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Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 2CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONGET INVOLVEDRESOURCES03About Veganuary17Special Offers & Price Promotions26What We Can Do For You04Our Vision and Mission18Digital Activity2805The 2020 Campaign in Numbers20Restaurants & EateriesThe Veganuary WorkplaceChallenge06The Environmental Benefitsof Veganuary21Retailers & Supermarkets30Brand Supporter Guidelines22Brands31Veganuary Assets23Press Stunts3224Small Brands & IndependentsThe Vegan Society’sVegan Trademark25Fashion, Beauty & Household33Contact07Campaign Facts & Figures08The Vegan Market09Veganuary 2020 Survey Results10Veganuary 2020 CorporateHighlights11Veganuary in the Media145 Key Tips for a SuccessfulVeganuary15Veganuary on Social Media

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 3ABOUT VEGANUARYWELCOME TO VEGANUARY!Since launching in the UK in 2014,Veganuary, a registered charity(no. 1168566) has inspired andsupported almost 1 million peoplein 192 countries to try vegan forJanuary and beyond. AlthoughKantar data suggests more thanten times as many people actuallyparticipate and try vegan inJanuary each vegan pledge. People fromwith over 650 new vegan productall over the world receive dailylaunches and over 550 new veganemails providing all the practicaloptions added to restaurantresources and advice they need tomenus. With many businessesmake the transition. This includesreporting a significant increase inrecipes, meal plans, informationsales and customer engagementon nutrition and much more. Withthroughout the month – it’s the keyso many more new vegans andmonth for all things vegan!flexitarians being created, we needAs a non-profit organisation,businesses like yours to join us toour number one aim is for ourshout about your vegan productparticipants to have the bestlaunches and offers so that newWe have worked with businessesvegans and participants can findto drive new vegan launches andgreat vegan options and have theactivations, making veganismbest Veganuary experience.possible Veganuary experience,which is why we’ve created thisTHE KEY CALENDAR MOMENT:more visible and accessibleVeganuary is the ideal opportunitythrough our work with nationaland marketing tool post-Christmasand international media. As wellto create a one-month campaignas continuing to drive large-scaleactivation in January to focus onchange in the UK, we now runyour new vegan range launches.targeted campaigns in the US,During our 2020 campaign,Germany and Latin America. Thethousands of businesses tookheart of our campaign is our 31-part and supported Veganuarytoolkit to help you join us andplan an effective and engagingVeganuary campaign. As an extraincentive, on pages 26-27 of thistoolkit we include details on howwe can support you throughoutVeganuary,

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 4OUR VISION AND MISSIONOUR VISIONOUR MISSIONOur vision is simple; we wanta vegan world. A world withoutanimal farms and slaughterhouses.A world where food productiondoes not decimate forests, polluterivers and oceans, exacerbateclimate change, and drive wildanimal populationsto extinction.Our mission is to inspire andsupport people to try vegan,drive corporate change, andcreate a global mass movementchampioning compassionate foodchoices with the aim of endinganimal farming, protecting theplanet and improvinghuman health.OUR TOP 10 VEGANUARY COUNTRIES 2020:SIGN UPS PER ,000059,5003,30012,8002014201510. Sweden20162017201820192020REASONS FOR SIGNING UP 2020:BY ORDEROF SIGN-UPS1. United Kingdom2. United States of America3. Germany4. Chile5. Argentina6. Mexico7. Italy8. South Africa9. Other

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 5THE 2020 CAMPAIGN IN NUMBERSMORE THAN 400,000PEOPLE WORLDWIDEREGISTERED TO TAKEPART IN VEGANUARYOVER 80 CELEBRITYAMBASSADORSSUPPORTED THECAMPAIGN AND GAVEVEGANISM VISIBILITY data from Kantar suggests that tentimes more people actually participate among them Hollywood A-listers,and try vegan in January each year thanenvironmentalists and athletes, suchregister through the Veganuary Joaquin Phoenix, Paul McCartney,That would mean more than four millionEvanna Lynch, Chris Packham andpeople took part!Patrik Baboumian.THE FIRSTVEGANUARY TV ADAIRED ON MAJORNETWORKS IN FIVECOUNTRIES AND WASSEEN BY MILLIONSAROUND THE WORLDPEOPLE FROMALMOST EVERYCOUNTRY IN THEWORLD SIGNED UPTO TRY VEGANUARYTHIS YEAR the only countries without participants on TV, on social media and throughwere North Korea, Vatican City andmedia reports.Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland).

