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REGULATIONS FOR MASTER’S DEGREESDEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESFLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITYMaster of Science – (Thesis)Master of Science – (Non-Thesis Option 1)Master of Science in Teaching - (MST/Non-Thesis Option 2)Professional Science Master’s in Business Biotechnology - (PSM-BB)Combined B.S/M.S with a Major in Biological Science – (BS/MS)(Revised August 2017)(use hyperlinks in blue to access websites & documents directly)I. GENERAL PROCEDURES AND REQUIREMENTSA) Admission/Application Procedures Apply online through the Graduate College link: ll application requirements (see section C, below) must be completed by the respective deadlines (seesection B, below); otherwise, application will not be reviewed. Students must then re-apply for the nextapplication review cycle.Admission to the Master’s Programs will be based upon the specific application/admission requirements belowB) Deadlines to ApplyFall Term January 15Spring Term October 1Late Applications and required documents will not be accepted after deadlines (see Section A, above).C) Application/Admission Requirements:1) Academic Record (upload copy of unofficial transcript via Graduate College application process)a)Thesis, Non-Thesis Option 1, and Non-Thesis Option 2 (MST)Requirement: 3.0 or better average on the last 60 hours of undergraduate creditsor established graduate level proficiencyb) Professional Science Master in Business of Biotechnology (PSM-BB)Requirement: 3.2 or better average on the last 60 hours of undergraduate creditsor established graduate level proficiency2) Letters of recommendation: 3 are required; submitted electronically via Graduate Collegeapplication process3) Statement of goals and interests: Upload statement via Graduate College application process4) Graduate Record Examination: Minimum GRE scores [Verbal 151 and Quantitative 148](GRE scores older than 5 years will not be accepted). Upload copy of GRE scores electronically viaGraduate College application process5) Graduate Student Biology Faculty Advisor Verification Form Completed: Submittedelectronically via Graduate College application process. (See section I I , Advisor & GraduateSupervisory Committee, below)1

D) Prerequisite Requirements:Although an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences is the usual mode of preparation, applicantsfrom other fields of science such as mathematics, computer sciences, physical sciences, and social sciencesare welcome and considered individually. Undergraduate training is expected to include introductorybiology, calculus, physics, and biochemistry. Deficiencies in these preparatory courses can be corrected bytaking the appropriate courses or by passing equivalency exams. The student’s Advisor and GraduateSupervisory Committee will be responsible for deciding which of these deficiencies must be correctedbefore the students complete the graduate degree.E) Transfer Credits:Up to 1/3 (or 12 out of 36, for a typical program) of the credits required for a degree track might betaken at FAU as a non-degree seeking student and applied to their graduate degree requirements.Master's programs may accept a maximum of 6 graduate credits earned from another institution beyond abaccalaureate degree (University Catalog for Transfer Credit Policy).F) Conditional AcceptanceApplicants who show promise, but fail to meet the department's minimum standards, can be admitted on"conditional status." Such students must complete a minimum of two (2) graduate courses taken for a lettergrade (not S/U) with a minimum of ‘B” grade in each class. Satisfactory performance in these courses willenable the student to be reevaluated by the MS Graduate Programs in Biology Committee for official entryinto the graduate program. Excluding summer terms (when graduate class offerings are limited),Conditionally-admitted students should complete the two (2) graded courses in their first term (either fall orspring, depending upon when they were admitted).G) Term Enrollment:Students who are accepted must register for classes for the term in which they were accepted – there areno deferments. Students who do not register in their initial term will have their application recordsdeactivated and, thus, will need to reapply if they wish to be considered for future enrollment.II.ADVISOR & GRADUATE SUPERVISORY COMMITTEEA) FAU Biology Departmental Advisor Prior to acceptance into the graduate program, each student must have an FAU Biology DepartmentalAdvisor (i.e., whose formal appointment is in the Biology Department; please see the following linkshowing Biology Departmental Faculty ms program faculty.phpwith the Graduate Faculty or Associate Graduate Faculty (if approved by the Biology Department)designation, who agrees by completing the Graduate Student Biology Faculty Advisor Verification form tosupervise the student's graduate program sponsor verificaiton form.pdf Affiliate Faculty (formerly called Courtesy Appointments) are non-FAU employees who can be appointedas Graduate Faculty Associate Graduate Faculty, or Graduate Lecturers and at most, can only co-chairMaster's Committees. The Graduate College will maintain the updated list of approved Graduate Facultyand associate Graduate Faculty for the University.B) Formal definitions, policies and procedures for Appointments in Biology within the purview of theGraduate College policy: Graduate College Policy: All thesis/dissertation committee members must obtain Graduate Facultystatus; otherwise the Graduate College will not recognize their signatures on a thesis/dissertation.2

