At Mother's Market & Kitchen, We Have Never Wavered On Our Longstanding .

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At Mother’s Market & Kitchen, we have never wavered on ourlongstanding commitment to serving wholesome and freshlymade food, prepared with only the highest quality ingredientswe can source. Today, we are introducing some new items intoour menu, which offer an even greater variety of flavors andinfluences.Enjoy our new menu and thank you for being a part of theMother’s family!MMK-16-9-1

Our organic eggs are from “cage-free” hens. Choose from whole eggs,egg whites or organic tofu. Add 1.00 Try Mother’s Signature Breads, including Ma’s bread, 9-grain, rye,sourdough or cinnamon swirl (all breads are sold in our store); or try ourfamous house made wheat-free corn bread or vegan biscuits. Non-fat cottage cheese or yogurt may be substituted for organic herbroasted potatoes or rice. Steamed veggies or fruit may be substituted asside choice for 1.75.Omelette or Scramble 9.95Served with sliced avocado, Ma’s herb organic roastedpotatoes or organic brown rice and choice of toastCHOOSE THREE FILLINGS(More than 3 Fillings 1.25 each): Mushrooms Onions Bell Peppers Spinach Fresh Salsa Green Chiles Chili Tomatoes Steamed Veggies Sour Cream Choice of Cheese Guacamole Vegan Cheese (Soy free)Mother’s Melt 9.95Brioche bread layered with either scrambled eggs or tofu,avocado slices, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and choiceof veggie bacon or veggie sausage. Choice of Ma’s herborganic roasted potatoes or organic brown riceGluten-Free Pancakes 9.95These pancakes are gluten free, vegan & delicious!A light and fluffy flap made with applesauce and ahint of cinnamon. Served with a cup of fresh fruit(Contains almond milk)Cinnamon Swirl French Toast 7.95Two thick slices of our signature cinnamon swirl breaddipped in a cinnamon egg batter or vegan batter,grilled and topped with powdered sugar. Served withorganic maple syrup and fresh fruitClassic Tofu Scramble 8.25Organic tofu sautéed with bell peppers, onions, arameseaweed, tamari and turmeric. Served with your choiceof organic brown rice or Ma’s herb organic roastedpotatoes and your choice of toastChickpea Scramble 8.25A high protein, soy-less wonder! Soft chickpeas scrambledto perfection with spinach, mushrooms, onions, bell peppersand tomatoes. Served with a side of Ma’sherb roasted organicpotatoes, organic brown rice or organic lemon quinoaHuevos Rancheros 9.95An authentic combination of two eggs any style served withorganic pinto or organic black beans, organic Mexican rice,sliced olives, green onions, cheese & choice of fresh salsa orzesty enchilada sauce. Served on organic corn tortillasAcai Rio Bowl 9.95An energizing blend of Brazilian Açai (nature’s energy food),bananas and soy milk or apple juice all topped with bananaslices and granolaCelia’s Bowl 8.95Organic brown rice & organic black beans, scrambled eggs,cheddar cheese, avocado and fresh cilantro.Served with two organic corn tortillasBreakfast Combo 7.95Country Eggs 9.25Enjoy two eggs any style, a house made vegan biscuittopped with either our scrumptious non-dairy gravy orcheddar cheese, served with a choice of veggie baconor veggie sausage and Ma’s herb organic roasted potatoesor organic brown riceA hearty meal with two eggs any style, Ma’s herb organicroasted potatoes or organic brown rice and two mini glutenfree pancakes. For organic blueberries, bananas or walnutsadd 75 Old-Fashioned Oatmeal 5.50An unbleached organic tortilla stuffed with organic