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WAR DEPARTMENT,WASHINGTON, February 1, 1942.FM 21-6, List of Publications for Training, including Training Films and Film Strips, is published for the informationand guidance of all concerned.[A. G. 062.11(2-1-42).]BY ORDER OF TIHE SECRETARY OF WAR:0. C. MARSHALL,Chief of Staff.OFFICIAL:E. S. ADAMS,Major General,The Adjutant General.

TABLE OF CONTENTSParaSECTION I. FIELD SERVICE REGULATIONS, FIELD MANUALS, AND TECHNICAL MANUALS.--- - ----Scope ---- ---Texts--NumberingChanges-4-Copyrighted matterHow distributed- -- --Allowances-7Inspection of official files of publications -----------------II. TRAINING CIRCULARS.-ScopeNumbering ------Distribution - . -III. LIST OF PRINTED PUBLICATIONS.Army Regulations ----- -----------Firing Tables Instruction Charts ----Mobilization Regulations -------Mobilization Training ProgramsTables of Basic Allowances and AllowancesTables of Organization ------Training publications - ----Field Manuals---Technical Manuals -----Technical Regulations 14151666678171819121515General -Purpose of visual training aidsAdvantages of training films--------Preparation of training films ------Projection facilities ----------20212223248888909191Storage of films --------2593Rules for use of 35-mm films ------Rules for use of 16-mm films -------Distribution of training films -------262728949495Distribution of film strips -----2997Use of training films---- ------Errors in use of visual training aidsAssistance to training agencies -----Lists of training films and film strips3031323397101102102TRAINING FILMS AND FnILM STRIPS.TRAINING FILM EXAMINATION ------IJI184

FM 21-6BASIC FIELD MANUALLIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING(This pamphlet supersedes FM 21-6, September 1, 1941; TrainingCirculars Nos. 64 (section II), 65, and 69, War Department, 1941.SECTION IFIELD SERVICE REGULATIONS, FIELD MANUALS, ANDTECHNICAL MANUALS* 1. SCOPE.-This manual contains lists or references to listsof publications or matter required for military training.* 2. TEXTs.-The primary texts for training in schools, including extension courses, in garrison, in training centers,and in the field are War Department training publicationsissued, as a general rule, in the form of Field Service Regulations, Field Manuals, and Technical Manuals. TechnicalRegulations will eventually be eliminated by the inclusion ofsuitable material in other training documents.a. Field Service Regulations constitute the basis of instruction of all arms and services in the operations of war andannounce the basic doctrines which are expanded and appliedin other texts. They contain the fundamental considerationsconcerning the employment of the combined arms and thecombined services, and the strategical, tactical, and administrative employment of larger units and territorial commands. For convenience, Field SerVice Regulations are numbered in the Field Manual series.b. Field Manuals constitute the primary means for expanding the basic doctrines of the Field Service Regulations.They are published in three general divisions as follows:(1) The Field Manuals for the several arms and servicescontain instructions relative to the tactics and technique involved in the employment of such arms and services, togetherwith data needed in the theater of operations.(2) The Basic Field Manuals contain training and reference data applicable to more than one arm or service, withspecial reference to the smaller units.1

2-3LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING(3) The Staff Officers' Field Manual is a compilation ofinformation and data to be used as a guide for the oper-ations in the field of the general staff or a similar staff groupof all units in peace and war.c. Technical Manuais consist of a series of pamphlets supplementing the Field Manuals covering subjects, the separate treatment of wh:ch is considered essential to a fulleraccomplishment of the training prescribed in the Field Manual series. The scope of this series includes pamphletsdescribing materiel and containing instructions for the operation, care, and handling thereof; guidebooks for instructors and specialists; material for extension courses; referencebooks; and the like.Blank and drill ammunition used in "basic weapons" is,covered in the FM 23-series. Blank ammunition used byfield artillery or antiaircraft artillery will be covered in theTechnical Manual for the particular weapon. Blank ammunition for harbor defense and railway artillery will be covered in TM 9-905, when published.U 3. NUMBERING.-The number of each pamphlet will consist of two parts: the basic number and subnumber.a. The basic numbers will be as follows:1. Air Corps,2. Cavalry.3. Chemical 'Warfare Service.4. Coast Artillery Corps.5. Corps of Engineers.6. Field Artillery.7. Infantry.8. Medical Department.9. Ordnance Department.10. Quartermaster Corps.11. Signal Corps.12. Adjutant General's Department.13. Inspector General's Department.14. Finance Department.15. Judge Advocate General's Department.16. Chaplains.17. Armored Force.18. Tank Destroyer.19. Military Police.2

