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Transcription 0 1 8WARRANTY &MAINTENANCE GUIDEPrinted in U.S.A. 9/1717-TCS-09993

Welcome to the Toyota Familyhank you for purchasing a Toyotavehicle. We know you have manyoptions when considering whichvehicle to buy, and we appreciate yourdecision to select Toyota.TFor more information about our vehicles,our company or the products and servicesavailable for your vehicle, please visitToyota’s official Web site, want you to enjoy owning your Toyotaas much as you enjoy driving it. Thisbooklet is designed to help. Here you’llfind information on Toyota’s warrantycoverage and maintenancerecommendations for your vehicle. Thereare two easy-to-follow sections: one forwarranty and one for maintenance. The tabon the side of each page identifies thesection you are in.We wish you many miles of safe andpleasurable driving, and we look forwardto serving you in the years ahead.Welcome to the Toyota family!1

Table of ContentsWARRANTY INFORMATIONIntroductionSatisfaction Down the Road4If You Need Assistance5The Immobilizer Key7Transportation Assistance9Your Warranties in DetailGeneral Warranty Provisions10New Vehicle Limited Warranty13Federal Emission Control Warranty17California Emission Control Warranty23Tire Limited Warranty29Your ResponsibilitiesOperation and Maintenance30Obtaining Warranty Service322

Table of ContentsMAINTENANCE INFORMATIONIntroductionThe Importance of Scheduled Maintenance34Maintaining Your Warranty35Maintenance LogUsing the Maintenance Log Charts36Maintenance Log38Explanation of Maintenance Items54Vehicle Identification58Find It OnlineTo update your contact information and vehicle ownership status, please Your vehicle’s VIN will be required to startthe update process.You may also enroll to receive the following useful information and benefits Access to Owner’s Manuals andMaintenance Guides View Your Vehicle’s Service History Explore How-to videos and more3

INTRODUCTIONSatisfaction Down the RoadAt Toyota, our top priority is alwaysour customers. We know yourToyota is an important part of yourlife and something you depend on everyday. That’s why we’re dedicated to buildingproducts of the highest quality andreliability.Our goal is for every Toyota customer toenjoy outstanding quality, dependabilityand peace of mind throughout theirownership experience. We want you to bea satisfied member of the Toyota familyfor many miles to come.Our excellent warranty coverage isevidence that we stand behind the qualityof our vehicles. We’re confident — as youshould be — that your Toyota will provideyou with many years of enjoyable driving.This booklet describes the terms ofToyota warranty coverage as well asgeneral owner responsibilities. Thescheduled maintenance sectiondescribes your vehicle’s maintenancerequirements. Be sure to review thisinformation carefully, since propermaintenance is required to ensure thatwarranty coverage remains intact.To further demonstrate our commitment toour customers’ satisfaction, occasionallywe may establish a special policyadjustment to pay for specific repairs thatare no longer covered by warranty. Whenwe establish such a policy adjustment, wemail details to all applicable owners wehave on record. That’s why it’s importantto send in the card at the back of thisbooklet if you change your address or ifyou’ve purchased this vehicle from aprevious owner.To provide you with added protectionagainst unexpected service costs, we offerToyota Financial Services vehicle serviceagreements and Toyota Auto Care andToyota Care Plus pre-paid maintenanceprograms. Each offers plans to meet awide variety of needs. Your dealership canhelp you select the plan that’s best foryou.4IntroductionAll information in this booklet is the latestavailable at the time of publication and issubject to change without notice.