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 6THE ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITSOF VEGANUARYWhat is the impact of 350,000 peopleresearcher to calculate the impact Veganuaryworldwide doing Veganuary for January? To2020 would have if we hit our sign-up goal ofshow what a difference going vegan for just one350,000 people. In the end we smashed ourmonth can make we asked an environmentalgoal so the impact was even greater!160 TONNESOF PO43-EQ41,200 TONNESOF CO2EQ SAVEDthe same as450,000 flightsfrom Londonto Berlin(EUTROPHICATION)SAVED FROMWATERWAYSthe same impactas preventing650 tonnesof sewage inour waterways2.5 MILLIONLITRES OFWATER SAVEDwhich is enoughwater to fill anOlympic-sizedswimming poolData providedby Joseph Poore,environmental researcherANDMORE THANONE MILLIONANIMALSSPARED!according to theVegan Society’scalculator

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 72020 VEGANUARY RESULTSCAMPAIGN FACTS & FIGURES72%STAYING VEGAN72% of Veganuaryparticipants who reportedthey had maintained avegan diet throughoutJanuary said they now planto stay vegan98%400,000PARTICIPANTSMore than 400,000 people from 192countries took part in Veganuary2020 by signing up and taking thepledge, an increase of 60% vs 2019.That means we had Veganuaryparticipants in every country in theworld but three!93%WOULD RECOMMENDLIKELY TO TRY VEGAN AGAINVeganuary is enjoyable. 98%of participants surveyedin 2020 said they wouldrecommend Veganuaryto others93% of those participants whoaren’t committing to stay veganafter Veganuary said they were‘somewhat likely’, ‘very likely’ or‘extremely likely’ to try veganismagain in the future, showing plantbased demand remains on anupward trajectorySource: Veganuary 2020 Participant Survey38%SIGNED UP FORHEALTH REASONSReasons for takingpart in 2020: 38%Health, 37% Animals,18% Environment60%1370MEDIA STORIESWe were featured in mainstreammedia every single day during themain campaign period and manyof the most renowned media in theworld covered our stories, such as theSunday print edition of The New YorkTimes, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,Wall Street Journal, CNN Chile,The Guardian, BBC, Forbes,The Washington Post and we werefeatured on the cover of The Timesand New ScientistEASIER THAN EXPECTED60% of participants we surveyedtold us the Veganuary challengewas easier than they had anticipatedand 48% of those who decided tostay vegan say this decision wasinfluenced by the discovery of greattasting food1 MILLIONFrom Feb 2019 to Jan 2020the Eating Out section, includingthe Special Offers andRestaurant pages, receivedover 1 million visitors

