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Deals:Introduction, User Guide, and Example Use Cases

Table of ContentsIntroducing our Deals DatabaseCoverage by deal typeMethodologyUser Guide – Deals DashboardUser Guide – RefinementsUser Guide – Deals ListingUser Guide – Results AnalyticsUser Guide – Investor (and Advisor) deep dive345678910User Guide – Deals Search: Target and Acquirer Geography11Example Deals Use Cases14

Introducing our Deals Database3The MarketLine Deals database is a comprehensive repository providing real-time tracking of latest M&AactivitySector-specific M&A trackingLatest competitor deal activityDeal value and volume trendsAnalytics, league tables anddetailed profiles of investor andadvisorsThemes driving deal activity

4Coverage by deal typeMarketLine’s Deals database coverage extends to all financial deal types and sub-types across all major sectorsIncludes acquisition, merger and assetsM&AIncludes Licensing Agreement, JointVenture, Co-development, Comarketing and Affinity MarketingPartnershipsPrivateEquityIncludes direct investments,management buy- out, institutionalbuy-out, leverage buy-out andsecondary buy-outVentureCapitalIncludes seed, start-up, later stage andgrowth stage fundingDealsIncludes private placement, publicoffering and secondary offeringDebtOfferingEquityOfferingIncludes IPO, rights offering, secondaryofferings and private placement

Methodology – leveraging AI & machine learning for real-time5trackingWe safeguard reliability and comprehensiveness by leveraging AI/ML technologies to track and scanthousands of sources on a real-time basis and also conduct weekly benchmarking with external databasesKey steps to safeguard Web crawlers track close to 200K sources/websites and pull relevant updates on a realtime basisDirectSubmissionsExternalBenchmarkingDirect submissions from advisors/ investors on Deal-by-deal weekly benchmarking witha daily basisexternal databasesMissing deals available in the public domainare added and relevant sources are added toregular tracking

6User Guide – Deals DashboardMarketLine’s Deals Database contains intelligence to help Academics, Strategy andMarket/Competitive Intelligence teams monitor corporate deal activities.1122333Customisable and interactive dashboardenables users to quickly manipulatedata. Choose to view deals by country,sector, theme.Deep dive into specific deals, investorsand advisors in order to identifypotential business opportunities andde-risk investment. Clicking Dashboardor Deals enables easy switchingbetween Dashboard and List views.Clicking the More icon under LatestDeals or Top Deals will show the list ofrefined deals. Likewise clicking Moreunder Top Venture Capital/PrivateEquity Investors or Top Financial/LegalAdvisors brings up lists of relevantinvestors or advisors.

7User Guide – RefinementsClicking “General” in the left hand pane brings up the below screen which enables users to generatehighly refined lists of deals and insights. Further refinement options are available by clicking Deals Typeor Company,112Intuitive and a large number ofsearch filters across different tabsOptions to search on general, dealspecific and company-specificparametersSearch filters selected ondashboard taken to deal resultspage and vice-versa2

8User Guide – Deals ListingThe Deals Listing page is accessed by clicking the Deals button in the left hand refinements, or the moreicon under Latest Deals or Top Deals on the Dashboard.12324Click deal headlines to accessall data on individual dealsTabs allow easy access toRelatedInvestors/Advisors/Companies3Export function enablesextraction of data to Excel4Results can be filtered byrelevant criteria1

User Guide – Results AnalyticsLeverage powerful analytical tools to spot investment trends11Results Analytics presents largevolumes of deals data into charts fortrend spotting and analysis.View all deal types by geography;industry; country; trend; rationale; size;round of financing (series A, B, C etc);exits; and exit ratios.

10User Guide – Investor (and Advisor) deep diveDeep dive into detailed investor profiles to identify potential investors or partners.1Key facts about the investor detailingtheir total funding, portfolio size andfocus, average investment, geographicfocus etc.122Investor trends, including YOYinvestments, active geographies andindustries, help users to identify the topinvestors for ventures or projects.The same tools are available forAdvisors by clicking on the “Advisors”tab in the left hand pane.

User Guide - Deals Search: Target and Acquirer Geography (1/3)11Depending on the requirement user can stay on the “Dashboard” or move to the “Deals” tabfor deals listingUser can choose thepage they want to sting

User Guide - Deals Search: Target and Acquirer Geography (2/3)12The “Deal Geography” filter in the “General” tab refers to the target geographyGeneral tabUser can choose thegeography which refers tothe target lslisting

User Guide - Deals Search: Target and Acquirer Geography (3/3)13The “Participant Role” and “Company Headquarter” filters can selected as per the requirementCompany tabUser can select the geography ofthe selected roleUser can apply theacquire role hereAfter applying theresults user can click on“Show ealslisting

