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DETAILED SYLLABUS FOR FIRST SEMESTERBHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN SOHAN LAL PUBLIC SCHOOL(2021-22)April-SeptemberENGLISH- READER:L -1 (Manu and His Family), L -2 (Friends in the Park), L- 4 (My RedBicycle), Difficult words, Questions and Answers, Make sentences, Jumbled words, Back exercises. L- 3(At the Zoo) and L-5 (Hide and Sleep) only for Comprehension.ASSIGNMENT : Vowels, sound words (ch, sh, th), articles,this-that, these-those, is-am-are, he-she-it,has-have, prepositions, numbers, gender and rhyming words.COMPOSITION: My Mother, My Teacher, My Pet Dog, My Pet Cat, Cow, My FatherMATHS: Count and write, Number names (1-100), Numerals (1-100), What comes after, before,between, Complete the series, Ascending and Descending order, Addition (with and without carry), Putthe sign ( ), Subtraction with and without borrow, Expanded form (Two digits), Abacus and MentalMaths (Add and Sub with zero (0)) (Additive property), Skip Counting (by 2,3,5) and tables (2 to 8).HINDI: v, vk, b, b, m, m ek k ls fp igpkudj ‘kCn cukvks ‘kCn Bhd djks feyrs tqyrs ‘kCnlfCt;ksa ds Ukke Qyksa ds uke tkuojksa ds uke vazxksa ds uke foykse ‘kCn (Ist row) fyaxcnyks (Ist row) jaxksa ds uke : j esa varj okys ‘kCn esjk ifjp; esjs firk th (In fill up form)EVS : Composition – My School and My Classroom.Chapters – Myself, My Body, My Family, Food, People who help us (Fact Sheet), Clothes we wear,Composition-Myself, My Body Parts.G.K: Ques 1-70 from G.K. Book.Moral Science: A-Ambition, B-Brotherhood, C-Cleanliness, D-Duty, E-Enthusiasm, related to thesevalues activities will be done.COMPUTER: Ch-1 (Introduction about Computers), Ch-2 (Functions of Different Parts of Computer).ARTS: Pg 1 to 22 from Book Rock and Roll. Art Sketch Book- Drawing of Chick, Lion, Teddy Bear,Diya, Jellyfish and Bird.

DETAILED SYLLABUS FOR SECOND SEMESTERBHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN SOHAN LAL PUBLIC SCHOOL(2021-22)October-FebruaryENGLISH- READER:- L-7 (The Red Raincoat), L-8 (The Boy who cried Wolf), L-9 (The PoorWoodcutter), Difficult words, Questions and Answers, Make sentences, Jumbled words, Back exercises.ASSIGNMENT : Nouns, Verbs, Opposites, One word for many, Word chain, Punctuation, Do asdirected, Picture Comprehension.COMPOSITION: My Pet Cat, My Classroom, My Bed Room, My Drawing Room, My Kitchen.Unseen Composition.MATHS: Counting (101-1000), Number Names (101-1000), Numerals, What comes after, before,between and put the sign (101-1000), Complete the series (3 digits), Abacus (3 digits), Even or oddnumbers, Shapes, Multiplication, Expanded Form (3 digits), Time, Ordinal Number (1 to 10), Calendar,Money, Fraction, Mental Maths (Multiple property) and Dodging Tables (2 to 9).HINDI: ,, ,s, vks, vkS , va dh ek k,a, eghuksa ds uke, fnuksa ds uke, ifjogu ds lk/ku, foykse‘kCn (2nd row), fyax cnyks (2nd row ), vusd ‘kCnksa ds fy, ,d ‘kCnA fp o.kZu : cxhpk ,tUefnuA vuqPNsn: isM, esjk dqRrk, xk;, vkeA ‘kq} v’kq} , ,d vusdAEVS: My Classroom, Our Festivals, Good Manners and Habits, My School, Means of Transport, Foodand Homes of Animals.Composition: My Classroom and My School.G.K: Sheets related to National Symbols, Festivals, Bird’s World, Animal’s Homes, Animal’s Babies,Facts about India, People who help us, news sheet of each month.Moral Science: F-Frienship, G – Gratitude, H – Happiness, I – Intelligence, related to these valuesactivities will be done.COMPUTER: Ch-3 (Learn about Keyboard), Ch-4 (Places where Computer is used).ARTS: Pg 23-39 from Rock and Roll Book. Art Sketch Book-Drawing of Hut, Elephant, Octopus,Flower, Scenery and Aquarium.CLASS -I (ENGLISH)

