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The WIPO AcademyPortfolio of Education, Trainingand Skills DevelopmentPrograms 2022

The WIPO AcademyPortfolio of Education, Trainingand Skills DevelopmentPrograms 2022

Forewordby the Director GeneralWIPO is committed to ensuring that everyone, everywhere benefits from intellectual property (IP) and therole it plays in supporting innovation and creativity. Toachieve this it is vital that everyone has the opportunityto learn about IP and to equip themselves with the IPknowledge and skills that can help make a positiveimpact for all of us. The WIPO Academy is the worldleader in providing IP training and education coursesthat focus on IP skills-building, with a particular focus onparticipants from developing countries, least developedcountries and countries in transition.WIPO aims to ensure that IP is perceived not just as atechnical legal issue, but as a catalyst for job creation,business growth and economic development. In thiscontext, it is reaching out beyond its traditional audience of fellow IP professionals and experts, to enterprises,entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, creators and others atthe grassroots level. In addition, recognizing the centralrole played by small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs), women and youth in economic growth, they willbe a special focus for WIPO’s work. This is particularlytrue in terms of the need for IP skills-building and thisfocus is a new feature in the training courses and programs offered in the WIPO Academy Portfolio of Education,Training and Skills Development Programs 2022.Since its establishment, the WIPO Academy has touchedthe lives of many people in countries everywhere, helping them bring their ideas to the world. As innovation,creativity and IP are fast evolving areas, the contentand pedagogy of the WIPO Academy is being adjustedand adapted in order to support this new focus on IPskills-building and on being accessible to a new generation of participants. The 2022 Portfolio provides a richarray of general and more advanced IP skills-buildingcourses and programs. It shows the new focus on equipping current and future generations of innovators andcreators with the IP skills they need to transform goodideas into competitive business opportunities, and morebroadly providing economic, social and cultural benefitsto society. It also reflects the global reach of the WIPOAcademy’s programs and its extended range of partners.In the years to come, we will, through the WIPO Academy,continue to provide expertise and skills to MembersStates, communities and individuals through capacitybuilding and skills development programs. WIPO willalso endeavor to introduce new technologies, including artificial intelligence, to modernize its servicesand facilitate accessibility to its programs. During theCOVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the WIPO Academywill continue to provide an accessible way for all stakeholders to build their knowledge and skills, and to helppeople everywhere use IP to achieve their aspirations.Daren TangDirector General

