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Contents.Section 1Executive summary02 Introduction03 Breaking down barriers: Chair’s view04 A new era of tech: CEO’s view06 Market view08 Tech Nation’s performance in numbers10 Tech Nation from startup to scaleup12 Tech Nation in the pandemic14 2020/21 highlights16 Our partner ecosystem18Section 2Helping founders scale in 2020/2120 Accelerate: Programmes21 Inform: Reports25 Engage: Events & Initiatives28 Stories from our founders32Section 3Looking forward44 Digital transformation45 Sustainability46 Looking ahead47Section 4Financial summarytechnation.io511

Introduction.During a year that changed the face of the worldentirely, Tech Nation is both proud and humbled tohave played a vital role in the tech scaleup successstories of 2020/2021.Like the organisations we help, we’re entrepreneurial,fast on our feet and professional. We go out of ourway to spend time with and listen to entrepreneursfrom every walk of life in every part of the UK. Wehave a clear picture of what we’re engaged with:nurturing a tech ecosystem that’ll open doors tocountless opportunities throughout the UK.Section 01ExecutivesummaryThis is our annual report for the financial yearending March 2021. It’s also the story of our - and ourfounders’ - journey through the last 12 months.For clarity, when we mention “scaleup” in this report,we are referring to a tech company that has beengrowing at least 20% year-on-year for the last 3years, with at least 10 employees, and has eitherraised investment or is self-funded.Introduction03Breaking down barriers: Chair’s view04A new era of tech: CEO’s view06Market view08Tech Nation’s performance in numbers10Tech Nation from startup to scaleup12Tech Nation in the pandemic142020/21 highlights16Our partner ecosystem18Tech Nation’s purposeTo fuel the growth ofgame-changing founders,leaders and scaling companiesso they can positively transformsocieties, economies andoutcomes.Tech Nation’s visionA world in which anyone withvision and drive can accessthe skills and support neededto scale and succeed as agame-changing leader.

Chair’s viewStephen KellyChairTech NationBreaking downbarriers.2021 is a pivotal time for us as anorganisation because it is a pivotaltime for the UK.Revolutions don’t just happen, and no two revolutions are thesame. But what all revolutions have is groups of people whobelieve passionately that there are barriers to progress whichneed tearing down.Second, there is a lack of access to capitalfunding outside of London. By being a loudand proud champion of every region in theUK, we hope to change that.Tech Nation believes that we need to dismantle the systemicbarriers in the UK that prevent brilliant people from all walksof life from starting and scaling ‘world class’ tech companies.Our aim is to channel every ounce of our energy into fuellinghypergrowth in the UK’s tech sector.And third, there are barriers to expansionbeyond the UK, most especially in thathistoric graveyard of UK tech companies,the US. We are creating ‘how to’ playbooksshowcasing those who’ve cracked the code.We believe there are three main barriers currentlyholding the UK back.2021 is a pivotal time for us as anorganisation because it is a pivotal timefor the UK. Faced with a world where Covidcontinues to to wreak havoc on the futurewe all once imagined, the role which techplays in how the UK lives, works and playsFirst, there is a lack of access to talent at all levels for techfounders. There are hundreds of thousands of talentedpeople here – we are finding ways to connect them with thefounders who need them.4“Tech Nation Annual Report 20211. Executive”has become bigger and more crucial thanever. We’re on a journey to scale our ownorganisation, to become a bigger fuelpump for frictionless growth in every cornerof the UK, clearing the path for foundersso that there are fewer surprises and moreopportunities.The secret at the heart of Tech Nation isthat ours is not, in the end, a collection ofsuccessful tech startups and scaleups.It’s simpler than that. Ours is a collectionof very human success stories.5

