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Table ofContentsWELCOME LETTER2BENEFITS ELIGIBILITY3BENEFITS ENROLLMENT4HEALTH CARE BASICS5MEDICAL PLANS6BENEFIT PLAN PREMIUMS11BUDGETING FOR YOUR HEALTH CARE12DENTAL PLANS15VISION PLAN16EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING17LIFE INSURANCE19DISABILITY INSURANCE20LEGAL SERVICES21ADDITIONAL BENEFITS22RETIREMENT PLANNING23BENEFICIARY DESIGNATION24WORK-LIFE BALANCE25CALCULATE YOUR MEDICAL LIABILITY26This is a summary of benefits drafted in plain language to assist you in understanding what benefits are offered and does not constitutea policy. Detailed provisions are contained in each provider’s plan document. If there is a discrepancy between what is presented hereand the official plan documents, the plan documents will govern.

A MESSAGE FROM THEOFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCESDear City Colleague,The City and County of Denver remains dedicated to helping you bethe best you can be, especially in uncertain and challenging times.Throughout this guide you will find benefit plan options to help keepyou well and to prepare yourself for a secure future.Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to evaluate and choosewhich benefit plans are the best fit for you and your family.Enroll: October 12 – October 30, 2020 by 11:59 p.m.It's important to note that after Open Enrollment ends on October 30,2020, you will no longer be able to make changes to most of your 2021benefit plans without a qualifying life event.Use this guide and the Benefits & Wellness team as your resources tohelp educate yourself and choose the options that are best for you.What's New in 2021? Denver Health Medical Plan will no longer offer the DHMO plan in2021. Denver Health Medical Plan will instead offer a copay-onlyplan, called the HMO. The HMO plan has set copays for all servicesat Denver Health facilities only, with no annual deductibles to meet.If you are currently enrolled in the 2020 Denver Health Medical PlanDHMO plan, you will be automatically moved into the 2021 DenverHealth Medical Plan HMO option. Denver Health’s HDHP option is still offered in 2021, but services willbe covered at Denver Health facilities only. Cofinity and High Point(Children’s and University of Colorado) networks are no longercovered options in Denver Health plans in 2021. UnitedHealthcare’s pharmacy network will no longer include CVSas in-network in either UnitedHealthcare 2021 plan option - HDHP orColorado Doctors Plan.Log into Workday to find access to all 2021 employee benefit plansthrough the single Open Enrollment action found in your Workdayinbox. Remember to submit this action in the final step and keep acopy of your confirmation form for your records.You can visit denvergov.org/benefits or contact the OHR Benefits &Wellness team at 720.913.5697 or benefits@denvergov.org to learn more.Sincerely,The OHR Benefits & Wellness Team2

WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR BENEFITS?As a full-time (30-40 hours per week) or half-time (20-29 hours per week) unlimited,limited or Sheriff employee, you are eligible for City and County of Denver employeebenefits. If you are an on-call/seasonal employee, you may become eligible formedical coverage under the Affordable Care Act. You will be notified by the OHRBenefits team when you become eligible.BenefitsEligibilityWHAT IF I'M MARRIED TO, OR A PARENT/CHILD OF, ANOTHER CITY ANDCOUNTY OF DENVER EMPLOYEE?You can enroll in medical and dental coverage as an employee or as a dependentonly. You and your dependents cannot have dual coverage as both an employeeand a dependent under the City and County of Denver’s employee benefit plans.WHAT DEPENDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR HEALTH CARE COVERAGE?Your eligible dependents include:» Your spouse (including legally married and common-law) or your Colorado State Civil Union spouse (premiums are paid on anafter-tax basis)» Your children to age 26 (including a stepchild and adopted child)» Your dependent children of any age who are physically or mentally unable to care for themselvesWhen adding dependents, supporting documents must be provided. A list of acceptable dependent documents can be found atdenvergov.org/benefits.WHEN ARE MY BENEFITS EFFECTIVE, WHO PAYS FOR MY COVERAGE AND WHEN CAN I CHANGE MY ELECTION?BENEFIT TYPEEFFECTIVE DATEH Hire Date1st 1 st of the MonthFollowing Your HireDateENROLLMENTRESPONSIBILITYE Enrollment RequiredA Auto EnrollCOSTC City PaidS Shared ExpenseEE EmployeeCHANGES WHEN?A Auto EnrollOE Open EnrollmentQLE Qualified Life EventMedical1stESOE & QLEDental1stESOE & QLEVision1stEEEOE & QLEFlexible SpendingAccounts (FSA)1stEEEOE & QLEHealth Savings Account(HSA)1stES2Anytime & OEShort-Term Disability:Sick and VacationPaid Time Off (PTO)1st1stEAEE3COEAAdditional Life Insurance11stEEEAnytimeARAG Legal1stEEEOE & QLEDeferred Compensation1stEEEAnytimeRTD EcoPassHESMonthlyBasic Life InsuranceHACALong-Term Disability1stACAEmployee AssistanceHACAPensionHASAPaid Time Off (PTO)HACA(1) Includes spouse life, dependent children life and accidental death and dismemberment.(2) If you enroll in the high-deductible health plan (HDHP), the city will match contributions to your health savings account up to 300 for individualcoverage, and 900 for all other coverage tiers.(3) Employees hired prior to January 1, 2010, who remained on the sick and vacation leave plan can elect short-term disability and pay the entire cost.3

