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Create POWERFUL HEALTH Naturally!Dr. Schulze’s5-Day LIVERDetox“I will show youhow CLEANSINGyour liver andgallbladder willhelp you to HEALdisease and CREATEPOWERFUL HEALTHand VITALITY.”Dr. Richard Schulze One of the foremost authoritieson Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine in the world

Dr. Schulze’s5-DayLIVERDetox

Dr. Schulze’sPublished byNatural Healing PublicationsP.O. Box 9459, Marina del Rey, CA 902921-877-TEACH-ME (832-2463) Copyright 2009Natural Healing Publications3rd Edition. All Rights Reserved.When people misrepresent, misquote anddilute Dr. Schulze’s message, programsand herbal formulae, the programs do notwork and people do not get well. Therefore,to protect the public, Natural HealingPublications is serious about prosecutingcopyright violators.At no time may any person or entity copyany portion of this book or incorporate anyportion of this work into any other work tothe public, without the written permissionof Natural Healing Publications. Theseprohibitions apply equally to electronic andhard copies of this protected work. Theseprohibitions also apply to the Internet.Library of Congress CatalogCard Number: PendingCreate Powerful Health Naturallywith Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day LIVER DetoxISBN: 0-9761842-4-9PRINTED IN THE USA ON 100%CHLORINE, AND BLEACH-FREERECYCLED PAPER, WITH MINIMUM 30%POST-CONSUMER WASTE (REALLY RECYCLEDWASTE), USING SOY-BASED INKS.5-DayLIVERDetoxWARNINGThis book is published under theFirst Amendment of the UnitedStates Constitution, which grantsthe right to discuss openly and freelyall matters of public concern and toexpress viewpoints no matter howcontroversial or unaccepted theymay be. However, medical groupsand pharmaceutical companies havefinally infiltrated and violated oursacred constitution. Therefore, weare forced to give you the followingWARNINGS:If you are ill or have been diagnosedwith any disease, please consult amedical doctor before attemptingany natural healing program.Many foods, herbs or other naturalsubstances can occasionally havedangerous allergic reactions or sideeffects in some people. People haveeven died from allergic reactions topeanuts and strawberries.Any one of the programs in this bookcould be potentially dangerous, evenlethal. Especially, if you are seriously ill.Therefore, any natural methodyou learn about in this book maycause harm, instead of the benefityou seek. ASK YOUR DOCTORFIRST, but remember that the vastmajority of doctors have no educationin Natural Healing methods andHerbal Medicine. They will probablydiscourage you from trying any ofthe programs.

CONTENTSForewordBy Dr. Richard Schulze “ Feel better, prevent diseaseand triple your energy withmy easy, simple and fast5-Day LIVER Detox!”— Dr. Richard Schulze7Feel More Alive With A Healthy Liver 7Your Ultimate Energy Organ 7Your Ultimate Detoxification Organ 8Create An Energized, Healthy And Long Life 8The Healthy Benefits Of Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day Liver Detox 9Why Do We Need To Clean And Flush Our Livers? 9Chapter OneWhy Cleansing Your Liver Is Vital. 11Your Liver Cleans Your Blood. 11Prevent Disease And Protect Your Liver Now! 12The #1 And #2 Causes Of Death In America AreDirectly Linked To The Liver. 13#1: Heart Attacks And Strokes Are Caused By High Cholesterol 13The Direct Cause Of 99% Of All Heart Attacks 14#2: Cancer Is Caused By Environmental Toxins And Poisons 14The Problem: Diseased Liver And Its Causes 16Contents 1

