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Transport for LondonAdvertising Report2018/19 and 2019/20

ContentsBackground3Foreword20 Facts and figures4Message from the Chair225Continued innovation and growth23 Complaints13Keeping our Advertising Policy relevantand effective25 ASA complaintsAdvertising categories26 Campaigns declined16Promoting diversity2719Advertising Steering GroupContact usThe purpose of this Advertising Reportis to summarise the performance ofthe TfL advertising estate, one of themost valuable out-of-home advertisingnetworks in the world.It has a particular focus on theimplementation of the TfL AdvertisingPolicy, which sets out criteria for theacceptance of advertising on the estateand covers the types of advertising werun and the complaints received andresolved. It also provides an update onthe investment in the network and therevenue performance.This report is normally published somemonths after the end of the previousfinancial year, but this year we have takenthe opportunity to bring forward the reportfor 2019/20 and combine it with the reportfor 2018/19. Going forward, we will nowproduce the Advertising Report around thistime every year.Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/202

ForewordWe publish this report as London, and theworld, is still dealing with the impacts ofthe coronavirus pandemic. Since the startof the crisis, we have worked tirelesslyto make using our network as safe aspossible for our customers, staff andcontractors, while following advice fromthe Government.The pandemic has had a major impact onour business, including our advertisingestate. It is too early to say what the longterm effects will be but we know thepandemic has significantly affected theadvertising market and our advertisingpartners’ businesses and we are workingclosely with them to mitigate the long-termimpacts. Until the pandemic we had seen acontinued increase in the revenue from ourcommercial media activities and we hopethat this performance will be resumedin the longer term, underpinned by theinvestments we have been making in ourcommercial assets and activities.Before the current crisis, we hadcontinued to make good progress inupgrading our advertising estate. Weare nearing completion of our 82.9minvestment to upgrade and expand ourdigital advertising estate across our railnetwork and customers will have noticedsome of the impressive new advertisingscreens at our stations. We have alsoexpanded digital advertising across ourbus shelters. This investment has helpeddrive revenue growth from our advertisingestate, which is then reinvested back intoour transport network.With one of the most valuable out-ofhome advertising estates in the world,our unique environment helps provideimmersive advertising and partnershipopportunities that are captivating for ourcustomers. New anonymised Wi-Fi datashows the volume of people using ournetwork so our partners can plan andmeasure their advertising campaigns ineven greater detail. This data also givesus an even better understanding of ourcustomers and helps us to improve theirexperience while travelling.February 2020 was the first anniversary ofthe introduction of our policy to restrictadvertising for food and non-alcoholic drinkshigh in fat, sugar or salt. We took this actionat the direction of the Mayor in support ofhis London Food Strategy, which highlightedthat London has one of the highest levels ofchildhood obesity in Europe. It has changedthe way we work with agencies and brands,and we have invested time in working withthem to ensure the policy is understood andleads to appropriate advertising.‘With one of the mostvaluable out-of-homeadvertising estatesin the world, ourunique environmenthelps provideimmersive advertisingand partnershipopportunities thatare captivating forour customers.’I would like to thank our advertisingpartners, particularly Global and JCDecaux,and the Advertising Steering Group fortheir support over the last two years. Wewelcome their expertise and insights andwill continue to work with them as we helpLondon return to a more normal way of life.If you have any views on our AdvertisingPolicy, or even just on an advertisementyou may have seen on our estate, please doget in touch.Chris MacleodDirector, Customer & RevenueAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 3