If You Need AssistanceStep 1Discuss the situation with a dealershipmanager, such as the service manager orcustomer relations manager. In mostcases, a satisfactory solution can bereached at this step.Step 2If the dealership does not address yourconcern to your satisfaction, call theToyota Customer Experience Center at(800) 331-4331.Please have the following informationready when you call: Your Toyota’s vehicle identificationnumber (located on the driver’s sidecorner of the dashboard, under thewindshield) Current mileage on your vehicleStep 3If your concern has still not been resolvedto your satisfaction, Toyota offersadditional assistance through the DisputeSettlement Program, a dispute resolutionprogram administered by the NationalCenter for Dispute Settlement. Thepurpose of the Dispute SettlementProgram is to resolve disputes througharbitration — a process by which twoparties authorize an independent thirdparty to hear and resolve a dispute. Theprogram is informal and free of charge. Torequest that your case be reviewedthrough the program, complete thecustomer claim form in the Owner’sWarranty Rights Notification booklet(found in your glove box) and mail it to:National Center for Dispute SettlementP.O. Box 688Mt. Clemens, MI 48046If you would like to request a customerclaim form, call the Toyota CustomerExperience Center at (800) 331-4331.When you call, please have your vehicleidentification number, the current mileageon your Toyota and the names of yourselling and servicing dealerships. Name of your Toyota dealershipA Toyota customer relations representativewill assist you in working with thedealership to find a satisfactory solution.Introduction5INTRODUCTIONBoth Toyota and your Toyota dealerare dedicated to serving yourautomotive needs. Your completesatisfaction is our first priority. Should youhave a problem or concern — eitherduring or after the warranty period —please take the following steps to ensurethe quickest possible response:

INTRODUCTIONIf You Need AssistanceCalifornia residents: Toyota offers yourassistance through an informal disputesettlement program called the CaliforniaDispute Settlement Program (CDSP). Abrochure about the program is found inyour glove box. For additional information,call the Toyota Customer ExperienceCenter at (800) 331-4331. You may alsocontact the CDSP directly at (888)300-6237. Failure to use the CDSP mayaffect your rights and remedies underCalifornia’s “Lemon Laws.”This information about the DisputeSettlement Programs is correct as of thedate of printing. However, the programsmay be changed without notice. For themost current information about theprograms, call the Toyota CustomerExperience Center at (800) 331-4331.6Introduction

The Immobilizer KeyTHE NEW WORLD OFANTI-THEFT TECHNOLOGYFor security purposes, access to keycodes and service procedures forelectronically registering replacement keysis restricted. Only a Toyota dealer orcertain bonded/registered independentlocksmiths can generate replacement keys.Introduction7INTRODUCTIONThis Toyota vehicle may be equipped withan electronic “immobilizer” anti-theftsystem. When the key is inserted into theignition switch it transmits an electroniccode to an immobilizer computer. Theengine will only start if the code in the keymatches the code in the immobilizer. If thecode does not match, the immobilizerdisables the ignition and fuel systems.While an exact physical copy of the keywill open the door and allow retrieval ofitems locked in the vehicle, it won’t startthe vehicle unless the key has the samecode as the immobilizer.SECURITY

INTRODUCTIONThe Immobilizer KeyREPLACING THE KEYKEEPING THE KEY SAFEUpon purchase, each vehicle should havetwo master keys and an aluminum tagwith a key-code imprinted on it.Replacing an immobilizer key may becostly. It is advisable to keep a sparemaster key and the aluminum key-codetag in a safe place. If you record thekey-code in more than one place, do notrecord it in a way that can be easilyidentified and associated with the vehicle.It is wise to keep a copy of the key-codeoutside of the vehicle.To generate a fully functional replacementkey (one that will both open the doors andstart the engine), one of the master keysis required. To make a key that will openthe door for retrieval of items lockedinside the vehicle, the aluminum key-codetag can be used. If a master key or thealuminum key-code tag is not available, aToyota dealer or certain registeredlocksmiths can obtain the key code from arestricted-access database. Thesebusinesses can also access a serviceutility to reprogram the immobilizer if allregistered master keys have been lost. If aToyota dealer is not available, please referto to find abonded/registered locksmith who performshigh security key service.8IntroductionIf the vehicle was delivered with less thantwo keys and the aluminum key-code tag,consider having the Toyota dealer or aqualified independent automotivelocksmith make a duplicate key before youneed it.