CEO’s view“Tech Nation’s work alone has contributed over 500M tothe UK economy, generating 14 return on every 1invested by the Government over its lifetime thus far.Gerard GrechFounding Chief ExecutiveTech NationWe’re on the cusp of anew era. Let the newwave of talent unfold.We find ourselves in a time of enormous change –one perhaps not seen for over a century. Against thisbackground, Tech Nation’s commitment to helping UKfounders create pioneering, world-class tech businessesis more vital than ever.First, to fuel growth for the whole of the UK, helping to levelup Britain by spreading growth across all regions and cities.Second, to help tech founders outshine rivals on the globalstage, in an arena that is more competitive than ever.While on average 80% of startups collapse within theirfirst two years, a staggering 98% of startups helped byTech Nation have gone on to scale. Indeed, 29% of all UKtech unicorns ever created have graduated from one ofour programmes as well as 31% of future unicorns (soon tobe unicorns, currently valued between 250-800m). In the6Tech Nation Annual Report 20211. Executive summaryprocess, they have hired tens of thousandsof employees, creating work opportunitiesand prosperity in a positive ripple effectacross the UK.Tech Nation’s accelerator growthprogrammes, reports, policy researchand visa programmes provide a pipelineof expertise to founders when they needit most. We bring together tech foundersat the early stages of their businesses,introducing them to networks of seasonedentrepreneurs, and helping them navigatethe highs and the lows of scaling a business.Our Digital Business Academy and coursesopen the door to a vast range of teachingand expertise.Our work has helped founders and scalingleadership teams from cities, towns andeven villages all over the UK fulfil their fullpotential. We continue to transform fundingfrom the UK Government into highlyspecialised support, exclusively targetedat tech founders at the scaling stage.Additionally, we’ve started offering paid-forlearning programmes to help acceleratethe growth of the next wave of”leaders. Simple effectiveness sits at thecore of our offer.The UK is witnessing a huge growth inthe number of IPOs, from high-profileicons such as Deliveroo and DarkTrace,to emerging stars such as Onfido andTractable.We predict that this tech ecosystem willcontinue to grow, with a greater emphasison deeptech and science-based researchstartups. At Tech Nation, we are also seeingmore focus on impact tech businessesand startups, especially based on climatechange solutions. There is an increasingnumber of non-UK founders who see theadvantages of setting up and scaling uphere in Britain.There’s never been a more exciting time tobe a tech founder, creating new businesseswith a positive impact on the world aroundus. At Tech Nation, we’re proud to standon the cusp of this new era and eager tosee the next wave of tech talent unfold.Big thank you to the team, chair, boardand exec.7

