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TABLE OF CONTENTSFrom the Dean1Four Pillars3Why an MBA?5Rankings7Why Kelley Direct?9Student Body Profile11Faculty13Curriculum Flexibility19Dual Degrees22How It Works23Career Services31Hiring Companies33Kelley Network35How to Apply39Financial Aid & Contact40

A MESSAGE FROM THE DEANCongratulations on taking the next step in your educational journey. Preparingfor a meaningful career change can be exciting, but it can also be a little daunting.Whether you want to take your career to the next level or change careers entirely, weknow how to get you there because we’ve been doing it longer than any other Top 20business school.The innovative mindset that propelled us to establish our online MBA program in the1990s continues today. Our Kelley Direct Online Programs offer you a way to expandyour knowledge and skills without sacrificing things that are important to you. Atthe same time, we understand that business is really about relationships, so wework hard to keep you connected, virtually and in person, with personalized careersupport, team projects, global travels, and increased opportunities for networkingwith fellow students and faculty members. Simply put, we’re an online program thatdoesn’t feel like an online program.Joining our top-ranked online MBA program is a wise investment in yourself—aninvestment that will pay dividends for the rest of your career. If you’re ready to makea bold move, we’ll show you how to go from moment to momentum.Idalene F. “Idie” KesnerDeanFrank P. Popoff Chair of Strategic ManagementProfessor of Management1

At the Kelley School of Business, we’re in the business of creatingmomentum for our students and the companies that hire them.We look for students who have the talent to succeed, the humility to grow, and thetenacity to persevere. Our approach is personal—your success is our success. Weteach an innovative curriculum across all programs—online and residential—builton personal development, teamwork, and experiential learning with an emphasison global and social responsibility. It’s what enables our graduates to turn thecritical moments in their careers—a job interview, a meeting with a mentor, apromotion—into lasting career momentum.“My career took a tremendous leap after I finished the Kelley Online MBA program.I don’t think I’d be where I am without the credibility that Kelley and the MBA gaveme. It’s been a launching pad for my career.”Eitan Schori, Vice President, AlixPartners, New York CityKelley MBA’16BS, Finance, University of Maryland2

THE FOUR PILLARS OF YOUR KELLEY ONLINE MBA1 Experience Network with Kelley Direct alumni andstudents during student-hosted GlobalConnect Nights. Meet your classmates and professors inperson during Kelley Connect Weeks, thetwo required one-week residencies inBloomington, Indiana. Gain real-world international consultingexperience working with business ownersin emerging economies by choosing to takea weeklong AGILE (Accelerating GlobalImmersion Leadership Education) course. Consult with major U.S. firms, includingFortune 500 companies, by enrollingin an optional weekend immersion course.3 Curriculum Build your foundation with the corebusiness curriculum. You’ll gain theability to analyze issues from multipleperspectives—an essential capabilityyou’ll need for subsequent courses,work, and your career. Enhance your knowledge with broadcross-functional courses. Develop or refine your expertise withelectives. Set your own pace for attaining yourMBA with our flexible schedule. 3Add a specialized MS degree(12 additional credit hours).

42 Faculty Learn from the same facultymembers who teach in the KelleySchool of Business residentialdegree programs. Connect via Zoom video-conferencingtechnology to participate in livelectures with your classmates (orwatch recorded lectures on yourown schedule). Get timely responses to yourquestions. Our faculty are dedicatedto your success. Professors areavailable to give you feedback oranswer questions by phone, email,or video conference.4 Careers Put in the work and effort, and you’ll see yourcareer take off through our career-visioningprocess. Meet with a career coach to chart yourcareer path before, during, and after yourMBA experience. Work with your coach to improve yourresume and practice interviewing skills. Get introduced to Kelley alumni in your targetindustries and companies.4

WHY AN MBA?An MBA enables you to see the big picture of how a company’s units work togetherto achieve their mission. Whether you want to move up at your company, start yourown business, or make a career switch, an MBA degree provides the core skills andknowledge you need to solve the most pressing issues in any industry.An MBA opens up opportunities.You will discover possibilities for your career that you may not have even considered.An MBA builds confidence.You will learn how to develop solutions, using multiple perspectives, for toughproblems facing your organization. You will gain the hard skills needed to createfinancial and data models in tandem with the soft skills for teamwork andcommunication.An MBA is in demand.In a 2017 survey of corporate recruiters, 86% of companies across the globereported plans to hire MBA mba-graduates.aspx


