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CT BAC WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT MARKETING.BACLEVELAND.ORG OR 216.426.2053Copyright    2013  Business  Advisers  of  Cleveland

While  many  think  of  Facebook,,  as  the  most  popular  online  place  to  connect  withold  friends  and  keep  up  with  current  friends  and  family  members,  we  at  BAC  think  it  could  be  theright  social  media  venue  for  extending  the  reach  of  your  business  or  nonprofit  organization.We  reprinted  below  portions  of  an  article  we  found  in  October  2013  on,  which  wethink  explains  how  to  use  Facebook  for  marketing.  Following  the  is  a  case  study  showing  howsomeone  we  know  is  doing  a  nice  job  of  using  Facebook  to  promote  her  business.  When  you͛refinished  reading,  Google  ͞  facebook  tutorial  for  business͟  to  find  tutorials  that  will  help  youoptimize  use  of  Facebook.  EnjoyͶand  continued  success.Tactics for Using Facebook Marketing to Promote Your BusinessIn any business, your main priorities should include keeping your clients happy and maintaining an everexpanding FXVWRPHU EDVH 7KHUH DUH YDULRXV ZD\V RI GRLQJ WKLV )RU WKH VDNH RI WKLV SRVW ZH¶OO GLVFXVV KRZ \RX can use Facebook as a way to promote your business and build your list. Q HDV\ DQG IUHH ZD\ WR EXLOG XS \RXU OLVW RI SURVSHFWV LV WKURXJK JDLQLQJ ³OLNHV RQ \RXU )DFHERRN SDJH.We have a few tactics to help you get more Facebook Likes and, in turn more profitable traffic:Make ³OLNLQJ your Facebook page easyTo prevent your customers from getting lost in the hunt to find you on Facebook, here are a few things you cantry:x'LVSOD\ \RXU )DFHERRN SDJH¶V 85/ RQ VLJQDJH EDQQHUV DQG IO\HUV xAdd your URL to the bottoms of your emailsx3ODFH WKH ³/LNH XV RQ )DFHERRN ZLGJHW RQ \RXU ZHEVLWH DQd blog. Each time you have a visitor, they areable to share your information and, in turn, increase your likes on your Facebook page.Incentivize Facebook users to like your page by offering exclusive, fan-only discounts and deals. In addition, youcan use your page to invite fans to sales and promotions. Be sure to update your Facebook page often withLQWHUHVWLQJ FRQWHQW EXW QRW VR RIWHQ WKDW \RX EHFRPH ZKLWH QRLVH ,W¶V XS WR \RX WR GHWHUPLQH D IUHTXHQF\ WKDW your customers appreciate and that you can accommodate.Use Facebook OffersFacebook Offers is a wonderful, free feature, allowing businesses to share discounts with their customers byposting an offer on their Facebook Page. When someone claims an offer, he or she receive an email that can beused at the business (online or in-store) to get the discount. You can create an offer from your page or fromthe ads create tool. This feature will help you spread brand awareness and attract new customers.Copyright    2013  Business  Advisers  of  Cleveland

Give current customers a heDGV XS DERXW \RXU )DFHERRN RIIHUV ,I WKH\¶UH QRW DOUHDG\ IDQV RI \RXU SDJH OHWWLQJ WKHP LQ RQ WKH RIIHU LV DQ HDV\ ZD\ WR HDUQ D ³OLNH DQG SRWHQWLDOO\ ERRVW VDOHV Use Facebook AdsThough it may cost you a small sum, taking advantage of the Facebook Ads to promote your business is afantastic way to target your niche market. With Facebook Ads, you can decide exactly who gets to see your adsfrom a range of variables, including age, gender, location and even interests.Once you have your ad in place, you can test images, headlines and calls to action. If after some time you feelthat the advertising on Facebook is not reaping the rewards you had hoped, you can cancel the campaign atDQ\ WLPH ,W¶V D ORZ ULVN PDUNHWLQJ RSWLRQ ZLWK WKH SRWHQWLDO IRU KLJK rewards.Facebook also has analytics available that track the usage and interaction with your Facebook page andEXVLQHVV ,W¶V DYDLODEOH IUHH WR HYHU\ SDJH RZQHU 0DNH XVH RI WKHVH YDOXDEOH LQVLJKWV WR VHH KRZ PDQ\ SHRSOH are interacting with your page, what content is of most interest and demographics. You can then adjust yourcontent, advertising, Facebook page and blog activities accordingly.Using your Facebook page correctly to market your company and its services is an easy and inexpensive way toencourage new likes and fans, as well as build a loyal customer.############Copyright    2013  Business  Advisers  of  Cleveland