Chapter TwoA Daily Dose Of Poison: Modern Life In America Chapter Four17A Look Inside Your Body 43There Is No Escape. 17What I Learned In My Clinic 44What Can You Do? 17You Are A Very Busy Person! 44You Say You Don’t Eat Or Drink Poison? 18Why Do A Seasonal Cleansing? 44The Shocking Truth 20What If You Could Add 10 Years To Your Life By Just Doing A Simple Cleanse A Few Days A Year? 45And I Know That You’ve Heard, “This Guy’s Tough”And That My Programs Are Even Tougher. 46But The Program In This Book Is Not Tough!In Fact, It’s Very Simple, Easy And Fast! 46My 5-Day Liver Detox 47The Average American’s Home Is Really A Toxic Gas Chamber. 22Poison Medicine 24Are Over-The-Counter Drugs Safe? 27Your Liver And Gallbladder 28Chapter ThreeAnatomy And Physiology Of The Liver And Gallbladder Energy And Nutrition 29Chapter Five30Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day Liver Detox 49Detoxification 305-Day Detox Daily Routine: Do These 8 Steps Every Day 50Diseases Of The Liver And Gallbladder 32The Food & Juice Program 51Jaundice: When Your Liver Gets Sick. 33Diseases Of The Liver 34This Program Is 2 Days Of A Purifying Raw Food ProgramAnd 3 Days Of A Juice Flush. 51Intra Hepatic Jaundice 35How To Make Dr. Schulze’s 2-Minute Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink 52Viral Hepatitis 35Shopping List For Dr. Schulze’s Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink 54Extra Hepatic Jaundice 35Real People. Real Results. 55Hepatitis-C And Other Viral Ailments 36Potassium Broth Recipe 56Dr. Schulze’s Healing Program For Hepatitis 38Potassium Broth Recipe 56Diseases Of The Gallbladder 40How To Make Dr. Schulze’s Detox Tea 56The Gallbladder 40Emergency Gallbladder Attack Treatment 57A Letter From A More “Enlightened” Doctor AboutDr. Schulze’s 5-Day Detox Program 58Contents 3

Chapter EightChapter SixDr. Schulze Describes His Herbal Formulae Real People. Real Results. 6162Chapter SevenFrequently Asked Questions Final Thoughts 75Chapter NineAdditional Resources 7967How many times a year should I do the cleanse, and how long should I stayon the formulas when i’m cleansing? 67Do I need to reserve special days for doing my cleanse? 67Is juice fasting mandatory? 68Can you modify the 5-day liver detox? 69Do you suggest doing the detox formula along with the 5-day liver detox? 69What are the benefits of taking intestinal formula #1 and #2, while doing the5-day liver detox? 70How do I improve my digestion after i’ve done your 5-day liver detox? 70Can I really flush the stones out of my gallbladder and avoid having itremoved? 70Which 5-day detox should I do first, the liver/gallbladder cleanse or thekidney/bladder? 71Will I get better results doing a liver purge, like the ones that use epsom saltsand olive oil? 72Have you heard the studies linking Tylenol with liver cancer? 72What if I’m diabetic, or if I don’t have a gallbladder, or if I have hepatitis B?Can I still do the cleanse? 73Contents 5

FOREWORDBY DR. RICHARD SCHULZEFEEL MORE ALIVEWITH AHEALTHY LIVER“ Healing yourself ofanything is easy, simple,and your God-givenright. Your body knowshow to heal itself ofanything, any disease.It has the blueprint, theplans and all it needsis your assistance. Thevery easy and simpleprograms in this bookcan change your life.As I always say, a littleknowledge is a powerfulhealing tool. StayHealthy, Enjoy Lifeand Have Fun.”— Dr. Richard SchulzeWho knows what some ofour ancestors were thinkingover a thousand years agowhen they came up with theword to describe this organ. Ibelieve they were thinking ofthe word LIVE, which comesfrom the word ALIVE, whichmeans to continue life. Again,who knows, but they knewone thing for sure when thisorgan gets injured, or gets sick,you cannot continue life.Your liver is the LARGESTsolid organ in your body. Itdoes more varied and differentjobs for you than any otherorgan. In fact, medical sciencedoesn’t know everything it does,and in my opinion never will.What we do know is that itcreates glucose, the body’s onlychemical that gives us pureenergy. It creates digestive fluidsneeded to digest foods. It createsenzymes that neutralize toxicpoisons in your blood. It createshormones, breaks down fat, killsbacteria and virus, synthesizesprotein and stores everythingfrom immune cells to iron toVitamins A, B-12, D, E, K andon and on and on.YOUR ULTIMATE ENERGYORGANIt’s your liver’s job to convertcarbohydrates you eat intoglucose. Glucose is the primaryENERGY source of the humanbody. Your liver makes glucoseForeword7