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING3-420 to 31. Basic Field Manuals.100. Field Service Regulations.101. Staff Officers' Field Manual.105. Umpire Manual.b. The subnumbers for Field Manuals will be from 1 to 199and for Technical Manuals 200, etc.c. Examples:FM 6-110-Field Artillery Field Manual-Pack Artillery.FM 22-5-Basic Field Manual-Infantry Drill Regulations.FM 100-5--Field Service Regulations-Operations.TM 4-235-Technical Manual-Coast Artillery TargetPractice.d. Reference.--For references in correspondence or publications, Field Manuals and Technical Manuals will ordinarily be referred to by number only, that is, FM 6-110 or TM4-235; if it is necessary to identify the publication further,the title will be added, that is, FM 6-110, FAFM, PackArtillery; TM 4-235, Coast Artillery Target Practice.*4. CHANGES.-a. In order that prompt recommendationsmay be submitted, each agency charged with the preparation of a manual will keep a folder of suggested changes.Serious errors will be reported at once.b. How effected.-When the subject matter contained ina pamphlet is changed or corrected, it will be published as achange only when it is deemed inadvisable to revise andreprint the entire pamphlet.c. When promulgated.-Changes will, as a general rule, bepublished as soon as practicable after the necessity for achange arises. The number and date of the change will follow the classification number at the end of each paragraph.A change requiring immediate attention will be published in aWar Department numbered training circular (see sec. II),or as a printed change.d. How 2ublished.-When printed, changes will be published on one side of the page only so that they may be cutand pasted over the matter which they change.e. How numbered.--Changes will be numbered in a singleseries for each edition of each pamphlet, a new series beingstarted with the first change pertaining to an edition.3

4--7LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING/. Drafts.-Drafts of matter submitted for publication aschanges will contain both the existing and the proposed matter, the matter to be omitted, with a line drawn through it,and the proposed matter underscored.g. Minor changes.--Minor changes, such as those intendedmerely to change the rhetorical construction of a portion ofregulations for purposes of clarity or those not involving achange of doctrine, will be allowed to accumulate and willbe published in a revision of the regulations in question.h. Changes affecting other publications.-When changesare prepared which may affect other War Department publications or portions thereof to the extent of requiring modifications of the latter, changes to the other publications soaffected will be prepared and submitted at the same time.*5. COPYRIGHTED MATTER.-See AR 310-10.·6. How DISTRIBUTED.-Training publications and changesthereto will be distributed through the distributing agenciesenumerated in AR 31.0-200.The initial distribution of pamphletswill be in accordance with the following unless otherwisedirected:(1) Ten copies of every pamphlet to the headquarters ofGHQ and of each army, corps, corps area, or department.(2) Two copies of every pamphlet to(a) Office of each chief of arm, service, and the NationalGuard Bureau.(b) Headquarters of each division unless a larger allowanceis indicated by symbols. See paragraph 19.(c) Headquarters of each general and special serviceschool.(d) Headquarters of the United States Military Academy.(e) Each arm and service board.(3) One copy of every pamphlet for(a) Headquarters of each garrisoned post or camp.(b) The official office file of the professor of military scienceand tactics of each educational institution maintaining Reserve Officers' Training Corps or section 55c NDA units. Thereference library of each educational institution maintainingone or more units of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps isentitled to receive for each unit one copy of the training* 7. ALLOWANCES.---a.4