SESSION (2021-22)MONTHNAME OF LEARNINGOUTCOMESAPRILREADER LS- Manu andhis family. Poem- All ofMeGRAMMAR Introduction tovowels.1. To encourageinteractivelearning.2. To enhanceactive reading.3. To improvelistening andspeaking skills.4. To makestudentsdistinguishbetween vowels &consonants.1. Reading andexplanation ofthe chapter.2. Makingstudentsfamiliar withnew words andtheir meanings.3. Completinga card aboutyourself.4. Pasting of afamilyphotograph.5. Vowelssorting activity.1. Enabledlearner to read,enjoy andappreciate thetext.2. Developedthe essentialskills oflistening,reading andwriting.3. Students areable to describeand identifyvowels.MONTHNAME OF LEARNINGOUTCOMESMAYREADER Ls- Friends inthe ParkGRAMMAR Soundwords(ch,sh,th) Articles1. To equiplearners withappropriatecommunicationskills to connectbetter in an everrevolving dynamicworld.2. To enhanceactive reading.3. To makestudentsunderstanddifferent digraphs.1. Making acard for afriend using aNorway sheet& writing fewlines for afriend.2. Draw any 5things of yourchoice ,colourthem and placea/an beforethem duringonline class.3. Searchingany (3- 5)words of eachsound from thegiven page of abook duringonline class.1. Progressionfrom lowerorder thinkingskills to higherorder thinkingskills.2. Coping withemotions,interpersonalskills.3. Students getto know manynew words withdifferentsounds.4. Students areable to usearticlescorrectly insentences.

MONTHNAME OF LEARNINGOUTCOMESJUNEREADER Poem-AtSchool1. To initiate theunderstanding ofpoetic language.2. To create afriendly classroomenvironment bydoing actions inpoem.3. To enablestudents to learnhow to speakwords andsentencesproperly.4. To makestudents aware ofmasculine &feminine gender.1. During anonline class,showing someobjects placednear & far,asking them tocompletesentences onthose objectsusing this-that.2. While takingclass online,students will beasked to writedown thenames of theirfamilymembers(petalso,if any) andwill be asked towrite 2-3sentences oneach of them.1. Students areable to makeproperplacement ofthis-that in asentence.2. Students areable to speakcompletesentences.3.They learnmany newwords relatedto school andclassroomthrough thepoem. HolidaysFrom(June15-June30)GRAMMAR This-That He-She-ItMONTHNAME OF LEARNINGOUTCOMESAUGUSTREADER Ls- At the ZooGRAMMAR Is-am-are Prepositions(in,on,under) Has-Have Numbers1. To make studentslearn about differentanimals,theirbabies,maleand female names ofanimals ,sounds madeby them.2. To help studentsunderstand the correctuse ofPrepositions, is-am-arein sentences.3. To make studentslearn the differencebetween singular andplural.1. A shortrhyme can bedone on“Animalsounds”.2. A video willbe shown toexplain the useof is-am-are.3. Someflashcards willbe shownhavingdifferentpictures ofobjects/things(in,on,under),tomake students1. Enhancedreading.2. Students areable to useprepositionscorrectly.3. Studentshave learnt theproper use ofis-am-are insentences.4. Able todifferentiatebetweensingular andplural.

understand theconcept.4. A smallworksheet willbe done on oneand manyduring theonline class toexplainnumbersproperly.MONTHNAME OF THE CHAPTER/TOPICSEPTEMBER -Revision of all the previously done topics (from April- August) wasdone.Online exams of 1st term were held.MONTHNAME OFTHECHAPTER UTCOMESOCTOBERReader:-1.To enhanceactive reading.1.During onlineclass,an activitycan be done.kidswill be asked towrite maximumwords in 5minutesie.play(name/place/animal/thing)Students will beable to:-*Ls 5 Hide andSleepGrammar:*Nouns*Verbs2.To improvelistening andspeaking skills.3.Students willbe able toidentify namingwords.4.Students willbe able toconstruct asentence using2.For teachingVerbs,we canperform anactivity ie Guessthe game like wecan show some1.Develop theskills of listeningand reading.2.Identifyvarious objects.3.Define andprovideexamples of'Nouns'.4.Able toidentify 'Nouns'

