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POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSPROGRAMMES AVAILABLE AT THE NATIONAL DIPLOMA (ND) AND ENTRY REQUIREMENTSPOLYTECHNIC/COURSECOURSE REQUIREMENTSUTME SUBJECTSREMARKS/WAIVERACCOUNTANCYFive (5) SSC credit passes in English Mathematics and two i)FEDPO-OKO, FEDPOILA, FEDPO-AIU & IMTLanguage not Literature in English and (2)ofGeography,ENU require Five (5) 'O' Level credit passes atAAPMathematics and any three (3) Commerce,not more than two (2) sittings. FEDPO-AIUABIAPOLYsubjects from the followingGovernment, Principlesrequires 'O' Level credit pass in one POLYBusiness Methods,Economics.ii) IBD-POLY, OSUNPOLY PH-POLY and OTEFEAJAYI-POLYPrinciples of Accounts,require five (5) 'O' Level credit passes includingLiterature in EnglishEnglish and Mathematics and any three (3)AKCASGeographysubjects from the course requirements at notAKPOLYOffice Practicemore than two (2) sittings. PH-POLY icultural Science,iii) FEDPO-FFA and OZORO require 'O' Level creditALOOMAChemistry,passes in English Language, Mathematics andANSCOAMPhysics,Economics and one (1) of Commerce, BusinessHistory/GovernmentMethod, Bookkeeping, Accounts and Geography.APSTypewritingiv)LASPOTECH does not accept Literature inASHI-POLYShorthandEnglish as course requirement for Accountancy.ATAPOLYIt accepts History as UTME subject.v) OGWASHIUKU does not accept History butAUCHIPOLYaccepts Agricultural Science or Biology as courseBEN-POLYrequirements.vi) IMT-ENU requires five (5) 'O' Level credit passes.BESTPOTECHvii) RAMATPOLY accepts certificate in AccountancyBUPOLY-HADfrom any institution with four (4) subjects at passBYCASlevel which must include English Language andMathematics and any two (2) of the subjectsCABSPlisted in course requirement columnCALVARYPOLYviii) FIDEIPOLY and IGBAJO require five (5) 'O' Levelcredit passes in English Language, Mathematics,COVENANT-POLYEconomics/Commerce and any other two (2)CROWNsubjects from the following Business Method,D.S. ADEGBENROAccounts, Geography, Government, AgriculturalScience/Biology at not more than two (2) sittings.DORBENix) FEDPO-NEK requires five (5) 'O' Level creditEAST-POLYpasses at two (2) sittings which must includeMathematics, English Language and three (3)ENU-POLYother relevant subjects.FEDPO-ADOx) OSUNTECH does not accept Literature inFEDPO-AIUEnglish, Office Practice, Typewriting andShorthand as course requirements, butFEDPO-BAL1

DTVIGHERITAGEIBD-POLYIGBAJO-POLYIGBO-OWU JSIITKKAD-POLYxvii)KALAC2Economics and Commerce are accepted asdifferent subjects.KWA-POLY does not accept History as arequirement for Accountancy but accepts 'O'Level credit pass in Statistics.FEDPO-EDE requires five (5) 'O' level creditpasses or its equivalent in English Language,Mathematics and any other three (3) from nessStudies,PrincipleofAccounts/Book Keeping/Financial Accounting,Geography, History/Government, AgriculturalScience/Biology/Physics/Chemistry, Insurance,Civic Education.YABATECH requires five (5) O' Level creditpasses in English Language, Mathematics,Economics and any two (2) from the d and Financial Accounting.FEDPO-ILA requires 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language (not Literature in English),Mathematics and any three subjects from siness Studies,Principles ofAccounts/Book Keeping, Literature in English,Geography, Office Practice, ory/Government, Typewriting, Shorthand,Civic Education, Financial Accounting, French,Insurance, CRS/IRK, Marketing, Salesmanship,Store Keeping, Store Management, ComputerStudies, Entrepreneurship Education and SocialStudies.FEDPO-NEK accepts Economics/Commerce andPrinciples of Accounts/Accounts as the UTMEsubjects.CABSP accepts Certificate Course of the Collegeor from any recognised institution OR any otherqualification recognised by the College omics/Commerce and any two (2) of