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING7-11publications pertaining to the unit. Junior Reserve Officers'Training Corps units will be given the same distribution assenior infantry units.(4) To headquarters other than the above, as indicatedopposite each pamphlet in the list under paragraph 19.b. Individuals, headquarters, and offices may, on showingneed therefor, obtain any printed pamphlet by applying tothe distributing agency serving them.* 8. INSPECTION OF OFFICIAL FILES OF PUBLICATIONS.-a. Com-manding officers will have all official files of military publications of their commands inspected semiannually and willrequire that they be kept properly posted to date. Thesepublications will at no time be removed from the custody ofthe organization or office to which issued, and commandingofficers will see that the publications are transferred to thesuccessor in the office or in command.b. Stocks or copies of any publication on hand which arein excess of current or anticipated need will be reported to thedistribution agency for instructions as to disposition.SECTION IITRAINING CIRCULARSN 9. ScoPE.-The purpose of training circulars is to promulgate new doctrine for test; to issue minor changes in FieldManuals and Technical Manuals, or other training literature;and to disseminate War Department training policies fromtime to time. Training information that should receive widedistribution should be forwarded by all agencies charged withthe formulation of training policies. This applies particularlyto changes in existing Field Manuals, Technical Manuals, andTraining Circulars. Changes in Army Regulations and WarDepartment Circulars are ordinarily published in War Department numbered Circulars rather than Training Circulars.* 10. NUMBERING.-Training circulars will be numbered consecutively for each calendar year. For references in correspondence or publications an abbreviation such as "TC 1"(1941) may be employed.· 11. DISTRIBUTION.-Same as paragraph 14, AR 310-200.5

12-14LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGSECTION IIILISTS OF PRINTED PUBLICATIONS* 12. ARMY REGULATIONS.-For list of Army Regulations, seeAR 1-10. For Army R.egulations on safety precautions, seeAR 750-10 and 850-20.* 13. FIRING TABLES.--For list of Firing Tables, see StandardNomenclature List No. F-69 distributed by the OrdnanceDepartment.* 14. INSTRUCTION CHARTS.-Instruction charts are preparedand issued by the Ordnance Department covering ammunition and small arms. Each chart is listed in the appropriateStandard Nomenclature List, under Equipment: Articles forInstructional Purposes.6

15LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGbDI.c'iC'1c0'400000000)0)0vi c-C.).4,-ZnSC.)0" 0)CC.)0&n uP- -,)oI,OI,)C,-C,nIOa'0oIC'',- ICCaL'3C3I,-oI'-",;,o I'oIoiaioa)II X O ",?0I 0C C)i*ICO"2, oI'CaCI0Ie55CCCCCoII,-o ooIa:4.: o''P ;-,P,0U00I::L o IIII'CaI03333.Pgic

FOR TRAININGLIST OF PUBLICATIONS16C"U C)oC)0)0D-bnCdbO a00)0oum ' i2 'a0o4*Eii · -cP0 cl-CSC)ID-H0Z C.) . 0iid,Bo'C) 0ar-abob,au2QC3.Pj3b.OAbo ' CQI3ICIa C113hd Ocqa ***0 M k 8,;3C EA.Q61)M Ic (0--1C)!,SCcd a1IS I a03s0a ao,, ar4Z ac) PC)Cl mPLIH z dC4 cqxzC)bomZap t1*QQC.)C) IrQc-':SS-p4)g o '-rO.Cob , .oPL4 E-qOQCI - cpQ31Vbn-- - F bnL )CcaPCDC) O 00)0) Du·q.-0-40-13B Ei a 03a)Ila;'OmC9* 8

16LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGoooI.oo- .b.- I000I-a,0a 2-00'-. Hk 0 02. o.UCO",0C0 0,CB0·,Ot :O,, r0t-0 g,a-I9gCDw EPW2o.g o2]I*-Ua-.0dcC1:0PI :P-1 'E.0V.0'Ci0CVCl,-pqIpi-

FOR TRAININGLIST OF PUBLICATIONS16bDC),o.3-O,boDP-4C 4-C-. aL40 t 0 s zOO,IaIa0 00bl)-bO'b.aESd Y.SCd- O a,-*(vEH;0 *:aaI10O· j t:aaaZ,Io4-4- C3FI 1ar r·r e r e.S. I030d- 0F ac.Cp d 03mOSCMbI4-CbDbI 4IP-,doc4-CC4-C E-b- o0"OC(Dt 0CoCoP9 CIWo0soobo003-r,,0 0Y 0-OS,2o·gl5600I

16LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGC·II,'I.I, I00m0CS-10Oai m 'a,,i'4'o0r0a041aSF0go'cP -00d Pbl)i1PdC 1CDCIoaI. 00a nP-, 0: 'akR* *d t o 2 r- C37,r.-aC-to 1S0C-4.-kaS :, .'. Cc.o wn,CMOd0 U cdk 0io.O,, c. , b2¼u5a 'a00aQC arS. .'tra)tP & QC)bl k d b) 0Ca kc a)bj0(1;o gookC1 p UV;P C

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS16-17FOR TRAININGoCI4)4)III IIII'l4-.- 4I003 0·aNv02 'aHi.H3IJ.EaIi I4,, #j "U 4;Ctg -obDmO cbO* ld0OtillaElR CDAIII.-cq, b.O -1.PItO0 III IIm ".-,I oI- " c CJQ ''12

17LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGct,-c*4COC000OI,13'33nIOCI.* -1CCO-II,,I' - I'WOII. "0 1 d'',aI'II. O,I'I-a' ,ioV I a)O-I' Ir 'I i",I II·a 4aIfrIs IItI o-----i4433900- 42Ii , , aO.b[IIIIIIIIIIII21n213H.3,3C)08rga.O0w III r'C a'n' ,V .m.'3IIIII al,I'::* a -',F,1I"I II IIID IJ II IIm I I.lII IIIc o , "o.,Z 4I,' ',Q0 C 0'I 0 ,i'''-Uz-e:HO '4**0 II ;I--03C3rCD31*' I000Q00e4cNClc l5IIIIIIIII-cI5II-,II ,'

17LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING.0IVVV'iI I,)'o-v, ,.F.F0i,aI i'o,II, "o:.oI,II0I IIIIF; I CII II'C)FI 0-0I'I0bC'I1Q4·IF,Fi C-IIm0-eFeFH-' Q.:F1o,,I I--0OFIC)-,F i',IqC)01FtFIF,dO.-2oa81IIw pFF'0.'-0F'0C'IIVV)1C , - ,F F FIF)F II,I, ,F , , ,FC )0-vv '-v-v, , I'tty cFFI IIC)'1II i I I,II

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING18-19* 18. TABLES OF ORGANIZATIONS.-See list of Tables of Organization, October 1, 1941.* 19. TRAINING PUBLICATIONS.-a. General.-(1) The lists below show the pamphlets other than confidential or secret,published to date by number, title, and date of publication,the number of the changes thereto, together with symbolsindicating the distribution of each pamphlet.(2) Explanation of symbols.-A combination of letters, indicating the headquarters of organizations and numbers,indicating the specific arms or services to which the distribution is limited, is used. The meanings of these are asfollows:(a) Letters. (See also (d) and (e) below.)D.-Headquarters of divisions. If more than two copiesare issued, see paragraph 7a(2) (b).B.-Headquarters of brigades.R.-Headquarters of regiments.Bn.-Headquarters of battalions or similar organizations.C.-Headquarters of companies and similar units.1.-Used in combination with the above letters indicates the pamphlet is to be issued to interestedorganizations only.H or L.-H used in combination with the above lettersindicates that the pamphlet will be issued to theparticular organization specified and higher headquarters; L to particular organization specified andlower headquarters.X.-Special distribution as directed by the War Department.(b) Numbers.1. When not in parentheses, numbers are used to indicate the various arms and services as follows:1. Air Corps.2. Cavalry.3. Chemical Warfare Service.4. Coast Artillery Corps.5. Corps of Engineers.15

