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U.S. Department of JusticeFederal Bureau of PrisonsFCI Greenville, IllinoisINSTITUTION SUPPLEMENTCorrectional Services·5267.09BMay 3, 2017OPI:NUMBER:DATE:Visiting Regulations . .V:,d.Approved:wad, 'JT.G. Werlich, WardenFCI Greenville1.PURPOSE: To afford offenders housed at the FederalCorrectional Institution/Federal Prison Camp (FCI/FPC) inGreenville, Illinois, the privilege of having visitors oftheir choice within specific guidelines, in order toenhance inmate morale and to maintain relationships withtheir family or others in the community.2.DIRECTIVES AFFECTED:A. Directives Referenced:P.S. 5267.09, Visiting Regulations (12/10/15)P.S. 1315.07, Legal Activities, Inmate (11/05/99)P.S. 5100.08, Inmate Security Designation and CustodyClassification (09/12/06)P.S. 7331.04, Pre-Trial Inmates (01/31/03)P.S. 5500.11, CN-3 Correctional Services Manual (6/02/16)B. Directives Rescinded:I.S. GRE 5267.09A, Visiting Regulations, dated (05/23/16)P.S. 5500.11, CN-2 Correctional Services Manual (3/31/15)GRE-5267.09805-03-17

23.ACA STANDARDS REFERENCED: American Correctional Association4th Edition Standards for Adult Correctional Institutions:4-4156, 4-4255, 4-4498, 4-4499-1, 4500, 4-4501, 4-4503,4-4504. P5267.08, Para 21; P5500.11, CH 4, Sec 406)4-4267, 4-4285, 4-ALDF-2A-27, 4-ALDF-2A-61, 4-ALDF-5B-02,4-ALDF-5B-034.DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURES :A.Preparation of the Inmate Visiting List:Uponadmission to FCI/FPC Greenville, each inmate will begiven a Visitor Information form (BPS629.052) to becompleted and returned to the Unit Team for finalapproval.The inmate will be required to forward acopy of the Visiting Regulations (Attachment A) and aVisitor Information form (BP-S629.052) to the proposedvisitor(s). The Visitor Information form (BP-S629.052)must be returned to the Unit Team by the visitor priorto any further action concerning the visit.Uponreceipt of the completed authorization form, the UnitTeam will initiate a National Crime Information Center(NCIC)/National Law Enforcement TelecommunicationSystem (NLETS) inquiry.Ordinarily, when an inmate transfers from oneinstitution to another, staff need not re-approve thevisitors alre dy contained on the inmate's visitinglist.However, staff should review the visiting listto ensure the approved visitors are still appropriate.When possible, the unit team should be consulted priorto approval of a visitor not on the inmate's approvedvisiting list.After the appropriate investigation, the Unit Teamwill prepare and place a hard copy of the approvedvisiting list in the inmate's central file.The UnitTeam will notify the inmate of those visitors who havebeen approved. An inmate's visiting list will notcontain more than ten (10) friends and associates,other than immediate family members.NCIC/NLETSinquiries which result in denial of visitation will beretained in the FOI section of the inmates CentralFile with the visitor's information sheet.The Unit Team will periodically review the visitinglist to ensure its accuracy.The list may be amendedby the inmate''submitting the changes on an InmateGRE-5267.09805-03-17

