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The Future of WorkandDigital TransformationMarch 20212021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.Images credit: Pexels,Unsplash, & Envato elements

Objectives & MethodologyOBJECTIVESUnderstand the behaviors and attitudes ofcurrent Business End Users (BEU) and ITDecision Makers across all business sizeswho have been forced to work from home(WFH) due to Covid-19:----What are the challenges of WFH?What collaboration tools are being used?How satisfied are they with their job withthe WFH transition?Where do BEUs want to work onceCovid-19 is no longer a concern?How have tech issues impacted BEUsWFH?How has Covid-19 impacted thebusiness model, services used, andsecurity concerns by ITDMs?What investments in digital solutionshave been made by ITDMs?ITDM Interest in DaaS model2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.METHODOLOGY Quantitative online survey, 10-minutes Fielded to external panels Fieldwork: Jan. 15th – Feb. 11th, 2021 Total and Business End User /ITDecision Maker data is weighted.Individual market data is unweighted Stat testing shown for significant differences inbusiness sizes All stat testing done at 95% confidencelevel. Not shown for base sizes 50SAMPLE Business End User (BEU): currentlyworking from home and worked in theoffice prior to Covid-19 IT Decision Makers (ITDM): if theircompany has made policy changes/worklocation changes due to Covid-19 at anypoint since March 2020TOTALn 8,533Australian 596Italyn 625Braziln 600Japann 609Chinan 600Mexicon 613Francen 627Russian 600Germanyn 622Singaporen 613Indian 600UKn 600Indonesian 610USAn 618n 75-100 per business size per market(Very small/small, Medium, Large)2

Respondent %7%7%7%7%39%35%Female18-347%MaleBusiness Size BEU35 Business Size ITDM30%35%35%33%33%34%Very small/SmallMediumLargeVery small/SmallMediumLarge2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.Base: Total (n 8,533)Base: Gender & Age (n 8,493)Base: Total BEU (n 4,126) Base: Total ITDM (n 4,407)3

Table of ContentsKey Findings and SummaryResponse to WFH/Covid-19 (BEUs)Business/workplace changes due to Covid-19 (ITDMs)WFH wardrobe/collaboration tools (BEU ITDMs)Digital transformation (ITDMs)DasS - Device as a Service (ITDMs)2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.4

Key Findings1 Many of the ways that workplaces have transformed in response to the pandemic are here to stay. It’s fair tosay that the office as we knew it is gone2 Workers are in a groove with working from home now and feel it’s a net positive situation compared totheir previous traditional office routine.3 Part of what’s making this work is the wide adoption of collaboration software, something nearly allcompanies have adopted. Zoom is the most used, followed by Microsoft (Teams, Office 365) and Google(Meet, Docs).4 One piece of tech that’s being used more is the smartphone, with the majority using their phone for workpurposes. It’s being used most frequently as a way to communicate within their teams, likely due to theincrease in collaboration tool usage5 There is significant interest in DaaS, more so in Medium and Large companies, who see its top benefitsas freeing up time for more strategic projects and keeping hardware up to date5

Response toWFH/Covid-19Employees2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.6

BEUs of all ages are satisfied with their job while WFH. Younger BEUs struggle withwork-life balance, but also appreciate the flexibility of WFH policiesAgreement Levels of Working During Covid-19WFH Job SatisfactionStrongly/Somewhat agreeStrongly/Somewhat agreePositiveBEUI feel like there’s more time in theworkday, because I am no longercommuting78%18-3475%35 75% I feel my company has been able tooperate normally during the pandemic68%NegativeI think my company will operate as pernormal if everyone continues to workfrom home67% I’ve struggled with keeping my work lifeand home life separate, while workingfrom iveThe lack of physical interaction causesme anxiety or added stressI feel mentally drained because I havetrouble switching off from work73%35 69%74% 54%65% I feel like I work more hours each day,now that I work from homeI am more productive, while working fromhome18-3462%56%59%54%63% 52%53% 41%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.7Base: BEU Aged 18-34 (n 1,452), Age 35 (n 2,638)

