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SmartPath to dStreamMR systemsThe smart approachto digital MRI

From the very beginning, Philips has always had one thingat the heart of our company – our mission to improvepeople’s lives through meaningful innovation. Thismission inspires us to work with you to find the shortestpath to the best care at the lowest cost. It drives us tocreate technology that makes a difference – to those whorun our MR systems, those who read the images, andthose patients who benefit from confident diagnoses.Philips is dedicated to improving and saving lives throughinnovation. In radiology, we develop our solutions inpartnership with clinicians and customers. Your patientscan have better, more personalized care, while you makethe best use of time and budget. We partner with youto drive clinical performance, enhance patient and userexperience, and ensure economic value, within andbeyond the walls of your enterprise.Drive clinical performanceOur technical advances in image quality and anatomicalintelligence are focused on clinical reality. We innovateto make a difference in people’s health.Enhance patient and user experienceWe deliver patient comfort by reducing examination timesand creating soothing environments. We provide patientcentric imaging to support first-time-right imaging results.Innovationthat matters to you2Ensure economic valueTo help you maximize your MR investment, we designour systems to pay off quickly and return dividends for along time, through upgrade programs, extensive serviceofferings, and low operating costs.3

Drive clinicalperformanceLaunch your MR system into the digital eraKey Benefits Enhanced imagequality Cost-effective Improved workflowand patient comfortSmartPath to dStream offersall the benefits of digitalbroadband architecture,without the cost and hassleof installing a completelynew system.Ingenia owners enjoy enhanced image quality, outstandingclinical capabilities, an excellent patient experience, andexceptional workflow from dStream, Ingenia’s broadbanddigital architecture. Now you can launch your MRsystem into the digital era, benefitting from dStreamand all its advantages – on your existing magnet.dStream delivers Image clarity: You will benefit from fully digital coils that boost imagequality by capturing the MR signal as close as possible to the patient. Speed: iPatient streamlines workflow and reduces exam time, byenabling imaging with fewer, lighter coils and faster patient set up. Expandability: You will never again have to upgrade your RF receivechannels. Channel independence means you can expand your coilfamily without channel conflicts.Imaging 2.0Imaging 2.0, Philips revolutionary imagingapproach signals our endless quest to raisethe bar on clinical excellence – by workingwith you to develop innovations thatenable you to collaborate freely, diagnoseconfidently, and care passionately.More for lessSmartPath to dStream brings you: dStream image quality with up to 40%more SNR* dStream iPatient patient management:up to 30% improvement in yourthroughput** in a variety ofroutine exams Increased patient space in routineapplications like spine and body, due tointegrated posterior coil Higher return on investment than with anew system purchase Faster installation, minimal disruption:no magnet removal*Up to 40% more SNR compared to Achieva as non digital/dStream system**Up to 30% higher throughput. Hinged upon the unique FlexCoverage Posterior coil that provides neck-to-toe coverage without the need forany manual removal or repositioning, iPatient enables imaging with fewer coils and reduces coil positioning and patient setup time.45

The digital advantageA technological breakthrough, dStreamelevates clinical performance, acceleratespatient management, and improveseconomic value.Digital clarity and speeddStream captures a high quality MR signal – directlyin the coil on the patient. It then sends the signal tothe reconstructor via fiber-optic cable, for losslessbroadband data transmission. With SmartPath todStream, you’ll benefit from an SNR that equals thatof Ingenia, as well as dS SENSE parallel imaging, foroutstanding image quality and speed.Fast, consistent RF transmissionFor 3.0T systems, dStream delivers consistency andspeed with MultiTransmit 4D parallel RF transmittechnology, which allows for excellent RF transmissioneven during real-time applications. MultiTransmitreduces dielectric shading, helps manage local SpecificAbsorption Rate (SAR), and takes advantage of superbRF management.Improved economic valueWith dStream you never have to worry aboutupgrading your RF receive channels to keep upwith advantages in coil technology. Becausedigitization occurs in the RF coil, the channelsavailable are determined by the coil, rather than thesystem. This enables plug-and-play expansion ofclinical capabilities without major hardware upgrades,resulting in lower lifecycle costs and improvedeconomic value.Your MRItodayIntera/AchievaYour MRItomorrowSmartPathto dStreamEnhanced SNR and speedT2W, TSE done on Achieva 1.5T withSENSE XL Torso coil: 30 seconds versusSmartPath to dStream with dS Torso coil:14 seconds6* compared to Achieva.Enhanced volumetric imagingVISTA FLAIR in 8:16 min. versusBrainView FLAIR in MPR 4:53 min.Enhanced uniformity and contrastCine balanced TFE done onconventional* 3.0T versus SmartPath todStream with MultiTransmit 4D7

