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MLA G UIDES FORW RIT ING A ND RESEA R CH2 0 20 — 21FORTHCOMING APRIL 2021LA GU I D E TOUndergraduateResearch inLiteratureADOPT MLA GUIDES!Teach your undergraduate students effective research techniques, sourceevaluation, and citation by adopting guides from the authority on student writing.

QUESTIONS ABOUTMLA STYLE?FORTHCOMING APRIL 2021MLA HandbookNinth Editionc. 400 pp. 6 9Paper: 22.00Member price: 15.40ISBN 978-1-60329-351-8Casebound: 45.00Member price: 31.50ISBN 978-1-60329-561-1Spiral-bound 32.00Member price: 22.40ISBN 978-1-60329-562-8EPUB edition: 22.00Member price: 15.40ISBN 978-1-60329-352-5Kindle edition: 22.00Member price: 15.40ISBN 978-1-60329-353-2The eighth edition of the MLA Handbook is stillavailable for fall 2020 and spring 2021 courses.For nearly seventy years, the ModernLanguage Association has helpedstudent writers choose trustworthysources and use them to support theirown ideas. Now, the authority on writing and research presents the clearestapproach to MLA style yet with theninth edition of the MLA Handbook.The ninth edition works as both a textbook and a reference guide. Focusingon source evaluation, it features awealth of visual examples and updatedadvice on punctuation and grammar,2footnotes and endnotes, annotatedbibliographies, and paper formatting.Although there are numerous websites, apps, reference works, and cheatsheets that claim to help with MLAstyle, there’s only one truly authoritativeresource to help your students on theirpaths to becoming better writers. Theninth edition of the MLA Handbook isthe most comprehensive guide the MLAhas ever produced, with an all -inclusiveapproach to writing, research, documentation, and formatting.MLA MEMBERS GET 30% OFF ALL TITLES

WE’VE GOT ANSWERS!An all-in-one resource that makes MLA style easierto learn and use, the MLA Handbook includes expanded, in-depth guidance on creating works-citedlist entries using the MLA template of core elements thatexplains what each core element is, where to find it invarious sources, and how to style it a new, easy-to-follow explanation of in-text citations a new chapter containing recommendations for usinginclusive language a new appendix with hundreds of sample works-cited-listentries by publication format, including books, databases,websites, YouTube videos, interviews, and more updated guidelines on avoiding plagiarismstyle.mla.orgThe MLA Style Center is the free online companion tothe MLA Handbook and the only authorized websitedevoted to MLA style. See hundreds of example citations not in the handbook.Use our new interactive teaching tool.Read sample papers.Get teaching advice, lesson plans, and activities.Ask the MLA editors questions.Download our paper-formatting guidelines.W W W. M L A . O R G / B O O K S TO R E3

BROOKBANK &CH R ISTE N B E R RYM LA GU I D E TOM LA G U I D E TOUndergraduate Research in LiteratureUndergraduateResearch inLiteratureMLA Guide toUndergraduateResearch in LiteratureElizabeth Brookbankand H. Faye Christenberry“This book’s strength is its groundingE LIZ A B E T H B R O O K B A N KH . FAYE CH R I S T E N B E R RYin students’ real experiences,questions, and assignments. . . . Theauthors’ willingness to engage withcomplex processes like evaluation andtopic selection is welcome.”—Anne-Marie Deitering,Oregon State UniversityWhat makes a good research topic in a literature class? What does your professor meanby “peer-reviewed” sources? What shouldyou do if you can’t find enough material? Thisapproachable guide walks students throughthe process of research in literary studies,providing them with tools for responding successfully to course assignments.Written by two experienced librarians,the guide introduces the resources available through college and university libraries and explains how to access the ones astudent needs. It focuses on research inliterature, identifying relevant databasesand research guides and explaining different types of sources and the role eachplays in researching and writing about a lit-4AVAILABLE NOW137 pp. 6 9Paper: 16.00Member price: 11.20ISBN 978-1-60329-436-2EPUB:Kindle:ISBN 978-1-60329-437-9ISBN 978-1-60329-438-6Subject Areas:Bibliographical andTextual StudiesBibliographies andResearch GuidesWriting GuidesMLA Styleerary text. But it contains helpful information for any student researcher, describing strategies for searching the Web tofind the most useful material and offeringguidance on organizing research and documenting sources with MLA style.MLA MEMBERS GET 30% OFF ALL TITLES

