see ablue arrow at the top left depending onyour device and browser2Your active terms will display, select theterm for which you would like to register.P a g e 3 12

3Once you select a term, you will be broughtto a page where you can Search forClasses. You can search in several ways.a. Enter in the desired class in theSearch for Classes field.This will return a list of searchresults. You can scroll through theresults and/or filter the search moreusing the options (like meetingdays) on the left hand side.4b. Click the Additional ways to searchlink that will give you options tosearch available subjects, catalognumber, and instructor last name.This will return a list of searchresults, which you can filter usingthe options to the left.P a g e 4 12

5c. You may also see classes saved inFavorites or Recently Searched.Mandatory courses::If you havemandatory courses that you mustbe enrolled in you will also seethose classes listed.6Once you select the class to which youwould like to register, click on the sectionand you will be taken to the registrationsteps.Step 1 - Review Class Section. To reviewthe full class information including themeeting information, enrollmentrequirements and notes, class details, andnumber of students enrolled click on thelinked class number.7If you have an advising requirement holdon enrollment, then your step 1 willindicate Enter Advising Code and willhave a box for you to enter the four-digitcode that has been provided for you byyour advisor. Enter that code and hitaccept to proceed to the Review of theclass selection.Once a valid code has been entered andAccepted the advising requirement holdwill be automatically removed.P a g e 5 12

8Step 2 – Review Class Preferences.ENTER A PERMISSION NUMBER ONLYIF YOU WERE GIVEN ONE BY YOURADVISOR OR ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT.Not all classes require a permissionnumber so if it is not required for yourselected class just click Accept to continue.Click the Accept button in the upper rightof your screen or the Review andSubmit option on the left navigation.9Step 3: If it is during your registrationappointment time you will be asked if youwant to Enroll in the class or if you want toadd the class to your Shopping Cart. If itis not your time to register you can stilladd classes to your Shopping Cart.Please Note: If you add the class to yourshopping cart, you are simply saving theclass to add it later. Your seat is notsaved and the class can continue to fill.10 Step 4 - Once you have reviewed theclass information, click the Submit buttonand answer Yes you are sure you want tosubmit?11 You will be asked if you are sure, if youclick Yes you will be taken to a screen thatwill indicate that you have added your classto your shopping cart OR if you have beenregistered for the class if you chose Enroll.Please note - by adding the class to yourshopping cart, you are simply saving theclass to actually enroll later. Your seat isnot saved and the class can continue to fill.P a g e 6 12

Enrolling from the Shopping Cart12To enroll in classes that have beenadded to your Shopping Cart, selectthe Shopping Cart on the left handnavigation.You will be taken to a list of theclasses you have added to yourshopping cart.You may change class preferences,like the number of credits on avariable credit class, by clicking thelink to the far right.Note: You can use the Validatebutton to verify your eligibility toenroll in your selected classes andlook for errors prior to attemptingto Enroll.3If you do not have the button toenroll or validate, please verify thatit is a valid time for you to beallowed to register by clickingEnrollment Dates from the menu onthe left.Click the check mark to the left of theclass. Mark the class(es) to whichyou would like to enroll.Then click Enroll.P a g e 7 12

4You will be asked if you are sure, ifyou click Yes you will be taken to ascreen that will indicate if you havebeen successfully registered for yourclass(es).If you are unable to register for aclass for any number of reasonsincluding time conflicts, registrationperiods passing, not meetingrequirements, and more - you willsee a detailed message indicatingwhy you were not enrolled in thecourse.Address the reason and you canreturn to myUNT and try to enroll inthe course again.P a g e 8 12

Dropping Classes1To drop one or more classes, select theDrop Classes option in the left handnavigation. (Please note: you cannot dropyour last class or all of your classes online.More information on dropping classes canbe found ons#Registration5)Mobile Navigation: the left handnavigation menu on a mobile device will berepresented by a blue box with two verticalwhite lines. Click this icon and you will seethe left navigation menu.2Terms in which you are registered willdisplay, select the term in which you wouldlike to drop a class.Once you select the term, you will beshown a list of all the courses you arecurrently enrolled in for that term.Click the checkbox next to the class(es)you would like to drop.Click the Next button in the upper right ofyour screen or the Review and Submitoption on the left navigation.P a g e 9 12

4Click Drop Classes.5You will be asked to confirm. If you areready to drop, click Yes. Once the class isdropped, you will see a messageconfirming the class has been dropped.Mandatory Classes: You will not beallowed to drop a mandatory course butyou can Swap it with another section.Swapping ClassesWhen you swap a class, you will be simultaneously Dropped from one class and Addedanother. By doing this transaction as a Swap, the system will not Drop you from the selectedclass, unless the Add will also be successful. If the system finds that you cannot successfullyDrop the selected class and Add the selected class, then neither part of the transaction will beperformed.1To drop Swap classes, select the SwapClasses option on the left navigation menu.Mobile Navigation: the left handnavigation menu on a mobile device will berepresented by a blue box with two verticalwhite lines. Click this icon and you will seethe left navigation menu.2Terms in which you are registered willdisplay, select the term in which you wouldlike to swap a class.P a g e 10 12

3Once you select a term, you will be broughtto a page where you will set up the Swapprocess.Step 1 - select the class that you wish toswap from the Swap This Class dropdownmenu.Step 2 - identify the class you swap into byeither:a. Searching for classesb. Selecting a class from the ShoppingCartc. Entering a Class Number4Once you select a class, you will be able toReview Class Selection.5Next, Confirm Class Swap and clickSubmit.6You will be asked to confirm. If you areready to swap, click Yes. Once the classesare swapped, you will see a messageconfirming the class has been added toyour schedule.Update ClassesThe update class option allow you to change the preferences on the classes in which you areenrolled. You will use the update option to change the selection of units if the class is a variableunit class or change a lab or discussion section associated with a lecture you are registered in.P a g e 11 12

Reviewing Enrollment TransactionsOnce you have finished your enrollment transactions; add, drop, swap, or update, you will seeall of the changes reflected in your Class Schedule which can be viewed by clicking View MyClasses.In addition, you will likely want to review any tuition and fee changes on your account. To do so,return to the Student Homepage and select the My Account tile.P a g e 12 12

Enrolling from the Shopping Cart 1 To enroll in classes that have been added to your Shopping Cart, select the Shopping Cart on the left hand navigation. 2 You will be taken to a list of the classes you have added to your shopping cart. You may change class preferences, like the number of credits on a variable credit class, by clicking the

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