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2Contents01WHO ARE WE ?302UNDERSTANDING ONLINE ADVERTISING7The enormous potential of the online advertising market8B. A few definitions to understand advertising11C. The different online advertising business models1203A SMART CONTRACT TO GOVERN ADVERTISING TRANSACTIONS13A. Selecting the creators13B. Quantifying the results of an advertising campaign14C. Building trust, preventing fraud15D. Reducing costs, speeding up transactions16E. A complete and decentralized tool1604OPERATION OF THE SaTT SMART CONTRACT17A. Advertisers18B. Creators19C. API - Oracles20D. SaTT Ecosystem2105FAQ2306ROADMAP - TO INFINITY AND BEYOND2407SaTT DISTRIBUTION2608SaTT IS LIVE2709BUYING SaTT EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS2810A STRONG, MOTIVATED TEAM2911DISCLAIMER3112CONTACT36

013Who are we?ATAYEN, Inc is an American company specializing in developing applications dedicated for businesspages on Facebook and other social networks.Facebook application developers since 2008, Gauthier Bros and Stephanie Clement founded ATAYEN,Inc. in 2014 to further develop the marketing application technology they invented to improve businesspages on Facebook.ATAYEN, Inc.’s Iframe suite of apps allows customers to establish an effective communication hubusing simple tools.IFRAME SUITE OF APPS BY ATAYEN, INC.Contact FormNewslettersAdds a customizable contactform to a Facebook page andautomates responses.Provides a registrationform for Facebook pages tofaciliate customer contact andcommunication (emails, phone.).Automatic NewsletterCoupons AppGenerates newslettersautomatically from Facebookpage news feeds and sendsthem to its contact list.Create custom coupons to rewardFacebook or other social networkcommunities.Iframe AppsAdd a LinkInserts any internet content(html, webs ite .) into aFacebook page.Adds custom links that redirectusers tospecific pages.Store AppSharing ToolsCreates or imports customstores into a Facebook page foronline sales.Allows customization of theappearance of shares on socialnetworks while providingperformance statistics (clicks).Return to Contents page

4The challenge of revolutionizing advertising via BlockchainBy studying the 4 million pages that use our applications, all our customers have the same goal,maximizing the penetration and awareness of their brands, products, services, news and promotionaloffers.We decided to provide a service to make the interaction of online marketing tools more transparent(Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat.).Some examples: Mercedes releases its latest video on the Auto JournalFacebook page. Amnesty International appears in the CNN Newsletter. Nike publishes a post sponsored by Kobe Bryant on Instagram. L’Oreal has products tested by the latest fashion influencersso they post them on their Youtube channels.Until now, this was all done by humans in agencies. They hold thecards. The opportunity was obvious: create a secure index ofadvertising offers!While searching for the best solution, we realized blockchain wouldbe perfect for our needs.It is a decentralized and distributed database that guarantees theintegrity of data and transactions.We will use it hold the data securely and verify payment once theterms of a contract are fulfilled.This allows us to offer a powerful and reliable tool to the developmentcommunity to take care of advertiser / creator relationships.The idea of SaTT was born (Smart Advertising Transaction Token).The SaTT is a «utility token» based on blockchain technology thatallows exchange of advertising and audience payment.SaTT is regulated by a Smart Contract which lists advertising offerswith all data held securely in the Ethereum blockchain.The Smart Contract sets the conditions for participation incampaigns, quantifies the success, and guarantees the finalrenumeration.The Ethereum blockchain is fast, inexpensive, safe and versatileallowing distribution of rewards on the internet traffic market moreequitably by removing all the constraints induced by centralizedintermediaries.Return to Contents page

ATAYEN,INCDeveloping awesome apps since 2011


7Used by the world top brands4 MILLION FACEBOOK PAGESReturn to Contents page

802Understanding Online AdvertisingAdvertisers have many tools to publish, quantify and analyze theiradvertising campaigns. They can spread their messages through:Brand and co-brand websitesPresence on community networksRich Media CampaignsContent sponsorship, brand content, marketing influencersDigital strategy must be built and measured according to several problems as :How can they quantify the return on investment in the current environment?Accurate data to evaluate the effectiveness of digital actions with regard tocampaign objectives in terms of impact on the brand (awareness, memorization,brand preference.) and/or performance (increased traffic, online sales, offlinesales, generation of opportunities or leads.).Media buying strategies and communication budgets based on evaluation ofthe Web’s contribution to the media plan (coverage of the target, repetition ofmessages, complementarity of the media).Community engagement through content creation, participation in branding andsocial media outreach.Accurate data around that define the engagement and interaction, intimacy andinfluence of the clients.Understanding customer behavior, needs and expectations. Qualificationof leads from behavior data, tools and third-party databases to generate businessopportunities.Return to Contents page

