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WHY YOU SHOULD START AN AFFILIATE PROGRAMMEWHY YOU SHOULD START ANAFFILIATE PROGRAMMEWith affiliate marketing, you can work with thousandsof publishers, who can feature your products andyour brand on their sites. Instead of paying andhoping to drive traffic to your site, affiliate marketingallows you to create a powerful network of publisherswho spread the word for you.Affiliate marketing offers you a wide variety ofcampaign options. Simply choose the ones that workbest for your brand. It’s a win-win model, whereeveryone benefits.This e-book will explain exactly how affiliatemarketing works and how to start your own affiliateprogram.Want to start your own affiliate program? Click here to get in touch!

WHAT AFFILIATE MARKETING ISWHAT IS AFFILIATEMARKETING?Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in whichbusinesses reward one or more publishers on an agreed action(typically sending visitors and customers) to a website to buy a productthrough the publisher's own marketing efforts.THE MA JOR PLAYERS IN AFFILIATEMARKETINGThe advertiserThe publisherAlso known as retailer, merchantor brand. This is the businessthat wants to improve their salesperformance and attract morevisitors.Also known as the affiliate. Thisis the website, publishingplatform or influencer who willcreate content and market thebrand's products.The networkThis is the platform that connectsadvertisers with publishers. Thenetwork provides tracking, reporting,access to publishers, paymentmanagement, strategic accountmanagement, admin support and arange of other services.The consumerA person who purchasesgoods and services forpersonal use.

WHAT AFFILIATE MARKETING ISHOW DO THEY ALLWORK TOGETHER?1Patrice wants to make some money fromher blog.2Adam wants to get morebusiness.3Patrice and Adam join the same affiliate network.4Patrice adds a banner to her blog that showsone of Adam’s products.ADVERTISERAdam, the owner of a shop (the brand)PUBLISHERSPatrice, a fashion blogger (the affiliate)THE NETWORKWebgains, an affiliate network5Carol, reads Patrice’s blog and sees the banner.Carol clicks on the ad and buys Adam’s product.6Adam sells a product and Patrice gets rewardedcommission. Win – win situation.CONSUMERSCarol, the online shopperWant to start your own affiliate program? Click here to get in touch

WHAT AFFILIATE MARKETING ISTHE BENEFITS OF AFFILIATEMARKETING1. PAY ON RESULTSAdvertisers only pay publishers a commission, when they receive a sale. This meansthey pay on results. For this reason, the return on investment is very clear.2. CONTROL OVER COSTSPublisher commissions can be set as a flat rate or as a percentage of the basket,meaning that the advertiser has control over the costs of the campaign. This controlIn summary:over the costs and the fact that there are no upfront payments makes affiliatemarketing virtually risk-free for advertisers.Fixed cost per sale3. CONSTANT INNOVATIONGood brand exposurePublishers are constantly finding innovative ways of promoting advertisers. It’s notOutsourced managementto expert networksPublishers use many different affiliate activities such as search engines, bloggers,TransparencyIndependent validation ofactivityStrong return oninvestmentonly about how innovative these methods are but also how diverse they can, incentive sites, mobile apps, technology partners and niche sites to promotethe advertisers’ products.4. QUICK AND EFFICIENT ADAPTATIONOne of the biggest benefits for advertisers, is that this is an industry that adaptsquickly and effectively. Publishers have been known to capitalise on the ever-evolving internet. A great example of this is the recent rise of daily deal andmoney saving publishers due to the increase in public consumption of socialmedia.5

BUILDING YOUR AFFILIATE NETWORKBUILDINGYOUR AFFILIATENETWORKAWARENESSYou can recruitpublishers to cover everystep of the sales journey– from attracting newcustomers, to improvingconversions, to reactivating the existingcustomer base.EXPLORATIONACTIONRE-ACTIVATIONWant to start your own affiliate program? Click here to get in touch

BUILDING YOUR AFFILIATE NETWORKFor best results, build yourself abalanced publisher portfolio.This means you should invite amix of different publishers foryour affiliate program.

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHCashbackVoucher CodesEXPLORING THEDIFFERENT KINDS OFPUBLISHERSTechnologyContent and BloggersEmail and NewsletterSocial MediaEmployee BenefitsPrice Comparison

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHCASHBACKAND REWARDSITESCashback, reward or loyalty sites can be any kindof website that offer people incentives to user aplatform or programme many times to worktowards specific rewards.The rewards will depend on the site, but caninclude collecting points, getting cash-back oreven making charitable donations.Customers are likely to repeat a purchase andreturn to receive an incentive when shoppingthrough the cashback and reward sites. Thislikelihood is the main driving force behind thesuccess of loyalty and reward programmes.EXAMPLES: TopcashbackQuidcoEasy fundraisingWant to start your own affiliate program? Click here to get in touch7