3Request to Staff Member form, to his/her Unit Team.Inmates may make changes to their visiting lis at anytime with the approval of the Correctional Counselor.The Front Desk and Camp Message Center computers havea backup file placed on them in the event the visitingprogram is inoperable.This file is in pdf format andlists the approved visitors for each inmate. The fileis updated monthly by the Computer ServicesDepartment.Disapproving Visitors: If information reveals thatvisitation privileges for a visitor would presentsecurity concerns or disrupt the orderly running ofthe institution, the Associate Warden may denyvisiting priv leges. Unit Staff will providedocumentation to the Unit Manager showingjustification for the denial of the visitor. The UnitManager will provide the Warden with the documentationfor his/her approval.B.Limitations: Only those visitors documented on theapproved visiting list will be authorized to visit, aspreviously described. Inmates housed in the FCI andFPC will be limited to four (4) adult visitors at onetime and five (5) children under the age of 16.Proposed visitors who are under the age of 16 must beaccompanied by a parent, legal guardian or immediatefamily member.Those visitors who are 16 and 17 yearsof age will be authorized to visit with the writtenapproval of a parent, legal guardian or immediatefamily member.Adult visitors will be responsible for the conduct ofchildren under their supervision.This includeskeeping them within the authorized visiting areas.Inmates and visitors will be responsible for keepingtheir children quiet so they do not disrupt others.Visitors are prohibited from bringing animals oninstitutional grounds unless the animal is a dog thatassists disabled persons.C.Overcrowding: If overcrowded conditions occur, it maybecome necessary to terminate social visits.Thiswill ordinarily be done in the order of the visitor'sGRE-5267.09B05-03-17

4arrival in the Visiting Room and after a visit of two(2) hours. Exceptions will be made for visitors whohave traveled long distances and who do not visitfrequently.Prior to the termination of visits, theOperations Lieutenant and/or Institutional DutyOfficer will be advised and will supervise theprocess. :;·D.Points: FCI visiting will be regulated by a pointsystem.Each inmate will be given forty (40) pointsevery month. All inmates will be vested with40 points at the beginning of each month. One pointwill represent one hour of visiting time on weekdays.Two points will represent one hour of visiting time onweekends and federal holidays. Unused points will notbe accrued and added to the next month's points.E.Visiting Schedule and Attire:FPC VISITING DAYS & ----8:00Monday----------------9:30Federal 3:003:00p.m.p.m.p.m.p.m.FCI VISITING DAYS & HOURS:Saturday--------------8:00 a.m.Sunday------- --------8:00 a.m.Monday----------------8:00 a.m.Federal Holidays------8:00 a.m.totototo3:003:003:003:00p.m.p.m.p.m.p.m.SHU VISITING DAYS & ----8:00Monday----------------8:00Federal Holidays------8:00(Video visiting of one andF.a.m. to 3:00a.m. to 3:00a.m. to 3:00a.m. to 3:00a half hoursp.m.p.m.p.m.p.m.per visit)Inmate Attire: FCI Inmates entering the Visiting Roomwill be dressed in institution clothing to includeinstitution issued shoes.Inmates at the FPC areallowed to wear tennis shoes while in visiting.Inmates who are authorized to wear soft shoes, via anauthorization issued by Health Services, will berequired to wear those shoes provided by visiting roomstaff (bus shoes). Inmates that have been issued theblack oxford style shoes from Health Services will be. .I'GRE-5267.09805-03-17

5: rallowed to wear these shoes in the Visiting Room. Allinmates should carry a copy of their soft shoe permitwith them when reporting to the Visiting Room.Inmates that have bought the light brown Hushpuppyshoes through the Commissary will be allowed to wearthem during their visit in the Visiting Room.Inmatesare authorized to wear approved religious head gear(Kufi) . All FCI inmates will be required to haveshirt tails tucked in, pants worn above the waste andbelts.Inmates may carry the following items into theVisiting Room area:1)2)3)4)5)6)7)One combOne handkerchiefOne wedding band (plain)One religious medallion w/chainLeg l materials (legal visits only)Prescription eyeglassesInmate I.D. cardAll items taken into the Visiting Room will beinventoried and tracked on the appropriate VisitingRoom, Authorized Items Log (Attachments C (FCI) and D(FPC). The same items must leave the Visiting Roomwith the inmate.All inmates entering and departing the FCI VisitingRoom will be visually searched and screened with ahand-held metal detector. All inmates entering theVisiting Room at the FPC will be pat searched. Randomvisual searches will be conducted on inmates departingthe FPC Visiting Room.All inmates entering and departing the FCI VisitingRoom will be identified by photo identification.Thephoto card maintained in the processing room will beutilized for dentification purposes.FPC inmateswill be identified using the inmate's commissary card.G.Visitor Attire: All visitors will be properly dressedwhen coming to visit at the FCI and FPC. Visitors willbe expected to wear clothing which is in good taste.The Information Receptionist will ensure all visitorsare dressed appropriately. Visitors are prohibitedfrom wearing sleeveless shirts, low cut, or see-GRE-5267.09805-03-17