MLA Guideto Digital LiteracyEllen C. Carillo“This guide offers strategies for digitalliteracy—strategies that, as researchclearly shows, students lack andurgently need.”—Alice Horning, Oakland UniversityStudents face challenges assessing,responding to, and producing information in today’s fast-paced, complex digital landscape. This guide helps studentsunderstand why digital literacy is a critically important skill: their education, futurecareers, and participation in democraticprocesses rely on it. Hands-on, structuredactivities give students strategies for evaluating the credibility of sources, detectingfake news, understanding bias, and more.Readings and writing prompts supportspecific concepts, including how to craft aresearch question and effectively conductsearches. An appendix contains three sample lesson plans.AVAILABLE NOW148 pp. 6 9Paper: 16.00Member price: 11.20ISBN 978-1-60329-439-3EPUB:Kindle:ISBN 978-1-60329-440-9ISBN 978-1-60329-441-6Subject Areas:Bibliographies andResearch GuidesDigital PedagogyW W W. M L A . O R G / B O O K S TO R E5

How Students WriteA Linguistic AnalysisLaura Louise Aull“This book fills a critical gap in ourunderstanding of how undergraduatesand early-career graduate studentsdevelop as academic writers and,crucially, why their writing evolves theway it does.”—Dylan B. Dryer, University of MaineBroad generalizations about “people today”are a familiar feature of first-year studentwriting. How Students Write brings a freshperspective to this perennial observation,using corpus linguistics techniques. Thisstudy analyzes sentence- level patterns instudent writing to develop an understanding of how students present evidence, drawconnections between ideas, relate to theirreaders, and, ultimately, learn to constructknowledge in their writing.Drawing on both first-year and upperlevel student writing, the book examinesthe discourse of students at different pointsin their education. It also distinguishesbetween argumentative and analytic essaysto explore the way school genres and assignments shape students’ choices.In focusing on sentence-level features6AVAILABLE NOW206 pp. 6 9Cloth: 65.00Member price: 45.50ISBN 978-1-60329-468-3Paper: 34.00Member price: 23.80ISBN 978-1-60329-452-2EPUB:Kindle:ISBN 978-1-60329-453-9ISBN 978-1-60329-454-6Subject Areas:Composition StudiesLinguisticssuch as hedges (“perhaps”) and boosters(“definitely”), this study shows how suchrhetorical choices work together to open orclose opportunities for thoughtful exchangesof ideas. Attention to these features canhelp instructors foster civil discourse,design effective assignments, and exposeand question norms of higher education.MLA MEMBERS GET 30% OFF ALL TITLES

Writing ChangesAlphabetic Text andMultimodal CompositionEdited byPegeen Reichert Powell“This kind of collection on multimodalcomposition is long overdue.”—Duane Roen, Arizona State UniversityWriting Changes moves beyond restrictivethinking about composition to examine writing as a material and social practice richwith contradictions. It analyzes the assumeddichotomy between writing and multimodalcomposition (which incorporates sounds,images, and gestures) as well as the truismthat all texts are multimodal. Organized infour sections, the essays explore alphabetictext and multimodal composition in writingstudies; specific pedagogies that placewriting in productive conversation with multimodal forms; current representations ofwriting and multimodality in textbooks, ofinstructors’ attitudes toward social media,and of writing programs; and ideas aboutwriting studies as a discipline in the light ofAVAILABLE NOW316 pp. 6 9Cloth: 80.00Member price: 45.50ISBN 978-1-60329-473-7Paper: 34.00Member price: 23.80ISBN 978-1-60329-474-4EPUB:Kindle:ISBN 978-1-60329-475-1ISBN 978-1-60329-476-8Subject Areas:Composition StudiesInterdisciplinary Studiesnew communication practices.Bookending the essays are an introduction that frames the collection andestablishes key terms and concepts andan epilogue that both sums up and complicates the ideas in the essays.W W W. M L A . O R G / B O O K S TO R E7