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSBusiness Methods, Principles of Accounts,Literature in English, Geography, Office emistry, Physics, History, Typewriting andShorthand.xviii) AUCHIPOLY requires 'O' Level credit passes inMathematics, English Language, and Economics.xix) IMO-POLY accepts only Biology or AgriculturalScience. It does not accept History and Literaturein English as course requirement forAccountancy.xx) FEDPO-BAL accepts Principles of Accounting,Economics/Commerce and any other subject asUTME subjects.xxi) OGUN-POLY requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses at not more than two (2) sittings. Inaddition to 'O' Level credit passes in EnglishLanguage and Mathematics, candidates mustpossess credit pass in Economics/ Commerce.xxii) AKCAS requires 'O' Level credit passes inEnglishLanguage,Mathematics,Biology/Chemistry/ Physics and any other two (2)fromEconomics,BusinessManagement,Principles of Accounts, Literature in EnglishLanguage, Commerce, History/ Government,Statistics and Geography.xxiii) OKE-OGUN POLY accepts Civic Education inlieu of Government and also accepts AnimalHusbandry in lieu of Agricultural Science.xxiv)IGBAJO-POLY – Mathematics is not compulsoryas a UTME subject.xxv) OSUNPOLY accepts 'O' Level credit passes r Studies/ICT.xxvi)IBD-POLY accepts 'O' Level credit passes inEconomics, Commerce, Government, History,Agricultural Science, Biology, Book Keeping,Yoruba, CRS, and IS. Also accepts any of thelisted ‘O’ Level course requirements as UTMEsubjects.xxvii)SURE-POLY requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses in English Language, Mathematics,Principle of Accounts, Economics or any NOVELTYOGITECHOGUN-POLYOGWASHIUKUOKE-OGUN POLYOSISATECHOSUNPOLYOSUNTECHOTEFEOYSCATECHOZORO3

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSsubject at not more than two (2) sittings.xxviii)GRUNDTVIG accepts five (5) SSC creditpasses in English Language not Literature inEnglish and Mathematics and any three inessMethods,Principles of Accounts, Literature in English,Geography, Office Practice, Government,Biology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics,History/Government, Typewriting and POLYRAMAT-POLYRECTEMRONIKUTME SUBJECTSi)SURE-POLY requires Mathematics,Economics and any other subject.ii) FEDPO-BAU requires Mathematics and ,Geography,Principles of Accounts, History.iii) YABATECH requires Mathematics and two(2) of Geography, Commerce, Government/History, Principles of Accounts andEconomics.RUGIPOSAAPADESAF-POLYSARO-WIWA UYO-CITYPOLYVALLEY VIEWWOLEXWUFPOBKYABATECHZUNGERUAGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGYANSCOAMATAPOLYAUCHIPOLYAUDU-BAKOFive (5) SSC credit passes inBiology/Agricultural Science,Mathematics and any three (3) of thefollowing:Geography,Food and Nutrition,Economics,Biology/AgriculturalScience, Chemistry andanyotherSciencesubjecti)ii)4OZORO and COLAGRIC-GAR require at least 'O'Level passes in English and Mathematics/Statistics and in addition, FEDAGRIC-IBDrequires 'O' Level pass grade in ChemistryFEDAGRIC-AKR requires at least a pass inEnglish Language and Mathematics. Alsoaccepts four (4) 'O' Level credit passes in NBTE