naming words.Compositions:*My Classroom*My BedroomMONTHName of thechapter/topicNovember ReaderLs 7:-TheRaincoatGrammar:*Opposites*Word Chain*GenderComposition:My DrawingRoom5.To create aclassroomenvironmentsuitable toenable studentsto speak on theirown.pictures likeplaying,eating,clapping and askthe students toguess the actionand perform italso duringonline class.in sentences.5.The learnerswill be able toidentify Verbs ina sentence.LearningObjectivesOnline ActivitiesLearningOutcomes1.To giveknowledgeabout differentkinds ofweather.2.To giveknowledgeabout differenttypes of clotheswe wear indifferentweather.3.To enhancereading.4.To help achild to learnhow tocompare twodifferentthings.(hard v/ssoft)5.Learningoppositesimproveschild's abilityto describe thethings.6.To enablestudents tolearn anddifferentiateGender.Ask the students to write5lines on weather which theylike the most and paste thepictures of clothes wornduring that weatheron1/4thNorway sheet.2. We will show a video onGender to differentiatebetween (Masculine andFeminine)3.live objects will be shownto explain thetopic"Opposites"eg.(big v/ssmall)4.A rhyme will be played toexplain thetopic"Opposites"along withactions.5.Word activity.1.Studentswould get toknow aboutdifferentweathers.2.To be ableto makecomparisonbetween twothings.3.Learningabout genderwill helpchildren toexplore whothey are.4.Getknowledgeabout newwords andwill improvetheirvocabulary.

7.To enablestudents toidentifydifferentgender andname them.MonthName of thechapter/TopicDecember Reader:"Ls 9.The poorwoodcutterGrammar:-Doas directed*One word formany*Composition:My KitchenMonthName of thechapter/topicJanuary onLearningObjectivesOnline activitieslearning OutcomesLearningOutcomes1.To inculcatemoral values ofTruth and Honestythrough thischapter.2.Through oneword for many wecan giveknowledge aboutour helpers.3.Importance ofeach helper.4.Everyone isrespectablein thesociety and all helpeach other in oneor another way.1.One short story on"Always speak thetruth" canbe shown.2.Role play activityby the students.3.Rhyme basedon"Helpers"will berecited to explainone word for many.Students will beable tounderstand:2.Importance ofTruth andHonesty.2.Importance ofhelpers.3.How helpershelp us in allwalks of our life.4.Able to donumber, gender,opposites in asimilar worksheeton their own.LearningObjectivesOnline activitiesLearningOutcomes1.To develop alanguage andliteracy skills.2.To create a basiclevel of phonemicawareness.3.To help studentslearn and listensounds veryclosely.4.To make studentslearn wherecomma, full stop,question mark is1.Rhyme gameactivity.2.Reading of a smallparagraph in whichproper emphasiswould be laid oncomma, full stop andquestion mark.3.With the help of asmart board,a scenewill be shown andrelated questions willbe asked.1.Students will beable to identify andframe rhymingwords.2.Students will beable to usepunctuationcorrectly.3.Will understandthe importance ofpunctuation inwriting.4.Enhancedvocabulary.

needed.5.To encouragepupils to describeand observe detailsin the givenpicture.6To give pupils anopportunity tocreate varioussentences.5 Able to createvariouscorrespondingsentences.6.Improes thinkingpower andvisualisation.MonthName of the chapter/topicFebruaryRevision of all the topics will be done to prepare students for 2nd term exam.CLASS -I (Maths)SESSION (2021-22)MonthAprilName of the topicsLearningobjectivesTo enable Count andstudents towritecount the Numberobjects.names (1To give100)knowledge Numerals (1to students100)about What comesnumbersafter, beforefrom (1and between100).(1-100)To giveknowledgeto themaboutspellingsofnumbersfrom (1100).ToOnline activitiesWhile takingonline classes ofmaths oral drillof differentspellings will begiven to them. Whichnumberswill comeafter,beforeandbetweenfor thegivennumberwill beaskedrandomly. SomeobjectsLearningoutcomes1. Studentswill learncounting ofdifferentobjects.2. Studentswill learnnumbersfrom (1100).3. They willlearnspellings ofnumbers.4. Memory ofstudentswill berecheckedafter doingwhat comesafter,