Facebook  Case  StudyThrough  her  business,  Healthy  Alternatives,  Diane  helps  women  improve  their  health  throughnutritional  supplements,  beauty  products  and  green  products  for  the  home.  She  is  a  certifiednutritionist,  consulting  with  clients  about  healthy  eating  as  well.  She  also  wants  women  to  join  hersales  team.She  reaches  out  to  both  audiences  by  creating  a  personal,  clean  and  healthy  image  on  her  personalFacebook  page.  In  fact,  her  profile  photo  includes  an  assortment  of  nutritious  foods  behind  her.Diane  links  from  her  emails  and  website  to  her  Facebook  page,  and  links  back  to  her  website  fromFacebook.Below  is  what  the  top  of  her  personal  Facebook  page  looked  like  on  November  17,  2013.  A  friendhad  posted  her  appreciation  for  the  good  time  she  had  at  Diane͛s  business  open  house.Copyright    2013  Business  Advisers  of  Cleveland

Because  Diane  believes  a  vegan  diet  is  the  healthy  way  to  eat,  she  posts  vegan  recipes  on  herpersonal  page.  See  below.  She  helps  a  friend  promote  her  book  by  posting  a  photo  of  it  underBooks  she  likes.Before  ,ĂůůŽǁĞĞŶ͕ ĂŶŽƚŚĞƌ ďƵƐŝŶĞƐƐ ĨƌŝĞŶĚ ƉŽƐƚĞĚ ĂŶ ĂƉƉƌŽƉƌŝĂƚĞ ĐĂƌƚŽŽŶ ŽŶ ŝĂŶĞ͛Ɛ ƉĂŐĞ͕ ǁŚŝĐŚ ŚĞůƉĞĚ ƉƌŽŵŽƚĞ ŝĂŶĞ ƚŽ Ăůů ŽĨ ŚĞƌ ĨƌŝĞŶĚ͛Ɛ &ĂĐĞŬ ĨƌŝĞŶĚƐ͘Copyright    2013  Business  Advisers  of  Cleveland

This  is  what  the  cartoon  looked  like  before  clicking  on  it.When  Diane  was  asked  to  give  a  talk  before  a  group,  she  created  an  avatar  of  herself  speaking  andincluded  it  in  a  post  about  the  talk  on  her  page.  All  her  Facebook  friends  could  have  seen  whatƐŚĞ͛Ɛ ƵƉ ƚŽ ŝŶ ƚŚĞŝƌ ĚĂŝůLJ EĞǁƐ &ĞĞĚ͘Copyright    2013  Business  Advisers  of  Cleveland

Diane  made  a  special  page  on  Facebook  for  her  invitation  to  an  annual  open  house.  She  invited  157people  who  are  also  on  Facebook.  The  list  on  the  left  notes  those  who  accepted  her  invitation  andthose  who  were  thinking  about  it.Diane  also  created  a  Facebook  page  for  her  business  linked  to  her  personal  page.  She  now  has  288people  who  are  following  her  business.  Followers  could  be  different  from  friends  on  her  personalpage.    Because  she  recognizes  the  importance  of  her  business  page  followers,  Diane  spends  moretime  posting  fresh  and  business- ‐focused  content  here.Copyright    2013  Business  Advisers  of  Cleveland

Tactics for Using Facebook Marketing to Promote Your Business In any business, your main priorities should include keeping your clients happy and maintaining an ever-expanding FXVWRPHU EDVH 7KHUH DUH YDULRXV ZD\V RI GRLQJ WKLV )RU WKH VDNH RI WKLV SRVW ZH¶OO GLVFXVV KRZ \RX can use Facebook as a way to promote your business and build your list.

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