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TICA - Cleaning and Energy SavingTicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalTICA Central Air ConditionerTICA FALLING FILM CENTRIFUGAL CHILLERTWCF-MFORM NO.B0719G01

TicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalEstablished in 1991DIGITAL VARIABLE-CAPACITYDX AIR HANDLING UNITCONTENTSTICA is a professional enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing,sales and services of environment cleaning and thermal energy utilization.TICA is a national high-tech enterprise, a single leading enterprise cultivated by the Ministry of Industry and InformationTechnology, a national brand cultivation enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and avice chairman member of China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association. It has a national-recognizedenterprise technology center, an enterprise academician workstation, and a post-doctoral research workstation. Itsprojects cover Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium, Water Cube, Wukesong Indoor Stadium, PetroChina, Sinopec, State Grid,Nanjing Panda, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Hainan Airlines Group, Shangri-La Hotel, Manila Ocean Park,Abu Dhabi Al Muneera, SM City in Philippines and Unilever, etc.TICA is also the outstanding provider of central airconditioners for China's subway networks and hassuccessfully served nearly 60 key subway lines in major citiessuch as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu,Suzhou, Hangzhou and Tianjin. TICA is a professionalsupplier and service provider in China that specializesin system integration of clean environment. While formicroelectronics, hospital operating rooms, biopharmaceuticalindustry and other professional purification areas, our marketshare has achieved over 40% in 8Dimensions10Installation and Maintenance11Electrical Specification12TICA Quality For IAQTICA focuses on indoor air quality (IAQ) in clean environments. Product lines include return air purifiers, heat recoveryventilators, fresh air purifiers, air purifiers, as well as the clean air handling units and digital variable-capacity air handlingunits used in the professional purification field. Regarding core technology, TICA established an ISO class 1 super-cleanenvironment integration system and won the first prize of CMIST.In the field of thermal energy utilization, TICA's product lines include modular chillers, VRF units, screw chillers,centrifugal chillers, and ORC low-temperature waste heat power generation systems. In 2015, TICA and UnitedTechnologies Corporation (UTC) established a global strategic joint venture cooperation relationship and acquiredPureCycle, an ORC low-temperature power generation company owned by Pratt & Whitney under UTC. TICA obtainedPureCycle trademarks and more than 100 patents and national copyrights. TICA’s efficient centrifugal chillers, watercooled screw chillers, and air-cooled screw chillers are manufactured with the technical license of Carrier under UTC.TICA is characterized by excellent system integration capability. In the application of "Efficient Refrigeration Systemof Underground Railway Station", the integrated COP of the refrigeration room amounts to 6.0, and the researchachievement reaches the international advanced level. In 2018, TICA merged and acquired an OFC central airconditioning enterprise. TICA’s excellent system integration capability and theworld-class OFCwater chillers help increase the integrated COP of the efficient equipment room to 6.7 to 7.0.TICA---We're striving.TICA aims to build itself into a world-leading system integration supplier and service provider thatspecializes in clean environment and thermal energy utilization.TICA owns five production sites in Nanjing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Kuala Lumpur, and a network of over70 sales and service filiales around the world.Its Nanjing HQ base received 3-star certification for national No. 001 green industrial construction.Malaysia BaseNanjing HeadquarterTianjin BaseGuangzhou BaseChengdu Base

TicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalFeaturesOverviewTICA Falling Film Centrifugal ChillerTICA Falling Film Centrifugal ChillerWith simple design, TICA falling filmcentrifugal chiller adopts a fallingfilm evaporator, advanced two-stagecentrifugal compressor, and leadingmicrocomputer control technologies,with the energy efficiency meeting thenational energy-saving standard forwater chillers. It can be widely usedin various places such as large publicbuildings, hotels, hospitals, stadiums,and industrial sites.High efficiency & energysavingThe unit adopts a highly efficient centrifugal compressorspecially designed for R134a refrigerant to combine with afalling film evaporator, enabling the unit to meet the nationalenergy-saving standard for chillers.NomenclatureTICA Falling Film Centrifugal ChillerTWCF800CCASSPerformance test reportby national authorityMSystem optimization technologyS: fixed speed unit; V-inverter unitS: falling film evaporatorPh-V-Hz: A-380V/3N/50Hz; K-10kV/3N/50HzFeature code: C – Cooling onlyDesign code: A, B, CSpecification code: 800RTThe unique two-stage air-supplying and enthalpy-addedcompression technology can enhance the heat absorptioncapacity of the refrigerant and reduce the power consumptionof the compressor, thus featuring a 6% energy efficiencyincrease when compared with those equipped with single-stagecompressors.The unique three-stage separation economizer is simple andhighly eM: standard modelTwo-stage air-supplying and enthalpy-addedcompression technologyEnergy Efficiency aporationTo-stage circulationEnhanced e circulatingrefrigeration effectTwo-stage circulatingrefrigeration effectEnthalpyThe two-stage impeller can reduce the speed of thecompressor and thus has higher reliability.TICA Centrifugal Chiller23

TicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalCondenserCentrifugal compressorIt adopts the industry-leading and efficient heat transfer tubes withexcellent heat transfer performance to optimize the structure layoutof condenser and improve the heat transfer performance. A purecounterflow chamber with multiple turbulent flows is installed at thebottom to improve the degree of supercooling for enhanced performance.Aerospace pneumatic technologyWith the advanced technology in the field of aerospace enginedesign and manufacturing, it adopts professional software topneumatically optimize the design of centrifugal compressors,and innovate the manufacturing technology of impellers,volutes and other key components, thus greatly improvingthe efficiency of the compressor, and effectively reducing thepower of the whole unit.1Cooling water outlet2Cooling water inlet3Liquid refrigerant outlet14Pure counterflowsupercooling chamber2The motor is highly efficient and produces low noise;5Baffle plateWith the enclosed motor design, the compressor featureslong service life and low noise, as well as simple structureand high reliability.6Gaseous refrigerant inlet7Air balancing plateCentrifugal compressorEnhanced motor efficiency with highly efficientmotor technologyRefrigerant is used to spray and cool the motor to ensurestable temperature inside the motor.64375Highly efficient cantilever-type airtight motorEnvironmental-friendlyHigh-efficiency heat transfer technologyThe environmentally-friendly refrigerant HFC-R134a is used, which doesnot contain chlorine atoms, is harmless to the atmospheric ozone layer,and has no ban period in the Montreal Agreement;Falling film evaporator technologyThe spraying and falling film technology is used to make the refrigerant form a liquid film on the surface of the high-efficiencyheat exchange tube and evaporates in the film state, thus greatly improving the heat exchange efficiency of the evaporator.The unique refrigerant distributor can effectively avoid the dry tube caused by uneven liquid distribution.Basically, it can achieve the "zero" liquid level in the evaporator, which reduces the refrigerant charge compared withthe traditional full liquid, and improves the oil return of the unit, with the oil return efficiency increased by 30%.Higher efficiency, fewer power consumption and reduced CO2 emissions;As the first batch of enterprises in China's industrial and commercialrefrigeration and air-conditioning industry that signed the HCFC PhaseOut Project with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, TICA has beencommitted to the development of green and environmentally-friendlyproducts.Wide ApplicationThe compressor of the unit adopts the design of “wide range” variablepressure ratio, which is applicable to efficient operation under multipleworking conditions. It can be used stably in various system energysaving solutions such as large temperature difference and small flowrate, primary pump variable flow rate, ground water heat pump, iceLess refrigerantstorage, etc.Less refrigerantTraditional evaporator4Full falling-film evaporatorMixed falling-film evaporatorGround water heatpump systemPrimary pumpvariable flow ratesystemIce storagesystemWater-cooled chillergroup control systemLarge temperaturedifference and smallflow rate systemHeatrecoverysystem5

TicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalCompact Design andSmall Floor AreaInterlockcontrolOil pump pre-lubrication/post-lubricationCompressor anti-surge interlockingWater pump pre-run/post-runSafety check before startupStartup cabinet interlocking controlPre-alarm interlock controlPause and stop guide vane interlockingThrough various measures such as heat exchangeroptimization design, TICA falling film centrifugal chiller canensure the performance and reduce the floor area of theunit, so as to reduce the unit weight, which is conducive toequipment transportation and installation.Installation areaLow/overlow lubricating oil pressureLow/overlow evaporating pressure(evaporator)Too long startup timeMarket modelHigh/overhigh lubricating oil temperatureHigh/overhigh condensing pressure(condenser)Water cutoff for evaporator andcondenserHigh/overhigh compressor running currentOil pump overloadPerform anti-freezing protectionOverlow compressor running currentStartup cabinet failureand other more than 30 safetyprotection measuresSafetyprotectionTICA unitProspective Logic Control TechnologyThe microcomputer control systemof the unit has multiple functionssuch as advanced trend forecasting,self-diagnosis, adjustment, safetyprotection, etc.The microcomputer control systempredicts real-time load changes basedon target values and historical loadlevels over the same period, andperforms forward-looking correctionsto unit loads, so as to avoid systemenergy consumption or shutdowndue to frequent fluctuations in watertemperature of the unit.In addition, the powerful control logiccan not only protect the reliableoperation of the unit, but alsoexpand the operation range of theunit, enabling the unit to adapt tovarious operating states.Intelligent control technology makes operation easierThe microcomputer control system is used to complete the automatic operation control of the unit, provide an real-time informationdisplay platform for the unit, and realize the remote multi-group control function through MODBUS-RTU (standard) or other (optional)communication protocols. The microcomputer control system integrates logic programs such as early warning, safety protection,and interlock control to ensure the correct start-up, operation, energy-saving suspension and shutdown of the unit.Everything is under controlThe remote operation and maintenancecloud platform of TICA central airconditioner enables the PC terminal andmobile terminal to log in to view the statusof the unit at the same time, and realizethe functions such as remote poweron/off, water temperature setting, datamonitoring, and query of historical faultsand historical data.Real-time mobile monitoring: whenan alarm occurs to the unit, the cloudplatform will immediately push thealarm information to mobile phone ofthe relevant personnel in charge, soas to achieve data sharing and mobileworking.Service personnel can view historicaldata through the TICA operation andmaintenance cloud platform, analyzethe cause of the failure, provideremote technical guidance, andquickly solve the problem.TICA cloud control platformWeb-based clientThe microcomputer control system is installed, wired and tested by the manufacturer to ensure more direct, faster and saferapplication and operation by the users.InterfacedisplayTrue color graphics display interfaceUser-defined cold water outlet temperature10″ full-screen touch operation experienceAutomatic load increase/decrease by coldwater temperatureUnit operating statusUnit operating dataPre-alarm/alarm display and recordingRunningcontrolFServerMobile clientUserdefined cloudconfigurationReduction of operating costs via pause functionIndependent startup/stop controlFBOX moduleTICA CloudClientHistorical trend graph query function67

TicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalSpecificationsTICA Falling Film Centrifugal 94571104 4332.6362.9393.1Power .0657.4716.4773.7Cooling 5.90Motor configuration .0695.0760.0840.0Rated 44114112441343Maximum operating 5119913251424Star-type locked-rotor 009200Water 5.3665.8726.3786.9Water-sidepressure 174.4Connection N300DN300DN300DN300DN300Water 3.4774.1844.3914.4Water-sidepressure 569.4Connection 02410241024102410241026102610261026102610Shipping 067122351238012480Operating 773151081537615500Cooling 492252745626597763296680703273847735104 2Power oling COPW/W5.835.825.805.815.875.835.815.875.78Motor configuration d .67Maximum operating .11Star-type locked-rotor 0.0Water er-sidepressure ion N400DN400Water -sidepressure ion htmm301030103010301031803180318031803180Shipping 350Operating 210Cooling denserDimensionsNote:1. The above parameters are based on the following working conditions: chilled water inlet/outlet temperature: 12/7 C, cooling water inlet/outlet temperature: 32/37 C;2. 600-1300 RT units can also choose high voltage such as 10KV, please consult TICA sales staff for details;3. The evaporator and condenser are designed in two processes. The water-side bearing pressure is 1.0 MPa, with flange connection. It should be stated when ordering in case the workingpressure is higher than 1.0 MPa;4. The shipping weight does not include refrigerant weight;5. The specifications are subject to change due to product improvement without prior notice.8Note:1. The above parameters are based on the following working conditions: chilled water inlet/outlet temperature: 12/7 C, cooling water inlet/outlet temperature: 32/37 C;2. 600-1300 RT units can also choose high voltage such as 10KV, please consult TICA sales staff for details;3. The evaporator and condenser are designed in two processes. The water-side bearing pressure is 1.0 MPa, with flange connection. It should be stated when ordering in case the workingpressure is higher than 1.0 MPa;4. The shipping weight does not include refrigerant weight;5. The specifications are subject to change due to product improvement without prior notice.9

TicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalInstallation andMaintenanceDimensionsTICA Falling Film Centrifugal ChillerTICA Falling Film Centrifugal ChillerDirection AChilled water outletCooling water outletCooling water inletDirection ASpatial ArrangementCooling water inletFoundation layoutUnit foot plateInstallation diagramInstallation diagramUnit body floor boardCement baseRubber pad (δ15) 300 300Drainage ditchBase steel plate (δ20) 300 300 (W L)Customer self-suppliedGrouting after theunit is in placeGrouting after the unit is in placeTWCF600CCASSM-2200CCKSSM - unit dimensionsDimensionsModelModelSupportPositioning dimensions of connection pipeL (A)W (B)H onnectionpipe diameterCondenserconnectionpipe diameterTWCF600CCASSM600-1300 RTMaintenance space sizeMTYSZ15004200130013001000Startup cabinet dimensionsTWCF650CCASSMFront viewRear viewSide F2200CCKSSM10High voltage direct startupcabinet maintenance andoperating surface spacingStartup cabinet spatial arrangementTWCF1700CCKSSMTWCF2000CCKSSMClosed star-delta startupcabinet maintenance andoperating surface 1575DN400DN400AClosed star-delta startup cabinetHigh voltage direct startup cabinetStartup cabinet formLow-voltage closed star-delta startup cabinetHigh-voltage direct startup cabinetInlet-outlet line modeUpper inlet line/lower outlet lineUpper inlet line/lower outlet lineNote: For other startup methods and requirements for other outlet directions, please contact the manufacturer's technical staff.11

TicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalElectricalSpecificationStartup modeClosed star-delta startup cabinet/Solid state soft startup cabinet (internal)Chiller tripPower supplyRecommended wiring for centrifuge380VVoltage level(Standby)Recommended wiringChiller FaultChiller closedClosed star-delta startup cabinetChiller runningMicrocomputer control cabinetChiller CurrentTICA Falling Film Centrifugal ChillerStartup cabinet schematic diagramSelect according to equipment configuration10KVHigh-voltage (direct/string reactance/self-coupled buck/variable frequency)startup cabinetVariable-frequency startup cabinetModelInlet cableOutlet cableInlet cableOutlet cableTWCF600CCASSM3*(2*BVR150) BVR150 BVR166*(1*BVR185) BVR1503*(2*BVR185) BVR185 BVR163*(2*BVR185) BVR185TWCF650CCASSM3*(2*BVR150) BVR150 BVR166*(1*BVR185) BVR1503*(2*BVR185) BVR185 BVR163*(2*BVR185) BVR185TWCF700CCASSM3*(2*BVR185) BVR185 BVR166*(1*BVR240) BVR1853*(2*BVR240) BVR240 BVR163*(2*BVR240) BVR240TWCF750CCASSM3*(2*BVR240) BVR240 BVR166*(1*BVR240) BVR2403*(2*BVR240) BVR240 BVR163*(2*BVR240) BVR240TWCF800CCASSM3*(2*BVR240) BVR240 BVR166*(2*BVR120) BVR2403*(4*BVR120) BVR240 BVR163*(4*BVR120) BVR240TWCF850CCASSM3*(2*BVR240) BVR240 BVR166*(2*BVR120) BVR2403*(4*BVR120) BVR240 BVR163*(4*BVR120) BVR240TWCF900CCASSM3*(4*BVR120) BVR240 BVR166*(2*BVR120) BVR2403*(4*BVR120) BVR240 BVR163*(4*BVR120) BVR240TWCF950CCASSM3*(4*BVR120) BVR240 BVR166*(2*BVR120) BVR2403*(4*BVR150) BVR240 BVR163*(4*BVR150) BVR240TWCF1000CCASSM3*(4*BVR120) BVR240 BVR166*(2*BVR150) BVR2403*(4*BVR150) BVR240 BVR163*(4*BVR150) BVR240TWCF1100CCASSM3*(4*BVR150) BVR240 BVR166*(2*BVR150) BVR2403*(4*BVR150) BVR240 BVR163*(4*BVR150) BVR240TWCF1200CCASSM3*(4*BVR150) BVR240 BVR166*(2*BVR185) BVR2403*(4*BVR185) BVR240 BVR163*(4*BVR185) BVR240TWCF1300CCASSM3*(4*BVR185) BVR240 BVR166*(2*BVR185) BVR2403*(4*BVR240) BVR240 BVR163*(4*BVR240) BVR240Chiller closedChiller CurrentChiller FaultInlet/Outlet cableChiller runningChiller tripYJV22-3*25Select accordingto equipmentconfigurationNote: If the startup cabinet is prepared by the user, the wiring between the startup cabinet and the computer control cabinet shall be subject to the actual product. It is recommended to usea 10x1.0 mm2 sheathed cable for the control line from the startup cabinet to the control cabinet.Schematic diagram of closed star-delta startup WCF1700CCKSSMTWCF2100CCKSSMTWCF2200CCKSSMChiller closedTWCF2000CCKSSMYJV22-3*5010 kV high-voltage startup cabinetSelect according toNotes:1. Under the ambient temperature of 40 C, the cable adopts single-core PVC copper core wire, and the cross-sectional area is in accordance with the GB/T16895.6 Low-voltage Electrical Installations―Part 5-52: Selection and Erection of Electrical Equipment. Wiring Systems concerning the recommendations forRemarks12Power supplyYJV22-3*70cable tray installation (flat, horizontal placement in contact with each other). For other routing methods that adopt multi-core cables and high temperature, in caseof line pressure loss of over 2%, due to the distance factor, please re-select according to the maximum operating current of the unit. When using other types ofcables, please pay attention to the size of wire lugs to ensure that the electrical clearance meets the standards.2. Cable writing method: Take 3 * (2 * BVR150) BVR150 BVR16 as an example, it means that 2 BVR150 cables are used for each phase of 3 phases, 1BVR150 cable is used for the grounding line, and 1 BVR16 cable is used for the neutral line.3. The above recommended cables are the minimum wire diameter allowed for the unit, and the cables are prepared by the customer.4. When using multiple cables, cables with the same specifications must be equipped.Note 1: A fixed-frequency compressor has 6 terminals. Taking 6 * (2 * BVR120) BVR240 as an example, it means that 6 sets of phase wires and 1 groundingline are needed to lead into the junction box of the compressor.Note 2: The terminal of the inverter compressor has been short-circuited. The customer only needs to lead 3 sets of phase wires and 1 grounding line to the junction box of the compressor.Note 3: Rated cable voltage of 10 kV startup cabinet: YJV22-8.7/15 kV. Cable specification: steel tape armored cable with a sheath. For example, the TWCF600high-voltage startup cabinet inlet/outlet cable is YJV22-3 * 25, indicating one 3-core cable, with each core cable section is 25 mm2.Chiller trip/(Standby)/Chiller running/Chiller Fault/TWCF1900CCKSSMChiller CurrentTWCF1800CCKSSMMicrocomputer control cabinetYJV22-3*35equipment configurationChiller closedChiller CurrentChiller FaultChiller runningSelect according toequipment configurationChiller tripExternal backup control powerNote: If the startup cabinet is prepared by the user, the wiring between the startup cabinet and the computer control cabinet shall be subject to the actual product. It is recommended to usea 10x1.0 mm2 sheathed cable for the control line from the startup cabinet to the control cabinet.Schematic diagram of high-voltage startup cabinet13

