IKEA Kaarst, Germany 3-4 April 2019

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Ingka Holding B.V 2019 Some images from unsplash.comThe IKEA logo and the IKEA wordmark areregistered trademarks of Inter IKEA Systems B.V.ONE HOME, ONE PLANETIKEA Kaarst, Germany3-4 April 2019THE REPORTCo-creating a sustainablefuture for retail and beyond


Table of contents“It’s about bringingheart into business.It’s about doing theright things for the oneplanet we have.”Wanjiru WaweruChief Executive Officer,FunKidz3IntroductionAbout ONE HOME, ONE PLANETThought leadershipSolutions spaceCo-creationKey speakersParticipant listp.p.p.p.p.p.p.45814172023

Creating change, together.The IKEA vision is to create a bettereveryday life for the many people. And so,in these times, when climate change andgrowing inequality are no longer distantthreats, but a visible reality, affecting thelives of many millions of people aroundthe world - there is no question that wemust and will take action.The overall IKEA objective is to be peopleand planet positive. These goals areambitious. From our own history we knowthat challenges can become opportunitiesand lead to amazing innovations. Lookingat ourselves, our bold targets willchallenge us to work in new ways, andwill drive innovation and renewal inour business.But we don’t have all the answers.We all – government, business,civil society, entrepreneursand citizens – need to worktogether. And we need tospeed up and act now!That’s why we decided to create ONE HOME,ONE PLANET – a global, two-day, actionoriented event, with a focus on peopleand their everyday lives, the challenges ofunsustainable consumption, climate change,inequality and how retail can be part of thesolution. The aim of the event is to gatherthe best problem solvers to join us at one ofour leading sustainable IKEA stores.Start of a journeyWe see ONE HOME, ONE PLANET as thestart of a journey. Our hope is that theactions that came out of the event, willnot just make a big difference in their ownright, but also serve as inspiration for otherbusinesses, organisations and individuals toget together and act now.We were stunned by the turnout andoutput of this event. We of course owethe success to the 200 participants, whocame to IKEA Kaarst and contributed theirknowledge, energy and time. All committedto make a difference for the one planet weall call home. Their presence was not onlya huge contribution to the output, but also4a source of inspiration that helped spreada feeling of optimism around what can bedone - especially when working together.With ONE HOME, ONE PLANET we havestarted something new. Something we’venever done before. We designed the days toenable participants to shape and influencethe future of retail by feeding directly in toour approach and plans on key sustainabilitychallenges and opportunities. And weshared this with the world, openly andtransparently.Next stepsWe are now looking into how we willcontinue this co-creation journey with thisnewly formed action-oriented community.As a first step we have produced thisreport summarising the event and ourdiscussions. We hope the report remindsyou of the inspirations we shared togetherin Kaarst and leads to more action on ourjourney to be people and planet positive.We have many ideas to build on and have anexciting journey ahead!

What is ONE HOME, ONE PLANET?ONE HOME, ONE PLANET brings togetherpurpose driven leaders from business, startups, policy, academia and NGOs as well asinternal stakeholders to shape and influencethe sustainable future of retail. This year, wegathered more than 200 participants. We shareideas and insights, challenge and inspire eachother, and co-create solutions toward solvingkey challenges and opportunities facing theworld.At ONE HOME, ONE PLANET we held a strongfocus on the role of consumers, and how we inretail can together inspire millions of people tolive a better life within the limits of the planet.Key challenges How do we make sustainable and healthyliving a desirable choice that is affordable,attractive and accessible for as many peopleas possible? How do we become circularand climate positive? How do we movefrom inequality tobeing truly fairand equal?“We need to cometogether with others,make joint decisionsand act faster.”Pia Heidenmark CookChief Sustainability Officerat Ingka GroupONE HOME, ONE PLANET 2019Thought leadership:Being inspired by thought leaderswho help to frame the problems andopportunities we are faced with.Solutions space:Experiencing a showcase of projects thatdemonstrate existing solutions that cancreate change.Co-creation:Rolling up our sleeves and participatingin active working sessions to createsolutions to key challenges in sustainable& healthy living, circularity and beingfair & equal.PROGRAMDAY 1: April 311:00-12:30 Thought leadership:“The time to act is now!”12:30-13:00 Vegetarian lunchIKEA & Ingka Group13:00-14:00 Solutions space14:00-17:30 Co-creation17:30-18:00 Open reflectionsIKEA is a global home furnishing brand.Many companies operate under the IKEAtrademark, and we all share the samevision: to create a better everyday lifefor the many people.Ingka Group is a strategic partnerin the IKEA franchise system andoperating IKEA in 30 markets.With 367 stores, last year wewelcomed over 830 million physical visitors and2.35 billion visits online.If you want to know more about Ingka Group,our actions and priorities over the past year, youcan read more in our Annual & SustainabilitySummary Report on www.ingka.comTo know more about the IKEA Sustainabilitystrategy across the full IKEA value chain,please visit www.inter.ikea.com518:00-20:00 Informal dinner mingleDAY 2: April 408:30-09:00 Optional meditation session09:00-12:30 Co-creation12:30-13:00 Vegetarian lunch13:00-13:50 Solutions space13:50-15:00 Thought leadership:“The time to act is now - let’s get to work!”

