Travel Information Meeting May 2022

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Travel Information MeetingMay 2022

April’s Travel Farewell Will be transitioning over to UW Finance Transformation tosupport the Customer Requisition to Payment team Thank you for all the great memories!

New Introductions Sam Dang Rene Flores

University of WATravel Info meetingMay 17, 20224

UW Discount Programs1. Corporate TravelBooked through a UW contracted Travel agency listed on the Travel Services Website.2. Athletics TravelBooked through Athletics travel desk.3. State of WA TravelBooked through the following as listed on the Travel Services Website. UW contracted Travel agency State contracted Travel agency EasyBiz

StatusMatchChallengeGet upgraded to theequivalent status in ourMileage Plan .If your travelers have elite status with a qualifying airline, we’llmatch their status for 3 months. They can keep their statusfor the rest of the year by flying:5,000 miles – MVP10,000 miles - Gold20,000 miles – 75KVisit to learn more.6

We’ve heard over the years that offering corporate recognitionbenefits—specifically for travelers who do not have elite status—would be a game-changer. Now enjoy the following benefits onAlaska and Horizon flights:GROUPBWATCH THEPERKS FLY IN.Enjoy an elevated experience whentraveling on Alaska Airlines!PREFERREDSEAT SELECTION*Reserve your seat bygoing to Manage Trip or Alaska app.PRIORITYBOARDINGPRIORITYDURING IRREGULAROPERATIONS

Changes/Reissues/Name Changes Valid (not expired) Ticket validity is 365 days from the date of departureWholly unused ticketAll AS no OAName changes are allowed for all of our tickets for a 125 fee. If you need to apply the value of theoriginal ticket to a new itinerary and change the name at the same time will be a 125 fee if all done atonce.(name change waiver is available for 2022)The 125 cannot be taken of the residual value. I.E. Original 500. New 300. 200 balance cannotbe used for the 125 change feeCorrection to name – no feeIf changing (to – not anymore )from an MVP Gold, change fee is waivedThe residual value of a ticket that has been reissued from a higher fare to a lower fare cannot be used towards any change fees(reissue or name change) or a debit memo will be issuedFull Y fares are refundable, it is easier to refund them than going through reissues and name changes

Alaska Airlines App Select SeatPay bag fee Order food Check upgrade/waitlist Check in 24 hours prior to departure Self Bag Tagging Trip Alerts/Flight Alerts

Our Expanded NetworkBetween our expansive (and growing) network, domesticpartnership with American Airlines and our oneworld membership we’re giving you more opportunities to fly Alaska Airlines.

1,000 global destinations in 170 countries, across 13 airlines with oneworldAlliance.1

More Options across a broader networkProvides travelers with more options and destinations across a broader network, with the carriers servinga total of 104 nonstop destinations out of Seattle (SEA) Connecting customers to more places across ourcombined complementary network AA launched direct flights from SEA to London Heathrow(LHR) Increased connectivity across the United States andabroad, providing more options from SEA and LAX First nonstop service from SEA to Bengaluru, India (BLR) inOct 28, 2022 Pending government approval, SEA to Shanghai, China(PVG) Oct 29, 2022

ALASKA GOES BEYOND SERVICEConcierge Department / Help DeskISD 1-800-327-2755Concierge Desk 1-866-656-3427Fastest option: LIVE CHAT Seat AssignmentsWaiversRevalidation for J and Y Priority RoutingName flight .com14

Venmo as a form of payment We do not accept Venmo. Not a good enough audit trail to substantiate expenses

Customer Service Topic: Turo Effective June 1, 2022, we will be unable to accept Turo as rental car service. Classification of Car are outside of our policy