RIC-JALTechnical Drawing,English Language,Physics,Chemistry,Nigerian Language,Home Economics.At least 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language and Chemistry RIC-ZARCOLAGRIC-ZURD.S. d Pre-ND course offered in COFOR-JOS same as in Forestry Technology.BUPOLY-HAD – requires Mathematics and anytwo (2) subjects from Physics, Geography,Biology/Agricultural Science and Economics asUTME subjects.RUGIPO accepts 'O' Level passes in EnglishLanguage and Physics.IBD POLY requires at least 'O' Level pass inEnglish Language.COLAGRIC-MOK requires 'O' Level credit passesin Chemistry, Physics and Home Economics ascourse requirements.FEDPO-BAU accepts ‘O’ level Credit passes inBiology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry and anythree (3) from Geography, Food and Nutrition,Economics, Technical Drawing, Physics, NigerianLanguage, Home Economics. Credit passes inEnglish Language and Mathematics arecompulsory.IMO-POLY requires at least 'O' Level passes inChemistry and Statistics. Also requires 'O' Levelcredit in English Language Not Literature inEnglish.FEDAGRIC-IBD requires at least 'O' Levelpasses in English Language, Mathematics andChemistry.OZORO requires 'O' Level credit passes inChemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science.OKE-OGUN POLY accepts Animal Husbandry Inlieu of Agriculture.FEDANIM-VOM – Same as in Animal Health andproduction Technology.KAD-POLY requires 'O' Level credit passes inBiology/AgriculturalScience,Mathematics,English Language and any two (2) of cal Drawing, Physics, Chemistry, NigerianLanguage, Home Economics, French Language.At least 'O' Level pass in Chemistry is alsorequired.

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSxv) YABATECH requires five (5) O' Level creditpasses in English Language, Mathematics,Chemistry, Biology/Agric. Science and any one(1) of the following: Physics, Geography,Economics, Technical Drawing, Food & Nutrition,Animal Husbandry and O-NASUTME SUBJECTSi) RUGIPO accepts Economics.ii) FECOFOR-JOSrequireseitherofBiology/Agricultural Science, Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics, Economics or Geography.iii) OKE-OGUN POLY requires Mathematics.iv) l Science and any one (1) ofPhysics, Mathematics or Economics as the third(3rd) subject.v) YABATECH requires Chemistry, Biology/Agric.Science and any one from the s.vi) COLAGRIC-YAN requires Biology and any one(1) of Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics,Mathematics, Geography.vii)LASPOTECH accepts any three (3) ofBiology/Agricultural Science, Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics, Economics and Geography.viii) FEDCOFM-AFAKA accepts Physics, OGUN POLYOSUNTECHOYSCATECHOZOROBiology/Agricultural Science.FEDPO-BAU requires Chemistry and any two (2)subjects from Biology, Agricultural Science, Economics,Geography, Physics, Commerce or TECHCROP PRODUCTIONTECHNOLOGYCOLAGRIC-IGUFEDCOFM-AFAKA6

Five (5) SSC credit passes inMathematics,EnglishLanguage,Physics and any two (2) of thefollowing:Biology/Agricultural ScienceChemistryTechnical DrawingBasic Electronics/Basic ElectricityAuto MechanicsMetal WorkFurther MathematicsFood and rawing, Chemistry orany two (2) MAT-POLYRUGIPO7FEDPO-ADO accepts 'O' Level credit pass ineither Economics, Chemistry, T/Drawing orGeographyIMT-ENU accepts Agricultural Science as aUTME subject.KAD-POLY requires 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language, Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry and any one (1) of Biology/AgriculturalScience, Technical Drawing, Basic tics,Geography,Economics,Commerce, Food and Nutrition. At least 'O' Levelpasses in Chemistry and Biology. AgriculturalScience is necessary as course requirements.IBD-POLY requires 'O' Level credit passes inMathematics and Physics and at least 'O' Levelpass in English Language.OZORO requires Physics, Chemistry andMathematics/Chemistry as UTME subjects.FEDAGRIC-AKR accepts four (4) 'O' Level creditpasses in NBTE recognised Pre-ND coursesoffered in a Polytechnic or similar PostSecondary institutions. The four (4) 'O' Levelcredit passes must be from the subjects specifiedin Course Requirement Column above.RAMATPOLY same as in ArchitecturalTechnologyFEDAGRIC-IBD requires at least 'O' Level passin English Language as well as credit passes inGeography/Economics.KWAPOLY accepts 'O' Level pass in Chemistry.It also accepts 'O' Level credit passes inEconomics, Introduction to Agricultural Science,Material / Workshop / Machining / Tractor Layout,Power Unit, Under Carriages and Auto es, General Wood Work, Building/Engineering Drawing, Principles of CropHusbandry and Land Use, Materials andWorkshopProcesses,ConstructionandMaintenance of Agricultural Machines asrequirementsforAgriculturalEngineering

