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Sara Kauss PhotographyWeddingsh

The perfect wedding,in one simple packageh1Sara Kauss Photography

Sara Kauss PhotographyWith a shoreline of pink sand,exclusive tropical gardens anda bluff overlooking the beach,our wedding package makes iteasy for couples to bring theirwedding dreams to life.v2

Wedding PackagehCouples must book at least eight rooms for a three nightstay to be married at Coral Sands and take advantageof our Wedding Package, covering all your weddingneeds including:lllllllllllOn Site Wedding ConsultantWedding LocationBeach CeremonyAssistance with Wedding DocumentsMarriage LicenseWedding OfficiantBridal BouquetUse of Resort Property for Wedding PhotographyWedding Day CoordinationPreferred Outside Vendor and Service CoordinationBottle of ChampagneWedding Package 5,000.00 plus 12% VAT3Sara Kauss Photography

DetailshAs part of your Wedding package you can trust Coral Sands to simplifyyour planning and make your wedding day everything you have everimagined.l Wedding SpecialistOur on-site expert will work with you to reserve your dates, plan the schedule ofevents, coordinate all food and beverage details from menu design to customizedcocktails, and assist with other aspects of your wedding experience with us. Wehave a fully stocked and well maintained “Wedding Room” for you to view firsthand what we have to work with. We assist with your Wedding Day Timelinemaking your Wedding Day flawless.l FlowersAs part of your Wedding Package we will assist you with Floral Arranging as allFlowers must be imported with Required Governmental Permits. We can alsorecommend Floral Designers from our Preferred Vendor Listing of Florists, orwork with the Florist of your choice.l CakesOur Executive Chef will create a customized wedding cake for you, with yourfavorite flavors and dream design, prices vary and all baking and decorating isdone in house.l Linens and Tabletop DécorCoral Sands offers fine quality cutlery, china and glassware for all our Banquets.We are happy to assist in the design and theme of your Reception using ourcollection of Décor items carefully curated on property, the choice is yours.Customized Linens and tabletop décor can also be obtained and shipped to usfrom Outside Vendors if you would prefer. We are happy to work and coordinatewith your Wedding Planner should you have one.4

ReceptionhWedding Receptions and Rehearsal Dinners at Coral Sands areheld at the Beautiful Beach Bar.The Beach Bar is located directly overlooking our World FamousPink Sands Beach and can hold up to 150 people comfortably.Our Executive Chef prides himself on culinary creativity, andoffers an extensive array of menus to choose from. Or, we cancompletely custom-design a menu for you, along with your choiceof Wines and Bar Service. Whatever the wedding event, fromWelcome Cocktail Parties to your Grand Reception and DepartureBrunch, our team will assist from planning to coordinating everydetail.Our Bar offers a diverse selection of Premium Liquors,Champagnes and Wines. We pride ourselves on our eclecticHouse Selections as well. Bar Service can be arranged viaconsumption (charged by the drink) or by choosing an Open Bar,charged by the person per hour.All Food and Beverage is subject to Bahamian Government VatTax of 12% and 18% Service Charge. The Beach Bar SetUp feeis 2,000.00 for a four hour function.v5

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Joshua Kane PhotographyFor more information please contact usat 242-333-2350 or at silma@coralsands.comh

l Wedding Location l Beach Ceremony l Assistance with Wedding Documents l Marriage License l Wedding Officiant l Bridal Bouquet l Use of Resort Property for Wedding Photography l Wedding Day Coordination l Preferred Outside Vendor and Service Coordination l Bottle of Champagne Wedding Package 5,000.00 plus 12% VAT h 3 Sara Kauss Photography

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