The Detox Process At The Gardens Wellness Center

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TheDetox ProcessAt TheGardens Wellness Center

Table of ContentsIntroductionWhat is Detoxification?Common Withdrawal SymptomsThe Holistic Approach to TreatmentNutrition in TreatmentDeveloping a Personalized PlanMaintaining a High Level of ComfortRebuilding Life from the First StepBenefits of Detoxification2345-67-91011-1213-1415-1617

Setting a goal of recovering from drugs or alcohol can bechallenging. The first step of recovery is often intimidating becausedetoxification can be very uncomfortable. By going through thedetoxification process in a comfortable, compassionate and safeenvironment, it is possible to start setting recovery goals andtaking measures to reach those goals. Recovery from addiction ispossible, but sometimes it takes a little help.

What is Detoxification?Detoxification from drugs or alcohol, which is often calleddetox, is a process that allows your body to remove themajority of toxins that have built up within the bodywhen a substance is abused. Depending on the specificsubstance, it can take a few days to a week or more tostart moving beyond the withdrawal symptoms.Psych Central explains that drug or alcohol detoxificationcan take a variety of forms. Since the substances that areabused can vary and the exact withdrawal symptomsthat may develop will depend on the substance, thebest way to help the body through the first steps ofrecovery will vary.Generally, drug or alcohol detox is uncomfortablebecause the body will crave the substance that wasabused. Although it may be challenging, at The GardensWellness Center, we understand the symptomsthat can develop and we offer compassionateassistance throughout the process so that it is ascomfortable as possible.4

Common WithdrawalSymptomsThe common symptoms that may occurinclude:ANXIETYWorries regarding the symptoms that may developthroughout detoxification can make it harder to startmoving toward recovery goals. By understandingthe symptoms and the duration of time that thesymptoms may develop, it is possible to start thedetoxification process.DEPRESSIONThe substance and the duration of an addiction cancontribute to the severity of the symptoms that maydevelop. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms are mildand will only cause minor discomfort, such as generalnausea and mood swings. In more severe cases, shakingand hallucinations may develop.FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMSSWEATINGSHAKING/TREMORSNAUSEAACHES THROUGHOUT THE BODYHALLUCINATIONSINSOMNIACONFUSIONSEIZURES5

Common WithdrawalSymptomsSince we understand the possible symptoms that mayarise at The Gardens Wellness Center, we take measuresto ensure that the process is as safe and comfortableas possible. In our detoxification center, we haveexperiences nurses, doctors and nurse practitionerswho have been treating addiction for several years. Ourmedical staff ensure that the withdrawal symptomsare properly managed so that there are limited risks ofsevere health concerns.Appropriate medical treatments are providedthroughout the detox process based on the symptomsthat develop. By providing a medically supervisedenvironment, it is possible to reduce the discomfortassociated with the detox process and to ensure thatsafety precautions are taken when they are necessary.6

The Holistic Approachto TreatmentAlthough we take measures to ensure that everyindividual going through drug or alcohol detox is safeand as comfortable as possible, we understand thatthere are a variety of factors that may contributeto substance abuse. That is why we take a holisticapproach to treatment and offer more than justmedical treatment solutions.At The Gardens Wellness Center, we focus on providingone-on-one care and support so that every individualis getting the treatment and assistance that he or sheneeds. By taking a holistic approach to treatment,we ensure that every individual has the tools to startworking on his or her recovery.7The activites and treatment options thatwe offer include:ACUPUNCTUREYOGAMASSAGEGROUP PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPYNUTRITIOUS MEALS AND SNACKSAPPROPRIATE TREATMENTFOR DUAL-DIAGNOSIS