Message from the ChairIt is my pleasure to chair TfL’s AdvertisingSteering Group. It’s our job to overseethe implementation of the AdvertisingPolicy and to provide an external andindependent point of view on advertisingpolicy related issues.For example, over the last two years, wehave reviewed the impacts of the policychanges around body image and, morerecently have supported TfL with the policyfor advertising food and drink high in fat,sugar or salt. In both cases we have seenhow advertisements evolved for the bettersince the policy changes were introduced.With its robust Advertising Policy thatrecognises London’s incredible diversity,TfL makes it clear to advertisers whatwill be accepted on its advertising estateand works in collaboration with them tomaintain the high standards for which thenetwork is known.I have also been particularly impressedwith the work done by City Hall and TfLin developing the Diversity in Advertisingcompetition. This competition, whichhas now run for two years, challengesstereotypes and aims to make advertisingin London more representative of the cityin which we live. London is one of themost diverse cities in the world and thiscompetition encourages advertisers toreflect that.The Advertising Steering Group meetingfor March was postponed due to thecurrent coronavirus pandemic. TfL,along with London, has had to deal withThe Advertising Steering Group advise on advertising policy across Londonan unprecedented situation and I havealso been pleased to see the helpfulcommunications coming from TfL to helpsupport our city with advice on how totravel in these times.I would like to thank the members of theAdvertising Steering Group and the advisersfrom TfL and its advertising partners, fortheir input and support over the last fewyears. A special thank you goes to LexianPorter, Member of the TfL Youth Panel andWhizz Kidz Youth member, Evelyn AsanteMensah, former Commissioner for Equalityand Human Rights Commission and KimSanders, Head of Media Engagement, forall their work on the Advertising SteeringGroup and a welcome to Jeff Ingold, Headof Media at Stonewall who will be takingKim’s place.We will have an Advertising Steering Groupmeeting in the autumn and we will look atmembership, as well as catch up on howthe advertising estate has coped over thelast few months.Dr Mee Ling Ng OBEChair of the AdvertisingSteering GroupAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/204

Continued innovationand growthThe two years covered by thisreport have been a very successfulperiod for our advertising businessAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 5

Driving growth through investmentand innovationThe two years covered by this report havebeen a very successful period for ouradvertising business.Through a combination of innovation,investment and a continued ability toadapt to the challenges inherent in such adynamic environment, we saw continuedrevenue growth. It grew by 4m in 2018/19,to 156m and this trend continued into2019/20 with revenues growing to 158.3m.However, the impacts of coronavirus onadvertising revenues started to be feltin March 2020 and unfortunately, thishas limited further growth and createdan uncertain future for this importantincome stream. We are working hardwith our advertising sales agents and ourown partnership teams to mitigate theseimpacts and develop our strategies forincome recovery.Since our last report, we have continuedour investment in improving our digitaladvertising assets, especially on the LondonUnderground network. This multi-millionpound investment has brought this estate– the most valuable ‘metro’ advertisingnetwork in the world – back up to a highstandard, that is both appreciated anddemanded by the advertising industry.The 82.9m investment is nearingcompletion and had been paying dividends.We are especially pleased with somecompletely new formats that have beenintroduced at key stations such as thesix large format landmark digital sites atstrategic locations, as well as the digital‘ribbons’ installed on escalators acrossseven sites.The digital ribbons, which are a series ofHigh Definition full motion landscapeLCD screens that align against eachother on both the left and right sidesof main escalator runs, have won twoindustry awards: AV Awards DigitalSignage and Digital Out Of Home Projectof the Year 2019 and The Drum Out ofHome Innovation award 2019. They wereoriginally designed for the Elizabethline, and have been particularly popularat key London Underground locationssuch as Tottenham Court Road and Bankstations. They have provided a uniquecanvas for advertisers, who have createdadvertisements specifically for this format,illustrating the appetite the industry hasfor our innovations.Underpinning our investment in assetshas been our investment in data, with thedevelopment of different data productsto better inform advertisers about theaudiences they can reach.Our segmentation data helps to informadvertisers about the types of peoplethat use our network, including wherethey travel in London and at what times.All customer information is anonymisedand grouped at a station level, so that noindividual customer can be identified andno data is shared directly with brands oradvertisers. However, through this toolwe can now prove to brands that theircampaigns are being seen by the audiencesthat they want to connect with.In 2019/20 we started to share with oursales partner Global aggregate footfallinformation based upon information fromour Wi-Fi network. This data consistsonly of estimated numbers of people (forexample, those walking past an advertat different times of the day), never ofdata related to individual journeys, but itprovides useful insights into how peoplemove across the network.It helps us to position and sell possiblelocations for future advertisingopportunities and also ensures weefficiently use our existing advertisingassets. This data led approach has drivenadditional revenue for reinvestment intoour transport network, with revenue fromthis particular activity growing by 19 percent to 8.6m (gross) in 2019.Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 6