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONSFOR TRAINING6. Field Artillery.7. Infantry.8. Medical Department.9. Ordnance Department.10. Quartermaster Corps.11. Signal Corps.12. Adjutart General's Department.13. Inspector General's Department.14. Finance Department.15. Judge Advocate General's Department.16. Chaplains.17. Armored Force.18. Tank Destroyer.19. Military Police.2. When in parentheses numbers indicate the numberof copies to be furnished.(c) Where a letter is not followed by any numbers, it indicates that the pamphlet is distributed to all the headquartersdescribed by that letter. Numbers following a letter indicate that the distribution is limited to the headquarters oforganizations of those arms and services identified by thenumbers. Where a cash (-) is used between numbers, itindicates that all the serial numbers between the end numbersare included in the distribution.(d) The distribution for Air Corps units will be on thefollowing basis:Headquarters, Ai:: Force Combat Command, air forces,and air bases--same distribution as for divisions;Wings-same as for brigades;Groups-same as for regiments;Squadrons-same as for battalions;Separate flights or detachments-same as for companies.(e) Distribution for medical installations will be on thefollowing basis:Hospital centerGeneral hospitalSame as for divisions.Medical Departmentconcentration center16

LIST OF PUBLICATIONSFOR TRAININGAuxiliary surgical hospitalGeneral dispensaryHospital trainMedical laboratory, army orcommunications zoneMedical examining unit, aviationMedical laboratory, generalMedical supply depot, army orcommunications zoneStation hospital, communicationszone or zone of interior (symbol19Same as forSH)25 beds or under as noted for SHunder distribution of manual.50 beds or under, twice the number noted.100 beds or under, three times thenumber noted.200 beds or under, four times thenumber noted.500 beds or under, five times thenumber noted.1,000 beds or under, six times theSame as fornumber noted.2,000 beds or under, ten times thenumber noted.Surgical hospitalEvacuation hospitalVeterinary stationhospitalVeterinary evacuationhosiptal hosiptal(Symbol M).Veterinary general'hospitalConvalescent campConvalescent hospitalVeterinary convalescenthospitalAttached medical and veterinary detachments-sameas for companies.17

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING(3) Example of symbols.-A pamphlet with distributionsymbols D (8); B 7 (2); R 4, 6, and 7 (10); IR 5 (10); Bn3, 4, 6, 7, and 9 (3); IBn 5 (3); IC 3-7 (10); C 9 (2). Distribution in addition to that provided in paragraph 7a asfollows:(a) D (8).1. Eight copies to the headquarters of all divisions.2. Eight copies to each hospital center, general hospital,Medical Department Concentration Center.3. Eight copies to the headquarters, Air Force CombatCommand and to each air base headquarters.(b) B 7 (2).1. Two copies to the headquarters of all infantry brigades.2. Two copies to each of the offices of G-l, G-2, G-3, andG-4 infantry brigade headquarters.(c) R 4, 6, and 7 (10); IR 5 (10).Ten copies to the headquarters of each coast artillery, fieldartillery, and infantry regiment and to each interested engineer regiment.(d) Bn 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9 (3); IBn 5 (3).Three copies to the headquarters of each chemical warfare, coast artillery, field artillery, infantry, and ordnancebattalion, and to each interested engineer battalion.(e) IC 3-7 (10); C 9 (2).Ten copies to each interested chemical warfare, coast artillery, engineer, field artillery, and infantry company or similar unit, and two copies to each ordnance company.b. Field Manuals.-The numbers to be assigned to thepamphlets which have not as yet been numbered in the newseries are shown in parentheses in the first column.18