Transportation AssistanceUnder this policy, you are eligible fortransportation assistance if your Toyotamust be kept overnight forwarranty-covered repairs. The policyapplies when your vehicle must be keptovernight for any of the following reasons:The policy does not apply when warrantyrepairs can be completed in one day butthe vehicle must be kept overnight due todealer or owner scheduling conflicts.The Transportation Assistance Policyapplies for the duration of the New VehicleLimited Warranty. The policy applies to all2018 model-year Toyotas sold andserviced by authorized Toyota dealershipsin the mainland United States and Alaska.For further details, please consult yourToyota dealer. The warranty repairs will take longerthan one day to complete. The warrantable condition requiresextensive diagnosis. The parts needed for the warrantyrepairs are not readily available andyour vehicle is inoperative or unsafe todrive.Introduction9INTRODUCTIONWe realize that your confidence inthe quality and reliability of ourproducts was a key factor inyour decision to buy a Toyota. We alsoknow how disruptive the loss oftransportation can be to your daily routine.That’s why we’re pleased to offer you thebenefits of our Transportation AssistancePolicy.

General Warranty ProvisionsWARRANTYMultiple Warranty ConditionsImportant: You must use the DisputeSettlement Program (or, in California,the CDSP) before seeking remediesthrough a court action pursuant to theMagnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the“Act”). However, if you choose topursue rights and remedies not createdby the Act, you are not required to usethe Dispute Settlement Program(CDSP). You may also be required touse the Dispute Settlement Program orCDSP before seeking remedies underthe “Lemon Laws” of your state. Pleasecheck this booklet and the appropriatepage of the Owner’s Warranty RightsNotification booklet for additionalinformation and the requirementsapplicable to your state.Who Is the WarrantorThe warrantor for these limited warrantiesis Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.( Toyota ), a California corporation, P.O.Box 259001, Plano, Texas 75025-9001.Which Vehicles Are CoveredThese warranties apply to all 2018 modelyear Highlander vehicles distributed byToyota that are originally sold by anauthorized dealer in the United States andnormally operated or touring in the UnitedStates, U.S. territories or Canada.Warranty coverage is automaticallytransferred at no cost to subsequentvehicle owners.10Your Warranties in DetailThis booklet contains warranty terms andconditions that may vary depending on thepart covered. A warranty for specific partsor systems, such as the PowertrainWarranty or Emission PerformanceWarranty, is governed by the coverage setforth in that warranty as well as theGeneral Warranty Provisions.When Warranty BeginsThe warranty period begins on thevehicle’s in-service date, which is the firstdate the vehicle is either delivered to anultimate purchaser, leased, or used as acompany car or demonstrator.Repairs Made at No ChargeRepairs and adjustments covered by thesewarranties are made at no charge for partsand labor.Parts ReplacementAny needed parts replacement will bemade using new or remanufactured parts.The decision whether a part should berepaired or replaced will be made by theservicing Toyota dealership and/or Toyota.Parts scheduled to be replaced as requiredmaintenance are warranted until their firstreplacement only.

General Warranty ProvisionsInformal Dispute SettlementProgramNational Center for Dispute SettlementP.O. Box 688Mt. Clemens, MI 48046Further information about this programcan be found in this booklet and theOwner’s Warranty Rights Notificationbooklet.California residents: Toyota offers youassistance through an informal disputesettlement program called the CaliforniaDispute Settlement Program (CDSP). Abrochure about the program is found inyour glove box. For additional information,call the Toyota Customer ExperienceCenter at (800) 331-4331. You may alsocontact the CDSP directly at (888)300-6237. Failure to use the CDSP mayaffect your rights and remedies underCalifornia’s “Lemon Laws.”The performance of necessary repairs andadjustments is the exclusive remedy underthese warranties or any implied warranties.Toyota does not authorize any person tocreate for it any other obligation or liabilityin connection with this vehicle.Any implied warranty of merchantabilityor fitness for a particular purpose islimited to the duration of these writtenwarranties. Some states do not allowrestrictions on how long an impliedwarranty lasts, so this limitation may notapply to you.Your Rights Under State LawThese warranties give you specific legalrights. You may also have other rights thatvary from state to state.Your Warranties in Detail11WARRANTYToyota offers assistance through aninformal dispute settlement program calledthe Dispute Settlement Program. Thisprogram is administered by anindependent third party:Limitations

Specific components may have longer coverage under terms of the Powertrain Warranty.Also applies to Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon,Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington vehicles equipped with a California CertifiedEmission Control System. Vehicles covered by this warranty are also covered by the Federal Emission Control Warranty.WARRANTYGeneral Warranty ProvisionsWARRANTY COVERAGE AT A GLANCE12Your Warranties in Detail