Working from home has not brought on a host of tech issues, and those that workershave tend to be connection based which is only a moderate or non-issueBEUCadence of Tech Issues/Problems WFHSeverity of Tech Issue Disruptions While WFHTotal BEU data shownTotal BEU data shown – Omitting those that haven’t had that issueMore thanin officeHaven’t hadthis issueAbout thesameDidn’t contact ITNo dedicated ITLess than Same orin office betterBig disruptionModerate issueNo issueWindows notworking correctly15%30%46%9%85%Specific software notworking correctlyCan't send/receiveemail16%28%47%9%84%Can't access companywebsites/intranets21%38%28%5%8%8%74%Can't accesscompany files20%39%28%4%9%8%72%Windows notworking correctly20%37%11%71%Internet connectionstops working19%35%9%71%Can't send/receiveemail18%38%11%64%Internet connectionis slow17%Can't access companywebsites/intranets26%Specific software notworking correctly28%Internet connectionstops working29%24%Can't accesscompany files29%26%Internet connectionis % 10%5% 16%30%25%5%8%4%10%7% 19%Market differences: Indonesia and India more difficulty across all issues for all businesssizes; Mexico also more difficulty on many tech issues but only in large businesses;similarly Singapore reports more difficulties but only in medium businesses2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.8Base: BEU Total (n 4,126); See slide notes for individual base sizes for Q6

Over a third of BEUs across business sizes haven’t had issues with IT support whileWFH. Those that have, sometimes it takes longer or is simply difficult to get at allBEUIT Assistance Experience While WFHTotal BEU data shown38%VS/SmallHaven’t had problems with getting ITsupport36%Medium39%Large25%Haven’t needed IT support20%25%21% LDifficult to get IT support in general20%16%21%30% VS/SIT support takes longer26%6%Unable to get required accessoriesfrom IT6%6%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.Market differences: VS/S in China reportfewer issues with IT support; India andIndonesia having significant difficulties inmedium and large businesses9Base: BEU VS/Small (n 1,227), Medium (n 1,450), Large (n 1,449)

Very few employees want to go back to a daily office routine, with most preferring atleast an even split with working from homeBEUWork Location Preference without Covid-19 IssueWFO 100%VS/SmallEven splitWFO Mostly23% M, L21%WFH Mostly17%24%NET Office 44% LAlternate weeksWFH 100%1 week/mon.10%4%1%34% NET HomeMedium16%25%18%NET Office 41% LLarge12%26%4%1%36% NET Home23% VS/S, M22%10%25%10%7% 1% VS/SNET Office 34%Market differences:India heavily leaningtowards 100% workfrom office across allbusiness sizes;Indonesia amongmedium and large;Mexico among largebusinesses; theseare also the markets& business sizes thatare having the mostdifficulties with techissues35% NET Home2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.10Base: BEU VS/Small (n 1,227), Medium (n 1,450), Large (n 1,449)

Majority of employees prefer to continue working from home. Younger employeesare more likely to be among those who prefer to work primarily in the officeBEUWork Location Preference without Covid-19 IssueNET: Office18-3435 2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.44%37%Even split 29%22%NET: Home 27%41% Note: NET Office consists of WFO 100% and WFO Mostly; NET: Home consists of WFH 100% and WFH MostlyBase: BEU Aged 18-34 (n 1,452), Age 35 (n 2,638)11

Business/workplacechanges due toCovid-19ITDMs2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.12

Most businesses anticipate employing some form of a hybrid work model, withemployees working both at-home and in the office once Covid is no longer a concernITDMMost Likely Work Location Scenarios without Covid-19 IssueFully WFH(No offices)VS/SmallMediumWFH Mostly(Office exists but for vital employees) L34%17% L32%16%Hybrid ModelMostly WFO31%18%35%Undecided1%15%0%Large11%29%40% VS2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.19% M0%Market differences:Indonesiasignificantly likelyto go mostly WFOacross all businesssizes13Base: ITDM VS/Small (n 1,471), Medium (n 1,474), Large (n 1,462)

The larger the company, the more confident ITDMs are in their own department,though confidence in the overall company stays flat regardless of sizeITDMAbility to Keep Company Operations Running as verall51%52%Feel all50% VS/SStill work inprogressStill putting outfires37%12%60%29%14%14%WithinCompanyOverall52% VS/S32%34% M, LWithinDepartment27%18%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.13%33%15%14Base: ITDM VS/Small (n 1,471), Medium (n 1,474), Large (n 1,462)

