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The Easy Way toProfit FromPrivate LabelRights MaterialLearn The Simplest And Fastest WaysPage 1to Profit From PLR Material

Table of ContentsIntroduction3Chapter One: Defining Private Label Rights4Chapter Two: Origins5Chapter Three: How to Use It8Chapter Four: Affiliate Marketing and Private Label Rights10Chapter Five: Pay-Per-Click14Chapter Six: SEO16Chapter Seven: Email Marketing17Chapter Eight: Blogs and Private Label Rights19Chapter Nine: Video Marketing and Private Label Rights23Chapter Ten: Social Networks and Private Label Rights25Chapter Eleven: Niche Markets and Private Label Rights29Chapter Twelve: Internet Marketing and Private Label Rights 30Chapter Thirteen: Regulations33Chapter Fourteen: Analyzing Business Cycles34Chapter Fifteen: How Individuals Affect and Impact Distribution35Chapter Sixteen: Components of Private Label Rights inEconomic Growth38Chapter Seventeen: How Technology Relates to Growth39Chapter Eighteen: How Trade Relates to Growth40Chapter Nineteen: The Functions of Money42Chapter Twenty: Ownership and Market Structures48Chapter Twenty-One: Integration into the Global Economy 55Chapter Twenty-Two: International Trade57Chapter Twenty-Three: Technology and Human Interaction 59Chapter Twenty-Four: Making Money61Chapter Twenty-Five: Articles & Blogs63Chapter Twenty-Six: E-books64Chapter Twenty-Seven: Warnings65Page 2

IntroductionPrivate label rights are a new concept which functionswithin the realm of internet marketing. It is aderivative of private labeling and can generate a greatdeal of cash from those companies and individualswho are tactfully engaged in the world of makingmoney online. The idea follows one wherein anauthor sells all or most of the intellectual propertyrights to their work. There is no legal definition, withthe license being defined by the author. This conceptis similar the idea of reselling rights in internetmarketing.The use of private label rights has become a hotcommodity these days, with private label rights beingoffered everywhere you look. However, in spite of theparticular breed of re-print rights that are defined asprivate label rights, not many people are aware ofthem or how to use them.Page 3

Chapter One: Defining PrivateLabel RightsDefining private label rights can seem tricky. Overall,they allow you to change the content purchased fromanother author so that it looks like your own and youcan claim it as such. This can range from changing anintroductory paragraph, editing a title, or completelyaltering the content and adding your name as theauthor therein. Private Label Rights allows you tochange the content and use it to direct traffic to yoursite, sell more to your customers, and generate moreincome.Page 4

Chapter Two: OriginsReprint rights were the original private label rights.There is a mixture of definitions found now for bothreprint rights and private label rights, but overall,reprint rights means that you have the right to redistribute work done by another author that wasalready published. Reprint rights are not limited tointernet business, but they are most popular amongthem now.In terms of master reprint rights, it means that youhave complete ownership. You can then re-distributethe product and from there trade the partial re-printrights for the product. You can even sell the masterrights to a product.This means you can purchase full rights to a thirtychapter e-book from someone and sell the partialrights to each chapter in the book. From there you canresell other parts of the book or sell the master rightsto the entire book. The people who purchase thepartial rights to chapters from the e-book are allowedto re-write part of the content and re-distribute it astheir own.Page 5

These vary from copyrights entirely and are only inreference to a means of distributing content. However,the criteria for these private label rights are contingentupon the actual agreement. Based on the agreement,you may or may not have the right to:1. Give away the unchanged product.2. Give away a branded version of the product withyour links3. Package the product with other products4. Give the product away as a bonus5. Use the product as web content only6. Break the product into smaller articles only7. Offer the product through auction sites8. Offer the product in the form of a paidmembership area only9. Alter the product10.Allow buyers to resale the rights of theproductPrivate label rights can cover reports, documents, ebooks, software, graphics, and articles. You are able touse private label rights in order to expand an existingproduct line, increase the professionalism of yourexisting products, or enter into other markets withoutproduct development.Page 6