9The enormous potential of the online advertising marketThe digital advertising market is growing rapidly.In the first half of 2017, the online advertising market represented 2 billion USDollar, a significant increaseof 9.8% compared to the first half of 2016.The digital market is far ahead of other media. It represents 33% of investments versus 28.3% fortelevision.In 2017 digital advertising generated 247.87 billion USD.2017: Total Media Advertising Spending Worldwide by Region2017: Breakdown by mailingRich 3.49%Return to Contents page

10Revenues in the digitaladvertising market2017: Breakdown by IndustryRetail350 B 315.64300 B 32.40%281.41250 B 200 B 247.87Automobile212.0612.90%150 B 100 B Financial services50 B 12.20%0 B 2016201720182019Telecom2017: Breakdown by PlatformGOOGLE:FACEBOOK:33.00%10.90%Consumer goods8.80%16.20%ALIBABA: 7.80%Travel8.20%BAIDU: 6.20%TENCENT:3.00%LINKEDIN:2.70%YAHOO: 1.40%TWITTER: 1.40%AMAZON:1.00%Computer CHAT:0.40%Health and PharmacyOTHERS: 29.50%2.40%Return to Contents page

11A few definitions to understand advertising!INFLUENCER MARKETINGincludesallpractices that aim to use the recommendationpotential of the influencers, most often used inthe sense of digital influencer.PERFORMANCEMARKETINGarethetechniques where the advertiser pays foradvertising or marketing based directly oncampaign results. Advertisers like this, sinceit theoretically limits risk if a campaign isunsuccessful.This sort of payment is often based on: transactions billed to commission or to CPA , visits or clicks billed to CPC , various completed forms invoiced to CPA.AFFILIATE MARKETING works based on apayment model for affiliates (e.g.a webmasteror blogger) whenever a customer does aspecific action (e.g. makes an order, purchase,installation, etc.). These networks are usuallyindependent and work with Advertisers (CPANetworks - see below)AFFILIATE NETWORKS (CPA NETWORKS)offer rewards to advertisers in the CPAmodel and offer a range of services includingcreating entire affiliate programs. The affiliatenetworks charge advertisers for customeractions, payment of commissions to affiliatesand charge commissions for the , influencer) isa marketingprofessional (or a group of marketers undera single account in an affiliate network) whoprovides publicity for a product or service inreturn for compensation or a payout for everytargeted customer action originating fromtheir site.AN ADVERTISER, in this context, is the personencouraging affiliates to find customers bycreating offers and paying for them (oftenthrough affiliate networks) for targetedcustomer actions corresponding to theconditions of the offer.TRACKING is the monitoring of the manycampaign parameters in the affiliatemarketing process. For example: time, sourceand number of targeted activities.FRAUD, in terms of affiliate marketing, meansthe different ways to deceive the affiliatenetwork and the advertisers in order to obtaina monetary reward.There are a variety of common methods:emulation of targeted actions, spoofing thesource of the customers introduced (cookiestuffing), tricking customers by using decoysto increase the probability of a targeted action(for example using a price significantly lowerthan the advertiser’s offer) and others.THE LEAD is the targeted customer action inresponse to an advertising campaign: sales,order, call, registration, installation of theapplication, etc.THE OFFER is an advertising proposal toattract targeted activities from advertisers oraffiliate networks.THE COMMITMENT is the concept ofsocial commitment or commitment tosocial networks, usually meaning the set ofinteractions that can be generated on socialpublications (Facebook post, Snap, Tweet,etc.) organic or paid. Social commitment cantherefore be translated as a "like", a comment,sharing or other forms of reaction offered bythe different social networks.Return to Contents page