increasetheirmemoryby doingwhatcomesafter,before andbetween.MonthMayName of the topics Put the sign( ). Complete theseries. Ascendinganddescendingorder. Table of 2, 3,4 and 5. Learningobjectives To enablethe studentsto recognizethenumbers. To enablethe studentsto put thegivennumbers inincreasingordecreasingseries afterusing theirintellectualability. Learning oftables willhelpstudents tolearnMultiplication.will beshown tothem andthey willbe askedto countthem.Onlineactivities In theonlineclassdifferentnumberswill begiven tostudentsand theywill beasked toput theminincreasing ordecreasingorder. Theywill betold towritenumbersinparticular seriesfrom thegivennumbers. Oraldrill oftableswill begiven inbefore andbetween.Learningoutcomes Studentswill learnmore aboutnumbers. They cannow identifythe big orsmallnumberfrom thegivennumbers. They cannow arrangethe numbersinincreasingordecreasingseries ororder. Learning oftables willhelpstudents indoingMultiplication.

theonlineclass.MonthName of the topics JuneMonthJulyAdditionwith andwithoutcarry. Abacus inmathsassignment. Mentalmaths (addor sub 0). Table of 6and 7. Name of the topics Subtractionwith andwithoutLearningobjectives To enablestudents touse theirsense fordoingaddition orapplyingaddition inday to daylife. Abacuswillimprovetheircalculation. Mentalmaths willincreaseand checktheirmentalability. To enablestudents tolearntables anduse themin dailylife forcalculations.Learningobjectives To enablestudents tolearn how toOnline activities Additionsums will beexplainedusing whiteboard.Someadditionvideos willbe shown tothem.For mentalmathspromptanswers willbe takenfromstudents.Oral drill oftables willbe givenandDodgingwill be donein onlineclasses.Online activities Forintroducingthe topicLearningoutcomes Nowstudents areable to doadditionsums. Theycan applyaddition inday to daylife. Theyhavebecome nowmore smartby doingmentalmaths. Learning oftables willincreasetheirmemorization.Learningoutcomes Nowstudentsmust be

MonthAugustborrow.Expandedform(2digits).Table of 8and 9.Name of the topics Skipcounting by( 2, 3 and5).Additionandsubtractionon Abacustool.dosubtraction. What isdifferencebetweenaddition andsubtraction. To enablestudents tousesubtractionin daily life. Expandedform willhelpstudents toknow theplace valueof each digitin particularnumber. Learning oftables willincreasetheirmemorization.Learningobjectives To enablestudents touse theirintellectualskills inwriting thenumbers inparticularorder after subtractionsome onlineactivities willbe done likethey will havesome thingsor some willbe consumedlike toffeesetc. Then theywill be askedhow manythings arenow left withthem.Subtractionsums will bedone in class.Oral Dodgingof tables willbe done inclass. Online activities In the onlineclass skipcountingwill beintroducedwith thehelp ofnumber line.They will beclearabout thesubtraction.They cannow usethesubtraction indailylife.Afterseeinganynumbernow theycanunderstand theplacevalueand facevalue ofeverydigit.Afterlearningtablesupto 9 theirmemorization willbeenhanced.Learningoutcomes Studentsnow mustbe able tocounting byskippingsomenumbers. They cannow do

Revision ofall thetopics.skippingsomenumbers. To enablestudents todo additionandsubtractionon Abacustool quickly. Revision ofall thetopics willhelpstudents inrecapitulating all thetopics theyhave learnt. told whenwe skip onenumber andwrite nexti.e skip by2. If we skip2 numbersand writenext i.e skipby 3. Butwhen weskip 4numbersand writenext i.e skipby 5.Additionandsubtractionon Abacustool will bedone.MONTHNAME OF THE CHAPTER/TOPICSEPTEMBER -Revision of all the previously done topics. (April- August)Online exams of 1st term were held.MonthTopicsSub-TopicsOctoberNumbers(1-1000) 11000)Objectives calculationsfast with thehelp ofAbacus tool.Revision ofall thetopics willhelpstudents intherecapitulation of all thetopics theyhave learnt.OnlineLearningActivitiesTo give For Studenknowledgcountints muste togbe ablestudentsvirtualto doofscreenicountincountingng willg from