1Best Online MBAProgramU.S. News & World Report20191Best OnlineMS Programs1Online MBA Programfor VeteransU.S. News & World Report2019U.S. News & World Report20191Online MBAThe Princeton Review20191Online MBAamong U.S. SchoolsQS TopMBA201871ResearchFinancial Times2019

“The Kelley Direct experience is as close as you’ll come to being in a full-time MBAprogram, without having to quit your job and be on campus for two years.John A. Byrne”Chairman and Editor-in-ChiefPoets & Quants8

WHY THE KELLEY DIRECT ONLINE MBA?At Kelley, you will get the same MBA degree as an in-residence MBA student, butwith the convenience of going to class from anywhere in the world and a flexiblecurriculum that you can complete on your schedule. You’ll also earn your onlineMBA from an elite business school with more than 112,000 alumni—and we arecommitted to helping you make the most of that network.See How Far Your Background and Experience Will Take YouWe offer our online MBA students the opportunity to: meet and build relationships with their classmates connect with professors in weekly live classes work on consulting projects for clients in emerging markets in countries likeCuba, Greece, and Thailand network with Kelley alumni all over the world get guidance from assigned career coachesA Proven ReputationAsk around and you’ll quickly learn that we are the long-time leader and innovatorin the online MBA space. We were the first top-ranked business school to offer anonline MBA in 1999. We have always believed that the structure and delivery of anMBA curriculum should evolve to meet the needs of modern students.9

“We are pleased to offer a leading-edge online MBA program in which students haveopportunities typical of in-residence programs—from international experiences toimmersions on special topics, engagement on career management and professionaldevelopment to networking with fellow Kelley peers and alumni—all while continuingwith their careers full time.Ash Soni”Executive Associate Dean ofAcademic ProgramsProfessor of Operations & DecisionTechnologiesThe SungKyunKwan Professor10

SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS THROUGH TEAMWORK.UsersYou’ll be in class with students who are working full time in many different industries.Courses are designed to provide meaningful interactions among peers, so you’lllearn from each other’s experiences. Your peers are focused and bring expertise fromtheir diverse backgrounds to every assignment. You’ll make lasting and meaningfulconnections with people you may find yourself working with in the future.Your first connection with other students in the program starts with Kelley ConnectWeek, a weeklong kickoff to the MBA program for entering students. This mandatoryresidency requirement is often referenced by students as the most valuable elementof the program. Kelley Connect Week provides a foundation for students to buildrelationships with each other, faculty, and certified career coaches from Kelley’saward-winning Graduate Career Services team.Academic BackgroundAverageGPA3.4WithGraduateDegrees19 %WithDoctoralDegrees118%GMATAverageGMAT639US Geographic t/Southwest25%South12%

Student Body ProfileStudentsEnrolledAverageAge96232Womenranges from22 to 5827%AverageYears of WorkExperience7Militaryranges from2 to 2810 %includingactive dutyWith Full-TimeWorkExperience100 %12

WORLD - CLASS FACULTY SUPPORTED BYWORLD - CLASS TECHNOLOGYExperience matters in online education, and Kelley Direct is the industry leaderand innovator in using technology to deliver graduate business education. AllKelley School courses—both online and on campus—are designed by KelleySchool of Business faculty who are constantly refining and evolving course content.For online courses, faculty work with instructional technologists to optimize thedelivery of content for online MBA students, creating an online learning experiencethat is engaging, lively, and personal.“I make a point to attend the live classes because it’s an opportunity to see theprofessors and ask questions. The faculty are invested and they want to see yousucceed. They know your name, and they look forward to seeing you in class andhearing your opinions.”Roslyn Hurt-SteversonVice President, Senior Product Owner, TEKsystems,Neptune, New JerseyKelley MBA’19BS, Business Administration, Monmouth University13

Kelley faculty deliver a top-ranked MBAeducation, demanding the best of theirstudents and themselves.1Research in the WorldFinancial Times201973Number of instructional faculty whoteach online courses82 %Percentage of instructional facultywith PhD or highest degree inthe field8Average years of experienceteaching online courses14