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSTechnology.RUGIPO accepts 'O' Level pass in EnglishLanguage.xi) FEDPO-NEK accepts 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language and Chemistry.xii) FEDPO-MUB – At least 'O' Level pass inChemistry and Biology/Agricultural Science isnecessary.xiii) FEDPO-BAU requires Mathematics, Physics, andany two (3) of Biology/Agricultural s/Basic Electricity, Auto Mechanics,Metal Work, Further Mathematics, Food andNutrition, Geography. At least passes inChemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science/Food andNutrition and a credit pass in English Language isnecessary.xiv) IMO-POLY requires Five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses in Mathematics, English Language andPhysics as well as in Chemistry and AgriculturalScience/Biology.xv) OKE-OGUN POLY requires 'O' Level creditpasses in Physics, Chemistry and atics, Physics and Chemistry as UTMEsubjects.xvi) YABATECH requires 'O' Level credit passes inChemistry and Biology/Agricultural Science asthe fourth (4th) and fifth (5th) subjects. ural Science as UTME subjects.xvii) OSUNPOLY accepts 'O' Level credit passes ology/AnimalHusbandry,Welding/Auto Part Merchandizing, and ComputerStudies/ ICT/Data Processing.xviii)LASPOTECH requires Mathematics and any two(2)ofPhysics/ChemistryandFineArt/Geography.xix) FEDPO-ILA requires 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language, Mathematics, turalScience,FurtherWUFPOBKx)AGRICULTURAL AND BIOENVIRONMENTAL AFAKAFEDPO-BAUFEDPO-ILAKAD-POLYOGWASHIUKUOKE-OGUN POLYOSUNPOLYOYSCATECHOZOROPOLY-YOLARUGIPOYABATECH8

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSMathematics, Technical Drawing, Auto BodyRepair and Spray Painting, Auto ElectricalWorks, Auto Mechanical Works, Auto laying and Concreting, BuildingConstruction, Carpentry and Joinery, /Basic Electronics, Furniture Making,GSM Phone Maintenance and Repairs, MetalWork, Machine Woodworking, Mining, Plumbingand Pipe Fitting, Radio/ Television andElectronics Works, Refrigeration and AirConditioning,WeldingandFabricationEngineering Craft Practice, General Metal Works,Computer Studies, Data Processing, BasicElectricity, Drawing & Design, Implements &Machines, Tractor System, Motor VehicleMechanical Works, Automobile Electrical Works,Vehicle Body Building, Light Vehicle Body RepairWorks, Instrument Mechanics Works, ApplianceMaintenance and Repairs nance)Machines Maintenance, Foundry Craft Practice,Marine Engineering Craft, Ship Building CraftPractice, Computer Craft Studies, IntroductionBuilding Construction,UTME SUBJECTSi) FEDCOFM-AFAKAacceptsMathematics,Physics and Chemistryii) KAD-POLY requires Mathematics, Physics andany other subject from Biology/AgriculturalScience or Chemistry as the UTME subjects.iii) COLAGRIC-YAN requires Mathematics, Physicsand any other Science subject as UTMEsubjects.iv) FEDPO-BAU requires Mathematics, Physics andany one subject from Chemistry, Biology,Agricultural Science, Geography and TechnicalDrawing.ANIMAL HEALTH FEDANIM-IBD requires at least 'O' Level passes