IKEA Kaarst - a leadingsustainable storeONE HOME, ONE PLANET took place on3-4 April 2019 at the IKEA Kaarst store.IKEA Kaarst, Germany, is a leadingsustainable store and opened in 2017.It serves as a concept base for developingnew stores with even higher standards.Some examples of why IKEA Kaarst iscalled a leading sustainable store include: Using solar thermal energy, keepingenergy consumption as low aspossible. Rainwater harvesting on the roofwith a capacity of 240 cubic metres,or around 1,200 filled bathtubs, forour sanitary facilities. LED lamps installed throughout thestore. Innovative waste management toensure sorting rates of almost100 percent. Certified by BREEAM (BuildingResearch EstablishmentEnvironmental AssessmentMethodology); this is one of theoldest and most widespreadcertifications for sustainableconstruction. We are workingtowards an Excellent award.A more sustainable eventIn our efforts to make ONE HOME, ONE PLANET amore sustainable event, we took several actions toset a good example.FOODThe menu for our two days together was all vegetarian. Wewere introduced to an “Urban Farming” salad lunch, a plantbased dinner buffet and a vegetarian lunch with dishes fromthe IKEA range.The food served throughout the eventcame from both local food suppliers andfrom the IKEA range.Only tap water in reusable IKEA bottleswas provided to the participants.The water bottle was given to theparticipant to take home after event.REDUCING RESOURCESWe carefully considered interiordesign and products we used. Almostonly IKEA products were usedthroughout the event, and then soldin the Kaarst store in the AS-IS areaafter the event, prolonging the lifeof the furniture after the event.The main communication tool before and during theevent was the IKEA Meeting App. Using a digital toolmeant we could minimise printing of event materialslike agendas and other participant communication.USING MORE SUSTAINABLE MATERIALSAll visual communications materials created for theevent like signs, posters, etc were made from renewablematerials such Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)certified paper, plywood and cardboard. The visualmaterials can easily be re-used for other events.6The name tags included mixed flower seeds that participantscould plant in their homes after the event.In line with the overall IKEA commitment to remove singleuse plastic from the global home furnishing rangeby 2020 the event used no single use plastic.TRAVELMany of the participants and organisers chosesustainable travel options like train to travel toKaarst, including most of the project team comingfrom Sweden.To accelerate the change in flights industry, we alsocompensated the CO2 emissions of participants’flights (average calculation) to and from the nearestairport Dusseldorf by investing in biofuel through theAir France-KLM Biofuel Programme.


Thought leadershipWe all know the world is facing big social andenvironmental challenges – growing inequality, climatechange and resource scarcity – just to name a few. Thepace and scale of these challenges are affecting the livesof our co-workers, communities and customers, as well asour business.The Thought Leadership sessions were designed to set thecontext around the challenges and opportunities we faceand inspire us to act and collaborate.THE SPEAKERS:Anna Rosling RönnlundVice President & Founder Gapminder,founder Dollar Street, co-writer of thebook FactfulnessBertrand PiccardChairman of the Solar ImpulseFoundationChristiana FigueresFounding Partner, Global OptimismThe former Executive Secretary ofUnited Nations FrameworkConvention on Climate Change,2010-2016Filippo GrandiU.N. High Commissioner for RefugeesJesper BrodinCEO of Ingka GroupJessy TolkanHead of Labs & Executive Director atPurpose Climate labKyle NelCEO and co-founder of UncommonPartnersMani VajipeyCEO and co-founder of Banyan NationNomzamo Mbatha (moderator)South African actor, televisionpersonality, businesswoman andhuman rights activistPia Heidenmark CookChief Sustainability Officerat Ingka GroupWant more?8

