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MOTTOS AND DEDICATIONSMOTTO“Your own self is your master, who else could be?”DEDICATIONSI dedicated this thesis to:My family, my friends, and myselfvi

AN ANALYSIS OF SLANG WORD AND ITS WORDFORMATION FROM YOUTUBER “QORYGORE” DATEOCTOBER – DECEMBER 2020ABSTRACTThis thesis explains the analysis of slang words and word-formation foundin the QoryGore YouTube video. This research increases people’s knowledge aboutslang words and how they are formed, especially slang on YouTube. One of thefamous YouTuber in Indonesia is QoryGore.The aims of this research were to investigate the slang words and wordformations found in the QoryGore YouTube channel date October – December2020. The method used in this study was document analysis in the type of videoprovided on YouTube. The document analysis in this research took the form ofQoryGore’s YouTube video date from October – December 2020.The results of this study showed that there were 92 slang words found inQoryGore’s YouTube videos date October – December 2020. The slang wordformations were clipping type has 27 slangs, 17 blending types, 28 fresh andcreatives, 4 prefixations, 6 acronyms, 6 reduplicative, and 4 suffixations. Thesefindings help future researchers to update and research the spread of slang wordsand how they can affect youngsters. By conducting this research, the slang wordsfound are expected to not be misused by people and can be used properly in dailylife.Keywords: Slang words, Word formation, QoryGoreAdvisor I,The Researcher,Drs. Soeparto, M.Pd.Olivia Chyntia Wijayavii

ACKNOWLEDGMENTSThe completion of this thesis could not be possible without God’s permissionand assistance from my advisors. I’m so grateful to have friends who haveaccompanied me since the beginning of my college life. As a researcher of thisthesis, I give my gratitude to all of those people who helps me to complete this finalproject as a student of English Education University of Muhammadiyah Malang.My gratitude specifically goes to:1. My advisors Drs. Soeparto, M.Pd and Erlyna Abidasari, S.Pd., M.A., M.Edwho always guide me in completing this thesis. Thank you for all of theadvice, guidance, and suggestions.2. My family, especially my grandmother who always understands me whenI’m doing my thesis and allows me to wake up late because of my lack ofsleep.3. My friends from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, especiallyMeikarto group. Because of them, I can get through my college life, makemy life more colorful, and gives me a lot of experience and memories.4. My soon-to-be husband, Bagus Panggalih Setyawan who always gives meaffection and always here for me through my ups and downs.As a researcher, I realize that there are still many shortcomings in this thesis.However, suggestions and feedback are expected.viii

TABLE OF CONTENTSMOTTOS AND DEDICATIONS . viABSTRACT . viiACKNOWLEDGMENTS . viiiTABLE OF CONTENTS . ixCHAPTER I . 1INTRODUCTION . 11.1Research Background . 11.2Research Problems. 31.3Research Objectives . 31.4Research Significance . 31.5Scope and Limitation . 31.6Definitions of Key Terms . 4CHAPTER II . 5REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE . 52.1 Slang . 52.1.1 Definition of Slang.52.1.2 Slang Word Formation .62.2 YouTube . 82.2.1 YouTube Platform .92.3 YouTuber QoryGore. 92.3.1 QoryGore YouTube Channel.9CHAPTER III . 11RESEARCH METHOD . 113.1 Research Design .113.2 Research Object.123.3 Research Instrument .123.4 Data Collection Procedure .133.5 Data Analysis .13CHAPTER IV. 14FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION . 14ix

4.1 Research Findings .144.1.1 The Slang Words in QoryGore YouTube Video Date October 2020 – December 2020. 144.1.2 The Word-Formations in QoryGore YouTube Video Date October –December 2020 . 194.2 Discussion .23CHAPTER V . 25CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTIONS . 255.1 Conclusion .255.2 Suggestions .26REFERENCES . 28APPENDICES . 31x

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English Linguistics: A Course Book for Students of English. New York: Library of Congress. . The Analysis Of Educational Marketing Mix Model And The . Rolla, I., Yola, M., & Melati, T. (2018). Slang Word Formation in Pitch Perfect Movie.

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