When can I enroll orchange my benefitelections?BenefitsEnrollmentAT OPEN ENROLLMENTAS A NEW HIRE OR REHIREDURING THE YEARDuring Open Enrollment you arechoosing your plans for the upcomingcalendar year (January 1-December 31).When newly hired into a benefit-eligibleposition you will have 30 days from yourhire date to choose your plans for theremainder of the calendar year in whichyou are hired.During the calendar year you mayexperience a qualified life event. Youwill have 30 days from the event date tosubmit your plan changes in Workday.All your benefit plan elections/changesare processed through Workday. ForOpen Enrollment, the benefit electionevent is automatically generated andwaiting in your Workday inbox ready foryou to take action choosing plans andsubmitting your elections. You can findthe link for Workday on the OHR Benefitswebpage at denvergov.org/benefits.All your benefit plan elections/changesare processed through Workday. For newhire or rehire, the benefit election event isautomatically generated and waiting inyour Workday inbox ready for you to takeaction choosing plans and submittingyour elections. You can find the link forWorkday on the OHR Benefits webpageat denvergov.org/benefits.For qualified life events, you will haveto create your own benefit electionevent in Workday, applicable to thetype of event: marriage/divorce, gain/loss of other coverage, etc. Supportdocumentation of the event will berequired prior to approval of changes.If you do not have Workday access,contact OHR Benefits prior to theOctober 30, 2020 open enrollmentdeadline.WE ARE HERE TO HELPYOU ENROLL ANDMAKE THE BENEFITSELECTIONS THAT ARERIGHT FOR YOU.web: denvergov.org/benefitsphone: 720.913.5697email: benefits@denvergov.orgtext: 720.515.64574

