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TRENDnet User’s GuideTable of ContentsTEW-822DREAccessing TEW-822DRE with product name:.17Multi-Language .17Table of Contents. 2System Settings . 18Product Overview . 4Main - Wizard .18Main - Network Settings.18Dynamic IP.18Static IP .19Main - System .20Main - Time Settings .21Main – IPv6 (Access Point Mode) .22Link-Local IPv6 Address .22Static IPv6 Address .22Dynamic IPv6 Address.23Wireless (Range Extender Mode) .24Site Survey .24Wireless (Access Point Mode) - Basic.26Wireless (Access Point Mode) - Advanced .29Wireless (Access Point Mode) - WPS .30Status - System Information .31Status - Local Logs .33Status - Statistics .34Status - Wireless Client List .35Status (Access Point Mode) – IPv6 .35Access (Access Point Mode) – MAC Filter .36Access (Access Point Mode) – Multiple SSID .37Wireless Security .37Access (Access Point Mode) – User Limit .38Tools - Upload Firmware .38Tools - Backup Settings .39Features . 4Easy Setup. 4AC1200 Dual Band . 4Extreme Coverage . 4Gigabit Port . 4No Clutter . 4Operating Modes. 4Encrypted Wireless. 4Compatibility . 4Targeted Beamforming . 4Package Contents . 5Hardware Features . 6Application Diagram . 8Range Extender Set Ups . 9WPS Connection . 9Web Browser Configuration . 11Access Point Set Up. 16Connecting to your computer to TEW-822DRE . 16Range Extender Web Management . 17System Management and Default Settings . 17Access the Management page . 17Accessing TEW-822DRE with . 17Accessing TEW-822DRE with dynamic IP: . 17 Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.2

TRENDnet User’s GuideTools - Ping Test . 39Tools (Access Point Mode) - Schedule . 40Edit a schedule . 40Delete a schedule . 40Tools - Email Notification . 41Tools - Remote Logging. 42Tools - LED Control . 42Tools - Logout. 43TEW-822DREEnergy Efficiency .54Directives .54RoHS .55ErP Statement.56Limited Warranty . 58Technical Specifications . 44Troubleshooting . 45Appendix . 47How to setup a static IP address on your computer . 47Windows 8. 47Windows 7. 48OS X. 50Regulations . 52Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement . 52FCC Radiation Exposure Statement . 52Industry Canada . 53Caution: . 53Avertissement: . 53Radiation Exposure Statement: . 53Déclaration d'exposition aux radiations: . 53Europe – EU Declaration of Conformity . 54Safety . 54EMC. 54Radio Spectrum & Health . 54 Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.3

TRENDnet User’s GuideProduct OverviewTEW-822DREEasy SetupQuick intuitive setup connects to either a WiFi AC or WiFi N network andadopts existing WiFi settingsAC1200 Dual BandBroadcasts concurrent high speed 867 Mbps WiFi AC 300 Mbps WiFi NnetworksExtreme CoverageAdjustable external antennas, high power amplifiers, and multipleantenna technology produces extreme wireless coverageGigabit PortGigabit port extends a high performance connection to a wired deviceNo ClutterThe extender plugs directly into an outletOperating ModesExternal switch toggles between Extender (connects to a WiFi network)and Access Point (connects to a wired network) modesTEW-822DREFeaturesTRENDnet's AC1200 WiFi Range Extender, model TEW-822DRE, offersextreme wireless coverage to eliminate existing wireless network deadspots. Setup takes minutes with no drivers to install and it stays out of theway by plugging directly into an outlet. Connect to either an existing WiFiN or WiFi AC router and extend concurrent WiFi N and AC networks intoan area with low or no wireless. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.Encrypted WirelessSupports the latest encryption standardsCompatibilityCompatible with legacy wireless devicesTargeted BeamformingIncreased real-time performance by directing stronger wireless signalsto a device’s specific location4

TRENDnet User’s Guide*Maximum wireless signal rates are referenced from IEEE 802.11 theoreticalspecifications. Actual data throughput and coverage will vary depending oninterference, network traffic, building materials and other conditions.TEW-822DREPackage ContentsTEW-822DRE package includes: TEW-822DRE Multi-Language Quick Installation Guide CD-ROM (User’s Guide)If any package content is missing or damaged, please contact the retail store, onlineretailer, or reseller/distributor from which the product was purchased. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.5

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DREHardware FeaturesAdjustableAntennaPower PlugNetwork PortOperating ModeSwitchNetwork Port Connect a network cable (Ethernet cable) toyour network when operating in AP (AccessPoint) mode.Operation Position the Operation Mode Switch to Off toMode Switch turn off the wireless. Position the switch toExtender to operate TEW-822DRE in RangeExtender mode. Position the switch to AP towork in Access Point mode. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.WPS Button LED IndicatorWPS(Wi-Fi ProtectedSetup)Button LEDIndicatorPower PlugRelease ButtonPush and release the WPS button to activateWPS copying wireless settings from yourrouter (press 5 sec. in Range Extender mode)or connect to the client (press 1 sec. in RangeExtender or AP mode). The LED indicator willstart blinking when WPS pairing is activated.Reset Button Resets your repeater. Push and hold thisbutton for 10 seconds with a pin or paper clipto reset configuration to factory default.Power Plug To exchange different style of power plug.Release Button (This package comes with only one powerplug.)6

