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Welcome to the nonprofit Ambler TheaterThe Ambler Theater is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.ADMISSIONGeneral. 8.50Members. 4.50*Seniors (62 )Children under 18 andStudents w/valid I.D. 6.50Matinee (before 5:30 pm). 6.50Wed Early Matinee (before 2:30 pm). 5.00Affiliated Theaters Members*. 5.50*Affiliated Theaters MembersWe are happy to announce that the Ambler Theater, the CountyTheater, and the Bryn Mawr Film Institute have reciprocaladmission benefits. Your membership will allow you 5.50admission at the other theaters. (You must present your membership card to obtain this discount.)Be a MemberBecome a member of the nonprofit Ambler Theater and show yoursupport for good films and a cultural landmark. See back panel fora membership form.PoliciesChildren under 6 – Children under age 6 will not be admitted toour “Regular Films.” However, all age children are welcome to ourspecial “Kids Films” series.Late Arrivals – The Theater reserves the right to stop selling tickets(and/or seating patrons) after a film has started.Outside Food and Drink – Patrons are not permitted to bring outside food and drink into the theater.The Ambler Theater has wheelchair accessible auditoriumsand restrooms, and is equipped with hearing enhancementdevices. Please see the theater manager when you arrive.New Ticket PricesWe have raised some of our ticket prices by 50 in order to offsetincreased operating costs. The increase was effective November 1,2007.Basic Membership Prices Will Increase Next YearWe will be increasing our basic membership prices, effective March1, 2008. If you are currently a member, however, you can renew atthe old rates prior to July 1, 2008.*Also be aware that as of March 1, 2008, members’ admission willincrease by 25 to 4.75.When will films play?Main AttractionsFilm Booking. Our main films play week-to-week from Fridaythrough Thursday. Every Monday we determine what new filmswill start on Friday, what current films will end on Thursday,and what current films will continue through Friday for anotherweek. All films are subject to this week-to-week decision-making process. We try to play all of our Main Attraction films assoon as possible. (For more info on the business of bookingfilms and why some films play longer or sooner than others,visit our website.)When Will a Film’s Run Start?After we decide on Monday (Tuesday at the latest) what newfilms will start on Friday, we immediately let you know on ourwebsite and on our hotline.We’ll send you an email message every Tuesday as to whatis coming and going on Friday. (Sign up by emailing us Sure That We Have Your Email AddressWe can keep you up-to-date on all our events and schedulingvia our weekly email notices. Visit our web site to sign up, andthen stay plugged into our latest programming news.Give us FeedbackSpecial ProgramsYour film experience is the most important thing to us, so we welOur Special Programs are scheduled for specific dates andcome your feedback. Please let us know what we can do better. Calltimes, which are listed in this PREVIEWS brochure. Check our(215) 345-7855, or email us at comments@AmblerTheater.orgwebsite and hotline for any additions or changes.Ambler Theater108 East Butler Ave, Ambler, PA 19002215-345-7855 HOTLINE215-348-1878 Administrative

Support the Ambler Theater.What is theAmbler Theater?The AmblerTheater is a nonprofit movie theaterthat shows independent, art, andforeign films, as wellas special eventslike Saturday KidsMatinees and classic Hollywood films.We also have filmmaker appearances, discussion groups, and lectures.Who is running the Theater?“Ambler Theater, Inc.”, is a 501(c)(3)tax-exempt nonprofit corporationwhich owns and runs the theater. Itslocal Board of Directors oversees alloperations.Become a Member!Your membership is the foundationof our success. Please fill out andreturn the attached membershipform. (Or join online - it’s easy andsecure.) Your financial support istax-deductible. Memberships run forone year from date of joining.Put your star in the sidewalk!We need your help to continue ourtheater renovations. Your donationsare fully tax-deductible. And you canput your name on a bronze star inthe sidewalk! Contact our BusinessOffice at (215) 348-1878.Fine PrintThe officialregistration andfinancial information of the AmblerTheater, Inc. maybe obtained fromthe PennsylvaniaDepartment ofState by callingtoll-free, withinBecome a Business Sponsor!Pennsylvania,Receive prominent recognition for1-800-732-0999. Registrationyour business in exchange for help- does not imply our nonprofit theater. Recognition comes in a variety of ways – on Special Thanksour silver screens, in our brochures, The Ambler Theater receivesand on our website. Call us at (215) funding support through a grantfrom the Pennsylvania Council348-1878 for details.on the Arts, a state agencyParties and Meetingsfunded by the CommonwealthState-of-the-art auditoriums availof Pennsylvania and theable for private parties and corpoNational Endowment for the Arts,rate meetings. We also host birthday a federal agency.parties and special events. We areable to accomodate everything fromvideo projection to PowerPointpresentations to conferencing, tointernet projection. And we’ll providecatering and other amenities.Contact Ross Grieve at (215) 3457855 x 7 or rgrieve@ or visit our web site for more details.