Health CareBasicsUnderstand your options.Before you can truly begin to evaluate the health care options available to you, hereare some basic concepts and terms to get you started.MEDICAL PLAN TYPESThe city offers three types of medicalplans from three providers: a healthmaintenance organization (HMO),deductible HMO (DHMO) and highdeductible health plan (HDHP).The HMO option offers you a wide arrayof health care services all within a selectnetwork of Denver Health MedicalCenter doctors and hospitals with aset copay for services and no annualdeductibles to be met.A DHMO option offers you a widearray of health care services, all withina select network of local Coloradodoctors and hospitals depending on theplan provider. It also offers set copaysfor some services, but can requirean annual deductible be met andcoinsurance payments after deductiblefor other services. The higher annualpaycheck costs and higher out-ofpocket maximums make the DHMOoptions the most costly for you and yourfamily.An HDHP option offers you the samewide array of health care services as anHMO or DHMO plan, but within a selectnetwork of local or national doctorsand hospitals depending on the planprovider. And UnitedHealthcare caneven offer out-of-network coverage.HDHP enrollment also allows for healthsavings account (HSA) contributions.The lowest paycheck costs and lowestout-of-pocket maximums make HDHPless costly for you and your family. Youcan lower these costs even further bytaking advantage of a generous HSAcontribution from the city through HSAmatching.NETWORKYour network is where you can gofor covered services and insurancediscounts.5» In-network includes doctors, hospitalsand pharmacies you can visit toreceive your insurance discount.» Closed network means a limitedand specific list of doctors, hospitalsand pharmacies you can visit forcovered services and insurancediscounts. Denver Health MedicalPlan and Kaiser Permanente plansare both closed networks.» Out-of-network typically includesdoctors, hospitals and pharmaciesyou might not be able to go tofor covered service or insurancediscounts. UnitedHealthcare’s HDHPoffers this coverage at higher coststo you.To minimize your costs, try to utilize innetwork services.COSTSCosts include what you are payingfor your insurance and any servicesthroughout the year.» Premiums are what you (and thecity) pay for your health care plans.Premiums are what you see deductedfrom your paychecks for your benefitplans.» Copayment or copay is a fixed dollaramount that you pay for a coveredhealth service. In an HMO, all copaysare set. In a DHMO, some copaysare set for certain services. And inan HDHP, copays aren't set until theannual deductible is met.» Coinsurance is your share of servicecosts after the annual deductible ismet, typically a percentage.» A deductible is the amount you mustpay each calendar year for coveredhealth services before the insuranceplan will begin to pay.» The out-of-pocket maximum is themost you will pay for covered healthservices during the calendar year. Allcopay, deductible and coinsurancepayments count toward the outof-pocket maximum. Once you’vemet your out-of-pocket maximum,your insurance plan will pay 100% ofcovered health services.TAX ADVANTAGESThe type of medical plan you choosealso comes with different tax-advantagedspending accounts.» A health savings account (HSA) isa bank account that you can use topay your HDHP out-of-pocket healthcare costs with pre-tax dollars fromyour paycheck or with employercontributions. Money deposited inan HSA stays with you, regardless ofemployer or health plan, and unusedbalances roll over year to year.» A health flexible spending account(FSA) is a spending account that youcan use to pay for health care costs(medical, dental and vision) withpre-tax dollars. Funds deposited intoa health FSA will be forfeited if you donot use them by the IRS deadline. Ifyou fund an HSA, you are not eligibleto contribute to a traditional healthFSA; however, you can fund a limiteduse FSA, which can only be used topay for qualified dental and visionexpense. Medical expenses areexcluded.