and then stores it for you as areserve energy supply. When youneed energy anytime 24/7, yourliver releases this stored glucoseand WOW, you get an energyblast second to none, betterthan coffee. Keeping your liverhealthy and clean simply helpsyou have all the energy you need,whenever you need it.YOUR ULTIMATEDETOXIFICATION ORGANYour liver is the ultimatedetoxification organ in yourbody. Most of the food youconsume is dusted with, dippedin, sprayed, mixed, colored,flavored and preserved withthousands of different toxicchemicals and then packaged intoxic containers. And God onlyknows what is in the water youdrink and the air you breathe?Everything you eat and drink isdigested and travels from yourintestines, via your portal vein,to your liver FIRST. Everythingthat goes into your mouth mustfirst pass through the liver, andits numerous safety checks, beforeentering your bloodstream tofeed every cell in your body. Oneof your liver’s most importantjobs is to produce enzymes andnumerous other chemicals thatneutralize and render harmless allthe harmful and toxic substancesin your food, water and air.8 Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day KIDNEY DetoxIf your liver is clean and healthy,then it also contains millionsand millions of immune cells,called macrophages, whichliterally means “big eaters”.These macrophages are theback-up system to your liver’sdetoxification ability killing andeating bacteria, virus, fungus,parasites and any harmful toxin,poison or chemical that theycome in contact with.CREATE AN ENERGIZED,HEALTHY AND LONG LIFEWhether you are living theAmerican Dream, or theJapanese, Russian or Chinese,modern living in most of thecivilized world is also a toxic,poisonous and actually lethalexperience. What is in yourfood, water and air is trying tocreate disease and kill you everysecond of every day. ThankGod for your liver, becauseit’s saving your life, every day.Think about it, my friends,considering that there are about100,000 new chemicals floatingaround in our environment,and our bodies, a little flushing,cleaning and protecting of yourliver once a year doesn’t seem soextreme, does it?The bottom line, keeping yourliver healthy keeps you healthy,so let’s take a look at someof the health benefits of my5-Day LIVER Detox.THE HEALTHYBENEFITS OFDR. SCHULZE’S5-DAY LIVER DETOXWHY DO WE NEED TO CLEANAND FLUSH OUR LIVERS?An unhealthy lifestyle and dietcauses the liver to be overworkedand then congested with thissame toxic waste it has removedfrom your blood. But now, in it’sconstipated and sick state, yourliver can’t get the poison out ofitself. This accumulated wasteeventually causes your liver toget diseased and even causesliver cancer.Liver flushing and cleansingdoes just that. It causes the liverto empty its toxic contents,when it is constipated andoverloaded with them. Think ofit as an enema for the liver.As mentioned, it’s the liver’s job tofilter everything we eat and drinkand remove anything harmfulfrom our digested food before itenters our bloodstream. It removescholesterol and harmful fats fromeating too much animal food andremoves the literally thousandsof additives in the food andliquid that we consume.Your liver removes all of thisharmful material from yourblood that if left behind, willcause heart attacks, strokes,circulatory disease, cancer,neurological diseases and ahundred other diseases. This iswhy many doctors will often saythat when you have almost anydisease, your liver was sick longbefore your disease developed.Foreword 9

“ Getting well is easy.All you have to do is STOP doing what ismaking you sick andkilling you.START doing what willheal you and createpowerful health.Tomorrow is what youBelieve and Do Today.”— Dr. Richard SchulzeCHAPTER ONEWHY CLEANSING YOUR LIVER IS VITAL.YOUR LIVER CLEANS YOUR BLOOD.Disease doesn’t just happenovernight. Heart disease,cancer—most all diseases—develop months, even yearsafter your liver failed tokeep your blood clean.That is its job. 24 hours aday, 7 days a week, 365 daysa year, every second of everyday, NONSTOP your livercleans and detoxifies yourblood. Its job is to trap, filter,neutralize, render harmless, killand eliminate ANYTHINGyou have inhaled, consumedor absorbed which may bedamaging to your body.Bacteria, fungus, virus,parasites, old pharmaceuticaldrug residues, alcoholicbeverages, old worn out redblood cells, carcinogenic vaporsfrom plastics, toxic householdchemicals or just the pesticides,insecticides, preservatives andchemical additives in the foodon your dinner plate, naturalor man-made toxins, whatever,your liver has to deal with itand it does. There are literallymillions of toxic trash bitscirculating in your blood andthey’re hurting every cell inyour body.If your liver didn’t continuallyremove this toxic trash, youwould be dead in hours!Over 72,000 synthetic chemicalshave been developed sinceWWII and less than 2% of themhave been tested for toxicity.Many are known to causebirth defects and cancer and todamage the liver, kidneys, andbrain. Most have NEVER beentested for long-term effects.Most people think that eventhough there are thousandsof toxic chemicals found inour air, water, earth and food,that these poisons aren’t in ourbodies. Most people are wrong.Chapter One11