A CURRICULUM DESIGNED TO BUILD CONFIDENCE ANDFLUENCY IN THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS“Our curriculum is designed to offer students opportunities to attain confidenceand fluency in multiple business domains. Our course sequence enables studentsto apply what they learn in class within their organizations throughout their MBAexperience, demonstrating valuable capabilities to professional peers, senior”management, and clients.Ramesh VenkataramanAssociate Dean for Information and Instructional TechnologiesChair, Kelley Direct Online ProgramsJohn R. Gibbs ProfessorProfessor of Information SystemsTod PerryAssociate Professor, FinanceTeaches Financial Management (C540) What do students learn in this course? We start with theTime Value of Money and then provide a working knowledgeof the tools used in the practice of financial management anddecisions about resource allocation. What do students find useful? Students learn howto understand and apply the financial tools that theirorganizations are using for decision making. In some cases, ithelps students get a seat at the table where decisions are made,and at the very least students gain a better understanding ofwhat’s behind these decisions. What do you enjoy about teaching online MBA students?How motivated the students are to learn and apply financialconcepts. I also like how the online program makes graduatebusiness education accessible to people who otherwise might15not be able to do it because of work or family commitments.

Trent WilliamsAssistant Professor, Management and EntrepreneurshipTeaches Developing Strategic Capabilities (C562) What can students expect from a live session? Each one is about75 minutes. Students prepare by reading a case and answering 4or 5 questions in advance. We start with a brief intro, then breakinto small groups to tackle an assignment. Each group is in theirown meeting room. We also have full-group tasks that we work ontogether. The format challenges students to bring their A game. What do students learn? Students perform detailed analyses ontheir own organizations. In this way, they apply concepts, and theninvestigate, asking is my organization doing this? How could myorganization improve? It’s valuable because it’s not just a theoreticaldomain—it’s applied. What do students find useful? That it’s practically relevant.Woven into the course are 18 exercises that serve as a portfolio ofrecommendations for their organizations.Kelly EskewClinical Associate Professor, Business Law & EthicsTeaches Law & Ethics in Business (C550) What do students learn in this course? How to becomesophisticated consumers of legal services, so when they encounterlegal issues in their jobs, they will be able to identify those issuesand have an informed conversation with in-house counsel or outsideattorneys. What can students expect from a live session? Just as inbusiness, we teach law using cases. We walk through these factpatterns and consider how lawyers and the courts will analyze andinterpret the validity of the arguments of plaintiffs and defendants.We also consider ethical issues in business. Right now, students arediscussing how to maintain an ethical supply chain. What do you want prospective students to know? The professorswho are teaching you are part of the Kelley community—we areinteracting with students all day, both in person and online.16

Kristen Kirkpatrick started working in a brand marketing management traineeprogram right after college and decided early in her career that getting an MBAwas essential for moving up. She also knew she wanted to stay in the Bay Area,and its high cost of living and her demanding job were important factors indeciding that an online MBA would be the best option.“I knew I couldn’t stop work to pursue a full-time MBA, so I was looking for one Icould do part time and still have my job. I also wanted a program where I couldtake what I’d learned and apply it to my job. It’s been so different from myundergraduate experience because there is a ton of teamwork in every single class.“Professor of Marketing Rockney Walters makes every class fun and exciting. I lovethe structure of the classes with a good mix of discussions, a group project, andexams. He is always very responsive when we need help and what I really like isthat we know he consulted in marketing for companies and worked with themon their pricing strategies. Knowing that we get the same tools that he uses as aconsultant is really valuable. He’s giving us access to these same tools for us touse in the assignments and in our professional work, and it enhances the learningfor us.“I feel so much stronger in my career now. When I think about where I started andwhere I am now, I feel like I’m a different person professionally and personally.Growing and juggling that much really changes you, and I’m so much happierabout where I am.”Kristen Kirkpatrick, Category Analyst,Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Dublin, CaliforniaKelley MBA’18BS, Business Administration, MarketingCal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo1713