6through clothing, tube or tank tops, shorts/skirtsjogging suits, backless clothing, open-toed shoes orany other apparel of a suggestive or revealing nature(e.g., short shorts, miniskirts (anything more thantwo (2) inches above the knee is unacceptable) ,skin-tight clothing, etc.) No hats, large or hardheadbands, large bows, large clips, non-prescriptionsunglasses or excessively large jewelry that has asharp edge and or point are allowed in the VisitingRoom.FCI inmates are responsible for advising theirvisitors of the dress requirements in the VisitingRoom, including not wearing clothing orange,Camouflage and or khaki in color.Visitors will not be allowed to enter the institutionwearing light brown Hushpuppy shoes that are the sametype as the inmates are allowed to buy through theCommissary and are authorized to wear into theVisiting Room.The Operations Lieutenant or Duty Officer will beconsulted prior to denying a visitor entry into theinstitution because of his or her attire.Excessiveprovocative attire is a reason to deny and/or precludevisiting.H.Search of Religious Attire and Headwear: Whendetermined it is necessary for a visitor to removereligious garments, (e.g., yarmulkes, turbans, prayershawls, etc.), for proper inspection, considerationshould be given to all established procedures inProgram Statement, Searching and Detaining orArresting Persons Other than Inmates.This policydefines routine procedures of inmate visitors andprovides Wardens the discretion for advanced searcheswith a qualification of reasonable suspicion.The removal/inspection of a bona fide religiousarticle as a condition of visiting could be construedas a more intrusive search procedure rather than asimple search of "personal effects." Should staffbelieve a more thorough search is required; the testfor reasonable suspicion should be applied.Whenremoval and inspection searches are deemed necessary,the least intrusive means of preventing theintroduction of contraband should be employed. Whenthe removal and inspection of any clothing or wrap. .GRE-5267.09805-03-17

. -7covering the face or hair is required, the searchshould be conducted in a private area by staff of thesame gender. **Children (12 years and younger) areexempt from the above dress code.I.Regular Inmate Visitors: Members of the ImmediateFamily and Other Relatives include mother, father,stepparents, foster parents, brothers, sisters,spouse, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, inlaws, and cousins.Individuals who have, throughmarriage or other legal activity, acquired differentlast names will be allowed to visit after submittingdocumentation to the inmate's Unit Team prior to theinitial visit.The documentation must verify thevisitor's status as immediate family.The word"spouse" includes a common-law relationship previouslyestablished i a state honoring such a relationship.An inmate who has provided the name of a common-lawrelation must forward verifying documentation tohis/her Unit Team.This may include, but is notlimited to, joint leases or contracts, joint bankaccounts, or utility bills with both parties named.The inmate's Unit Team will review the material andplace the common-law relation on the visiting listonce the relationship is verified.J.Other Visitors: A completed Visitor Information form(BP-8629.052) will be required prior to considerationfor approval.Visiting privileges shall be extendedto friends and associates having establishedrelationship prior to confinement. Exceptions to theprior relationship rule may be made, particularly forinmates without other visitors, when it is shown thatthe proposed visitor is reliable and poses no threatto the security or good orderly running of theinstitution.THE WARDEN MUST APPROVE ANY EXCEPTION TOTHIS REQUIREMENT.K.Business Visitors:The inmate's unit team isresponsible for verifying any potential visitor as aformer business associate of the inmate.Even thoughthe inmate has turned over the operation of a businessor profession to another person, there may be anoccasion where a decision must be made which willsubstantially affect the assets or prospects of thebusiness.In such cases, the Warden may permit aspecial visit.GRE-5267.09805-03-17