FAU Faculty (Biology and non-biology faculty members) must be added to the Graduate Program Facultylist for the Program in which they wish to participate and then added to the GraduateCollege’s Graduate Faculty list by that Program. Non-FAU Faculty (faculty employed by another university or institution) must first become affiliates, thenbe added to the Graduate Program Faculty by the Program Committee and then added to the GraduateFaculty.1. Affiliate Status (external/non-FAU Faculty)a. Per the Graduate College and COS: Non-FAU faculty must obtain Affiliate status beforethey can obtain Graduate Faculty statusi. Voted in as Affiliates by Biology Faculty and added to the banner system by COS(obtain Z#, FAU login, library access, etc.)2. Joint Appointments (Non-biology, internal FAU Faculty)a. Formal interdepartmental/cross-college association (letter on file with bothdepts./colleges)b. Voted on by Biology Facultyc. Joint appointments will usually have already obtained Graduate Faculty Statusthrough their own department(provided that their department offers at least on graduateprogram)i. If their home department does not have a graduate program of their own,Graduate Faculty Status must be voted on within Biology (Biology must submitan application to the Grad College on their behalf)3. Graduate Program Faculty Status (Internal and external faculty)a. Program Faculty Status must be voted on by the Graduate Program in which theindividual wishes to participateb. The Program Faculty list is maintained internally by the program/concentration4. Graduate Faculty Status (FAU and Non-FAU Faculty)a. For MS Program Facultyi. Candidates are simultaneously voted into MS Program Faculty and Grad Facultystatus by the MS Program Committeeii. A Graduate Faculty application is then submitted to Grad College throughCOS (faculty list maintained by Graduate College—available on GC webpage)C) M.S. Supervisory Committee Membership Requirements & FormThe M.S. Supervisory Committee consists of three Biology Graduate Faculty Members that will guide andfacilitate the student’s progress toward completion of their Master Degree. The committee members must holda doctoral degree and be a member of the Graduate Faculty or Associate Graduate Faculty. The GraduateCollege maintains the updated list of approved Graduate Faculty Committee aff/graduate-faculty.php1) During the end of your first semester or beginning of your second semester meet with your Advisor tostart forming your committee. (For PSM-BB students your committee will be designated by the MSGraduate Program and Dr. Binninger)2) Download the M.S. Supervisory Committee Membership form p3) A minimum of three (3) Biology Graduate Faculty members are required (including the advisor)4) An optional fourth (or more) member can be accepted.5) The Department must approve the Graduate Supervisory Committee, which requires completion of theSupervisory3