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 8THE VEGAN MARKETTWICE AS MANYCONSUMERSSHOPPED VEGANIN VEGANUARY“It’s clear the Veganuary campaign is havingan impact,” said Kantar Head of Retail InsightFraser McKevitt. “More than twice as manyconsumers bought one of the supermarkets’explicitly labelled plant-based products inJanuary 2020 compared with thefestivity-filled December 2019”1IN3PEOPLE TRIED VEGAN1 in 3 people tried veganoptions in January 2020,despite not officially signingup to Veganuary. Based ona February 2020 WorldpanelPlus LinkQ survey of48,778 responsesIN MEAT SUBSTITUTE SALESKantar found sales of meatsubstitutes such as soya mince orvegetarian burgers and sausageswere 14 per cent higher thanJanuary last year, while sales oflentils were up six per cent, lettuce10 per cent and aubergine14 per centSources linked aboveEATEN BY NON-VEGANS9000A total of 4.4 billion meat-freedinners were consumed in 2018,an increase of 150 million meals onthe year before. Plant-based mealoccasions have grown 37% in thelast four years and are now eatenby 10% of the population.VEGAN EVENTS 816MIN MEAT-FREE SALES14% INCREASE92% OFPLANT-BASED MEALSSales of meat-free foods havegrown 40% from 582 millionin 2014 to an estimated 816million in 2019. Sales areexpected to be in excess of 1.1 billion by 2024,finds MintelEventbrite hosted more than9000 vegan events aroundthe world between 2016and 2019, processing morethan half a million tickets.The number of vegan eventsincreased by morethan 300% 3.4 BILLIONPLANT-BASED MARKETThe Plant-Based Meal Marketis worth 3.4 billion, with dairyalternatives worth 520m andmeat alternatives worth 480maccording to Kantar.DEMAND FORNEW VEGANPRODUCTSOver 1/2 of US consumers would liketo see restaurants offering more plantbased protein options, while 2/3 ofBrits say they’ve eaten meat-free foodsin the last six months. Mintel suggeststhat this means there is plenty ofopportunity for restaurants to continueto add to these innovative plant-basedranges throughout the year, and notjust in January388% INCREASEIN VEGAN TAKEAWAYSMany shoppers report that they’dconsume more plant-rich foods ifit was more convenient. Accordingto research by the British TakeawayCampaign, the sector has respondedquickly to changes in consumerappetites and vegan orders increasedby 388% between 2016 to 2018.British Takeaway Campaign, 2019.Cooking up Growth, Serving up TalentIn the takeaway sector55% OF PEOPLEREDUCING MEAT INTAKE55% of UK consumers nowclaim they’re actively reducingor considering reducing theirmeat intake.


Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 10VEGANUARY 2020 CORPORATE HIGHLIGHTSOVER 650 NEW VEGANPRODUCTS WERE LAUNCHEDAND OVER 550 NEW VEGANOPTIONS ADDED TORESTAURANT MENUS INVEGANUARY 2020See our full round-up of Veganuary corporate highlightsThe number of gueststrying a vegan pizza almostdoubled in January. ThePepperphoni was so popularthat it became a permanentdish on the main menu!by watching our end of campaign video here.Pret a Manger launched itsfirst vegan croissant in storesin early January and is nowselling twice as many a day asthe non-vegan jam croissant“We’ve seen an incredibleresponse from guests to theMeatless Meatball Marinara.People are loving the taste andhave said that they are as equallydelicious as the original. We’veseen a phenomenal uplift insales as a result and hope ourguests continue to enjoy ourmeatless options now Veganuaryhas finished.”“The launch of our Vegan SteakBake has been a huge success,even bigger than we hadoriginally anticipated.Due to the success of the launchwe’re now working on rolling theVegan Steak Bake out to allshops as soon as we can.”One million veganburgers were sold in thefirst month they were onsale - equivalent to onebeing sold every threeseconds since the launchon 2nd JanuaryThe retailer’s PlantKitchen No Chicken Kievsold at a rate of four everyminute since it launchedon 2nd JanuaryOrders of vegan dishesincreased by 78% whencomparing the numbersin January 2019 andJanuary 2020

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 11VEGANUARY IN THE MEDIA“Veganuary “clearly affected” consumerbehaviour according to the Kantar research,which found that more than twice as manypeople purchased a product explicitlylabelled “plant-based” from a supermarket inJanuary 2020 than in December 2019. Salesof meat substitutes such as soya mince andvegetarian burgers and sausages were 14 per“The soaring popularity of Veganuary hascent higher than in January last year, whileled to a raft of shortages of the UK’s biggestsales of lentils rose six per cent and lettuceplant-based brands, research by The Grocerwas up 10 per cent. Aubergine sales werecan reveal. A Quorn spokesman confirmedalso up 14 per cent year on year. Veganuary“unprecedented levels” of demand for bothorganisers revealed yesterday that a recordQuorn and Cauldron products had resulted We made it onto the cover of The Times400,000 people officially pledged to go meat-in shortages. It couldn’t confirm when it Veganuary was mentioned on the Gavin & Staceyand dairy-free for the month of January thiswould “fully meet demand for all products”,year, “far exceeding” the group’s expectations.he added. This was partly due to uncertaintyChristmas Special (11.6 million people watched it)Retailers prepared for the return of Veganuaryover how many Veganuary participantsby launching multiple product lines, includingwould remain in the category. Fry’s said it wasGro at Co-op, Asda Plant Based and a string“working to ensure production keeps paceof new additions to Waitrose’s vegan range.”with that demand”. Vivera said it had extendedTHE INDEPENDENT,4TH FEBRUARY 2020production capacity by 50% in January.”THE GROCER, 13TH FEBRUARY 2020SOME OF OUR BIGGESTHIGHLIGHTS WERE: New Scientist included Veganuary on the cover of itsJanuary edition On 1st of January, Veganuary’s Head ofCommunications Toni Vernelli was live on Sky News todebate the success of the campaign Veganuary appeared on the backdrop of Have IGot News for You, which shows we are now part ofmainstream culture