Analysis of human fat, blood,urine, breath, mother’s milkand even semen demonstratethat EVERYONE (especiallyAmericans) carries hundreds oftoxic lethal chemicals in theirtissues. Dioxins (Agent Orange),PCB’s, DDT, Organophosphates,Orangochlorines, the list goeson and on. Most of thesetoxic chemicals present in ourbodies have been linked tothe skyrocketing cancer rateand alarmingly high rate ofreproductive disease and failure.Most people also believe that lowdose exposure to these chemicalscan’t possibly harm us, that thegovernment wouldn’t possiblyallow it. Once again, most peopleare wrong. Everyone on earthnow eats, drinks, and breathes asoup of toxic chemicals that causehealth damage at low doses.12hours of their emissions. Notlong ago, deadly bacteria fromAfrica caused disease outbreaksin Florida. The contaminationwas found to be caused from thepathogens living in the cracks ofAfrican sand particles that werepicked up in African desert duststorms, drawn up into the upperatmosphere and then dropped outof the sky with rain in Florida tomaim and kill Americans.The bottom line is, I don’t carewho you are, and I don’t care howhealthy you think you might be.I don’t care if you live in Tahiti,eat only organic fruit, drink onlydistilled water, and exercise eighthours a day. If you are a humanbeing who eats, drinks andbreathes, and if you live anywhereon this planet, your liver has beenattacked, damaged and is possiblyeven sick.If you think you’ll get protectionby locking yourself up in yourhouse, think again. A recentEPA study concluded that airinside American homes is upto 70 TIMES more pollutedthan outdoor air and that toxicfumes from common householdcleaners cause cancer.Your only possible defense is astrong offense, in other words,a strong and healthy liver. And,the best way to maintain astrong and healthy liver is tocleanse it regularly.If all this isn’t bad enough, toxicradiation from Chinese weaponstests and poisonous industrialchemicals from Japan and Russiaarrive in America often withinThe main idea in NaturalHealing (as opposed toconventional medicine) is toprevent disease and protect yourbody, before it gets sick. YourDr. Schulze’s 5-Day LIVER DetoxPREVENT DISEASE ANDPROTECT YOUR LIVER NOW!liver (more than any other organin your body), prevents you fromgetting sick. Since your liver isthe defensive barrier betweenthe things you take into yourbody and the blood that feedsthat body, it is often referred toas your first line of defense. Evenconventional doctors will tell youthat long before most diseasessurface, often the liver was weakand unable to perform its job.That’s why it is so important tocleanse your liver on a regularbasis.THE #1 AND #2CAUSES OF DEATH INAMERICA ARE DIRECTLYLINKED TO THE LIVER.Heart attacks and strokes, the#1 cause of death in America,are caused by cholesterol buildup blocking either the coronaryor cerebral arteries, which endsup either killing the heart orkilling the brain. It’s one of theliver’s main duties to filter thischolesterol out of your blood.The #2 cause of death in Americais cancer. Everyone now agreesthat toxic, carcinogenic chemicalsin our environment cause almostall cancers—chemicals that havefound their way into the food weeat, the water we drink and theair we breathe. These poisons getinto our bloodstream, kill ourcells, create tumors, cause cancer,and ultimately kill us. Anotherone of the liver’s main duties isto eliminate these poisons fromour blood. For either one of thesetwo things to happen, the livermust first fail to do its job.#1: HEARTATTACKS ANDSTROKES ARECAUSED BY HIGHCHOLESTEROLFACTS Over one millionAmericans will be killedby circulatory disease,heart attacks and stroke,this year alone. Every hour of every day,over 500,000 Americansswallow a pharmaceuticaldrug to try to lower theircholesterol.Your liver has many functionsand one of its main onesis balancing the amount ofcholesterol in your blood. It iscommon scientific knowledgeand simple Newtonian physicsChapter One13

