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Market OutlookThe market has grown 5,000% since Jan 2021. The successes fromDecentralized Exchanges (DEX) such as PancakeSwap and UniSwaphas greatly signified a major leap in the adoption of blockchainapplications, bringing hundred millions of trading volume to therapidly-expanding Cryptocurrency market. BSC daily transactions have been repeatedly breaking ATHdue to the immense demand of Blockchain projects.Billions of volume are being transacted in DEX with no signsof slowing down.Hundreds of new projects are launching every single day.

Why Oxbull.Tech?This sudden surge of interest is not without its challenges. The power of determining the future ofblockchains lies in the many hands of Smart Contract Developers and Project Creators. With the currenthigh demands on Blockchain Projects and driven by wrong intentions, Scams and Rug-Pulls are nowbecoming more rampant.Oxbull.Tech is aiming to change that and help drive the next generation of Blockchain projects.

Introducing Oxbull.TechA Startup Incubator and Launchpad developed By Tech Enthusiasts. Oxbull.Tech hopes to helpStartups with the necessary funding and support to kick start their project in the most efficient waypossible.From there, Oxbull.Tech shall connect quality and credible blockchain projects with Investors.The Oxbull way is driven by Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution. And that is what you canexpect from the projects launched with/by Oxbull.Tech

VisionOxbull.Tech to become the World’s Greatest Blockchain Community, helping tocreate 1,000 credible and successful startups that brings impact and value to theworld.

Focus Area Lending andborrowingYield aggregatorSyntactic tradingNFTDeFiSci-fi NFT platformGamingMusicCorporate IP Oxbull.TechEcosystem StablecoinIncubatorsNewest trendGeneralDeepTech Med TechAds TechCross Chain

Oxbull.Tech Services01IDO consulting Product-market fit analysisProduct launching coachingListing procedure management02Blockchain development andtech consulting Solidity consultingWeb3 and front end development consultingSecurity and deep tech advisors and networking03Marketing and communitymanagement consulting Community management coaching includinginternational communityMarketing management and networking

Revenue ModelConsulting: Presales, Dev,MarketingAutomatic yield generationfrom tradingOxbull.TechRevenue modelTreasury and Equity oflaunched projects

CompetitionOxbull.TechDuck DaoDao chMarketingDecentralizedVCDecentralizedIDO

For investorsTier 1:Guaranteedslot for IDO OXB/BNB-LP provider with4k OXB 7 days orOXB-OXB stakers with 8kOXB 7 daysTier 2:Whitelist slot forIDOOXB-OXB stakers with 4k OXBprior to snapshot (1 day before)Pre-sale participation are on FirstCome First Serve(FCFS) after theallocated time for Tier 1 ends.Tier 3:Public sale:Rapid FirePre-sale for public to be open onFirst Come First Serve(FCFS) afterthe allocated time for Tier 1 andTier 2 ends.Pre-allocated time to be providedto qualifiers to participate inPre-sale.Each tier shall be eligible for different Contribution caps for Pre-sale participation. Tier 1 shall have the highest contribution cap and tier 3 shallhave the lowest. For Example: Tier 1 investors may be able to contribute maximum 10BNB, while tier 3 investors will be limited to 2BNB.IDO models subject to change depending on the nature and requirements of project. Details for launches will be released via Oxbull.Tech’s officialinformation channels.

For startupsIDOsRoute Access to Oxbull.techinvestorsAccess to Oxbull.techexisting community launchpadsite% of IDO raised amountConsultingRoute Technical developmentconsultingBusiness opportunityconsultingIDOs and marketingconsultingConsulting hours/module

Roadmap OverviewGenesis of a great blockchain tech company Rapid growth phase4 IDO (4 completed)Secured partnershipsStaking feature launchedBurnt event of 100,000 oxb uponachieving 1.000 tg members1.4k Twitter followers2021 Q22021 Q32021 Q1Continue to build solid foundation 6 IDO (plan)English, Chinese, Korean languagesSecure new advisorsPrepare for auditSecure new partnershipsGovernance model5K Twitter followers10 IDO (plan)Uniswap listing (plan)Burn event of 100,000 oxb uponachieving 5000 tg membersSecure new partnerships20K Twitter followers

OXB Token UtilityOxB is the native token on the ecosystem and a key factor inthe incubation process.GovernemtsysoEcOXBanceReflectionBeing a Reflective token and a quality fork of RFI, all OxBtransactions incurs a 2% fee which redistributes the tokensamongst all holders. The redistribution is govern by smartcontracts and is reflected real-time in the holders’ balance.Holders of a fixed minimum number of OxB tokens shall haveearly access to upcoming projects within the OxBullecosystem, helping to finance and support the growth of newideas.

OXB Token Structure Total supply 10 million OXB: 2.5million presale 0.5million marketing 0.5million ecosystem fund (locked) 0.5million team token (locked) 1.5million liquidity for PancakeSwap (locked) 1.0million liquidity for upcoming listing/to be burned (100k burnt) 2.0million staking pool reward allocation 1.5million future partnership

Oxbull.Tech Team0xUshi: 10 years of experience in tech sectors, tech team management and leadershipexperience for over 150 people, managing billions of transactions per year, won multiplehackathons.0xWagyu: 4 years of experience in tech sectors, built hundreds of applications, wonmultiple hackathons.0xKusa: 6 years of backend development experience in tech sectors, built hundreds of dataintegration and APIs, won multiple hackathons.0xAto: An up and rising designer from top design university, created hundreds ofillustrations for corporate and startups, the brain behind Space Cowboy.

Milestones Launched 2 blockchain projects in 8 days - OXB and SCB (Space Cowboy).Conducted 2 successful pre sales which was sold off in 100 seconds, oversubscribed by 1000BNB. Staying true to our values, refunded the excess 1000 BNB to investors with no questionsasked.Launched yield farming space farm in 3 days.Limited edition NFT series sold out in 45 mins on our SCB platform.Burnt event of 100,000 OXB upon achieving 1,000 Telegram members.Successful recovery from crisis (originating from a bug)and compensated impacted investors.First organic youtube review 8 days into launch.1,400 twitter followers within 10 days.

What people are sayingThe best devs inBSC. I am goingto invest in everyprojects that youbring on.DanThe speed ofexecution ofOxbull.Tech isamazing.BillythebitOxbull.Tech trulycares about theirinvestors.NB

Introducing Oxbull.Tech A Startup Incubator and Launchpad developed By Tech Enthusiasts. Oxbull.Tech hopes to help Startups with the necessary funding and support to kick start their project in the most efficient way possible. From there, Oxbull.Tech shall connect quality and credible blockchain projects with Investors.

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