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSPRODUCTION LAGRIC-KADBiology/Agricultural Science,Mathematics and any three (3) of thefollowing:Geography,Food and Nutrition,Economics,Technical Drawing,English Language,Physics,Chemistry,Nigerian Language,Home Economics.At least 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language and Chemistry arecompulsory.Science, Chemistry AIOKE-OGUN POLYOYSCATECHRAMATPOLY10in Mathematics/Statistics, English Language.COLAGRIC-GAR requires at least 'O' .iii) BUPOLY-HAD – requires Mathematics and anytwo (2) subjects from Physics, Geography,Biology/ Agricultural Science and Economics asUTME subjects.iv) COLAGRIC-MOK requires 'O' Level credit passesin Biology/Agricultural Science, Mathematics andany other Science subject as courserequirements.v) FEDPO-MUB accepts 'O' Level passes inMathematics/Statistics and English Languagewith 'O' Level credit passes in Chemistry,Agricultural Science/Biology and any two (2),such as Geography, Physics, Economics, HomeEconomics, Food and Nutrition and TechnicalDrawing.vi) IMO-POLY: 'O' Level pass in Chemistry andStatistics is compulsory. Also requires 'O' Levelcredit pass in English Language Not Literature inEnglish.vii) FEDWILD-NBUS requires 'O' Level passes inEnglish Language and Chemistry. 'O' Levelcredit passes in Biology/Agricultural Science,Mathematics and any three (3) of the following Geography, Food and Nutrition, Economics,Technical Drawing, English Language, Physics,Chemistry, Nigerian Language and HomeEconomicsviii) FEDANIM-VOM requires 'O' Level credit passesat not more than two (2) sittings inBiology/Agricultural Science, English Language,Mathematics and any two (2) of the merce,TechnicalDrawing,Physics, Chemistry, Nigerian Language, HomeEconomics, French Language. 'O' Level pass inChemistry is compulsory.ix) FEDPO-BAU requires five ‘O’ Level credit passesin Biology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry andany three (3) from Geography, Food andii)

icalDrawing,Physics, Nigerian Language, Home Economics.Credit passes in English Language andMathematics are compulsory.RUGIPOUAS-POLYUTME SUBJECTSi)FEDPO-BAU requires Chemistry and any two (2)subjects from Biology, Agricultural Science,Economics, Geography, Physics, Commerce andMathematics.ARCHITECTURAL EDEFive (5) SSC credit passes inMathematics,Physics,EnglishLanguage and any two (2) subjectsfrom the following:Biology,Fine Art,Chemistry,HistoryEnglish Language,Geography,Further MathematicsEconomics/Commerce,Religious Knowledge,Technical Drawing,Business Method.'O' Level pass in Fine Art or TechnicalDrawing will be an advantage.Mathematics and anytwo (2) of Physics,ChemistryandTechnical NAMFEDPO-NASFEDPO-NEKFEDPO-OKOIBD-POLY11i)YABATECH requires five (5) O' Level creditpasses in English Language, Mathematics,Physics and any two (2) of the following:Chemistry, Economics, Technical/Fine Art andGeography.ii) OGUN-POLY requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses at not more than two (2) sittings or four(4) 'O' Level credit passes at one (1) sitting.iii) IBD-POLY requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses at not more than two (2) sittings inEnglish Language, Mathematics, Physics andtwo (2) other subjects from Chemistry, Fine Art,Geography, Economics Technical Drawing,Biology/Agricultural Science, Metal-Work/Woodwork and Building Construction.iv) OSUNTECH requires 'O' Level credit pass inEnglish Language and does not accept ReligiousStudies and History.v) FEDPO-ADO accepts Commerce/Economics,Fine Art, History/Government as courserequirements.vi) FEDPO-EDE requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses or its equivalent in English Language,Mathematics, Physics and any other two (2)subjects from Chemistry, Biology/ AgriculturalScience, Geography, Economics, TechnicalDrawing//Fine Art/Graphic Design, BuildingConstruction, Wood Work, Painting & Decorating,Computer Studies.vii) RAMATPOLY requires two (2) 'O' Level credit

