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Visual Guide to the UNDP Standard Development eptappointDeveloper3Optional IP ssessCapacities(if over 300K)approveand signProject Activitiesfor RPProjectDocumentincorporateengageStakeholdersinto ate5updateMulti-yearWork PlanDirectlow-valuegrantsprepareProcurementand 7Activitiesand tsProjectBoardReviewsQualityAssessmentRisks, includingconducting SES-PselectRP(s)assessCapacities(if above 300K)identifyRP forPerformanceBased Payment(PBP)establishrecordDecisionsin minutesconductQualityand risksreview byProjectBoardGrant SelectionCommitteedefineSelection CriteriaselectgenerateFinal Project ReportStandardAgreementcommissionFinal Project Evaluationif requiredconductFinal Project Reviewincluding Closure QA and Project Closure BudgettransferFiles and AssetsIndependentAssessor(if over 300K)signRevisedProjectDocumentCapacityand performdue diligenceCollect datafor project RRFassessCapacity foron-grantingGrant ProposalsGranteesand signagreementOn-grantingclauses inIP or Resultsto partnersand publicIdentify factorsrelated to progressAnalyze dataMonitor operationalperformanceappraisePBP AgreementVerify outputprogresssignUse data to inform decision-makingPBP AgreementDocumentlessons learnedProject Closure ChecklistClosedCombinedDeliveryReportsAssess riskscompleteset status tosignAssess qualityFinancial ReportFinal Combined Delivery ReportCollectstakeholderfeedbackincorporatesubmit finalreview and signScan contextfor changeTrack onFinancialReportprepareMulti-yearWork PlanidentifysubmitassessOversightincludingHACT tandardmethodANNUALPLANNING4conductselectand mobilizePartnersAPPRAISE &APPROVESELECTGRANTEESImplementationrepeats annuallythroughout durationof project.Review sustainabilityplan

Visual GuideStandard Development ProjectProcedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceFORMULATE1TOOLSOmecreateerfficPipeline ConceptAnalyse gaps in programme'stheory of changemgraProappointtDjecConcept note(optional)Appoint a developer toformulate the projecttjecPro perovelDeselecttjecPro perovelDedevelopImplementing Partnerprior to developing the project documentInitiation Plan(if applicable)Include:a. Standard cover pageb. Description of the activities/keydeliverables and how theywill be managedc. A standard budget in the formof a work planInitiation PlantemplateGEF PPGengagerjProPipeline moduleDevelopermeam RRrgPro ger oject DocumenteveProProject document templatecreateJoint ProgrammeProject DocumentUse a Joint ProgrammeProject Document for jointprogrammes with otherUN agencies.GEF project document template(for GEF-financed projects only)Ensure participationof wide range ofstakeholdersGCF project document template(for GCF-financed projects only)Joint programme (project)templateUNDG Guidance Note onJoint ProgrammesContact MPTF Officeif UNDP is anAdministrative Agent:executivecoordinator.mptfo@undp.orgUNDG Guidance Note ondesigning, managing andclosing MDTFsconducter/ffic orOessmm AssearygPro QualitjProDectQuality Assessmentin the corporate planning system,project spaceProject QADesign rating toolassesserlopRisks, Including Conducting SESPeveCreate assessment andmanagement plans ina participatory manner2SELECT IMPLEMENTING PARTNERProject RiskManagement ToolSocial and EnvironmentalScreening procedureThe initial project risk logand SESP are submittedto the Project AppraisalCommittee as annexesto the project documentand recorded in the AtlasProject Managementmodule.