Enhance patient anduser experienceAccelerate patient managementSmartAssist and iPatient workflow – as part of the dStreamarchitecture - accelerate patient management to match that ofIngenia. SmartAssist is the next generation of Philips powerfulcombination of SmartExam and ExamCards. It can decreasethe number of repetitive tasks supporting greater efficiency,consistency, and reproducibility.SmartAssist efficiency assistance includes: SmartStart: Moves the table to isocenter and startsthe exam at the touch of a button. SmartSelect: Automatically determines which coilsand elements should be activated to produce thehighest SNR for the selected area. SmartExam: Positions slices on the target anatomy,reducing operator input to as little as a singlemouse click. It is optionally available for brain,spine, shoulder, knee, and breast imaging.FlexCoverage Posterior coilIntegrated underneath thetabletop, the FlexCoveragePosterior coil is the answerfor about 60% of your routineapplications, providing neckto-toe coverage, head-or-feetfirst, without coil handling orpositioning. The posterior coilcombines effortlesly with otherdStream coils for large coverage,and fast and easy patient setup.FlexCoverage Anterior coil*By combining the lightweightFlexCoverage Anterior coilwith the Posterior coil, you canimage anatomies from abovethe shoulder to the toe. Due toits unique design, it conformscomfortably to the patient’s bodyshape, allowing fast and easypositioning.dS HeadNeckSpineThe integrated dS HeadNeckSpinecoil solution expands the field ofview to 200 cm. It simply clicks tothe digital table, allowing fewersteps in patient set up and lessconnectors.FlexCaddy coil storage cart*If other dStream coils are required,you can choose from a variety ofcoil solutions. Additional coils canbe stored in the optionalFlexCaddy coil storage cart, readilyavailable at the table-side.FlexConnect connectionFlexConnect enables singlehanded coil connections as wellas auto-eject for easy tableundocking.FlexTrak Patient Transport System*FlexTrak dockable patient transportsystem provides simplified patientpreparation, handling, andtransportation from the preparationroom to the MR scanner, as well aseasy exam set up.Achieva 1.5TPre examset-uptimePost examset-uptomeScan timeSmartPath to dStream30% SmartLink: Simplifies the planning, viewing andprocessing of multi-sequence, multi-station exams,treating multi-station exams as one volume. SmartLine: Performs intelligent backgroundprocessing (such as volume view, diffusion,perfusion, etc.) of multiple image datasets inparallel with image acquisition which saves time.Increase your throughputiPatient is a concept in exam management designedto streamline workflow by allowing imaging with fewercoils. It significantly shortens set-up times by stronglyreducing the number of repetitive tasks. This can bringup to 30% improvement in your throughput in a varietyof routine exams.8Total exam time* optional9

Imaging excellenceSmartPath to dStream architecture and dS coil solutions resultin high SNR that benefit every application. You no longer haveto trade resolution for speed: now you can perform routineexams for brain, spine, knee, ankle, and liver within less than8 minutes with excellent image quality.Fast routine imagingFast routine imaging is enabled by dStream (dS)coil solutions tailored to your clinical needs andaddressing a full range of clinical situations. They aredesigned to provide exceptional: Intrinsic signal-to-noise ratio. Imaging coverage. Parallel imaging performance.“SmartPath to dStream is a phenomenalopportunity for us: not only to keep uscontemporary, but to maintain our leadover our competition“Enhanced SNR and coveragePDW TSE SmartPath to dStream with FlexM plus dSPosteriorExtended coveragedSTorso, 500 mm field of view T2W TSEt Enhanced workflow2 station total SpineT2W TSE with integrateddSTotalSpineDr. Chip Truwit MD, Chief of Radiology, Hennepin CountyMedical Center, Minneapolis, USA.dS-SENSE parallel imagingPowered by dStream architecture, dS-SENSE enableshigher parallel imaging factors for more speedand resolution. It includes quick, fully integratedreference scans which are planned automatically.u Enhanced workflowand SNR3 station total TorsoDWIBS with dSHeadNeckand dSTorsoMinutes86420T1T2flairDWIT2*brainT1 AxPD SagT2 Sag F/SPD Cor F/ST2 CorKneeT1 SagT2 SagT2 TSE AxBFFE AxC-spineT2 CorT1 3D IPT1 3D OPDiffusionT2 AxT2 Ax F/SFunctionT1 3D art.T1 3D portalT1 3D venousLiverSTIR SagPD CorPD Cor F/ST1 CorPD Ax F/SFoot/ankleRoutine exams for brain, spine, knee, ankle, and liver all within less than 8 min with excellent image quality.10Enhanced volumetric imaging3D BrainView FLAIR with dS-SENSE 5; 1.1mm3 isotropic resolution in 4:53minutes. Sagittal source image and axial MPRFast whole body imagingT2W TSE in 5 minutes with dSTorso anddS-SENSEAll images taken with SmartPath to dStream digital broadband MR on Ingenia 1.5T or Ingenia 3.0T11

