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STARTERS & SHARERSEnjoy a tasty starter or sharer to tantalise your tastebudsButtermilk Chicken Goujons 5.49Classic WingsServed with a smoky BBQ dip (408kcal)newTossed in a smoky BBQ sauceMac & Cheese Bites§ 5.49HOW MANY CAN YOU HANDLE?Served with a smoky BBQ dip (449kcal)x6 wings 5.49Potato Dippers 4.99(serves 1,466kcal)Topped with melted mozzarella, Cheddar cheese,streaky bacon and spring onions. Served with areduced fat soured cream dip (407kcal)x12 wings 9.49 x18 wings 13.49(serves 2,895kcal,448kcalper serve)(serves 3,1,325kcal,442kcalper serve)Garlic & Herb Mushrooms 5.29Served with a smoky BBQ dip (419kcal)Loaded WingsTossed in a smoky BBQ sauce and topped withstreaky bacon and a gooey cheese saucePrawn Cocktail** 5.99Served with a slice of brown bloomer bread(415kcal)Cauliflower Bitesx6 wings 6.294.99Coated in a light crisp batter and servedwith a Piri Piri dip (267kcal)Garlic Flatbread with CheeseHOW MANY CAN YOU HANDLE?(serves 1,513kcal)x12 wings 10.29 x18 wings 14.29(serves 2,1,025kcal,512kcalper serve)4.49Seafood with this mark comes froman MSC certified sustainable 3,1,537kcal, 512kcalper serve)Stonebaked and topped with mozzarellaand Cheddar cheese (755kcal)VerticalWhite TMBlue TMPantone 286Fish Goujons**5.49Today's Soup§4.49newServed with creamy tartare sauce(390kcal)HOW MANY CAN YOU HANDLE?Served with a slice of brown bloomer bread (261kcal)Loaded Nachos(serves 1,519kcal)FAVOURITELoaded with cheese and served withtomato salsa and reduced fat soured cream (763kcal)Add x2 buttermilk chicken goujons 1.99 (185kcal)Add chipotle beef chilli for 1.99 (129kcal)Loaded Vegan Nachosx6 wings 6.29PUB5.995.99Loaded with Violife cheeze and toppedwith our spicy sloppy joe mix(744kcal)Spicy WingsTossed in a spicy sauce and served witha creamy blue cheese dipPUBFAVOURITEx12 wings 10.29 x18 wings 14.29(serves 2,930kcal,465kcalper serve)(serves 3,1,340kcal,447kcalper serve)Feast of Flavours Sharing Platter**§ 10.99Crispy buttermilk chicken goujons, garlic & herbbreaded mushrooms, beer-battered onion rings§, fishgoujons and slices of garlic bread. Served with spicymayo, smoky BBQ and creamy tartare sauce(serves 2, 1,769kcal, 885kcal per serve)newAdd mac & cheese bites x4 for 1.99 (330cal)Add chicken wings x4 for 2.99 (262kcal)Add loaded wings x4 for 3.49 (381kcal)Add spicy wings x4 for 3.49 (280kcal)Adults need around 2,000kcal per day38641/WI/AW22/B1Horizontal

PIESTuck in and enjoy a winning pie. Our Chicken and Mushroom and Beef and Ale Pies havewon gold at the Taste of the West Awards, along with a gold star at the Great TasteAwards. Our Chicken and Mushroom Pie has also won silver in the British Pie Awards.Beef & Ale Pie§ 11.29This gold award winning* pie has chunks of tender Britishbeef,slow-cooked in a rich ale gravy§. Served with creamymashed potato, garden peas and gravy (1,073cal)newCheeze & Onion Pie11.29Violife cheeze, potato and caramelised onions ina crispy pastry. Served with roasted carrots,garden peas and a jug of gravy (816kcal)Fish Pie**§ 10.99Salmon, prawns, smoked haddock and pollock in awhite wine sauce and topped with mashed potato.Served with a salad garnish (732kcal)Add white bread and butter for 0.99 (407kcal)newChicken & Mushroom Pie§ 11.29Our award winning* pie is served withmashed potato, garden peas and gravy (1,146kcal)newTrio of Pies 13.49A selection of 3 mini pies encased in ashortcrust pastry, steak & ale§, slow cooked lamb &mint, chicken tikka. Served with your choice ofmashed potato (1,260kcal) or skin-on chips (1,270kcal),garden peas and a jug of gravyCottage Pie§ 10.49Filled