New Vehicle Limited WarrantyWHAT IS COVERED ANDHOW LONGTransmission and TransaxleThis warranty covers repairs andadjustments needed to correct defects inmaterials or workmanship of any partsupplied by Toyota, subject to theexceptions indicated under “What Is NotCovered” on pages 14-15.Case and all internal parts, torqueconverter, clutch cover, transmissionmounts, transfer case and all internalparts, engine control computer, seals andgaskets.Coverage is for 36 months or36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, withthe exception of wheel alignment andwheel balancing, which are covered for12 months or 12,000 miles, whicheveroccurs first.Powertrain WarrantyThis warranty covers repairs needed tocorrect defects in materials orworkmanship of any component listedbelow and in the next column andsupplied by Toyota, subject to theexceptions indicated under “What Is NotCovered” on pages 14-15.Coverage is for 60 months or60,000 miles, whichever occurs first.EngineCylinder block and head and all internalparts, timing gears and gaskets, timingchain/belt and cover, flywheel, valvecovers, oil pan, oil pump, engine mounts,turbocharger housing and all internalparts, supercharger housing and allinternal parts, engine control computer,water pump, fuel pump, seals and gaskets.Front-Wheel-Drive SystemFinal drive housing and all internal parts,axle shafts, drive shafts, constant velocityjoints, front hub and bearings, seals andgaskets.Rear-Wheel-Drive SystemAxle housing and all internal parts,propeller shafts, U-joints, axle shafts, driveshafts, bearings, supports, seals andgaskets.Restraint Systems WarrantyThis warranty covers repairs needed tocorrect defects in materials orworkmanship of any seatbelt or air bagsystem supplied by Toyota, subject to theexceptions indicated under “What Is NotCovered” on pages 14-15.Coverage is for 60 months or60,000 miles, whichever occurs first.For vehicles sold and registered in thestate of Kansas, the warranty for seatbeltsand related components is 10 years,regardless of mileage.Your Warranties in Detail13WARRANTYBasic Warranty

New Vehicle Limited WarrantyWHAT IS NOT COVEREDWARRANTYCorrosion Perforation WarrantyThis warranty covers repair or replacementof any original body panel that developsperforation from corrosion (rust-through),subject to the exceptions indicated under“What Is Not Covered” on pages 14-15.Coverage is for 60 months, regardless ofmileage.For information on how to protect yourvehicle from corrosion, refer to sectionsrelated to maintenance and care in theOwner’s Manual.TowingWhen your vehicle is inoperable due tofailure of a warranted part, towing serviceto the nearest authorized Toyota dealershipis covered.This warranty does not cover damage orfailures resulting directly or indirectly fromany of the following: Fire, accidents or theft Abuse or negligence Misuse — for example, racing oroverloading Improper repairs Alteration or tampering, includinginstallation of non-Genuine ToyotaAccessories Lack of or improper maintenance,including use of fluids and fuel otherthan those specified in the Owner’sManual Installation of non-Genuine Toyota Parts Airborne chemicals, tree sap, roaddebris (including stone chips), rail dust,salt, hail, floods, wind storms, lightningand other environmental conditions Water contaminationThis warranty also does not cover thefollowing:TiresTires are covered by a separate warrantyprovided by the tire manufacturer. Seepage 29.Normal Wear and TearNoise, vibration, cosmetic conditions andother deterioration caused by normal wearand tear.14Your Warranties in Detail