If you agree to terms which allow you to alter thecontent and then present it as though you were theauthor or creator, then you have found a valuablepurchase assuming that you have assessed the qualityof the product and it is good. It is important to notethat just because you obtain the private label rightsdoes not mean you own the product, unless it isexplicitly stated in the agreement. You also cannotdistribute the product in any manner you chooseunless it is explicitly stated in your agreement. A goodrule of thumb is to assume that you cannot distributeor reprint the content as your own unless the sellersays it is ok.Page 7

Chapter Three: How to Use ItIf you have an online business, it is no secret that it isin need of a constant stream of information andcontent which is engaging. This can come in the formof blogs, newsletters, info on products, or print bookssold online. The problem for many business owners isfinding content which has the quality to keep yourbusiness expanding. While some private label rightscan be bought and sold through membership websites,there are great websites out there which offer articlesand blog content for pennies each. You can selectonly content you need instead of being forced to buylarge block groups of articles and information whichmight vary from month to month. There are packsavailable online for particular niche markets whichleaves you in control. These are great because youdon’t have to buy more than you need, which savesyou the hassle of buying content which you cannotuse. It is beneficial to find content which has gonethrough an editing process from both the writer and aneditor, ensuring quality purchases. With more thanone mind you add ideas and value to any content.With limited distribution you have access to betterquality purchases for private label rights. It is better tohave content on your site which cannot be found onliterally thousands of other websites, but rather just afew or none at all.Page 8

By using websites that offer packages or private labelrights, you can instantly download the content andbegin editing in a standard word processing program.In addition to the origins of copyrights and re-writelaws, private label rights has a history contained inand developed from affiliate marketing and otherforms of internet marketing.Page 9

Chapter Four: Affiliate Marketingand Private Label RightsPrivate label rights are useful in that they can becombined with affiliate marketing once they havebeen purchased, as the buyer can link their affiliatesite to the content they are supporting on theirwebsites or in mass emails or other forms ofmarketing on the internet. Affiliate marketing meansutilizing programs that send people to a website, andonce they sign up or buy something, then you receivea commission. These are revenue sharing programswhich are arranged between companies which offerservices or products and you as the website owner.You get a reward for sending the company differentcustomers.Page 10

Joining affiliate marketing programs is incrediblysimple. You simply read the terms and conditions foreach company and after, you put a link from yourwebsite to the vendor. Whenever a customer clicks onthat link or purchases a service or product from thatbusiness, you gain a commission. Once you start youshould concentrate on a niche topic in which you areinterested and cater your website around that topic.You can locate affiliate programs which fit within thatniche and then blend them into your site with textlinks. It is best to write about something about whichyou have first-hand experience and knowledge so thatyou can build your credibility. If you target yourtraffic, you will increase the likelihood that peoplewill purchase things.If you want to make money through affiliatemarketing, then it might be prudent to invest moneyin many different types of marketing. You aresometimes charged nominal fees when you sign upfor monthly things. This depends on your nichebusiness, the affiliate programs or networks for whichyou sign up, and which facets of affiliate marketingyou are seeking to earn income.Page 11

When you want to know which affiliate network sitesare best, you should look into which programs best fityour niche business. There is no “best” networkbecause the “best” is dependent upon how specificyour niche is and what traffic you want to generate.You can select nearly any topic for your site andsearch for suitable affiliateprograms for your company. Affiliate marketing isgreat for professionals because you can select a hottopic of your choosing and then become a specialist inthat area. You can promote products and serviceswhich are in high demand and highly sought byclients. By generating a lot of traffic you can get paidwithout selling things. If you find good affiliatemarketing networks you can receive income fromshared sales and direct leads. With great quality youcan earn residual income, great commissions, andsometimes even lifetime commissions. Professionalsshould then decide to whom they will be sellingproducts. You should be precise when selecting youraudience by focusing on people with a specificinterest or problem. It is pointless to build a websiteunless you know your intended target. Otherwise, youwill not know how to attract your audience to the site.Page 12

