Vegan Street Fair 2022! We Would Like To Cordially Invite You To Join

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Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 1We would like to cordially invite you to joinVegan Street Fair 2022!Saturday & SundayMarch 26th & 27th, 202211am-7pm Both DaysVegan Street Fair is a free entry annual all ages vegan food celebration where veganand vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors come together to serve you bite-sizeportions of vegan eats and sell you vegan wares all in one place. Attendees can nosh on as many small portions ( 4 or less) as they wish without gettingfull on 1 large item OR they can purchase larger items too.Their choice! It’s the vegan foodie dream!VSF LA is FREE to enter and is now a two day event.Double the food, double the fun!PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY UNTIL THE END AS THIS INVITATION CONTAINS ALL OFTHE PERTINENT INFO LIKE HOW TO PAY FOR VEGAN STREET FAIR 2022, ETC.COMMITMENT DEADLINE IS JANUARY 1st, 2022 & WE ONLY HAVE A SELECT FEWSPOTS FOR VENDORS.1. GENERAL DETAILS: Space for this event will sell out on a first paid, first served basis. Vendors are only confirmed for Vegan Street Fair once payment is made. Wecannot & will not hold spaces as we have over 1,000 applications for this event. We offer payment plans of 2 and 4 installments to help accommodate vendors who mayneed a little more time to make full payments. Vendors must sell ONLY 100% vegan items of course. Vendors must participate for BOTH days, no single days allowed. Each vendor is required to promote on social media - at least on Instagram andFacebook - using Vegan Street Fair’s best practices, provided graphics, & Facebookevent.

Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 2 Back kitchen will ONLY be provided to vendors who are preparing foods using fryers andoversized equipment only.Vendors must be selling a product in order to participate, otherwise it is considered asponsorship or activation, in which case, you may email Jessica Sponsorships and activations start at around 5000.All vendors are required to provide ALL equipment for Vegan Street Fair includingSTRAIGHT LEG CLEAN WHITE TENTS (no designs) WITH WEIGHTS and mesh sidewalls (where applicable), tables, chairs, water, gravity fed hand washing stations, 3compartment sinks, LOW SOUND generators, etc. Vegan Street fair is only providing a space, TFFs where applicable, & signagethis year. Vendors may rent certain portions such as electricity and 3 compartment sink useBUT keep in mind that this will determine your placement at the event as thosevendors will have to be grouped together Tent example:Non-vegan vendors must ALREADY have an existing vegan menu not simply for eventsas we want to ensure that they don’t see VSF and vegans as opportunities. We all wantto be on the same page.2. IMPORTANT DELIVERABLES TFFs for food and beverage vendors will be emailed immediately and must besubmitted immediately. A late fee of 50 will be assessed for every week that it islate past February 1st, 2022, no exceptions. All vendors must have their menus, prices, and allergens submitted by February1st, 2022 at the latest. The form will be emailed to you. This ensures that we havebanners, programs, and directories designed and printed on time for marketing purposesto ensure your greatest success at VSF. Your cooperation in this area is greatlyappreciated. All vendors are required to mail in a 200 signed check dated March 26th, 2022 madeout to Vegan Street Fair by February 1st, 2022 for a clean up, late fee, or close outinsurance. This check will only be cashed after March 26th, 2022 IF:

Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 3 You leave behind trash or oil;There is an existing late fee for menus, waivers, or arrival fee that needs to bereconciled;You do not check out with a quadrant leader at the end of the event on Sunday;You leave on Saturday and do not return on Sunday.Once vendors are cleared out of their space on Sunday night by their quadrantleaders and there are no outstanding late fees, these checks will be VOIDED andshredded.3. WHAT KIND OF FOOD/ BEVERAGES/ NON-FOOD ITEMS SHOULD WE BRING:All menu/ list items must be 100% vegan: no meat no honey, beeswax, bee pollen no dairy no eggs no l. Cysteine no leather, fur, feathers, suede no animal by products of any kind4. ITEM PRICES & INFO: VSF is a food tasting extravaganza. We want as many people to experience yourproducts as possible while you make money. We require that food and beveragevendors provide at least 1 4 or less item for all attendees. The rest of the items canbe up to 15 (food and beverage vendors only). Vendors should look to provide halfportions or single scoops as their 4 or less item and full portions for no more than 15.This ensures the same cook and prep time of all items which will serve to help maximizeyour speed and how much you are able to sell. 4 ITEMS CANNOT BE FRIES, HUMMUS, OR SIDE DISHES. They must be atrue item We are asking ALL vendors to ask attendees if they need paperware, utensils, cups,and/ or plates where applicable to give attendees the option to bring their own reusableitems. Vendors should provide COMPOSTABLE utensils, paperware, and cups for their foodand drink ONLY. Vendors should provide plastic straws to DISABLED FOLKS ONLY upon request. One street fair style item is highly encouraged for food & beverages vendors, aswell, but is not mandatory. This will help gain you maximum FOMO-ness. ;) Also, make sure your products are Instagram-able! That goes further than you think. Ingredient lists for all menu items should be available in the event that fair-goers requestthem. Vendors are encouraged to provide 1-4 items at your booth so that you may focus onoutput rather than complicated prep work. In all honesty, some of our best vendors

Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 4 provide 1-4 items that they can make quickly rather than made to order. The faster youcan make your dish, the more people you can serve/ money you will make.While we love made-to-order eats, keep in mind that this style will slow your linedown unless you have adequate staff. We highly encourage food that lends itself toswift output OR enough people to be able to output quickly. Don’t leave money on thetable.Please provide ample employees in your booth to help your lines move quickly.5. FOOD & BEVERAGE VENDOR DETAILS: If a food or drink vendor has a TFF/ Health department question, please contact Jessicaat and NOT the health dept. What is the difference between prepared foods and pre-packaged foods? Per the healthdepartment: PREPARED FOOD – Prepares and offers for sale non-prepackaged food.Examples include barbecued [foods], roasted corn, kettle corn, or fresh squeezedlemonade. PRE-PACKAGED FOOD – Offers for sale only commercially prepackaged foodand may offer prepackaged samples of food. Example, selling prepackagedfoods such as nuts, candy, sodas, ice cream. Using propane and/ or grease/ deep fryers? You are required to Have a 5 LB or more Class ABC extinguisher or Class K extinguisher WITH tagswithin a 2 year period or WITH receipts if purchased within 2 years. Have no more than a 5.76 g of propane per piece of equipment Secure all propane bottles in milk crates (NO LOOSE PROPANE BOTTLES) The fire marshall is a stickler for this, so do not risk being shut down. You canpurchase these at Amazon or ULINE in addition to home improvement stores. Signage will be provided for all vendors in the form of a 9'x2' banner attached to theirtent, high above each booth or poster board beside each food truck/ cart. We requirefinal menus and prices by February 1st, 2022 at the latest. A 50 per week late fee willapply to any vendor who submits after this date. Tents, tables, chairs, gravity fed hand washing sinks, 3 compartment sinks, electricity,equipment, ice, tablecloths, etc will not be provided unless we have they have beenrented in advance. VSF does NOT provide water on site. It is the vendor’s full responsibility to be familiar with health department rules andguidelines which can be found HERE. All prepared and prepackaged with sampling vendors must have gravity fedhandwashing stations sani-buckets with bleach-water solution and rag.

Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 5 Gravity fed hand washing station example:Sani buckets with bleach solution for prepared and prepackaged with sampling vendorslook like this No portable propane stoves allowedYou may submit your items for the Best of Awards via menu submissions.6. VENDOR ADD ONS AND COMMERCIAL KITCHEN INFO: POWER, ICE, FRYERS, GRILLS, AND 3 SINK COMPARTMENTS ARE NOTINCLUDED. Please be sure to purchase/ rent these by March 1st, 2022 to ensureaccess/ quantities as rental houses charge expedited fees for last minute rentals. All prepared foods brought to the site are required by the health department to beprepared in a commercial kitchen or an approved temporary facility. Everything elsemust be cooked and prepped in your tent. ADD ON PRICE INCREASE SCHEDULE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: Through March 1st - Regular Pricing March 1st - March 26th - Price increases by 50% Event Day - PREMIUM PRICING - Price increases by 100%

Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 67. LOAD IN / LOAD OUT PROCEDURES All vendors are required to arrive on time, clean up their space fully, and load out ontime: Load in is between 5am and 8am on Saturday and 7am and 9am on Sunday perthe fire marshall Food Truck load in is from 7:30am-9am both days Load out both days is 7:30(ish)pm-9pm ALL VENDORS MUST WAIT FOR STAFF TO OPEN UP THE STREETFOR VEHICLES. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN.8. HOW CAN I CHARGE ATTENDEES? Vendors are required to take all forms of cash and credit, no exceptions. VSF will provideATMs on site.9. OVERNIGHT PROCEDURES Vendors will be allowed to leave COVERED NON-PERISHABLE items INSIDE of theirCLOSED tents overnight along with their equipment. VENDORS MUST NOT DROP THEIR TENTS OVERNIGHT AS THIS GREATLYDAMAGES SIGNAGE AND OTHER NEARBY TENTS ATTACHED TO YOURS Any food left behind will absolutely attract rodents and insects. Please take all perishablefoods with you and cover everything else as tightly as possible. Vendors should NOT leave any equipment outside of their tents overnight. Though there will be security overnight, all vendors MUST wrap their tent shut and lockequipment such as tables, grills, fryers, etc to each other using heavy chains and locksto ensure that they cannot be lifted off site as Vegan Street Fair is NOT responsible forloss or theft. You may use orange mesh walls wrapped around your tent with zip ties. 10. WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH THE BOOTHS? Load in will be from 5:30am-8am on Saturday and 7-9am on Sunday and load out willbegin after security gives us the go ahead which is usually around 7:30-7:45pm. VSF willprovide a space, TFF health permits if applicable, signage, and social media marketing

Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 7 leading up to and during the event including photos and videos where possible. It is yourresponsibility to properly dispose of oils, liquids, foods, trash, equipment, etc accordingly.Any trash left behind or damages to property/ equipment will require us to use your 200cleaning insurance. Your quadrant leader will be on hand to check you out of VSF with aclean bill.ABSOLUTELY NO PRODUCTS MAY BE SOLD AFTER 7PM PER OUR PERMITS. Anyvendors who are in violation will not be asked to return.You can ABSOLUTELY not add signage to the TOP of your tent as we will be providinguniform signage. You CAN add signage to the bottom and inside of your tent and outsideof it.Non vegan trucks MUST cover any signage or photos that are not 100% vegan.11. FAST PASS LINES All booths and trucks except non-food will have a FAST PASS line in addition to yourservice window. Use your Fast Pass line like an airport line. You call up the nextavailable person giving preference to Fast Pass holders. Additionally, feel free to have astaff member outside of your booth taking orders from both lines if you need it. This iswhat it will look like based on where you ask us to place it:

Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 8 ANY VENDORS NOT USING FAST PASS LINES WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE ANDNOT RETURN TO VSF.Attendees in these lines will need to have 1 of 4 things in order to purchase in it:1. Fast Pass2. Fast Pass AND Passport (not just a passport) if applicable3. Single Use Fast Passes (no wristband) Please collect these and return them to us at the end of the event for ourrecords.Vendors will NOT be given staff passes any longer as all vendors can ask for tradesacross the event as needed.13. PASSPORTS Certain vendors will be asked to participate in VSF Passports which are prepaid 4 itemsthat attendees will purchase ahead of time. VSF will offer a discount in the amount ofhow many passports we anticipate selling. Last year, we sold 50 (50 x 4 200discount).14. PARKING There will be public street parking for your vehicles but we are working on somesolutions that may come in handy for you all. We will keep you posted.15. REFUNDS Refunds for your deposit are available up until December 1st, 2021, minus a 100cancellation fee. 25% partial refund will be available up until January 1st, 2022. Norefunds will be honored after January 1st, 2022.Looking forward to embarking on another incredible VSF year with you!Let me know if you have any questions, as always!Love,JessicaVSF Founder

Vegan Street Fair LA 2022 Invitation 9IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN VEGAN STREET FAIR 2022, YOU’LL NEED TO COMPLETETHESE STEPS, IN ORDER/ PLEASE DO NOT SKIP STEPS:STEPS: DATE DUE:1. Pay for and register for the event HERE at Eventhub - 5 minutes2. (OPTIONAL) ONLY FOR iOS Users, copy & paste this intoIMMEDIATELYyour web browser to subscribe to the Vegan Street Fair 2022 Schedules,Timelines & Deadlines H0lvYyP3iDoZ1WkaNYwJhCvagLWRi85yoEWny4yGU5l u-fYwjTEwwK-ik3. Complete Waiver & Release of Liability emailed to you - 5 minutes IMMEDIATELY4. If applicable, complete the TFF emailed to you - 5 minutesIMMEDIATELY5. Send a 200 cleaning/ late fee/ close out insurance checkIMMEDIATELYDate it for March 26th, 2022Write the check out to Vegan Street FairMail to: 11058 Chandler Blvd #5029, North Hollywood, CA 916016. Send a Certificate of Insurance Vegan Street Fair as additionally insured.Address: 11058 Chandler Blvd #5029, North Hollywood, CA 91601Number: 3106489901If you need to purchase a COI and do not already have a company you use, feel free tofollow the links here:1.Vendors that include cooking on premises and/or require Product Liability coverage: ance2. Vendors selling arts and crafts, apparel, pre-packaged food items, or just informational. Thisprogram does not include Product erstradesmen-liability7. Join the Vegan Street Fair Vendors Facebook Group HERE.IMMEDIATELY8. Add Vegan Street Fair 2022 Event Page to your page HERE.IMMEDIATELY9. Complete the menu form emailed to you.(late entries will be issued a 50 per week late fee)February 15th, 202210.Attend Virtual Vendor Orientation from 8-10pm - 2 hoursFebruary 8th or- Tuesday, Feb 8th, 2022 - Food & Beverage Vendors OR February 9th, 2022- Tuesday, Feb 9th, 2022 - Non Food Vendors11.Purchase all ADD ONs HERE by March 1st, 2022.March 1st, 2022

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Vegan Street Fair is a free entry annual all ages vegan food celebration where vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors come together to serve you bite-size portions of vegan eats and sell you vegan wares all in one place. Attendees can nosh on as many small portions ( 4 or less) as they wish without getting .

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