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 12KANTAR DATAA KANTAR STUDY,COMMISSIONED BYVEGANUARY TO MEASURETHE IMPACT OF IT’S 2019CAMPAIGN, SHOWS THE FULL‘VEGANUARY EFFECT’ WITH4.7% OF THE UK POPULATIONGIVING UP ANIMAL PRODUCTSIN JANUARY 201968% FEMALE and 32% MALE gave up animal productsin January 201968%1.31MPEOPLEgave up animal productsin the UK in January 2019 that’s 4.7% of the total UKpopulation 10 times thenumber of UK sign ups throughthe Veganuary website.Age of Individuals — average age 41 YEARS OLD35%(64%) PEOPLE832k (64%) people activelygave up animal products forthe first time - that’s64% of total participantsgiving veganism a go forthe first time!Source: Kantar, FMCG panel, Veganuary LinkQ – July 201932%32%30%25%20%15%13%10%10%5%832K32%4%7%2%0% 10366KPEOPLEdid so specifically as partof Veganuary -more thanTRIPLE the number of UK signups through the Veganuarywebsite.10-1415-1920-2930-4445-6465 OVERALL REASONS MOTIVATIONS FOR GIVING UPANIMAL PRODUCTS IN JANUARY55% to behealthier49% concernfor animalwelfare30% forenvironmentalreasons28% as partof Veganuary

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 13TONI VERNELLI, VEGANUARY’SINTERNATIONAL HEAD OFCOMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETINGSAYS:“A record number of people signed-up to try vegan with us in January2020 and Veganuary was in the headlines every day during the campaign.Whether driven by concerns for the planet or health improvements,one thing is certain - veganism is a trend that keeps on trending. AndVeganuary’s supportive, non-judgemental approach is making it easier foreveryone to explore the ever-expanding choice of vegan options in shopsand restaurants. Kantar Worldpanel data shows 1 in 3 British consumerstried at least one vegan option in January 2020! But there is still much workto do as 20% of our 2020 participants still found eating out the biggestchallenge during their pledge. We’re definitely creating the demand, butwe need your help to fulfill it and enable people to achieve their Veganuarygoals.”RIA REHBERG, VEGANUARY CEO SAYS:“People try vegan for many reasons, whether it be wanting to improvetheir health, reduce their environmental impact or enjoy delicious foodthat takes animals out of the equation. Whatever their motive, they allneed amazing vegan options available at their fingertips to make theirVeganuary journey as enjoyable as possible. Almost 1 million people havesigned up to Veganuary since we started, and every year this number growssignificantly. Plus, it’s estimated that ten times more people take part withoutofficially signing up through our website. This ‘Veganuary Effect’ has driventhe production of vegan food items, with veganism becoming the fastestgrowing UK culinary trend of 2018, with a market worth 572 million. Wewant our participants to have the very best Veganuary experience possibleand to help them enjoy a plant-based lifestyle in January and beyond. Withyour support we can help consumers make choices that are better for theirhealth, animals and the environment.”