Affiliate scrubbing is a process of removing fakeinformation or fake leads. Scrubbing is when theadvertiser decides to get rid of a bad lead, meaningyou don’t make money off of them. It is a goodprocess because it rids your site of fake leads, but alsotakes away from profits. With hard work, leads andpay-per-click ads can generate the top money withaffiliate marketing per each lead for you making yourminimum earnings of 100 easily attainable. Afterthis point, generating repeat income can be raised byraising the traffic to your website or blog. There is nobetter way to make top money with affiliatemarketing.Page 13

Chapter Five: Pay-Per-ClickPrivate label rights are useful in that they can becombined with pay-per-click emails and sites oncethey have been purchased, as the buyer can link thecontent they have purchased as a reward for payper-click hosts or members. PPC is an advertisingmethod that directs traffic to your website when usersclick on an ad and then generates income for every adupon which is clicked. It is a great method forgenerating income with the internet and useful formany businesses. You can benefit from PPC becauseit provides an immediate exposure to your ads tomillions of people all over the world. It helps you togenerate more traffic while placing ads wherever yousee fit along your website.You can supplement your income quite well. PPC is agreat way to make money, but there are often limits orcaps on how much you can make from each site, andsome sites pay you in things such as free products,points, or gift cards.You can make money with PPC because you canmake supplemental income with it. You can gain cashrewards for shopping online, you can sign up for trialoffers with your credit card, earn points or rewardsthrough referrals, or by completing surveys.Page 14

There are many great PPC networks available, but the“best” is clearly based on what you are seeking fromany given PPC company. Some of the most popularPPC networks include Microsoft AdCenter,ABCSearch, and Findology.With PPC you can be paid in a variety of ways,depending on the site and what you choose. Of thosemethods you can be paid with cash in the form ofchecks mailed to you or sent to your PayPal, or withgift cards, free products, or an accumulation of pointswhich can be saved and used to purchase things fromthe host site or enter into larger contests.There are many ways in which you can determine thelegitimacy of PPC offers, and you should utilize themall given the nature of internet fraud. You candetermine if an ad is a scam based on many thingsincluding its IP address, its history, the traffic, anyregistered members, legitimate payment options, lowinitial pay-out amounts, as well as any articles orreviews pertaining to the host site.Page 15

Chapter Six: SEOThere are factors influencing demand for private labelrights and one of those is traffic. Any site needs trafficin large amounts in order to survive. By purchasingsome rights to material that fits within a market, awebsite owner can utilize words with SEO to generateadditional traffic.SEO is a way to market your products or services forfree using a list of the most popular words related toyour company and including them throughout yourwebsite. It is a method for increasing traffic to yoursite through articles, ads, or anything else that canincorporate specific words and phrases.Your business can benefit from SEO financiallybecause utilizing SEO is free, and it can also helpyour business by generating additional traffic. Thismeans that you can make more money through morecustomers without having to invest additional moneyin another company or affiliate. It can cost if you hirewriters to incorporate SEO content for your site viaarticles or blogs.Page 16

Chapter Seven: Email MarketingWe now understand the basic facts about SEO and theways in which private label rights can be helpful forbusinesses, it is important to understand its usefulnessin terms of mass marketing. When using marketingtechniques that blast emails to potential clients andconsumers, it can be beneficial to provide links andother press release information about new content, theprivate label rights to which were recently purchased.The best subject lines are ones which avoid any wordswhich trigger spam but are words which call people toaction. You should make sure that your subject linesinclude words that are consistent with your company,brands, services, or products. If you can manage all ofthese, people will be more likely to open the email.Email marketing is losing its popularity. With othersocial networking sites and types of marketing, manypeople are focused on social marketing and less onemail marketing. People prefer to see or hear insteadof just read so if you do invest, be sure to gauge thepopularity and returns before investing your entiremarketing budget into it.Page 17