MAIN ATTRACTIONSThere Will Be BloodMargot at the WeddingThe Kite RunnerA Word About OurMain Attractions:No Country for Old MenYouth Without YouthUSA – 2 hr 38 min - Paul ThomasAndersonPaul Thomas Anderson returns with thisambitious western epic about a turnof-the-20th-century Texan prospectorwho discovers oil. It’s a compellingparable set in a world dominated byfamily, greed, religion, and oil—a worldthat bears no small resemblance to theworld of today. Based on the novel Oil!by Upton Sinclair and starring DanielDay-Lewis.We try to play each of the films onthese two pages as soon as possible.Sometimes, however, because ofscheduling conflicts or problems withprint availability, we are unable to playa film before its video release. (The“theatrical window” is getting shorterand shorter.) We apologize for when thishappens. Know that it is our top priorityto play as many great films for you aspossible. (For more information, visit ourwebsite.) Thank you.USA – 1 hr 32 min - Noah BaumbachNoah Baumbach (The Squid and theWhale) continues to examine domestic lifewith this film about a woman who attendsher sister’s wedding. It’s a small characterpiece that’s darkly satiric and perverselyfunny. Funny because the characters arenarcissistically self-absorbed to the pointof absurdity. Neurotic doesn’t begin todescribe them. The ensemble cast includesNicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh andJack Black.USA – 2 hr 2 min – Joel and Ethan CoenThe Coen Brothers return to form with thisscorching blast of neo-noir filmmaking.Near the Rio Grande, a man stumblesupon dead bodies, a hoard of heroin,and 2 million dollars. What follows isa series of violent and chaotic eventsthat combine to make a film full ofexcitement, down-home philosophy, anddark, dark humor. Starring Tommy LeeJones, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin.USA – 2 hr 2 min - Marc Forsterwith subtitlesBased on one of the most acclaimednovels of recent memory, THE KITERUNNER is a powerful tale of friendship,family, devastating mistakes, andredeeming love. In a divided Afghanistan,two childhood best-friends are torn apartby a fearful act of betrayal. Now, yearslater, one of the friends living in Americareturns to a perilous Afghanistan underthe Taliban to face dark secrets and tomake things right.USA – 2 hr 4 min – Francis Ford CoppolaYOUTH marks Francis Ford Coppola’shighly-anticipated return to directingafter a ten year hiatus. When an aginglinguistics professor tries to take his ownlife on the eve of WWII, forces of natureintervene and he is struck by lightning.Not only does this save his life, but it alsoreverses the effects of old age, returningthe man to a state of youth. However, this“miracle” is not without consequences.Tim Roth stars in this uncompromisinglyadventurous film.