Choose the right plan.MedicalPlansThe city offers six medical plan options through three carriers: Denver Health MedicalPlan, Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealthcare. Each carrier offers a high-deductiblehealth plan (HDHP), both Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealthcare also offer adeductible HMO (DHMO) plan. UnitedHealthcare calls their DHMO the ColoradoDoctors Plan. New in 2021, Denver Health Medical Plan offers an HMO plan.HIGH-DEDUCTIBLE HEALTH PLANDEDUCTIBLE HMO (DHMO) PLAN» Lowest premium paycheck cost» Highest premium paycheck cost» Affordable premium paycheck cost» Generally, you pay the full cost of allcare until the annual deductible isreached» You will pay for some services in the formof a copay and the full cost of otherservices until the annual deductible isreached» You will pay for some services in the formof a copay» Highest deductible» After the annual deductible is reached,you will pay coinsurance or copay untilthe annual out-of-pocket maximum isreached» Lowest out-of-pocket maximumHMO PLAN» Lowest deductible» After the annual deductible is reached,you will pay either copay orvs. coinsurance until the annual out-ofpocket maximum is reached» You can budget for your out-of-pocketexpenses by funding a health savingsaccount (HSA) through Optum Bank » The city contributes to your HSA» For every 1 you deposit into your HSA,the city will match 2 up to 300¹ per yearfor individual coverage, or up to 900¹per year for all other coverage tiers» No deductible» High out-of-pocket maximum» You can budget for your out-of-pocketexpenses by funding a health flexiblespending account (FSA)vs.» Highest out-of-pocket maximum» You can budget for your out-of-pocketexpenses by funding a health flexiblespending account (FSA)» No city contribution to your FSA» If you contribute to an FSA, your wholepledge amount for the plan year isavailable for use on qualified expenseson the day your plan starts» No city contribution to your FSA» If you contribute to an FSA, your wholepledge amount for the plan year isavailable for use on qualified expenseson the day your plan starts» You must enroll in the Denver HealthMedical Plan HMO and must obtain allservices from a Denver Health provider.NUMBERS TO KNOWDEDUCTIBLEHDHP in-network deductible:Individual deductible: 1,450Family deductible: 2,900²DHMO in-network deductible:Individual deductible: 500Family deductible: 500 per memberup to 1,000HDHP in-network out-of-pocketmaximum:Individual out-of-pocket max: 2,900Family out-of-pocket max: 5,800²DHMO in-network out-of-pocketmaximum:Individual out-of-pocket max: 4,500Family out-of-pocket max: 4,500 permember up to 9,000HDHP in-network coinsurance:Denver Health Medical Plan: 10%Kaiser Permanente: 20%UnitedHealthcare: 20%DHMO in-network coinsurance: 20%HMO in-network deductible:Individual deductible: 0Family deductible: 0OUT-OF-POCKET MAXIMUMHMO in-network out-of-pocketmaximum:Individual out-of-pocket max: 3,000Family out-of-pocket max: 3,000 permember up to 6,000COINSURANCEHMO in-network coinsurance: 20%CONTRIBUTION LIMITSHSA contributions limits:Individual coverage: 3,600 per year(employer employee contributions)Health FSA contribution limits:Up to 2,750 per yearFamily limits: 7,200 per year(employer employee contributions)(1) The city HSA match is made twice per month. Employees covering just themselves, must contribute at least 6.25 per paycheck starting January 1, 2021 to receive the full 300 citycontribution. Employees covering family members, must contribute at least 18.75 per paycheck starting January 1, 2021 to receive the full 900 city contribution.(2) With an HDHP, when you elect family coverage, the individual deductible does not apply. You must satisfy the full family deductible before the plan begins to pay toward covered services.The same rule applies to the out-of-pocket maximum, you must satisfy the full family out-of-pocket maximum before the plan will cover all expenses for the remainder of the plan year.6

2021 Denver Health Medical PlancomparisonsDENVER HEALTH MEDICAL PLAN HMODENVER HEALTH MEDICAL PLAN HDHPIn-NetworkIn-NetworkSummary of Covered ServicesDenver HealthFacilities OnlyDenver HealthFacilities OnlyColorado OnlyColorado OnlyDeductibleOut-of-Pocket MaximumSingle/FamilyOffice VisitsPrimary Care PhysicianSpecialistNetworkPreventivePrescription Drugs 0 3,000 per individual/ 6,000 familySingleFamily 1,450 2,900 2,900 5,800 25 copay after first three visits1 40 copay10% after deductibleDenver Health Facilities OnlyDenver Health Facilities Only 0 010% after deductibleSee plan summary for details as costs vary by pharmacy location,Rx tier and length of supply (30-day or 90-day).Inpatient Hospital(per admission, including birth) 500 copay10% after deductibleOutpatient Hospital/AmbulatorySurgery 200 copay10% after deductible 0 copay10% after deductible 200 copay10% after deductibleLab and X-RayMRI/CAT/etc.Emergency Care20% coinsurance110% after deductibleUrgent Care 50 copay10% after deductibleMental HealthInpatientOutpatient 500 copay 25 copay10% after deductible10% after deductible20% coinsurance1 50 copay10% after deductible10% after deductible 50 copay(max 30 visits/year)10% after deductible(max 30 visits/year)Vision Exam 25 copay (one exam every 24 months)Not coveredChiropractic 50 copay2(max 20 visits/year)10% after deductible2(max 20 visits/year)Alcohol/Substance AbuseInpatientOutpatientPhys/Occ/Speech Therapy(1) HMO includes coinsurance for Emergency Care, Durable Medical Equipment, Home Health care, Skilled Nursing Facility, Outpatient Surgery/Physicianservices, all with no deductible to meet first and only up to out-of-pocket maximum.(2) Services must be provided by Columbine Chiropractic in order to be covered.DENVER HEALTH MEDICAL PLANNew in 2021, both Denver Health Medical Plans: HDHP and HMO are limitedto only Denver Health facilities. Children's and University of ColoradoHospitals and the Cofinity network are no longer considered in-network asof January 1, 2021.7To learn more about Denver Health MedicalPlan, visit denverhealthmedicalplan.org orcall 303.602.2100.