CUSTOMIZE YOUR MBA DEGREE WITH AVARIETY OF LEARNING EXPERIENCESAND ELECTIVE TOPICS.Complete the degree in two years or take upto nearly four years.The Kelley Direct Online MBA curriculum will enhance your foundational skills anddevelop your strategic business thinking, while providing opportunities to specializebased on your interests. Our distinctive model forges breadth and depth, so that youcan succeed and advance your career. With the Kelley Direct Online MBA, you choosea major that reflects your interests and goals. Majors include business analytics,entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, global supply chain management,IT management, marketing, and strategic management.Fundamentals(6 Credits)In-ResidenceImmersion Courses(3 credits)Integrated Core(18 credits)Choose Your Major(27 credits)AccountingKelley ConnectWeek 1UnderstandingMarkets andInstitutionsBusiness AnalyticsQuantitativeAnalysisKelley ConnectWeek 2Delivering Valuethrough FunctionalExcellenceCreating andSustainingCompetitiveAdvantageEntrepreneurship &InnovationFinanceGlobal SupplyChain ManagementIT ManagementMarketingStrategicManagementAdditional topicsincluding:Global pment19


“My Kelley degrees transitioned me to the business world, although I work in atechnology company. I have the background from my undergraduate days to fallback on if I need anything technical, but all of my business acumen and skillscame from Kelley. In six years, I’ve gone from a senior analyst to vice president”of business operations at Salesforce.Archana Subramanian, Vice President of BusinessOperations, Salesforce, San FranciscoKelley MBA’13, MSIS’11BS, Technology and Computer Engineering, Amrita University21

ADD AN MS DEGREE TO HONE YOUREXPERTISE IN A SPECIFIC FIELD.Kelley offers a dual degree option so you can earn a specialized master’s degree bytaking just an additional 12 credit hours for a total of 66 credits.MS in StrategicManagementMS in BusinessAnalyticsMBA SpecializedMSMS inMarketingMS in Global SupplyChain ManagementMS inFinanceMS in Entrepreneurship& Innovation22

YOUR EXPERIENCE ONLINEcomments10085%%of courses are deliveredlive—participate in real timeof courses containteam-based assignmentsOnline Class SessionsThe Kelley School of Business is a hub of business education. As a student, you’llconnect each week for live weekly classes via video-conferencing technology. Youcan see your classmates, ask questions, and get immediate answers. Most courseshave an attendance requirement for the live online lectures. However, all classlectures are recorded and available, so that students can access them for referenceor if they are unable to attend a particular lecture.Group WorkLearning to work as a team member is a big part of the Kelley MBA experience.Many courses in the program require group assignments. You will coordinate withyour team members located all over the U.S. and the world to schedule conferencecall meetings. Students in the program compare it to working internationally. You’llnot only build relationships with your classmates as you work on projects but you’llalso gain project management skills and learn how to coordinate schedules for yourteam across time zones. Your team will work together to produce deliverables ontight timelines.23

“The group work involves working with other students across the country andleveraging a lot of videoconferencing, phone calls, and emails to get work done.The experience is reflective of how I work in my current position at Amazon.You gain skills in holding people accountable to their deadlines. Everyone is tryingto balance full-time work while still trying to meet school commitments. We have”to hold each other accountable and make sure we’re going to deliver for the team.Marcus McDuffie, Senior Program Manager,Amazon Go, SeattleKelley MBA’19BS, Packaging Engineering, Michigan State University24

YOUR EXPERIENCE IN PERSON We understand that in-person connections are vital to the success of your MBAexperience. Our program is designed to give you the opportunity to build them withshort (up to weeklong) courses offered throughout the U.S. and around the world.Kelley Connect WeeksImmersion CoursesThe Kelley Online MBA program begins inYou will also have several otherperson with your first Kelley Connect Week,opportunities to connect in person witha one-week experience in Bloomington,your classmates and professorsIndiana. It’s your chance to meet yourthroughout the duration of the program.classmates, professors, academic advisors,and career coaches face-to-face and layKelley Online MBA students can enroll inthe groundwork for your complete MBAa domestic immersion course. These areexperience.ideal experiences for students who want togain real-world consulting skills to enhanceThe in-residence Kelley Connect Weekstheir resume.are designed for you to build: confidence in solving real-life businessproblems with a diverse group of peers connections with professors, peers, andthe Indiana University campus a career path that fits you through groupand one-on-one sessions with careercoaches from the Kelley School’s highlyranked Graduate Career ServicesAcademic AdvisingThe domestic immersion courses offera combination of online content andmeetings, coupled with an experientiallearning component at a U.S.-based clientsite. During the long weekend client sitevisit, you will work alongside your peersto diagnose client problems and proposevaluable solutions.AGILE CoursesThe AGILE (Accelerating Global ImmersionYour academic advisor provides guidanceLeadership Education) courses pair youand helps you choose the best courses toand your classmates with a small businessfit your career path.owner in countries like Cuba, Greece, India,25