12The different online advertising business modelsAdvertisers, according to needs (to increase brand awareness, generate traffic, acquire leads or evendevelop their sales) will choose a payment mode for their creators.These are the different ways to invoice online advertising:CPCCPM(Cost Per Click)(Cost Per Thousand)CPC is the cost per clickgenerated by a creator.CPM is the cost per thousanddisplays or impressionsof an ad.CPACPV(Cost Per Action)(Cost Per View)CPA is the cost per action,which can be a sale,a form or a quoterequest.CPV is the cost per viewof a video.CPE(Cost Per Engagement)The advertiser pays whenusers interact with the ad(likes , comments,shares.).CONVERSION RATEThe conversion rate is the KPIcorresponding to the % ofpeople who performed anaction in relation to thetarget population.Return to Contents page

1303A Smart Contract to governadvertising transactionsThanks to the SaTT Smart Contract, an advertiser can easily create advertising campaigns whoseconditions for participation and results will be stored in distributed decentralized records (blockchain).These ads will be searchable via dedicated APIs. This means tampering with results will be extremelydifficult.A SaTT Smart Contract transaction may only be validated if:The affiliate meets thecriteria- age, sex, city,audience.The creator hasrelayed the advertisingcampaign and the definedoracle has returned theresult statistics.A. Selecting the relevant creatorsOne of the biggest challenges of internet advertisingis recruiting and validating advertising campaignpartners.Advertisers must select the best partners. This candepend on the scope of their broadcast network, thetopics addressed or simply its image.An example:Illegal streaming sites are able to generatesignificant traffic, but given the nature of thepractices an advertiser will generally avoid usingthem in favour of a source that will not affect theintegrity of its image.SaTT Smart Contract will give an advertiser thepower to define criteria for partner participationin a campaign as well as our automated oracleperformance.An advertiser may, for example, choose the Kloutapp to define the level of influence required toparticipate.Return to Contents pageThe "oracles" havereturned the information,the transaction is executedand the SaTT amounttransferred to the creator.

14B. Quantifying the results of an advertising campaignIn the current model, advertising agencies or affiliatenetworks are able to evaluate the performance of anadvertising campaign, by its number of impressions,clicks, or sales.Therefore there is a specific statistical tool for eachplatform, which is relatively robust and secure, butdoes not include reactions on social networks thatare useful in judging the performance of an ad.These tools are similar to the ones used byadvertisers (e.g. Google Analytics, FacebookAnalytics, etc.)The major advantage of SaTT is the use of theSmartContract which communicates with third-partyAPIs to quantify the performance of campaignsand evaluate the amount of the transaction.These applications play the role of Oracle andinteract automatically with the Smart Contract toquantify the performance of an advertisement andthus automatically define the amount to be paid tothe creator.The advertiser can choose between third party appsdepending on its objective.For example:As part of an influencer marketing campaign,an advertiser can define an applicationspecializing in the study of Instagram statisticsas a performance oracle and thus quantify theremuneration to the creator.In the same way, another may choose GoogleAnalytics as a reference if it aims to quantify thevisits to its website.Current ModelIndependent application platformThe SaTT Smart ContractThis is the typical group of applications thatplay the role of oracle.With the SaTT Smart Contract, advertisers and creators will be able to obtain results such asimpressions, clicks, subscribers, sales or reactions on the social networks for a campaign with themost relevant tools according to its objectives.Depending on the usage evolution, new tools can be added and will communicate with the SaTTSmart Contract.Return to Contents page

15C. Building trust, preventing fraudThe security of current affiliate networks is threatened:If a centralized network is hacked, the hackers can access all systemaccounts.In the case of a technical failure on a centralized platform, all adcampaigns stop working until the incident is resolved.Advertisers and creators of many ad networks must trust centralizedadvertising agencies without being able to verify the statistical resultsprovided.Thanks to the blockchain, advertisers and their campaigns are not connectedto each other. This means they are not all affected by a single hack ormalfunction.Thanks to the SaTT Smart Contract, ads and transactions are governed bymodules of independent persons secured by the Ethereum blockchain.In the event that a module or oracle malfunctions, the integrity of ads ofother advertisers is preserved.The most common frauds found in the online advertising marketAdvertisersCreatorsInform a creator that anorder was not delivered andrefuse to pay commissionon the customer purchaseInject fake accounts toobtain CPA commission.Delay commissionpayments to creators.Trick statistics by usingrobots.Make mistakes in thecalculation of affiliateremuneration.Change the site trackingcode so that not all leads areregistered and paid.Advertising AgenciesDiscreetly removeadvertiser and creatoraccounts.Trick the statistics.The use of the SaTT Smart Contractallows advertisers and creators todefine a trusted third party (oracle)who will decide on the campaignperformance statistics and the amountto be invoiced (examples: GoogleAnalytics , Instagram Analytics , etc.).The decentralized and distributedblockchain ensures integrity of thebilling data and payments without anypossibility of falsification.Return to Contents page

