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CustomGuidedCodingwith Dr. Alex LoydCGC Program; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

IntroductionWelcome to Custom Guided Coding with Dr. Alex Loyd. In thisshort manual, you’ll find information on what to have ready forthe call, how to prepare your issues, how to use the recordedCustom Guided Codes and the Codes to Go after the call for thenext month, commonly asked questions, and other usefulinformation. Our intention with these calls is for you to get themost benefit possible and to shift in ways that allow you to liveyour life to the fullest. We are honored to be a part of yourjourney.DisclaimerThis manual is for educational and presentational purposesonly. The information contained in the manual is not intendedto treat, diagnose, heal, or cure anything. The content is theopinion of Dr. Alex Loyd. You should always check with alicensed health care provider about any specific healthconcerns you may have.Some BackgroundHow Does This Work? The CGC events are a completely selfcontained healing program. Over the course of each year wewill address every possible issue you could ever have fromseveral different angles. If you can’t be there for the live event,the recording is just as effective as being there. Each time youdo these codes, you are tapping into the power and energy ofhundreds of people – all the participants, coaches, Dr. Loyd, thehosts - all over the world. This is a power that cannot bereplicated or substituted - it's like having hundreds of peopleright there in the room all working on you to help you breakCGC Program; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

3Custom Guided Coding Program Manualthrough and heal. And that power is not only multiplied byeach person, it is multiplied exponentially. Even when you usethe recording, or "codes to go", you are tapping right back in tothe power and energy of everyone around the world who isparticipating.If this is hard for you to believe (it was for us at first!), do agoogle search on "action at a distance", "morphic resonance",and check out white paper number 15 at (free). Andif you want more proof, we constantly have people telling usabout their breakthrough healing from doing these calls. Wewant YOU to be next.We suggest that you have the intention during the call to openyourself up to giving healing to, and receiving healing from, allof those participating in the call (live and recorded) if you arecomfortable with doing that. We firmly believe that you areopening yourself up to even more healing by having thisintention.*Please note: Healing Codes Practitioners can find hiddenmemories, ancestral issues, and other things that you may notget to on such a personal level on the calls. A Healing CodesCustom Guided Code Practitioner is helpful to work with if youhave a particularly serious or “sticky” issue. If you feel this isthe case for you, you can find your coach s Lookfor a “Custom Guided Codes” trained coach.CGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

4Custom Guided Coding Program ManualThe Master Key RecordingYou’ll notice that there is a link available for you to download afew of the Master Key recordings in both the emails youreceive once you’ve signed up for the CGC call and in the followup email. These recordings consist of cutting edge technologythat uses very specific frequencies to transmit healing energyinto the body and heal cellular memories.Master Key Basic - Male male.mp3Master Key Advanced - Femail e.mp3The audios are in two specific formats for you. First,you may choose to download the mp3 files onto yourcomputer and listen to them that way.The other way, would be to utilize the audio player onthe page that is in the link below and not downloadthem to your computer.We tried to use the "Master Key" in an actualCustom Guided Call event but it did not work well foreveryone. use it if you resonate with it or if not,choose one of the others to listen to.To use the Master Key recordings during the call, you cansimply play one of the Master Key tracks while Dr. Alex leadsCGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

5Custom Guided Coding Program Manualyou through each code. Similarly, you can use the Master Keytracks after the call on your own while you do the codes fromthe CGC recorded call. For more information on the MasterKey or to purchase the full Master Key package, go to .The Heart Screen ToolThe Heart Screen Tool, featured in Alex’s newest book The LoveCode is a new addition to our calls as well.Go to www.thelovecodenow.comFor more information on the Heart Screen Meditation, you cango to andscroll down to the audio of Dr. Alex’s explanation. You will alsofind two Heart Screen Meditations by JoHanna here for you aswell.We highly recommend doing the Heart Screen Meditations tohelp heal the issues of the heart.CGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

6Custom Guided Coding Program ManualHealing Codes IIAs from 2017 Dr. Alex will integrate The Healing Codes II in theCustom Guided Coding Program. The Healing Codes II is anadditional Healing Codes program, using different healingcenters and hand positions than The Healing Codes I.The Healing Codes II were first introduced in July 2016 andlaunched as an extensive product in October 2016.In the CGC Program we offer The Healing Codes II handpositions as an extra add-on.Please go to The Healing Codes II Handout in the attachment tobecome familiar with the new healing centers and handpositions.Before The CallThere are a few things you can do before the call that will makeyour experience easier and smoother.1. Some things you will want to have close by: A hands-free device to listen to the call. You’ll need yourhands for coding! Pillows. Because we spend so much time coding on thecall, your arms may get tired. You can use pillows to propyour arms up in the coding positions. Water. It’s always a good idea to keep yourself wellhydrated, especially when doing this type of work. The Healing Codes II hand positions. Keep the sheet withthe hand positions close by during the call and when youlisten to the recording.CGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

7Custom Guided Coding Program Manual Optional: The Master Key recordings to play in thebackground during the coding.2. Prepare your issues.Each session we address three different issues:1. The issue bothering you the most in your life right now,2. The most painful memory, event, or thing in your life(past, present, or projection into the future),3. A special topic-specific issue that changes each session.If you’d like, you can go ahead and choose the issuesyou’d like to work on within each of those categories andrate them. We will take you through the process on thecall itself as well.3. Practice The Healing Codes II hand positionsDuring the CallYour job during the call is to relaaaaaaax. That’s it! Dr. Loydand your hosts will guide you through everything.Using the Recording and Codes to GoAfter the call, you will receive two versions of codes for each ofthe three issues we worked on in the call in your follow-upemail. One version is a real-time recording of the Guided Codefrom the CGC live event the other is a written CTG (Code to Go).CGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