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHVoucher code sites are websites that offersome kind of saving to the customer.VOUCHERCODESThis can be in the form of a certainpercentage off the amount of theirpurchase, an additional gift, a promotioncode, free shipping or any other sort ofoffer that incentivises someone tocontinue with a purchase.Voucher sites are very popular, and theyoffer brands a great opportunity to attractnew customers.EXAMPLES: VouchercodesVouchercloudMyvouchercodesVoucherbox

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHTechnology affiliates offer many tools foryou to attract new customers and toimprove conversions.TECHNOLOGYTechnology affiliates can for example offerbetter advertising, by displaying youradverts specifically to people who havealready visited your site.They can help improving conversions onyour site and re-engage site visitors whohave abandoned their carts beforecompleting a sale.EXAMPLES: SmarterClickVe InteractiveNMPI

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHCONTENT ANDBLOGGERSContent publishers include websites, blogs,forums and portals. They monetise the traffic thatcomes to their site by sending users to anadvertiser's page usually via either a banner or atext link.Some of these sites are general interest and covera wide range of topics and aim to attract a broadaudience and a high volume of traffic.Some sites are niche, in which case the trafficvolume tends to be lower, but they are morefocused and therefore the conversion rate (theamount of people that go from their site to makea purchase) is often higher.EXAMPLES: Get the GlossHello MagazineThe TelegraphThe Culture TripThe Sole Supplier

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHPublishers have access to a huge database ofuser emails, which they've built up over time. Theyregularly send offers, tips, content or suggestionsto their user base via email.EMAIL ANDNEWSLETTERSThere is a lot of regulation in place to stop theemail channel from being abused. For example, allemail addresses must have been collected legallyand all of those who are being emailed must haveproactively requested to receive an email from theaffiliate.Email marketing is 40 x more effective foracquiring customers than social media*, so it’s anexcellent way to attract more sales.EXAMPLES: *Source: McKinsey & CompanyThe Affiliate PeopleNatexoESB Connect

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHSOCIALMEDIAOver the past few years, the popularity ofsocial media platforms, like Facebook andTwitter, has lead to the creation of a newbreed of affiliate who can send users to anadvertiser's site via their social mediaaccount.Instead of relying on readership or emailaddresses, these affiliates have createdcommunities of friends and followersacross a variety of different social medianetworks.EXAMPLES: Bargain Buys for BusyMumsAshleigh Money SaverWant to start your own affiliate program? Click here to get in touch

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHEMPLOYEEBENEFITSMany businesses (both big and small) like to offertheir employees added benefits on top of theirsalary. Often these benefits are stored in arewards platform, which is housed on thecompany's intranet. This is where employees canaccess exclusive deals or get cash back onpurchases.Some businesses used to run these rewardschemes themselves, but now companies likePerkz and Reward Gateway offer a solution toemployers that takes care of the day-to-daymanagement.EXAMPLES: PerkboxNextjumpRewardGateway

INTRODUCING DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS TO WORK WITHPRICECOMPARISONPrice comparison websites let consumers lookfor a specific product or service across a widerange of online merchants. This gives themthe opportunity to see prices side-by-side andselect the one that meets their needs.Although price comparison sites don't supplythese products or services themselves, theyare affiliates to the brands by marketing theirproducts for them, offering extra informationto consumers and presenting them next totheir competition.EXAMPLES: PricerunnerShopzillaKelkooWant to start your own affiliate program? Click here to get in touch

ABOUT WEBGAINS#GetTheEdgeAt Webgains we're focused on best practice,developing strong relationships and helpingeveryone we work with reach peak performance.We want you to lead your field – and we're hereto coach you every step of the way.Webgains is the high performance affiliate marketing network, with globalreach and a great track record.We combine the latest technology, performance marketing experience,and world-class expertise to do what we do best - match brands with thebest publishers. This puts our clients, which range from big blue-chips tostart-ups, at the top of their game.Webgains was founded in 2005 and has been part of the adpepper mediagroup since 2006. The company has its HQ in London, but with offices allover the world; in Bristol, Nuremberg, Paris, Madrid and Milan. However,the Webgains network spreads well beyond those locations, offeringlocalised platforms in 14 countries, tracking sales in more than 150countries.Webgains has a huge range of advertisers across a number of industries.The Webgains publishing network contains more than 250,000 publishersacross our markets, with more than 100,000 publishers in the UK.Want to start your own affiliate program? Click here to get in touch

HOW TO START YOUR WEBGAINS AFFILIATE PROGRAMMEJOINWEBGAINSTO Get access to our state-of-the art platform Build an unlimited network of affiliates Create an unlimited number of campaigns Send newsletters to your affiliates about yourcampaigns View and download reports to understand howyour campaigns perform Access to the Webgains Academy to always stayat the cutting edge of the affiliate marketingindustrySTART NOW

WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which businesses reward one or more publishers on an agreed action (typically sending visitors and customers) to a website to buy a product through the publisher's own marketing efforts. WHAT AFFILIATE MARKETING IS THE MAJOR PLAYERS IN AFFILIATE MARKETING

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