Thought leadership Day 1Success or failure ultimately comes down toleadership. In the world we live in today, onecan argue we already have all the ideas andtechnology we need to solve the challengesof our times. What kind of leadership do weneed to do things differently?“What kind offuture will youleave for us?”Kaarst school childrenCONVERSATION:The window of opportunityis short, but we can do it“There is often no hope in the narrativethat my children hear and learn aboutclimate change in school. There aresolutions! The importance of sharingand scaling those solutions cannot beunderestimated, it creates hope andtackles the gap we need to close.”Jesper Brodin,CEO of Ingka Group“There is a patient and an impatient me,the head versus the heart. The patient meknows that moving away from fossil fuelsis one of the most complex things societycan do. The impatient me says: Why arewe still here!? We need to decide if theAnthropocene is the story of a better futureor of destruction. We have a choice.”Christiana Figueres,Founding Partner, Global OptimismThe former Executive Secretary ofUnited Nations Framework Conventionon Climate Change, 2010-2016Christiana Figueres, Nomzamo Mbatha and Jesper Brodin9

Thought leadership Day 1CONVERSATION:Creating a better world starts together“We need to stop thinking of refugee crisis as acrisis of the rich world. The reality is that 86% arein middle- or low-income countries. The problemis out there, but the negative narrative is builthere.”Filippo Grandi,U.N. High Commissionerfor Refugees“We live in the best time we have ever lived in.We have horrible problems to fix, but to do that,we need to know where we are today. We have tochange the way we look at the facts and the worldaround us, we need to be humble and curious andfind fact-based solutions.”Anna Rosling Rönnlund,Vice President & Founder Gapminder,founder Dollar Street, co-writerof the book FactfulnessAbove:Olivia Ross-WilsonPia Heidenmark CookAnna Rosling RönnlundBertrand PiccardFilippo Grandi“When you are flying in a solar powered plane,you believe that you are in the future! But youare not. You are in the present, limited by whatpresent technology lets you do. And you realisethat if you are in fact in the present, it’s the restof the world that’s in the past.”Right:Bertrand PiccardBertrand Piccard,Chairman of the SolarImpulse Foundation“We are stubborn optimists working with theSDGs and sustainable development’”Pia Heidenmark Cook,Chief Sustainability Officerat Ingka Group10

Thought leadership Day 2It’s time to move from talk to action and todemonstrate how we are changing our ways.As the founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, said:“No method is more effective than the goodexample”. Good intentions are important. Wordsgive them power. But to spark real change, it’saction that speaks loudest of all. Big businesses,NGOs, governments, activists, everyday people– we can’t do it alone. We need to work togetherto make awesome things happen.CONVERSATION:Human stories of impact“I had lost the interest in building the nextbetter iPhone in the US. I wanted to solve realproblems, and in India, where I grew up andwhere the real problems are. We are now tacklingthe inefficiencies in India’s recycling industry byinnovating across the supply chain.”Mani Vajipey,CEO and co-founderof Banyan Nation“When you play not to lose instead of playing towin, you lose every time. Maybe the organisationwill not collapse, but you lose all that opportunityin front of you.”Kyle Nel,CEO and co-founderof Uncommon Partners“The best way to enable change makers is toinvite people to become change makers.”Jessy Tolkan,Head of Labs & Executive Directorat Purpose Climate lab11Left:Jessy TolkanUnder:Jessy TolkanKyle NelMani VajipeyJoanna Yarrow