beans,scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, avocado, tomatoes anda side of Ma’s fire roasted salsa. Served with your choice ofMa’s herb organic roasted potatoes or organic brown riceOrganic oatmeal topped with sunflower seeds, bananaslices and raisins. Served with choice of milk on the side(Vegan with choice of non-dairy milk)Two Eggs Your Way 6.25Served with choice of toast and Ma’s herb organicroasted potatoes or organic brown riceEgg Burrito 8.95Delicious Extras:Avocado or Ma’s GuacamoleFajita VeggiesSoyrizo1.751.752.50Gluten-Free Flap2.75Toast, Biscuit or Corn Bread1.95One Egg1.50Fresh Fruit3.25Egg White2.00Herb Roasted Organic Potatoes 2.25Veggie Bacon3.50Yogurt1.50Soyrizo3.50Cottage Cheese1.50Veggie Sausage3.50Hash Brown1.75,TRY MOThER S VERY FrESh JUICE BaR!Mother’s Juice Bar offers a variety of thefreshest juices, smoothies and shakes available!See table menu for complete listing.Mother’s has launched andgiven roots to many of the products on our shelvesand in our kitchen.,DOWNLOAD MOTHER s APP TODAY from your App store or text Mother’s at 33733MMK-16-9-2

TERIYAKI BOWL 9.95A medley of veggies in a scrumptious house made teriyakisauce with choice of organic tofu, tempeh or veggie cutletover a bed of organic brown riceSubstitute Soy “chicken”YOGI SPECIAL 8.50A mighty meal of lightly steamed vegetables on a bed oforganic brown rice with your choice of Ma’s vegan gravyor melted cheddar cheeseor Soy “beef” (Not vegan) for 1.00LENTIL NUTLOAF 10.50STIR-FRY 8.75A medley of fresh Asian vegetables lightly stir-fried withsesame oil, tamari, fresh ginger, garlic and topped withalmond slices. Served on a bed of udon noodles or riceLentils, breadcrumbs, onions, bell peppers, mozzarella,egg whites, walnuts and spices, topped with gravy andserved with garlic mashed potatoes and steamedmixed veggies.Add arame seaweed or peanut sauce 1.25.Add sautéed organic tofu or tempeh chunks 2.50.s haveer the yearEmployees ovrites.y of your favocreated manServed with Ma’s bread, biscuit or our house made wheat-free corn bread, organic brown rice,or organic lemon quinoa. Dressings include our home made vegan ranch, home made poppyseed, vegan cilantro jalapeño, vegan balsamic vinaigrette or vegan tahini (contains cashews).All dressings are gluten free. Tuna or “Diet Lite” Tuna Salad may be added to any salad for 3.50,real turkey for 4.50, or real smoked wild salmon for 5.95SOUP OF THE DAYAsk your server for today’s featured specialTOMATO VEGETABLEAn organic medley of vegetables and tomatoes, seasonedwith fresh herbs and spices warming to the heart and soulCOBB 9.95A hearty salad of organic mixed greens topped with soyturkey, boiled egg, tomato, avocado, crumbled bleucheese and soy bacon bitsARUGULA AND SPINACH 9.95VEGETARIAN CHILI & CORN BREADBaby spinach and arugula tossed with cucumbers,beets, cherry tomatoes and red onions in apoppyseed dressing, sprinkled with feta cheeseCUP 3.95 BOWL 4.95 QUART TO GO 8.25CARNIVAL 10.25Ma’s home made high-protein medley in an authentic zestysauce. Made with organic kidney beans, tomatoes and cornHOUSEA bed of organic mixed greens topped with gratedcarrots and beets, cucumbers, tomatoes and mushroomsSMALL 4.95 LARGE 8.25CUP OF SOUP &SMALL HOUSE SALAD COMBO 7.25Mixed greens tossed with cucumber, corn, black beans,cactus, tomato, red onion, jalapeños and spanish ricein a lemon dressing topped with grilled soy “chicken”breast pattyBURRATA 10.25Mixed greens with heirloom cherry tomatoes, shallotsand watercress topped with Di Stefano Burrata cheese,served with a fresh basil vinaigrette dressingLarge dinner salad or bowl