19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING-'oco*-- COl.)cc-, NS4-tPAC'NIOU0IId00C dOO *I*,C,aHICICIQ03Zo3O44aq,,n,-;a II ctICIC,II,3U ,OCOCDC0t2020C.·.-C,

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING0 '*0'I Cq m0c 'OIt4MXaa aUQ1F9*Ce COCO4Xxco--CuFlF9l ct0urjCs4o,4CO0,II- ZaPQIIII·co I ·Qx , II40'a d 3 d Swh04' 400*I14a 0amt'0' I-4-4NI C,0400I -4OtI'wFI 0dau,c4- IIII0Coeo."o:of4-09F1.L:0h'oD 4I1w0ZId114?3;-40 ,C,42I00aaaI0jo0B - Q4r od CUaa O; 444004C¾,aa 4.21Er O C011)Ud-z04401 a4 at -

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGVVC3C0-nCCnsX0Xd9C'ji c--0dQddQQdndCII*d--DUdd F QQN CQd C*O-tI*O0 00rIIIO0 IIIIIjIIIIIIIOjOIII*IOO ce0C CDoC-cqC- Oo0* 0CBI:5C) dC)II Zv:JIz-c0CC3 446IU'-344 ; 4I0 :-,--0IIIVCIOIV F',iI 411 -C"2"I0"'C44402003CCI4I1Q0C',122"Sup020 C)dc, Nql.III 3C:7sc II22,a:h,eCBIII0oC':Sa cc44eI .

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGzmc0-*Ta.mmCaaPq- V.I'. ,,to5 ICCooO005 ,aod5000sII C--00 5 50II0I Ia;I 4,IVAoaz5'o,O'SdaCICO3OC 1IlVoogC:II.4. NSI,,I23 4-

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONSFOR TRAINING-C) C) S *o.X.x I:O AdSnS QOa8sz;1C:I:Ckri-C -W ;a 4 b e)aCa: v:CC)FC) b,- FI,F9· FCs-*qRToFIF'"4c, ,p,, C)I0,VITFmCaF"0*0,cUoQ4,,FC)-0)t 7DtF0 CI C)'ILT,FiFa, COeIFUa,26F1Ic2I- Cl'·- E-I0 ,4CtcC) IF0 ,- c, ,)1C HVfC) ''CCC),o-oo,G0IdUtIIIbDF,0I:ZO,C)4-F CI j,FIFFUF0B .oWFC) w' 24*1, i0F,FIIC)C) XLI0iCmtt

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGa-s s - s j-xee--.tN X Oatas "too*,C0NNII a-4a*ko,0I N, NI 1"',''--'?'- "-I,19 o0ODccc 225

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS193ND;--3OCkNS- FOR TRAININGto-.0I-O-C -N 'sC,?--VCC'000CD330CCzNcei 0-o-C)O.DiDUijZUc, ,3'zm-I,6I,ItDO c3'-LO*IIsq 42I3c3I


19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS*'-COoFOR TRAININGXSi 'Itoit4.b- ev: -*C -C.oCInp)t.''0sXI-MMX-,;.oCS 'O

LIST OF PUBLICATIONSa,--- -oo0·00Pall P:-t-00-0.19FOR TRAINING.0o.ZN4zq0000 1I0011,0Cv0III0Io04'Uwg-439P0oCo I,,,C o C II4I4 3390'4,9Cc0Ii ; 'U ,aCw444.13ZIC.0II'w-an3C .It23uOC1.fIUICI:9

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FORr-otTRAINING . '-3'QnI0 ?o306 'El NQ 0Io*gt'6'o30u34)4'ciF*01 00 0oba0