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSpasses from Geography, Technical Drawing,Chemistry and Biology.viii) RUGIPO requires five (5) 'O' Level credit passesat not more than two (2) sittings to includePhysics, Mathematics, English Language andtwo (2) other subjects from Chemistry, Fine Art,Geography, Economics, Building Constructionand Land Surveying, Technical Drawing andMetal Work/Wood Work.ix) FEDPO-NEK requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses in Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry andany three (3) other subjects from those listed incolumn 2.x) KWA-POLY accepts 'O' Level credit passes lock Laying, Concreting, Walls,Floors, and Ceiling Finishing, Joinery andCarpentry as requirements. Does not acceptCommerce as a requirement for ArchitecturalTechnology.xi) KAZAURE does not accept History and ReligiousStudies as Course requirements.xii) FEDPO-ILA accepts 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language, Mathematics, Physics andany two subjects from the following: tics, Economics/Commerce, ReligiousKnowledge, Technical Drawing/Graphic Design,Painting and Decoration, Civic Education,Building Construction, Wood Work,BasicElectronics,Computer Studies, Blocklaying,Bricklaying & Concrete Work, FinancialAccounting, Draughtsmanship/ Graphic Design,Introduction to Building Construction, MachineWoodWorking,Electrical Installation &Maintenance Works, Computer Craft Practice,A pass Technical Drawing will be an advantage.xiii) FEDPO-BAU requires five (5) ‘O’ Level creditpasses in Mathematics, Physics and any three(3) subjects from Biology, Fine Art, Chemistry,History, English Language, Geography, FurtherMathematics, Economics/Commerce, ReligiousKnowledge, Technical Drawing or TECNBPZNICTOGITECHOKE-OGUN ARO-WIWA POLYTIPEWOLEXWUFPOBKYABATECH12

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSMethod. Credit passes in English Language andMathematics is compulsory. A pass in Fine Art orTechnical Drawing will be an advantageUTME SUBJECTi) IMT-ENU accepts Geography.ii) FEDPO-NAS accepts Physics, Mathematics andany one (1) of Geography or Chemistry.iii) KAD-POLY requires Mathematics, Physics andany of Chemistry, Geography, Biology, TechnicalDrawing or Fine Art.iv) FEDPO-AIU requires Mathematics, Physics andany of Chemistry, Technical Drawing orGeography.v) FEDPO-ILA accepts Mathematics and any two ofPhysics, Chemistry, Geography and TechnicalDrawing.vi) FEDPO-BAU accepts any three subjects phy, Fine Art and TechnicalDrawing.vii) AKPOLY accepts Mathematics, Physics and anyof Economics, Geography.viii)YABATECH requires Mathematics, Physics andany one (1) from: Chemistry, Economics andTechnical Drawing/Fine Art.ARTS AND DPO-OKOIBD-POLYFive (5) SSC credit passes in EnglishLanguage, Fine Art Mathematics andany two (2) of the following:History/GovernmentChemistry/Physical Science,Biology/Agricultural Science,Literature in English,Clothing and Textiles,Religious Knowledge,Economics/CommerceGeography, Home EconomicsFine Art and any two(2)ofHistory,Chemistry,Mathematics, NUKAN-POLYKOGI-POLY13IBD-POLY requires 'O' Level credit pass in anyNigerian Language and accepts Commerce,Economics. Also accepts 'O' Level passes inMathematics/EnglishLanguage.AUCHIPOL accepts 'O' Level pass in EnglishLanguage.IMT-ENU offers it as Fine Art.KOGI-POLY offers it as Arts and IndustrialDesign.LASPOTEC requires 'O' Level credit pass in Artand English Language.FEDPO-NEK requires 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language, Mathematics and any three(3) from History/Government, Literature onomics/Commerce,