Bus shelter innovationsWorking closely with our partner JCDecaux, weenabled an advertising campaign in October 2019for two weeks to celebrate the launch of thenew Adidas store in Oxford Street. The campaignfeatured included all 46 digital advertisingscreens along Oxford Street, as well as theinstallation of ’super-sized’ Adidas shoes at thefour bus shelters nearest to the new store.Rail innovationsAcross our advertising estate we have supported newinnovations over the last two years, resulting in somefirsts for the Underground estate. In May 2018, followingthe development of a new screen-printing processby Global and their partners, strawberry scentedposters filled Oxford Circus as part of a sensory brandexperience to launch Beefeater Pink London Dry Gin.Scented posters have now been utilised on severaloccasions to build truly immersive brand experiences.In 2019 we successfully ran three trials of advertisingcoupled with sound at the Waterloo travelator, startingwith O2. In February 2020, we ran our first trial at King’sCross Station along a walkway to the Piccadilly line.British Airways partnered with us and added sound totheir Caribbean holiday advertising.We had positive feedback from customers and staff andthis space is now available commercially to advertisers,albeit on a limited basis, as part of an extension to ourcommercial offering.Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 7

Santander Cycles2020 marks the 10 year anniversary of theCycle Hire Scheme which has become awidely recognised symbol of our modern,cosmopolitan city. While we celebratethis, we also acknowledge the commercialpartnerships that have been such asignificant part of its success.In 2010 our launch partnership withBarclays Bank Plc transformed sponsorshipacross the public sector and transportorganisations, paving the way for greaterinterest and investment. In 2015 Santandertook over the sponsorship, with increasedinvestment in both the scheme and thecustomer experience, making it the largestpublic sector sponsorship globally.This year we celebrate five years ofpartnership with them and can reflecton some of the achievements that ourpartnership has enabled, including theinnovative new Blaze lighting across thefleet, the launch of a new bike modeland the development and launch of theSantander Cycles app.‘We work closelywith brands to buildbespoke partnershipsthat utilise the bestof our assets togenerate fame for thebrand and value forour customers.’Harriet McDonaldSenior Category ManagerAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 8

Working together for qualityAcross our partnership activity, our strategyof working predominantly ‘in-house’ haspaid off, by growing our income by 94 percent in this last year, to a total of over 2.3million. Our key focus over the last twoyears has been on increasing revenue bysecuring partnerships with a higher valueand better quality.This approach has resulted in a moreefficient use of our resources, moreappropriate to the scale and stature ofour offer and enabled more sustainablerevenue growth. As a result, we have beenable to significantly improve the income,yield and quality of the activity acrossthe estate. This has been a real successstory for TfL, with our average day rate perstation booking moving from 252 in 2017 tomore than 3,000 in 2019.These higher-quality, larger-scalecampaigns generate significant levels ofPR and social media coverage for brands,which positions TfL as a commerciallyastute organisation leading the publicsector in terms of commercialising itsassets and activities.None of our work would be possiblewithout the support and commitment ofother teams within TfL as we are relianton them to deliver the campaigns wegenerate. The station staff across LondonUnderground are exceptional in theirassistance, support and willingness todeliver a great experience for the client.The next few pages are examples ofadvertising partnership activity over thelast two years.Our estate can provide a rich canvas for creativityAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 9

Picardilly Circus campaignOur Commercial Partnerships team has continuedto innovate, bringing investment to our network.This includes the renaming of Piccadilly Circusto Picardilly Circus to promote the launch of thenew Star Trek series, Picard on Amazon Prime.This station name change sparked national coverage,as well as delighting our passengers – whetherTrekkies or not – and netted TfL 284,000 for oneday’s activity.Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 10

Times Newspapers – guiding Londonersthrough the Westminster JungleIn October 2019, we supported The Timesand The Sunday Times newspaper group toturn Westminster station into WestminsterJungle for 24 hours.We transformed all our internal and externalroundels, themed the interior to look likea jungle. The cathedral like space in thisstation lent itself well to this brand activity.The campaign was aimed to help bring tolife their message that The Times will guidethe public through the political jungle.With Westminster station being locatedright next to the Houses of Parliament,this campaign proved to become a topical,targeted station renaming. It achieved greatmedia, political and social media attention.Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 11