Market viewContrado ImagingSherbet LondonJoinedUpGoWashMyCarNorthern Print Solutionsfivesquid.comGatehouse BankClickMechanicRotaWeShopActive ThingsSmartziPaxtonLooper tZipjetSnapWeengsTimealyZestySnap ItPolystreamFroHubCool PlacesHousekeepSoretoInQuisiTiVe iveaphoneMap a BIZZBYUspaahRuubyU AccountSkrapRediWudlBuyMyWardrobeShopcadeGas Angel HeatingDepopF2X GroupROWBOTSEvvntSnappy ShopperMixergyUrban ForesightITECElectric BlueDevoVinterestBeanifyAirlocumCha enge BankGrocemaniaApps.London LtdLeSalonSpillMetro BankrinklOxwashCakeDropIndraMy Bespoke RoomShopSeeCamRateUrbanApex ablAirPortrMasterchargeXeroEExpert TradesiTennaBrillianz mClipfixZoom FoodVerto HomesJouloTooth Fairy HealthcareAndrew LucasXigxagJordan ShawStableNewVoiceMediaBounce tian GroupHopt plied AutomationC4LSA SystemsDesanaPeykSkyline NetworksSpeakerbusfindrFreestyle CutsSpanacomSe v ce on oked UKMode BedsDryftBlackstar SolutionSMAP EnergyCuvvablow LTDSALIISUniphyConversantTickerSlerpSoc a hopp ngChester Digital SuppliesRJK Security SystemsFLXFlightIvory EggAnansi TechnologyInsurercoreMap CoverF&W NetworksMeetupcallLightning FibrePaperExpression InsuranceImagoInslyKudo InsuranceBikmoHolofyHermit OfficesMums Bake CakesMenu GuruPerfect DataAvant Home TechnologySaville GroupKarma AnyGood?SafeSharefibodoIncrediblueUnder the DoormatCottages in NorthumberlandRicher ban DNAAerial DirectHughubBalance ReGoGetterscSeekerTelecom2etouch ble t SolutionsBridge FibreCytiMonkey Tree HostingStashbeeFreedom WorksBCH SolutionsHelicopter SharingPedal MeHalo Insurance ServicesLakaSoldoIncutoGuestReadyVoicehostTaylor Made Computer SolutionsHlthieMarq MillionsGUARDHOGMicroMktFlower TelecomBorrow a BoatGlamorgan TelecomClarus Site SolutionsManageMyHigh-levelUK techecosystemstats.FabricHP InsurTech GatewayhonchoRadius Payment SolutionsBought By ManyiClaim SolutionsAtticus AssociatesGoCarShareNestor StaySoConnectWaggelTo say this last year has been a tough one feelslike the understatement of the century. However,this was a year where tech was placed at theforefront. It helped to bring people together,as well as playing a key role in keeping thingsfunctioning. So, it’s with great pride that we canreport that this was a year we, and our founders,continued to grow.Interactiv SolutionsSma homeConXhubBSAS TelecomsBeamshareMoneseOdroWurkrSquare One NetworkDonrB4B TelecomsMAS GroupMonumentKotoZamir TelecomTravel Money ClubThe DocPortalForm3Present CommunicationsRiskSave Technologies4ComPayment CentricLightbox RewardMaanchNatterboxHighland Wireless& IT SolutionsProcessvineWriskManor TelecomOyster Bay SystemsBrookson GroupLazy FloraVanusePockitAccendo ALKStreet Food FiestaBrollyCashCalcBlacksmiths TechnologyFunding XchangeiVATEnergenieGet ConnectedChorezeeHoliday SwapGPDQONNCeraSpeakSetMappin TechnologiesPACE Financial GroupElenWealth ObjectsBeeks Financial CloudVo PHPD SoftwareTreasurySpringKwikpayBrightbookResearch TreeAPEX:E3KrooGlobal Expat PayLimitlessBrightpearlPropioFinmoBabel SystemsApply FinancialLimeARQCollctivOTCXPayrNetModel upANNAFinnovation LabsThe Good Till CoOne Utility BillPi-eXFINSA EuropeVirtual Auction Global MarketsSquadPrepaid 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We saw hundredsof new founders signing up to our programmes,and some of our alumni recorded their mostsuccessful year to date.Amount of UK tech nvestmentFunding CircleFiresoulsBitstocksEXUS Software1PSJohnston FinancialStreevaBritish LFinancial Crime IntelligenceChippinDepotRapiere okBoxBackQuickCountRehearRentivoLyvlyEtive TechnologiesMissy omeshiftWalk With PathIMMORentProfileAmpersand CommerceFinery LondonSwirbSpriftConveyancing Data ServicesNucleusEpipoleMolendotechVRJamiwocaa h onNobody's ChildTeknoBuiltContis GroupCoInvestorRacketwareSense BiodetectionRenovate MeLadumaFactory 42MosaicUntiedBoohooOneDome99HomeAnagramAugmen ed ea y P opTechAtmosVRInitionVaubanFluencyMasters of PiePerformance BonusKey2iDHomepplThe Requirement ListeLearning StudiosBrilliant TrailsTomorrow's JourneyPropifiCrunch Accountinge-BateCrowdacureKazendiWayhomeJoin Universe GroupObsidian SolutionsBizGeesSeedrsAngels DenV ua ea yFusionPayGratuuCledaraCrowdfund CampusCrowd.ScienceMonkey MindVesper GroupLeglMoneyHopQuo MoneyAssetz CapitalCurrenseaSitokineHouzeCheckUnissuStudio LiddellNifflerPercept ImagerytickrKashkindProperty PartnerCrowdFund undFleximizeed eZeus ProptechBlue Vision LabsAdharaCrosspayThe Accountancy CloudmiPicThe Health Data ExchangePocket AppEquiwattBudiPayCurrencycloudThe Tenants' Voiceeyeora VR studioAcute ArtDimensionKatapultIDU DropRelative MotionSitigridLiveSmartHiplaKurvConnectus Business SolutionsVR TherapiesSupermassive me MicrosystemsFlavourworksThe Events HouseMoses MobilityApplied BlockchainVerisartAwesomeSourceENSEKZoyo GlobaltiilioShot ScopeI Am PlutoInsurforceEPIC11:FSHulgraveQuai Administration ServicesFXM Financial TechnologyPaddleSafeyskignzFireproof StudiosFund Admin essey SemiconductorsAcceleratoreGreenCryptopayOnKard TechnologiesWealthifyBurrowSelect SurveysSwitchShopCrediCarSecclCredit VisionMOGOPLUSMonica HealthcareColour HolographicStrikeKustodianThe Moon HubShelton FlemingSecond NatureActicheckMeyouanduseXRtOxford VRMelody VReTEUMyWay Digital HealthElite TelecomRISE Financial TechnologiesGoViddoMonoChainIcon tyfourGCIDYRNAN CommunicationsSockMonkey StudiosShivomSparkOinkyLerex TechnologyVoxosMental SnappMySenseMarketFinanceZedsenHip Impact ProtectionBioSelfnDreamsNeoSome59 ProductionsZapaygohyperexponentialSports and Wellbeing AnalyticsBubblesLimbikFlexiformHalotradeStrictly MoneyZutoKirocoFocal Point PositioningFootfalls& HeartbeatsAttis FitnessPaythruAZTEC ProtocolButterwireTransFICCEpitomicalCarvViewpoint rte Future IndustriesSafrBlack Wing StudiosPower-OpsSikobaToucomLEDLittle RiotDistrict TechnologiesSWOOPOSGlobacapRailsBankAirtime RewardsGaudiVelocimetricsYoozIntowareBabihubWomen of a Certain StageiOptBlend Media1859 eractive InvestorVistaBeeByootLMRECertuaVirtual ArtsThinkMarketsUpEffectShareInApTapDraw& CodeCrowdestatesOrkaCausewayCrossflow PaymentsKoinKoinFund OurselvesC yp o cu enc eGrowthdeckFutureBricksPlaqueTecDH Business SupportGrowth Capital VenturesPIPiT xStepLadderSkewAbundanceKoinePunk MoneyJaja FinanceCrowd with UsTradeCoreBankOfFocalAgentThe Property AngelSQFTAdvanced Supply Chain GroupLocalzConversityProvenanceMyProperty HostChannelGrabberOrchards of LondonKammaSignageliveSIRPLUSStuRentsThe Imaginarium StudiosFemme LuxeFixfloCooperative InnovationsBond Digital HealthSmartr365Boson ProtocolHypashipIncubeLett TechnologiesCompare My FlubitLucid InteractiveVestaStudent.comSynaddI Am The AgentBfB LabsBerry's1ROOFOfficeRnDPad InnovationSolidiCoinfloorCacheMoney AlivedovuCoadjuteLeading SoftwareMeasure ProtocolSLA SynaptivITMAugmizeZopaSQR SystemsBankedZorin FinanceOpenSensorsEvolution �arlaíGlisserRialtoOmnisendReddicoSugar Creative StudioAnimmersionYourkeysOpposable GamesSynchro SoftwareClean Energy ProspectorGreenlightVisualise oximity InsightAlchemetricsFULLTIME.DigitalGlobal ShowcasesBunkADXBADrayson TechnologiesPopcorn Email MarketingVaritiVISR VRSybenetixUbiquity GroupVox gokaBlueSkeye AIConverge TSAmbieSenseStar ComputersThe econd c eenAmplienceR-Com ConsultingDMT SolutionsSilver Power SystemsQuanticoThunderheadedozoBeat Fitness GamesLloyd's RegisterLimbicLuJam SecurityCyberOwlOnecom GroupShields Energy ServicesAcre PlatformsHTI LabsSimplyPayMeBookingLiveDirect ything WorldFinopzCrypto FacilitiesBCB GroupSiteDeskEstatesDirectCOINS GroupUnmindBG Energy SolutionsPure Technology ismoAltair MedicalAnthroposM comme ceCiti LogikSyndicateRoomLiberisKo-Fi LabLettingwebRisq VenturesPasabiQadreThe Right CrowdRebuildingsocietyGForcesSPCESee.SenseSocial EnergyPurrmetrixCharmOmn channe e a ngMetafusedMarine Transport InternationalThingCoSherpaAnorak TechnologiesHello NeighbourFuture IntelligenceGrid etFelcanaDistribindAxiomaFestive DigitalAsk Inclusive FinanceBondsmartHigh Street TVRealProGravity SketchFintechOSWirexVentureFoundersNew Home FinderHerddleKickbackCopperLendingCrowdCrowd RacingProdigy ntRag and llen eCorporation PopBlokurBluezone InsuranceBitsTifosyMercyCrowdBasic ThinkingCutitronicsK