MAIN ATTRACTIONSJunoUSA – 1 hr 36 min - Jason ReitmanJUNO is a funny film about a wisecracking 16-year-old who gets pregnantand decides to place her baby foradoption. Ellen Page is excellent inthe lead and she delivers her razorsharp dialogue perfectly. Director JasonReitman acquits himself well withwhat could be the feel good film of theseason. Also with Michael Cera, JasonBateman and Jennifer Garner.The OrphanageMexico – 1 hr 45 min – Juan AntonioBayona – with subtitlesFrom the producers of last year’sPan’s Labyrinth, THE ORPHANAGE is asurreal and eerie ghost story about awoman and her son who travel to theorphanage that she grew up in. Eventstake a chilling turn when her precociousson develops a relationship with animaginary friend. An atmospheric andspooky film with a formidable sense ofvisual elegance.AtonementUK – 2 hr 3 min – Joe WrightAn enthralling period piece, set in WWIIera England, about a young girl whomisconstrues an adult situation and setsin motion a devastating chain of eventsthat alters the lives of two families.ANTONEMENT is beautifully directed byJoe Wright, who reunites with his Prideand Prejudice star Keira Knightley. Thefilm contains gorgeous cinematography,a lilting score, and wonderfulperformances. Co-staring James McAvoy.PersepolisFrance – 1 hr 35 min – VincentParonnaud and Marjane SatrapiAdapted from the graphic novel memoirby Marjane Satrapi, PERSEPOLIS is anamazingly realized coming-of-age story,told from the perspective of a nine-yearold girl growing up in Iran during theIslamic revolution. Featuring beautifuland imaginative black and whiteanimation, this film is alternately movingand funny — and a remarkable artisticachievement. It’s an autobiographicaltour de force and is completely involvingand accessible as an animated film.A MBLERT HEATER.ORGThe Diving Bell andthe ButterflyFrance – 1 hr 54 min - Julian Schnabelwith subtitlesThis deeply moving drama explores thelife of Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby,who suffered a stroke that left his entirebody paralyzed except for one eye.DIVING BELL deftly reveals the interiorlife of Bauby through innovative camerawork, creating a dreamlike collage ofmemories and fantasies. This gorgeousfilm is a small miracle in bringing such anemotionally powerful story to the screen.The SavagesUSA - 1 hr 53 min - Tamara JenkinsTwo siblings are forced together tocare for their aging father, producingequal amounts of humor and pathos.Laura Linney, playing a long-aspiringplaywright, and Philip SeymourHoffman, a professor of drama, givewonderful performances that are realand emotionally textured. Are there twobetter actors working today? This superbfilm is a complete pleasure.215 345 7855

Ambler TheaterKids MatineesOn Saturdays!December18SHREKAnimated - 2001 - PG - 90 min.HOME ALONELIve Action - 1990 - PG - 103 min.15 THE POLAR EXPRESSAnimated - 2004 - G - 99 min.JanuaryFebruary29ICE AGE 2: THE MELTDOWNAnimated - 2006 - PG - 91 min.THE NEVERENDING STORYLive Action - 1984 - PG - 102 min.16 THE SECRET GARDENLive Action - 1993 - G - 101 min23 THE SPONGEBOBSQUAREPANTS MOVIEAnimated - 2004 - PG - 90 minutesMarch1ARCTIC TALE12 THE DARK CRYSTAL8THE SECRET OF NIMH19 THE WILD THORNBERRYS MOVIE15 CHARLOTTE’S WEB26 BARNYARD22 THE IRON GIANT5CURIOUS GEORGEAnimated - 2006 - G - 86 min.Muppets - 1982 - PG - 93 min.Animated - 2002 - PG - 85 min.Animated - 2006 - PG - 90 min.Live Action - 2007 - G - 96 min.Animated - 1982 - G - 82 min.Animated - 1973 - G - 94 min.Animated - 1999 - PG - 86 min.29 HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMSLive Action - 2006 - PG - 98 min.April5ANTZAnimated - 1998 - PG - 83 min.Ambler Theater108 E. Butler Ave., Amblerwww.AmblerTheater.org215-345-7855Films start between 11:00am - 1:00pm. Checkwebsite or hotline each week for exact time.General Admission 4.50Ambler Theater Members 3.50

THANK YOUto everyone who made our new frontauditorium possible. The generoussupport of many individuals, foundations, Ambler Borough, Montgomery Countyand the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has made the renovation of the AmblerTheater a reality. Thank you for all of your help!Ambler Theater, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. The official registration and financial information of theAmbler Theater, Inc. may be obtained by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. Charles Callaghan 2007WOW!

FURTHER RENOVATIONSThe building’s facade.4 Restore theperiod marqueeand poster cases4Replace entrance doors4Repair terra-cotta tilesThe inner lobby.4 Install a newconcession stand inkeeping with thetheater’s design andthe needs of ourpatronsMAKE A GIFTto the nonprofit Ambler Theater.Take this opportunity to participatein the renovation of this wonderful cultural asset. You can make a tax-deductiblegift on-line at: Or you can use this coupon to make atax-deductible contribution by check or credit card. Contact us with any questions, or call us at (215) 348-1878."LEVELq Oscarq Starq Sponsorq FriendAMOUNTRECOGNITION 7,500 and above 5,000 - 7,499 500 - 4,999 10 - 499Naming Opportunity Sidewalk Star Honor RollSidewalk Star Honor RollHonor Roll Plaque in Theater LobbyRecognition in Newsletters and on WebsiteNAME(S):ADDRESS:CITYSTATETELEPHONE (HOME)EMAILPlease charge my q MASTERCARDCard #:Signatureq VISAq DISCOVERq AMEXExp. Date:ZIPq MY CHECK IS ENCLOSED. Mail toAmbler Theater, P.O. Box 676, Ambler, PA 19002Make checks payable to: AMBLER THEATER, INC.Indicate “2007 Fall Gift” in memoTotal Gift Amount:

inecuisyrora chenpkitem runtnefCo choroufrm21draftbeerscraft, fe aturinbreg domws,esticspecialty imports& ca s kconditioned alesAmblerTheaterAd PgPrep11/1/079:54 www.drafting Spring House, PA 215ePikhemhleBetN.Page 1900Compassionate care inyour neighborhood.Assisted Living Skilled NursingShort-Term Rehabilitation Hospice Care250 N. Bethlehem Pike Ambler, PA www.artmanhome.comEQUAL HOUSINGOPPORTUNITY215-643-6333

Behind the White Wall is an Unforgettable Dining Experience.Coleman Restaurant - part of the historic Normandy Farm Hotel. Home to celebrity chef Jim Coleman. Unforgettable classic American cuisine served 7 days a week. Perfect for workday lunch, Sunday brunch, and elegant dinners. Daily beverage specials and featured appetizers. Featuring monthly cooking classes, special events and more!The perfect gift - aColeman Restaurantgift card.Route 202 and Morris Rd., Blue Bell215-616-8300 www.normandyfarm.comPresent this ad for one free dessert with any lunch or dinner entrée. Offer expires March 31, 2008.

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NLILL RDFS M13R E IFEOREAVSTFSCHOOLSTTHORSWSTUTSTDGSTVEEAAI N19RYOAPLVEEAPR INGENSTRDGAAI N9I DGSSSM8 ANNALW71727374TNULWAAI N114. Phils Tavern931 W Butler Pk, Blue Bell 215-643-56647 days, 8am till 2am Good food, good drinks,good friends. Greatplace for office parties, funeral luncheons,bridal parties, & baby showers or any holidaycelebration. And always take-out.9. D’Agostino Carpets180 South Main St 215-793-9000Carpeting, Hardwood, Ceramic Tile, No WaxFloors and Window Treatments. For all yourfloor covering needs. Our products areinstalled by our own professional installers.Ask about free shop at home service.TESAPLSM6. No Bare Walls Framing Studio13 W Butler Ave 215-654-9106T/Th 10-8, W 10-6, F 10-5, Sat 9-4 The area’slargest and most unique selection of custompicture frames. Expert conservation framing. Weoffer mirrors, posters, and prints. Co-curator ofAmbler’s ART IN THE STOREFRONT gallery. 10%discount with your Ambler Theater Membershipcard.VETAGIN TPR N SN S R DEGA3. Linda Gedney, Prudential Fox & RoachRealtors Office: 215-542-2200 – Direct:215-619-0559 – Cell: 215-205-0181 Forquality, professionalism, and personalizedservice in meeting all real estate needs.5. Trax Restaurant & Cafe27 W Butler Ave Lunch: Tues-Fri 11:302:30 Dinner: Tues-Sat 4:30-10:00. TastefullyAmerican food. Philadelphia Inquirer’sCatherine Quillman “Gives Trax two thumbsup”. Casual fine dining since 1998. OutdoorDining.NMOEAV142. NorthStar Asset ManagementCreating & Preserving Wealth For Individuals,Foundations and Endowments 488 NorristownRd., Suite 142, Blue Bell, PA 19422484-342-4200 www.northstarmgt.comBEGE1. Mermaid Country Day CampP.O. Box 60, Blue Bell, PA Comprehensive day camp for children ages 4-13.Swimming, art, drama, & sports. Tours available.IDTENNNRISAVEBusiness Sponsors10. Bridgets 8 West8 W. Butler Ave. Ambler; 267-465-2000; Dinner Only, Closed7. Ambler Coffee CompanyMondays, Valet Parking, Outdoor Dining,14 W Butler Ave 215-542-9330Smoke-Free Winner of Philadelphia Magazine’sM-Th: 6:30am-9pm, F: 6:30am-11pm, Sat:“Best of Philly 2005: Classic Cocktail Spot”,7am-11pm, Sun: 7:30am-6pm A deliciousBridgets 8 West is an innovative restaurantmorning stop or a quick midday fix. Pastries,featuring choice cuts of meat, ocean fresh fishdesserts and of course coffees with a whole& exotic flavors of Pacific Regional cuisine.lot more. Live acoustics on Fri & Sat. ServingInfluenced by Head Chef Scott Simmers’slite-fare lunches too!eight years at the Four Seasons Kona, Hawaii,Chef’s pick is the popular filet in a sauce8. KC’s Alley10 W. Butler Ave. Ambler; 215-628-3300; kc- spiked with sake. Featuring The Monkey Open Late 7 Days “A Center Citytaproom in the suburbs, this brick and wroughtiron tavern serves up more than the expectedbrews and burgers.” Awesome food and drinkspecials daily including live acoustics onThursday nights and breakfast Sundaymornings. Non-smoking section now availableand outdoor “alley” seating weather permitting.KC’s second floor loft is a great spot to hostyour next party!!11. Maro’s Floor CoveringROSEM27 E Butler Ave. 215-646-8178 We offer the ARY AVElatest in carpeting, wood, vinyl & windowtreatments. All our products are installed byour own professsional installers. Free shop athome service. Quality, service, style – they’reEAVnot just in your dreams, they’re all at Maro’s –EGWhere houses become homes.AN12. Toto’s Gelateria & Caffe35 N. Main St., Ambler – 215-628-3980Sun 11-9; M-W 10-9; Thurs 10-10; Fri & Sat10am-11pm Toto’s offers a variety of Italianspecialties and an assortment of Gelatoflavors for everyone! Enjoy a Gelato, Panini,Espresso, Fresh desserts, chocolate coveredpretzels, assorted chocolates and more.13. Ridge Auto140 N Ridge Ave Ambler 215-646-2424Complete Automotive Service Centerwww.RidgeAuto.comOR