16D. Reducing costs, speeding up transactionsThe traditional business model of conventional centralizedadvertising agencies relies on a prohibitive cost of entry andmonthly billing for the services provided.The minimum fee for using their interface ranges from severalhundred to thousands of dollars a month.Choice of oracleABCWith the blockchain and the SaTT Smart Contract, the transactioncost is split between the encryption and oracle modules based onuser needs. There is no minimum monthly billing. The competitionbetween the oracle modules guarantees a high level of service andcompetitive rates.In traditional centralized advertising agencies, the payment ofcommissions to affiliates may take several months, resulting insignificant transfer fees and blocking where minimum billingamount is not met.By using SaTT, payments are immediate as long as the successcriteria are met. Payments are subject to neither a transfer fee nora currency conversion fee.E. A complete and decentralized tool to govern advertising transactionsA decentralizedregisterAn integrationAPIA developmentSDKTraditional centralized advertising agencies offer proprietary interfaces that, through their design, maynot meet all the expectations of advertisers and creators.Some need access to specific statistics, to generate custom reports or to automate the creation ofadvertising.The SaTT Smart Contract, operating in a decentralized way via the Ethereum blockchain, allowsdevelopers to design tailor-made tools.Hence, any developer can design a SaTT-compatible campaign creation tool, an advertising directory orstatistics interface.The SaTT Smart Contract is decentralized, it is not a proprietary platform.Return to Contents page

0417Operation of the SaTT SmartContractThe SaTT Smart Contract works in a decentralized and distributed manner. The blockchain will includeall current offers that allow any API or platform to perform operations, whether creating as part of anadbuilder, posting to make an ad directory, or as an oracle, for example by providing the necessarystatistics to validate and quantify the transaction.The advantage of such a Smart Contract is to gather market offers in a decentralized database, to setthe rules that apply to advertising contracts and to automatically trigger payments once the transactionis performed.AdvantagesFor AdvertisersAdvantagesFor CreatorsVery low feesExclusive productsInternational creatorsSurety of paymentNo middlemanInstant PaymentRelevant statisticsEasy Token ExchangeAutomatic PaymentRelevant Statistics

18AdvertisersThe advertiser wants to maximize the penetration of their message.We provide a simple, fast and powerful tool to identify the best communicationmedium, and the best performing potential partners.The SaTT Smart Contract faciliates the broadcast of advertisements accordingto performance objectives (e.g. to increase its visibility, to generate traffic, togenerate sales opportunities or to directly make sales).It can follow the evolution of a campaign on the industry standards, such as GoogleAnalytics, Instagram or Facebook Analytics through oracle module connections.Finally, creators and communities can access exclusive products and events inexchange for SaTT.SaTT which it can turn around and reuse for new campaigns!Return to Contents page

19CreatorThe creatorwants to find the most relevant and profitable campaigns andcontent for its audience.Thanks to the blockchain, partners can now guarantee that the campaign is fundedand will be paid as soon as the contract conditions between the partner and theadvertiser are met, such as at the end of a campaign or performance threshold.Once the objectives are achieved, the Smart Contract automatically triggers thetransaction and the specified funds are transferred directly to its portfolio net ofthe commission paid to the oracle modules.Return to Contents page

20Oracles1.The Oracle uses2. Smar t Contract criteriastatistical toolsare verifed by OracleHow do Oracles work ?Oracle Validatethe actions ofthe Zublisher4.The Oracle is3. The Oracleremunerated by atransfers datas to thecommissionadver tiserWhat is an oracle module?An oracle is an application between the Smart Contract and a data source torelay information on the performance of a campaign or process (number ofclicks, number of views, ability to participate, validation of campaign integrity).When an application connects to Google Analytics and returns the volume of a creator’straffic on the advertiser’s website at the end of the month to an oracle module, it usesthat data to determine if the conditions of the Smart Contract are fulfilled. Severaloracles may be involved in the process before a Smart Contract based transaction isapproved.For example:Coca-Cola could define that the company REECH decide on the capacityof creators to participate, set the transaction condition to 2,000 views, anddefine Google Analytics as oracle to obtain the statistics, the results of thecampaign.Oracles can be developed directly by ATAYEN, Inc. or by third-party developers via theSaTT API.The advertiser can choose the most relevant of the validated applications or havecustom ones created.The application developers are compensated via commission when transactions areapproved and validated.Return to Contents page