PrefaceThe year 2022 will be one of transformation in thework of the WIPO Academy: While continuing implementation of its primary mandate to facilitate globalaccess to intellectual property (IP) capacity-building,particularly in developing countries, least-developedcountries and countries in transition. It will also targetnew beneficiaries, in particular from the private sector,and will increase its focus on skills development andIP commercialization.The 2022 edition of the WIPO Academy Portfolio ofEducation, Training and Skills Development Programsoffers a wide range of courses covering fundamentaland multidisciplinary aspects of IP in a variety offormats and languages. Courses range from basic andadvanced distance learning (DL) courses, to specialized, professional development training for governmentofficials, and to higher education through Master’sdegree courses in IP at renowned universities. Coursecurricula have been reviewed to increase the focuson IP skills-building, as well as in areas such as IPcommercialization. The portfolio also includes dedicated courses addressed to entrepreneurs, exporters,researchers, inventors and IP managers, designed toprovide them with the technical knowledge and skillsneeded to use the IP system to support business growthand job creation.The courses are delivered in close cooperation withpartner institutions and with external, independentacademic expertise. The Academy has a strong reputation which rests upon the diversity of its course offerings, quality of instruction, its credibility as a neutraland impartial source of knowledge, and its extensiveinternational network of highly respected partnerinstitutions.The highlights and new developments in courses offeredby the Academy in 2022 are summarized below: Eighteen specialized advanced training courses onspecific IP areas will be offered during the year forgovernment officials and other dedicated publicsector stakeholders, in Arabic, English, French andSpanish. These advanced training courses will beoffered in close cooperation and full partnershipwith Member States, IP offices and IP institutions. In 2022, the Professional Development Program(PDP) will continue to strengthen the skills-basedapproach, introduced in 2021, to its training coursesintegrating new components and new teaching andlearning methodologies to better facilitate the acquisition of practical IP skills by government officials. Inaddition, this format will continue to enhance thequality of training courses, respond to new learningneeds and pool the resources of partner institutions. The main features of the new format pilotedin 2021 are (i) inclusion of assignments and projectsas an integral part of the curriculum; (ii) launch of acareer development certificate attesting the acquisition of advanced knowledge and skills in IP; and(iii) integration of the advanced distance learningcourse in the curriculum. The redesigned format willinclude a smaller number of theoretical presentations,as a greater emphasis will be placed on practical,on-the-job training, case studies, exercises,workshops sessions and simulation exercises.Sixteen weeks will be required for the participantsto complete the PDP curriculum before they areawarded PDP certificates. The courses will not only continue to cover conventional IP subject matters such as trademarks; patentsearch and examination; designs; copyright andcollective management of copyright and relatedrights; geographical indications; but also otherimportant themes, such as management and commercialization of IP assets; IP innovation policy;management and administration of IP offices;technology transfer and licensing; and patents andartificial intelligence (AI). In 2022, a total of 37 courses will be offered throughthe WIPO Academy Distance Learning (DL) Programin the six United Nations languages and Portuguese.The DL Program will integrate eight new coursesincluding executive, leadership, and specializedcourses to complement its existing offerings. Thesecourses are a response to the demand by innovationled sectors in WIPO Member States focusing on:patent drafting professions in developing and leastdeveloped countries; IP for women scientists; IP forYouth and Teachers; WIPO Development Agendaproject development; collective rights’ managementthrough WIPO Connect; accessible book production; and certification courses on patent information search for Technology and Innovation SupportCenters (TISCs). A dedicated state-of-the-art ITplatform and a network of more than 400 tutors fromall over the world are mobilized by the Program todeliver these DL and blended learning courses.5

The reach, accessibility and affordability of the WIPOAcademy’s DL Program makes it unique as an IPtraining resource globally. Its courses are availableto support skills-based training for governmentofficials and more broadly to support national IPskills-building programs, working in close cooperation with local partners, including IP offices, universities, national IP training institutions and businesssupport institutions. In addition to the regular courses listed in thePortfolio, the DL Program is developing skills-basedassessment and certification services and providing an overarching framework for Member Statesfor developing their own national IP certificationprocesses. It will also continue to encourage the customization and use of WIPO DL courses by nationalIP training centers. In 2022, the Academy will continue to provide accessto IP higher education to developing countries, leastdeveloped countries and countries in transitionby establishing new cooperation agreements andallocating resources to help existing partner universities to increase access to IP higher education.The focus in 2022 will be to expand the practicalskills-building element of these programs throughincreased in-person training in partner institutions,internships, work placements and research assignments designed to apply IP knowledge to developsolutions to everyday challenges. A new Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property,Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MIPEI) willbe offered for the first time jointly by WIPO, theSaudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) andUmm Al Qura University (UQU), in the Kingdom ofSaudi Arabia. A total of 19 WIPO Summer School programs willbe organized in 2022, in cooperation with partnersImportantAs the WIPO Academy’s training activities are subject tochange during the year, please visit the website,, for up-to-date information.from across the globe. Building on the experiencesof 2020 and 2021, and the response to the COVID-19pandemic, a mix of online, in-person and hybridprograms will be offered. The content of thesecourses has been modified to increase the interactive sessions and place greater emphasis on practicalIP skills-building. A new series of short-term blended learning ExecutivePrograms will be launched in 2022. These aim toprovide participants with practical IP skills usinga series of case studies, simulation exercises andgroup work on areas such as IP commercialization,licensing and branding. The Academy will also cooperate closely with nationalIP training institutions to help support their work todevelop tailored skills development courses and services for SMEs from diverse creative and innovativesectors with the knowledge needed to enable themto benefit from the use of the IP system. The Academy will develop and implement, starting from 2022, a regular IP Training Program forDiplomats and Trade Officials in cooperation withnational diplomatic academies and institutes. Fivecountries from each region will benefit from thisProgram which aims at enhancing the understanding of IP fundamentals by diplomats and trade officials, the importance of IP for development andeconomic growth and the relationship of IP withkey global issues.This Portfolio serves as a catalog of all the trainingopportunities to be offered by the WIPO Academy in2022 and outlines the content of each course. It givesinformation to potential participants on eligibilitycriteria, application formalities, timelines, selectionprocedures, travel and other relevant necessaryinformation.