2021 Kaiser Permanente medical plancomparisonsSummary of Covered ServicesKAISER HDHPIn-Network OnlyIn-Network Only (Colorado Only)(Colorado Only)SingleFamily 500 per individual/ 1,000 family 1,450 2,900 4,500 per individual/ 9,000 family 2,900 5,800DeductibleOut-of-Pocket MaxSingle/FamilyKAISER DHMOOffice VisitsPrimary Care PhysicianSpecialist 0 copay1 75 copay120% after deductible20% after deductibleAlternative VisitsPhone/Email/Chat with DoctorNo chargeNo chargeKaiser Permanente facilities onlyKaiser Permanente facilities only 0 0 10/ 35/ 60/ 100 copay 10/ 35/ 60 copay after deductibleInpatient Hospital(per admission, including birth)20% after deductible20% after deductibleOutpatient Hospital20% after deductible20% after deductible 25 lab copay/ 25 X-ray copay20% after deductibleNetworkPreventivePrescription DrugsGeneric/Formulary/Non-formularyLab and X-RayMRI/CAT/etc. 250 copay20% after deductible20% after deductible20% after deductible 0 copay (Kaiser designated facility)20% after deductible (Kaiser designated facility)Mental HealthInpatientOutpatient20% after deductible 0 copay/visit120% after deductible20% after deductibleAlcohol/Substance AbuseInpatientOutpatient20% after deductible 0 copay/visit120% after deductible20% after deductible20% after deductible(max 20 visits/year)20% after deductible (max 20 visits/year)Vision Exam 0 copay20% after deductibleChiropractic 30 copay (max 20 visits/year)20% after deductible (max 20 visits/year)Emergency CareUrgent Care1Phys/Occ/Speech Therapy(1) The annual deductible and the 20% coinsurance apply for procedures performed during copay office and urgent care visits.CHOOSE THE RIGHT DOCTOR FOR YOUThe Kaiser Permanente plans provide in-network coverage only (except in the case of a medical emergency). If you enroll in theKaiser Permanente HDHP or DHMO, you must select a primary care physician who is responsible for overseeing your health care.With Kaiser Permanente medical offices across the front range area, it can be easy to find a doctor who is close to your home orworkplace. Most Kaiser Permanente medical offices house primary care, laboratory, X-ray and pharmacy services under one roof,which means you can visit your physician and manage many of your other needs in a single trip.CALL THE APPOINTMENT AND ADVICE LINETo learn more about Kaiser Permanente,If you have an illness or injury and you’re not sure what kind of care youvisit my.kp.org/denvergov or callneed, Kaiser Permanente advice nurses can help. With access to your303.338.4545.electronic health record, they can assess your situation and direct you to theappropriate facility, or even help you handle the problem at home until yournext appointment. For advice, call 303.338.4545, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For appointment services, call Monday throughFriday, 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.8