Sony Pictures – Spider-Manwas far from home inOxford CircusIn partnership with Sony Pictures, in 2019 we wereexcited to create a one day publicity stunt in busy OxfordCircus Station to promote the release of the Spider-Manmovie, Far From Home.We themed our iconic roundels with spider web, had theSpider-Man character roaming the station, surprising anddelighting our customers with his moves, distributingtickets for customers to see the film, and posing forselfies with them. Spider-Man also voiced one of ourPA announcements.The stunt was simple, but executed to a very highstandard, creating visually compelling content generatingover 1m social media impressions and was covered in theLondon and entertainment media.Google PayGoogle Pay similarly took advantage ofpromoting their service at London Undergroundticket gates, placing their brand on all 5,686 cardreaders. Starting in March 2020, this year-longactivity will bring 1.5 million to TfL.These unique activations create impact forbrands, interest for customers and valuablerevenue for our organisation.Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 12

Keeping ourAdvertising Policyrelevant and effectiveA clear and robust policy todeliver appropriate advertisingacross our estateAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 13

A sensitive approach toadvertising regulationAdvertising on our network is governed bya specific TfL Advertising Policy, as well asthe Codes of Practice which apply to alladvertising nationally. From time to timewe change the policy to reflect the evolvingnature of advertising regulation. As a result,we have amended our policy and issuedguidance to address issues such as bodyimage, unhealthy foods, human rights andshort term letting.Following a Royal Brunei Airlines campaignthat ran on our estate in early 2019 wereceived complaints that the governmentof Brunei had adopted the death penaltyfor same-sex sexual acts. As a result,we reviewed how our Advertising Policyaddresses campaigns from countrieswith poor human rights records and ouradvertising partners now refer to usfor review all advertisements from, orrelating to, countries on the InternationalLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and IntersexAssociation list and Brunei.In September 2019 we also issued newguidance about short-term lettingsadvertising. This guidance addressedconcerns from the public and LondonAssembly Members about companiesadvertising on our estate encouraginglandlords to breach planning laws andgranting ‘short term lettings’ for more than90 days a year without planning permission.DLR, Victoria Coach Station, CroydonTramlink and TfL bus shelters, as well asnon-directly managed assets across LondonBuses and in taxis.Lowering the promotion of fat, salt orsugar content in our advertisingOn 25 February 2019, we amendedour Advertising Policy to reflect therequirements of the Mayor’s London FoodStrategy, by introducing guidelines torestrict the advertising of foods and nonalcoholic drinks high in fat, salt and sugaracross the entire TfL advertising estate.This included directly managed assets onLondon Underground, London Overground,The basis of the restrictions areassessments using the Public HealthEngland nutrient profiling model. Therestrictions themselves do not ‘ban’any specific brands or products fromadvertising on our network. However, therestrictions do apply to both the directpromotion of food and non-alcoholicdrinks, as well as the indirect promotion orincidental use of food and non-alcoholicdrinks in an advertisement.Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 14

‘As the long-termindustry impacts of thecoronavirus pandemicare understood wewill be faced with newchallenges.’Chris ReaderHead of Commercial MediaExceptionsAs part of the implementation of thepolicy, we have also put in place anExceptions process. Advertisers that haveproducts that are deemed ‘unhealthy’using the nutrient profiling model can seekto demonstrate that they have a negligibleimpact upon childhood obesity and if so,be permitted to advertise.To support advertisers and their agencies,in June 2019 we published additionalguidance to aid policy interpretationand the development of appropriateadvertising copy.It is not possible to directly quantifythe financial impact of the new policyrestrictions on our advertising revenue asthere are a wide number of factors thataffect advertising spend. For example,the budget a brand allocates for productadvertising and the proportion of that spendallocated to outdoor advertising withinLondon, as well as the wider advertisingmarket and economic conditions.While some brands have inevitably hadsome products restricted from advertising,we have also seen brands introduce adsfor more healthy options and, year onyear, our overall income from commercialadvertising activity (before coronavirus)remained strong, with overall income risingby 2.3m between 2018/19 and 2019/20,to 158.3m.Helping campaigns complySince the implementation of theadvertising restrictions for products highin fat, sugar or salt, we have receivedException applications for 81 products;41 of these were accepted, 27 wererejected, 11 of those applications werefor products that were submitted but,upon review by TfL did not require anexception as they were compliant, andfor the remaining two we are currentlyawaiting further information.We have rejected 28 advertisementsfor foods and non-alcoholic drinks highin fat, salt and sugar and a further 16advertisements where foods high infat, sugar or salt were used incidentally.However, it is worth noting that eventhough we declined a number ofadvertisements, many of the advertiserswent on to submit alternative ads as partof their campaign or worked with us toamend their copy so that their campaignscould run across our network.Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 15

