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DATA SHEETIntelligent, Hyper-Scale Next-Gen SecureWeb Gateway Platform for SASEBlazing fast, low-latency, 99.999% uptime cloud-native web securityToday, with increased cloud adoption, more than 80% of corporate network traffic is destined for theinternet. Backhauling internet traffic to a traditional web architecture depends on redirecting this internetbound traffic through a traditional on-premises web gateway and can be costly. As traffic spikes in anincreasingly work-from-home world, the network slows to a halt and employee productivity suffers.McAfee Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway helps simplify the implementation of secure access serviceedge (SASE) architecture and accelerates secure cloud adoption. McAfee Next-Gen Secure Web Gatewayempowers organizations with advanced threat protection, unified data control, and the capability toefficiently enable a remote and distributed workforce - from anywhere, any application, and any device.McAfee Next-Gen Secure Web GatewayPr Real-Time Collaboration ControlDynamic Security for Sanctioned AppsAutonomous Incident Remediationote c ti oIntelligent, Hyper-Scale Next-gen Secure Web Gateway Platform for SASEnle Pl a tf oionectotrmM ul Pre n sibOne Console1ThExtended Detection & Response (XDR)99.999% AvailabilityUltra-Low LatencyIntelligent PeeringSDWAN EnabledExtatNCloud ativeHyper-Scale Service EdgeeAdvanced Phishing ProtectionreIntegraNext-gen SWGimGlobal Threat Intelligencel-TMITRE ATT&CK MappingReaML-powered Cloud Sandbox(Emulation) SBCAAdaptive Policy EnforcementAdvanced Office 365 SecuritydteAdvanced Shadow IT Visibility & ControlProactiveRiskDynamic Security Posture ScoringntmegeaanMtaCloud Security Advisor (30,000 Apps) Traffic InspptedectcryionnEIntelligent Browser IsolationKey Advantagesctiv etorDaPervasive DLP Across Web,Cloud & EndpointsUnified Policy Enforcement Maintained 99.999% serviceavailability against the 240%increase in cloud usage during thepandemic-related lockdownFully neutralize ransomware andother advanced malware withintelligent and transparent RemoteBrowser IsolationReal-time protection with GatewayAnti-malwareEasily extend existing on-premisesDLP policies to the cloud in oneclick and under one minuteUnparalleled cloud-aware SecureWeb Gateway with integratedCASB functionality that extendsdata protection to all websites andcloud applicationsBacked by global intelligence withreal-time telemetry from over onebillion sensorsSave 35% to 40% annually byeliminating on-premises hardwareIntegrated Incident WorkflowUser and Entity BehaviorAnalytics (UEBA)Forensic Recording & PlaybackConnect With Us