THIS IS THE DIRECTCAUSE OF 99% OF ALL HEART ATTACKSand the majority of strokes and other circulatory diseases. 80% of all cancers area direct result ofchemicals in our air, waterand food, according toleading experts. More than 72,000synthetic chemicals arein commercial use today,with approximately 1,000new chemicals introducedeach year.Normal Arterythat too much fat in your bloodcauses your blood to be thicker,which in turn requires your heartto pump harder, which in turncauses hypertension (high bloodpressure). When this cholesterolincreases and accumulates evenmore, it can block off criticalarteries to your heart and brain,causing heart attacks and stroke.It is your liver’s job to filter thatcholesterol out, which it does.But when in turn that cholesterolclogs up your liver, your liverbecomes overloaded, and thenthe excess cholesterol spills offinto the bloodstream and endsup clogging your arteries.The only source of cholesterolthat can get into our body isfrom our food. It doesn’t comefrom our air and it doesn’t comefrom our water—only fromour food. And the only foodsource of cholesterol on the14Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day LIVER DetoxClogged Arteryplanet is animal food. Being thatAmericans eat more animal foodthan almost any other nationon the planet, we as a nationhave the highest amount ofcholesterol in our bloodstream.#2: CANCERIS CAUSED BYENVIRONMENTALTOXINS ANDPOISONSFACTS Cancer is the #2 cause ofdeath in America today,killing well over 1/2 millionAmericans every year! Of those 72,000 pluschemicals, less than 7%have been tested foradverse effects.Modern life in America literallysurrounds us with poisons andtoxic chemicals. They come fromour air, water and food, and areabsorbed directly through ourskin. They are found everywhere,from our household furniture,rugs and construction materialoff-gassing, to the plastic wrapand containers we store our foodand liquids in, to the productswe clean our house and bodywith. THEY’VE GOT USSURROUNDED!The issue of environmentaltoxins is complex, and that’sbecause the poisons are comingat us from all directions. Theycome not only from our food,like cholesterol, but from ourwater and air, as well. Someof them are actually beingassimilated directly through thepores of our skin right at thisvery moment.It doesn’t take a genius tofigure out that we’re gettingbombarded with more chemicalstoday than ever before in history.When your liver is weak, thesechemical poisons and toxinsstart to slowly but surely poisonevery cell in your body, causingnumerous diseases that couldeventually KILL YOU!Again, almost all scientists,medical researchers and topcancer specialists now agree CANCER is caused by TOXICand POISONOUS chemicalsfrom our environment thatget into our body and irritate,inflame, harm and eventuallymutate our bodies’ cells.In Chapter 1 of this book I exposefacts that are almost too horribleto believe, but they speak forthemselves. The reality is that inpursuit of the American Dream,we have poisoned our air, waterand food. And almost all ourmodern conveniences are killing usin some way or another. Unless youare ready to drop out to the junglesof Ecuador, there is literally noescaping it. You can live depressed,paranoid or just plain freakedout, or better, you can learn to dosomething about it.Chapter One15

THE PROBLEM:DISEASED LIVERCHAPTER TWOA DAILY DOSE OF POISON:MODERN LIFE IN AMERICAYour only possibledefense is a strong offense.In other words, a CLEAN andSTRONG LIVER.ANDTHE CAUSES!Junk FoodPoisons And ChemicalsTwenty-four hours a day, 365days a year, you are bombarded.THERE IS NO ESCAPE.RURAL LIVING doesn’t stopyou from being contaminatedby global pollution.POLITICAL BORDERSwon’t stop you from beinginfected with diseases fromother parts of the world.WHAT CAN YOU DO?Your only possible DEFENSEis a strong OFFENSE, in otherwords, a clean and strong liver.Air PollutionWater PollutionI don’t care if you live in Tahiti,eat only organic fruit, drink onlydistilled water and meditate eighthours a day. If you live anywhereon this planet and want to behealthy, and stay that way, youneed to flush out your liver andgallbladder. and do it regularly!Medical doctors often say thatbefore most diseases develop,the liver was malfunctioning andnot doing its job. I have heardoncologists (cancer specialists)say that long before a persondevelops cancer, almost always,the liver was weak and notprotecting the patient. This iswhy the liver is referred to asyour first line of defense. Yourliver is your defensive barrierbetween the things you takeinto your body and your blood.It literally blocks harmfulsubstances from getting intoyour blood. To explain this letme refer briefly to my bookCreate Powerful HealthNaturally with Dr. Schulze’s5-Day BOWEL Detox.Chapter Two17