What comes after,beforeandbetween (1-1000)Put the sign (11000) from (11000)To giveunderstanding ofcountingtostudentswith theknowledge of placevalue ofeverydigit. Sothat thereshouldnot be anyconfusion.To foreandbetweenand putthe sign from (11000)and makethemcapableto writeusingplacevalue ofeverydigit.be usedforshowin gcounting tothem.Whiteboardwillalso beused forexplaining thecounting.Flashcards ofnumbernames,numerals, whatcomesafter,before,between andput the signwill beshownto them.Screesharingwillalso bedonefordoingput the stbe ableto ween andput thesignaccording toplacevalueofeverydigit.Theymustbe abletowritenumbernames,numerals from(11000)Nowstudents caneasilydowhatcomesafter,before

MonthTopicsNovember Numbers(1-1000)Abacus:Sub Topic:Count thebeads anddraw thebeads.TablesSub-Topics Completetheseries.Abacus(Threedigits)Even and oddnumbers.Expanded form (3digits)Dodging tables (2to 9)Objectives To giveknowledge tostudentsand testtheirknowledge aboutcountingTo giveknowledge tostudentsaboutabacus.To makethemenable tocount thebeadsand drawthe beadsneatly.To enablestudentsto writen.Videoswill besentrelatedtostudentsrelatedto everytopic.Different linksto besent tostudentsrelatedto thetopics.andbetween andput thesign.OnlineLearningActivities For Studencompletts wille thebe ableseriesto doin thecountinon lineg fromclass(1some1000)numberands willtheybewill begiven inable tothecompleclasste theandseriestheyforwill begivenaskednumbetors.complet Studene thets willseriesbe ableuptotodashesdrawgiven.the Forbeads

numbernames,numeralswith thehelp ofabacusbeads.To giveknowledge tostudentsabouteven andoddnumbers.Enablethem tofind evenor oddnumbersfrom thegiven numbers.To enablestudentsto expandthe givennumbersaccordingto theplacevalue ofeverydigit.To enablestudentsto do dodgingtablesfrom 2 to9.abacusstudentswill beaskedto drawthebeadsandcountthebeadsfromthegivensheetsof mathsassignment intheclass.Forevenand oddnumbers flashcardswill be showntostudentsin theclass .somevidoeswill beshown. Forexpanded formvideoswill beshowntostudents. Flashcardswill beandcountthebeadsandwritenumbernamesandnumerals forthegivenbeads.Students willbe abletoexpandthenumbersaccording toplacevalue.Students willbe abletoidentify evenor oddnumbers.Students willbe abletododging from2 to 9.

MonthTopicsSub-TopicsDecemberShapes nShow the timeTell the timeMultiple propertyObjectives MentalMaths shown.Videoswill besentrelatedtostudentsrelatedto everytopic.Different linksto besent tostudentsrelatedto thetopics.OnlineLearningActivitiesPurpose For Studenofteachintsteachinggknowshapes toshapesarestudentstofamiliais to givestudentsr aboutthemthingsdiffereknowledgofnte aboutdifferenshapes.differedt shapesTheyshapes.will becanMakeshownknowthemto them.drawenable to Drawinthingsdrawofg ofdiffereddifferedifferenshapes.ntt shapesshapes.Helpwill bethem todone in Studenrecognisethe onts candifferedlinenow doshapes.class.theFor eg.multlipHelpBanglelicationthem toforsumsdocircle,easily.multiplic

ationsums.Helpthem tolearntables 2to 9.To helpstudentsto knowhow wesee thetime.How cantheyshow thetime.How cantheyshow thetime andtell thetime onclock.Purposeofteachingmentalmaths tostudentsis toincreasetheirintellectual ability. handker chiefforsquare.Birthday capfortriangleandpencilbox forrectangle.For multplicationdodgingtableswill bedone intheclassoraldrill oftableswill begiven intheclass.Sumswill bedone intheclass.Forteaching timeclockwill beshownto them.Students willbeaskedto telltheirdailyStudents nowcan tellthetimeandshowthetimewiththehelp ofclock.Afterdoingmultipleproperty theirintellectualabilitywill beincreased.