C'OEs.02Corl-I- 0'OC302Ca02--4EOFIC-o I0C0 oO31 o'034 III*I19FOR TRAININGLIST OF PUBLICATIONSdrAN'. 4a)ZV,mx'-gb0'o'bO 0 10 1 1 0. 10.

r19LIST OF PUBLICATIONSo 'o0;' -FOR TRAINIINGlC .-cIi'-OOCICtU0-0O- bo;IU02'0. - 7OI.4Iu v U vl?e CCIDodc lI::32O .oQm PL,I41I:CO. 2 I

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS·-P17 - HAcQ vqZCIov9VtCCIjCNRCaqp,CaaCq Io P.t-at:P:boCo20Db*Y2104 0I IIIC-IPIc 2C0,I dcq2C-- 2r0co'O'O.21)aiI CICIscI2;21)0C)CCCC)r CC)CIF CCI m- Is M;8,.Cq03 20C'I cCC)IE.oi2b21).CZ.,00'bao:G0a ,IIC5'"e YN00cgCCCbD 'm m -YOmCT019FOR TRAININGo 05CaC2212CC0C-lSCC)I9 C)Cd33I9ErcCC CCo yCCC .RCCC))9UJ a 3

LIST OF PlJBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING19o.ce o x ,' "l a'34a4 ma CCTp 0 9 O ' baOoWULoca7 O'UC6q*oooc rUvClaC1V3Or 0ooa @o6acdH ".r/2Vi 7· av7 l , q' a s0N,,,c .aooa;Uou: c:*mB xN34acj o,, .U Q)a0Uc

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAINING:CUi02I MN-,O"t'aot-? 0' ?PI,ac- "9:Ir) ra VXco" at ?-loqo6' Fa-Q1X dXusCaC gTEsIo o.w'aU 3,Q5 Ceae C2"35WQI-olNN,nC3 oE13UC ap;''a'a Qg osfCstC1 (D d D F.o .aE? . , . o8- (D6 3Caq19 3'ole4 A3

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS"00at.- -,cO["-.t', FOR TRAINING,. O .V cbVOU:,4OoaV(1:-r'CJ4t-,4"V3o-/40I,-ICIOsa C- -aO:-4-0cqIC47i,E 20C-'O CC 10"t·E! 3610i;n aOr M,C4ICa04360 t0OC)0-'4041L-r,-4-I

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR TRAININGCiU" ,Co,';-',-30g,,PcVIIVIoII0i,l,II2,I'O ' '- 'OI'-iOQ2I I2I I'00030aw.4I iii.,,a0IIII*'''i'2'2Coi C )0)4LICa CO O5;u qu2aa 0C ,'cE"jS Amcco H0 VV. . 0oh '"-" PFl-"3COCC2CCa37C3·Ni ci,,0 4'S' mao-.IQ,IPi000 I a E· C4i a Ii,OC -oClC cqC4 q ch dviI I'm 0, 0aiE-0iO' 'aCuoap.it0. 01aO0VIi 5 iolCi - Ci t CSaa O mC40I''2i I' E- tE E000I2d C)' Ci'o6v c o6 aEm: .1I c I, ,o' ,oIocl.2 Y nJB37

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONSFOR TRAINING'b0I --'C I.a,,.aZ'C Cq.D.CoIIO3Oo.1')oO VP,DWCIo CqI0eIInIIs).QIoX. -0COm.:IIrl030 I O-2O- o1I- CT0i-3 Ooc ilooICOcoIIImI *oI00Coo

*O-4--. -CV 0t,,,.,,----ocdbo4mO v,19QoI19FOR TRAININGLIST OF PUBLICATIONS,-o ----e,p- 4 -icoD4 ,u'.4M0e,oII a. :oC 1 0'0' o.II0h OPCet0S00omg50O-AzI "Cooi8.*d-II *.e, 44'·4.I39F EFcqura -I , Ba1I k Q I'4" C1It jII'0r . ,II4P