8L.Special Visits:The Warden or his/her designee mayauthorize special visits.Inmates must submit aspecial visit request to his/her Unit Team at leastseven days in advance of the visiting date. Specialvisits for foreign inmates by a consularrepresentative of that country are considered as aspecial visit.Upon approval, the Unit Manager willnotify in writing the Operations Lieutenant,Information Receptionist, and the Visiting RoomOfficer, of the Special Visit.The Unit Team willarrange and supervise special visits.M.Clergy Visits:Clergy visits to inmates are approvedthrough the Religious Services Department.Clergyvisits will be verified by the Chaplain, and thevisits will be approved for certain days duringregular hours in the Visiting Room. Visits from clergyother than the minister of record will be inaccordance with the general visitor procedures andwill count against the total number of regularvisiting points allowed per month. A Chaplain willissue an authorization memorandum for each visit. Acopy of this memorandum will be provided to theLieutenants' Office, Front Entrance Officer, and theVisiting Room Officer. When the Clergy arrives, he orshe will be checked in as expeditiously as possible,utilizing the same procedures used for attorneys.N.Professional/Legal Visits:Representatives of lawenforcement agencies, U.S. Parole Offices, attorneys,para-legal, legal assistants and mental healthprofessionals···performing court ordered examinationswill receive priority when in processing.Legalrepresentatives are to call and schedule their legalvisits with the inmate's Unit Manager, at least 24hours prior to the visit. Every effort should be madeto schedule the visit during normal visiting hours.If approved, the Unit Manager will prepare and forwardAttachment B, which authorizes the visit, anddistribute copies as indicated on the form. If thevisit is scheduled during non-visiting hours, the UnitTeam will provide supervision of the visit.Thevisiting room must be reserved by contacting theCaptain's Secretary. These prearranged legal visitswill not count against the inmate's monthly points.Staff may not subject visits between an attorney andan inmate to auditory supervision.To the extentpracticable, attorney visits, for both pre-trial ands ntenced inmates, are to take place in a privateGRE-5267.09805-03-17

9conference roqm. Where such a room is not available,the attorney visit may occur in a regular visitingroom, provided the inmate and the inmate's attorneyhave a degree of separation from other visitors.Itis important that the inmate/attorney visit beafforded a private meeting area. On occasion, asituation may arise where private conference rooms arein use and the attorney does not wish to meet in aregular visiting room. When this occurs, the attorneyis to be offered the opportunity to reschedule thevisit when a more private area is available.There will be no set standard operating proceduresrequiring or not requiring removal and inspectionsearches, but the determination should be made on acase by case basis taking into account the nature ofthe visit, credentials of the visitor, and theirrelationship to the inmate.0.Visits to Offenders not in Regular Population Status:. ·1)Admission and Holdover Status: Visits occurringduring the initial 72-hour intake period will belimited to immediate family, pending verificationof proposed visitors.The Warden may limit tothe immediate family of the inmate visits duringthe admission orientation period or for holdoverswhere there is neither a visiting list from atransferring institution nor other verificationof proposed visitors.Inmates transferred fromother federal facilities will maintain theirapproved visiting list unless circumstanceswarrant a change. All visitors will bere-checked through NCIC/NLETS.2)Hospital Patients: When visitors request to seean inmate who is hospitalized in the institution,the Associate Warden (Programs) will be theapproving authority, after consulting with theChief Medical Officer (or in his absence, theHealth S rvices Administrator), and the Captain.When the Chief Medical Officer, or, the HealthServices Administrator, recommends against thevisit, because of the inmate's medical condition,the situation is to be carefully explained to theproposed visitor and documented in the inmate'scentral file.Visits to inmates hospitalized inGRE-5267.09805-03-17