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 145 KEY TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFULVEGANUARY CAMPAIGN12345LAUNCHCOLLABORATEPROMOTIONS OFFERSSIGNAGEMESSAGINGLaunch new veganCollaborate with otherCreate special offers toUse clear signage to markIncrease your veganproducts that yourbrands and your currentengage your audience,your vegan products andmessaging to raise yourcustomers want, focusingstockists at retailers offering deals andadd the Veganuary logo toonline profile, taggingon creating vegan versionsrestaurantsdiscounts exclusivelyyour POSVeganuary on socialof your top selling productson your vegan range in#veganuary2021January@weareveganuary@veganuary

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 15VEGANUARY’S POWER ON SOCIAL MEDIAFACEBOOKINSTAGRAMAudienceAudienceAudience311K Likes325K Followers59.1K Followers85% Female82% Female13% Male18% MaleTotal growth in JanuaryTotal growth over Dec/JanTotal growth over Dec/Jan:57K new followers in133,750(48% increase from Jan 2018)TWITTER(106% increase from April 2019)Dec ‘19 - Jan ‘20We successfully launched officialWe successfully launched officialInstagram pages for Germany andFacebook pages for Germany andLatin AmericaLatin AmericaFigures are combined statistics from our UK, German and Latin American social accounts.4,687 new followers3.5M impressions

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 16ZOE WEST, CORPORATE OUTREACHMANAGER AT VEGANUARY SAYS:“In January 2021, we’ll be helping hundreds of thousands of new vegansfind new and exciting plant-based food options in supermarkets andrestaurants. The demand will be there, and shoppers will be drawn to thebusinesses that make it as easy as possible for them to find and try greatvegan products. Regardless of whether Veganuary participants stay veganfull-time after the pledge, results show that those who have taken partconsciously purchase more plant-based options - and this is one of thebiggest drivers in the market for vegan products. We’re working with brands,retailers and restaurants to help them tap into this growing market andimprove the quality and quantity of their vegan options. Let’s work togetherto encourage consumers to embrace Veganuary and vegan optionsin 2021!”MERAL INCE, CORPORATE ENGAGEMENTMANAGER AT VEGANUARY SAYS:“Veganuary has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2014, withclose to 1 million people trying vegan since its inception. With such anincrease in demand from consumers, businesses will be missing out if theydon’t take advantage of this growing market. Whether people choose to beflexitarian or go fully vegan, the demand for plant-based products continuesto grow. Consumers are more aware of the environmental, ethical and healthimpact their diet has, and businesses need to adapt to meet these newdemands. Veganuary is here to support businesses in reaching this growingplant-based customer base. Together we can create the best campaignpossible for Veganuary 2021!”

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 17GET INVOLVED: IN-STORE & ONLINESPECIAL OFFERS & PRICE PROMOTIONSWhatever your business, special offersand price promotions are a great way toengage new customers and get existingcustomers to try something different.With so many people facing financialdifficulty after a challenging year, wewant to make it even easier for peopleto try vegan without having to worryabout spending a lot.DISCOUNTS, OFFERS& PROMOTIONSPROMOTIONS ONFEATURE SPACECOMPETITIONSWhether you sell online or in-store,For retailers, promotions on featureare a fun way to entice customers withcoordinating discounted prices orspace make the shopping experiencespecial discounted pricesspecial offers on your range will be aeasier for new vegans and will enticegreat way to encourage people to givethem to try easy transition productsyour vegan products a try this vegan cheese, milk and meatIf you also sell non-vegan products, wereplacements, the key starter productsencourage you to only discount yourfor new vegansCompetitions, prize draws and gamesvegan range to incentivise your existingcustomers to try your plant-basedrange!ON-PACK PROMOTIONSUse our logo and assets on-pack tohelp new vegans easily find plant-basedproducts after taking the pledgeFEATURE ON OUR WEBSITELaunch a special offer for January and wewill feature it on our website. The specialoffers listed on Veganuary’s website for2020 received almost 20,000 visitors! Thispage will also be included in our emailseries. Currently, we have over 540,000English-speaking subscribers to our emailnewsletter. Check out page 26 for detailson how to be included

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitGET INVOLVED: DIGITALSOCIAL MEDIASOCIAL POSTSCreate your own social posts using your own images and the officialVeganuary logo. Our new logos can be found here. Update your socialcover art to show that you’re joining the Veganuary campaignTAKE THE PLEDGEResearch shows that people find it easier to give vegan a try whenthey’re supported, which is why we want you to share the Veganuarysign-up link with your followers so they can gettips, recipes and meal plans to help them on their journeySHARE & INTERACTShare our posts and comment using #veganuary2021. Follow us@WeAreVeganuary on Instagram and @Veganuary on Facebook andTwitter. Don’t forget to tag us in your Veganuary posts!Page 18

