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- 2 -MECHANICALENGINEERINGDRAWING & DESIGN IDRF 210-5Course NameCourse NumberPHXLOSOPHY/GOALS:To make the student aware of standard methods used to describe more complicaparts on detail and assembly drawings.To make the student aware of the most commonlyincorporate them into assembly drawings.To provide the opportunityand skills.for the student to improve his draftingTo introduce the student to an organizedin making design decisions.To encourage the student to considerbefore finalizing a design.KB HOD OP ASSBSSMBB used standard parts, and howapproachtechniqueto design and give practicthe manufacturingprocess,and mate"1(GRADXBG MBTHOD):The final grade will be established by combining the marks obtained in drawiassignments with test marks.This will be an ongoing process throughout thesemester.For a more complete explanation, see "RequirementsCompletion of the Technical Drawing Course".for the Successful BZ BOO :EngineeringDrawing and DesignThird Edition - SI MetricC. anicalEngineeringDrawingStandardsC.S.A. B78.1andC.S.A. B78.22.Tolerances and StandardC.S.A. B97.3 - MA82Fits for Mating Parts, Metric SizesLtd.

-3-3."Machinery's4."Metals5."Graphic6.A collectionuse.TOPICNO.Handbook"Handbook- PropertiesandSelectionof Metals"Science"of IndustrialAPPROX.HRS.Catalogs will be made availablefor studentTOPIC110REVIEW:Preparation of drawings to demonstrateknowledge in:screw threadsthreaded fastenersdimensioning and tolerancingfitssurface finish specificationstandard symbols and abbreviationsmaterial selectionCSA drawing types of followersfollower motionsdisplacement diagramsdrawing of the CAM profilepreparation of table of angular andradial displacement dimensionspreparation of a CAM drawing315GEARStypes of gearsinvolute curves.,- terminology.'spur gear calculationsdrawing of spur gears, bevel gears,and worm gearspreparation of a gear assembly drawing

-4-410FITSinternational tolerance grades andtolerance positionsuse of tables in CSA B97.3 M1982 todetermine limit dimensions for mating parts.510STANDARD PARTSdrawing and specification of: taper andstraight pins, rivets, cotter pins, keys,retaining rings, bearings, seals.610SPRINGSspring nomenclaturedrawing of coil springsinformation included on adrawing of a springpreparation of a compressiondrawingspring.75GEOMETRIC TOLERANCINGtrue-position and basic dimensionsmaximum material condition, virtual sizecondition, least material condition,regardless of feature sizeuse of feature control symbols on adrawing, and datum identification.85DESIGN PROJECTStudents will be required to design a certainmechanical device, and prepare appropriateassembly and detail drawings.This will be done outside of class time,except for discussion of any problems.associated with the project.The specific assignment will be made beforemid-term, and will be due three weeks beforesemester's end.- Progress marks, and a final mark will beassigned for this project.They willrepresent 30\ of the total drawing markfor the semester.

REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCCBSSFUL COMPLETIOROF THB TBCHNICAL DRAWING COURSEDRAWINGASSIGNMBNTSThe minimum acceptable average for all drawings, calculatedat the end of the semester, shall be 55%. If less than 55%,a "repeat" grade will be assigned.Late drawings will not be accepted after the markedassignments have been returned to the class.A zero grade will be recorded for assignmentsbeen turned in.that have notIf any drawingsare below an acceptablestandard,anddesignatedas "unacceptable",they may be correctedorre-drawn for a maximum credit of 55%.These must becompletedand turned in by the specifiedtime limit.TESTSTests, consisting of practical drawing and/or theory, will beheld from time to time during the semester.It is expectedthatall studentswillbe presentforthesetests.If the average grade for the tests is not at least 55%, thestudent will be given the opportunity,at the end ofsemester,to take a supplementarytest that will be based onthe course of study for the complete semester.Students failure to obtainresult in a "repeat" gradea minimum of 55% in tests,being assigned.willCOMBIRIRG OF DRAWING KARXS ARD TBST KAR S FOR FINAL GKADEWhen marks are combined, emphasis will be 25% tests, and 75%drawing assignments. (To be successful, students must passboth sections individually)85%-100%--A70%- 84%--B55%- 69%--CUNDER 55%-RIf a student is consistentlyoutstandingin traits considereddesirablein the workplace,and falls within the 85%-100%grade, a mark of A may be assigned.This will be at thediscretionof the instructor.

ATTEBDABCEA minimum of 80% attendance will be enforced.When absenceexceeds 20% of the projected course time, in hours, a fast"R" will be assigned as a final grade.It is suggested thateach student keep record of any hours absent from class.NOTBIt is expected that all assignments and tests will consist oforiginal work. Any collusion shall be dealt with asdescribed in your booklet - "Student Rights andResponsibilities."

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DRAWING AND DESIGN I DRF 210-5 Mechanical Engineering Technician Three' . May 1986 F. G. MacLean-----x New: Revision:. Date - 2 - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DRAWING & DESIGN I DRF 210-5 . tolerance positions use of tables in CSA B97.3 M1982 to determine limit dimensions for mating parts. STANDARD PARTS

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