2021 UnitedHealthcare medical plancomparisonsUNITEDHEALTHCARE DHMOSummary of Covered ServicesIn-Network OnlyColorado Doctors Plan (CDP)DeductibleOut-of-Pocket MaxSingle/Family 500 per individual/ 1,000 family 4,500 per individual/ 9,000 familyUNITEDHEALTHCARE HDHPIn-Network (Nationwide)SingleFamilyOut-of-Network (Nationwide)SingleFamilyIn- and out-of-network ded. and out-of-pocket maximum do not cross apply 1,450 2,900 3,000 6,000 2,900 5,800 6,000 12,000Office VisitsPrimary Care PhysicianSpecialist 0 copay¹ 75 copay¹20% after deductible20% after deductible50% after deductible50% after deductibleAlternative VisitsPhone/Email/Virtual VisitNo charge20% after deductible50% after deductibleColorado Doctors Plan (CDP)Choice PlusOut-of-Network 0 0Not covered 10/ 35/ 60/ 100 copay 10/ 35/ 60 copayafter deductible 10/ 35/ 60 copayafter deductibleInpatient Hospital(per admission, including birth)20% after deductible20% after deductible50% after deductible2Outpatient Hospital20% after deductible20% after deductible50% after deductible2 25 lab copay/ 25 X-ray copay20% after deductible50% after deductible2 250 copay20% after deductible50% after deductible220% after deductible20% after deductible20% after deductible 0 copay¹20% after deductible50% after deductible20% after deductible 0 copay120% after deductible20% after deductible50% after deductible250% after deductible220% after deductible 50 copay20% after deductible20% after deductible50% after deductible250% after deductible2 0 copay(max 20 visits/year)20% after deductible(max 20 visits/year)50% after deductible2(max 20 visits/year)Vision Exam 50 copay(one exam every 24 months)20% after deductible(one exam every 24 months)50% after deductibleChiropractic 75 copay(max 20 visits/year)20% after deductible(max 20 visits/year)50% after deductibleNetworkPreventivePrescription DrugsTier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3/Tier 4Lab and X-RayMRI/CAT/etc.Emergency CareUrgent CareMental HealthInpatientOutpatientAlcohol/Substance AbuseInpatientOutpatientPhys/Occ/Speech Therapy(1) The annual deductible and the 20% coinsurance apply for procedures performed during copay office and urgent care visits.(2) Prior authorization required for certain services.UNITEDHEALTHCARE COLORADO DOCTORS PLAN DHMO (CDP)If you enroll in the UnitedHealthcare CDP, you must:» See Centura Health or New West Physicians doctors, specialists and hospitals.» Choose a PCP within Centura Health or New West Physicians network.» Go to welcometouhc.com/denver to select a PCP. Click Benefits, then Find a Doctor or Facility and then Colorado Doctors Plan.Once you find a PCP, email their 14-digit Physician ID number to CCDenrollment@uhc.com.You will no longer need a referral beforeseeing another network PCP or specialist.UNITEDHEALTHCARE HDHPTo learn more about UnitedHealthcare, visit welcometouhc.com/denveror call 855.828.7715 (CDP members) or 800.842.5520 (HDHP members).The UnitedHealthcare HDHP provides in- and out-of-network coverage, allowing you the freedom to choose any provider nationwide.However, you will pay less out of your pocket when you choose a UnitedHealthcare in-network provider.9

Receiving and managing care.Receive and manage care where and when you want it.DENVER HEALTH MEDICAL PLANManage your health online atdenverhealthmedicalplan.com or call303.602.2100.» Schedule appointments» Call the NurseLine» Visit a Walgreens Healthcare Clinicor King Soopers Little ClinicKAISER PERMANENTEManage your health online at kp.org orcall 303.338.4545 including:UNITEDHEALTHCAREYou can log in to myuhc.com or call800.842.5520 to:» View test results» Access claims information» Refill prescriptions» Manage your Optum Bank account» Schedule appointments, phoneappointments or E-visits» Refill prescriptions» Schedule virtual visits» Online chats called "Chat with aDoctor"» View appointment reminders» View claims information» Email your doctorON-DEMAND HEALTHCARE - DISPATCHHEALTH: BRINGING THE HOUSE CALL BACK TO YOUR HEALTH CARECity and County of Denver employees and dependents in any of the medical plans can avoid unnecessary expenses and tripsto the ER by using DispatchHealth. DispatchHealth is covered as an urgent care visit and can treat pains, sprains, cuts, wounds,high fevers, upper respiratory infections and much more. Their medical teams are equipped with all the tools necessary to provideadvanced medical care in the comfort of your home, workplace or location of need. DispatchHealth is open seven days a week,8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m., including holidays. Service areas include Castle Rock to Boulder/Longmont, Denver and Colorado Springs.For every house call, DispatchHealth sends a physician assistant or nurse practitioner along with a medical technician. An on-callphysician is also available at all times via phone to treat:Common AilmentsEar, Nose and Throat» Fever - Flu - Nausea» Sore throat» Headaches - Migraines» Ear infection or pain» Urinary tract infection» Sinus infectionSkin» Hives - Allergic reactions» NosebleedsNeurological» Skin abscess (boil)» Vertigo (dizziness)» Cuts that need stitches» Weakness» RashesGastrointestinalMusculoskeletal» Joint or back pain» Diarrhea» Strains or sprains» Heartburn» Minor bone breaks» Constipation» Nausea and vomitingEyeAdditional Procedures» IV placement» IV fluids» Eye infection» Stitches» Object in the eye» SplintingRespiratory» Infectious disease testing (flu, strepand mono)These services and more are availablefrom DispatchHealth with just a callor click.» Call 303.500.1518» Go online to dispatchhealth.comEmployees may usetheir health savingsaccount (HSA) or flexiblespending account (FSA)to cover expenses. Moreon HSAs and FSAs startingon page 12.» Advanced on-site blood testing» Asthma attacks» Lancing of abscess (boil)» Bronchitis» Urinary catheter insertion10