routineof day.MonthTopicsSub-TopicsJanuaryCalendar MoneyFraction Months of theyearDaysofthemonthsSums of money(Additionandsubtraction)Half and quarterDodging tables 2to 9.Objectives Tables OnlineActivities Purposeofteachingcalendartostudentsis to givethemknowledge aboutmonthsof theyear,days ofthemonthsof theyear anddays ofthe week.To givethemknowledge aboutcurrencynotes.How canthey doadditionof moneyandsubtraction of money.To makeenable todoadditionandsubtraction sums.To giveLearningFor teachingcalendarwill beshownto them.Theywill beaskedaboutmonthsof theyear,days oftheweek,etc.spellingsofmonthsof theyear willbediscussed in theclass.Days(riddleswill bedone inthe classrelated to daysof ll beshownto them.SomeStudents nowwill befamiliar withmonthsof theyear,days oftheweekandnumber ofdays ofthemonths. Andnowtheywritespellings ofdifferentmonthsof theyear.Students nowknowaboutthecurrencynotes.Theycanknowdo theaddition and

themknowledge aboutfraction(half) and(quarter)inmathematical term.How canthey dosharingwithfraction. questions will beaskedfromstudents regardingmoney.Sums ofadditionandsubtraction ofmoneywill bedone.Forteachingfractionsome ofthe liveexamples of halfandquarterthingswill be shownto them.Videosrelatedto everytopicwill beshownto them.MONTHNAME OF THE CHAPTER/TOPICFEBRUARYRevision of all the previously done topics. (October-February)Online exams of 2nd term were held.subtraction ofmoney.\Students arenowfamiliar aboutfraction halfandquarter. dents cannow dothedodgiangfrom 2toi 9well.

1st STANDARD SUBJECT HINDI SESSION ( ARNINGOUTCOMESअप्रैलअ,आ की मात्रा1.पूर्व ज्ञान परीक्षण१.चचत्रों के नाम१.मात्रा का उचचत,अंगो के नाम२.नई और ��त्र दे खकर२.अंतर पहचानाशब्द पूरे करो३.नए शब्दो सेयात्रा से अर्गत३.उच्चारण से ज्ञान४.मात्रा और बिनामात्रा केशब्दों सेअर्गत५.िोलने में अंतर३.शब्द पढ़ करअंतर ��ा लगाओ५.कोई ५ अंगोंके नाम हाथरखकर LEARNINGOUTCOMESमईइ,ई की मात्रा,१.इ,ई की ध्र्नन से१.र्ाक्य िनाओं१.दै ननक िीर्न मेंसब्ब्ियों के नाम,अर्गतहहंदी भाषा का सहीरं गो के नाम२.उच्चारण का ज्ञान२.शब्द िनाओं३ िोलने में अंतर३.शब्द ठीककरो४.सब्ब्ियों की४.कोई �ं के नामचचत्र सहहतज्ञान२.इ,ई मात्रा काअंतर पहचानकरउसे ललखखत रूपदे ना३.रं गो को सहीपहचाना

OMESिूनउ की मात्रा,१.मात्रा की ध्र्नन से१.फलैश कार्व१.मात्रा का उचचतिानर्रों के नामअर्गत२.लमलते िलु तेज्ञान२.हहंदी भाषा का ज्ञानशब्द२.नए शब्दों से३.कम दे र से िोलने३.समाचार पत्र से अर्गतर्ाली मात्राउ की मात्रा ��शब्द ढूंढ़ो४.लमलान करोिानर्रों के िारे मेंपता ्रों से �� ाईऊ की मात्रा, फलों१.नई मात्रा से अर्गत १.स्त्मार्व िोर्वके नाम, ललंग िदलो २.रु,रू र्ालें शब्दो ��लंग और२.चचत्र ��रपुब््लंग र्ाले शब्दों से िानर्रों के ��द छांर् करिोडे १.उ,ऊ की मात्राका अंतर पहचानना२.नए शब्दों �� सेवर्कास४.हहंदी भाषा कासही ज्ञानLEARNINGOUTCOMES