IFAIRVEWEAV122 1231ND26RIESCKUTLERAVESTBHEHECKRLESTNELAWOODLAND AVELIN DENWOLD AVEN O RT20H STLUTPAR K AVEEBEAVERH EM PI KEENREE UCLI DGPOPLARSTWOODAVE21MATTISONAVE245HISTORICAVEWATE RSTES BETH LE25ST14. Act II Playhouse56 E. Butler Ave. 215-654-0200Live professional theatre in an intimate settingwith reserved seating. Looking for familyentertainment? The Nelson Family Magic Showtakes theT stage Dec. 14-16, 2007. A dazzlingNblendofS magic, mystery and illusion. NextMOEL A Body of Water. Lee Blessing’s newplay:drama explores the fluid nature of memory.Jan. 22-Feb 17, 2008. In March, look forBrothers-in-Law, a new play by the writer ofVisiting Mr. Green. Additional information: The Country Hub60 E Butler Ave 215-643-2294 M-F 105:30, Sat 10-5 Specializing in Americancrafted gifts. Vera Bradley bags, Alynn ties,Ambler Afghan, jewelry, pottery, & much more.16. Agave Grille & Cantina110 E Butler Ave Located directly nextdoor to the historic Ambler Theater, the AgaveGrille & Cantina is the newest “hot spot” inthis quaint town’s revitalization. You’ll find afriendly staff in an atmosphere that screamsfestive with margaritas that make your mouthwater. The fajitas & burritos are among thebest ever! With live music including mariachibands during the week, why would you goanywhere else for the very best in Southwestcuisine.AMBLER17. Ambler Flower Shop & Gift Baskets107 E Butler Ave Since 1910 –Fresh, beautiful flowers, plants, balloons, giftbaskets, candles delivered anywhere in theworld. “Just one call we’ll handle it all!”18. The Shanachie Irish Pub and RestaurantOpen 7 Days – Lunch, Dinner, Late NightMenu 111 E. Butler Ave 215-283-4887 –directly across from the Ambler Theater Award winning Chef preparing Irish pubclassics and mouth watering New Celticcreations. Featuring the finest Irish musiciansand singers from both sides of the Atlantic.19. DiFrancesco Opticians123 E Butler Ave 215-646-2405M-Th 10am-5:30pm, F 10am-8pm, Sat10am-2pm We invite you to experience oldfashioned service and care combined with thevery latest in products and technology.20. Ambler Savings Bank155 E Butler Ave. 215-646-8400 Drive-upBanking: M-Th 8am-6pm, F 8am-6:30pmLobby: M-W 9am-4pm, Th 9-5:30, F 9-6:30,Sat: Drive-up & Lobby 9am-noonwww.AmblerSavingsBank.com21. Jenkins Siergiej & Smith140 E. Butler Avenue (215) We are a fullservice law firm – 80 years young – indowntown Ambler! General Practice: EstatePlanning, Wills and Trusts, Zoning andMunicipal Law, Real Estate, Personal Injury,Malpractice, Business Matters, Worker’sCompensation, Civil and Criminal Litigation,Taxes, and Family Law. AND YES, we do makeHouse Calls!22. The Drafting Room900 N Bethlehem Pike 215-646-61167 days: lunch & dinner. Upscale casualrestaurant. American cuisine with ethnicinfluences. 22 rotating draft beers.Sunday brunch.23. Dareens Bedding & Furniture821 N. Bethlehem Pike, Springhouse (acrossfrom Pike Restaurant) 215-542-2740 M-W10-6; Th-F 10-8; Sat 10-5:30; Sun 11-4Discount Bedding & Furniture. Mattresses,Headboards, Wood/Metal electric adjustablebeds – Dinettes, Country Furniture andmuch more. We are recommended bymany chiropractors.24. Quik Mail Services108 Jackson Ave, North Hills, PA215-885-5950 Adirect mail and fulfillment business with over40 yrs experience. We meet your full range ofmailing needs–from list procurement, toassembly, inserting, and addressing.