Committee Membership Form (which each professor agreeing to serve on the Committee must sign)6) The Supervisory Committee Membership Form must be submitted to the Biology office (SC 136) byend of second semester, to be considered making adequate progress.III. GENERAL ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS Only graduate students enrolled for 9 semester hours are considered "full-time." Students must maintain aminimumgrade point average of 3.0 [B] each semester in all course work. Passing grades: The grades of "A" through "C," and "S," are passing grades.Note: The grades of "B-," "C " and "C," while considered passing for undergraduate students, are indicative ofunsatisfactory work for graduate students and may not be accepted for some courses. Failing grades: The grades of "C-," "D ," "D," "D-," "F" and "U" are failing grades. No credits are earned incourses in which grades of "AU," "CR," "F," "I," "U," "W," "WM" or "ZR" are received.The student's Graduate Supervisory Committee may, at its discretion, require reading proficiency in a foreignlanguage. If it does, the student must be certified by the Department of Language and Linguistics.Certification is generally given if the student has intermediate language skills, as evidenced by any of thefollowing: two (2) semesters of college level foreign language; eight (8) CLEP credits in a foreign language;fluency in a foreign language; or passing an exam.IV. MANDATORY PROGRAM MEETINGSAnnually (or biannually) the MS Graduate Program in Biology will have a meeting(s) required of all studentsin the program which will be on the Friday before classes start in Fall and Spring terms, respectively. Programrequirements, updates, introductions, orientation and question/answers will be among the topics.Such meetings will likely be the only time all students in the program will meet simultaneously. THUS,THEY ARE MANDATORY. Those who miss such meetings without prior approval (which must be petitioneda minimum of 1 month in advance of a meeting) are considered out of good standing, and risk removal from theprogram.V. DEPARTMENTAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT.A) Teaching Assistantships"Full-time" graduate students (i.e., enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits) may be eligible for a TeachingAssistantship T.A.)( 20 hrs/wk), which will provide a salary and partial coverage of tuition (including waivingout-of-statetuition rates for non-Florida residents). All credit hours covered by the Tuition benefit(see section D below) must be required for the degree, courses not required you will have to pay out ofpocket . For the official Graduate College policies, please see section VI, below, Tuition Benefits Policy forGraduate Students.1) T.A. Assignments: Are distributed based on the following Priority System: First and second year MS Thesis students making adequate progress have highest priority over bothnon- thesis, PSM-BB and BS/MS students (and support is normally given for a two-year period only)4

Students admitted under normal status have priority over those admitted conditionally (until thoselatter students are officially accepted; see Admission Procedures section on p. 1) Subject knowledge and teaching ability/past performance Because of the relatively few number of summer TA positions (fewer courses are offered in thesummer), and Integrative Biology PhD students are given highest priority for such positions, all MSare lower priority. When TA positions are available to MS students, the basic priority system abovewill be used to make assignments. However, MS students should not plan on getting a summer TA morethan one time.2) TA Request: Each semester all students in our Biology MS Graduate programs, and who are in Good Standing, willreceive an email regarding TA support. You must respond to this email by the designated deadline (stated in the email) to be considered for a TAposition for the upcoming term3) Performance Evaluation:Performance as a TA is evaluated and monitored continuously during the teaching assignment by eitherthe Laboratory Supervisor and/or Professor. TA academic progress and success is evaluated annually by theGraduate Program Committee (see Annual Evaluation section IV-B below). Students are expected todemonstrate dedication and ethical behavior in regard to their T.A. duties. This includes teaching andadministering the required materials presented by the Laboratory Supervisor and/or assigned Professor.4) Grade Requirement:Students must maintain excellence in their own course work; minimum grade point average of 3.0 [B]must be maintained each semester in all course work attempted. For those in research tracks, competencyand progress in research must be demonstrated and maintained.5) T.A. Contract Termination:T.A. contracts can be terminated at any time (including those underway), and loss of consideration forfuture T.A. support, in cases where there is a serious dereliction of duties. Additionally, graduate students onacademic probation will not normally be considered for T.A. positions.6) Mandatory T.A. Meetings: TA’s are all required to attend mandatory orientation meetings prior to each term – so do not schedulecommitments that would conflict with these meetings. Those who do not attend these required meetingsmay have their contracts cancelled. Students must petition the MS Graduate Programs in BiologyCommittee at least 1 month in advance of such scheduled meetings for approval, to be excused fromattending. Annual or biannual mandatory MS Program meetings must also be attended by ALL graduate students inthe program (see Mandatory Program Meeting section IV, above)B) Teaching Assistantships for International Students As part of our commitment to excellence in teaching, Florida Atlantic University has established a minimumlevel of English language and teaching proficiency by which all international graduate students may work asgraduate teaching assistants. To assure that these standards are upheld, the Graduate College in conjunctionwith the Department of Teaching and Learning has established the Seminar for International Teaching Assistants(SITA).5

