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ISO 9001ISO 13485Advanced technology with the expertiseto deliver stainless steel exactly as you want it.Page 1

"Never doubt that a small group ofthoughtful, committed people canchange the world. Indeed, it is theonly thing that ever has."Margaret Meade, AnthropologistEagle Stainless' vision of being a world-class supplierof medical, aerospace, and high tech componentparts is being achieved today. Eagle does business inall parts of the world such as Ireland, Israel, Australiaand other European countries. We are expandingour customer base daily in these countries andexpect in the future to have Eagle Stainless Tube &Fabrication be as familiar all over the world as it isin the United States. – Robert J. Bubencik, Sr., ChairmanWORKING FOR YOUExpect a lot from usMission StatementEagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc., is committed to each and everycustomer to provide the ultimate in quality, service and performance. Every itemCatalog Indexfurnished by Eagle Stainless that comes in contact with another human being, willEagle's Products and Services. . . . 4 - 16the highest regard for human life.reflect the care and meticulousness of the Eagle Stainless employees, who haveAluminum tubing . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22, 23Bar Stock. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26Cut to Length Tubing . . . . . . . . . . . . 6, 7Fractional Tubing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20, 21Hypodermic Tubing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Laboratory Sample Kits. . . . . . . . . . . . 18Metric Tubing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Seamless & Welded Pipe. . . . . . . . 18, 19Square / Rectangular Tubing . . . . . . . 18Pipe, stainless steel. . . . . . . . . . . . 24, 25Welded & Seamless Tubing. . . . . . . . . 17Wire, stainless steel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27Eagle's Reference Guide. . . . . . . 28 - 35Page 2Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038Quality Policy“Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc. will provide to its customers productsand services that demonstrate quality, reliability of product, dependability ofservice, and on-time delivery. To fulfill our mission and policy, we will utilize asystematic approach to quality assurance and management. The processes usedto support customer satisfaction and business performance will continuously bemonitored and improved to achieve Performance Excellence”.The key to our success is the development of relationships with our suppliers and customers that emphasize continuous improvement, customer satisfactionand performance excellence.Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Page 3

Eagle stocks both seamless and weldedstainless steel tubing for a variety of applications requiring strength, corrosionresistance and/or heat resistance. Typicalend uses include mechanical applications,aerospace , heat exchangers, condensers,medical and instrumentation.Stainless STEELTUBING* Note: The allowances in this table arenominal allowances which have beensatisfactorily used for many applications butare not necessarily adequate for all tubularproducts and methods of machining. Forexample, when magnetic particle inspectionor aircraft quality requirements are involved,greater allowances than those shown in theforegoing table should be used.Table 1-1Clean up or Machining Allowancesfor Round Tubing*For Machined Parts Size,Outside Diameter, InchesLess than 3/323/32 3/163/16 1/21/2 1-1/21-1/2 33 5-1/25-1/2 8Machining Allowanceson Diameter, 0.080Seamless Stainless Steel TubingSeamless stainless steel tube is produced by first having molten stainless steel formed into a billet. The billet is thenextruded and turned into a tube hollow. The tube hollow will now go through several cold drawing reductions andannealing steps until the tube reaches its final dimensions and mechanical properties.Eagle’s seamless stainless tube is ordered to specifications that make the product versatile for general usage andcapable of ready certification to more stringent requirements. Standard seamless tube sizes are typically certified toASTM-A269/A213 (average wall) which ensure that the tubing meets the required mechanical property testing such astensile, yield and elongation. Clean up or machining allowances for round tubing are shown in table 1-1.Welded Stainless Steel TubingWelded stainless steel tubing is produced by having flat stainless strip roll formed and welded. The welding may bedone by using either TIG or Laser welding process. Welded tube can be produced in various forms: As Welded (weldedto size), Welded and Sunk Drawn (drawn with no ID mandrel) or Drawn over Mandrel (DOM). The welded and drawntubes (both Sunk and DOM) then go through cold reduction passes similar to the seamless tube until the tube reachesits final dimensions and desired mechanical properties.Eagle’s welded stainless tube is ordered to specifications that make the product versatile for general usage and capableof ready certification to more stringent requirements. Standard welded tube sizes are typically certified to ASTM-A269/A249 (average wall) which ensure that the tubing meets the required mechanical property testing such as tensile, yieldand elongation. Clean up or machining allowances for round tubing are shown in table 1-1Hypodermic TubingHypodermic Tube – Eagle stocks both T304 & T316 alloy tubing in a variety of gauge sizes from 3 STD to 33 STD. The hypodermictube is typically a welded tube purchased to OD & ID requirements (see chart page 18) and is in the Full Hard Temper condition.T304 material is stocked to an ASTM-A908 specification.To order stainless and other tubing please see pages 17 – 27PagePage4 4Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Page 5