��.ए की ध्र्नन से १.मात्रा लगाओ१.मात्रा ��्लोमशअर्गत करानाउचचत ज्ञानब्द२.मात्रा का ��न के२.र्ीडर्यो (ए की मात्रा) ाओ२.नए शब्दों सेअर्गत३.नए-नएसाधन कीपररर्हन केउपयोचगतासाधनों के िारेमें अर्गत।MONTHTOPICलसतम्िर अप्रैल से अगस्त्त तक के कायव की दोहराईMONTHTOPICvdrwCkj, ,s dh ek kfxurh!10 esjk ifjp;LEARNINGOBJECTIVES, ,s ds ‘kCnksa dh/Okfu ls voxrMPPkkj.kdk lghKkuCkksrus esa varjACTIVITIES1 ferrs tqyrs ‘kCn2fp igpkudj ‘kCnfy[ksa3’kCn cukvksafganh dh fxurh lsvoxrvius ckjs ARNINGOUTCOME1ek k dk lghmPpkj.k2, ,s dh ek kdkvarj igpkuuk3u, ‘kCnksa esavarj4vius Ckkjs esaiafDRk;ka fy[kukLEARNINGOUTCOME

uoacjvks dh ek kfnuksa ds uke ,dvusd1vks ek k dh /ofuls voxr2ek k dk lghmPpkj.k3,d vkSj ,d ls T;knkokys ‘kCnksa lsvoxr1okD; cukvks2vks dh ek k okys‘kCnksa ls fp cukvksa3lekpkj i ls 10 vksdh ek k okys ‘kCn wa ks4dqN fp ksa esals vks dh ek kokysfp w ksaACTIVITIES1vks dh ek k dkmfpr Kku2u, ‘kCnksa ls voxr3fganh Hkk”kk dkKku4,Dk ls vusd �और की मात्रा,१.नए शब्दों से पररचय १.शब्द िनाओ१.ओ,औ र्ाले शब्दोंमहीनों के नाम,२.मात्रा कीमें अंतरअनेक शब्दों केललए एक शब्दसही ध्र्नी से अर्गत मात्रा लगाओ३.हहंदी भाषा का ज्ञान४.अनेक शब्दों केललए एक शब्द काप्रयोग५.हहंदी में महीनों काललखनाMONTHTOPIC२.चचत्र दे ��्व िोर्व४.सही र्णवचनु कर ररक्तस्त्थान भरेंLEARNINGOUTCOMES२.दै ननक िीर्न मेंसही भाषा काप्रयोग३.हहंदी में महीनों केनामों से अर्गत५.कवर्ता केद्र्ारा महीनों केनाम याद करनाACTIVITIESLEARNINGOUTCOMES

िनर्रीअं की मात्रा,पेड१.मात्रा की ध्र्नन से१.शब्द ठीक१.अं की मात्रा कोवर्षय पर पंब्क्तयां, अर्गतकरके ललखोसही र्णव पर लगानाचचत्र र्णवन२.उच्चारण से ज्ञान२.र्ाक्य िनाओ२.मात्रा का सही३.पेड के िारे में ��ान४.चचत्र दे खकर �३.पेड के िारे मेंिानकारी दे नाज्ञान४.चचत्र दे खकर४.चचत्र दे खकरर्ाक्यों पर सहीर्ाक्य िनानाका ननशानलगाओMONTHTOPICQjojhXkk; dqRrk fo”k; ijiafDr;ka v’kq}‘kq} vizSy LksQjojh rd dsfo”k;ksa dhnksgjkbLEARNINGOBJECTIVES1xk; dqRrs dsfo”k; dk Kku2’kCnksa dk LkghmPpkj.ks3o.kksZZ ij Lkghek k yxkuk4vk ls va dhek kvksa dhnksgjkbACTIVITIES1xk; dqRrs dhfofM;ks fn[kkuk2vyx vyx ‘kCnksaesa ls lgh ek kokys ‘kCn igpkuuk3QyS’k sdkMZLEARNINGOUTCOMEXkk; dqRrs ds ckjsesa tkudkjh2ek k dks lgh txgij yxkuk3lkjh ek kvksa dkKkuEvs Lesson Plan (2021-22)MonthAprilName of elf toothers.2.) Discuss yourfavourite gamesand dishes withothers.3.) Describeyour family toothers.4.) ImportanceOnline activitiesLearning Outcomes1.) Video (related to thelesson- Myself)2.) Badge making activity.3.) Speak some lines on"Myself".1.) Students know howto introduce themselvesto others.2.) When the studenttalk to their friends theyare able to talk abouttheir hobbies.3.) Students are able totell about their family totheir teachers, friends,relatives and to the

of identity card.MonthMayMonthknown.4.) Students understandthe importance ofcarrying id card (identitycard) as it helps them tobe safe.Name of thechapterMy BodyLearningobjective1.) Tounderstand thedifferent bodyparts.2.) To have theknowledge howall the bodyparts function.3.) Senseorgans.4.) How to takecare of ourbody.Online activitiesLearning Outcomes1.) Video (related to thelesson shown)2.) 'Play the body parts'song and does all theactions and touching ofeach part of his/herbody.Students will be able to 1.) Aware about all the "partsof the body".2.) Understand the importanceof each and every part of thebody.3.) Aware about the five senseorgans.4.) Understand how to takecare of the body.Name of thechapterLearningobjectiveOnline activitiesLearning Outcomes