10the community may be restricted to only theimmediate family.They are subject to thegeneral visiting policy of that hospital and theprior approval of the Associate Warden(Programs) .3)P.Special Housing Unit:SHU visiting will occur onSaturday, Sunday and Mondays between the hours of8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Visits will last amaximum .of one and a half hours. Visiting forinmates in SHU will be video visiting andscheduled on a first come, first serve basis.Entrance/Exit Procedures:Staff must be able to verify the identity of visitorsprior to admission into the institution.Eachvisitor, age 16 and above, is required to present aform of government (i.e., passport, driver's license,state or local identification card) photoidentification. Mexican consular identification cards(matricular consular cards) will not be accepted asvalid form of identification.All visitors must clear the walk through metaldetector in the front lobby and their personalbelongings must be scanned through the front lobbyX-ray machine. Items not authorized may be returned tothe visitor's vehicle, or placed in a secured visitor slocker at the·· ·'FPC and FCI.Staff may not accept articles or gifts of any kind foran inmate, unless prior approval from the Warden ordesignee in writing.An inmate visitor may not leave money with any staffmember for deposit in the inmate's commissary account.Visitors will not be allowed to bring in or giveanything to an inmate. Visitors will not leave thevisiting room with any food items or items that werenot originally authorized and brought into thevisiting room.If a visitor is found in violation of the rules andguidelines of the FPC and FCI, criminal prosecutionmay be initiated in the case of criminal violations.GRE-5267.09805-03-17

IIAny act or effort to violate the rules and guidelinesof FPC and FCI visiting regulations may result indisciplinary action against the inmate, which mayinclude the denial of future visits over an extendedperiod of time.1)Professional Visits: These visitors will berequired to sign in upon arrival and departure.In addition, professional visitors, exceptFederal Law Enforcement Personnel, will berequired to complete a Notification to Visitorform (BP-A224.022).2)Social Visitors:These visitors will be requiredto complete a Notification to Visitor form (BPA224. 022) upon arrival.These forms will bemaintained for a period of one (1) year.Thevisitors will sign in upon arrival, and sign outwhen departing.Only then,following articles are authorized to becarried into the institution by visitors:a)One wallet or one small clear change purse.b)TBS Cash to Card vending system will requirea vending card that can be purchased in theFront Lobby or Message Center areas for 5.00 by initially using only a 5.00 billand will be pre-loaded with 2.00 already onthe card.Each TBS Cash to Cardvending dispenser can have cash added ontoan existing card in the followingdenominations including l's, 5's, 10's & 20's with a maximum balance of 99.00.Change currency cannot be applied to thevending card. No cash or change currency isallowed past the screening site in the FrontLobby or Message Center.c)Identification with photo.d)Essential medication (will be limited to theamount needed during the visiting period andcontrolled by the Visiting Room Officer).GRE-5267.09805-03-I 7

12e)The following items will be permitted wheninfants are visiting:Diapers (enough forvisit), Baby wipes, One change of infantclothing, Baby bottles with contents, Two(2) small jars of baby food and One (1)receiving blanket. All items will besubject to search by the Visiting RoomOfficer.Items not authorized to enter the FCI/FPCVisiting Room may either be secured in thelockers in the entrance area or returned to thevisitor's vehicle. Questionable items should beaddressed to the shift Lieutenant.With prior Unit Team approval, inmates will beallowed to bring legal material into the VisitingRoom for legal visits. This material will beinspected by the Visiting Room Officer forcontraband.The contents of legal materials willnot be read.In no instance will the VisitingRoom Officer accept articles or gifts of any kindfor an inmate, except packages which have priorapproval by the Warden.Loitering in the parking lot or on institutiongrounds is not permitted.Q.Inmate and ViEoitor Conduct and Termination:All inmate visitors arriving in the Visiting Room willreport to the Visiting Room Officer for processingprior to being seated.Inmates, upon entering the Visiting Room, will reportto the Visiting Room Officer for check-in. Inmates arerestricted from the vending machine area and thevisitor's restrooms.Visitors are allowed to purchase items from vendingmachines, these items can only be given to the inmateunopened and still sealed. Once the items have beenreceived by the inmate they are the possession of theinmate and will not be given, returned or shared withthe visitor.GRE-5267.09805-03-17