Promoting diversityChallenging stereotypes andunder-representationAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 16

Challenging stereotypes andunder-representationIn July 2018, working with the Mayor’soffice, we launched the ‘Women We See’advertising competition.Sponsored by our media partners, Global(at that time called Exterion Media) andJCDecaux, the competition called onbrands and their agencies to create advertsthat reflected London’s diversity, witha particular focus on women from allbackgrounds and move away from harmfulgender stereotypes.The winner was Holland & Barrett’s ‘Me.No.Pause’ campaign, which was chosen dueto its positive representation of womengoing through the menopause and focuson a major issue for women rarely untilnow featured in mainstream advertising.They received 500,000-worth ofprominent advertising space from Exterionand JCDecaux across our network,including space on the high value digitalscreens at Canary Wharf.2018 Diversity in Advertising competition winnerAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 17

2019 – a focus on authentic black, Asianand minority ethnic representationIn October 2019, encouraged by the successof our inaugural event, we launchedour second Diversity in Advertisingcompetition, again working with our mediapartners, JCDecaux and Global. Researchcarried out by Lloyds Banking Group in2018 revealed that 34 per cent of blackpeople and 30 per cent of people frommixed ethnic backgrounds felt they wereinaccurately portrayed in advertising.This informed our theme which was toencourage authentic portrayals of peoplefrom our black, Asian and minority ethniccommunities with realistic depth andresonance. The work also needed to reflectthe diversity within groups as well asbetween them.The winner was Nubian Skin, a smallbusiness that creates ‘nude’ underwear forall skin tones. In March 2020 their campaignappeared across our network in digitaladvertising space again worth 500,000and we, along with the GLA and NubianSkin received significant coverage in bothnational and international media.Challenging the industry in the portrayal of race in advertisingAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 18

Advertising Steering GroupMembership groupEnsuring our Advertising Policy remains relevantThe Advertising Steering Group wasestablished in 2016 by direction of the Mayorto guide and inform the development of theTfL Advertising Policy. Since it was set upthe Group has met regularly and reviewed awide range of topics.Members were updated on the advertisingrestrictions for products high in fat,sugar and salt that were announced inOctober 2018 and have also been regularlybriefed on the progress of the Diversity inAdvertising competitions.Its initial focus was overseeing theimplementation of the policy changesintroduced by the Mayor around bodyimage and it has noted the reduction ofproblematic copy in this area.Due to coronavirus, meetings of theAdvertising Steering Group were postponedbut it was scheduled to meet in September2020 and has reviewed the contents of thisreport. The Advertising Steering Groupwill continue to be an important forum inthe management of our advertising estateand agendas, minutes and materials will bepublished at ial-mediaIt also reviews the range and number ofcomplaints received and provides regularcomment and insight.Dr Mee Ling NgTfL Board Member(Chair)Heidi AlexanderDeputy Mayorfor TransportLeah KreitzmanMayoral Directorfor External andInternational AffairsDr Phillippa DiedrichsProfessor ofPsychology,University ofWest EnglandTom KnoxChairman ofMullenLoweand former Presidentof the Institute ofPractitioners inAdvertising (IPA)Jeff IngoldHead of Media,StonewallAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 19

Facts and figures – 2018/19A summary of advertising for 2018/1920,417advertisements werecarried on our network54741complaints werereceived directlyfrom our customersadvertisementswere rejected137advertisementswere the subject ofcomplaints to the ASAof these ASAcomplaintswere upheldOur advertising is seen by people all across LondonAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 20

Facts and figures – 2019/20A summary of advertising for 2019/2023,712advertisements werecarried on our networkOur stations have innovative electronic displays in prominent locations36475complaints werereceived directlyfrom our customersadvertisementswere rejected146advertisementswere the subject ofcomplaints to the ASAof these ASAcomplaintswere upheldAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 21