DATA SHEETMcAfee unifies web gateway cloud service with RemoteBrowser Isolation (RBI), Cloud Access Security Broker(CASB) technology, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)capabilities to provide a cloud-native Next-Gen SecureWeb Gateway service that protects organizationsfrom zero-day threats and enforces data protectionacross endpoints, networks, and clouds. By convergingthese core technologies into one solution, McAfeeenables organizations to implement a simplified SASEarchitecture that delivers: Comprehensive visibility and consistent controls overdata from device to cloudConsistent threat protection with unified managementand investigationsDirect-to-cloud infrastructure with enterprise scaleand resilienceHyper-Scale Service EdgeKeeping remote workers productive, data secured,and endpoints protected can be overwhelming attimes. McAfee Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway providesorganizations with the scalability and security to supporttoday’s remote workforce and distributed digitalecosystem.Instead of backhauling internet traffic to the corporateheadquarters, McAfee delivers robust native supportfor virtually any SD-WAN solution via site-to-site andsite-to-cloud deployments, leveraging industry standard2Intelligent, Hyper-Scale Next-gen Secure Web Gateway Platform for SASEDynamic IPSec and GRE protocols. To date, McAfee hascertified interoperability with six of the industry’s leadingSD-WAN vendors, including Viptela (Cisco), VeloCloud(VMware), and Citrix, with even deeper partnershipsforged with Silver Peak, Fortinet, and Versa Networksthrough The McAfee Security Innovation Allianceprogram, one of the industry’s largest technologypartnership programs.Business BenefitsBetter user experience Uninterrupted access to theinternet, corporate networks,and cloud applications, evenwhen cloud usage spikes Furthermore, McAfee offers a true cloud-grade servicewith consistent 99.999% availability. From March 2020 toJune 2020, McAfee saw an industry-wide cloud securityservice load increase, ranging from 200% to 700%. Whileother security vendors faced similar surges and sufferedsignificant downtime, McAfee maintained its 99.999%availability throughout this time. McAfee Next-GenSecure Web Gateway helps ensure availability, lowerlatency, and maintain user productivity - from anywhere,any application, and any device.Why Five 9s MatterDifference in allowed downtime based on uptimeservice-level agreement (SLA):99.999%uptime99.99%uptime99.9%uptime0.9 sec9 sec86.4 secWeek6 sec1 min10 minMonth26 sec4 min44 minYear5 min52 min525 minDayFigure 1. Downtime calculation example.Integrated, real-time securitystack delivers full security withminimal end-user latency,empowering a more productiveworkforceHighest level of protection Stop threats from ever reachingthe users with multi-layersecurity and fully integrated RBI Stay out of data breach newsand compliant with regulationswith superior DLP technologySimplification and reducedtotal cost of ownership A single pane of glassmanagement for policies,incidents, and workflows acrossmultiple environments Cost savings from reducedhardware and elimination ofexpensive MPLS trafficIncreased performance,reliability, and scalability

DATA SHEETProactive Risk ManagementWith increasingly stringent compliance regulationsand costly data breach incidents, McAfee Next-GenSecure Web Gateway proactively protects users, data,and applications to help organizations minimize theircloud and web attack surface. It offers integrated RBI,automatically mitigating the risk from unknown websites.Not only does it ensure unknown threats from everreaching the endpoints, it accomplishes this in a fullytransparent way so that the user experience is nothampered.Furthermore, McAfee has the industry’s largest cloudapplication repository—more than 30,000 applicationsin its cloud database with 55 attributes each. Thisprovides real-time insights to McAfee MVISION CloudSecurity Advisor that generates automated risk scoringin relation to industry best practices and peers, as wellas prescriptive guidance to improve an organization’ssecurity posture.You: December 2019You: October 2019YouScore Intelligent, Hyper-Scale Next-gen Secure Web Gateway Platform for SASE45.4Control31.6Figure 2. A real-world customer who improved visibility by 54% and control by 91%. Improvements resulted fromblocking high-risk services and enabling low-impact DLP and collaboration limitations. 3VisibilityTake advantage of the industry’s largest cloudapplication repository (more than 30,000 applications)Leverage global intelligence with real-time telemetryfrom over one billion sensors

DATA SHEETIntegrated CASBMore than 95% of companies today use cloud services,and 83% store sensitive data in the cloud.1 Personaldevices can attempt to access enterprise cloud servicessuch as Microsoft 365. McAfee Next-Gen Secure WebGateway integrates with McAfee MVISION Cloud (CASB)to help organizations control access to all cloud servicesand protect against threats that occur within them froma single console. Due to our robust DLP engine withintegrated CASB functionality, McAfee Next-Gen SecureWeb Gateway takes away the risk of data loss as usersvisit websites or cloud apps - ensuring your organizationremains compliant with policies and regulations.Granular yet flexible, Cloud Application Control providesthe users the ability to upload or download documentsbased on the risk score of the cloud application. TenantRestriction can differentiate between personal andcorporate accounts for cloud services like Microsoft 365,blocking personal accounts from accessing corporateservices. With McAfee Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway,administrators have access to both McAfee CASB andour cloud-native secure web gateway from a singlemanagement interface, which provides unified policiesthat deliver unprecedented cloud control, keeping userssafe from threats and data safe from accidental loss. Inaddition to managing sanctioned applications, McAfeeoffers granular policies for unsanctioned applications forcomplete visibility and control.Figure 3. A single pane of glass management interface to manage web-based and cloud-based risks and threats. 4Intelligent, Hyper-Scale Next-gen Secure Web Gateway Platform for SASELeverage superior SaaS-aware data and threatprotection with in-depth SaaS registry of more than30,000 servicesExtend data protection to all websites and cloudapplications due to integrated CASB functionality