45 Individual 70 Couple/Dual 30 Senior (62 ) 60 Senior Couple (62 ) 30 StudentR E Q U E S T E D345-7855S E R V I C EP. O. Box 676, Ambler, PA 19002T H E AT E RR E T U R No 1,000 – Angel (Couple)Free admission at all times for bothmember and spouse or friend basicbenefitso 500 – MogulFree admission at all times for onemember an individual membershipfor spouse or friend basic benefitsPreviews 62A December 2007–February 2008MEMBERSHIP RENEWALPlease check your mailing label for theexpiration date of your membership.It may be time to renew.AmblerTheater.orgPlease charge my:o MasterCard o VISA o Discoverpayable to: Ambler Theater, Inc.o My check is enclosed. Make checksFAXZIPo AMEXNON-PROFITORGANIZATIONPOSTAGEPAIDPERMIT NO. 21FREEPORT, OH43973SignatureCard Number: Exp. Date Total Extra Gift Total Membership FeeEMAILTELEPHONE (WORK)TELEPHONE (HOME)CITYADDRESSSTATE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .NAME(S)F O R Mo 200 – Executive Producer (Couple) 12free tickets basic benefits for coupleo 130 - Producer (Couple)6 free tickets basic benefitso 100 – Producer (Individual)6 free tickets basic benefitsSustaining Annual MembershipE M B E R S H I PYour membership is valid for one (1) year from your date of joining.Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 5.50 admission to Bryn Mawr andCounty Theaters Tax-deductibility Family Benefit - Member’s childrenunder 18 may attend for 4.50 3-Day-Advance ticket sales atBox OfficeBasic membership gives you: 4.50 admission to all films–alltimes (Membership admission willincrease to 4.75 on March 1, 2008)oooooBasic Annual MembershipAMBLERDesign: Fuse Communications, Carversville, PAfusecommunications.comChecks payable to:Ambler Theater, Inc.Mail to: The Ambler Theater,P.O. Box 676, Ambler, PA 19002Membership Cards will be mailed to you.The Ambler Theater is open to the public. However,you can become a member of the non-profit AmblerTheater and show your support of good films anda cultural landmark and get a reduced ticket price.Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent ofthe law. Your membership is valid for one (1) yearfrom your date of joining.Become a member of thenonprofit Ambler Theater. M215

Ambler Theater? The Ambler Theater is a non-profit movie theater that shows inde-pendent, art, and foreign films, as well as special events like Saturday Kids Matinees and clas-sic Hollywood films. We also have filmmaker appearanc-es, discussion groups, and lectures. Who is running the Theater? "Ambler Theater, Inc.", is a 501(c)(3)

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Ivna Žic studied Applied Theater Studies, Theater Directing, and Dramatic Writing in Giessen, Hamburg, and Graz. Since 2011 she has been working as a freelance author, lecturer and director at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, Schauspielhaus Vienna, Lucerne Theater, Theater Neumarkt, Schauspiel Essen, Theater St. Gallen, and at uniT.

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