By combining, you can receive the highest advantagefor your company. With email marketing slowlylosing popularity compared to other blossomingmarketing methods, it is important to combine yourresources as use as many marketing methods aspossible at once.The best service providers are generally based on theneeds of your company. You should examine theoffers that all services can present before you decideon which email service provider is best. Some of themost popular choices include HubSpot, Blue SkyFactory, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, andMailChimp.Page 18

Chapter Eight: Blogs and PrivateLabel RightsPrivate label rights are useful when they are combinedwith blogs. A blog can generate traffic through thepromotion of materials such as graphics and articleswhich relate to the niche market.WordPress is a forum for bloggers as well as smallbusiness owners seeking to grow their companythrough this versatile platform. There is a bloggingplatform and a Content Management System.Basically, WordPress can provide blogging solutionsas well as an entire content system for any ecommerce website. A blog is an internet locationwhere you can record your opinions or informationabout your company on a regular basis.Page 19

It is important to have one because of the growingtrend in internet marketing types. WordPress allowsyou to combine posts and pages so that you generatecontent on your website. You can display posts ion achronological order, generally used for blogs. You canuse the pages for static content pages. You can build asite with only pages or you can combine the pageswith the posts. You can use a self-hosted version ofWordPress or a hosted version of WordPress. Theself-hosted page is through download WordPress and then you can make itpublic through your own domain name and hostingserver. This is generally where you can findcommunity support as well as themes and plug-ins. Ifyou are not, then you sign up for your blog just likeany other social networking site, with your basicinformation, then you confirm with an email. Oncethat is done, you get to the fun part where you can setup your blog, like a profile on a social network. Thereare various tools and features meant for you toexplore which will customize your blog. There is alsoa support tab on the upper right hand corner of thescreen which can help you at any time. This will bringyou to a forum where questions can be posed or toonline help sections. It’s really fun and simple.Page 20

You can use WordPress for squeeze pages,membership sites, landing sales pages, e-commerce,blogs, news sites, business sites, magazine sites, aswell as portfolio sites and multimedia sites. It is agood idea for any business to have a blog onWordPress because it is free for them and allows aforum where they can communicate constantly withpeople, get ideas, and post information. The selfhosted WordPress is nice because you have controlover the content, the appearance of your site, as wellas the advertising. You can upload your own themes,plug-ins and change anything you want with the code.However, you do have to pay for your own hosting,you must be tech-savvy, you must control spam, andyou must upgrade your software.Page 21

If you select the hosted version of WordPress, then allof the tech hassle is taken care of for you. There is nocost to you and it’s simple to set up. Your posts are allbacked up, you can additional traffic from “blogs ofthe day” and your site runs less of a risk of goingdown. However, you do not have any control, youcannot upload your own plugins and you have accessto a limited amount of themes. The best theme reallydepends on what you want and what your companyoffers. There are many from which to choose, and thebest one should be compatible with your services andproducts. If you are using the self-hosted WordPressthen you can upload your own themes, offering awider selection.You should definitely include video blogging. Ofcourse many people are unfamiliar and uncomfortablewith the idea of posting videos, but a blog is meant toconnect you with other people, and what better way toconnect with someone than through a video blog. Ofcourse text, video, and audio are all great mediamethods, but video will generate the most views andresults. Instead of listening to the radio host everyday, they get to meet them. It is a great way for yourreaders to get to meet you. It might be scary at firstbut the more you try it, the better you will get and themore comfortable you will get and it will help youmake money writing online.Page 22