Travel Ban: Mississippi Cont, NC Removed Governor Inslee on March 24, 2021 lifted the prohibition on publicly fundednon-essential travel to North Carolina March 2016: Passed House Bill 2 – revokes civil rights protection to the LGBTQ community – lawoverrides an anti-discrimination ordinance that allowed transgender individuals to use genderspecific facilities consistent with their gender identityNow: many local ordinances have implemented pro-LGBT protections, public feedback has localgovernments stop enacting rules of discrimination (bathrooms, showers, changing rooms) Mississippi remains in effect April 2016: Passed House Bill 1523 – authorizing govt employees andprivate businesses to deny service based on religious beliefs –perpetuates unjust and injurious prejudice against the LGBTQ community

Airfare State and UW contracts UW Contracts Contracted Travel Agents UW Travel discounts page State contracts Easybiz State and UW contract: travel agencies Call Alaska directly use code: YCAWA

Travel Insurance UW policy remains unchanged from before covid. Covered under change/cancellation of travel plans policy. Difficult to get payout.

Expenses paid on behalf ofanother Expenses paid on behalf of another are reimbursable but arenot recommended Spouses If spouse and traveler are connected to the same credit card account, thenwe can reimburse If spouse and traveler are not connected, then a separate expense reportmust be submitted for the traveler claiming expenses for their spouse Car Rentals: ALL drivers on the final rental agreement must be on UWbusiness or the entire amount of the car rental is not reimbursable

1. Corporate Travel Booked through a UW contracted Travel agency listed on the Travel Services Website. 2. Athletics Travel Booked through Athletics travel desk. 3. State of WA Travel Booked through the following as listed on the Travel Services Website. UW contracted Travel agency State contracted Travel agency EasyBiz

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a company travel configuration is created for each country the legal entity is located in. Features Available in Travel System Admin To access Travel System Admin, on the menu, click Administration Travel (on the sub-menu) Travel System Admin. NOTE: If Travel System Admin is your only Travel option, then the commands are

Travel Agency to: Travel Agency rve cel Travel Agency to: – Reserve a Travel: – Cancel a Travel Pay the Travel Payment f a Travel re s Insurance P H – Pay the Travel a The Travel Agency needs to be in contact with a Visa cilities ervation faciliti e urchase nds on be in contact with a Visa payment center in order to be paid by the .

53 Best Travel Agency - Hong Kong Westminster Travel Limited 54 Best Travel Agency - India Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. NEW VS. 2018 55 Best Travel Agency - Indonesia Panorama Destination Indonesia 56 Best Travel Agency - Japan JTB Corp. 57 Best Travel Agency - Malaysia Mitra Tours & Travel 58 Best Travel Agency

Guidance - Travel Plan Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction of Travel Plan 3. Travel Plan Administration 4. Existing Travel Patterns 5. Proposed Travel Patterns 6. Measures 7. Targets 8. Monitoring and Review 9. Action Plan (example) Appendix - Travel Plan Appendices (examples) A Location of Site(s) B Site Plan C Travel Policy

ROSS User Guide Travel Plan ‐ creating and editing travel plans 2version 2.16.4 January 13, 2016. Creating a travel plan. This section explains how to create a travel plan and how to add travel plan legs to it. You do not need an incident to create a travel plan. Seeravel "T ‐ setting up resource travel."

National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia Statistics Department Skopje, 31 January 2023 Press Release Significant developments in interest rates of banks and savings houses1: . 12.2021 1.2022 2.2022 3.2022 4.2022 5.2022 6.2022 7.2022 8.2022 9.2022 10.2022 11.2022 12.2022 in % on annual level

Pendidikan Akuntansi FKIP Universitas Sebelas Maret. Penetapan profil dan learning outcome ini dimaksudkan untuk membantu pemerintah dalam menyiapkan guru akuntansi yang bermutu menurut persepsi mahasiswa, alumni, dosen, pengguna lulusan, Asosiasi Profesi, dan pengambil keputusan. Sumber data penelitian ini adalah 96 orang mahasiswa, 248 orang alumni, 15 orang dosen, 15 orang pengguna lulusan .