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GRAINS AND SUGARSCARBOHYDRATESEMPTYCALORIESMost diets are rich in refinedcarbohydrates that include grainsand sugars. These cause rapidspikes in blood sugar levels.MAJOR DRAWBACKS01They are low in nutrients, causeinsulin resistance, weight gain,heart disease andinflammation.02Grains contain Gluten, PhyticAcid and Lectins which are antinutrient.

DAIRY PROUCTSANIMAL MIKSACIDDairy is highly acid forming, andleaches calcium and othernutrients from your body.MAJOR DRAWBACKS01Animal milks are formulated foranimals, not humans. Thecomposition of human milk andanimal milk is very different.02Studies in mice have showndairy to increase cancer rates.

VEGETABLE AND FRUITSNutrient DensityHeart Healthy / anti-Cancer / anti-inflammatoryAlkalinity, FiberLow risk of Hormones and additivesVegetables and fruits reduce the risk of chronicdiseases. They are nutrient dense, provide completenutrition, contain phytochemicals, are sustainable andanimal friendly.

4 REASONS TO GO PALEO VEGANNUTRIENTDENSITYIncreasing the nutritionand avoiding emptycalories should be thegoal of any nutritiousplan.While Vegan foodsincrease nutrition issome ways, it is easy tobe an unhealthy vegan.NON-TOXICThe focus should be toreduce toxins via foods.Focus on anti-nutrientsand additives.While Vegan foods focuson some toxins, grainsand sugars can beproblematic.FOODQUALITYA lot of focus on dietshas been on quantity,not quality. While Veganfocuses on quality of lifeof animals, human lifequality also matters.Paleo Vegan focuses onthe quality of food beingconsumed, for bothhumans and animals.SCIENCEThe science is clear:chronic illnesses arerelated to diets, and canbe reverted for the mostpart with diets.Paleo Vegan is a greatway to become healthyusing sustainable andscientific methods.

A NOTE ON LECTINSLectins are a type of protein that can bind to cellmembranes. Lectins are abundant in raw legumes andgrains, and most commonly found in the part of the seedthat becomes the leaves when the plant sprouts, aka thecotyledon, but also on the seed coat. Lectins areabundant in raw legumes and grains, and most commonlyfound in the part of the seed that becomes the leaveswhen the plant sprouts, aka the cotyledon, but also onthe seed coat.1INFLAMMATIONLectins are shown to cause inflammation. Inflammation isthe root cause of more than 70% of chronic illnesses.2IMMUNE SYSTEMLectins are shown to attack the immune system. It is alsoshown to increase rheumatoid factors.3GUT HEALTHConsumption of large amounts of lectin has shown todamage the gut wall.4DIGESTIVE HEALTHThey are anti-nutrients, and prevent absorption of othernutrient from your diet.INFLAMMATORYREDUCEIMMUNITYLECTINSDAMAGE GUTWALLBeans, Grains, Peanuts, Tomatoes, Dairy contain lectins.ANTI-NUTRIENT

RECIPE: BREAKFAST BARThis is an easy recipe that can be made with severalvariations t keep I interesting. It makes for a greatbreakfast or snack.INGREDIENTS:1 cup desiccated coconut1/2 cup shelled hemp seeds1/2 cup flax meal1/2 cup pumpkin seeds1 cups walnuts1/2 almonds1/2 cup almond butter4 tbsp maple syrup6 datesSTEPS:Combine all ingredients, press down into abaking dish lined with parchment paper, bakeat 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Let cool. Cutand serve.

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While Vegan foods increase nutrition is some ways, it is easy to be an unhealthy vegan. Paleo Vegan focuses on the quality of food being consumed, for both humans and animals. While Vegan foods focus on some toxins, grains and sugars can be problematic. Paleo Vegan is a great way to become healthy using sustainable and scientific methods.

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Vegan Street Fair is a free entry annual all ages vegan food celebration where vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors come together to serve you bite-size portions of vegan eats and sell you vegan wares all in one place. Attendees can nosh on as many small portions ( 4 or less) as they wish without getting .

to go vegan, which suggests this rise will continue[3]. And as the vegan and vegetarian market grows, so too does the demand for vegan and vegetarian sports nutrition products. We have seen a sharp rise in the launch of plant-based sports nutrition products over the years. 14% of UK sports nutrition products launched in 2019 featured a vegan or

federally funded vegan nutrition program. Contributors Demetrius Bagley Demetrius Bagley is an award-winning producer of the Vegucated documentary and of the Vegan Mashup cooking show. A 20 year vegan, he's a contributor to Letters to a New Vegan and currently works with the Vegan Travel Club. Jenné Claiborne

15 - Dr. William Lambe - father of vegan nutrition, and his vegan biographer 17 - Dr. Lambe's Rural Roots - his childhood and retirement in Herefordshire. 19 - John Frank Newton - and the 'vegan' commune of 1813 21 - Shelley - the first celebrity vegan 23 - Lewis Gompertz - Jewish 'vegan' and co-founder of the RSPCA in 1824

“The vegan revolution is upon us! Vegan for Life is an essential handbook for understanding all of the ins and outs of this increasingly popular lifestyle choice.” —Mark Reinfeld, coauthor of The 30-Minute Vegan, The 30-Minute Vegan’s Taste of the East, The Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw, and Vegan Fusion World Cuisine

participants, those that went vegan in 2013 or earlier and those that went vegan in 2014 or later. By doing this, I argue that most recent vegans who have no prior social ties to veganism are going vegan because of watching a pro-vegan documentary as their catalytic experience. This study contributes to the social movement and digital media

the ISO 14001 standard and provide step-by-step procedures, sample documents or templates, and tips for developing and implementing an EMS that is appropriate to the organization and its operations. Please remember that this is a guidance document and not a rigid instruction manual. All of the ISO elements must be addressed in your program and meet the ISO requirements, but you will notice .