The Holistic Approachto TreatmentAlong with providing activities and treatments that aredesigned to help improve comfort levels during thedetox process, The Gardens Wellness Center also hasa jacuzzi and sauna that is available to individuals whoare going through the detox process.Since the withdrawal symptoms that may develop cancause depression, anxiety or insomnia, we take measuresto ensure that it is possible to reduce the negativeemotional states that may develop. Acupuncture andmassage help encourage relaxation and can help reducethe negative emotions that may otherwise develop. Wealso encourage the use of the Jacuzzi and sauna to helpimprove relaxation and sleep at night.8

The Holistic Approachto TreatmentAlong with the relaxing treatments, we offer yoga andpsychological therapies that can help improve moodand encourage the body to heal. Yoga is a gentleexercise that can help strengthen the muscles andimprove relaxation without giving up on good health.Yoga Journal explains that the focus on breathing andmovement in yoga provides a calming effect on themind. By focusing on the calming feeling and relaxingthe body while breathing during exercise, it is possibleto calm negative emotions and improve mood.Group therapies can also help by providingencouragement and support through the initialsteps of recovery. Since detoxification can bechallenging, recognizing that others are goingthrough the same experience and understand thediscomfort can help reduce the negative connotationsassociated with the process.9

Nutrition in TreatmentThe holistic treatments that are available at The GardensWellness Center go beyond the basic exercises, massageand spiritual guidance. Our medical staff recognizesthat certain substances can leech the body of nutrientsand cause a variety of health conditions to develop.That is why we offer meals and snacks throughoutthe day. By focusing on the nutritional needs of eachindividual, meals can become as important as thetreatments that are used to help encourage relaxationand reduce discomfort.Replenishing nutrients that have been depleted fromsubstance abuse and encouraging a healthy dietcan improve the overall health of each individual.Furthermore, it improves the way that the body feelsbecause it is no longer struggling to function properly.The body needs nutritious meals to heal from thedamage that was caused by drugs or alcohol.10

Developing aPersonalized PlanOur staff include:Addiction treatment begins the day that an individualdecides to enter a detox program. The GardensWellness Center focuses on providing treatments thatare appropriate for each individual based on his or hergoals and current situation.Developing a personalized detoxification plan can helpimprove the situation by avoiding concerns that mayotherwise develop. At The Gardens Wellness Center,there is a low client-to-staff ratio, which ensures thatthe needs of each individual are taken into accountbefore the treatment program is developed.We understand that there are a variety of problemsthat can develop throughout the detox process,including emotional concerns like guilt, shame ordepression. That is why we focus on the needs ofeach individual and develop a holistic detox programthat is designed to address the challenges that arisethroughout the process.11MEDICAL DOCTORSNURSE PRACTITIONERSNURSESBOARD-CERTIFIED PSYCHIATRISTADDICTIONOLOGISTSCERTIFIED THERAPISTS

Developing aPersonalized PlanOur medical staff are available to handle any physicalhealth concerns that may develop. Furthermore, we canprovide appropriate medical treatments to individualswho may have medical health concerns or chronic painthat may be contributing to the addiction. Individualswho have a specific health concern, such as diabetes orhigh blood pressure, can feel confident that appropriatetreatments are provided throughout detoxification.Along with the medical concerns, emotional health isalso essential for recovery. That is why The GardensWellness Center provides the services of a boardcertified psychiatrist and certified therapists to helpeach individual with any emotional challenges that maydevelop. It is not necessary to allow guilt and shameto develop into severe depression when solutions areavailable and treatments can be provided.12

Maintaining a HighLevel of ComfortAs a general rule, detoxification is not a comfortableprocess; however, that does not mean that it isnecessary for individuals who are working towardrecovery to put up with an uncomfortable environmentor a high level of discomfort.The Gardens Wellness Center is a compassionatefacility that offers more than just the basic treatments.We believe that a comfortable environment can helpreduce the anxiety that is associated with the process.The comforts that are available at TheGarden Detox Center in North MiamiBeach include:SPACIOUS LIVINGINDIVIDIAL ENTERTAINMENTCENTERSCABLE TELEVISIONACCESS TO MOVIESA SAUNAA JACUZZIPERSONAL HEADPHONESA SCENIC AND QUIET COURTYARD13