Improving OutcomesEdited byDiane Kelly-Rileyand Norbert Elliot“This book reaffirms why writingassessment at the postsecondary levelin the United States is among the mostinteresting and forward-thinking workin the field.”—David Slomp, University of LethbridgeStudents thrive when they are exposed toa variety of disciplinary genres, and theirlives—and our institutions—are enrichedby improving their writing outcomes. Takingaccount of evolving research, writing in thedisciplines, and demographic and institutional shifts in higher education, this volume imagines new ways to improve writing outcomes by broadening the focus ofassessment to wider issues of humanityand society.The essays—by contributors fromdiverse fields, from writing studies to nursing, engineering, and architecture—demonstrate innovative classroom practicesand curricular design that place fairnessand the situatedness of language at thecenter of writing instruction. Contributors8WINTER 2020288 pp. 6 9Cloth: 80.00Member price: 56.00ISBN 978-1-60329-512-3Paper: 38.00Member price: 26.60ISBN 978-1-60329-513-0EPUB:Kindle:ISBN 978-1-60329-514-7ISBN 978-1-60329-515-4Subject Areas:Composition Studiesreflect on a wide range of examples, from adisability-as-insight model to reckoning withpostcolonial legacies, and the essays consider a variety of institutions, classrooms,and types of assessment, including culturally responsive assessment and peer feedback in digital environments.MLA MEMBERS GET 30% OFF ALL TITLES

Line by LineHow to EditYour Own WritingClaire Kehrwald Cook“Line by Line . . . encourages andfacilitates a precision in English syntaxand usage that will add force to thework of any writer.”—College Composition and CommunicationRemarkably accessible and a pleasure toread, Line by Line reveals the techniquesused by professional editors to detect andrevise flawed prose. Writers learn to catchtheir errors and to apply practical revisionstrategies that can be adapted to any sortof exposition. Hundreds of poorly writtensentences are corrected step-by-step.Line by Line concentrates, as no otherbook does, on specific ways to improvefirst drafts. It shows writers how to recognize and eliminate the stylistic faultsthat most often impede reading andobscure meaning.A popular feature of the book is anAVAILABLE NOW219 pp. 6 9Paper: 13.95Member price: 9.76ISBN 978-0-39539-391-8Subject Areas:Publishing and EditingWriting GuidesMLA Styleappendix that, in glossary form, discussestroublesome usages (e.g., disinterested vs.uninterested, may vs. might, the subjunctivemood, that vs. which, who vs. whom). Anotherappendix reviews elementary syntax.W W W. M L A . O R G / B O O K S TO R E9

Helping StudentsWrite WellA Guide for Teachersin All Disciplinessecond editionBarbara E. Fassler WalvoordHelping Students Write Well has becomethe standard manual for college instructors seeking to integrate writing into theircourses more effectively. The book suggests techniques for responding to student work, guiding student peer groups,and dealing with specific writing problems.Aimed at college faculty members in avariety of disciplines—history, sociology,biology, marketing, psychology, literature,and others—Barbara Walvoord’s lively textprovides methods for helping students generate ideas; bring topics into focus; gatherand integrate library information; organizereasoning and evidence; follow a requiredformat; draft, revise, and edit; improve styleand mechanics; and compose visual aids.10AVAILABLE NOW253 pp. 6 9Paper: 19.75Member price: 13.83ISBN 978-0-87352-201-4Subject Areas:Composition StudiesWriting GuidesUnique to this edition are sevendetailed case histories that describe howteachers in various disciplines have appliedWalvoord’s techniques in actual courses.Helping Students Write Well is anessential tool both for those who teach writing and for those who want to make writinga significant part of their courses.MLA MEMBERS GET 30% OFF ALL TITLES