TicaChiller ChillerTICASprayFallingCentrifugalFilm CentrifugalControl wiring diagramWiringControl cabinetpower supplyOil pumpOilheaterChiller start/stopChillercurrentChiller Chillerfault runningChiller stop(Pulse signal)Actuatorpower supplyOpen Closed Guide vanevalve valve opening/PfeedbackOpen Closedbypass bypassvalvevalveOilsupplypressureOil tank Condensing EvaporationpressurepressurepressureElectric ActuatorThis part of wiring terminalis used for passive contactcontrol actuatorActuatorpower supplyCoolingwater inlettemperatureCoolingwater outlettemperatureChilled waterinlet temperatureChilledwater outlettemperatureOil supplytemperatureOil gwateroutageClosedvalveGuide 5 interface(upper computer)(Applicable for heat pump type)GreenAlarmAlarm OperationstopChilledCoolingwaterwater Electricball valvepowersupplyElectricball valvesettingElectricball valvefeedbackLiquidlevelfeedbackRedWhiteBlackOil temperatureEXVOil returnsolenoidvalveOpen the Closed2nd stage the 2ndvapor stage vaporinjection injectionvalvevalve7 PEs in total(Suitable for liquid level control type)Note: Due to different models, the wiring diagram is slightly different, the above diagram is for reference only. For the accurate schematic diagram, refer tothe random data of each device.1415

TICA Quality For IAQ4008-601-601Nanjing TICA Climate Solutions Co., Ltd.Address: No.6, Hengye Road, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, ChinaPostal code: 210046Tel: 86-25-85326977E-mail: tica@ticachina.comNote: Due to the continuous improvement and innovation of TICA's products, the model numbers, specifications and parameters in this document aresubject to change without notice. Please pay attention and understand.

achievement reaches the international advanced level. In 2018, TICA merged and acquired an OFC central air conditioning enterprise . TICA's excellent system integration capability and the world-class OFC water chillers help increase the integrated COP of the efficient equipment room to 6.7 to 7.0. TICA---We're striving.

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achievement reaches the international advanced level. In 2018, TICA merged and acquired an OFC central air conditioning enterprise . TICA's excellent system integration capability and the OFC water chillers help increase the integrated COP of the efficient equipment room to 6.7 to 7.0. TICA---We're striving.

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TICA has established a global strategic joint venture with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) whose businesses include the world's most advanced Pratt & . TICA water-cooled flooded screw chiller has a compact design, using flooded evaporator and twin semi hermetic screw comperssor. Also, it is . COP 5.80 5.83 5.85 5.80 5.81 5.84 5.83 5 .

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