Thought leadership Day 2CONVERSATION:Action speaks the loudest!“What will make the difference is leadership and action.We start with ourselves and take a big responsibility tolead and inspire others with bold actions and learnings,so that we do even better tomorrow.”Jesper Brodin,CEO of Ingka Group“We commit through our People and Planet Positivestrategy to enable and inspire 1 billion people to livewithin the limits of one planet, to become climatepositive and circular, and to really enable a fair and equalsociety and create meaningful employment across ourentire value chain. We really cannot do it without you.”Pia Heidenmark Cook,Chief Sustainability Officerat Ingka Group12


Solutions space14

Solutions spaceThe Solutions Space was created to demonstratewhat organisations are “acting on now” to createchange. The projects were organized across threechallenge pillars.SUSTAINABLE &HEALTHY LIVINGBig Clean Switch: Lowering the costof comfortwww.bigcleanswitch.org/ikeaIKEA Energy: Creating the world’sbiggest clean energy movement,together with co-workers, customers& partners.JouleBug: Make your everyday habitsmore sustainable, at home, work, andplay.www.joulebug.comTibber: Join the electric revolution.www.tibber.comCircular Urban Farming: Becomeself-sufficient in growing lettuce usingnutrients derived from IKEA foodwaste.www.ikea.se/containerodlingSitra: 1.5-degree lifestyle; 3-2-1tonnes CO2e per person by 20302040-2050.www.sitra.fiLive Lagom; A simple philosophyon everyday life that means ‘just theright amount’.www.ikea.com/gb/en/ikea/ikea-livelagom15

FAIR & EQUALIKEA Social entrepreneurs:Designed to create jobs – get peopleinto work and into society – now andin the future.Solutions space IKEA Jordan River: Co-creatinglivelihoods through cial-enterprises/jordan-river-designs Ellas lo Bordan Foundation:A square that changes liveswww.ellaslobordan.es CIRCULARITYOptoro: Making retail more sustainableby reducing all waste in the reversesupply chain.www.optoro.comWinnow Vision: The kitchen of thefuture is here.www.winnowsolutions.comFurniture as a Service: Access tofurniture without the burden of ownership– sustainable, accessible, and affordable.Sisters in Business: A non-profitsocial enterprise creating jobswithin the textile business forimmigrant womenwww.sistersinbusiness.noBrighter Futures in Dollo Ado:Bright Futures. Liveable Planet.www.ikeafoundation.org/Unreasonable Group: Drivingresources to and breaking downbarriers for entrepreneurs solvingbig f**kin’ problems.www.unreasonablegroup.com16


In co-creation, we rolled up our sleeves. Basedon our diversity in perspectives, skills andinsights, we split into active working sessions toaddress our key challenge areas. In each of ourpillars, we worked to build solutions at differentlevels of maturity around these pre-selectedproblem statements:Co-creationCO-CREATION PILLAR 01:SUSTAINABLE &HEALTHY LIVINGCO-CREATION PILLAR 02:CIRCULARITYCO-CREATION PILLAR 03:FAIR & EQUALMeasuring impact: How might wemeasure and communicate the impactof people’s everyday choices on ourplanet?Furniture as a service: How mightwe facilitate the matching of supplyand demand in furniture-as-aservice, to strengthen all aspects ofcircularity?Jobs for migrants and refugees:How might we unleash the capabilitiesof migrants and refugees to createvalue for host communities?Sustainable & healthy living asthe obvious choice: How might wehelp make sustainable ways of livingmainstream for the many?Prolong product life: How might weengage people in caring for what theyown and passing forward items theyno longer need or want?World’s biggest clean energymovement: How might we usetools or collaborations to accelerateparticipation in the clean energymovement?Stakeholder collaboration: Howmight we create mutual collaborationto the advancement of circularity,between business or government andcommunities and people?18Collaboration between socialentrepreneurs and corporates:How might big businesses and socialentrepreneurs collaborate in newways to maximise positive impacton society?Gig economy in a digitalworld: How might largecompanies work withcommunity platforms insecuring that the gigeconomy works foreveryone?