Maintaining a HighLevel of ComfortEnjoy a peaceful and encouraging environmentthroughout the detoxification process. By offeringa comfortable space throughout treatment, it ispossible to focus on recovery without giving up dueto small discomforts.Relax in the Jacuzzi before going to bed at night toencourage a restful night of sleep or enjoy the sauna toencourage the body to sweat and remove toxins. Geta relaxing massage to work out muscle pains or achesthat may develop or get an acupuncture treatment toencourage blood flow and improve relaxation.Alternative approaches to healing and a holisticfocus on treatment ensures that the detoxificationprocess is as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, ithelps improve recovery results when the treatmentstarts from the first step.14

Rebuilding Life fromthe First StepDrug or alcohol addiction is not the end of life, but it cantake time and effort to rebuild relationships, improvepersonal health or reach for new goals. That is why it isimportant to go through a detoxification process that isencouraging, compassionate and understanding.It is our belief at The Gardens Wellness Center thatdetoxification is the first step toward recovery. It isnot just a chore or challenge to get through; instead,it is the first step toward a healthy and happy lifestyle.That is why we focus on each individual and provide aholistic approach to the detoxification process so that itis possible to start reaching for recovery goals.We reach out to improve recovery results from thefoundation by providing treatment in sunny NorthMiami Beach. The sunny and comfortable weatherconditions encourage a good mood and improvethe level of peace that is available. Along with thebeautiful weather conditions, the comfortable oceanbreeze and the well-maintained courtyard provide ahigh level of peace.15

Rebuilding Life fromthe First StepAlong with the beautiful and peaceful environment,we offer the best holistic services to encourage healingand reduce the number of complication that canarise during treatment.Since detoxification is potentially dangerous, we makesure that our medical staff is always available to helpwith any problems or complications that may arise. Wealso have staff members who are available to help withany emotional concerns so that it is possible to startreaching for realistic recovery goals.By providing each individual with a personalized andconsistent schedule, it is possible to start developingnew habits that are healthy and encouraging. Regainpersonal self-esteem and confidence by learning newways to approach challenges and relax.16

Benefits ofDetoxificationDetoxification is the foundation of recovery. It is thefirst step that leads to treatment and encourages longterm results. Even though the process is traditionallyuncomfortable, there are ways to reduce the discomfortsthat may develop and encourage the treatment tocontinue moving forward.By going through a compassionate detox program, itis easier to transition into additional treatment andthen start working toward realistic goals for recovery.Although detoxification is the first step toward recovery,there are benefits associated with the process.When detox is handled by a professionalfacility, the benefits associated with theprogram include:Working through emotional concernsReducing feelings of anxiety or depressionHandling any physical health concernsthat may ariseIdentifying potential concerns associatedwith treatement, such as dual diagnosisDeveloping a personalized treatmentprogramTaking the first steps toward recoveryLearning new ways to handle cravingsthat may ariseSetting up a solid foundation for recovery17

Addiction can cause a variety of problems, but that does not meanthere are no solutions to assist with the recovery process. TheGardens Wellness Center provides a solid foundation to recoverfrom addiction in a comfortable and encouraging environment.Recovery from addition is a process that must consider eachindividual as a person and then develop a plan based on theneeds of the individual. Detoxification sets the foundation forrecovery and there are professionals who can assist with the firststeps toward recovery and a healthy lifestyle.Links and ResourcesDetoxing from Drugs and AlcoholFreedom from AddictionAlcohol WithdrawalSubstance Abuse and Addiction Health CenterThe Gardens Wellness CenterHave any questions or concerns? Contact ourcaring counselors at 1(844) 812-3713

detox process, The Gardens Wellness Center also has a jacuzzi and sauna that is available to individuals who are going through the detox process. Since the withdrawal symptoms that may develop can cause depression,anxiety or insomnia,we take measures to ensure that it is possible to reduce the negative emotionalstates that may develop.

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