Visual GuideSELECTIMPLEMENTINGPARTNER2Standard Development ProjectProcedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceTOOLSGUIDANCEselectApply criteriato select most suitableImplementing PartnerImplementing Partnerbased on criteriaassesstjecPro perovelDeCapacitiesif over 300K per programme cycleIP/HACT Capacity AssessmentIf / 300,000, no assessmentIf NGO/CSO, use CACHE, CSOCapacity AssessmentIncorporatetjecPro perovelDeinto Project DocumentOptional IP ActionsIncorporate selectionof IP and any capacitydevelopment activitiesinto the projectdocumentSELECTRESPONSIBLEPARTIEStjecPro pero tvelDe Projec renagaMStandard methodtjec rorPopevel jecteD ProernagaMmemagrRRPro ger /naMaidentifyProject Activitiesfor RPPerformance-basedpaymentsselectidentifyRP(s)RP for PerformanceBased Payment (PBP)assessCapacitiesif above 300K perprogramme cycleIf / 300,000,no assessmentHACT CapacityAssessmentIf NGO/CSO,use CACHE,CSO CapacityAssessmentsignStandardAgreementtjec rorPelop ctevDe Proje renagaMappraisePBP Agreementemm RargRPro ger /anMaGrant SelectionCommitteedefineSelection CriteriasolicitGrant ProposalsselectGranteesand Sign AgreementAPPRAISE & APPROVEsignPBP AgreementOn-grantingidentifyestablish3assessand performdue diligenceAgreement to signfor different typesof RPsDirect low-value grantsemm RargRPro ger /anMaIndependent Assessorif over 300KIf / 300,000,no Independent AssessorCapacitySELECTGRANTEEStjec rorPelop ctevDe Proje renagMaselecttjec rorPelop ctevDe Proje renagMaOn-grantingInstitutionassessCapacity foron-grantingincorporateOn-granting clausesin IP or RP agreementIn LPAC orProject Board

Visual GuideAPPRAISE& APPROVE3eOmmgraProStandard Development ProjectProcedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceTOOLSconducterfficAppraisal (LPAC)Stakeholders meetLPAC Terms of ReferenceFinal QA reportUpdate and approve the finalQA report in the CorporatePlanning System, along withuploading the LPAC commentsand attendanceCorporate Planning SystemGUIDANCEMay be:approvedapproved withqualificationsdisapprovedIf rated: 'Needsimprovement / inadequate- not advisable to approveunless benefits outweighrisks - then risk mitigationplan requiredapprove and signemm R,argPro ager/RnMa entnmver atingocyhGdinwit Coor Agengntin erelem artnPImpProject DocumentIf part of a portfolio, linkthe project to a specificportfolio in AtlasActivate project inAtlas once approvedemm raregPro anagMsignContribution agreementsSign contribution agreementswith donors, as relevantContribution agreementtemplatesActivate projectin AtlasThe agreement of thegovernment developmentcoordination authoritycan be acknowledged byany of the acceptablemethods as agreed withthe government, includingan exchange of lettersor minutes of the LPACemmOinitiateerfficProjectmeam RRrgPro ger /naMagraPro4Advance authorizationANNUAL PLANNINGAdvance authorizationcover pageDuties of Project Board

Visual GuideANNUALPLANNING4tjecPro gernaMaupdatetjecorP gernaMaprepareStandard Development ProjectProcedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceTOOLSGUIDANCEMulti-year Work PlanReview for annual planningProcurement and HR PlanningProcurement PlanningPROMPT PlatformIn order to start using theplatform, the Head ofProcurement of your COmust register in theProcurement section ofthe intranet. Once accesshas been grantedprocurement staff profilesand project IDs can beset up.Guidance Note on IWPs5DELIVER RESULTS

Visual GuideDELIVERRESULTS5OmeStandard Development ProjectProcedures, People andGuidance at a Atlas Financials ModuleProvision of Financial Resources(section of Financial ResourcesManagement Guide)initiaterageActivitiesnact MjeProand deliverOutputsMobilize inputs to initiate activitiesand deliver outputsFinancial ResourcesManagement GuideSee: Atlas PO/AP module(for UNDP procurement)Procurement and HumanResources Management(for DIM project)conductOversighterffic IOmeOAincludingmgraorPHACT and AuditPerform field visits, audits and evaluationsInternational Standards forProfessional Practice of InternalAuditingEvaluation Resource CentreMulti-year Work Plannact MjeProupdaterageMonitor and update the Work PlanAtlas access: letter of agreementbetween UNDP country officeand IP: [English - Spanish]Atlas External Access Portal6MONITORDownload:Atlas: Budget, Activity,Output

