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SUMMARYThis study is aiming to; Measure the coffee shop marketsize in Kuwait.Evaluate the market shares for thecoffee shops competitors inKuwait.Find out the ability of thecompetitors to work at highefficient.Indicate the kind of customers foreach coffee shops brand name.

INTRODUCTIONThere are many companies in Kuwaitwere compete together in the coffee shopbusiness, to maximize their benefits andrevenues. In Kuwait there are more than150 branches of the famous and globalcoffee shops, such as Starbucks, Caribou,The coffee bean, Second cup, Costa,Columbus Café and Coffee Republic –where distributed in different districts,places, business segment etc.Customers are preferring to visit theircoffee shops during the whole workingdays, and especially in the night period (after 7 PM). Most of the coffee shopscustomer are Male, with 64% of the totalmarket.

MARKET SIZEAs per the results of this study, there arealmost 463,000 customers in Kuwait for thecoffee shops market. This number iscovering about 12.1% of the total populationin Kuwait.COFFEE SHOP’S PLACESAround 55% of the total COSTA coffee shopsin Kuwait are located in the Mall segment, asit shown below. This is giving someindication and direction about the type ofcustomer which are targeted by COSTAcoffee shops management in Kuwait.COSTA Places in KuwaitMalls55%

COFFEE SHOPS IN DISTRICTSThe State of Kuwait is divided into sixdistricts, and one of them is called theCapital, where most of the governmentministries and centers were located.Additionally, most of its residential is theKuwait’s people.As it shown below, the Second cup coffeeshops in Kuwait has almost 13% of the totalcoffee shops in that district.Coffee shops in Kuwait CapitalDistrictTYPE OF CUSTOMERSIn this project, customers were divided intosuch segments - as per there commonrequirement. Then, as it is illustrated below,43% of the total Coffee Republic’s customersare the young people ( 35 age).SECONDCUP13%COFFEE REPUBLIC's customersYoung43%

LADIES AND COFFEE SHOPSMost of ladies in Kuwait are preferring theCaribou Coffee shop brand than others by25%. See the below figureBUSINESS SEGMENTKuwait's Ladies with the coffeeshopsCaribou25%In this project, the market is also divided intomany segment such as Malls, Super market,Private companies, Universities and Schools etc. Then, as it shown below, around 17.7%of the total customers in private companiesare choosing The coffee bean coffee shops.The Coffee bean and the businesssegmentTheCoffeebean18%

MARKET SHAREStarbucks brand name is one of the famouscoffee shops in Kuwait, and its market sharewas calculated to be almost 60.8% of thetotal market.Market share for Starbucks CoffeeshopsStarbucks61%EFFICIENCY FACTOREfficiency factor is calculated by divide thenumber of customers – of each company- bythe number of branches in Kuwait. As itshown below, the Columbus coffee shops inKuwait has around 450 customer per eachbranch per day.Efficency factor for COLUMBUSCafe'8006004002000 965 600 EXCPR (39277)P.O. Box, 3378 Meshref 40183 KuEXCPR CO.STUDY – CONSULTANCY – BUSINESS 965 600 excpr (39277)P.O. Box, 3378 Meshref 40283 Kuwait

COFFEE SHOPS IN KUWAIT STUDY & BUSINESS SURVEY PROJECT Feb. 2012, Kuwait . SUMMARY T his study is aiming to; Measure the coffee shop market . Market share for Starbucks Coffee shops 0 200 400 600 800 Efficency factor for COLUMBUS Cafe' P.O 965 600 excpr (39277) P.O. Box, 3378 Meshref 40283 Kuwait

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