FOR TRAININGLIST OF PUBLICATIONS19.0:1 00cObO0a.o0.E- 0o -.-- )41oo EOaON----Ii1S:P-40aiIaN40E40W4NaCi

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS FOR· - . . .aa a a a,,,, C) Po-O,,. *11C),q,o.aaaac,, ,C-4'UOVCil0*,·--,4NC),qooIN340C)-0 0, co19TRAININGoo0oC ),,q"di.c-)0se

19LIST OF PUBLICATIONSo .'FOR TRAININGor) ao0.0 aaa0a-0 .4.46"jU.00Y011--00 ooIjI--0IIZ0OII I*IP

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101. Staff Officers' Field Manual. 105. Umpire Manual. b. The subnumbers for Field Manuals will be from 1 to 199 and for Technical Manuals 200, etc. c. Examples: FM 6-110-Field Artillery Field Manual-Pack Artil-lery. FM 22-5-Basic Field Manual-Infantry Drill Regula-tions. FM 100-5--Field Service Regulations-Operations.

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28 Chapter 3 Creating Basic Reports with the SAP Query Tool 12. Click the Basic List button from the Application toolbar to create an SAP basic list query. The Basic List Line Structure screen appears, showing a list of the fields you selected to include in your report. 13. For each field, specify the line and sequence number as you want them .

Master List List 5 /ŭ/ 1. fun 2. pup 3. bus 4. mug 5. tub 6. but Review Words (A-3): 7. six 8. him Star Words: 9. scrub 10. plug List 6 Sight Word List 1. the 2. of 3. a 4. do 5. to 6. you Review Words (A-4): 7. not 8. on Star Words: 9. are 10. they List 7 /ā/ Spelled a-Consonant-e 1. race 2. late 3. rake 4. make 5. gave 6. age Review Words .

59 TV Oranje Basic Light Basic Basic 23.5 12187 H 29900 2/3 60 Schlager TV Basic Light Basic Basic 00.0 0 H 0 61 INPLUS Basic Light Basic Basic 19.2 11229 V 22000 2/3 TV VLAANDEREN is een merk gebruikt onder licentie door Canal Luxembourg S. à r.l. Maatschappelijke zetel: Rue Albert Borschette 4, L-1246 Luxembourg

16.8 Field Lines The electric field between two closely spaced, oppositely charged parallel plates is constant. 16.8 Field Lines Summary of field lines: 1. Field lines indicate the direction of the field; the field is tangent to the line. 2. Th

McKesson Horizon Clinicals Outpatient: GE Centricity EMR Med List 1 CCD w/ Med List 1 Med List 1 Med List 2 CCD w/ Med List 2 Med List 2 Business Logic Med List 3 CCD w/ Med List 3 Med List 3 Collaborative Charting. As people of Providence, we will provide a connected experience of care based on a foundation of clinical excellence.

1. PC-BASIC 2.0.3. A free, cross-platform emulator for the GW-BASIC family of interpreters. PC-BASIC is a free, cross-platform interpreter for GW-BASIC, Advanced BASIC (BASICA), PCjr Cartridge Basic and Tandy 1000 GWBASIC. It interprets these BASIC dialects with a high degree of accuracy, aiming for bug-for-

UVU Field Manual 3 P a g e Purpose of the Field Manual In this manual, the Utah Valley University Master of Social Work (MSW) Field Education Program specifies its policies, criteria, and procedures for selecting field settings; . Social Work Competencies as outlined in the 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS). It is .

API Workshop on RP2T – Tension Leg Platforms – September 2007 Section 4 Planning – Expanded Topics XSeafloor Surveys and the use of: zConventional 3D seismic data zMapping products including bathymetry, seafloor renderings, seafloor amplitude, near-seafloor isopach and structure maps zDeep tow survey equipment and Autonomously Underwater Vehicles (AUV’s) XPlatform design and layout to .