Tech Nation's performance in numbers Tech Nation from startup to scaleup Tech Nation in the pandemic 2020/21 highlights Our partner ecosystem 03 04 06 08 10 12 14 16 18 Introduction. During a year that changed the face of the world entirely, Tech Nation is both proud and humbled to have played a vital role in the tech scaleup success stories .

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Mr Nagaraj Kamath, M.Tech Mr Ramakrishna Nayak, M.Tech, MBA Mr Vinod T Kamath, M.Tech, MBA Mr Ramnath Shenoy, M.Tech, MBA Assistant Professors Ms Soujanya S Shenoy, BE, MBA Mr Sandeep Nayak Pangal, MBA, M.Tech Ms Bhagya R S, BE, M.Tech Mr Devicharan R, BE, M.Tech Mr Nithesh Kumar

Ivy Tech alumni who are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the education they received VALUE AND PREPARATION %4 %5 Ivy Tech prepared me well for life outside of college. 66% My education from Ivy Tech was worth the cost. (Among 45% of Ivy Tech alumni with loans*) 80% My education from Ivy Tech was worth the cost. (Overall) 83% Ivy Tech .

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Annual Report 2020 compared to our 2019 Annual Report. The total carbon footprint for printing CIMB Annual Report 2020 was 11,588kgCO2e, compared to 14,987kgCO2e for our 2019 annual report. The carbon footprint for the 3 books of CIMB Annual Report 2020 is 14.485kgCO2e. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our annual report .

Defining Tech 3 Part 1: Tech Workers at a Glance 5 Size and Breakdown 5 Growth 7 Salary 9 Education10 Age11 Industries 11 Cities 13 Part 2: Diversity in Tech Occupations 17 Women are underrepresented, and receive lower salaries in tech occupations 17 For the past 10 years, growth in tech occupations has primarily been driven

Academic Writing Certain requirements pertain to work written by students for higher education programmes. If you are a new student or perhaps returning to study after a break you may feel that you need help with developing appropriate skills for academic writing. This section is designed to help you to meet the requirements of the School in relation to academic writing. Continuous assessment .