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R & PL Series1.5–35 HP Oil-Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressors A utomotive D ry Cleaning S ervice Fleets I ndustrial R efineries

2Champion Reciprocating Compressors The Value LeadersAt Champion, air compressor systems are ouronly products. We know and understand theapplication of our products in many differentoperating environments. Our goal is to provideyou with the compressors that fulfill — and exceed— your expectations and requirements.Because compressed air is an essential utility,dependability is an essential compressor quality.If your compressor goes down, it can hurt yourreputation — and your bottom line. Championreciprocating compressors are proven units,known for their reliability over decades of use. Inaddition to dependability, you want a compressorthat is user-friendly. Champion comes throughagain, with a wide selection of configurations andoptions designed for trouble-free operation.You can’t beat a Champion!Proven Design.Today’s Champion Reciprocating Compressorsare the product of decades of design anddevelopment.Proven Dependability.You rely on compressed air to perform many tasksefficiently. Champion knows that reliability isone of the main reasons for a purchase. Our slowspeed, built-in efficiency through design and thelongest compressor warranty in the industry makeChampion compressors the proven choice!High Performance.R- and PL-Series compressors are loaded withfeatures designed for day-in, day-out performance.For example, Champion’s unique automotivetype domed piston design allows the use oflarge diameter, low lift valves, while minimizingclearance volume for maximum air delivery.Long Life.Features such as slow speed operation, ruggedcast iron crankcase construction, corrosionresistant steel valves and tapered roller-type mainbearings all contribute to long life.User-friendly Design.A wide selection of configurations and availableoptions, coupled with serviceability featuresmake it easy to operate and maintain a Championcompressor. Compare all the features on thepages that follow. You’ll discover why Championis the value leader in reciprocating compressorsfor a broad range of automotive and industrialapplications.

3The Solution to Your ApplicationSelect the configuration thatmatches your application.With many models from which to choose in bothsingle-stage and two-stage, we can match yourneeds exactly. These configurations, combinedwith a wide choice of options, provide all thecomponents for a customized installation. They areavailable in both R-Series splash-lubricated andPL-Series pressure-lubricated models.Tank-mounted Air CompressorsAvailable with horizontal or space-saving verticaltanks, two-stage air compressors compress air to ahigher pressure than single stage compressors.Base-mounted Air CompressorsDesigned for installations where air tanks areremotely located.Duplex Air CompressorsFor extra air delivery when you need it withoutwasted space. Plus the flexibility of singleoperation, alternating between compressors, orduplex operation to meet high air demand.Gasoline or Diesel Engine PoweredAir CompressorsTruck and utility bed mounting design makesthese compressors ideal for fleet and field service.Ideal for applications where electricity is notavailable.Bare Compressor PumpsProvide dependable service for industrialapplications, pump replacement or OEMapplications. The rugged pump design assuresreliability and long maintenance intervals.ReceiversReceivers are ASME approved and include apressure gauge, pressure relief valve, drain valveand service valve.

4Splash-Lubricated R-SeriesLoaded with rugged features, the R-Seriessplash-lubricated compressors deliver highperformance, long life and tremendous value.1 Multi-finned cylindersCooler operating temperatures result inlonger life and consistent performanceover time.242 Integral cylinder/headGasketless design eliminates the possibilityof blown head gaskets for trouble-freeoperation.3 Balanced pistonsAluminum alloy first-stage piston is weightmatched to the cast iron second-stage piston,ensuring proper balance.1398561071311124 Piston ringsTwo compression rings and one oil controlring provide excellent oil control, and highefficiency air delivery.5 Lightweight connecting rodsHigh-density, die-cast aluminum alloy rodsminimize reciprocating weight. An integral,precision-bored crankpin bearing and aneedle bearing for the piston pin properlydistribute bearing loads for longer bearing lifethan bushings.9 Reliable, high-flow valvesSingle-unit, disc-type valves provide low lift and long life. Discs aremade of corrosion resistant Swedish steel. Valves are easily serviced byremoving the manifolds only.10 Oversized main bearingsTapered roller-type main bearings provide full contact and support ofthe crankshaft plus delivers the longest possible life.6 Pressure relief valves11 Balanced crankshaftLocated in interstage and discharge.Constructed of rugged ductile iron with large diameter throws forminimum bearing loads and counterweights to minimize vibration.7 IntercoolersLarge-diameter finned tubing is positionedto obtain the greatest cooling effect betweenstages for maximum compressor efficiency.12 Large capacity crankcaseRugged cast iron oil reservoir has convenient sight gauge glass, corneroil fill boss and large oil drain.8 Optimized cooling fan/flywheel13 Loadless startingPrecision balanced flywheel has fan blades foroptimum compressor cooling and life.Positive acting, governor-type centrifugal unloader assures longermotor life by allowing the compressor to start unloaded every time.