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 19GET INVOLVED: DIGITALWEBSITE EMAIL PRRECIPESPREMAILBLOGS & WEBSITECreate delicious recipes to share withMention Veganuary in your pressGive your email subscribers Veganuary-Write Veganuary-themed blogs and addyour followers or share ours with yourreleases and PR activity using our logothemed special offers and giveawayour logo to your website to show you’reaudience. There’s a spike in consumersand key messages. Share why you’recompetitions. With so many companiestaking part in the campaign, linking tosearching for vegan recipes duringtaking part in Veganuary. We can evenoffering special vegan offers in January,veganuary.comVeganuary, so it’s the perfect time toprovide a quote to show our supportyou don’t want to miss out!get creative. Send us your recipes forpotential inclusion on our website

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 20GET INVOLVED: IN-STORERESTAURANTS & EATERIES20% of our surveyrespondents felt eating outwas the biggest challengeas a new vegan.CLEARLYMARKING YOURVEGAN OPTIONSIS CRUCIALFOR ENTICINGNEW VEGANSTO YOURRESTAURANT!NEW MENUSMENUSPOSEVENTSCreate and launch new veganAdd the Veganuary logo andUse our logo and assetsHost an event inviting mediaspecials to feature on yoursign-up link to your menuson your point of sale andand influencers to promoteJanuary menu! Surprise youras a call to action. Now thatpackagingyour new vegan dishes andcustomers by launching ayou have more vegan optionsget feedback on what peoplevegan version of your best-available, show existingthink!selling dish or create a menucustomers why it’s worthwith vegan options for starters,them giving Veganuary a trymains and desserts to enticeand choosing your new menunew vegansitems. The UK is seeing a hugeincrease in flexitarians

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitGET INVOLVED: IN-STORERETAILERS &SUPERMARKETSNEW PRODUCTSLaunch new vegan products in Veganuary. In January 2020 more than600 new products were launched, and with the Veganuary buzz it’s theperfect time for a successful launchPOS & WINDOW DISPLAYSUse the Veganuary logo on your point of sale, packaging and windowdisplays to show you’re taking part in the campaignVEGANUARY STORE TOURShow customers how to shop vegan and where to find your veganranges in store. One quarter of shoppers, or 12.77 million Brits, saysupermarket layouts make shopping for meat-free products difficult let’s change that!SAMPLINGSOrganise with brands to support in-store vegan product samplingsEVENTSHost an event inviting media and influencers to promote your new veganproducts and get feedback on what people thinkPage 21

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 22GET INVOLVED: IN-STOREBRANDSNEW PRODUCTSSAMPLINGSLaunch new vegan products inVisit your stockists to do vegan productVeganuary! In January 2020, more thansamplings in-store600 new products were launched, andPOSUse our logo and assets on your point ofsale and packagingEVENTSHost an event inviting media andinfluencers to promote your new veganproducts and get feedback on whatwith the Veganuary buzz it’s the perfectpeople think! You can also attend atime for a successful launchVeganuary themed event and postSTOCKISTSWork directly with your retailers tocreate a 360º Veganuary campaignabout it on social using #Veganuary

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 23Piers MorganGET INVOLVEDlookalike caughtPRESS STUNTSshopping forNaked Glory meatalternativesDo something unusualto attract buzz andpublicity around yourVeganuary campaign!Here’s some ideas andinspiration to get youstarted:Kettle Chipscollaborated withBOSH! to launch theirVegan Sheese andRed Onion crispsGreggs helda late night launch eventinviting the public to trytheir new vegan steakbake. Hundreds ofpeople queued to get anexclusive first tasteFrankie & Benny’schallenged Meat Loaf torebrand to Veg Loaf forJanuary to promote theirnew vegan menu