13·'"FCI inmates will not be allowed in the designatedchild play areas. Adult visitors are allowed in theseareas. FPC inmates are allowed in the child playareas, along with adult visitors, when space isavailable. Cross visiting between inmates and otherinmates' visitors is not allowed.Physical contact between the inmate and his/hervisitor(s) will be limited to a hand shake, embrace,or a brief closed mouth kiss upon the initial arrivaland at the completion of the visit. The inmate may notslump in the chairs, put their feet on the tables, layon each other, cross legs with one another, embrace,massage, or anything else which involved excessive andconstant touching. Visitors, with the exception of asmall child, will not be permitted to sit on the lapof an inmate. While seated inmate visitors are not tocover themselyes with coats, baby blankets or any itemwhich conceals staff's ability to monitor thevisitor's hands. Hands should be in front of thevisitor and visible at all times.The officers will issue only one warning.Ifinappropriate conduct continues, the visit will besubject to termination, and disciplinary action willbe taken which may result in the loss of visitingprivileges for a period of time.At the Federal Prison Camp, any contact between FPCinmates and visitors outside the authorized visitingarea is unauthorized.A copy of the Visiting Regulations will be posted inthe Visiting Room and will be given to each approvedvisitor upon request by the Visiting Room Officer. Anyviolation of the institution's visiting procedures mayresult in termination of the present visit or indisciplinary ?Ction. The Institution Duty Officer andOperations Lieutenant have the authority to terminatea visit.However, the Visiting Room Officer can deny entry ofunauthorized pre-approved visitors.It is the responsibility of the inmate to ensure allvisits are conducted in a quiet, orderly, anddignified manner. A visit not conducted in anGRE-5267 .09805-03-17

14appropriate manner may be terminated. The OperationsLieutenant will confer with the Institution DutyOfficer (IDO) before the visit is terminated. The IDOis the final authority.The Lieutenant will prepare a written memorandum tothe Captain and Unit Manager explaining thecircumstances relied upon in terminating the visit.The Visiting Room Officer will be aware of allarticles passed between the inmate and his/hervisitor.If there is any reasonable basis to suspectthat materials are being passed, which constitute aviolation of the law or regulations, the officer mayexamine the item(s).The Operations Lieutenant willbe consulted in questionable cases.R.Special Procedures: The SIS Office will identifythose inmates who require additional supervisionduring a visit based on a history of narcotics,contraband introduction, drug use, excessive physicalcontact and/or convicted of a Walsh Act offenseinvolving a minor.Those identified inmates will beseated in an area that provides optimum visibility forstaff.The Visiting Room #1 Officer will notifyControl and SIS for further monitoring and willannotate the inmate's name and register number in thelog book.S.Facility Address/Phone Number and Directions:1)FCI Greenville100 U.S. Hwy. 40PO Box 4000 Greenville, IL 62246Phone:(618) 664-6200Fax:(618) 664-63722)The City of Greenville is located on Interstate70 in Southwestern Illinois, about 45 minuteseast of St. Louis.a)From the east, take exit #45; go north tothe first light.Take a left.Go to thefirst stop sign and take a left to theinstitution entrance."·";GRE-5267.09805-03-17