Eagle Stainless is a leading supplier of ultra high precision,cut-to-length, stainless steel tubing and bar for medical,electronic, semi-conductor, industrial and aerospaceapplications. Our manufacturing facilities enable us to cutand deburr any diameter tubing in quantities from a singlepiece to millions. . . and from lengths of .040" and longerwith standard tolerances of .005. If you need even closertolerances, talk to us. We have the desire and the capabilityto do what other suppliers can't!precision Tubingcut–to–lengthOrdering Your TubingTubing is generally ordered to outside diameter andwall thickness, and is inventoried as Eagle ServiceCenter Stock. Although tubing has three dimensions(O.D., I.D. and wall thickness) only two may be specifiedwith tolerances; the third is theoretical. If insidediameter is the more important dimension for you,tubing can be specially produced by our mill to I.D.and wall, or to O.D. and I.D. dimensions. Tolerancesin any tube are applicable only to two cross-sectionaldimensions. Thus, if outside diameter and wallthickness are specified, the inside diameter may notnecessarily conform to published tolerances.World ClassBurr-Free Cutting Burr-Free Production No Work Hardening No ReCast Faster than EDMGrades of Stainless SteelGrades are important depending on your application.One grade may be better than others for certain environments and uses (see pages 20 - 21).Get Tubing Cut to Exact LengthsEagle StainlessStandard Cutting TolerancesOutside Diameter 0.008" - 0.019"OAL .040" - 6"6" - 18"18" - 36"36" - 80"TOL .010 .030 .060 1"Outside Diameter 0.020" - 0.755"OAL .040" - 6"6" - 18"18" - 36"36" - 80"TOL .005 .010 .030 1"Outside Diameter 0.756" - 2"OAL .750" - 6"6" - 18"18" - 36"36" - 80"TOL .010 .030 .060 1"Finish of TubingMost stainless tubes are produced with a brightsilvery finish, although in some cases a “pickled”or dull pewter finish is produced. Most of EagleStainless finishes are of the “Bright” variety. It isalways suggested to specify the expected finish.Our facilities enable us to cut and deburr any diametertubing in quantities from 1 piece to 100,000 pieces ormore. . . from lengths of 0.040” and longer. See thetable at the right for standard cut to length tolerances.Closer tolerances are certainly possible. Talk to us!All cut-to-length materials are certified to applicable specificationsPage 6Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Page 7

MACHININGCombining all manufacturing disciplines,EAGLE has become the GO TO Supplierfor Custom Fabricated ComponentsLASER and EDMWIRE EDM and LASER MACHININGAt Eagle Stainless, we're proud to offer a comprehensive suite of wire Electrical DischargeMachining (EDM) and Laser Machining Services. This advanced capability provides a closetolerance, high precision process for creating simple or extremely complex shapes andpatterns. CNC controlled cutting patterns can be completed quickly on a wide rangeof stainless steel alloys, while maintaining a low Ra surface roughness. While standardroughness of approximately 60 Ra is typical, a lower roughness of 16 Ra is possible,allowing us to offer our valued customers a truly customized product.Laser Machining (above)Eagle's bank of laser machining equipment enables extremely close-tolerance cutting,notching, etching and welding operations for a variety of applications.Wire EDM Machining (left)The most important advantage of wire EDM is that the process can provide high dimensional accuracy for close fitting parts. The process can make sharp inside corners. EDM cancut material thicknesses from only a few thousandths of an inch to several inches. Customtooling is generally not needed. No matter your unique specifications of pattern, shape,or application, Eagle Stainless has the wire EDM equipment, experience, and expertise toprovide a quick, precise solution.Page 8Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Page 9