Improveeconomic valueWith the SmartPath to dStream program, Philips again demonstratesits commitment to enhancing long life for its systems. A costeffective path to digital broadband MR, the program essentiallyextends system lifetime, resulting in a system that is like new, at asubstantially lower cost than a new system. There is no need todesign a new MR suite, and significantly less downtime is involved.The magnet can even remain in the exam room while the makeovertakes place resulting in much less disturbance to your facility.In addition, dStream’s channel independence makes channelupgrades a thing of the past, giving you access to coils with anynumber of channels without upgrading your RF receive system.Total costVirtually a new system for a very affordable priceIn addition to bringing full digital capabilities to yourMR system, SmartPath to dStream also completelyrenews the system, just as if you had bought a newMR. It extends the lifetime of your MR system by10 years from the moment of purchase.SmartPath to dStreamtransforms your Philips MRsystem into digital BroadbandMR without replacing themagnet from your existingsystem. This saves you theexpense of the magnet itself,as well as the constructionwork that would be necessaryto replace your magnet and/ormodify your MRI suite.SmartPath to s Stream12The program includes: New digital table, with integrated FlexCoveragePosterior coil and FlexConnect connectors. New magnet covers, with Philips unique light ringand dual-sided control. New digital backbone, with fiber-optics from the RFcoil to the reconstructor. New PC, reconstructor, and latest software release.Attractive financial optionsWhen your equipment is aging and reaching its “endof life”, you make a decision about upgrading orreplacing. SmartPath offers you attractive financialoptions when you make that choice. If you decideto upgrade, you can add the upgrade to your currentlease/ financing contract or start a new one for theupgrade only. Alternately, we can buy your system andlease it back to you with the latest upgrades included.And if you want to replace your equipment with a newsystem, you can trade in your old system at attractiveterms. Our local financing experts offer tailor-madefinancing solutions to meet your individual upgraderequirements. SmartPath gives you the choices youneed to manage your “return on investment” andcapital budgets.New install13

What isPhilips SmartPath?We collaborate with you in the long-range planning of your medical imagingneeds. With Philips SmartPath you can optimize, enhance, or transform yourexisting equipment so you have “like new” functionality throughout the wholelifecycle. You gain the most advanced enhancements in workflow, clinicalcapabilities and imaging quality with the equipment you already own.Philips SmartPath is a program that also helps you extend the life of yourequipment. You can get the latest technology for a fraction of the cost ordisruption of buying and installing new. If you prefer to replace your equipmentwith a new system, you can choose to trade in your current system at attractiveterms. And you can conserve capex budget by selecting a financing option thatsuits your business needs.SmartPath enables you to OptimizeMaintain high quality performance over the long termthrough regular and ongoing updates and improvements.EnhanceEnhance or expand your clinical capabilities and workflowefficiency, and adopt new ways of working, as you choose.Enabling you to attract more patients and qualified staffand to open doors to new service lines/revenue streams.TransformTransform your facility with next generation solutions thatmay reduce disruption through an easy and economicalupgrade path.Trade-inTrade-in your current system at attractive financial termswhen buying new equipment.14Count on us as your patients count on youStaying on top of today’s complex and ever changing healthcare environment ischallenging enough. The last thing you need to be concerned with is keeping yourcare systems up and running smoothly.At Philips, we work as one with your teams. We share their dedication to solveissues before they start and their drive to keep going day and night until the jobis done. With us taking care of your systems you can focus on what really matters– delivering better care, to more people, at lower cost. Together we can create ahealthier future.15

2016 Koninklijke Philips N.V. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to changewithout notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Royal Philips)or their respective owners.How to reach usPlease visit 22 991 12951 * Jan 2016Product

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