Benefit PlanPremiumsListed below are the monthly premiums for medical insurance for full-time employees. The amount you pay for coverage isdeducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis. Deductions are taken from the first two paychecks each month. For the monthlypremiums for half-time employees, contact OHR Benefits.MEDICALEmployee onlyEmployee spouseEmployee eeCityEmployeeDHMP HMO 514.16 97.94 1,030.17 316.46 967.13 257.08 1,449.46 509.27DHMP HDHP 467.38 27.20 946.62 141.45 885.30 103.86 1,337.34 245.31Kaiser DHMO 511.17 97.36 1,024.15 314.61 961.48 255.58 1,440.99 506.30Kaiser HDHP 482.05 28.06 976.34 145.89 913.09 107.12 1,379.10 252.97United DHMO (CDP) 619.92 118.08 1,242.05 381.54 1,166.03 309.96 1,747.58 614.01United HDHP 672.32 39.13 1,361.71 203.47 1,273.49 149.40 1,923.76 352.88Listed below are the monthly premiums for dental insurance. The amount you pay for coverage is deducted from your paycheck ona pre-tax basis. Deductions are taken from the first two paychecks each month. For the monthly premiums for half-time employees,contact OHR Benefits.DENTALEmployee onlyEmployee spouseEmployee eeCityEmployeeDelta PPO Low Plan 25.24 4.45 51.07 14.83 47.50 11.87 79.26 26.42Delta PPO High Plan 25.24 14.34 51.07 36.80 47.50 31.66 79.26 61.65Delta EPO Plan 25.24 6.03 51.07 18.35 47.50 15.04 79.26 32.06Listed below are the monthly premiums for vision insurance. The amount you pay for coverage is deducted from your paycheck ona pre-tax basis. The monthly premium is deducted from the first paycheck each month.VISIONVSP11Employee onlyEmployee spouseEmployee child(ren)Family 5.72 11.64 10.73 19.61