with minced beef, onions, carrots and swedein a rich red wine gravy, topped with mashed potato.Served with garden peas and gravy (647kcal)HOME COMFORTSBeef Lasagne 10.49Wholetail Scampi & Chips ** 10.79Served with a mixed salad and garlic bread slices (799kcal)Served with tartare sauce and your choice ofgarden peas (813kcal) or mushy peas (855kcals)Add white bread and butter for 99p (407kcal)Lentil Hotpot10.49Filled with our mix of soya, lentils, peppers and a hint ofchipotle chilli. Layered with crispy sliced potatoes and servedwith garden peas and Tenderstem broccoli (545kcal)Sweet Potato Curry10.49Sweet potato, spinach and chickpeas in a spiced coconut sauce.Served with white rice, 2 poppadoms and mango chutney (549kcal)Chicken Tikka Curry 10.49Mac & Cheese10.49Served with a mixed salad and garlic bread slices (1,120kcal)Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 9.99A roast chicken breast served with crispy roast potatoes,roasted carrots, stuffing, savoy cabbage and garden peas.Served with a jug of chicken gravy§ (722kcal)Served with white rice, a poppadom and mango chutney (774kcal)Add Naan Bread for 49p (191kcal)Smothered Chicken 10.99Ultimate Filled Yorkie§ 10.49Three pork sausages topped with fried onions, creamy mashed potato,garden peas and gravy, all served inside a giant Yorkshire pudding(1,328kcal)GARDEN GOURMET Veggie Sausages(1,143kcal) available, just askBeer-Battered Haddock§** & Chips12.29Hand battered in Doombar beer batter and served withcrispy skin on chips, tartar sauce, and your choice ofgarden peas (989kcal) or mushy peas(1,027kcal)Add white bread and butter for 99p (407kcal) PUBFAVOURITEStreaky bacon, mozzarella, Cheddar cheese and BBQsauce topped chicken breast. Served with skin-on chips, coleslaw,a garlic bread slice and a salad garnish (865kcal)Upgrade to double smothered chicken for 1.99 (289kcal)Smothered No Chicken10.99Meatless Farm Plant-Based Chicken Breast, smothered in BBQ sauce,melting Violife cheeze, THIS Isn't Bacon and sliced tomato. Servedwith skin-on chips, vegan coleslaw and a salad garnish (745kcal)Upgrade to double smothered veganchicken for 1.99 (270kcal)Adults need around 2,000kcal per dayPIES, HOME COMFORTS & SUNDAY ROAST

BURGERSOur burgers are bursting with flavour! Unless otherwise stated, all our burgers come in atoasted sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion. Served with crispy skin-on chipsand creamy coleslaw. Want a lighter bite? Go naked without the bun.PUBBig Stack Burger 11.79GARDEN GOURMET Sensational BurgerFAVOURITETwo 1/4lb* steak burgers, Cheddar cheese,shredded lettuce, pickled gherkin, red onion and burgersauce (1,306kcal with bun; 1,155kcal without bun)new11.49Garden Gourmet Sensational vegan patty topped with a meltingViolife cheeze slice. Served in a vegan bun with skin-on chips and avegan coleslaw (1,016kcal with bun, 879kcal without bun)Add vegan THIS Isn't Bacon x2Add vegan patty with Violife cheeze sliceClassic Cheese & Bacon Burger 10.49Add vegan sloppy joeOne 1/4lb* steak burger with burger sauce(1,035kcal with bun, 884kcal without bun)for 99p (58kcal)for 2.49 (281kcal)for 1.99 (123kcal)Smothered Chicken Burger 11.99Golden-fried buttermilk chicken goujons topped withstreaky bacon, Cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce(1,046kcal with bun, 896kcal without bun)BUILD YOUR OWN BURGERx3 ButtermilkChicken Goujons& Cheese 3.49(360kcal)Cheese Slice(83kcal)49pnew SlicedMushrooms 99p(28cal)x2 StreakyBacon 99p(63kcal)new¼lb* BurgerPatty 1.99(214kcal)Mac &Cheese 1.99(185kcal)SIDESWe’re on your side with these tasty extras!Garlic Flatbread with