Ireland, or South Africa. You prepare foryour trip by studying the cultural, political,and economic forces that shape thecountry’s business environment. Once youarrive in the country, you will work on aproject to help a small business.Washington Campus ProgramThis one-week intensive course is guidedby the rigorous academic standards setforth by the 16 graduate business schoolsrepresented in the Washington Campusconsortium. You’ll meet experiencedpolicy makers, senior policy advisors, andexperts in public relations and advocacywho explain how Washington really works,how decisions actually get made, and whocontrols each step of the process.It’s an ideal experience for students whowork in the nonprofit sector, in tradeassociations, and within the advocacycommunity. You’ll make connections as youmeet with past and current policy makersthrough formal educational sessions aswell as informal networking.26

CREATE THE MBA EXPERIENCE YOU WANT.Lauren Crawley decided that an online MBA program would be the best fit for herbecause she wanted to continue working full time. She chose the Kelley Online MBAprogram because she did not want to sacrifice the benefits a traditional full-timeMBA program offers.“I wanted to be involved. I wanted to make connections. I wanted this to be as closeto a full-time program as it could possibly be,” says Lauren. “In the program, I dida semester-long program with Coca-Cola where we took on a business analyticsproject for them. I took the AGILE courses and traveled to Chile and Greece.Everyone that I went to these countries with had a great experience and now wehave shared memories. When it came to my career options, I wanted the sameopportunities that full-time MBA students had, and that is what Kelley offered me.“I got the best of both worlds. I got to keep my job. I got to keep my salary. I even gota new job while I was in school with a significant promotion before getting a new jobafter graduation. Both were because of my MBA. I got to do that while gaining realworld experience, adding to my resume, and of course getting my MBA. And I alsogot to keep my life where I live.”Lauren Crawley, Senior Consultant, Kalypso, Charlotte, North CarolinaKelley MBA’17, MS in Business Analytics’17BS, Financial Economics, James Madison University27


HOW DO YOU FIT THE RIGOROUS,TEAMWORK - INTENSIVE KELLEY ONLINE MBAPROGRAM INTO YOUR LIFE?Roslyn Hurt-Steverson lives in Neptune, New Jersey, and commutes one hour toJersey City, NJ, every day during the week for her full-time job as Vice President andSenior Product Owner at TEKsystems. She’s also a wife and mother to three children.Here’s how she manages to fit the online MBA into an already packed schedule.“Every day I’m doing some coursework. I set my schedule up so I stay on track everyweek. I plan my schedule at the beginning of the semester to level-set what I need todo and plan for any work travel or any of my kids’ events.“I liked that I could build my education into the hectic life I have between being a momand an employee. Work-life balance is very important to me, and the Kelley Online MBAprogram was like a puzzle piece that fit perfectly.29”

Weekday Schedule6:30 a.m.On the train from Red Bank to Jersey City. “During the one-hourcommute, I check email for faculty feedback on assignments, catchup on new assignments and readings, or listen to lectures. Betweenmy morning and evening commute, I have 10 hours a week that I usefor the MBA coursework.”8:00 a.m. Arrive at work. “I’m dedicated to my work, so I’m fully focused on thatduring the workday.”5:15 p.m.Back on the train on the way home. “This is the perfect time to checkin with my team members on projects and schedule meetings. I alsouse this time to review materials from classes.”7:00 p.m.Log in for a live lecture. “Classes start as early as 7 p.m., which isgreat for my schedule. I can get home and have a quick dinner with myfamily before logging in. My dog Onyx likes to join me for the lectures.I think he finds the professors’ voices soothing.”8:30 p.m.Family time. “This is when I check in with my kids on their homework.”10:00 p.m. Intensive study time. “I usually study until 11 or 11:30 p.m. Especially ifI found the topic challenging during the lecture, I like to review it whileit’s fresh in my mind.”Weekend Schedule“Saturday mornings are mostly dedicated to reading and classwork assignments.On Saturdays, I have my ‘wife/mom’ duties like food shopping for weeklypreparation, laundry, house cleaning, sports schedules, and so on.“On Sunday, I will review materials in the morning, and the afternoon is dedicatedto family time—watching movies, going out, attending events.”30