21Oracles, trusted third parties to the transactionPERFORMANCEORACLEPerformance oracles provide the statistics neededfor billing. For example, it may be used to countviews, clicks, lead engagement or sales.Contact FormCAPACITYORACLECapacity oracles analyze the partner profiles tovalidate they meet the criteria set by the advertiserfor the campaign. These conditions can range fromthe reputation of the creator on social networks,to factors such as its type of audience, or marketsegment.SECURITYORACLESecurity oracles are an option for advertisers who wantto analyze and validate the quality of the campaignas well as minimizing potential fraud. Some of themodules include robot detectors and a lead or visitanalyzers.Return to Contents page

22SaTT EcosystemReturn to Contents page

0523FAQWHAT IS A SaTT TOKEN?SaTT are tokens issued from an Ethereum smart contract. These tokens will be used in advertisingtransactions between advertisers and creators.DOES THE TOKEN BESTOW OWNERSHIP ON THE ATAYEN INC. COMPANY?No, the tokens do not bestow any rights or ownership of ATAYEN Inc.The tokens allow you to use the advertising services provided by ATAYEN Inc. and to trade productsand exclusive servicesHOW MANY SaTT TOKENS ARE AVAILABLE?We have issued 20 000 000 000 tokens out of which 118 000 000 are available for the crowdsale.We will not issue any additional tokens in the future.WHAT CAN I BUY WITH SaTT?You can already purchase our App Suite and our e-mailing service. Soon, you will be able to pay foradvertising services as well as our partners’ services and products.HOW TO GET SaTT TOKENS?You can easily acquire SaTT during the crowdsale thanks to our wallet. You can purchase them withETH, BTC or by bank transfer.You can participate from exchange platforms such as Bitrex, Binance or any wallet, as well as bycredit card by using services like transferwise.Upon receipt of proof of payment, the corresponding SaTT are delivered to your wallet, and you willthen be able to transfer them to any ERC20 wallet (MEW, Metamask, etc) or use our App.WHERE TO STORE PURCHASED SATT?You can store your SaTT on our SaTT wallet at satt.atayen.us, on any ERC20 wallet (MEW, Metamask,etc) or on a nano Ledger key.HOW TO CREATE A SaTT WALLET?To create your SaTT wallet with ease, go to satt.atayen.us, sign up or login through Facebook Connectand choose your password to secure your transactions.Return to Contents page

0624SaTT DistributionBONUS5%BOUNTIES3%TEAM / SERVE28%Return to Contents page

0725RoadMapApril 2018Pre ICO Launchq.2 2018Crowdsale debuSaTT Wallet Launch }RC@0 }RC@@3Atayen, Inc applications payable in SaTT}mailing Invoiced in SaTiCompletedq. 2018q.å 2018Store compatible for clientsPay by SaTT API1st version SDC ³ SaTT connect v0.9CompletedUnity ICO game “When Moon ?”“3xchange” system completedSaTT Connect v1.0 ³ ORACL}Ã(ªoogle Analytics, Instagram Analytics, Youtube)Completedq.1 2019Release of Youtube, Facebook & Instagram oraclesBeta version SmartcontractCompletedQ.2 2019Wallet IHave AndroidSmartContact V1.0SaTT dApp liveFirst 10 Youtube ad campaign completeCompletedq.å 20193xchange.io Advanced Trading mode activatedWhen Moon V@CompletedQ.1 2020Interface half centralised(reduced gas consumption)Campaign UA V@SaTT smartcontractCompletedq.2 2020SaTT working with dai, USDT, BATSmartcontract audit passedLegal opinion validatedClassed.io V0.1Completed