6Quality AccessoriesMany options are available to help you developa Champion compressor package that exactlymatches your specific operating requirements.1 Magnetic starter(included as standard on most models)For thermal overload protection, a starter isrequired for units 3 HP and up. May be mountedor unmounted.2 Air-cooled or water-cooledaftercoolerThe factory mounted, heavy duty, air-cooledaftercooler effectively reduces up to 65% of themoisture from discharged compressed air.3 Automatic tank drainPneumatic drain operates from a centrifugalunloader.4 Vibration isolatorsIsolates the compressor unit from the foundationor floor. Reduces noise and protects the unit fromany out-of-level floor situation that could causevibration and damage.5 Low oil level monitorLow Oil Level Monitor shuts down the unit whenoil levels are below an adequate level. Preventsthe unit from restarting if oil levels are not at anadequate level.

76 Refrigerated air dryerCools compressed air to a 33º–39º dew point,eliminating additional downstream condensationin the air line. Normally, a dryer should be used inconjunction with an aftercooler. Refrigerated anddesiccant dryer types are available.7 DPR Control PanelThe Microprocessed Duplex Relay Panel wascreated for controlling a duplex air compressorpackage. The controller includes visualmaintenance and shut down alarms.8 Champion Compressor LubricantsChampLub lubricants are blended specificallyfor Champion compressors for use in harshcompressor environments. They are sourced fromextremely stable base stocks and enhanced withcarefully selected additive packages to providelong life and superior protection. ChampLublubricants are suitable for a variety of applicationsand are available as a mineral oil, synthetic or foodgrade synthetic.Available in 55-gallon drums, five-gallon pails, onegallon bottles and one-quart bottles.Other Options ower Monitor that shuts down unit in the eventPof single phasing, low voltage or phase reversal onstant Speed Control which prevents excesCsive motor start/stop cycles while saving energy ual Control will allow the compressor to runDeither in start/stop or constant speed mode NEMA 4 rated parts available lternate voltages and TEFC, ODPHE, TEFCHEAElectric Motors

The Champion Assembled Unit WarrantiesCompressor PumpWarrantyEach new Champion Assembled Unithas a five (5) year warranty on thecompressor pump only, against defectsin materials or workmanship undernormal use and service, from the date ofinstallation or sixty-six (66) months fromthe date of shipment by Champion or aChampion distributor, whichever mayoccur first.The five-year extended warranty coversparts and labor and is prorated over thefive years as follows:Year One — 100% coverageYear Two — 90% coverageYear Three — 80% coverageYear Four — 70% coverageYear Five — 60% coverageHead valves are warranted for Year Oneonly. Champion makes no warrantyon components and/or accessoriesfurnished to Champion by third parties,such as electric motors, gasoline enginesand controls. These are warrantedonly to the extent of the originalmanufacturer’s warranty to Champion.Electric motors must be equipped withthermal overload protection to havewarranty consideration.Limited Warranty5 Year Electric MotorWarranty shall not apply to anyequipment which has been subjected tomisuse, neglect or accident, nor shall itapply to any equipment that has beenrepaired or altered by any person(s) notauthorized by Champion. Failure causedby lack of proper maintenance is notcovered by warranty.Electric motor is warranted for 60months from start-up or 63 months fromshipment. Other manufacturer’s motorsfurnished due to customer request orspecial requirements carry the motormanufacturer’s warranty.In no event shall Champion be liablefor consequential damages orcontingent liabilities arising out offailure of any compressor or part tooperate properly. When a compressorpump or component is changed orreplaced during the warranty period,the new/replaced item(s) is warrantedfor only the remainder of the originalwarranty period. Complete warrantydetails are included in compressoroperating manual.Package WarrantyChampion warrants each new aircompressor package to be free fromdefects in material and workmanshipunder normal use and service for aperiod of one year (12 months) from thedate of installation or 15 months fromthe date of shipment by Champion.The extended five-year warranty willapply to ASME air receivers if they areinstalled on rubber vibro isolator pads orapproved equivalent.1301 North Euclid AvenuePrinceton, Illinois 61356 USAPhone 888/436-5499Fax 815/872-0421E-mail: c.com 2010 Gardner Denver, Inc.Printed in U.S.A.CR-RPL-100 5th Ed. 3/10Due to Champion’s continuing product development program,specifications and materials are subject to change withoutnotice or obligation.Please recycle after use.Member8ACCREDITED

higher pressure than single stage compressors. Base-mounted Air Compressors Designed for installations where air tanks are remotely located. Duplex Air Compressors For extra air delivery when you need it without wasted space. Plus the flexibility of single operation, alternating between compressors, or duplex operation to meet high air demand.

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