Table of contentsPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 9General Information on the Professional Development Program 101. WIPO-WTO Advanced Course on Topical Intellectual Property Issues 132. WIPO-OEPM Advanced Training Course on Trademarks forLatin American Countries 153. WIPO Advanced Training Course on Patents and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 174. WIPO-ASRT Advanced Training Course on Patent Search and Examination forArab Countries 195. WIPO-CIPO Executive Workshop on Intellectual Property Office Management 216. WIPO-INPI-OMPIC Advanced Training Course on Trademarks andGeographical Indications 237. WIPO Advanced Training Course on Intellectual Property (IP),Technology Transfer and Licensing for Caribbean Countries 258. WIPO-CEIPI-INPI Advanced Course on Intellectual Property, TechnologyTransfer and Licensing 279. WIPO Advanced Training Course on Copyright and Related Rights for LatinAmerican Countries 2910. WIPO-NIPMO Advanced Workshop on Intellectual Property Innovation Policy 3111. WIPO-BCC Advanced Course on Copyright and Related Rights 3312. WIPO-SAKPATENTI-CNIPA Advanced Training Course on GeographicalIndications 3513. WIPO Advanced Training Course on Copyright and Related Rights forAfrican Countries 3714. WIPO-CNIPA Advanced Training Course on Management andCommercialization of Intellectual Property Assets 3915. WIPO-ASRT Advanced Training Course on Patent Search and Examination forAfrican Countries 4116. WIPO-KIPO Advanced Training Course on Design Law and Examination 4317. WIPO-KIPO Advanced Training Course for Patent Examiners 4518. WIPO-KIPO Advanced Training Course on Trademark Law and Examination 47DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM 49General Information on the Distance Learning Program Self-paced General Distance Learning Courses 1. The Primer on Intellectual Property (DL-001) 2. General Course on Intellectual Property (DL-101) V2.0 3. A General Primer – Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (DL-101-PCT) 4. Specialization Course on the Essentials of Patents (DL-170) 5. e-Tutorial on Using Patent Information (DL-177) 6. Intellectual Property Panorama (DL-IP PANORAMA) 5053535456575859Tutor-Led Advanced Distance Learning Courses 7. Advanced Course on Copyright and Related Rights (DL-201) 8. Advanced Course on Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge and TraditionalCultural Expressions (DL-203) 9. Introduction to the UPOV System of Plant Variety Protection (DL-205-UPOV) 10. Advanced Course on Patents (DL-301) 11. Advanced Course on Trademarks, Industrial Designs and GeographicalIndications (DL-302) 606062636465