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitGET INVOLVEDSMALL BRANDS &INDEPENDENTSEVERYONE ISWELCOME TOTAKE PART INVEGANUARY!We love whensmaller brands andindependent retailersand restaurants join thecampaign too. We have lotsof downloadable point of salematerial available later in theToolkit to help youtake partPage 24

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 25GET INVOLVEDFASHION, BEAUTY& HOUSEHOLDAt Veganuary we encourage people to try Special offers on your vegan range invegan by changing their diet, but we alsoJanuary, which we can feature on oursupport the elimination of animal ingredientswebsitein all areas of life, including fashion, beautyand household products, in order to protectthe environment and prevent animal suffering.Vegan fashion and beauty means clothes, Social media and digital marketing utilisingthe Veganuary logo on your assets Share your PR news with usshoes, accessories, makeup and skincare thatcontain no leather, fur, wool, silk or any otherIf you want help veganising your products,animal-derived ingredients.the Vegan Society offer helpful guidancealong with the option to have your productIf you’re a fashion, beauty or household brandregistered with the Vegan Trademark, a widelywith a vegan range, we would love for you torecognised authentic standard for veganjoin the Veganuary campaign! Here’s someproducts. You can find their contact details onways you could get involved:page 32 of this toolkit. Launch new vegan products in Veganuary!In January 2020, more than 600 newproducts were launched, and with theVeganuary buzz it’s the perfect time for asuccessful launch POS with the Veganuary logo next to yourvegan range to show you’re supporting thecampaignVEGAN LEATHERMARKET SET TOBE WORTH 85 BILLIONBY 2025according to areport by businessconsultancyGrand ViewResearch (GVR).

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 26WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOUSPECIAL OFFERSEATING OUT PAGESLaunch a special offer for the month of JanuaryFrom Feb 2019 to Jan 2020 the Eating Out(or beyond) and we will feature selected offerssection on the Veganuary Website had moreon our website. The special offers listed onthan 1 million visitors. 20% of our surveyVeganuary’s website for 2020 received almostrespondents felt eating out was the biggest20,000 visitors! This page will also be includedchallenge as a new vegan, so marking yourin our email series. Currently, we have overvegan options clearly is crucial for enticing new540,000 English-speaking subscribers to ourvegans to your restaurant!email newsletter!If you’re a chain restaurant or eatery, we’d loveIf you also sell non-vegan products, weto get detail of your vegan menu to consider forencourage you to develop this special offerour Eating Out guide. For this we would need:exclusively for your vegan range to enticecustomers to give your plant-based offerings a try.To have your special offer featured on ourwebsite we would need: High res square logo Website link Approx. 25-50 words including: about yourcompany, what the offer is, how to redeemthe offer and when it expires High res square logo Website link Max. 200 words bio (we may edit this to fit theVeganuary style) Full details of your vegan menu/options inword doc format At least 2 photos of your vegan range

Veganuary Business Support ToolkitPage 27WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOUPR NEWSAlthough we would love to work closely withWe love to hear about your Veganuary news,able to do so. However, we give priority toexciting new launches and activity updates sowe can share details with our followers. Shareyour news with us at corporate@veganuary.comfor your chance to be featured on our channels.everyone, we’re a

The Vegan Market Veganuary 2020 Survey Results Veganuary 2020 Corporate Highlights Veganuary in the Media 5 Key Tips for a Successful Veganuary Veganuary on Social Media Special Offers & Price Promotions Digital Activity Restaurants & Eateries Retailers & Supermarkets Brands Press Stunts Small Brands & Independents Fashion, Beauty & Household .

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VEGANUARY END OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021 PAGE 3 THE 2021 CAMPAIGN IN NUMBERS More than 582,000 PEOPLE worldwide registered to try vegan with us The hashtag Veganuary had over 170 MILLION VIEWS on TikTok at the end of January 566 NEW VEGAN PRODUCTS were launched for Veganuary 259 NEW VEGAN MENUS were added to (chain-) restaurants for Veganuary More .

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Restaurants around the world added vegan options to their menus in 2020 to meet Veganuary participant demand. 400K PEOPLE Signed up to participate in Veganuary in 2020 through our campaign. 600 BUSINESSES During our 2020 campaign, over 600 large and medium-sized companies promoted Veganuary along with

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