Deals Use Case: Competitor Investment in MexicoObjectiveA global alcoholic beverage company wants to look at its competitors investments inMexicoSearchProcessSelect alcoholic beverage industry under general search and select Mexico in geography.Select M&A in deal type; in result deal page, select investors User can export the results inexcel for further analysis Customize display optionallows users to add morecolumn to the current table Total deal value and volumenumbers are clickable and usercan see individual dealscontributing to these numbersby clicking on them14

Deals Use Case: Find Legal Advisor With Sector Experience15ObjectiveA company is looking for a target in the foodservice industry in India and wants to engagean experienced legal advisorSearchProcessSelect foodservice as industry and select India in geography. On deal results page, click theadvisors tab to get relevant advisors Clicking on total dealvolume/value will take userto the list if deals advised byadvisor, as per selectedcriteria Clicking on advisor name willtake user to detailed advisorprofile

Deals Use Case: Identify Target Companies in Sectors /Countries16ObjectiveA MarketLine user at a consumer company wants to see potential Foodservice acquisitiontarget in Asia-PacificSearchProcessUnder general search, select rumor and dead rumour. Under deal status; select desiredindustry and geography. Post selection, go to related companies tab on deals to seepotential targets Assumption is that as thesecompanies are already part of arumoured deal, they are likelyup for sale User can click on the name of acompany to see its profile anddeals it was involved in

14Deals Use Case: Chinese Companies with M&A Activity in Africa.ObjectiveA mining company wants to look at Chinese companies’ M&A activity trend in AfricaSearchProcessSelect geography as Africa (in general filter); select participant role as acquirer andheadquarter location as China in Company filter; click on result analytics and then M&A tab Activity trend chart reflectsoverall value/volume of M&Aactivities by Chinese companiesin African mining sector Additionally, user can seeindustry trend chart, reflectingkey commodities drivingChinese M&A activity in theregion Total activity and industry chartnumbers might not match dueto multiple commoditiestagged to single deal

Deals Use Case: Chinese Investment in India Startups18ObjectiveA consulting company is looking at trend around Chinese Investor investing into IndianstartupsSearchProcessSelect India in geography under general filter; under company filter, select acquirer underparticipant role and China under headquarter; select venture financing under deal type Venture financing tab on resultanalytics page will offer trendsaround Chinese investorsinvestments in Indian start-ups E.g. activity trend chart willoffer a view on overall dealvalue and volume, whereas,technology theme trend chartwill suggest the keytechnologies that Chinesecompanies are investing in (inIndia)

19Deals Use Case: Private Companies Acquiring Public CompaniesObjectiveA Professional Services company wants to look at private companies acquiring publiccompaniesSearchProcessOn deal type filter, select private in acquirer role and public in target role and M&A underdeal type; see deals page Clicking on a deal headline willtake user to the deal page,where more details on theselected deal is available User can also sort the resultpage by deal value

20Deals Use Case: Find Deals Funded by SharesObjectiveFind trends around M&A where shares are used as considerationSearchProcessSelect share as mode of payments in deal type search; select M&A in deal type After selecting desiredparameters, user can seeoverall M&A value and volumetrend in activity trend chart Also, in country chart, user cansee further break-down of dealactivity by country; E.g. we canclearly observe from theadjacent country chart that theUS has higher M&A deals with“shares” being used aspayment mode, as comparedwith other countries

21Deals Use Case: Find Popular Exchanges For IPOsObjectiveA researcher is looking into the most preferred stock exchangesSearchProcessSelect IPO in deal type; under result analytics, select equity offering tab and see bottomchart on "Top Stock Exchanges" User has both chart and tableview available on UI, asreflected in the adjacentscreenshots Users can also download datain excel and perform furtheranalysis

Deals Use Case: Debt Offering Interest Rate Trends22ObjectiveCorporate finance client is looking at interest rates trend in debt marketsSearch ProcessSelect debt offering in deal type. on result analytics page, select debt offering tab; there is a charton interest rate trend User has both chart and tableview available on UI, asreflected in the adjacentscreenshots User can further see theinterest rates by country byselecting geography undergeneral search

23Deals Use Case: Competitor AdvisorsObjectiveAn advisor is looking at competitor advisors in industrySearchProcessSelect geography advisor is interested in; select related advisor in deal result page Clicking on advisor name willtake user to detailed advisorprofile The page provides details ongeographic and sectorial breakdown of selected advisoractivities, along with otherrelevant details

24Deals Use Case: Identify Attractive SegmentsObjectiveAn investor is looking at most attractive tech segment in IndiaSearchProcessSelect India under geography. On result analytics page, look at the industry trend chartunder overview Clicking on any stack takes userto a deal listing page,comprising all deals thatcontributed to the selectedstack Table and excel downloadfunctionalities are similar toother charts

25Deals Use Case: Mega Pharma DealsObjectiveUser wants to see mega ( USD1bn) M&A deals in 2018 in PharmaSearchProcessSelect more than 1bn in deal value and 2018 time period under general search, and selectM&A under deal type and see deal results Clicking on deal headline willtake user to the deal page,where more details on theselected deal is available Also, clicking on acquirer ortarget’s name will take user totheir profile page

26Deals Use Case: Legal Advisors in JapanObjectiveUser wants to identify legal advisors for a potential acquisition in JapanSearchProcessGo to advisor tab; in general search, select M&A as deal type, legal advisor as advisor typeand Japan under geography; click on show results By clicking on advisor tab ondashboard, user can directlydefine criteria and find relevantadvisor names, without goingto deal listing page User can select multipleadvisors and benchmark themon deal type, industry focus,etc.