12. Specialized Course on the Madrid System for the International Registrationof Marks (DL-303) 13. Advanced Course on Examination of Applications for Plant Breeders’Rights (DL-305-UPOV) 14. Advanced Course on Arbitration and Mediation Procedure under theWIPO Rules (DL-317) 15. Advanced Course on Patent Information Search (DL-318) 16. Advanced Course on Basics of Patent Drafting (DL-320) 17. Advanced Course on Intellectual Property Management (DL-450) 18. Advanced Course on Collective Management of Copyright and RelatedRights for Legal Practitioners (DL-501) 19. Advanced Course on Collective Management of Copyright and RelatedRights for Rights Holders (DL-502) 20. Advanced Course on Collective Management of Copyright and RelatedRights for Collective Management Organizations (DL-503) 21. Advanced Course on Collective Management of Copyright and RelatedRights for Policymakers (DL-506) 22. Advanced Course on Software Licensing, Including Open Source (DL-511) 23. Intellectual Property for Teachers of the Young (IP4Teachers) Tutor-Led Executive Courses 24. Executive Course on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources in the LifeSciences (DL-427) 25. WHO-WIPO-WTO Executive Course on Promoting Access to MedicalTechnologies and Innovation (DL-701) 26. Executive Course on Intellectual Property and Exports (DL-730) 27. Leadership Course on Intellectual Property, Science and Innovation for WomenScientists and Innovators for Participants in the L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women inScience Programme 6667686970717274767879808282838485Certification and Blended Learning Courses 28. Advanced International Certificate Course on Intellectual Property AssetManagement (AICC) 29. Intellectual Property-Impact Certificate Course – Certification for IPTeaching at the Primary and Secondary School Level (IPCC) 30. WIPO International Patent Drafting Training Program 868890Continuing Judicial Education on Intellectual Property 31. General Course on Intellectual Property for Judges (DL-JTIP) 9292New Pilot Courses 32. WIPO Certification Course for Staff and Officials of Technology andInnovation Support Centers (TISCs) 33. Specialized Course on WIPO Development Agenda Projects 34. Online Course on WIPO Connect 35. Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) Online Course on AccessibleBook Production 36. Specialized Course on Intellectual Property Enforcement 37. Specialized Course on Intellectual Property for Diplomats and Trade Officials 9386939495969798

ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS PROGRAM 99Joint Master’s Programs on Intellectual Property 1. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property (MIP), offered jointly by the WIPOAcademy, the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO)and Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe 2. Master of Laws (LL.M) in Intellectual Property, offered jointly by theWIPO Academy and the University of Turin in Turin, Italy 3. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property (MIP), offered jointly by theWIPO Academy, the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI)and the University of Yaoundé II (UY II) in Yaoundé, Cameroon 4. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property (MIP) with a Specialization inPatent Law and Design Law, offered jointly by the WIPO Academy, theTurkish Patent and Trademark Office and Ankara University in Ankara, Turkey 5. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property (MIP) with a Specialization inIndustrial Property, offered jointly by the WIPO Academy and TongjiUniversity in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China 6. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property and Innovation (MIPI), offeredjointly by the WIPO Academy, the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)of Argentina and the University of San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Argentina 7. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property and New Technologies (MIP and NewTechnologies), offered jointly by the WIPO Academy, the Patent Officeof Poland and Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland 8. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property and Development Policy (MIPD),offered jointly by the WIPO Academy, the Korean Intellectual Property Officeand the Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy andManagement (KDI School) 9. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship andInnovation (MIPEI), offered for the first time jointly by the WIPO Academy,the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) and Umm Al QuraUniversity (UQU) (new) 100Colloquia for Intellectual Property Teachers and Researchers 1. WIPO-WTO Colloquium for Teachers of Intellectual Property:July 11 to 22, 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland 2. WIPO-WTO Colloquium for Intellectual Property Teachers andResearchers in Latin America and the IP Scholars Latin AmericaConference hosted virtually by the University of San Andrés: May 2022 118101103105107109111113115117118119WIPO SUMMER SCHOOLS PROGRAM 121General Information on the WIPO Summer Schools WIPO Summer Schools and Executive Programs in 2022* 122124INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY TRAINING INSTITUTIONS (IPTIs) 125