SITA is a multi-purpose program designed to prepare international graduate students to teach undergraduatestudents at FAU. Such preparation includes developing an understanding of the teaching role in Americanuniversity classrooms, providing training in English pronunciation and intonation, practicing classroomcommunication skills and instructional strategies, and assisting students during the first semester of teaching atFAU. All international teaching assistants are required to successfully pass a panel review prior to beginningtheir teaching assignments. The SITA program takes place the week before fall semester classescommence. There are nine additional sessions offered throughout the fall semester, for a subset of teachingassistants requiring additional language and teaching development. Contact the Graduate College or see thefollowing linkfor additional information stants.phpC) Research AssistantshipsResearch assistantships (RA) might be available. Please check with your advisor about availability.VI. TUITION BENEFITS POLICY FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS(Ratified by the Graduate College – March 2013; See link Graduate College Graduate Assistantship and Tuition Benefits foradditional information: .php)A) Introductory InformationThroughout this section, the term graduate assistant(s) is used generically to represent a graduate student whois receiving tuition benefits related to employment as a graduate research assistant, graduate teaching assistant,graduate research associate, graduate teaching associate, or graduate student worker. Graduate assistants areeligible to receive tuition benefits for up to 27 credit hours in a given academic year, provided allrequirements listed below are met:1) The appointment period must be continuous within the official beginning and ending dates of the academicsemesteror summer session.2) The level of tuition benefit available to students is driven by the FTE of the appointment.a) To receive 100% tuition benefits in the fall and spring semesters, students must have a 0.5 FTEappointment (20 hours per week) and be classified as full-time graduate students. (Refer to the Full-TimeGraduate Student Classification Status section below.)b) Students who have met the conditions in (a) above during the previous fall or spring semester may receive100% tuition benefits during the summer term with no minimum enrollment requirement provided theyhave at least a 0.25 FTE appointment.c) Students with FTE employment conditions between 0.25 and 0.5 receive a tuition benefit percentageequal to twotimes the FTE appointment provided they are enrolled full time.d) Except as provided by (b) above, students with an enrollment status less than full time (as defined by theFull- Time Graduate Student Classification Status below) are eligible to receive 50% tuition benefitsprovided their appointment is at least 0.25 FTE.3) All credit hours paid by this tuition benefit must be necessary to complete the graduate degree4) The number of credit hours for which graduate students can receive tuition benefits is set at 10% above thepublished credit hour total for the degree program. Courses taken to remove deficiencies as indicated on thePlan of Study are allowable and do not count toward the 10% limit.5) An approved Plan of Study is required to receive tuition benefits beyond the second semester of the6