“ The small intestine is wherethe majority of food absorptiontakes place; the more surfacearea to absorb, the better. Eachvillus (the singular of villi)contains a capillary networkwhich introduces the digested foodnutrients into your bloodstream.The portal vein transports thisdigested food first from your smallintestine into your liver and then,if deemed acceptable, onward intoyour entire circulatory system tofeed every cell in your body.”So as you can see, everythingyou breathe and swallow—food,water, drugs, EVERYTHING—once it is assimilated by yoursmall intestine, everything goesdirectly to your liver. Evenwhat is in the air you breatheis taken into your bloodstreamand then dealt with by yourliver. If it is toxic, then your livercreates particular chemicals,like enzymes, that can actuallyneutralize the poison.YOU SAYYOU DON’T EAT ORDRINK POISON?You can’t say that anymore. Ifyou live anywhere on this planet,you are breathing, drinkingand eating poisons. The FDA18Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day LIVER Detoxsays that just the food in theaverage American grocery cartcontains over 50 known poisonsand toxic substances. Just readthe newspaper or listen to theradio, and you’ll hear a currenthot news story about a healthconcern that affects the liver.Most of the stories have to dowith our liver cells being hurt,damaged, sometimes evendestroyed, by toxic chemicalsin our food, air, water andenvironment and especially bypharmaceutical drugs that havebeen found, after approval, to beliver killers.Let me give you just a fewexamples of extremely commonkiller poisons that target the liver,that we take into our bodies andblood every day. (I have left outthousands that cause disease andkill other organs; I’ve just stuckto the liver.) 1,3-Butadiene, ineverything from rugsand rug pads to gasoline,rubber tires, car exhaustand groundwater, isknown to cause livercancer. Benzenes in plastics,polypropylene food andwater containers andtobacco cause livertumors and cancer. Chlorinated water,whether you drinkit or just breathe thevapor from your shower,destroys liver whiteblood cells. Carbon Tetrachloride,found in groundwater,destroys the liver’senzymes that it creates torender poisons harmless. DEHP (Diethylhexyl-phythalate) that is inmany plastics, food wrapsand even used to makeblood storage bags(and can leach into thestored blood) is a killer tothe liver. Dioxins, which arecommon in pesticides,herbicides and now foundworldwide in air, water,animal products and evenin human livers, kill theliver, too. Ethanol, in all alcoholicbeverages, causescirrhosis of the liver andkills liver cells. Ethylene Oxide, an anti-bacterial that is gassedonto almost all herbs soldin America today. Even95% of organically grownherbs after harvestingare gassed with this toxicchemical. Dr. Schulze’sAmerican BotanicalPharmacy is one of theonly companies in theworld that doesn’t usechemically gassed herbsthat cause liver damage,promote cancer andmutate unborn children. Glycol Ethers, in anti-freeze, glue, paint,sealants, chalkingcompounds, circuitboards and ink, killliver cells. Nitrosamines, in babynipples and pacifiers,soaps, cosmetics, foodadditives, food containers,pesticides, insecticidesand herbicides, causeliver cancer. Styrene, a very commonplastic used in foodcontainers, water bottles,carpets and paper,destroys liver enzymesthat protect you. Trichloroethylene, foundin dry cleaning fluid,paint, glue, cleaners,degreasers, insecticides,drain cleaners and ink,kills liver cells.My personal toxic horror pickis PCBs (PolychlorinatedBiphenysis) from transformerleakage, and used in copy papers,Chapter Two19