Budgetingfor YourHealth CareHealth savings accountvs. health flexiblespending account.HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTDHMO ORHMO?Enrolled in theIndividual: 3,600All other tiers: 7,200Catch-up contribution (if age 55 ): 1,000Enrolled in theThe City and County of Denver will help youby matching your contributions up to thefollowing amounts to your HSA in 2021:IRS 2021 ANNUAL MAXIMUM HSA CONTRIBUTIONS:HDHP?A health savings account (HSA) is an individually-owned bank account that allows you to pay for eligible medical,dental and vision expenses with pre-tax dollars. You own your HSA, and there are no “use it or lose it” restrictions like withflexible spending accounts. Your contributions to this account (including the City and County of Denver contributions)cannot exceed the IRS annual contribution limits. In order to open and fund an HSA in 2021, you must have depletedyour previous year’s health FSA by December 31, 2020.Individual coverage: 300All other coverage tiers: 900HEALTH FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTA health flexible spending account (FSA) is an account that allows you to pay for eligible health care expenseswith pre-tax dollars. If you fund an HSA, you cannot fund a health FSA.2021 PLAN YEAR MAXIMUM FSA CONTRIBUTION: 2,750 (REGARDLESS OF COVERAGE LEVEL)HSA VS. HEALTH FSAFunds available in January of theplan yearAnnual IRS maximum differentdepending on coverage levelYou must re-enroll annually tocontinue payroll deductionYou can change your electionthroughout the yearBalance roll over from oneyear to the nextHSAFSANo, your contributions and the city match areavailable as deposited per paycheck.YesYesNoYesYesYesNo, unless for a qualifying life event.YesNo, qualifying expenses must occur byMarch 15 and submitted for reimbursementby March 31 of the following year or forfeit anyunreimbursed funds.12

If you fund an HSA, you cannotcontribute pre-tax dollars to thehealth FSA.However, you can fund alimited use FSA. See page 14 forlimited use FSA details.An HSA is a personal bank account thatyou can use to pay out-of-pocket healthcare expenses with pre-tax dollars. Moneydeposited in the account stays with youregardless of employer or health plan, andunused balances roll over from year to year.HSA ELIGIB

Employee Assistance H A C A Pension H A S A Paid Time Off (PTO) H A C A WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR BENEFITS? As a full-time (30-40 hours per week) or half-time (20-29 hours per week) unlimited, limited or Sheriff employee, you are eligible for City and County of Denver employee benefits. If you are an on-call/seasonal employee, you may become eligible for

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834 Other long-term employee benefits are all employee benefits other than short-term employee benefits, post-employment benefits and termination benefits. Termination benefits are employee benefits provided in exchange for the termination of an employee's employment as a result of either: (a) an entity's decision to terminate an employee's employment before the normal retirement

Q. Can an employee collect benefits while working part-time? A. Yes. The employee may be eligible for partial benefits. Two-thirds of the employee's earnings will be deducted from his or her benefits for the weeks during which the employee works part-time. An employee can continue collecting partial benefits until the weekly earnings from .

2021 CITY OF PHOENIX BENEFITS GUIDE. Optional Life Insurance—Employee, Spouse, or Qualified Domestic Partner (QDP) One deduction per month is taken from the second paycheck of the month. Employee Rate per 1,000 of Coverage Spouse or QDP Rate per 1,000 of Coverage. Based on Employee Age Based on Spouse or QDP Age 2021 2021

August 2, 2021 15 August 2, 2021 16 August 2, 2021 17 August 3, 2021 18 August 4, 2021 19 August 5, 2021 20 August 6, 2021 21 August 9, 2021 22 August 9, 2021 23 August 9, 2021 24 August 10, 2021 25 August 11, 2021 26 August 12, 2021 27 August 13, 2021 28 August 16, 2021 29 August 16, 2021 30 August 16, 2021 31

In 2022, State of Kansas Employee medical rates for employee and employee/children premium deductions will remain the same, while employee/spouse and employee/family premium deductions will be reduced by 2%. Employee Dental rates will increase 3.3%. What's New in 2022 Look for Scopes throughout the Guide

benefits of caring for country. These benefits include: health and wellbeing benefits; cultural and socio-political benefits; economic benefits; and, environmental benefits. The discussion includes some of the barriers to achieving benefits, as well as anticipated and realised benefits of caring for country.

Delta Dental PPO Plus Single Employee 48.23 Premier Employee and Spouse 96.47 Employee & Child(ren) 104.34 Family 142.37 Delta Dental DeltaCare Single Employee 26.84 Flagship DMO Employee plus only 1 51.22 Employee plus 2 or more children 84.27 Family 84.27 VSP Visio

c. Describe the major events of the American Revolution and explain the factors leading to American victory and British defeat; include the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Saratoga, and Yorktown. d. Describe key individuals in the American Revolution with emphasis on King George III, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Benedict Arnold, Patrick Henry, and John Adams .