Chapter Nine: Video Marketingand Private Label RightsMaking money on YouTube has become easier thanever. Just like other social networking sites the waysto make money began with simple advertisementsand have now evolved into banner ads, ads on videos,and videos alone. In order for you to begin makingmoney on YouTube, you need to create a YouTubeaccount. Anyone who has a Google account is onestep ahead of the game. For those who do not, youcan register an account with any viable email addresslinked to Google or Yahoo.The registration process includes basic contactinformation, the same as is required to register for anemail account. It also requires your email address.Once this is completed, you receive a confirmationemail with a link on which you click to confirm it isyou and you really did mean to create the account.You should film things that will appeal the most toyour intended audience. If you want to cause a stirwith debates, then politics, religion, and currentevents are great.If you would prefer to make people laugh and have agood time, then you can conduct reviews of funnyvideos or post your own videos.Page 23

The best thing you can do is to link your videos to anyother social networks you have or to your website foryour company. When you have a business websiteand want viewers to see an ad, you can link the advideo to your website and thus generate more trafficbetween your video sites and your other websites.Whatever the content, the trick to making money onYouTube is getting people to watch the videos andthen click on the ads so yes, ads are important. Theseads will generate more traffic for you and more. It isbest to post at least one video per week, but if youpost a video daily that is the most you should do.More than one per day is going to burden yourviewers. No matter the frequency of the posts, just besure to inform your viewers so that they willremember to check back on your page when you postnew videos.Page 24

Chapter Ten: Social Networks andPrivate Label RightsTwitter allows the entrepreneur to form a realrelationship with their followers including theircolleagues, friends, customers, and future prospects. ATwitter account does not require that the entrepreneurpitch to their customers and prospects each day, allday, or maintain care of an account like Facebook.Instead it provides the opportunity to share whicharticles are being read, likes, dislikes, and what ishappening with the company. It keeps the reader’sinterest because the phrase is short and to the point.Twitter is also useful because you do not have tocheck the page each second. The site provides desktopapplications which are adept to Windows, Linux, orMacs such as Tweetdeck. This allows the entrepreneurto divide their followers into groups and closelymaintain Tweets from those whom they want tofollow more closely.The best way to market your services and products onFacebook is by using everything Facebook has tooffer. This includes updating your status to includenew information related to your services andproducts, and creating pages and groups in support ofyour services and products.Page 25

People find many of the new applications thatFacebook is offering appalling. There are applicationsnow which allow users to follow a complete historybetween two mutual friends. This includes anypictures of the two of them, their wall posts, anyupdates or notes or videos in which they are tagged,and their relationship status. While this might seemshocking, it was only developed to keep up with whatusers were doing already. People would spend hoursstalking two mutual parties, or a single mutual party,looking for things upon which they commented andnot being able to make easy money. First recentactivity was only listed on the profile of the individualso if someone wanted to know what their friend wasdoing, they would look at their profile and go over therecent activity.This evolved into a “newsfeed” which updates usersas soon as they log on with what their top friends aredoing, constantly refreshing and providing moredetails. Individual users could erase the recent activityfrom their own profile, but it would still pop up atrandom on the newsfeed of others. The details beganas things such as “commented on John Smith’s photo”and now include “said, ‘that is a nice bike that youhave, I wish ’ on John Smith’s photo”. With moredetail, it is impossible to hide which activities areviewed by others and keeps people preoccupied withthings asidePage 26

You can use Tweeter to start making money with yournatural Twitter account. Instead of placing normaltweets about what you do, you can place sponsoredtweets. The advertisers look over the offers whichthey receive and then select which ones work best fortheir price and marketing. At this point the selectedTweeters will receive the offer as well as the paymentand at that point they begin posting the sponsored adson their sites in accordance with the agreement andguidelines that the advertisers outlines.The process for evaluating how well social marketingis working is the same as any other endeavour whichyou undertake. If you are putting in all time andmoney and not receiving anything or making anymoney, then you should try a different approach.You can link a Twitter account to a Facebook groupso that customers are directed from your company siteto the Twitter updates you have. This createsadditional traffic between different accounts andcustomers, widening the array of visitors and whatyou can market.Generally, too much time depends on your company.If you only work online, then you should spend moretime focusing on social marketing. If you work in aphysical location, then you should create a goodbalance between social marketing, internet marketing,and maintaining great relationships with customersand partners.Page 27