Outcome summaryThe co-creation sessions focused on key topics thatIngka Group is working on today across the areas ofSustainable & healthy living, Circularity, and Fair & equal.SUSTAINABLE &HEALTHY LIVINGCo-creationSessions focused on the importanceof movement-building in order toscale and speed up the transition tosustainable living and the strong rolethat IKEA could play.It was clear that a joined up approachis needed that enables simple actionsand shows people the power ofcollective action.We are taking the followingactions: further integrate sustainable& healthy living in to benefitsand rewards for IKEA Familymembers developing current approachesincluding the IKEA Better WorldStarts at Home campaign;working with partners towards acommon framework to measure& understand sustainable livingimpacts working with partners to includeconcepts from ONE HOME, ONEPLANET into the IKEA energydevelopment roadmap, focusingon using IKEA’s full value chainpotential.CIRCULARITYSessions emphasized the role thatIKEA can play in bringing peopletogether. The solutions focusedon the value of local spaces andcollaboration and the potential toscale these interactions digitally.The sessions also focused onimplications around what it will meanto go beyond only focusing on newsales, to finding new ways for peopleto acquire, care for and pass onproducts.We are taking the followingactions: further integrating circularsolutions in to efforts to connectcommunities and enable peopleto live more sustainably19 collaboration, with the digitalplatform from Optoro, focusingon returning used products andhow to match the next step withthe condition of the furnitureexploring a “circle of makers”concept – a communityprogramme that takes kids on atransformational journey fromconsumers to producers.FAIR & EQUALParticipants support Ingka Group’sdirection on contributing to aninclusive society, starting with theareas where it has the greatestinfluence and potential for impact- in its own business. There wasstrong support for growing theopportunities available to refugeesand social entrepreneurs. Therewas also a consensus on theneed to create a more positivenarrative around these groups. Gigeconomy discussions highlightedthe complexity, challenges andopportunities in this area.We are taking the followingactions: developing a commitmentto enable opportunities forrefugees, including a “changethe narrative” roadmap, by usingthe outcome from ONE HOME,ONE PLANET as foundation working on a sourcingframework connected to socialentrepreneurs integrating outcomes from ONEHOME, ONE PLANET and usingthe good examples of existingcodes of conducts as a basefor developing the IngkaGroup approach to on-lineservices platforms andto develop an advocacyapproach.

Key speakersThought leadershipAnna Rosling RönnlundBertrand PiccardChristiana FigueresFilippo GrandiVice President & Founder Gapminder,founder Dollar Street, co-writer of thebook FactfulnessChairman of the Solar ImpulseFoundationFounding Partner, Global OptimismThe former Executive Secretary ofUnited Nations Framework Conventionon Climate Change, 2010-2016U.N. High Commissioner for RefugeesTogether with Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling,Anna Rosling Rönnlund founded Gapminderin 2005. Gapminder’s mission statement isto fight devastating ignorance with a factbased world view everyone can understand.She designed the user-interface of thefamous animating bubble-chart tool calledTrendalyzer, used by millions of studentsacross the world, to understand globaldevelopment trends. The tool was acquiredby Google, and Anna worked at Google inMountain View, CA as a Senior UsabilityDesigner 2007 to 2010.In 2010 Anna came back to Gapminderto develop new free teaching material.Anna is now Vice President and Head ofDesign & User Experience at Gapminder.She also sits in Gapminder’s Board. Annaholds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and aBachelor’s Degree in Photography.Anna founded Dollar Street, the biggestsystematic image bank with representativehome documentations based on data.Together with Ola and Hans, Anna wrote theFactfulness book, launched in April 2018.Bertrand Piccard is the initiator andvisionary behind Solar Impulse, the veryfirst airplane capable of flying perpetuallywithout fuel. It is in his DNA to go beyondthe obvious and achieve the impossible. Aspart of a legendary dynasty of explorersand scientists who conquered the heightsand depths of our planet, he made historyby accomplishing two firsts in aviation,circumnavigating the globe in a solarpowered airplane and before that nonstop in a balloon. With his dual identitiesas medical doctor and explorer, Bertrandhas become an influential voice as aforward thinking leader for progress andsustainability and a renowned inspirationalspeaker. Following his pioneering spirit infavor of the cause of renewable energiesand clean technologies, he has now setoff to select and label 1000 solutions thatprotect the environment in a profitable wayand will then embark on a third round-theworld journey to deliver those solutionsto decision-makers, encouraging themto adopt more ambitious environmentaltargets and energy policies.20Christiana Figueres is a Costa Rican citizenand was the Executive Secretary of theUnited Nations Framework Convention onClimate Change 2010 - 2016.During her tenure at the UNFCCC, Ms.Figueres brought together national andsub-national governments, corporationsand activists, financial institutions andNGOs to jointly deliver the historic ParisAgreement on climate change, in which 195sovereign nations agreed on a collaborativepath forward to limit future global warmingto well below 2 C, and strive for 1.5 C inorder to protect the most vulnerable.Since then Ms. Figueres has continuedto serve her one and only boss, theglobal atmosphere. She sits on multipleboards and is a founding partner of GlobalOptimism Ltd., a purpose driven enterprisefocused on social and environmentalchange. She convenes Mission 2020 andco-chairs the Global Covenant of Mayors.She is a graduate of Swarthmore Collegeand the London School of Economics.Filippo Grandi became the 11th UnitedNations High Commissioner for Refugees on1 January 2016. He was elected by the UNGeneral Assembly to serve a five-year term,until 31 December 2020.As High Commissioner, he heads one of theworld’s largest humanitarian organizations.UNHCR has twice won the Nobel Peace Prize.Its 15,000-strong workforce spans 128countries providing protection and assistanceto nearly 60 million refugees, returnees,internally displaced people and statelesspersons.Before being elected High Commissioner,Grandi had been engaged in internationalcooperation for over 30 years, focusing onrefugee and humanitarian work. He servedas Commissioner-General of the UN Agencyfor Palestine refugees, UNRWA, from 2010to 2014, after having been the organization’sDeputy Commissioner-General since 2005.Grandi was born in Milan in 1957. Heholds a degree in modern history from theState University in Milan, a BA in Philosophyfrom the Gregorian University in Rome,as well as an honorary doctorate from theUniversity of Coventry.