8Custom Guided Coding Program ManualThere are several different ways to use the recording and CTG(Codes to Go) over the next several weeks or month. Onceyou’ve started doing either a recorded Guided Code or a CTG(Code to Go), it is good for about two weeks from the time youstarted using it. For some it is most effective even longer. Youcan mix and match the codes on each issue to create your ownpersonalized program. How much you do is up to you. If youwant to do the codes for all three issues every day, go for it! Or,if you’d like to focus specifically on one issue and do the codeonce or several times a day for that one issue, that works, too.We recommend doing the recorded code(s) of your choice twoto three times a day. We’ve heard from many people that it isalmost or just as effective for them even if they simply listen tothe recording. It’s best if you can do the hand positions alongwith it, but if not, you can just listen!Codes to GoFor the Codes to Go, we recommend doing the code(s) of yourchoice 6-8 minutes two to three times a day. If you’d like to dothe method of only listening, you can record yourself sayingthe hand positions in approximately 30 second intervals. Thisway you can listen to these as well if you’re not able to do thehand positions.If you find yourself having a healing response (physical oremotional), that just means you’re doing more than yourbody/energetic system can keep up with. Take a day off andthen start up again with a less intensive approach. Play aroundwith different combinations and you’ll find what works best foryou.CGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

9Custom Guided Coding Program ManualIf you’re attending another CGC (Custom Guided Codes) call intwo weeks, you have a few possibilities. Since most of you wereat the live event, you’ve already started the codes that arerecorded, so we suggest you continue with the recorded codesfirst. You can use the recorded Guided Codes for the next twoweeks (until the next call) and save the CTG (Codes to Go) forwhenever you’d like to use them in the future. Or, you can useboth the recorded Guided Codes AND the CTG (Codes to Go)until the next call.If you want the Codes to last for a month, you’ll want to do therecorded codes for two weeks (again, since most of you were atthe live event, you’ve already started with the recorded codesfrom the call, so they will be good for the next two weeks).Then you can use the CTG (Codes to Go) for the next twoweeks. That gives you a month of coding.You will receive two links for the recording of the call in thefollow-up email: the whole original call and an edited version.You can use the original main recording to listen to the wholecall or just fast-forward to each code. The edited recordingsare just the codes from the call so you don’t have to fastforward through the call.The CGC (Guided Custom Codes) are written down for you inthe follow-up email you receive. You can also choose to use thewritten CGC without the recording.The CTG (Codes to Go) for each issue are written down for youin the follow-up email you receive as well. You can either keepa copy of the written codes in front of you to peek at while youdo the CTG (Codes to Go). Or you can find some sort ofCGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

10Custom Guided Coding Program Manualrecording device (phone, personal hand held recorder,computer, etc) and record yourself saying the new positionevery 30 seconds or so. This way you can listen to your ownrecording to do the CTG (Codes to Go) and not have to look atthe hand positions.Questions?We’ve listed a few commonly asked questions below. If youhave another question that’s not answered in the manual or onthe call, we highly recommend you become a member on TheHealing Codes website. Membership is free and we offer manyservices to you (also free of charge) on a weekly basis.Cutting Edge programOne of these is that every Wednesday afternoon at 1pm Centraltime, Dr. Loyd leads the Cutting Edge program.Every Thursday afternoon at 2pm Central time our coacheshost a Q&A session and every Thursday evening as well at 7:30pm Central time, which are the open Forum Coaching Calls.You can sign up for these complimentary calls, and becoming a member.You can email any questions, testimonials, feedback, orsuggestions to . And if you’rehaving any trouble receiving the follow-up email you can alsoemail . We strive to makethese calls the best they can be, so we love getting anysuggestions from you. Also, we love hearing about yourCGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

11Custom Guided Coding Program Manualexperiences! Please let us know what’s happening for you andabout your healing.Commonly Asked Questions:Will I still receive the benefits of the live call even if I wasn’t therelive? Will my energy still be included when Alex comes up withthe codes? Will I still benefit from the energy of everyone else onthe call? Yes! You will still receive the benefits of the live calleven if you’re not there live. Yes. Our intention is to createcodes for everyone who has signed up for these calls, so youare automatically included whether you are there live or not.And yes. You can tap into the collective energy of the whole calland everyone on it at any time you choose. If you need somescientific perspective to back this up, take a look at thereferences above in the “How Does This Work?” section.Will the Codes still work even if I don’t start right away? It depends. Once you start a code, it will be good for anaverage of two weeks. So if you’re on the live call, you’ll havealready started the live/recorded Guided codes and will wantto do the recorded codes for the next two weeks. If you’re noton the live call, then the live/recorded codes will be good fortwo weeks starting whenever you first do them. The CTG(Codes to Go) are good for two weeks from when you first startusing them, regardless of how long you wait before you firstuse them.CGC Program 2012-20177; Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC

12Custom Guided Coding Program ManualWhy is a Code only good for two weeks from when you first startusing it? We don’t know exactly. Through the years of doingCustom Coding, we’ve found that it is the median maximumtime that a Custom Code retains its potency. It’s not always thecase for everyone for some people, the code remains effectiveand powerful

As from 2017 Dr. Alex will integrate The Healing Codes II in the Custom Guided Coding Program. The Healing Codes II is an additional Healing Codes program, using different healing centers and hand positions than The Healing Codes I. The Healing Codes II were first introduced in July 2016 and

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The Healing Codes II is an additional Healing Codes program, using different healing centers and hand positions than The Healing Codes I. The Healing Codes II were first introduced in July 2016 and launched as an extensive product in October 2016. In the CGC Program we offer The Healing Codes II hand positions as an extra add-on.

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