assistantship. Students receiving tuition benefits as part of an assistantship are required to file a Plan of Studyand obtain final approval from the Graduate College by the end of the second semester of the assistantship.6) Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 based on the degree requirements as stipulated on theapproved Plan of Study.All graduate assistants receiving tuition benefits for the first time in fall 2013 or beyond will besubject to this policy. Graduate assistants who received tuition benefits prior to the fall 2013 term willnot be held to this policy until fall semester 2015. Their benefits will be governed by the 2009 EligibilityGuidelines for Graduate Assistants to Receive TuitionB) Benefits Information Graduate assistants who resign or terminate their assistantship prior to completing the continuousemployment period will forfeit all their tuition benefits and must repay the university the full amountof tuition paid by this benefit for the term in which they were enrolled. Programs requiring enrollment in 30 credit hours in an academic year (as indicated in the universitycatalog)will be granted tuition benefits to cover these credits. The last day to receive tuition benefits in any given semester is the “last day to drop/add courseswithout consequences” as indicated in the FAU academic calendar. After this date students will not beeligible to receive tuition benefits in that semester. To use tuition benefits for graduate researchassistants, prior approval by the Dean of the Graduate College is required. If allowed by the fundingsource, the Principal Investigator(s) shall budget for research assistants at the in-state tuition rate.Should a non-Florida resident be employed, the non-resident fee will be funded by the university’stuition waiver budget. To use tuition benefits to support graduate assistants employed in nonacademic offices, prior approval by the Dean of the Graduate College is required. To use tuition benefits to support graduate teaching assistants and graduate assistants employed in theacademic colleges, the College Deans will be provided tuition benefit budgets each year by the Provostbased on past use and projected needs prior to budget construction. In order to award an assistantship, both the stipend and accompanying tuition benefit must beavailable. The amount of the tuition benefit cannot be manipulated, reduced, or eliminated to fulfill thisrequirement. Graduate assistants may not work more than a total of 20 hours per week for all appointmentscombined during the fall and spring semesters. However, graduate assistants may work additionalhours with prior approval by the Dean of the Graduate College using Form 10 – Request to Waive aUniversity Requirement. Graduate assistants in their last semester of study are to enroll only in the number of credit hoursnecessary to fulfill their degree requirements. Graduate assistants who have completed all degreerequirements as listed on their Plan of Study but must remain enrolled in order to complete theirthesis or dissertation are to enroll only in one thesis/dissertation credit hour. Graduate assistantswho take reduced credit hours under these conditions can petition to be classified full-timegraduate students using the procedure as outlined in the section below entitled Full-Time GraduateStudent Classification Status. International students affected by this policy must consult with the ISSSOffice regarding the Reduced Course Load requirements to assure compliance with U.S. Immigrationlaws. A reduced enrollment status can impact disbursement of financial aid and qualification for healthinsurance, depending upon the rules of the lending institution and insurance provider. It is theresponsibility of the student to know the enrollment status requirements of individual lendinginstitutions and insurance providers.7

Exceptions to these requirements may only be made with prior approval by the Dean of the GraduateCollege.C) Important Note Regarding Financial Aid All students must notify the Office of Student Financial Aid immediately if they receive oranticipate receiving a tuition waiver or exemption, as financial aid may be affected. Tuition waiversare considered “resources” and must be considered a part of a student’s financial aid package. To reportoutside awards, complete the Student Statement of Outside Resources and submit to the Office ofStudent Financial Aid. Should it later be found that you are receiving outside resources which youneglected to report, your financial aid package will be adjusted retroactively to include these resources.This adjustment may result in repayment of previously disbursed financial aid. It is the student’s responsibility to pay all “student fees.”D) Full-Time Enrollment Fall and Spring semesters: Graduate students registered for 9 or more credits are considered full-time,registrations for 7 credits are considered 3/4-time, and registrations for 5 credits are considered halftime. Summer semester: Graduate students registered for 6 credits are considered full-time, registrations for 5credits are considered 3/4-time and registrations for 3 credits are considered half-time.E) Eligibility Guidelines for Petitioning Graduate Equivalent Full Time Status (Form #14)Graduate students may petition to take fewer credits and maintain full-time graduate student status. Studentsmust meet the eligibility guidelines below to submit the petition and must satisfy at least one of the followingthree conditions:1) Master's degree students who have completed all required coursework as listed on their approvedPlan ofStudy and are only enrolled in thesis credits may petition to be classified as full-time graduatestudents with an enrollment of at least 3 credits.2) All graduate students who have completed all coursework and thesis/dissertation credits as listedon their approved Plan of Study and are only enrolled to satisfy continuous enrollmentrequirements to complete their thesis or dissertation may petition to be classified as full-timegraduate students with an enrollment of at least 1 credit.3) All graduate students in their last semester of study, as verified by their approved Plan of Study,may petition to be classified as full-time graduate students with an enrollment of the remainingcredits needed to complete their degree.Those eligible students (i.e., student meets at least one of the criteria, above) who will be submitting thepetition must also meet the following additional requirements:1) An approved Plan of Study on file in the Graduate College;2) Maintained continuous enrollment during the previous 12-month period3) Enrolled in the minimum number of credits as stipulated by one of the 3 applicable conditionsabove.4) A separate petition must be submitted for each term in which this status is being soughtImportant Considerations Before Submitting Form#14. A reduced enrollment status can impact disbursement of financial aid and qualification for health8

