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BOATING ACCIDENT STATISTICAL REPORTPersonal Watercraft Accidents photo detailCover Photos: (Courtesy of FWC)On May 12, at approximately 2:30 pm, two personal watercraft (PWC) were operating in Biscayne Bay. ThePWC were jumping the wakes of other vessels in the area. PWC #1 jumped the wake of a vessel andsubsequently landed on PWC #2. The operator of PWC #2 was ejected by the impact. The operator of PWC #1assisted him back onto his PWC and notified emergency services. Both operators were examined by FireRescue for minor injuries. Both declined transport to a medical facility as they felt their injuries were notserious.

Boating Accidents Statistical Report2018 PERSONAL WATERCRAFT DATA2018 PERSONAL WATERCRAFT REGISTRATION AND ACCIDENTS BY HillsboroughHolmesIndian 88724043462,5154,880708211*Accident Rate # of Registered Vessels# of InjuriesPropertyDamageRankAccidentRate*64 12,20061:3872320 8,000 11,40014111:1,8291:3,1332424 0 60020101:8791:8903241 5,500 2,75012181:1,4021:9685 22,65051:94111 0231:89022 9,600131:1,26111 0231:7127PWCFatalities3Those Counties in bold print represent the top ten counties for PWC accidents.Fields that equaled zero intentionally left blank.25

Boating Accidents Statistical Report2018 P ERSONAL W ATERCRAFT D ATA2018 PERSONAL WATERCRAFT REGISTRATION AND ACCIDENTS BY lm BeachPascoPinellasPolkPutnamSanta RosaSarasotaSeminoleSt. JohnsSt. ageRankAccidentRate*2 0221:2,83821412 3,200 48,800 34,40017121:8741:7901:1476 47,900430613 5,500 4,800 12,000211671;7,4661;1,0791:1,036138 27,90031:712224214 2,700 4,950 12,100191591:2421:1,1211:60622 0201:94044 17,68081:72787 294,630122016211212612017*Accident Rate # of Registered Vessels# of AccidentsThose Counties in bold print represent the top ten counties for PWC boating accidents in 2018DHSMV numbers represent registrations issued at the main office instead of at county levelFields that equaled zero intentionally left blank.261:1,093

Boating Accidents Statistical Report2018 P ERSONAL W ATERCRAFT D ATAPWC OWNERSHIP BYREGISTRATIONTOTAL REGISTERED PWCCOMPARISON OF PWC TOVESSELS INVOLVED INACCIDENTSPWC (rental)2,8382%PWC131,15714%PWC (rental)78 / 9%PWC (private)94 / 11%Rented vessels30 / 3%Other vessels819,58386%PWC (private)128,31998%Private vessels694 / 77%*896 vessels involved in accidentsACCIDENTS 2014-20182018TOP TEN m 2025

Boating Accidents Statistical Report2018 P ERSONAL W ATERCRAFT D ATAACCIDENT SITE LOCATIONPort/harborRESTRICTED AREA ACCIDENTS3Inlet/passManatee19Slow speedLake/pond410Canal/cutIdle speed11River/creek616MPH 6810*30 PWC accidents occurred within a restricted areaOPERATION AT TIME OF ACCIDENTDocking/undocking3Docked (moored)4Other8Drifting11Wake/surf jumping13Changing speed16Changing direction20Cruising9702040*172 PWC involved in 120 accidents28608010012

Boating Accidents Statistical Report2018 P ERSONAL W ATERCRAFT D ATAPRIMARY TYPE OF ACCIDENTFall in boat1Vessel wake damage1Sinking1Struck by boat (person)1Fire/explosion (fuel)2Skier hit object2Grounding2Struck underwater objectOn October 13th, at approximately 3:45PM in Marathon a single PWC accidentoccurred. The 30-year-old male operatorwas traveling at a high rate of speedwhen he hit a boat wake and the PWCramped off the wake. Upon landing, hehit his head on the handlebars, causinginjuries to his head and neck beforefalling overboard. He was retrieved fromthe water unresponsive. CPR wasperformed, and he was transported tothe hospital, he later succumbed to hisinjuries.4Falls overboard8Fall on PWC13Collision with fixed object20Collision with vessel65010203040506070*120 PWC accidents(Based on first harmful event as determined by the statereviewing authority)OPERATOR AGELess than 176 / 3%17-2125 / 15%OWNERSHIPOPERATOR EXPERIENCE(HOURS)Unknown4 / 2%51 21 / 12%36-5048 / 28%PWC(ownerhousehold)69 / 40%PWC(rented)78 / 45%22-3568 / 40%PWC(borrowed)25 / 15%*120 PWC accidents involving 172 PWC and 168 operatorsOperator information for four PWC are unknown due to hit andrun accidents or no operators at time of accident29Unknown23 / 13%10-10054 / 32% 1055 / 32%100 40 / 23%

Boating Accidents Statistical Report2018 P ERSONAL W ATERCRAFT D ATAOPERATOR EDUCATONOPERATORS BY AGEWITHOUT BOATER EDUCATION2018Unknown4 / 2%2017Boatereducation53 / 32%2016No boatereducation111 / 66%20142015*120 accidents involving 168 operators0-1617-2122-3536-5051 0-1617-2122-3536-5051 0-1617-2122-3536-5051 0-1617-2122-3536-5051 0-1617-2122-3536-5051 20146860INJURIES 2014-2018FATALITIES 2014-20182018401012980304080120160

Boating Accidents Statistical Report2018 P ERSONAL W ATERCRAFT D ATAPRIMARY INJURY TYPESShock1Teeth and jaw1Spinal injury2Sprain/strain2Back injury2Burns3Internal injury5Other7Head injury10Contusions16Lacerations17Broken bone(s)210510152025*120 accidents involving 87 injured personsCOMPARISONS OF PWC FATALITIESCOMPARISONS OF PWC INJURIESPWCfatalities7 / 12%PWC injuries87 / 28%Other vesselinjuries220 / 72%Other vesselfatalities52 / 88%*59 Fatalities*307 injuries31

Boating Accidents Statistical Report2018 P ERSONAL W ATERCRAFT D ATAPRIMARY CAUSE ASSESSED BY REVIEWING AUTHORITYVision obstructed1Weather1Ignition of fuel vapor1Failure to vent fumes1Sharp turn1Hazardous waters1Alcohol use1Machinery failure2Violation of navigation rule2Congested waters2Other4Off throttle steering-jet11Excessive speed14Operator inexperience15Careless/reckless operation25No proper look-out/inattention3805101520Sheriff'sOffice6 / 5%303540ACCIDENTS BY MONTHINVESTIGATING AGENCYPoliceDepartment2 / 2%253025262020181513109FWC112 / 93%586166610Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun*120 PWC accidents32JulAug Sep Oct Nov Dec

On May 12, at approximately 2:30 pm, two personal watercraft (PWC) were operating in Biscayne Bay. The PWC were jumping the wakes of other vessels in the area. PWC #1 jumped the wake of a vessel and . Boating Accidents Statistical Report PWC (private) 128,319 98% PWC (rental) 2,838 2% PWC O WNERSHIP BY R EGISTRATION Private vessels 694 / 77% .

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This report is an independent product of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Accident Investigation Board appointed by William E. Murphie. The Board was appointed to perform a U.S. Department of Energy Type B Accident Investigation of this accident and to prepare an investigation report in accordance with DOE O 225.1A, Accident Investigations.

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