DATA SHEETReal-Time Threat ProtectionIntelligent Cloud-Based Real-Time Threat ProtectionAs the web continues to grow and evolve, web-bornmalware attacks grow and evolve as well. Ransomware,phishing, and other advanced web-based threats areputting users and endpoints at risk. McAfee NextGen Secure Web Gateway provides real-time zeroday malware and advanced phishing protection. Thismultilayered approach integrates dynamic threatintelligence for URL, IPs, file hashes, and real-timeprotection against unknown threats with machinelearning and emulation-based sandboxing.Furthermore, McAfee Next-Gen Secure Web Gatewayprovides the capability to decrypt, inspect, and reencrypt SSL/TLS traffic so that threats and sensitive datacannot hide in encrypted traffic. McAfee also integratedits secure web gateway technology with McAfee Extended Detection and Response (McAfee XDR)technology to improve SOC efficiencies.Remote Browser IsolationRemote Browser Isolation (RBI) offers a secure webbrowsing experience for end users by preventingelements of a web page from reaching or attack aclient browser. McAfee prevents unknown threatsfrom ever reaching endpoints by integrating intelligentyet transparent Remote Bowser Isolation, leveragingpowerful machine learning analysis on real-timetelemetry from over one billion sensors. This powerfulcombination of security and excellent performance alsosimplifies the adoption of a Secure Access Service Edge(SASE) to provide customers with a transparent userexperience that requires no change in behavior.5Intelligent, Hyper-Scale Next-gen Secure Web Gateway Platform for SASECategorization, Reputation, Geolocation,IP Addresses, Anti-Malware,Corrupted Files, Business RiskMachine Learning-PoweredEmulation SandboxRemote Browser IsolationURL and Known Threat InspectionReal-Time Emulation, Zero-Day ProtectionUnknown Threat ProtectionFigure 4. Defense-in-depth architecture provides zero-day malware protection with integrated multilayer security. Employ nine layers of protection technologies toensure that threats never reach endpointsEliminate 20% more threats with real-time emulationsandbox and integrated Remote Browser Isolation

DATA SHEETMulti-vector Data ProtectionMore than 95% of companies today use cloud services,yet only 36% of companies can enforce data protectionrules in the cloud at all. McAfee Next-Gen Secure WebGateway offers an effective way to enforce protectionwith built-in DLP templates and inline data protectionworkflows to help organizations comply with regulations.Its device-to-cloud data protection offers comprehensivedata visibility and consistent protection of data acrossendpoints, web, cloud and private applications. Extend existing DLP policies to the cloud with one clickand in under one minuteOrganizations benefit from unified classification,unified policy, and unified incident managementFigure 5. Protection Workspace offers a consolidated view of compliance and data protection.SummaryMcAfee Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway is the cloudnative web security solution that provides the mostadvanced layered protection from threats and data losswith integrated RBI, CASB, and industry leading DLPcapabilities in the web and cloud. It enables organizationsto implement a simplified SASE architecture that deliversthe security, scalability, and availability that is required fora distributed and remote workforce.Learn MoreFor more information visit next-gen-swg.html.1. McAfee Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, 20196220 America Center DriveSan Jose, CA 95002888.847.8766www.mcafee.com6Intelligent, Hyper-Scale Next-gen Secure Web Gateway Platform for SASEMcAfee and the McAfee logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of McAfee, LLC or its subsidiaries in the US and other countries. Othermarks and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Copyright 2020 McAfee, LLC. 4587 1020SEPTEMBER 2021

McAfee Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway provides real-time zero-day malware and advanced phishing protection. This multilayered approach integrates dynamic threat intelligence for URL, IPs, file hashes, and real-time protection against unknown threats with machine-learning and emulation-based sandboxing. Furthermore, McAfee Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway

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