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSLASPOTECHTechnical Drawing, Fine Arts.vii) RUGIPO requires five (5) 'O' level credit passesto include English Language, Fine Art/VisualArt/Technical Drawing and any three (3) ofHistory, Chemistry/Physics, Biology/AgriculturalScience, Literature in English, Mathematics,Religious Studies, Clothing & Textile, Economics,Geography, Commerce and Government.viii) OGUN-POLY accepts five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses at not more than two (2) sittings or four(4) ‘o’ level credit passes at one (1) sitting 'O'Level pass in English Language.ix) AUCHI POLY requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses in English Language, Mathematics, andany other three subjects at a sitting. Six (6) creditpasses including English Language andMathematics at two (2) sittings as courserequirements.x) YABATECH requires five (5) O' Level creditpasses in English Language, Mathematics, FineArt/Visual Art/Technical Drawing/Welding &Fabrication/Metal Work/Wood Work/GeneralMetal Work/Painting & Decoration/Bleaching/Tie& Dye/Graphics and any two (2) of the mics/Commerce,CRK/IRKGeography and Photography/Tourism.xi) OSUNPOLY in addition to the courserequirement accepts Dyeing and Bleaching, ce,AnimalHusbandry/Fisheries,General Metal Works, General Wood Work,Painting and Decoration, Craft Practice, DataProcessing/ Computer Studies/ICT, Photography,Clothing and Textiles.xii) FEDPO-ILA requires 'O' Level credit passes inEnglish Language, Mathematics and any three(3) of the following: General Art, Dyeing &Bleaching, Clothing and Textiles, Ceramics,Sculpture, Graphics Design, Textiles, Paintingand Decoration, Printing Craft Practice, PictureMaking, Photography, Visual Art, IPOARTS AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGNAUCHIPOLYTIPEYABATECHGRAPHICS DESIGN ANDADVERTISINGLENS-POLY14

POLYTECHNICS/MONOTECHNICSJewellery, Technical Drawing, Garment Making,History/Government, Chemistry,Physics,Biology/ General Agricultural,Literature inEnglish,CRS/IS,Economics/Commerce,Geography, Home Economics, Civic hip, Draughtsman ship,LeatherGoods Manufacture, Spinning, Weaving, SurfaceDesign / Textiles Painting, Computer CraftPracticeUTME SUBJECTSi)FEDPO-NEK does not insist on Fine Arts as aUTME subject and also as UTME requirement.ii) FEDPO-NASacceptsBiology/AgriculturalScience, Chemistry. It does not accept Fine Arts.iii) AUCHI POLY accepts any three (3) subjects.iv) IBD-POLY requires any three (3) subjects fromcourse requirements.v) OSUNPOLY accepts any three (3) subjects.vi) LASPOTECH requires any three (3) of Fine , Economics/Commerce/Geography andany Nigerian Language.vii) FEDPO-ILA accepts any three subjects from 'O'Level course requirements.MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGYLENS-POLYOSUNTECHBANKING AND FINANCEAAPABIAPOLYAG-POLYATAPOLYFive (5) credit passes at SSC orequivalent in Mathematics, EnglishLanguage and any other three (3)relevant subjectsAny four (4) subjectsfromArts/SocialScienceFive (5) SSC credit passes in EnglishLanguage (not Literature in English)and Mathematics and any three (3)subjects from the following:Economics/Commerce,Business Methods,Principles of Accounts,Mathematics and anytwo (2) of rinciples of Accounts.15i)ii)FEDPO-OKO requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses at two (2) sittings or four (4) 'O' Levelcredit passes at one (1) sitting.IBD-POLY requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses to include Economics, Mathematics andEnglish Language. Also accepts Yoruba andCRS\IS as part of course requirements.