Number of advertisements2018/19Number of advertisements2019/20Business and industrial1,1691,676Clothing and accessories1,025982Computers551858Cosmetics and toiletries425754Drink9081,040Entertainment and 012,293CategoryAdvertising categoriesA breakdown of advertising run bymarket sectorsFoodGames and consolesTop three advertising categories 2019/20Gardening and agricultureGovernment, social and political1Entertainmentand leisureHousehold appliances231390Household equipment2391885,895Household stores5344Leisure equipment195215Mail 44364Retail2 2,4733Government,social and politicalMulti advertisers2,293Office equipment and supplies4061Online elecomsTobacco and accessoriesTravel and transportAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 22

ComplaintsA breakdown of thecomplaints we receivedThese complaints covered a wide range oftopics, and can be summarised as fallinginto the following very broad categories:AdvertisementNumber ofcomplaints2018/19AdvertisementNumber ofcomplaints2018/19AdvertisementNumber ofcomplaints2018/19The People’s Vote162HIV2All I Want For Christmas1MJInnocent.com157Black Mirror Bandersnatch2Metropolitan Police1For The Love of Allah45#F Your Fetish2Recommended by Mums1Northern Cyprus Holidays15Lexus2IESO Digital Health1Boohoo13Victoria’s Secrets2Beefeater Pink Gin1McDonalds10Floradix1Greggs1Ramadan10Man of La Mancha1Bodyworks1 PoliticalRoyal Brunei Airlines9Deliveroo1Get Eddie1 EthicalRoyal Carribean8KFC1Adidas1Pretty Little Things7Tinder1Ali Baba & His 40 Thieves1Jordan Peterson5Pet Semetary1Pow Wow Now1Muzmatch4Asian Single Solution1Every Love Matters1Burger King3Slenderman1Diamond Mist1London Dungeons3Snowflake1Santander1Magic Mike3Sunny1British Transport Police1Nasty Gal3Bulldog1Etoro.com1Living Vegan3Switch to Super1Costa Coffee1Erectile Dysfunction3Vauxhall1Playstation1Go Vegan World3Venom1Amazon Music1BAE Systems2Killing Eve1Local RefurbishedAccommodation1Beyond History Museum1The First Purge2Kraken Rum1Clarks1HM Government Hate Crimes2Primera Air1Body Worlds2Mariah Carey1 Religious SexualIt is worth noting that a small number ofspecific advertisements tend to generatethe bulk of the complaints in any year andoverall, we receive a very small number ofcomplaints given the very large number ofcampaigns and individual advertisementswe run on the estate.Not knownTotal complaintsAdvertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/20 2054723

AdvertisementNumber ofcomplaints2019/20AdvertisementNumber ofcomplaints2019/20AdvertisementNumber ofcomplaints2019/20AdvertisementNumber ofcomplaints2019/20Royal Brunei Airlines111DJ Airline1Northern Cyprus Holidays33Napapjiri2British Transport Police1Barbican1Hostmaker16Innokin2Simply Be1Specsavers1Kapten Taxi ola2Borderlands 31Chiquita1Burger King8Football Index2Habito1Temptation Island1McDonalds8Loveitcoverit2Sky One1Happy Death Day1The People's Vote6Vitabiotics2KFC1FOA1Annabel Comes Home6Animal Aid2Charlie’s Angels1Hula Hoops1Christian Aid5Lucozade1#NATO1Jungle ided1KFC5#UberEats1Knives Out1Trebor1Nestify5Extremely Wicked1Hugo Boss1Futurefinance.com1Deliveroo4Hustle1Picard1Not knownANIMA4Mo Farah1Made.com1Total complaintsBAE Systems4Dettol1Domino’s1Just Eat3L’Oreal1Marsh & Parsons1LGBT3Equinor1Superdrug1Gym Box3Assasination Vacation1Nando’s1EU Election2Freshworks1Twitter1Tinder2ERS Publications1Richard Dawkins Novel1Thriller2Pet Semetary1On The Beach1Pretty Little Things2London Dungeons1Govegan.i.e.1Nasty Gal2Magic Mike1Viagra1Advertising Report 2018/19 and 2019/203236424

ASA complaints2018/19 – ASA ComplaintsAdvertiserA summary of the complaints raised withthe Advertising

the TfL advertising estate, one of the most valuable out-of-home advertising networks in the world. It has a particular focus on the . implementation of the TfL Advertising Policy, which sets out criteria for the acceptance of advertising on the estate and covers the types of advertising we run and the complaints received and resolved.

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