General Information on theProfessional Development ProgramThe Professional Development Program (PDP) of theWIPO Academy offers each year specialized trainingcourses for participants from developing countries,including least-developed countries (LDCs), and fromcountries with economies in transition. The coursesare organized in partnership with several institutionsaround the world, including national IP offices.The yearly increase in partner institutions’ contributions,facilitates the delivery of the PDP courses.which their respective institutions should endorse, tocarry out for a period of 10 weeks.Each participant must be prepared to conduct researchon the selected theme of the project under the guidanceof an assigned advisor selected within the pool of experts.Some courses are project-based, and others are assignment-based. This will be indicated in the catalog foreach course.The advanced training courses to be held in 2022 are 4. Career development-based certificatedescribed in the following pages. For each course, infor- At the end of each course, participants who successfullymation is given about its learning objectives and outcome, complete all requirements are awarded a certificatecurriculum highlights, language of training, target entitled “Professional Development Certificate” whichaudience, distance learning course prerequisites, venue, attests to their acquisition of advanced knowledge andduration and possible dates which are subject to change. skills in IP.Kindly visit the WIPO Academy website,, for up-to-date information.5. Blended formatThe new format includes both distance learning (online)Global restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 and in-person learning.pandemic, particularly with respect to travel and thecross-border movement of people, have prompted the Courses which may not be offered in-person due to travelPDP to develop a new business model in 2021 that is restrictions are delivered online.well-adapted and better suited to respond, with agility, to similar circumstances in the future. In 2022, the The content of the advanced DL courses is an integralnew format of the PDP curriculum will be strengthened part of the PDP curriculum.and implemented.The following paragraphs provide information on appliThe main features of the new format as revised are cation procedures, travel, accommodation, medicalas follows:coverage, visa requirements and related matters whichapply to the selected candidates.1. Collaboration among partner institutionsThe new format enables more collaboration among 1. Prerequisitespartner institutions of the PDP. Partner institutions hav- Candidates for the advanced training courses offereding knowledge and skills to share in the defined field of under the PDP should have completed, or be preparedexpertise may be invited to cooperate or contribute to to complete, a special session of the DL course(s) asa training course offered under the PDP.designated in the description of each training course.Candidates are required to have a working knowl2. Establishment of a pool of expertsedge of the language in which the training course willPDP sets up a pool of experts composed of specialists in be conducted.specific IP area(s) from partner institutions, in accordance with the themes of the courses. Each partner 2. Application procedureinstitution designates its experts. Those experts serve Candidates for the advanced training courses offeredas tutors called advisors of projects or assignments as under the PDP are required to register online at https://described below and speakers to in-person training or Only applications submitted online arecourses offered online.considered. Under each advanced training course, thedates and the deadlines for registration are provided. It3. Projects and assignmentsis recommended that candidates register for no moreUnder this format, selected participants are requested than two courses per identify projects related to the theme of the course,12

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMFor government officials, registration must be endorsed Each selected candidate is responsible for obtaining theby the Director General of the office or a senior official required visa(s), including transit visas. Visa costs areof the relevant ministry before it may be considered. It borne by the also necessary to attach the relevant required documents as described on the PDP webpage of the WIPO 7. Travel and accommodation forAcademy website. For any assistance, please send an in-person coursese-mail to, subsistence expenses and accommodation (whereapplicable) are borne by WIPO or by the governmentsRecommendation letters from the national authorities or cooperating institutions only for in-person trainmust be attached to the online applications (and not to ing. Participants receive a daily subsistence allowancebe e-mailed to the PDP mailbox mentioned above).to cover the cost of meals and accommodation, andterminal expenses to cover transportation to and fromthe airport.3. Selection of candidatesThe selection of candidates is carried out by WIPOaccording to the eligibility criteria, taking into consid- If a course is originally planned to take place in-person,eration the limited seating capacity for each advanced but is later changed to an online course, no payment willtraining course. Selected candidates are notified through be made to the invited participants.a formal invitation letter. If necessary, they may be notified by e-mail first. Only selected candidates are notified. 8. Evaluation questionnairesInformation on travel and other administrative arrange- Selected candidates are required to fill out a pre-trainingments will be provided directly to the selected candidates. evaluation questionnaire prepared by WIPO for eachcourse. The responses to the questionnaire, which areCandidates who have participated in the last three shared with the speakers, enable the Academy andyears in one of the PDP training courses will no longer the speakers to know the participants’ expectationsbe eligible for selection.beforehand and, if necessary, to adjust the programaccordingly.4. Medical insuranceWith regard to courses taking place in-person, partici- At the end of each course, participants are requiredpants in courses of two weeks or longer are covered by to complete an evaluation questionnaire prepared bymedical insurance taken out by WIPO for the training WIPO or by the partner institution. The answers to theperiod. Details of the medical insurance scheme are sent questionnaire are treated in strict confidence. They serveto the selected a basis to assess the various courses and to improvethem in the future.5. Medical examinationWith regard to courses taking place in person, candidatesare selected for an advanced training course lastingtwo weeks or more are required to undergo a medicalexamination confirming that they are in good health.A selected candidate who is not fit to travel shall informWIPO upon receipt of the invitation letter.There will also be follow-up evaluation surveys (sixmonths after the 16 weeks of training), providing feedback to WIPO on the way in which the participantsare applying the skills and knowledge acquired in theadvanced courses and from the implementation of theprojects or assignments. This helps to determine theimpact of the advanced courses offered to Member States.6. Visa requirementsWith regard to courses taking place in-person, selected 9. Attendancecandidates are requested to obtain the visa of the coun- Regular attendance is mandatory throughout thetry in which the training course is held. WIPO will not training period for both in-person and online courses.authorize the selected candidates to participate in the WIPO reserves the right to terminate the fellowship andcourse unless they have obtained all of the required entry the participation of any participant who fails to meetvisas in advance.this requirement.13