Once you have purchase private label rights tocontent, you can link the content as part of amembers-only newsletter or a supplemental offerthrough promotion on social networks, thusgenerating additional traffic and additional income foryou.Page 28

Chapter Eleven: Niche Markets andPrivate Label RightsA niche is a precise area of business or interests and aspecific subject. Before you can determine your niche,you need to find your voice, think about what yourbackground includes, and consider your expertise.Use that information, passion, and expertise to createa business that utilizes that information.The right niche business for you is one which utilizesyour skills and one which you enjoy. For example, ifyou really enjoy writing for fun and don’t see it as achore, then niche blogging will not seem like a boringoffice job for you. If you have a keen understandingof politics and studied it in school, you can writeabout a particular facet of politics which appeals toyou. This means your job is fun and won’t seem like ajob.Page 29

Chapter Twelve: InternetMarketing and Private Label RightsIf you want to make money online you need tounderstand that it is difficult and will take a lot ofcontinual effort. You will not replace your incomeovernight. It is best to educate yourself on all of theways that internet marketing works so that you have abetter understanding of each type of marketing.The best ways you can generate traffic is to utilizesearch engine optimization. This means that youincorporate words in your domain name, your blog, oryour ads which will generate the most results whenpeople conduct searches online.The best thing to do if you want to market yourproducts is use Google AdWords. If you advertise foryour business through Google AdWords then yourads are run on Google through their advertisingnetwork. There is no cost except for a nominal feeyou pay each time people click on your ad making itthe perfect advertising option for small businesses.Page 30

The first of these includes online surveys. This is alegitimate way to make money at home, but wouldnot necessarily replace your income. It cansupplement an income quite well, however. If you areasking how I can make money, you sign up withcertain host companies who then do one of twothings. They either have you fill out information aboutyourself so that they can send you surveys which arecatered to your interests and experiences, or you cansift through their database to find surveys which relateto your interests.There is a lot of money to be made working fromhome. If you combine things such as selling books,email marketing options, freelance work, and a nichebusiness, you can generate great income. But all ofthese methods require a lot of time and dedication. Noone can make money by sitting around and doingnothing.Some programs help you to make easy moneybecause of referrals on top of the money earn throughads. This means that you can suggest to people thatthey join the same company and host ads from themand in return, you make money. Other websites willgive you money from completed leads.Page 31

The jobs are available for writing, for translation, webdesign, administrative support, data, finance,engineering, and legal. You create a profile, searchthrough jobs, apply for jobs that you like, and then thehost selects a winner and awards them the job. Theseoffer great opportunities to make money withouthaving a marketable product.It is easy to get excited about ads and the income youcan make, but be sure to limit the ads which you placeon your blog so that it doesn’t get overwhelming anddrive your followers away. You can to ensure thatyour site is still aesthetically pleasing to your clients.Page 32

Chapter Thirteen: RegulationsSo, if we understand the structures within variousmarkets, we can know precisely how they willoperate, right? Unfortunately, we cannot know thisbecause there are many types to which specificregulations and laws will apply to the operation, oreven the creation of.Regulations tend to be government laws that controlbusinesses and consumers, and most are imposed as ameans of preventing any general harm to the public orthe market. For example, the most common forms forregulations will always include: Industry regulations: these will preventbusinesses from abusing any market controls thatthey might have or from gaining an unfairadvantage; and Social regulations – these are meant to protectconsumers and the environment from unsafeproducts, pollution, a

Chapter Four: Affiliate Marketing and Private Label Rights Private label rights are useful in that they can be combined with affiliate marketing once they have been purchased, as the buyer can link their affiliate site to the content they are supporting on their websites or in mass emails or other forms of marketing on the internet.

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