O R D E R I N G I N F O R M AT I O StatesMLA publications are distributed by HFS. Most MLAtitles are available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, indiCo,and other major wholesalers and distributors at ashort discount.Mail orders:HFS, PO Box 50370, Baltimore, MD, 21211-4370, USAPhone (8:30–5:00 EST):800 537-5487 or 410 516-6965Fax: 410 516-6998E-mail: hfscustserv@jh.eduWe also accept EDI orders via Pubnet. SAN: 2027348Regional sales reps: ers/.CanadaBrunswick BooksMail orders: 14 Afton Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6J 1R7Phone: 416 703-3598Fax: 416 703-6561E-mail: orders@brunswickbooks.cawww.brunswickbooks.caOther TerritoriesFor orders from the United Kingdom, Continental Europe,Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australasia, pleaseplace orders through Eurospan.Mail orders: Eurospan Gray's Inn House, 127Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5DB, United KingdomPhone: 44 (0) 1767 604972Fax: 44 (0) 1767 601640E-mail: eurospan@turpin-distribution.comIndividual orders can be placed using the contact detailsabove or by visiting the Eurospan bookstore further information:Tel: 44 (0) 207 240 0856Fax: 44 (0) 207 379 0609E-mail: AND EXAM COPIESPlease visit review the forthcoming ninth edition of the MLA Handbook or any othertitles, please contact Tanya Leet ( N L I N E C ATA L O G A N D B O O K S T O R EMLA catalogs are available in PDF format on the MLA bookstore

Teach your undergraduate students effectiveresearch techniques, source evaluation, andcitation by adopting guides from the authorityon student writing.ADOPT MLA GUIDES!MODERN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA85 BROAD STREET, SUITE 500NEW YORK, NY 10004-2434

WE'VE GOT ANSWERS! An all-in-one resource that makes MLA style easier to learn and use, the MLA Handbook includes expanded, in-depth guidance on creating works-cited- . Get teaching advice, lesson plans, and activities. Ask the MLA editors questions. Download our paper-formatting guidelines. 3. 4 MLA MEMERS GET 30 OFF ALL .

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The purpose of this document is to provide keystone fundamentals of MLA 8th Edition. This document is not intended to serve or function as an end-all/be-all MLA resource or a fully instructive guide. It seeks to describe and exemplify the process of MLA 8th Edition. For more information about MLA 8th Edition, please visit

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The guidelines have been developed to reinforce MLA as a professional company and ensure MLA is recognised for the work it invests in. The guidelines consist of two key documents. 1. The MLA brand guidelines (pages 3-20) These guidelines outline how the MLA logo and sub brands are to be used in various mediums.

ABOUT THE MLA STYLE The MLA style is one of a number of styles of referencing or bibliographic citation that is used widely for academic writing, particularly in the humanities . MLA uses an author-page system of in-text citation, e.g. (Mullan 24), and a Works Cited list at the end of the document. The MLA style is very flexible, thus you

Jan 15, 2018 · Paper Format The preparation of papers and manuscripts in MLA style is covered in chapter four of the MLA Handbook, and chapter four of the MLA Style Manual. Below are some basic guidelines for formatting a paper in MLA style. General Guidelines Type your paper on a computer

MLA International Bibliography Teaching Tools The MLA provides short tutorial videos that help users make the most of the bibliography's rich metadata and its advanced searching and filtering features. A free, 90-minute online course Understanding the MLA International Bibliography teaches students the scope and purpose of the MLA Bibliography

MLA Style MLA style calls for (1) brief in-text documentation and (2) complete bib liographic information in a list of works cited at the end of your text. The models and examples in this chapter draw on the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook, published by the Modern Language Association in 2016. For additional information, visit

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