Key speakersThought leadershipJesper BrodinJessy TolkanNomzamo Mbatha (moderator)Pia Heidenmark CookCEO of Ingka GroupHead of Labs & Executive Director atPurpose Climate labSouth African actor, televisionpersonality, businesswoman andhuman rights activistChief Sustainability Officer atIngka GroupJesper Brodin is the President and CEO ofthe Ingka Group, a strategic partner to theIKEA franchisee system and the largestfranchisee to operate under the IKEA brand.As the world’s largest home furnishingretailer, the Ingka Group owns and operates367 stores in 30 countries (FY18) underfranchise agreements with Inter IKEASystems B.V.Jesper Brodin started his career atIKEA in 1995 as Purchase manager inPakistan. Over the years, he held differentroles which includes earlier roles such asassistant to IKEA Founder Ingvar Kampradand to then IKEA Group CEO AndersDahlvig; Business Area Manager Kitchenand Dining; Regional Manager China;Supply Chain manager; and more recently,as Managing Director for Range & Supply,Inter IKEA Group. He took on his currentrole and responsibilities, in September2017.He holds a Master of Science in IndustrialEngineering from Chalmers University ofTechnology in Gothenburg, Sweden.Jessy Tolkan is a Partner at Purpose, amission-driven company that builds andsupport social movements around the globeto address the world’s most pressing issues.In her role as Chief Campaigns Officer, shealso leads the Purpose Climate Lab, aneffort to build the ambition of just climatesolutions across India, Brasil, Kenya,Europe, and the United States.Prior to becoming a partner at Purpose Jessylead an international effort to build ElectricVehicle Infrastructure for several major autocompanies, and served as a Senior Advisor tothe Working Families Organization and Centerfor Working Families. With an eye towardsensuring a more sustainable planet and moreparticipatory democracy, Jessy has spent thelast 17 years as an activist and movementleader working to build progressive change inthe United States.Tolkan received her B.A. from theUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison in PoliticalScience, and completed a joint MBA and JDat Georgetown University. In 2008, RollingStone Magazine named her one of the 100agents of change in America.21Award winning actor, television and radiopresenter, director, producer, humanactivist, businesswoman, and brandambassador/spokesmodel. She is also analumni of Africa’s number one university,University of Cape Town, from where sheobtained her degree, Bachelor of Commercein Accounting.Known for her dynamic, confident andplayful spirit. A girl born from the dustystreets of KwaMashu, Durban, oncedreaming of living in the airport, to nowtravelling the globe on a mission Nomzamo Mbatha (28) has gone froman anonymous talent search contestant toone of the most sought-after stars on theAfrican continent.Nomzamo has been on six UNHCRmissions at refugee camps, being the firsthigh profile celebrity to visit the volatileSouth Sudan.Pia Heidenmark Cook is, since February2018, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) atIngka Group, the largest IKEA franchiseewith 367 stores in 30 markets. She leadsa team of sustainability professionals inthe global office, as well as sustainabilityexperts integrated across the retail,shopping Centre and customer fulfilmentbusiness across 30 markets in Europe,Asia Pacific and North America. During2017, she was acting CSO, and before thathead of Sustainability in IKEA Group Retail& Expansion. She was for several years(ended 2017) co-chair of REAP, RetailersEnvironmental Action Programme, togetherwith a member of the EU Commission.Pia holds both a Technical Licentiatedegree and a M.Sc. in EnvironmentalManagement, from the University of Lund,Sweden, and a M.Sc. in InternationalBusiness Administration and Economicsfrom Uppsala University, Sweden.Pia has worked with, lectured and studiedCSR/sustainability related topics since1996, both across academia, consultancyand business.