A majority of businesses have both an online and physical presence pre-Covid.Those without an online component have since added oneITDMBusiness Model Priorto Covid-19How Covid-19 Changed BusinessAmong those who had physical locations M Only onlineNo change M, LMoved11%completely 28%onlineVS/Small9%31% Only physical LVS/SmallBoth 60%61% Added onlineOnly onlineNo change6%30%Only physical LMedium LMoved6%completely32%onlineMedium62% Added onlineBoth 64%Only online7%Only physical21%Large VS/S, M Both72%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.Movedcompletely26%onlineNo change5%LargeMarket differences:Across all businesssizes, USA more likely toonly have physicalstores; also across allbusiness sizes, USAmore likely to haveswitched to a completelyonline format69%Added online VS/S, MBase: ITDM VS/Small (n 1,471), Medium (n 1,474), Large (n 1,462)Base: ITDM with physical locations VS/Small (n 1,313), Medium (n 1,363), Large (n 1,355)15

There’s no single challenge with pivoting to online that stands out as a massiveissue, with all providing some challenge across business sizesITDMChallenges with Pivoting to Online Business ModelAmong those who pivoted to online modelManaging data security and privacypoliciesConcerns about cybersecurityMarketing and education tocustomers about online presenceFacilitating meeting betweenemployee and customersFinding additional resources to helpemployees set up their home officeSetting up online payment systemsManaging employee productivityChallenges with quickly scaling upexisting servers/online infrastructureHaving the capital to procure newequipment 9%31%29%33%29%29%32%28%28%27%27%30%29%25%33% VS/S35% VS/S23%25%27%24%24%25%Creating a shipping/distributionsystemHaving the capital to procure newservices neededShifting inventory from physicallocations to fulfillment centersHaving to lay off workers in thephysical locations23%28%27%19%24% VS/S25% VS/S16%16%22%Not having the computers orhardware needed15%14%14%No staff to maintain an onlinepresence12%14%11%No staff to build an online presenceNot knowing where to start10%13%15% VS/S10%9%10%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.16Base: ITDM with physical locations that pivoted online VS/Small (n 1,159), Medium (n 1,274), Large (n 1,274)

WFH wardrobe/collaboration toolsEmployees ITDMs2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.17

A majority believe that collaboration tools have improved their company’sproductivity and efficiency, even with some initial setbacksCollaboration Tools’ Impact On Productivity & EfficiencyTotalTotal29%VS/SmallIt’s made things more efficient than before31%Medium31%33%LargeImprovement35%Some setbacks, but long run improvement37%35%34%15%No difference, we already hadcollaboration tools in place13%14%14%No difference6%No difference, same productivityand efficiency as without themIt’s made things a bit worse, but we’redealing with itIt’s made things worse, it’s adisaster5%6%6%8%7%7%7%Made it worse7%7%7%7%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.18Base: Total using at least one collaboration tool (n 8,288), VS/Small (n 2,560), Medium (n 2,869), Large (n 2,859)

Work smartphones are more likely to be BYOD. Communication on a smartphone hasbecome part of workflow post-CovidBEUSmartphone Use in Work CapacityHow BEU Acquired the SmartphoneNET: Uses phonefor some work79%NET: SelfprovidedNET: Workprovided49%30%Work Activities Done on BEU SmartphoneMore Often than Before Covid-19Voice-only calls54%58% L48%VS/SmallMediumLarge51%Video calls59% VS/S, L33%I wanted one for work, andbought it myself16%Chatting withcoworkersabout workEmailI wanted one for work, and mycompany bought it for meReading PDFs15%I don’t use or need this for work15%6%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.38%44%44%15%My company wanted me tohave it and sent me one48% L50% LReading Office-styledocumentsScanning documentsto send/save52% VS/S, L38%43% L35%Researchingtopics39%38%34%Chatting casuallywith coworkers43%41%36%44% L43% L36%38%39%33%Social media51%I personally own this andoccasionally use it for workI wish I had this for workEditing Officestyle documentsMarketingAR/VRexperience37%43% L33%32%34%29%30%31%27%39%44%37%Base: Total BEUs (n 4,126)Base: BEUs using smartphone for work VS/Small (n 1,028), Medium (n 1,191), Large (n 1,143)19