Cheese4.49Vegan Coleslaw(755kcal)Skin-on Chips2.99Mixed Side Salad(291kcal)3.49(308kcal)3.49Beer-Battered Onion Rings 3.29§(280kcal)Tenderstem Broccoli(65kcal)99pnewRoasties with Gravy3.99(411kcal)Beer-Battered§ onion rings toppedwith our gooey cheese sauce andstreaky bacon (363kcal)Chipotle Beef Chilli Topped Chips 4.491.99(475kcal)Coleslaw2.79Loaded Onion Rings 3.49(403kcal)Jacket PotatoChips & Gravy 3.49(48kcal)Sweet Potato FriesMac & Cheese99p(188kcal)1.99Topped with gooey cheese sauce, chipotle beefchilli and reduced fat soured cream (417kcal)Fancy Sharing?Go LARGE for 1.50(serves 2, 834kcal, 417kcal per portion)(336kcal)Fancy Sharing?Go LARGE for 1.50(serves 2, 672kcal, 336kcal per portion)Mac & Cheese Topped Chips 4.49Topped with mac & cheese andstreaky bacon (493kcal)Fancy Sharing?Go LARGE for 1.50(serves 2, 986kcal, 493kcal per portion)Loaded Chilli Cheezy Chips4.49Topped with our spicy sloppy joe mix,and melted Violife cheezy(411kcal)Fancy Sharing?Go LARGE for 1.50(serves 2, 822kcal, 411kcal per portion)(167kcal)Adults need around 2,000kcal per dayBURGERS, SIDES, GREAT GRILLS & SALAD

GREAT GRILLSWe’re fired up to bring you tender 30-day aged steaks, served withskin-on chips, half a grilled tomato, beer-battered§ onion ringsand garden peas. Or swap your chips and ringsfor a fresh mixed salad (417kcal).8oz* Rump Steak 13.29 (788kcal)8oz* Sirloin Steak 15.49 (801kcal)Mixed Grill 16.494oz* rump steak, two pork sausages, half achicken breast and half a gammon steak. Served withbeer-battered§ onion rings, half a grilled tomato, twofried eggs, garden peas and skin-on chips (1,335kcal)Upgrade to an 8oz* rump steak 3.79 (150kcal)Top with BBQ sauce, streaky bacon, mozzarella& Cheddar cheese§ 99p (197kcal)Smothered Platter 13.49Buttermilk chicken goujons topped withCheddar cheese and streaky bacon.A gammon steak topped with a slice of pineappleand Cheddar cheese and a 4oz* rump steak toppedwith a fried egg. All served with skin-on chips,beer-battered onion rings§, coleslaw anda smoky BBQ dip (1,412kcal)Upgrade to an 8oz* rump steak 3.79 (150kcal)Chicken & Ribs Combo 14.99Succulent grilled chicken breast and half a rack ofpork ribs glazed in a smoky BBQ sauce. Served withskin-on chips, coleslaw and a salad garnish (958kcal)Upgrade to full rack of ribs 4.29 (380kcal)PICK A SAUCE OR SIDEGammon Steak 10.49Blue Cheese Sauce§ 1.79 (253kcal)Peppercorn Sauce§ 1.79 (29kcal)Mac & Cheese 3.49 (403kcal)Loaded Onion Rings§ 3.49 (363kcal)7oz* gammon steak served with skin-on chips,garden peas, grilled tomato (591kcal) and your choice offried eggs (216kcal), grilled pineapple rings (129kcal)or one of each (173kcal)FANCY SOMETHING LIGHTER?Build A Cobb SaladPUBFAVOURITE6.29A mix of cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn,shaved carrot, croutons and sliced avocado (285kcal)Now it's time to make it your own with a choice of toppings:Chargrilled Chicken 1.99(155kcal)4oz* Rump Steak 3.79(150kcal)Streaky Bacon x2 99p(63kcal)PUBFAVOURITEMature CheddarCheese 99p(205kcal)THIS Isn'tBacon x299p(58kcal)Meatless Farm Plant-BasedChicken Breast1.99(177kcal)Violife99pCheeze(172kcal)Then to finish, add your choice of dressing:French Dressing(66kcal)Honey & Mustard(60kcal)Blue Cheese(108kcal)Thousand Island Dressing(98kcal)Adults need around 2,000kcal per day