insurance, depending upon the rules of the lending institution and insurance provider. It is the responsibility of the student to know the enrollment requirements of individual lendinginstitutions, insurance providers, and fellowship stipulations. International students must also meet all International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)requirementsGraduate College Webpages for Form #4Please use these links for petition forms and additional information (the 1 st link is to the Graduate CollegeForms and Procedures webpage; the 2nd link is specifically for Form 14, which is one of many forms found onthe 1st andprocedures/docs/FORM 14 Graduate Equivalent Full Time Status Waiver.pdfVII. REGISTRATION FORM REQUIRED FOR NON-COURSE CREDITSStudents registering for Master’s Proposal (BSC 6905), Master’s Defense (BSC 6905), Master’s Thesis (BSC6971), Directed Independent Studies (DIS)(BSC 6905) or PSM-BB Internship (either Business or Science)(BSC 6905) must complete a registration form that is signed by both you and your advisor. Then send thecompleted and signed form to or bring directly to Biology Office at SC 136.See link below for registration x.phpVIII. MASTER’S DEGREE OPTIONS AND REQUIREMENTSA. The Biology Department offers 5 Master of Science Degree ProgramsMaster of Science – (Thesis Option)(36 credits)Master of Science – (Non-Thesis Option 1)(36 credits)Master of Science in Teaching - (MST/Non-Thesis Option 2)(30-36 credits)Professional Science Master’s in Business Biotechnology - (PSM-BB)(34 credits)Combined BS/MS with a Major in Biological Science - (120 for the undergraduate degree and33-36 for the master's degree).Below are brief descriptions of each program:MS Thesis Option requires completion of a research project and thesis. This option is tailored forstudents interested in doing research or contemplating graduate work for a Ph.D. degree.MS Non-Thesis Option #1 is designed for students who wish to improve their knowledge in the biologicalsciences through a rigorous series of courses and exams, or for Integrative Biology PhD students choosingBiology for a Master's Along The Way (MALW) degree.MS Non-Thesis Option #2 ( Master in Science Teaching) is designed for students who wish to satisfyrequirements for teaching in high school or junior college. In addition to regular course work, students inthis option may also elect to complete a Research Report (a short paper describing the results andsignificance of a circumscribed research project). Depending upon background, students may also berequired to take 6 hrs of Education Internship credits.9

Professional Science Master’s in the Business of Biotechnology (PSM-BB) Option is intended as aterminal degree for students interested in entering the workforce following completion of the degree. Theprogram is tailored for the student with undergraduate training in biology or chemistry who is primarilyinterested in working in the business-side of the emerging biotechnology industry. The program includestraditional classroom courses in both business and science that culminates in two internship experiences.The first internship provides experience working side-by-side with a research scientist. The second internshipexposes the student to the business-side of the biotechnology industry.Combined BS/MS Option is a Molecular and Biotechnology fast track to an MS degree (Please see currentFAU University catalog for complete details).This combined degree program leads to both bachelor's (B.S.) and master's (M.S.) degrees in BiologicalSciences with an emphasis in molecular biology and biotechnology. It is a laboratory intensive curriculum thatprovides hands-on training for students who are interested in a career in the rapidly expanding field ofbiotechnology. This program will also provide excellent preparation for pursuing advanced degree studiesB. Specific requirements for each MS optionMaster of Science with Major in Biological Sciences (Thesis Option)This M.S. degree requires a minimum of 36 total credits (at least half or 18 must be Biology Departmentcourses): 12 credits of coursework at the 6000 level (exclusive of any research credits), 6 credits of Master'sThesis (BSC 6971) and 2 credits of seminar (BSC 6905). One seminar credit is given for presenting a thesisproposal, which should be given in the fall or spring of the first year. Another seminar credit is given forpresenting a thesis results seminar, which should be given in the fall or spring of the second year. No furthergraduate seminar credits count toward fulfilling degree requirements.

The M.S. Supervisory Committee consists of three Biology Graduate Faculty Members that will guide and facilitate the student's progress toward completion of their Master Degree. The committee members must hold a doctoral degree and be a member of the Graduate Faculty or Associate Graduate Faculty. The Graduate

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