of soup add 1.50SPRINGTIME 10.25A selection of broccoli, cauliflower, avocado slices, gratedbeets and carrots, mixed sprouts, tomato, cucumber, sunflowerseeds and mushrooms on a bed of organic mixed greensTHREE BEAN KALE 10.25Marinated lemon quinoa, cannellini, garbanzo & redkidney beans, red onions, cabbage and kale tossedin a house made ginger extra virgin olive oil dressingBiscuitMa’s BreadCorn Bread1.95Garlic Bread1.95Organic Corn Tortilla (3)1.95Organic Tortilla Chips(Wheat free. Contains millet & oats)ToastOrganic Whole Wheat Tortilla 1.95(Sourdough, Rye, 9-Grain,Comes with a side of butter and jam or smallsalsa by request.1.951.951.951.95Cinnamon Swirl, or Udi’s Gluten Free)MMK-16-9-3

Choice of organic brown rice, organic lemon quinoa, non-fatcottage cheese, non-fat yogurt or organic tortilla chips.To substitute fruit or steamed vegetables, add 1.75.AVOCADO & CHEESE 8.50GRILLED “CHICKEN” 9.95Sourdough bread, fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato,Vegenaise, sunflower sprouts & your choice of cheeseGrilled veggie cutlet, avocado, mozzarella cheese,tomato, bac-un bits, Vegenaise and sunflower sproutson a whole wheat bun with a side of vegan ranch dressingHALF SANDWICH COMBO 8.95Choose from one of the following sandwiches: Tuna, soy turkey,real turkey or avocado sandwich. Served with your choice of abowl of our daily soup selections or a small house saladTAHINI FUSION WRAP 9.95Grilled tempeh, bean sprouts, tomatoes, organic mixed greens,brown rice, avocado and tahini dressing in an organic wholewheat tortilla or collard green leaf wraps. (Contains nuts)INFERNO WRAP 9.95Blackened veggie cutlet, organic mixed greens, organic blackbeans, Mexican organic rice, roasted red bell peppers and acilantro jalapeño dressing in a spinach tortilla, or collard greenleaf wrapsCALIFORNIA CLUB 9.95Toasted malted brown bread with soy turkey, veggie bacon,avocado, tomato and lettuce and VegenaiseTUNA SALAD SANDWICH 9.50THE CUBAN 9.25Grilled jackfruit, veggie bacon, layers of mozzarella,swiss cheese, fresh tomato, and grilled onions withyellow mustard on a brioche baguetteCAPRESE 9.95Focaccia bread brushed with shallots, garlic, basildressing served with slices of Di Stefano Mozzarellacheese, Roma organic tomato, mixed greensBUTTER LETTUCE WRAPS 9.25Fresh butter leaf lettuce wraps filled with ginger soychicken, sunflower sprouts, bean sprouts, carrots,cucumbers and cilantro with a sweet chili sauceMother’s was started by friendsand family of the Yoga Center of California.TUNA MELT 9.95Our deli’s number one seller featuring Wild Planetalbacore tuna! Served on sourdough bread withVegenaise, lettuce and tomatoWild Planet Tuna salad with melted cheddar cheeseand Vegenaise on grilled sourdough breadREAL TURKEY SANDWICH 9.95SMOKED WILD SALMON SALAD 11.95Slices of oven roasted diestel honey turkey, swiss cheese,tomato, greenleaf lettuce, red onions, avocado andthousand island dressing on grilled parmesan coatedsourdoughArugula, avocado, cucumbers and cherry tomatoesin a honey orange lime dressing topped with smokedwild salmonOur vegetarian burgers are served on your choice of an organic wholegrain bun or gluten free bun with your choice of organic brown rice,organic lemon quinoa, non-fat cottage cheese, non-fat yogurt or organictortilla chips. Substitute fruit or steamed mixed veggies, add 1.75.SUPER BURGER 8.25A high-protein tempeh & grain patty served with sunflowersprouts, lettuce, tomato, grilled red onion & VegenaiseSPICY ALOHA BURGER 8.95AMAZING BURGER 8.50A high-protein vegetarian delight. Our home madepatty is soy-free, gluten-free and is packed full ofvegetables, lentils & brown rice. Topped with lettuce,tomato and grilled onionsSautéed jackfruit and jalapeño, red onion, slice of pineapple,lettuce, mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoDelicious ExtrasAvocado or Ma’s GuacamoleVeggie BaconGrilled Pineapple1.752.251.25Grilled MushroomsSauerkrautJalapeño1.001.001.00MMK-16-9-4