Deals Use Case: Find Potential VC Investors27ObjectiveA North America-based travel services start-up is looking to identify potential VCinvestorsSearchProcessGo to investor tab; in general search, select travel services in industry, North America inGeography, Venture Finance in investor type, and start-up in stage of investment By clicking on investor tab ondashboard, user can directlydefine criteria and find relevantinvestor names, without goingto deal listing page User can select multipleinvestors and benchmark themon deal type, industry focus,etc.

Deals Use Case: Find Mining M&A Activity in AfricaTrendAfrica mining sector witnessed increased deal activity between 2013 and 2017SearchProcessSelect time period as 2013 and 2017 and geography as Africa28 User can clearly see growingM&A activity in Africa Miningsector Industry trend chart suggeststhe key commodities attractingM&A activities in the region

Deals Use Case: Find US-based VC Companies Undertaking 29IPOsTrend2018 has witnessed record number of US-based VC companies going for IPOSearchProcessSelect deal type as IPO; on deal results page, go to analytics and see deal volume by topcountries chart Post applying filters assuggested in the above table,the deal volume by topcountries chart will reflect IPOvolume/value for VC-fundedcompanies by country by year.One can clearly spot that 2018has been exceptional year forUS-based VC-backedcompanies going for IPO

Deals Use Case: Identify Deal Sizes for US-based VentureFinancingTrendMajority of VC capital in US flowing into 50M dealsSearchProcessSelect US as geography; and on result analytics page, click on Venture Financing; see thedeal size chart with value selection in flip option at top 30As can be witnessed in theadjacent chart and table, thetotal value of US 50 millionplus deals has surpassed allother deals joined together in2018

User Guide - Deals Listing The Deals Listing page is accessed by clicking the Deals button in the left hand refinements, or the more icon under Latest Deals or Top Deals on the Dashboard. 8 Click deal headlines to access all data on individual deals Tabs allow easy access to Related Investors/Advisors/Companies Export function enables

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RIA Initiated Deals (2010-2016) RIA Initiated Deals (2000-2009) The years following the recession saw the emergence of RIAs initiating deals with each other. From 2010 on, half of all major deals were RIA firms transacting with other RIAs. This compares to the 29% share that deals of this type accounted for during the 2000-2009 period.

launch of a new Mox Deals Vietnam website, where daily deals would not be the only thing the company offered. Instead, they planned to combine an online web store and products/services deals into one stop shopping for Vietnamese online consumers. In the past few years, the number of daily deals/couponing businesses in Vietnam had grown very fast.

Overview Paradigms and perspectives Types of deals – Taxable vs. non‐taxable – Stock vs. asset acquisition–incl. “hybrid” deals (stock/asset deals combined) – Fusion deals –attributes carry‐over Perspectives of the parties – Buyer / Acquirer Goal is to maximize tax benefits

Below the map, regional averages are provided over time, based on your indicator selection . Country Statistics User Guide Published: March 2019 . time, focusing on 2010 in China and Russia, Firstly, Using the ‘Country’ filter select ‘China’ and ‘Russian Federation’, click ‘Apply’

LEXISNEXIS Legal Literature & News . 83 Magzter. Magazine, Articles, news. 84 . Making of the Modern World Essays, Books, Historical events . 85 . MarketLine Advantage Company-Industry Data. 86. MICA Indian Market Socio-Economic Indicators. 87. Monthly Surface Data -2014) Other Data Sets & Tools . 88. NASSCOM Member Directory Company and .

COMPANY PROFILE Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. REFERENCE CODE: 0117F870-5021-4FB1-837B-245E6CC5A3A9 . CCE is licensed to market, sell and distribute several Schweppes products, including Schweppes, Dr Pepper, Oasis and Schweppes Abbey Well. . offering both smaller sizes and sugar free options. CCE opened the new Automated Storage and Retrieval .

main idea of the rough paths theory is to introduce a much stronger topology than the convergence in p-variation. This topology, that we now explain, is related to the continuity of lifts of paths in free nilpotent Lie groups. Let G N(Rd) be the free N-step nilpotent Lie group with dgenerators X 1; ;X d. If x: [0;1] !Rd is continuous with bounded variation, the solution x of the equation x(t .