DESSERTSYou know there's always room, enjoy a deliciousdessert to finish!PUBCadbury NibblesIce Cream Sundae5.49FAVOURITECadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles,chocolate and caramel sauces anda chocolate flake (561kcal)Baked Cookie S’mores 5.49Melted marshmallows with hazelnutand chocolate sandwiched between two warm cookies.Served with vanilla ice cream (942kcal)Chocolate Layer Torte5.29Topped with a sprinkling of freeze-dried raspberriesand raspberry sauce (293kcal)newJam Roly Poly5.49An old school favourite.Served with either custard (496kcal)or vanilla ice cream (463kcal)Sticky Toffee PuddingOrange Bread & ButterPudding5.49Our twist on a classic.Served with custard (524kcal)or vanilla ice cream (491kcal)Caramel Apple Betty4.79Served warm with custard (391kcal)or with vanilla ice cream (359 kcals)Triple Chocolate Brownie4.99Served warm with vanilla ice creamand chocolate sauce (647kcal)Black ForestSundae 5.99PUBFAVOURITEVanilla vegan ice cream layered withchocolate torte pieces, a dark cherry compoteand chocolate sauce (498kcal)5.99Served with vanilla ice cream (720kcal) or with custard (753 kcals)Profiterole SundaenewMini Profiteroles4.79Served with your choice of hot drink(205kcal for mini pud only)5.49Layers of profiteroles, vanilla dairy ice cream and chocolateflavoured sauce. Topped with a whip of cream,a profiterole and a chocolate flake (549kcal)WHY NOT VISIT US THIS SUNDAY FOR A ROASTSERVED EVERY SUNDAYFROM 12pmAdults need around 2,000kcal per daySeafood with this mark comes fromDon’t worry, we know there are allergens in our food and drink which we need to tell you about, so please let your server know if you have a specific allergy or would like more informationan MSC servercertified sustainable fisherabout our dishes.Ingredients can occasionally be substituted or changed at short notice so please review the allergy information on the website at the time of your visit and ask you arrive.The calories provided are based on the average serving size for the whole dish or drink as detailed on the menu, unless otherwise stated. We ensure that the calorie information provided is asaccurate as possible and correct at time of printing, however some product variation may occur. Ingredients are occasionally substituted or changed which may affect the calorie information.HorizontalSeafood with this markcomes from an MSC certifiedsustainable MSC-C-55716White TMVertical38645/WI/AW22/B1Suitable for vegetarians. Suitable for vegans. *Approximate weight uncooked. **May contain small bones or shell. §May containtraces of alcohol May contain one or more tails per piece. May contain fruit stones. Fish, meat and poultry dishes may containbones. Menu descriptions may not list every ingredient, please ask for more information. Terms & conditions: The Value menu isavailable 12pm – 6pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.It is not available in conjunction with any offer and is subject toavailability. Offers, vouchers, discounts or promotions (including the Whitbread discount card) cannot be used in conjunction with thismenu; however it can be used with loyalty points-based vouchers but not loyalty celebratory offers. Images are for illustrative purposesonly. Cadbury is a registered trademark of Mondeléz International used under licence. Reg. Trademark used in agreement with theTrademark owner. Registered Trademark. NI units will vary, please see the full drinks menu for further information. Alcohol servedto over 18s only, see main drinks menu for more information.Blue TM

Garden Gourmet vegan patty topped with a melting Violife cheezy slice. Served in a vegan brioche style bun with a vegan coleslaw (1,126kcal with bun, 928kcal without bun) Add vegan THIS Isn't Bacon x2 for 99p (40kcal) Add vegan patty with Violife cheezy slice for 2.49 (281kcal) Add vegan sloppy joe for 1.99 (123kcal)

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