Visual GuideStandard Development ProjectMONITOR6Collect Data for Project RRFerffic rOegemm Mana erarcgPro roject E Offi&PMerffic rOegemm Mana erarcgPro roject E OffiPM&UNDG Guidance Noteon Big Data Security and EthicsGUIDANCEEnsure that critical projectinformation is monitoredand updated in corporatesystemsUNDG Guidance Noteon Big Data Securityand EthicsCollect Stakeholder Feedbackerffic rOegemm Mana erarcgPro roject E OffiPM&Identify Factors Related to ProgressAssess at least annuallyAssess Qualityerffic rOesomm Assesarg QAPromgraorPTOOLSScan Context for Changeernag eract M OfficejoEPrM&meProcedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceAssess at least every other yearAssess RiskscerOffiAssess at least annuallyQuality Assurance TemplateCompare and analyseevidence against definedprogramming andoperational baselines,milestones, targets andthe theory of change,and identify factorsrelated to progressRisk LogSocial & EnvironmentalStandardserffic rOegemm ManaargPro rojectPMonitor Operational Performanceerffic rOegemm ManaargPro rojectPVerify Output Progresserffic rOegemm ManaargPro rojectPReview Sustainability PlancerffiOrme anagemaMgrPro rojectPDocument Lessons LearnedVerify output progress and/or completionat least annuallyOutput verification templateReview annually transition arrangements,national ownership and sustainability planDocument lessons learned inProject Space and ROAR.7OVERSIGHTCorporate Planning System:Monitoring FeaturesProject SpaceROARConduct field visitsto verify outputprogress jointly withseveral partnersinvolving a clusterof projects withinan outcome.

Visual GuideStandard Development ProjectProcedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceOVERSIGHT7tjecProGUIDANCEholdProject Board ReviewsrdBoaOmeTOOLSHold reviews at least annuallyProject BoardProject Board TORrecordDecisionserfficin minutesRecord changes to the project in minutesof Project Board meetingsmgraProProject reviewConsiders: Programme/project reporting, qualityassurance data,evaluations, riskassessment, requiredpartnerships andoperational bottlenecksand issuesRecording changesThe programme managermust inform projectboards of all decisionsand actions relevant tothe respective projects.Project boards andproject managers mustoperationalize agreedchanges made at theprogramme level through,where necessary, revisingcorresponding projectdocuments8MANAGE CHANGE

Visual GuideMANAGECHANGE8Procedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceTOOLSGUIDANCEreviseDocumentsernag ceact M suran dejoPr ty As BoarctaliQu ProjeemmStandard Development ProjectGuidance on revisionsassesscerOffiQuality and RisksgraProreview bydoar eBtmjecPro ogram / RRPr gernaMaProject Boardemm ,arRgPro er / R tgennaMa ernm tnvGo pmeolionveDe dinat y,ritCoo uthorgAntin relem tneImp ParsignRevised Project Document9REPORTThe agreement of thegovernment developmentcoordination authoritycan be acknowledged byany of the acceptablemethods as agreed withthe government, includingan exchange of lettersor minutes of the ProjectBoard

Visual GuideStandard Development ProjectProcedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceREPORT9Financial ReportnjeProSubmit quarterly, or whenadditional resources are neededCombined Delivery ReportsOmeSee in Atlas: Standard CDR report On-Demand AtlasTraining – Atlas ProjectOverview and Tools Generate CDR UN Reports ProjectManagement Reports Portfolio Analysis CDRSubmit in 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarterspreparerageProject Progress ReportnMaFunding Authorization andCertificate of Expenditures(FACE)signmemagrRRPro ger / es)ifinaMa P cert(ItjecorPGUIDANCEsubmitrageact MTOOLSPrepare with frequency statedin Project DocumentDonor-specific formatExecutive SnapshotcommunicateerfficProject Resultsto partners and publicmgraProUNDP Brand ManualUNDP Tagline PortalCommunication ToolkitSuccess Story TemplatePhoto Guidelines10CLOSE