Key speakersThought leadershipKyle NelCEO and co-founder of UncommonPartnersMani VajipeyCEO and co-founder of Banyan Nation22

Adam WegnerSenior Vice President, CorporateDevelopment & General CounselOPTORO, INCAnu MäntySenior Lead, Carbon neutralcircular economyThe Finnish Innovation Fund SitraAdetola SalauExecutive Director/FounderCarisma4U Educational FoundationBéatrice DelperdangeHead of Business DevelopmentKOISAileen McCreadieLive Lagom Programme ManagerUK & IEIKEABen HaymanManaging PartnerGiven LondonAlejandro Castro PérezHead of Home Solar & EnergyService BusinessIngka GroupAlexander GligorijevicCampaign Project ManagerIngka GroupParticipant listAlexander NickHead of Sustainability Strategyand ManagementBMW GroupAlice LaytonFounder/CEOWabbani LLCAmit SahaFounder & CEOlPro IndiaAnders ByrielCEOKvadratAnette MonsåsDirector Teams and TalentXynteoAngela BartorilloCircular Business DesignerIngka GroupAnna Rosling RönnlundVice PresidentGapminder FoundationAnn-Sofie GunnarssonDe

IKEA is a global home furnishing brand. Many companies operate under the IKEA trademark, and we all share the same vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people. Ingka Group is a strategic partner in the IKEA franchise system and operating IKEA in 30 markets. With 367 stores, last year we Key challenges

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16 countries. IKEA Group sales in 2006 were 17, 3 billion Euros. IKEA widely uses wood in their products; it is the principal material in many of the home furnishing. Total wood volume used in IKEA products in 2006 was 6, 4 mill m3 (IKEA, Social Responsibility Report 2006). IKEA's suppliers of wood products are spread all around the world.

The IKEA sustainability strategy - People & Planet Positive - was launched in 2012 with ambitious goals to transform the IKEA business, the industries in the IKEA value chain and life at home for people all across the world. * IKEA: one brand - many companies. The IKEA business is operated through a franchise system.

year IKEA attracted 2.3 billion website visits and 936 million visits to 403 IKEA stores – 14 of which opened in FY17. This included a store in Serbia, a new IKEA market. In FY18, 22 new IKEA stores are planned, which includes the opening o

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and operates the IKEA Hotell and Museum, is also part of Inter IKEA Group. Manufacturing . and distribution In August, Inter IKEA Group completed a . 100,000 square metre distribution centre in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. It is the third largest IKEA distribution centre in the world and serves

Marion Fanny Harris b: Coimbatore, India d: 26 July 1946 m: 4 November 1891 Eleanor Maud Gurney b: 1871 d: 1916 David Sutherland Michell b: 22 July 1865 Cohinoor, Madras, India d: 14 May 1957 Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada Charlotte Griffiths Hunter b: 1857 d: 1946 m: 6 August 1917 Winnipeg, Canada Dorothy Mary Michell b: 1892 Cont. p. 10 Humphrey George Berkeley Michell b: 1 October 1894 .