JuneLesson-"MyFamily"1.) Aware aboutthe family andits importance.2.) Differentiatebetweennuclear andjoint family.3.) Relationship4.) Bonding5.) Care andshare.6.) Adjustments1.) Draw a hut in whichstudents will write thenumber of their familymembers, which familythey belong to and topaste the picture of theirfamily members.2.) Role play activity.3.) Reading of the lessonwith explanation and withthe proper pronunciationand focusing on thedifficult words.4.) Family trees.Students will be able tounderstand1.) Impotance of nuclearand joint family.2.) About family and itsimportance.3.) Creates a feeling ofbond, love, care for thefamily.4.) The relations with allthe family members.

MonthName of thechapterLearningobjectiveOnline activitiesLearning Outcomes

JulyLessonPeople whohelp us1.) Abouthelpers2.) Importanceof each helpers.3.) Easy andcomfortable life.4.) Everyone isrespectable inthe society as allhelp in one orthe other way.1.) Role play activity bythe students.2.) Rhyme based onhelpers will be recited.3.) Game time activity.Students will be able tounderstand1.) Importance ofhelpers.2.) How helpers help usin all walks of our life.3.) Their goal in their life.4.) A productive personof the society.5.) Respect all the'helpers'.MONTHNAME OF THE CHAPTER/TOPICAUGUST -Revision of all the previously done topics. (April- August)Online exams of 1st term were held.

MONTHNAME OF THE CHAPTER/TOPICSEPTEMBER -MonthOctoberName oftheChapterFestivalsOnline exams of 1st term were held.Learning Objectives1. Knowledge of all thefestivals celebrated inthe country.2. Knowledge of theculture and tradition.3. Understanding thevirtue of unity indiversity.4. Knowledge of the dateof festivals, specialdish, clothes peoplewear on all thefestivals.Online Activities4. Videorelated tothe lessonFestivals.5. Specialclass on thecelebrationof thefestival (inwhich whywe celebrateit). Childrenand teacherwould bedressed upin propercostume)6. Make agreetingcard andshare it withyourfriends.Learning Outcomes2. Students willable tounderstand thedifferentfestivals andits importance.3. Create afeeling ofbrotherhood.4. Knowledge ofall the cultureand traditionsof our country.5. Feeling ofhappinessamongstudents.

MyClassroomMonthNovember1. Knowledge of thethings and utility of allthe articles in theclassroom2. Sense of Discipline.3. Sense of Motivation,values and skill1. Showing thepicture oftheclassroomStudents willbe able tounderstand thethings andarticles theysee in theclassroom andtheirimportance intheir life.Name of LearningOnline ActivitiesLearning OutcomestheObjectivesChapterGood5. Importance7. Video related6. Students willMannersof mannersto the lessonable toandand habits“Good mannersunderstand theHabitsin our life.and Habits.”importance of6. Knowledge8. Story telling.manners andof the9. Arrangementhabits in life.magicalof a special7. Understandingwords in ourclass in orderof the magicallife i.e,to make thewords in our life.Sorry,students8. Importance ofPlease,understandsaying Please,Thank you.good habits,Thank you,7. Imbibe themanners andExcuse me,values ofmoral scienceSorry.helpingactivities.9. Understandingothers,of the values insharing ourour life.things.10. All the moral8. Knowledgevalues.of beingpunctualand all thegood habits.MySchoolKnowledgeof

DETAILED SYLLABUS FOR FIRST SEMESTER BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN SOHAN LAL PUBLIC SCHOOL(2021-22) April-September ENGLISH- READER:- L -1 (Manu and His Family), L -2 (Friends in the Park), L- 4 (My Red Bicycle), Difficult words, Questions and Answers, Make sentences, Jumbled words, Back exercises.

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