Younger BEUs are more likely to use smartphones for work, bring their own, and usethem for a variety of work tasksBEUSmartphone Use in Work CapacityHow BEU Acquired the SmartphoneNET: Uses phonefor some work18-3435 NET: SelfprovidedNET: Workprovided87% 59% 28%76%45%31%I personally own this andoccasionally use it for workI wanted one for work, andbought it myself34%33%18-3435 25% 15%16%My company wanted me tohave it and sent me one13%15%I wish I had this for workVoice-only calls62% 18-3449%35 Chatting withcoworkersabout work8%18% 5%6%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.EmailReading PDFsReading Office-styledocumentsScanning documentsto send/save47% Editing Officestyle documents31%Social media32%61% Video calls50%52% 52% 42%12%I wanted one for work, and mycompany bought it for meI don’t use or need this for workWork Activities Done on BEU SmartphoneMore Often than Before Covid-1955% 42%52% 44% Researchingtopics33%42% 35%Chatting casuallywith coworkers34%Marketing49% 39% 27%37%48% 36%Base: Total BEUs Age 18-34 (n 1,452), Age 35 (n 2,638)Base: BEUs using smartphone for work Age 18-34 (n 1,119), Age 35 (n 2,152)AR/VRexperience37% 25%

DigitalTransformationITDMs2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.21

Data security and being able to feel like they still have control are top of mind forITDMs when considering digital transformation solutionsITDMTop Digital Transformation ConsiderationsMax of 3 selected40%38%40%VS/SmallData securityMediumLargeIT management of the solutionEmployee productivityOperating costsData privacyBusiness continuityReassure clients and customersBudget27%32% VS/S31%27%24%26%25% L21%19%Staying competitive17%22% VS/S20%Employee satisfaction16%15%18%Drive better customer stry standardsAdopting a cloud-first model19% L16%13%2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.Real estate costs13%11%12%12%15%16% VS/S6%6%9% VS/S22Base: ITDM VS/Small (n 1,471), Medium (n 1,474), Large (n 1,462)

All-in-one hardware/software bundles, training sessions, and ROI reports are amongthe most useful strategy solutions, especially among ITDMs at large businessesITDMUseful Remote Work From Home Strategy SolutionsTraining sessions for employeesAll-in-one package with hardware andsoftware/services bundledTraining documentation foremployeesVS/SmallMediumLarge38%43%40%37%42%47% VS/S31%36%34%Testimonials from workers using thesolutions30%36% VS/S38% VS/SFlexible purchasing arrangements30%33%37% VS/SReturn on Investment (ROI) reports28%34% VS/S38% VS/SThought leadership from OEMsTestimonials from others in myindustryUse cases22%29% VS/S33% VS/S22%27%24%22%20%28% VS/S, M2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.23Base: ITDM VS/Small (n 1,471), Medium (n 1,474), Large (n 1,462)

Device As AService (DaaS)ITDMs2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.24

A majority of ITDMs are interested in DaaS, more so in larger companies, citingtangible benefits for IT, scalable and up-to-date hardware.ITDMDaaS InterestBenefits of DaaSExtremely/Very interestedAmong those at least somewhat interested53%48%55%49%VS/SmallAble to focus our in-house IT team on moreMediumstrategic projectsLargeVS/Small41%44%41%Ability to scale hardware needs over time8% already use DaaS-like service68%Easier to have more up-to-date hardware VS/SMedium12% already use DaaS-like service67% VS/SLargeNo need to worry about the details ofmanaging hardware life cycles35%32%38%Moving expenses from capital expendituresto operational expenditures30%36%37%Only have one provider to hold accountablefor both hardware and software28%33%40%Only have one company to contract with11% already use DaaS-like service2021 Lenovo. All rights reserved.39%46%51%26%27%26%Base: ITDM VS/Small (n 1.471), Medium (n 1,474), Large (n 1,462)Base: ITDM at least somewhat interested in DaaS VS/Small (n 1,252), Medium (n 1,396), Large (n 1,343)25

normal if everyone continues to work from home I've struggled with keeping my work life and home life separate, while working from home I feel like I work more hours each day, now that I work from home I am more productive, while working from home The lack of physical interaction causes me anxiety or added stress I feel mentally drained .

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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The future of your work — everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask / 3. Index. The Way We Work. How we do what we do. The Issues with Work. When and why work is work. The Meaning of Work. What gets us out of bed . and makes us proud. The Aesthetics of Work. What work looks like; how it feels. The Tools of Work. The apps, systems .

The future of your work — everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask / 3. Index. The Way We Work. How we do what we do. The Issues with Work. When and why work is work. The Meaning of Work. What gets us out of bed . and makes us proud. The Aesthetics of Work. What work looks lik

WHITE PAPER Best practice guidelines for the future of work Future-proofing your enterprise in times of unprecedented . When it comes to the future of work, interoperability—the way that digital systems communicate and work with one another—and information management will be