153)b)From the west, take exit #41, go north overthe Interstate to Hwy 40.Go east or turnright and go to the first stop sign and takea right to the institution entrance.c)If going to the camp, stay on the entranceroad to camp parking.If going to the FCI,take the first right and park in visitorparking only.Local Transportation: Amtrak currently has atrain station in St. Louis at 550 S. 16u Street.For more information on the Amtrak station in St.Louis, call (800) USA-RAIL or und Lines, Inc. offers bus transportationin some cities surrounding Greenville, such as:Effingham (217) 342-4075 and Springfield (217)544-8466. Additional information is available at Attachment A - Visiting Regulations/VisitorsHandoutAttachment B - Request for Legal VisitAttachment c - FCI Visiting Room AuthorizedItemsFPCVisiting Room AuthorizedAttachment DItemsDistribution:Executive StaffDepartment HeadsLaw LibraryUnionGRE-5267.09805-03-17

Attachment AFEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONGREENVILLE, ILLINOISVISITING REGULATIONS,.,.VISITORS HANDOUTFCI VISITING DAYS & HOURS:Saturday------------8:00 AM to 3:00Sunday--------------8:00 AM to 3:00Monday--------------8:00 AM to 3:00Federal Holidays----8:00 AM to 3:00PMPMPMPM& HOURS:AM to 3:00AM to 3:00AM to 3:00AM to 3:00PMPMPMPMSHU VISITING DAYS & HOURS:Saturday------------8:00 AM to 3:00Sunday--------------8:00 AM to 3:00Monday--------------9:30 AM to 3:00Federal Holidays----8:00 AM to 3:00PMPMPMPMCAMP VISITING 00Monday--------------9:30Federal Holidays----8:00(Video visit ng of one and a half hours per visit)Facility Address/Phone Number and DirectionsFCI Greenville100 U.S. Hwy. 40PO Box 4000Greenville, IL 62246Phone:( 618) 664-6200Fax:( 618) 664-6372The City of Greenville is located on Interstate 70 inSouthwestern Illinois, about 45 minutes east of St. Louis.From the east, take exit #45; go north to the first light.Take a left.Go to the first stop sign and take a left to theinstitution entrance.-.GRE-5267.09805-03-17

·''17From the west, take exit #41, go north over the Interstate toHwy 40.Go east or turn right and go to the first stop sign andtake a right to the institution entrance.If going to the camp, stay on the entrance road to camp parking.If going to the FCI, take the first right and park in visitorparking only.Local TransportationAmtrak currently has a train station in St. Louis at 550 S. 16thStreet.For more additional information, call (800) USA-RAIL orvisit Lines, Inc. offers bus transportation in some citiessurrounding Greenville, such as: Effingham (217) 342-4075; andSpringfield (217) 544-8466. Additional information is availableat following is an out1ine of the regulations and proceduresgoverning visiting with inmates at the Federal CorrectionalInstitution/Federal Prison Camp, Greenville, Illinois.It isthe philosophy of this institution that inmate contact (visits)with family and other professional persons will help an offenderto plan a more realistic future for his/her return to society.All visitors will enter the visiting room at the front entrance.Each visitor, age 16 and above, must provide a form ofgovernment photo identification (i.e., passport, driver'slicense, state or local identification card) before beingallowed to visit.Mexican consular identification cards(matricular consular cards) will not be accepted as valid formof identification.As a reminder, persons not permitted to visit may not remain oninstitution property. Approved visitors will not be allowed togo to and from their vehicle unless it is to return an itemwhich was refused entry. When you have parked your car, makesure it is locked, and the windows are closed. Visitor parkinghas been designated for.,,.the first three rows of the parking lot.Visitors may not line up at the visiting room door prior to theestablished visiting hours.Physical contact between the inmate and his/her visitor(s) willbe limited to a hand shake, embrace, or a brief closed mouthkiss upon the initial arrival and at the completion of thevisit.Once the inmates and visito

allowed to wear tennis shoes while in visiting. Inmates who are authorized to wear soft shoes, via an authorization issued by Health Services, will be required to wear those shoes provided by visiting room staff (bus shoes). Inmates that have been issued the black oxford style shoes from Health Services will be . .I'

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