MachiningEAGLE is capable of providing closetolerance components made fromBrass, Aluminum, titanium, nickel andnickel based alloys, as well as stainless.If you can dream it, we can make it!CNC hasLASER toolsEagle Eye Qualityfollows your job along through theentire manufacturing cycle to insurethat your finished product meets orexceeds your expectations.Precision-machined parts fresh from a cutting oilbath in one of the Eagle CNC machining centers.Lasercutting toolSpecializing in CNC machining of parts havingdiameters ranging from .062" to 2", Eagle Stainlessoperates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.The company is capable of providing close tolerance components made from Brass, Aluminum,titanium, nickel and nickel based alloys, as well asstainless. Small parts can be manufactured to tolerances within .0005".Experienced toolmakers will developthe intricate form tools required foryour most demanding requirements.Page 10Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Page 11

High precision, bending machine in operation at Eagle.Eagle is a specialist for precision bending and coiling ofstainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials.Eagle provides precision bent components for use insurgical devices, heat exchangers, instrumentationand handling equipment. Sizes range from .032" to1" diameters in a variety of wall thicknesses, withminimal radius and wall thinning requirements.bendingcoilingEagle can bend a varietyof tubing materials toyour exact specifications:from simple to extremelycomplex shapes.BendingThe ability to bend tubes without excessive distortion, wrinkling or fracturing isan art born of experience. Eagle’s skilledcraftsmen working with state-of-theart machinery supply uniformly smoothbends – meeting the tightest customerspecifications and assuring satisfactoryperformance.Machining a custom-engineeredbending die in the Eagle tool room.CoilingFor over three decades Eagle Stainless hasbeen delivering some of the most intricately coiled stainless steel tubes imaginable. Working on diameters ranging from.032" to 1.00" we're ready to meet theneeds of your most demanding customtubing application.All tooling is engineered andmanufactured in-house. Sample partsshow the wide range in size capability.Shown at the left is one of the highprecision, bending machines currently inoperation at Eagle.Adjustments being made to a heatexchanger part after coiling operation.Page 12Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Page 13

Since 1982 Eagle Stainless has been delivering somePictured at the right is a robot end-forming operation.of the most intricately formed stainless steel partsCombining all manufacturing disciplines, EAGLE hasimaginable. Now Eagle has added custom drawnbecome the GO TO Supplier for Custom Fabricatedtubing to the products we offer. Eagle can drawComponents.stainless and most any other malleable metalson the market. Size ranges from .040” to 1” andlengths up to 24 feet.DRAWN SHAPESend-formingCustom Shaped Tubingtube end forming servicesEagle will produce tubing in virtually anyshape you require.Eagle is proud to offer precision tube end forming services,customized to nearly any unique specification. Flaring and endreduction of tubing is an everyday precision process at Eagle.We've worked to perfect our processes, developing special toolsand procedures to ensure repeatability for proper mating of flareand end reduction tubes. Round Oval Square Triangular Rectangular Hexagonal and more!Eagle can draw stainless, titanium, copper andmost other malleable metals in a size range from.040” to 1” and lengths up to 24 feet. Choose the size you needEagle manufactures both seamless and weldedtubing in a range of diameter from .040" through 1". Choose your alloyEagle can meet your exact specifications in anyof the following alloys: Stainless Steel Alloys Nickel Alloys 200, 400, 600, 625, 800 Closed End TubesClosed end tubes are spun closed and welded shut in variousend configurations: round, flat or pointed. All tubes are testedto insure there is no porosity or leakage. Flaring, Bulging & End ReductionsEnd forming of tubing is an everyday precision process atEagle. Special tools and procedures have been developed toinsure repeatability for proper mating of flared, bulged andend-reduced tubes.FlaringBulging X750 as well as CopperEnd reductionPagePage14 14Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Page 15

PRECISIONEagle Stainless has become the go-to supplierfor some of the most unique stainless steelassemblies imaginable. We stand ready tomeet your most challenging product designs.assembly AssemblyCustom tube drawing and assembly of multiple parts to achieve a single componentcan be accomplished by various methods such as welding, threading, epoxy, etc.Eagle works to exact customer specifications, as well as the recommendations of ourengineering experts, to achieve the lowest costs and the highest quality. Welding & BrazingWelding, brazing or soldering of standard or custom made components to customerdrawings or specifications are performed on state-of-the-art equipment includingcomputer-controlled, laser machining centers as shown at the left.Above note typical examples of laser welding, cutting and marking. (Please see page9 for other examples of laser machining.)What do you need?Eagle can do it all: Bending/Coiling Flaring/flanging EDM (ram type) CNC screw machine Sand/Grit blasting Bulging Notching/slotting Assembly Re-drawing End forming Swaging Centerless grinding Welding/brazing Laser welding Laser cutting Laser notching Laser etching Electropolishing Passivation Corsetting General machining Drilling/reaming De-burring Honing Bevel cutting Chamfering Knurling Threading Annealing Radius end closures Spherical, pointed or flat end closuresPage 16Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038 PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING/BONDINGEagle is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of plastic injection and insertmolding and bonding services from design concept to finished molded productsand components for our clients wide range of industries.We provide full service plastic injection molding of all thermoplastic materialsincluding Acrylic, ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, manyengineered plastics, plus others such as PEEK, PTFE, FEP, PFA, and TPE.Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Page 17