THE WIPO ACADEMY PORTFOLIO OF EDUCATION, TRAINING AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS 202210. Accompanying persons for in-person trainingParticipants are requested not to bring any accompanying persons to the courses. WIPO will not take anyresponsibility or incur administrative costs or take anyaction (such as making travel arrangements, providinga subsistence allowance, arranging entry visas or insurance, etc.) for such persons. Arrangements made for theparticipants by WIPO and/or the host institutions aresolely for the benefit of the participants.11. CertificateUnder the format developed in 2021, a career development-based certificate will be awarded to participantsat the end of the training program in which they haveenrolled and participated.12. How to contact usThe administration of the PDP may be contacted for anyinquiry by e-mail at are advised to apply and attach all of therequired documents online on the WIPO eLearningCenter ( CVs or letters of recommendation attached to an e-mail will not be accepted.14

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM1. WIPO-WTO Advanced Course on Topical Intellectual Property IssuesIntroductionThis advanced course is offered by WIPO jointly with the World TradeOrganization (WTO) for the benefit of developing countries and countries witheconomies in transition.Course objectivesThe course is offered to enhance skills and keep government officials informedabout emerging intellectual property (IP) issues currently debated in WIPOand WTO, to provide a forum for discussion of IP issues and to illustrate theimportance of IP to capacity building and national development.At the end of the course, participants will understand present debates overcurrent IP issues and challenges in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyrightand global IP.Curriculum highlightsThe curriculum comprises four phases.Phase 1: Distance learning course (4 weeks)Selected participants must complete the General Distance Learning Course onIP (DL-101) prior to their participation in the online course.Participants who have completed DL-101 within two years prior to theirselection will be exempted from re-taking the DL course.The special session of the DL-101 will take place for a period of four weeksfrom the notification of selection. A multiple choice exam will be presented atthe end of the special session of the DL-101.Phase 2: Preparation of country reportParticipants will be requested to prepare and conduct research for countryreports. The country report will be submitted by each participant on the firstday of the training.Phase 3: Online advanced training (2 weeks)The advanced course will be organized online for two weeks. The programwill cover IP issues discussed or negotiated under WIPO and WTO with anemphasis on the practical aspects of the issues relating to: IP and public policy; IP and economic development; Patents, trademarks, copyright and related rights, geographical indicationsand plant varieties; IP and public health; IP and competition policy; IP and genetic resources, traditional knowledge an

(SMEs), women and youth in economic growth, they will be a special focus for WIPO's work. This is particularly true in terms of the need for IP skills-building and this focus is a new feature in the training courses and pro-grams offered in the WIPO Academy Portfolio of Education, Training and Skills Development Programs 2022.

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