CREATE A PATH TO YOUR FUTURE WITHCOMPREHENSIVE CAREER SERVICES.How do you get from where you are now to a position in the company, industry,discipline, or geographic location you want? For some students, it starts with figuringout what exactly they do want. For others, the desired destination is known, but theyneed guidance on how to get there.We believe that every student wants to be successful in their career and satisfied withtheir life. We also understand that each student has a different definition of what thatmeans. Our process is designed to help each student better understand what theywant to achieve and to show them how to create a path forward.“Part of coaching is meeting students where they are. Our career coaches begin byunderstanding each student’s values, interests, skills, and personality. Then, we usethat information to help them recognize what makes each of them unique, relevant,and interesting. With this knowledge, students can begin to see what career optionsbest fit them. That may mean transitioning to a new career or moving up within theircurrent organization.”Stephanie GrayAssociate Director of Career Services andProfessional Development31

FIVE - PHASE CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROCESSBegin your journey with online learning modules that includePre-Workassessments and introduce students to resources and tools. Afterthe pre-work is completed, you’ll be matched with a career coach.With your pre-work completed in advance of KCW 1, you’ll beKelley ConnectWeek 1prepared to get the most out of the in-person group sessions andyour one-on-one meeting with your career coach.Individual Coaching with Certified CoachIn the second or third term, you’ll have the opportunity to enrollin X574. In this course, you’ll choose a career track, identifyingCareer Coursewhether you are a seeker who wants to make a transition to adifferent industry/function or a navigator who wants to advanceat their current firm.Kelley ConnectWeek 2KCW 2 is an ideal point to reflect on your progress and check inwith your career coach on your transition or navigation plan.At this point in the process, you have identified your long-termAssessment/Reflectionscareer action plan with your coach. This is the time when wewant to check in on your progress. And, as a Kelley alum, you willreceive career coaching for life, so we are never more than aphone call away.DEVELOP ESSENTIAL SKILLS FOR CAREER SUCCESS.Determine whichindustries, companies,and careers fit yourstrengths.Build relationshipswith people whocan help in yourcareer search.Prepare to shareyour story withemployers.Take what you havelearned at Kelley toexcel on the job.32

ADVANCE YOUR CAREER OR MAKE A TRANSITIONTO A NEW FIELD OR INDUSTRY.29 %average salary increase*64%21ResearchCareerServicesin the Worldearn promotions**during school or within sixmonths of Here’s a sampling of companies that employ Kelley Online MBA graduates:33

Andrew Duncan decided to pursue an MBA to make a career switch fromprofessional musician to consumer brand goods marketer. After serving inthe U.S. Air Force for six years, he found the online MBA appealing because hewanted to continue getting valuable work experience while pursuing the MBA.“There were a few factors that led me to look at Kelley. One of them was that, asI looked around, Kelley emerged as a common thread among those who heldexcellent brand management positions. It was obvious to me that Kelley had astrong reputation in the field. Through the process of looking for schools, I alsocame away from the Kelley process very impressed with not only the skills, butalso the demeanor of the graduates. Kelley MBAs were really good people whoalso happened to be successful, talented, and doing well in their fields.“This has turned out to be the best possible decision I could have made. I haveturned the corner and am racing toward the finish line. It has been a trulytransformative experience for me. When I started this program, my currentposition was the No. 1 dream job on a list of ‘impossible things that could neverhappen’ for me. So I’m very grateful to the Kelley program for being the link tothe evolution in my career. This experience has been everything I could haveexpected and more.”Andrew Duncan, Senior Assistant

Online MBA Online MBA among U.S. Schools QS Top MBA 2018 1 Online MBA Program for Veterans U.S. News & World Report 2019 Best Online MBA Program U.S. News & World Report 2019 The Princeton Review 2019 Research Financial Times 2019 1 1 1 1

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Choir Director: Ms. Cristy Doria Organist: Dr. Devon Howard Choir Accompanists: Madison Tifft & Monte Wilkins After the benediction, please be seated as the graduates leave the sanctuary. The classes of 2018 & 2019 are hosting an invitation-only dinner in the Fellowship Hall in honor of the graduates and their families. Special Thanks to