. ADEGBENROENU-POLYFEDCOOP-IBDLiterature in EnglishGeographyOffice PracticeBiology/Agricultural NGO16FEDPOFFA, OSUNPOLY, WUFPOBK andFEDPONAM offer the course as FinancialStudies.IBD-POLY requires five (5) 'O' Level creditpasses at not more than two (2)

Insurance, CRS/IRK, Marketing, Salesmanship, Store Keeping, Store Management, Computer Studies, Entrepreneurship Education and Social . Agricultural Science, Biology, Book Keeping, Yoruba, CRS, and IS. Also accepts any of the listed 'O' Level course requirements as UTME . POLY-YOLA PRIME-POLY RAMAT-POLY RECTEM RONIK RUGIPO SAAPADE SAF .

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The University extends to over 600 acres in the Nyegezi- Malimbe area 10 km south of Mwanza City. . established in 2015. St. Augustine University of Tanzania. vi . (ACUHIAM), Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA), the Tanzania Association of Private Universities (TAPU), the Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa, and

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Minimum standards in respect of technical education (1) The responsibility for the establishment of minimum standards in polytechnics, technical colleges and other technical institutions in the Federation shall be vested in the Minister after consultation with the National

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c. formal initial education in early childhood education programmes, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities and in other post-secondary . refresh or update their knowledge,

c. formal initial education in early childhood education programmes, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities and in other post-secondary . refresh or update their knowledge,

The ‘O’ Level certificate itself is an internationally recognised qualification that can be used to apply for tertiary education in the Commonwealth countries and in the United States of America. Local junior colleges, polytechnics and private institutes also require prospective students to possess the ‘O

Institutes of Education in Nigerian universities, Schools of Education in the Polytechnics, and the National Teachers Institute. iii. Organisation of Internship Schemes and induction programmes for fresh Education graduates to equip them with the necessary professional skills before licensing them for full professional practice. iv.

Editorial Board Prof. Akihiro Abe Department of Industrial Chemistry Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics 1583 Iiyama, Atsugi-shi 243 -02, Japan E-maih aabe@chem.t-kougei.ac.jp

Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Labour, for instance, is responsible for all industrial training below the level of the polytechnics and the university It is in the process of introducing a new industrial levy scheme (under the 1970 Industrial Training Act), but this is at present confined to the building, sugar and motor vehicle industries and will not be fully

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AWGB Zoom Beginner User Guide Participating in a Meeting If you are participating in a demo, you may have been asked to mute your microphone. To ask a question, type in the chat box and the question will be passed to the demonstrator by a moderator who is managing the demo. If you are participating in a meeting you can unmute your microphone and speak normally. Click to Unmute. Tip: Tapping .

Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ Speech: A Rhetorical Political Analysis Abstract This article exploits the developing political science literature on rhetorical political analysis (RPA) and applies it to one of the most controversial speeches of the post-war era in British politics. Alongside an analysis of the roots and impact of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech the .

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language acquisition,coupled with comparative linguistic studies, led to the Principles and Parameters (P&P) framework (Chomsky ), which suggests that all languages obey a universal (and putatively innate) set of tightly constrained principles, whereas variations across constructions and particular languages—the choices that a child learner has to make during language acquisi-tion—are .

The University of Birmingham / The Centre for English Language Studies (CELS) / July 2006 . flexibility signifies the privilege attained by children over the adults in learning languages, which is probably also due to the muscular plasticity used in the articulation of human speech by children to produce a nativelike accent. Brown (1994) claims that this ability is almost missing after .

The Civil Engineering Sector provides services to the infrastructure of the industry with the following ARR. Plant Operatives 60 Civil Engineers 320 Civil Engineering Operatives 50 There may not be a large demand for additional trades within the sector, although a major infrastructure project brought forward would affect ARR numbers, there will be a demand to maintain the current levels of .