paints, plastics, flame retardants,glues, adhesives, coolants,inks, common furniture fabricprotectors and is now found ingroundwater WORLDWIDE.This common, but powerfullytoxic and poisonous chemical,kills liver cells and causes cancerand fetal death. This is a big one.You definitely have PCBs inyour house in everything fromyour shower curtains to your bedmattresses to your children. Youheard me right. This chemical iscommonly found in the bloodand tissue of newborn babies.And finally, the Vinyl Chloridescandal. A few years back, itwas all over every news channelthat the chemical industry inAmerica has been accused ofnot disclosing how toxic manycommon household chemicalsand ingredients are. They werefurther accused of discussingthis in closed-door corporatemeetings, and subsequentlycovering up how poisonousand toxic some commonly usedchemicals are. Way back in the1950s and 1960s workers at thechemical plants that producedVinyl Chloride, a very commonplastic used in everything fromplastic food wraps to PVC(PolyVinyl Chloride) waterpipes, were found to havethe bones inside their fingerspartially dissolved, along withskin damage, nerve damage and20Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day LIVER Detoximmune cell destruction, leadingto cancers of the brain, lung,kidney and, you guessed it,the liver.THE SHOCKING TRUTHYou’ve heard it before, the AIRyou breathe (we inhale 15,000quarts of air every day), theWATER and LIQUID youdrink and the FOOD you eat isloaded with toxic poisons. Yourentire living environment is achemical swimming pool.of them have been testedfor toxicity. Many areknown to cause birthdefects, cancer anddamage the liver, kidneysand brain. Most have NEVER beentested for long-termeffects. Many people thinkthat even though thereare thousands of toxicchemicals found in our air,water, earth and even inour food, that these poisonsaren’t in our bodies. Analysis of human fat,FACTS Over 72,000 newsynthetic chemicals havebeen developed sinceWWII and less than 2%blood, urine, breath,mother’s milk and evensemen demonstratethat EVERYONE onthis planet (not justthose that live nearbig cities and pollutionsources), but EVERYONE(especially Americans)carry hundreds of toxiclethal chemicals in theirtissues—Dioxins (AgentOrange), PCB’s, DDT,Organophosphates,Organochlorines.the listis very long. Most of thesetoxic chemicals presentin our bodies have beenlinked to the skyrocketingcancer rate and alarminghigh rate of reproductivedisease and failure.OK, so these poisonouschemicals are in ourbodies, but can this lowdose exposure reallyhurt us? The governmentwouldn’t allow it—peopleare just being paranoid. Joe Thornton, a biologistat Columbia University’sCenter for EnvironmentalResearch, says thateveryone on earth noweats, drinks and breathesa soup of toxic chemicalsthat cause health damageat low doses, and thatthese toxic chemicalshave already begun tocause large scale damageto the public health,including increasingcancer rates and impairedchild development. Thornton and his wifeMargie are expectingtheir first child. Thorntonsaid, “My wife (being anAverage American) hasaccumulated hundredsof industrial compoundsin her tissues, and thesesubstances have alreadycrossed the placentaand entered the baby’sbloodstream. My semen(being an AverageAmerican) containsscores of pollutants thatmay have damaged theDNA that I contributedto the baby.” ThorntonChapter Two21

continued, “My babyis awash in industrialchemicals.” Even the Food and DrugAdministration haswarned that there areover 50 different knownpoisons and toxicsubstances just in theAverage American’sgrocery cart. Thesechemicals combinedcause hundreds ofdifferent diseases andeventually kill you.Maybe each separate lowchemical dose isn’t enoughto kill you, but every day youare exposed to a concentratedcocktail of literally thousands oflethal toxic chemicals—even inyour food. Some people say thatfood and household productscouldn’t contain dangerouschemicals, again, that thegovernment wouldn’t allow it.THE AVERAGEAMERICAN’S HOMEIS REALLY A TOXICGAS CHAMBER.Tens of thousands of differentchemicals have been used to22Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day LIVER Detoxcreate the modern American“way of life.” Cancer-causingvapors off-gas from mostcommon household carpets,because they are made frompetrol-chemicals and causeliver and kidney damage. Don’tworry about your poisonousinsecticides and oven cleanersthat you keep under the sink orin your garage, what’s in yourdrapes, wood furniture, plastics,be

My 5-Day Liver Detox 47 Chapter Five Dr. Schulze's 5-Day Liver Detox 49 5-Day Detox Daily Routine: Do These 8 Steps Every Day 50 The Food & Juice Program 51 This Program Is 2 Days Of A Purifying Raw Food Program And 3 Days Of A Juice Flush. 51 How To Make Dr. Schulze's 2-Minute Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink 52

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CLEANSE DAY OPTIONS/SUPPORT: 2 Isagenix Snacks† . CLEANSING CALENDAR (START ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK) Track Your Progress MEASUREMENT TRACKER S Day 1 S Day 2 S Day 3 S Day 4 S Day 5 S Day 6 C Day 7 S Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 C Day 14 S

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1 CURRICULUM VITAE THOMAS B. CROAT, P. A. Schulze Curator of Botany Missouri Botanical Garden P.O. Box 299, St. Louis, Missouri 63166, Phone 314-577-5163

Introduction to Creative Writing ENGL 2133: Syllabus and Course Schedule Course: ENGL 2133 Instructor: Dr. John Schulze Section: 201 Office: BW 200 Time: TR 12:30-1:50 Office Phone: (940) 397-6249 Place: BW 122 email: john.schulze@mwsu.edu Office Hours: MW-2:00-3:00 pm; TR- 11:00 - Noon & 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, or by appointment "No poet, no artist of any art, has his complete meaning alone.

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