26On The Road To Open Source (2020 2021)24th september 2020Listing on 3 main exchangesCompletedoctober 2020Centralised version with SaTTvLost password insuranceCompletednovember 2020Proof of concept BC association"IHave" mobile wallet in App StoreDecember 2020In progressWallet "Buy & Sell SaTT" APIWhen Moon ChallengeIHave code becomes OPEN SOURCEjanuary 2021InÒuencer's Onboarding in SaTT WalletOracles' code becomes OPEN SOURCEOracle Bounty ChallengeIn progressIn progressFebruary 2021IHave 1.2UX campaign upgrademarch 2021IHave v2.0: adding new crypto to walletMetamask connect into SaTT WalletTwo factor authentiifcation with Google Authenticato
rFacebook Store App V2In progressAPRIL 2021In progressWallet API v2.0Metamask connect to log in SaTT WalletClassed.io v1.0New app dedicated to publishersjanuary 20213Xchange liquidity poolPayBySaTT modules for eÔcommerce CMSIn progressIn progressJUNE 2021BACKEND OPENSOURCE

0827SaTT is live:It’s already more than a currencyYou can exchange your SaTT with others Cryptocurrencies in P2P, 3xchange.ioYou can stock & transfer SaTT to your contacts, with the SaTT Wallet.You can sell or buy on Facebook with Store.You can pay or be paid in SaTT with the payment API PayBySaTT.You can send SaTT to the moon with the application When moonReturn to Contents page

2809Buying SaTT exclusive productsSaTT is already a medium of transactions and can be used to buy our App Suite or products on Facebook pagesthat use our apps. The PayBySaTT functionality is easily installed in our app store. We will also offer SDK for thirdparty developers so that we make a host of exclusive products and events payable in SaTT.Exclusive productsExceptional products forexceptional people.Brands can sell exclusive products for SaTT toa community of exceptional people.September 2018: Installed in Store ByATAYEN, Inc. Sell or buy SaTT on FacebookstoresQ.2 2019: SDK for third party developer(Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop .).&EventsEvents reserved forSaTT holders.Every year we select at least 6 of the biggestevents to offer a SaTT evening to discuss ourproject with the leaders of the community.Advertisers can also arrange exclusive eventswith the PayBySaTT module.Return to Contents page

2910A strong, motivated teamGauthier BROSStéphanie CLÉMENTSamir KSIBIC TOA sso cia tepa r tn e rCEOGeoffrey MOYACaroline MURACCIOLIB l o c kc h a i n ex p er tCh ie f d e sig n / UX g u r uTHE ADVISORSEricALEXANDREBarrakEL HOMAYSSICEO JetcoinC E O S RGRichardESTEVEQuentinHERBRECHTPhilippeERBJean michelBILLAUTJordanDELAGNEAURichardWANG

30THE INVESTORSKima VentureDotCorpNB GroupSolly AzarDOES OUR PROJECT INTEREST YOU ?WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUPPORT US ?We are ready to hear your proposal !I would like to participateReturn to Contents page