Visual GuideStandard Development ProjectProcedures, People andGuidance at a GlanceCLOSE10ernagact MjeProemm RarRgPro ager /nMaTOOLSGUIDANCEgenerateFinal Project ReportFinal Project ReviewReportGenerate report directlyfrom the CorporatePlanning System or useother format agreedby partnersTerms of reference fordecentralized evaluationsPrepare managementresponse and sharefindings andrecommendationsfor learningcommissionFinal Project Evaluationif requiredEvaluation report formatGEF Evaluation GuidanceNote/cerffiOorme ssess dmgra QA A BoartProjecorPernag yact M ved bejoPr ppro me(a gram )Pro r / RRenagaMMectjProernagaOmeerfficemmarRgPro er / RgnangMa enti rlem tneImp ParmgraProerfficQA PolicyProject Quality AssuranceAssessmenttransferFiles and AssetsTransfer of title formAsset disposal formsAsset transfer formssubmit finalFinancial ReportPrepare and submit final financialreport to UNDPmgraProOmeconductFinal Project Review IncludingClosure QA and Project Closure BudgetcompleteFunding Authorization andCertificate of Expenditures (FACE)Project Delivery ReportDirect Cash Transfersand ReimbursementsProject Closure ChecklistEnsure all financial transactions are in AtlasProject completion checklistreview and signFinal Combined Delivery ReportReview and sign CDROn demand Atlastraining – Generate CDRSet status toClosedSet project status in Atlas to 'Financially Closed.'Note: No further financial transactions can be made.The Project QualityAssurance Assessmentis prepared and reviewed;the Project Boardendorses the final projectreview report, includinglessons learnedProject assets anddocuments should betransferred to nationalbeneficiaries or nationalrepresentatives; worthlessassets are disposedUnder the HACT, nationalinstitutions and NGOsserving as ImplementingPartners prepare thefinal FACE

Visual Guide to the UNDP Standard Development Project. 1 2 SELECT IMPLEMENTING PARTNER Ensure participation of wide range of stakeholders Contact MPTF O ce if UNDP is an . UNDP Brand Manual UNDP Tagline Portal Communication Toolkit Success Story Template Photo Guidelines See in Atlas: Standard CDR report On-Demand Atlas

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Indicators used by HQ and CO should be linked by design. Last year, UNDP Mauritius CO linked the indicators in the country programme in retrospect to the indicators developed based on the UNDP Strategic Plan. Some of the indicators matched, while the others didn’t, undermining the effectiveness of UNDP’s integrated M&E system.

1.1.3. Structure of the updated Evaluation Guidelines The Evaluation Guidelines are organized in a number of easy-to-use sections that can be used in sequence or as individual pieces and are intended to be a living and continuously evolving document to support evaluation in UNDP.

2.3 Key conclusions 23 3. IMPLICATIONS OF THE INTERFACE FOR UNDP 25 3.1 Implications for UNDP programming 25 3.2 Key recommendations for UNDP 29 ANNEX 1: CASE STUDY FINDINGS 31 1. Bolivia 31 2. Haiti 34 3. Indonesia (Aceh) 37 4. Kenya 42 5. Kyrgyzstan 45 6. Papua New Guinea 49 7. Sri Lanka 52 8. Sudan 56 9. Zimbabwe 61 ANNEX 2. GLOSSARY OF KEY .

Special conditions5 4.1 The advance payment to be made upon signature of the contract by both parties is contingent upon receipt and acceptance by UNDP of a bank guarantee 6for the full amount of the advance payment issued by a Bank and in a form acceptable to UNDP.7 4.2 The amounts of the

UNDP Inclusive Growth Team, Gonzalo Pizarro and Justus Okoko from UNDP SDG Integration Team based in Amman, as well as suggestions from Giulio Quaggiotto from UNDP Strategic Innovation Team and . Photo: Asian Development Bank . Next acPr tices — Innovations in the COID-19 social protection responses and eyond 9 .

our offices and business units, UNDP uses standard bidding documents, available in English, Spanish and French. On average, UNDP buys approximately 3 billion (US) worth of goods and services every year to maintain operations in the field and to react to upcoming and recurring demands. While the needs vary, services account

Supporting broad participation in disaster risk reduction - community based disaster reduction plans and programmes, as well as increasing the involvement of women in risk reduction plans. UNDP. (2010). Disaster Risk Reduction, Governance & Mainstreaming. Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery - UNDP (BCPR-UNDP).

Catalog Description: An elementary introduction to logical thinking. One-third of the course is devoted to problems of language and semantics. Section Description: The study of logic attunes us to the structure of our thoughts and judgments about the world. The brick and mortar of this structure is argument and reason. We will learn the rules of constructing good arguments, better understand .