Metric Stainless Steel Tubing T304 Alloy 600 T316 T321 Alloy 400 T347Hypodermic TubingSelection GuideThe tubing below is available in standard 10 foot lengths. Eagle can cut your order to shorter lengths as required. Full hard #3 temper T304 T316GaugeSizeO.D. Range Nominal(Inches)Wall (In.)I.D. Range(Inches)GaugeSizeO.D. Range Nominal(Inches)Wall (In.)3 STD4 STD5 STD5 TW6 STD6TW6V7 STD7TW7V8 STD8TW8XTW8V9 STD9TW9XTW9V10 STD10 TW10XTW10 V11 STD11 TW11XTW11 V12 STD12 TW12 XTW12 /.096.083/.087.089/.093.098/.102.080/.08313 STD13TW13 XTW14 STD14 SP14 TW14 XTW14 V15 STD15 TW15 XTW15 V16 STD16 TW16XTW16 V17 STD17 TW17 XTW17 V18 STD18 SP18 TW18 V19 STD19 TW19 XTW19 V20 STD20 Special sizes available on 04.0065.0075.005.0035.006.006.005I.D. 245.025/.027GaugeSizeO.D. Range Nominal(Inches)Wall (In.)20XTW20V20STD21 TW21XTW21 V22 STD22 TW22 XTW22 V23 STD23 TW23 XTW23V24 STD24XTW24V25 STD25 TW25XTW25V26 STD27 STD27 TW27 SP28 STD29 STD30 STD30TW31 STD32 STD33 5.002I.D. /.008.0045/.006.0035/.005.0035/.005Page 18Theor WeightI.D. Per Ft O.D.WallTheor WeightI.D.Per FtO.D.WallTheorI.D.WeightPer Ft1 mm(.040")2 mm(.080")3 mm(.118")4 mm(.158")5 mm(.197")6 mm(.236")6 mm(.236").5 mm(.020")1.5 mm(.060")1.7 mm(.068").3 mm(.118")4 mm(.157")5 mm(.236")4 mm(.156")5 mm(.196")6 mm(.235")7 mm(.274")9 mm(.354")8 mm(.314")9.3 mm(.368")10.1 mm(.402")13 mm(.512")14 mm(.551")15 mm(.591")16 mm(.630")17 mm(.669")18 mm(.709")19 mm(.749")11 mm(.432")11.7 mm(.463")12.5 mm(.493")13.4 mm(.527")14.7 mm(.577")15.8 mm(.620")16.5 mm(.651").202.25 mm(.010").25 mm(.010").64 mm(.025").5 mm(.020").5 mm(.020").5 mm(.020")1 mm(.040").0027 mm(.276")8 mm(.315")9 mm(.354")10 mm(.394")10 mm(.394")11 mm(.433")12 mm(.472"). mm(.040"). 1mm(.040")1 mm(.040").5 mm(.020")1 mm(.040").8 mm(.032").9 mm(.035"). Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc. 10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038.238.284.304.306.319.366Theor WeightI.D.Per Ft20 mm(.787")21 mm(.827")22 mm(.866")23 mm(.906")24 mm(.945")25 mm(.984")26 mm(1.024")18 mm(.707")19 mm(.747")19.6 mm(.777")21 mm(.834")22 mm(.870")23 mm(.902")23.4 mm(.920")1 mm(.040")1 mm(.040")1.2 mm(.045")1 mm(.036")1 mm(.038")1 mm(.041")1.3 on Guide – Square & RectangularEagle can re-draw standard tubing to provide you with the exact shapeto meet your application requirements. Standard lengths are 10 to 12 feet.Standard Tubing Square / Rectangular Sizing 2501.50033333333333333333333.12590 pieces of 40" long hypodermic tubing in a full rangeof sizes from 6 Gauge to 33 Gauge – all with a varietyof wall thicknesses. A handy reorder form is included forordering production quantities of required sizes with 24hour delivery.1 mm(.040")1 mm(.040")1.2 mm(.049")1.2 mm(.049")1.2 mm(.046")1.2 mm(.045")1.2 mm(.049")O.D.WallNote: special metric sizes available upon requestAvailable with Wall Thicknesses ofLab Sample KitHere is a helpful kit featuring a large assortment ofT304 series stainless steel hypodermic tubing wellsuited for test, evaluation and prototyping by designers and laboratory personnel. Filling the need forcustomers who want to experiment with a variety ofsizes before placing production orders, the kit featuresO.D.Wall.187.250.313.375.437Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038.035"1.5003333Page 19