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DRENetwork Connect a network cable (Ethernet cable) to yourcomputer for manual configuration.Wireless The Wireless LED shows the wireless connectionbetween Range Extender and your wireless router.Blue Light: When it lights with solid blue, theRange Extender established a good wirelessconnection with your router. When it blinks, itmeans there are data running through the wirelessconnection.NetworkWirelessPowerRed Light: When wireless connection is weak, theWireless LED is in red. The Range Extender canstill extend the weak wireless signal in lower speed.It is recommend to relocate your wireless router orRange Extender once there’s a chance.Off: The Wireless LED will be turned off if there’s nowireless connection to your wireless router at all.LED IndicatorsPower The indicator is solid blue when your rangeextender is powered on. When this light is off, thereis no power on your range extender. The light willalso blink when WPS is activated. The light will stopblinking and remain solid blue automatically onceWPS process is completed. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.7

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DREApplication DiagramTEW-822DRE is a dual band802.11ac range extender whichcan extend your wireless router’srange and coverage. Furthermore,it can expand signals to both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands to theclients for dual band concurrentconnections. Simply plug theTEW-822DRE at a location inbetween your wireless router andyour computer or mobile deviceto eliminate the dead spot ofconnection. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.8

TRENDnet User’s GuideRange Extender Set UpsTEW-822DRE3. Press and hold the WPS button on the router for 5 seconds to startWPS pairing.There are two ways to setup your Range Extender: by pushing Wi-FiProtected Setup (WPS) button or web browser configuration.WPS Connection1. Plug in the TEW-822DRE to a power outlet nearby your wirelessrouter and position the operation switch to Extender.4. The WPS will stop blinking and the Wireless LED will lit when theconnection is established.2. Press and release the WPS button for 5 seconds until the WPS LEDlights. The LED will blink, which means the TEW-822DRE is startingWPS pairing. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.9

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DRE5. Install the TEW-822DRE in the final location. For maximumperformance, install the TEW-822DRE in a location where thereis at least 2 bars of connection from your WiFi router to a mobiledevice.If the Wireless LED lights in blue, the wirelessconnection to the router is good. If the Wireless LEDlights in red, the wireless connection is weak. Considerto change the extender's location again to have betterwireless connection to the router. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.10

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DREWeb Browser Configuration1. Plug in the TEW-822DRE to a power outlet nearby your wirelessrouter and position the operation switch to Extender.2. Open your computer or mobile device wireless network settings andsearch for TRENDnet822 2.4G xxxx pre-encrypted wirelessnetwork (The xxxx is a random number. Please find your uniquewireless name and pre-set WiFi password from the label comes withthe product. If you don’t have the label from the package, you can findthe same information on the device label.)Preset label inthe packageDevice labelunder the devicePress and release the WPS button. (do not hold the button for more than3 second) or enter the WiFi password printed on the label to fill up theWiFi password. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.11

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DRE3. Open the web browser and type http://tew-822dre orhttp:// to access the administration page. (Seetrouble shooting page if you cannot access the administration page.)Alternatively, you can connect your computer to theTEW-822DRE with a network cable.Enter administrator login information. (The default user name isadmin and the password is admin.)Connect a network cable (not included in thepackage) from your computer to the TEW-822DRE’snetwork port.4. The Setup Wizard is prompting on the screen. Click Next. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.12

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DRE5. Change your administrator password from the factory defaultsetting and then click Next.7. The TEW-822DRE will start searching for available wirelessnetworks.6. Choose manual setting to search and select your wireless routermanually and then click on Next. (You can choose WPS toinitialize the WPS pairing from the web management page here.Please see previous section WPS Connection for more detail.) Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.Select the wireless router or access point you want to connect withand then click Next. (If you don’t find the wireless network youwant, click Last to start over the site survey again.)13

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DREIn the case that you want to specifically connect to TEW-822DRE oryour wireless router, you can setup the extended network with adifferent name.Click Next after you choose your extended wireless network name.8. Enter the WiFi password and then click Next. (When necessary,check on Show Password to make sure the WiFi password youentered is correct.)10. Confirm the network setup and then click Next.9. Choose the extended wireless network name. By default, theTEW-822DRE will have the same wireless name (SSID) to yourwireless router. All your devices can seamlessly roaming inbetween TEW-822DRE and your wireless router. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.14

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DRE11. TEW-822DRE will reboot to apply the change. It will take about aminute before TEW-822DRE ready to work.12. Relocate the TEW-822DRE and plug at a location betweenwireless router and your computer. Check the signal strengthfrom the location you choose to the wireless router. If the signalstrength is 2 bars or more. The signal strength is good from thewireless router. Copyright 2015 TRENDnet. All Rights Reserved.15

TRENDnet User’s GuideTEW-822DREAccess Point Set UpConnecting to your computer to TEW-822DREThe TEW-822DRE comes with pre-set wireless network name and WiFipassword. Please find your unique wireless name and pre-set WiFipassword from the label comes with the product. If you don’t have thelabel from the package later time, you can find the same information onthe device label.)1. Choose the TEW-822DRE wireless name from your computer.2. Press and release the WPS button. (do not hold the button for morethan 3 second) or enter the WiFi password printed on the label to fillup the WiFi password.Preset label inthe packageDevice labelunder the deviceTo start using your TEW-822DRE, just position the operation modeswitch to AP. Connect a network cable (not included in the package) homerouter to the TEW-822DRE’s network port. And, then plug in the TEW822DRE to a power socket. Then the dual band wireless is ready to use.Login to your TEW-822DRE to customize your wirelessname, password, and management login password canadd on one more la

computer for manual configuration. Wireless The Wireless LED shows the wireless connection between Range Extender and your wireless router. Blue Light: When it lights with solid blue, the Range Extender established a good wireless connection with your router. When it blinks, it means there are data running through the wireless connection.

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