CHOOSE YOUR TACO 8.75SOY “CHICKEN” TAQUITOS PLATE 9.95Two organic corn tortillas filled with organic mixed greens,cheddar cheese, fresh cilantro and your choice of filling(see below). Served with Mexican organic rice & organicpinto or organic black beans. Choose Ma’s fire roastedsalsa or cilantro jalapeño dressingChoice of one filling below: Blackened Organic Tofu Ranch-Style “Chicken” Purée de Papas - PotatoesDELICIOUS EXTRAS:Avocado or Ma’s GuacamoleSour CreamFajita VeggiesFour grilled soy “chicken” taquitos. Served with organicpinto or organic black beans, Mexican organic basmatirice, guacamole and fresh salsaBURRITO DELUXE 8.25An organic unbleached tortilla filled with either organicpinto or organic black beans and cheddar cheese, toppedwith sour cream, green onions and olives. Served withMexican organic basmati rice, organic chips and eithera side of fresh salsa or topped with zesty enchilada sauce Veggie Cutlet Blackened Tempeh Soyrizo1.751.251.75GRILLED VEGETABLE QUESADILLA 9.25NACHOS 8.95An organic whole wheat tortilla filled with cheddar cheese,grilled zucchini, eggplant, and green chiles, topped withguacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, green onions andolives. Served with fresh salsa on the sidePESTO PASTA WITH BROCCOLI 9.95PENNE PASTA WITH MARINARA 9.95SPINACH LASAGNA 10.50FUSILLI AND ARUGULA 10.25Organic tortilla chips heaped with melted cheddar cheese,seasoned organic black or organic pinto beans, guacamole,sour cream, green onions, diced tomatoes, green chiles andsliced black olives. Served with a side of fresh salsaOrganic penne pasta sautéed with Ma’s basil pesto sauceand broccoli. Served with garlic breadOrganic penne pasta topped with Marinara sauce andvegan “meatballs”. Served with garlic breadLayers of organic lasagna noodles with organic spinach,ricotta, feta, romano, asiago, mozzarella and parmesancheeses smothered in marinara with fresh basil. Toppedwith chopped steamed mixed veggies with a side ofgarlic breadGluten-Free Fusilli pasta sautéed in a yellow tomato saucewith roasted garlic, olive oil and tossed with arugula andparmesan cheeseEGGPLANT ROLLATINI 10.75Slices of eggplant rolled & stuffed with vegan ricotta,pine nuts & pesto sauce on a bed of house mademarinara sauceSMLSMLGarlic-Parsley Mashed Potatoes-1.752.75Pine Nuts2.00--Baked Potato--2.95Guacamole1.753.255.75Baked Yam--2.95Marinara Sauce1.502.504.50Organic Black Beans-1.502.75Fresh Salsa1.502.755.25Organic Pinto Beans & Feta Cheese-1.752.95Zesty Enchilada Sauce1.502.504.50Organic Brown Rice-1.252.25Non-Dairy Gravy1.752.504.50Organic Mexican Basmati Rice-1.502.75Salad Dressings1.502.755.25Organic Lemon Quinoa-1.952.75Soy “Beef”4.50--Mixed Steamed Veggies-2.353.50Soy “Chicken”4.50--Fresh Seasonal Fruit-3.255.50Breaded Veggie Cutlet-4.25-Half Avocado-1.75-Organic Tofu-4.25-3 Bean Kale Salad-2.75-Real Oven Roasted Turkey-4.50-Real Smoked Wild Salmon-5.95-cipes areMany of our reold as mom.original and asPlease ask your server for today’s selections or visitour Deli to purchase a treat to take home.(For all unique requests, please allow an additional charge.)MMK-16-9-5