Fractional Stainless SteelTubing Selection GuideFractionalStainless Steel TubingSelection Guide T304 Alloy 600 T316 T321 Alloy 400 T347 T304 randomAlloylengths.600 Eagle T316T321400 as requiredT347.The tubing below is availablein 20 footcan cut yourorder to Alloyshorter lengthsO.D. WallTheor WeightI.D. Per FtO.D. 6)3/16(.188)7/32(.218)1/4(.250)Page 203/8(.375)7/16(.438)9/16(.562)Theor WeightI.D. Per 74.584O.D. Wall5/8(.625)Theor WeightI.D. Per 0(1.000) .9181.1281.6302.0033/4(.750)O.D. WallTheor WeightI.D. Per Ft1-1/8 .028(1.125) -1/4 .028(1.250) 1.0341.1721.3281.4482.1322.6701-3/8 .035(1.375) .000.875.500.693.9091.6081.7762.3833.0041-1/2 .028(1.500) . .049(1.625) 853.6715.006Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc. 10 Discovery Way Franklin, MA 02038TheorO.D.Wall I.D.WeightPer FtTheor WeightO.D.Wall I.D.Per FtTheor WeightO.D.Wall I.D.Per FtTheor WeightO.D.Wall I.D.Per 625.750.8754.870 3.4264.8344.3594.7606.2544.6249.6624.500 12.6804.25018.5204.000 24.0303.750 29.2003.500 34.0403.250 Phone (800) 528-8650 Fax (800) 520-1954 Franklin, MA 02038Note: Larger sizes areavailable on request.Please consult factory.“P” Designates pipe sizePage 21

Aluminum Tubing – Selection GuideAlloys 2024 3003 5052 6061O.D.O.D.Fraction Decimal Wall I.D.AluminumtubingSelection GuideAlloys 2024 3003 5052 6061O.D.O.D.O.D. O.D.Fraction Decimal Wall I.D. TypeWt/ftFraction Decimal1/8 0.125 0.020 0.085 T6061-T6 0.00781/20.5003/16 0.188 0.028 0.132 T6061-T6 0.01660.035 0.118 T6061-T6 0.01980.035 0.118 T5052-0 0.01970.035 0.118 T2024-T3 0.02031/4 0.250 0.020 0.210 T6061-T6 0.01700.028 0.194 T6061-T6 0.02300.028 0.194 T2024-T3 0.02360.035 0.180 T6061-T6 0.02780.035 0.180 T2024-T3 0.02850.035 0.180 T3003-T14 0.02680.035 0.180 T5052-0 0.02760.049 0.152 T6061-T6 0.03640.049 0.152 T2024-T3 0.03740.058 0.134 T6061-T6 0.04120.065 0.120 T6061-T6 0.04455/16 0.312 0.028 0.256 T6061-T6 0.02940.035 0.242 T6061-T6 0.03590.035 0.242 T2024-T3 0.03680.035 0.242 T5052-0 0.03560.049 0.214 T6061-T6 0.04770.049 0.214 T2024-T3 0.0489 9/160.5623/8 0.375 0.020 0.335 T6061-T6 0.02630.028 0.319 T6061-T6 0.03590.028 0.319 T5052-0 0.03570.035 0.305 T6061-T6 0.0440

To order stainless and other tubing please see pages 17 - 27 Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing Seamless stainless steel tube is produced by first having molten stainless steel formed into a billet. The billet is then extruded and turned into a tube hollow. The tube hollow will now go through several cold drawing reductions and

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.