New Vehicle Limited WarrantyIncidental DamagesNormal maintenance services such as:Incidental or consequential damagesassociated with a vehicle failure. Suchdamages include but are not limited toinconvenience; the cost of transportation,telephone calls and lodging; the loss ofpersonal or commercial property; and theloss of pay or revenue. Engine tune-ups Replacement of fluids and filters Lubrication Cleaning and polishing Replacement of spark plugs and fuses Replacement of worn wiper blades,brake pads/linings and clutch liningsVehicles With Altered OdometerFailure of a vehicle on which the odometerhas been altered so that actual vehiclemileage cannot be readily determined.Salvage or Total-Loss VehiclesAny vehicle that has ever been issued a“salvage” title or similar title under anystate’s law; or has ever been declared a“total loss” or equivalent by a financialinstitution or insurer, such as by paymentfor a claim in lieu of repairs because thecost of repairs exceeded the cash value ofthe vehicle. This exclusion does not applyto the emission control warranties.Disclaimer of Extra Expenses andDamagesThe performance of necessary repairsand adjustments is the exclusiveremedy under this warranty or anyimplied warranty. Toyota does notauthorize any person to create for it anyother obligation or liability in connectionwith this vehicle. Toyota shall not beliable for incidental or consequentialdamages resulting from breach of thiswritten warranty or any impliedwarranty. Any implied warranty ofmerchantability or fitness for aparticular purpose is limited to theduration of this written warranty, exceptin states where this limitation is notallowed.Your Warranties in Detail15WARRANTYMaintenance Expense

New Vehicle Limited WarrantyWARRANTYDISPUTE RESOLUTIONIf a dispute arises regarding your warrantycoverage, please follow the stepsdescribed under “If You Need Assistance”on page 5. Please note that you must usethe Dispute Settlement Program (or, inCalifornia, the CDSP) before seekingremedies through a court action pursuantto the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Youmay also be required to use the DisputeSettlement Program or CDSP beforeseeking remedies under the “Lemon Laws”of your state. Please check the appropriatepage of the Owner’s Warranty RightsNotification booklet (located in your glovebox) for the requirements applicable toyour state.16Your Warranties in Detail

Federal Emission Control WarrantyWHAT IS COVERED ANDHOW LONGEmission Performance WarrantyToyota warrants that your vehicle:Some states and localities haveestablished vehicle inspection andmaintenance (I/M) programs to encourageproper vehicle maintenance. If anEPA-approved I/M program is in force inyour area, you are eligible for EmissionPerformance Warranty coverage. Was designed, built and equipped toconform at the time of sale withapplicable federal emissions standards. Is free from defects in materials andworkmanship that may cause thevehicle to fail to meet these standards.Federal regulations require that thiswarranty be in effect for two years or24,000 miles from the vehicle’s in-servicedate, whichever occurs first. However,under the terms of the Basic Warranty,Toyota provides coverage of three years or36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.Specific components may have longercoverage under the terms of thePowertrain Warranty. Additionally,components marked “8/80” in the partslist on pages 18–19 have coverage ofeight years or 80,000 miles, whicheveroccurs first.Under the terms of the EmissionPerformance Warranty and federalregulations, Toyota will make all necessaryrepairs if both of the following occur: Your vehicle fails to meet applicableemissions standards as determined byan EPA-approved emissions test. This failure results or will result insome penalty to you — such as a fineor denial of the right to use yourvehicle — under local, state or federallaw.This warranty is in effect for two years or24,000 miles from the vehicle’s in-servicedate, whichever occurs first. Additionally,components marked “8/80” in the partslist on pages 18–19 have coverage ofeight years or 80,000 miles, whicheveroccurs first.Your Warranties in Detail17WARRANTYEmission Defect Warranty

WARRANTYFederal Emission Control WarrantyWHAT IS NOT COVEREDWARRANTY PARTS LISTThese warranty obligations do not apply tofailures or noncompliance caused by:Air/Fuel Metering System The use of replacement parts notcertified in accordance with aftermarketparts certification regulations. Cold-start enrichment system The use of replacement parts notequivalent in quality or design tooriginal equipment parts.Provisions under the “What Is NotCovered” section of the New VehicleLimited Warranty also apply to thiswarranty. Air/fuel ratio feedback control system Deceleration control system Electronic fuel injection systemcomponents– Airflow sensor– Engine control module (8/80)– Throttle body– Other componentsAir Induction System Intake manifold and intake air surgetankCatalyst System Catalytic converter and protector (8/80) Constricted fuel filler neck Exhaust manifold Exhaust pipe (manifold to catalystand/or catalyst to catalyst)Evaporative Control System Charcoal canister Diaphragm valve Fuel filler cap Fuel tank Vapor liquid separator8/80 Covered for eight years or 80,000 miles, whichever occurs first.18Your Warranties in Detail

Federal Emission Control WarrantyMAINTENANCEExhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR) System EGR valve Associated partsIgnition System Distributor and internal parts Ignition coil and ignitor Ignition wires Spark plugs*Positive Crankcase Ventilation(PCV) System Oil filler cap PCV valve or orificeOther Parts Used in AboveSystems Data link connector (8/80)When maintenance and repairs are paidfor by you, these services may beperformed by you or by any automotiveservice provider you choose. Toyota willnot deny a warranty claim solelybecause you used a service providerother than a Toyota dealership formaintenance and repairs. However, anyfailure or noncompliance caused byimproper maintenance or repairs is notcovered by this warranty. Hoses, clamps, fittings, tubing andmounting hardware Malfunction indicator light and bulb(8/80) Pulleys, belts and idlers Sealing gaskets and devices Sensors, solenoids, switches and valves*Warranted until first required maintenance under terms of the California Emission Control Warranty.8/80 Covered for eight years or 80,000 miles, whichever occurs first.Your Warranties in Detail19WARRANTY EGR gas temperature sensorYou are responsible for performance ofthe required maintenance indicated in theOwner’s Manual and this booklet. Toyotawill not deny a warranty claim solelybecause you do not have records to showthat you maintained your vehicle. However,any failure or noncompliance caused bylack of maintenance is not covered by thiswarranty.

Federal Emission Control WarrantyWARRANTYREPLACEMENT PARTSTo ensure optimum performance andmaintain the quality built into yourvehicle’s emission control systems, Toyotarecommends the use of Genuine ToyotaParts when servicing or repairing thesystems.Warranty coverage is not dependent uponthe use of any particular brand ofreplacement parts and you may elect touse non-Genuine Toyota Parts formaintenance and repairs. However, useof replacement parts that are notequivalent in quality to Genuine ToyotaParts may impair the effectiveness of theemission control systems.If you use replacement parts that havemaintenance or replacement schedulesdifferent from those of Genuine ToyotaParts, you must follow the maintenanceand replacement schedules for the partsyou are using. In addition, you shouldensure that such parts are warranted bytheir manufacturers to be equivalent toGenuine Toyota Parts.20Your Warranties in DetailIF YOUR VEHICLE FAILSAN EMISSIONS TESTIf your vehicle fails an EPA-approvedemissions test, you may make a claimunder the Emission Performance Warranty.To do so, take your vehicle to anauthorized Toyota dealership and present acopy of the emissions test report. Also,take your maintenance records in casethey are needed.If your claim qualifies for coverage, thedealership will repair your vehicle within30 days (unless a shorter period isrequired by law). If your claim is denied,Toyota will notify you in writing of thereason within the same period. If we failto do so, we will repair your vehicle freeof charge. The only exceptions allowed arewhen you request or agree to a delay, orwhen a delay is caused by factors beyondthe control of Toyota or the dealership.For information on how to obtain serviceunder the Emission Defect Warranty, seepage 32, “Obtaining Warranty Service.”

Federal Emission Control WarrantyIF YOU HAVE QUESTIONSU.S. Environmental Protection AgencyVehicle Programs & Compliance Division(6405J)Attn: Warranty Complaints401 M Street SWWashington, D.C. 20460Vehicles equipped with a CaliforniaCertified Emission Control System thatare sold, registered and operated inCalifornia or any state that adoptsCalifornia emission warranty provisionsare also covered by the CaliforniaEmission Control Warranty (see page23). Currently, Connecticut, Delaware,Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, NewJersey, New York, Oregon,Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermontand Washington are the other states towhich the California Emission ControlWarranty applies.Your Warranties in Detail21WARRANTYIf you have questions or concerns aboutyour federal emission warranty coverage,please refer to “If You Need Assistance”on page 5. In the case of the EmissionPerformance Warranty, you may alsorequest information from or reportcomplaints to:

Federal Emission Control WarrantyWARRANTYDEALER CERTIFICATEWe (the dealership) want you to know thatat the time your new Toyota vehicle isbeing delivered:1) On the basis of written notificationfurnished by Toyota, we haveknowledge that the vehicle is coveredby an EPA Certificate of Conformity.2) We have visually inspected thoseemission control devices or portionsthereof that are visible withoutremoving or adjusting any componentsor systems, emissions-related orotherwise. On the basis of thisinspection, there are no apparentdeficiencies in the installation ofemission control devices by Toyota.(For purposes of this certificate,“emission control devices” is limited todevices installed on a vehicle for thesole or primary purpose of controllingemissions and which were not ingeneral use before 1968.)3) We have performed all emissioncontrol system preparations requiredby Toyota prior to the sale of thevehicle as set forth in Toyota’s currentpre-delivery service manual.4) Except as may be provided inParagraph 5, if this vehicle fails anEPA-approved emissions test withinthree months or 4,000 miles(whichever comes first) of delivery tothe ultimate purchaser, and the vehiclehas been maintained and used inaccordance with the writteninstructions for proper maintenance22Your Warranties in Detailand use, Toyota will remedy thenonconformity free of charge under theterms of the Emission PerformanceWarranty.5) If the vehicle was used as a companycar or demonstrator, check the box andcomplete the following: The vehicle with which thisstatement is delivered was placedinto service as a company car ordemonstrator prior to delivery. TheEmission Performance Warrantyperiod commenced on the date thevehicle was first placed into service,which was:MonthDayYearNote: The dealership makes norepresentation or warranty that theemission control system or any partthereof is without defect or that thesystem will perform properly. TheEmission Performance Warranty referredto in Paragraph 4 and furnished with thevehicle is solely that of the manufacturer.This statement is required by section207 of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7541)and the EPA regulations issued thereunder.Dealership Name

California Emission Control WarrantyYOUR WARRANTY RIGHTSAND OBLIGATIONSThe California Air Resources Board (CARB)and Toyota are pleased to explain theemission control system warranty for your2018 vehicle. In California, n

Toyota Financial Services vehicle service agreements and Toyota Auto Care and Toyota Care Plus pre-paid maintenance programs. Each offers plans to meet a wide variety of needs. Your dealership can help you select the plan that's best for you. Our goal is for every Toyota customer to enjoy outstanding quality, dependability and peace of mind .

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The 2017 Toyota Highlander. Let's take family outings to the next level. With its bold, refreshed look and a whole lot of upgrades, the 2017 Toyota Highlander helps you get more from every adventure. Expanded grade options — like the sporty SE — ensure there's a Highlander that's perfect for your family's lifestyle.

The 2017 Toyota Highlander. Let's take family outings to the next level. With its bold, refreshed look and a whole lot of upgrades, the 2017 Toyota Highlander helps you get more from every adventure. Expanded grade options — like the sporty SE — ensure there's a Highlander that's perfect for your family's lifestyle.

Below left: Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition interior shown in Graphite. Below right: Platinum interior shown in Harvest Beige leather trim. 2022 HIGHLANDER Designed to go the extra mile. It’s time to stand out from the crowd. That’s why the 2022 Toyota Highlander is designe

The 2018 Toyota Highlander. Let's take family outings to the next level. With its bold look and a whole lot of welcome features, the 2018 Toyota Highlander helps you get more from every adventure. The sheer variety of grade options — like the sporty SE — ensures there's a Highlander that's perfect for your family's lifestyle.

Your dealership and the entire staff of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. wish you many years of satisfied driving in your new Highlander. A word about safe vehicle operations This Quick Reference Guide is not a full description of Highlander operations. Every Highlander owner should review the Owner’s Manual that accompanies this vehicle.

Below left: Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition interior shown in Graphite. Below right: Platinum interior shown in Harvest Beige leather trim. 2022 HIGHLANDER Designed to go the extra mile. It's time to stand out from the crowd. That's why the 2022 Toyota Highlander is designed to make jaws drop and go above and beyond the ordinary.

a whole new meaning. Every 2017 Highlander comes standard with redesigned LED taillights for added visibility in the rear. 19-IN. ALLOY WHEELS The sporty Highlander SE features 19-in. multi-spoke alloy wheels with a machined finish. Highlander Platinum gets an added touch of sophistication with 19-in. 5-spoke Dark Chromtec alloy wheels.