3111DisclaimerPREAMBLEThe buyer of SaTT tokens understands and accepts that ATAYEN, Inc. does not aim to act as a substitutefor the knowledge that the buyer must possess for its purchases on the cryptoassets market .Thus, the buyer of SaTT tokens assumes and acknowledges an understanding of the field of cryptoassets,systems developed by ATAYEN, Inc. and the Blockchain mechanism. This includes the risks associatedwith the crowdsale as well as the mechanism related to the use of cryptoassets, and more specifically,SaTT tokens (including storage).ATAYEN , INC. WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR LOSS OF SaTT TOKENS, PIRACY, AND / OR SITUATIONSINVOLVING THE IMPOSSIBILITY FOR THE PURCHASER TO ACCESS THE SaTT TOKENS WHICH MAYRESULT FROM ANY ACTIONS OR OMISSIONS OF THE PURCHASER OF SaTT TOKENS AND THE USEROF THE SERVICES OFFERED BY ATAYEN , INC.THIS WHITEPAPER IN NO EVENT SHALL CREATE A PROSPECTUS OR OFFERING DOCUMENT. IT ISNOT INTENDED TO CONSTITUTE AN OFFER TO SELL OR AN INVITATION TO A PURCHASE AND / ORSUBSCRIPTION OFFER.THIS WHITEPAPER IS NOT INTENDED TO CONSTITUTE A SOLICITATION TO INVEST IN SECURITIES ORANY OTHER FORM OF INVESTMENT PRODUCTS. THIS WHITEPAPER, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, AND ANYCOPY OF IT, SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN OR TRANSMITTED TO ANY COUNTRY WHERE THE DISTRIBUTIONAND DISSEMINATION OF WHITEPAPERS IS PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED.1. GENERAL INFORMATIONThe SaTT token will not be legally considered a security since it does not give rights to dividend, interest,profit-sharing, or any other remuneration. Also, the SaTT tokens will not be considered shares becausethey do not give access to ordinary or extraordinary general meetings of ATAYEN, Inc.The sale of SaTT tokens is final and non-refundable. They cannot be used outside the platformdeveloped by ATAYEN, Inc. Consequently, they cannot and must not be bought for speculative purposesor investments. The buyer of the SaTT tokens understands and is aware that the SaTT tokens issuedby ATAYEN, Inc. operate in a decentralized non regulated market. The information issued by ATAYEN,Inc. relates to the crowdsale and SaTT tokens, and the purchaser of the said tokens understands thatno specific European regulatory framework governs this activity. As a result, the buyer is aware that thepurchase of SaTT tokens is undertaken without the benefit of legal and / or regulatory protection.Any person purchasing SaTT tokens understands, accepts and acknowledges to have carefully reviewedthis whitepaper and to fully understand the risks, costs and benefits associated with the purchase ofSaTT tokens and the services offered by ATAYEN, Inc.Return to Contents page

322. RISK2.1 General information on the risks related to cryptoassets2.1.1 Risks related to trading or holding cryptoassetsThe buyer acknowledges and understands that crypto

creating entire affiliate programs. The affiliate networks charge advertisers for customer actions, payment of commissions to affiliates and charge commissions for the service. AN AFFILIATE (webmaster, publisher, advertiser, influencer) is a marketing professional (or a group of marketers under a single account in an affiliate network) who

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Managed by the NASA Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) Two types - "hard" and "soft" Passcodes When using a hard token, enter your pin and the six-digit token code When using a soft token, enter the eight-digit token code Fob-based hard token Phone-based soft token NCCS LDAP Passwords

OpenID Connect Examples Get user info using access token OAuth AS / OpenID Provider RP / Client Browser Access code Send code to get access token Access token & ID token Check audience restriction of ID token Request login, providing “

OpenID Connect (OIDC) OpenID-Connect (OIDC) extends the OAuth 2.0 standard by providing an identity layer on top of OAuth 2.0. OIDC introduces a token called an ID Token. Where an OAuth access token is opaque, i.e. without any claims within the token itself, OIDC defines a ID Token

1. Name of the token-WD ProxKey 2. Verify PIN 3. Change PIN 4. Change Admin PIN 5. Change Token Name 6. Unlock PIN 7. Format/Initialize Token 8. Delete Redundant Key Pair 9. Certificate 10. Device Information 11. About WD ProxKey This is the default name of the token, and it is displayed on the top of the token tool software also, it can be .

A GUIDE TO DIGITAL TOKEN OFFERINGS MONETARY AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE 3 2.3 For instance, a digital token may constitute - 2.3.1 a share 2, where it confers or represents ownership interest in a corporation3, represents liability of the token holder in the corporation4, and represents mutual covenants with other token holders in the

After you get the access token, use it to verify user roles. This chapter includes the following topics: n Get Your Access Token for the vRealize Automation API n Verify User Roles Get Your Access Token for the vRealize Automation API To get the token used to authenticate your session, you use the Identity Service API to get an API token.

Attach credit wires from 1 token Swiper here. Locate J 19 and J 20 on the CPU board. On connector J 19, you will use pin 3 (bottom left) and pin 9 (bottom right), to tie into your credit wires for the 10 token and 20 token swipers. On J 20 you will use pins 1 and 5 to tie in to your credit wires for the 1 token swiper.

5.1 Structure 5.2 Settlement System 6.1 Disintermediation and Trusted Public Ledger 6.2 Transaction Efficiency 6.3 Other Advantages 7.1 Overview of Token Cycle 7.2 Introduction to Token Equities 7.3 Self-Circulating Economy 7.2.1 YYE Token 7.2.2 YY Token 7.3.1 Value Increment Model 7.3.2 YYE and YY's Cycle Economy 5.Blockchain Technology