What is Organic? Food produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soiland water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. Organic meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products comefrom animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. Organic food is produced without using most conventionalpesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation.What is Vegan Cuisine? Vegan cuisine excludes the use of animal products or by-products including meat, fish, milk, cheese& yogurt, eggs and honey.vegan, however, many other menu items can be modified to be vegan.What is Gluten Free? Foods not containing gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley,rye, malts and triticale.gluten free, however, many other menu items can be modified to be gluten free. We proudly serve Udi’s Gluten FreeBread upon your request; however, it is not vegan. Mother’s is not a Gluten-Free Kitchen. If you have a question, pleaseask your server.Mother’s proudly uses and serves Reverse Osmosis water. A water purification technology that uses a semipermeablemembrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water.Agave Nectar – A natural sweetener extracted from theblue agave cactus.Açai – An Amazon rainforest berry rich in antioxidants.Arame – A thin, mild Japanese seaweed rich in iron,calcium and other minerals.Brown Rice – The most balanced of all cereal grains.Unpolished, whole brown rice is higher in minerals,protein and flavor than white rice.Daikon – A long, white radish usually used in Asian cuisine.Veggie Bacon – A soy-based meatless bacon.Veggie Sausage – A soy-based meatless sausage.Gomashio – Used as a table condiment. Made from seasalt and sesame seeds.Jackfruit – A species of tree in the fig, mulberry and breadfruitfamily. It is native to parts of South and Southeast Asia.Sea Salt – Natural salt obtained from the ocean fromevaporated seawater.Seitan – Made from the protein of whole wheat, it has a“meaty” consistency with no saturated fat or cholesterol.Soyrizo – A soy-based spicy Spanish sausage.Tempeh – A fermented soy product with a chewy textureand nutty flavor. It’s rich in protein, fiber and minerals.Tahini – A seed butter made from ground sesame seeds,a main ingredient in hummus and baba ghannouj.Tamari – We use organic Tamari that is low in sodium andcontains no wheat.Tofu – A soybean curd made from cultured, cooked andground soybeans.TVP (textured vegetable protein) – High protein nuggetsmade from soy flour.Udon – A Japanese style noodle made from whole wheat,unbleached white flour and salt.Vegenaise – An eggless salad and sandwich spread.Welcome to our Award-Winning Natural Foods Restaurant!DINE-IN RESTAURANT DELI & JUICE BARCOSTA MESA1890 Newport Blvd.949-631-4741IRVINE2963 Michelson Drive949-752-MOMS (6667)LAGUNA WOODS24165 Paseo de Valencia949-768-MOMS (6667)BREA413 S. Associated Road714-990-MOMS (6667)HUNTINGTON BEACH19770 Beach Blvd.714-963-MOMS (6667)FULL SERVICE DELI & JUICE BARSANTA ANA151 E. Memory Lane714-542-MOMS (6667)ANAHEIM HILLS5759 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd.714-974-MOMS (6667),DOWNLOAD MOTHER s APP TODAYfrom your App store or text Mother’s at 33733visit our site at mothersmarket.comMMK-16-9-6

or organic lemon quinoa. Dressings include our home made vegan ranch, home made poppy-seed, vegan cilantro jalapeño, vegan balsamic vinaigrette or vegan tahini (contains cashews). All dressings are gluten free. Tuna or "Diet Lite" Tuna Salad may be added to any salad for 3.50, real turkey for 4.50, or real smoked wild salmon for 5.95

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